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Thursday, September 04, 2008

What is Ailing ODM?

William Samoiye Ruto may have made history in 2006 by defying his godfather ex-President Moi while still serving as KANU secretary general to declare that he would be vying for presidency; but this history is something Raila Odinga had done way back in 2001, while Moi was still a serving powerful president, and even went further to persuade reluctant KANU hawks like Kalonzo Musyoka, Joseph Kamotho, William Ole Ntimama, Mody Awori, George Saitoti ,et al to defy Moi and join opposition – five whole years before William Ruto could master any guts.

Sadly for those of us who held the NARC dream dear and are presently holding the ODM dream close to their hearts, the political activities of William Ruto – who was literally assisted into political rehabilitation and continues to be sheltered from powerful foes – are being interpreted in ODM circles as a direct affront to the stability of the party and a threat to the political targets of the millions of party supporters. If these fears are confirmed, then it will be a massive betrayal by one person who was selected to negotiate the national peace accord with PNU on behalf of ODM. Read this link where fearless Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo makes reference to an unnamed senior cabinet minister undermining ODM.

Whereas ODM democracy encourages fair internal competition amongst members, it is critical that party loyalty is observed given our laws and political circumstances. Unfortunately, emerging information indicates that Ruto’s underground activities are nothing but pure subversion. The fact remains that politicians commonly engage in scheming and strategy so as to retain or win powerful offices. Businesses do the same to remain competitive and any student of management will tell you that “strategy” is a core subject at any level in university. Perhaps because of panic or excitement, Ruto is assuming that strategy and subversion are two similar words.

One myth being peddled around is that William Ruto has now come of age and has set his eyes on the country’s top seat. Ruto is glorified in Kenyan press as being in total control of the expansive Rift Valley vote and that all that is now required is to revive Kamatusa, through an alliance with say Uhuru Kenyatta or Martha Karua and H.E. President William S. Ruto will be made a reality. This is the biggest joke that has now become a thorn in the flesh of ODM.

The last time I heard this myth, ex-president Moi was in ‘total control’ of the same constituency and that the votes in this province would go wherever the elder Moi led them to. To the amazement of many, the 2007 elections shattered the Moi myth to smithereens. This weekend, who-is-who in ODM are retreating to Naivasha to discuss ‘the party constitution’. Those of us in the know are aware party discipline is a major agenda. Additionally, the god-sent political parties act and the forthcoming ODM grassroot elections will be discussed.

If naivety prevails and any politician fail to strategise or scheme poorly, they will most certainly find themselves unceremoniously thrown out of the game.

Through ODM, William Ruto made an unsuccessful bid for the presidential ticket last year where he was beaten to a distant third behind second placed Musalia Mudavadi and unanimous winner Raila Odinga. That was despite the usual misinformed predictions that Raila would be given a run for his money by Ruto who was then purportedly controlling more delegates by virtue of being the Rift Valley candidate. You and I know Raila made mince meat of the Ruto myth in Kasarani historic primaries, but was then kind enough to extend a third critical lifeline by creating and drafting Ruto as a senior member of one of the most exciting and most prestigious political politburos ever witnessed since the NARC summit – the ODM PENTAGON. The first lifeline was when Ruto had to be guided into freely declaring his interest in the presidency when he was still serving as KANU SG amidst Moi’s massive shadow, while the second was when predicable Kalonzo puppets Maanzo and Chepkonga took off with ODM-K party certificate leaving many a naked souls less than six months to the general elections and no one knew where to take cover until Raila came to the rescue with his ODM scoop – a party whose ticket Ruto and many Rift Valley MPs were re-elected back to parliament and appointed to cabinet by Raila!

It will therefore come as a great surprise to many that William Ruto is the man being fingered to be behind the rebellion gripping the ODM. It is an open secret that Ruto has been unable to tame his ambition and has since January 2008, been spoiling for a political duel with DPM Musalia Mudavadi so as to upstage him as deputy captain and in the process place himself in a strategic position to, at most, run for president in the next elections or, at worst, land the PM’s seat.

But what is really driving Arap Ruto’s ambition? Is it qualification, self-belief, or the huge Rift Valley vote basket that he supposedly controls? Is it a bold attempt to keep Y2K mega-deals buried or maybe it is the fear of having to be made answerable for involvement in post election violence? Perhaps it is an attempt to keep the existing court process at arm’s length? Only time (read-elections) will tell.

If one asks Musakari Kombo, Raphael Tuju, Simeon Nyachae, Shem Ochuodho, Njenga Karume, Mukhisa Kituyi, Kalembe Ndile, Daniel arap Moi, or even Mwai Kibaki himself; poor political scheming and strategizing does have serious pitfalls. If it is intended to serve one’s individual interests without causing injury, harm or violence to others or the country, then it is all well and good. This is normally treated as acceptable behaviour that is within political ethics. But scheming to secure personal political advantages through the use of diabolical schemes such as violence, betrayal, infiltration and backstabbing is as destructive and diseased as the minds that conceptualize them. Remember gentlemen and ladies, just a few months after being sworn in, ODM – the people’s party – has already lost the lives of four sitting MPs through violence and accident(s) that so far remain unresolved.


Anonymous said...

By the time the dust settles down, Ruto and Ababu Namwamba et al will not know what hit them

Kimi Raikkonen said...

I can almost feel sorry for you. Your article is dripping with the bitter tears of betrayal but then you say:

"...scheming to secure personal political advantages through the use of diabolical schemes such as violence, betrayal, infiltration and backstabbing is as destructive and diseased as the minds that conceptualize them...."

How ironical! Could you also not be describing the one and only, in the blue corner, weighing diminished political mass, the Bondo Bumpkin, the never say die Agwambo? Your lament is hilarious, and not only for its lack of sincerity.

Anonymous said...


Forget Ruto, Raila, Kalonzo, Martha Karua ni Wakoli peke yake 2012.

Wakoli is a serious contender and he is no-one enemy, so I want all Kenyans to unite and rally behind Wakoli Bifwoli for 2012. I love Wakoli so much and i want all of you Kumekucha readers to join me in this glorious jounery of Wakoli for 2012.

Mfalme wa Bungoma

Taabu said...

Ni siasa bro. True discipline and loyalty is defines a formidable political party. But also TRUER is the fact that every politician is ambitious and Samoei is no exception.

A true leader is not measured on his powers during peace but how successful he manages crisis. Ruto must scheme and how RAO and co handles him without fallout is what makes the difference.

This is Kenya where EGOS can balloon so fast-no crime mark you. Nobody has a clean closet and if it degenerates into name calling and mudslinging then all become losers.

But look at the brigheter side. Ababu's of this world must also cut their teeth now for furure reference, ama? Look around you will see that rebellion is very attractive and makes who who were abd will be.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I have seen you promote Raila here many times, why don't you promote Wakoli for 2012 at least for a change. Don't you think he is good?
He is clean, no dark shadowy deals and he loves everyone - poor and rich, Kikuyu, Luos and everyone and he cares passionetly for ordinary poor people.
Is this not the kind of leader you want?

WAKOLI FOR 2012!!!


Mfalme wa Bungoma

Anonymous said...

Don,t underate Ruto

Ruto is "a devil that no politician in Kenya can ignore"

Amongst the YOUTH of Kenya, and the Rift valley factor, he is not someone to be written off.

Ironically, when we talk of "young" blood in Kenya's politics, he fits there. How many politicians in Kenya, without God-fathers are where Ruto is.Under 40 years and he is where he is.

Is he responsible for the bill restricting future Kenya presidents to 65? I doubt.He is half age as relates to that bill.So,lets stop panicking.The guy is just TOO good,politically.He has more, not less than 40 years to be politically around

He is one of the ministers that Kenyans feel that is delivering.

So, just watch the space.
Ruto can upstage any politician in Kenya.

It is in the interest of ODM to keep him within!Thats my verdict.

Ask Baba Moi

Anonymous said...

Taabu, Angola is going to the polling station tomorrow to vote for a new president for more than 20 years, and already a 'kenya type of violence' is predicted. So keep us updated on this news.

Anonymous said...

Jirongo and Ababu Namwamba have found the truth and so too is Chris aka Kumekucha. Maybe is the Bantu blood that is slowly coming to realise who the true enemy is.

Vikii said...

Ok, I for one have no time for William Ruto. In a cabinet full of criminals, warmongers and jokers, William Ruto leads the pack. I have been saying here for a long time that fellows like William Ruto belong in prison, not in the cabinet.

That, however doesnt mean I agree with the sour grape philosophy advanced in this post by this blogger called Phil. If my memory serves me right, Phil said here last year that William Ruto, Musalia and Raila Odinga are as white as snow. He gave us a very lengthy and boring lecture on how people should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise by a court of law and I agreed. That should be the case even today!

We are not dumb and it is this assumption to the contrary that some of you in the ODM have always clung to that is , quite frankly, misplaced. We are smart enough to understand that William Ruto is not being castigated for his shameful actions as a politician (and I repeat, he is an embrassment to Kenya), but for his courage to stand up to the dictator called Raila Odinga. We have seen this dishonesty before. Kalonzo Musyoka and Uhuru Kenyatta were heroes when they were assumed to be automatic robots, but the moment they stood up against the one man show that defines Raila Odinga's politics, a relentless campaign to paint them in the worst possible light began. I said here about a month ago that Kenyans in general and Kumekuchans specifically should brace themselves for a a very stupendous tearing down of William Ruto in the months ahead. Again this is not based on any principle. It is all guided by a very narrow understanding of democracy. Democracy to some of us is a successfl recitation of the Raila Odinga creed.

The double standards that some of you exhibit are, quite frankly, laughable. In 2002, when Wamalwa Kijana and Charity Ngilu (both fairly successful Presidential candidates in the elections of '97) threw their weight behind Hon Mwai Kibaki before Raila, Kalonzo, Saitoti, Awori and Ntimama came aboard, the facts were distorted and it was made to appear like it was Raila that made Kibaki President. Come on folks, the NAC had even launched an economic blueprint before the Rainbow team joined! And again, who said it was Raila that led the revolt in KANU? My understanding is that Kalonzo and Prof Saitoi are very ambitious men and they were registering their displeasure at being left out by Moi. So, by the way, was Raila. If we apply the same philosophy that shapes your opinions, folks, then Raila is what he is because of RUTO and Musalia. Dont tell me that Kibaki got whatever votes he got in 2002 because of one man called Raila Odinga and at the same time tell me that Raila got whatever votes he got in '07 not because of the other regional kingpins that supported his candidacy. If you do, I will not believe you! I will look at you straight in the face and call you a LIAR!

My opinion on this story is simple, let us learn to respect the political wishes and ambitions of everyone without calling them names. Nobody exists to carry your cross. Every politician is in the game for their OWN success. If Ruto's expression of ambition is a crime, then it is time we sought the services of a psychiatrist. And that is where I will always differ with you Phil. You seem to hold some delusional notion that we all should support Raila's futile quest for power. According to you, if we dont, we are guilty of impure thinking. I am laughing right now, very loud, bro!

Anonymous said...

Taabu, i am very sad tonight, Kevin Keegan, the messiah of magpie (newcastle) has resigned. i am drinking a bile tonight.

Sam Okello said...


In every journey there are always people who get in the ship early but never get to sail to the other shore. If the time has come for Ruto to sail in another direction, we will have no choice but to stand on the raft and wish him well in his furure endevours. Still, it will be sad to see a man who was a key brain in putting together a dream millions of Kenyans have yet to realize walk away when the fruits of his labor are just four years away.

Anonymous said...


You used to be hot and fierce, are you softening towards Raila?

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kwale said...

My Luo brothers and sisters, I love you very much, but I have this question for you, is Raila the only person you have? Don't you have someone else who can stand for the presidency? Aren't there any educated Luos who can do better job than the son of Jaramongi?
My friends, you need to wake up, you don't put all your eggs in one basket, it's about time you look elsewhere.

As for Ruto, I said the day you post an article about him that would be the day I leave Kumekucha for good. Like Vikii said there, Ruto belong to prison. Even seeing the picture of him I get very upset and hate anything Kenyan.

Anonymous said...


would you be so kind as to drop me an email urxlnc at ymail dot com.

i have a question for you

chola said...

RV may never want Ruto for prezo,raila is their best bet this why they killed and dead for.kalozoo was another got bet for RV had not join nyumba.RV will never vote ruto for prezo, but they will vote anyone who co- works with Ruto

Taabu said...

@Anon 2.15,
Pole. Ashley has goofed once again by firing KING KEV. Magpies will continue spiralling into oblivion. No wonder even Owen is no longer in England team.

NC has fired 7 managers in the last 11 years and KK is the best they could have as messiah and former player. But again in the EPL managers are like MATATUS, you miss one hire the next.

So Alan Curbishley (WH) beat King KEV to the tape as the first manager to be fired this season.
We are living in interesting football times with the Abu Dhabi United Group doing Abrahamocvich on Manchester City. Let the theatrics begin and as Chelsea will tell you money cannot buy pedigree.

We have football clubs and only one UNITED=institution (Vikii pole bro - Berba ni wetu and Robinho wapi?)

Daniel Waweru said...

s it qualification, self-belief, or the huge Rift Valley vote basket that he supposedly controls? Is it a bold attempt to keep Y2K mega-deals buried or maybe it is the fear of having to be made answerable for involvement in post election violence?

This is the very first time this blog has managed to look the evidence in the face without flinching. Let's hope the habit sticks.

Anonymous said...

Kwale leave luos alone. Why does anything luo concern you when your hatred towards them is well documented?

BTW, you said the Ruto article was the final straw - goodbye Kwale.


Folks - makofi, one out, 3 more to go.

Anonymous said...

_______But what is really driving Arap Ruto’s ambition? Is it qualification, self-belief, or the huge Rift Valley vote basket that he supposedly controls? Is it a bold attempt to keep Y2K mega-deals buried or maybe it is the fear of having to be made answerable for involvement in post election violence?_________

"Involvement in post election violence?" I thought Raila believes that the violence was spontaneous. So ODMorons too are now acknowledging that there was premeditation and planning just as the whole country thought. The sad thing is that we have to wait for someone to fall out with Raila to get their dirt.

Anonymous said...

Phil: If you know something more about Ruto's involvement in the murder and mayhem, go testify at the Waki commission and spare us this senseless paranoia. And what do you expect when you found and build a party on GEMA hate alone. Jangili wewe!

Anonymous said...

ODMorons better be aware, any attempts to malign ruto will leave raila naked with less than a million votes of luo nyanza and about 1.5 million votes of luhya, coast and maasai. with 2 million votes, the molasses fellow will die his fathers death. death of unfulfilled craving of spending a night at state house.
ruto joining uhuru and kalonzo is a sexy proposition. a combination of their followers will give the presidential candidate over 5 million votes and change.
take that to the bank phil and your moron brother taabu.

odm is surely headed for a stilbirth. raila better stic to his circumcision anthem..

Anonymous said...

Cut commander!

Anonymous said...

molasses aka cut commander has done it again, last week he was all over himself defending NSSF fund managing trustee Rachael Lumbasyo from the ministers axe. yesterday, after negotiating for a 'ODM sympathiser' to replace her, actually agreed they should fire the lady.

this is misuse of his little powers and shows how indecisive this moron is.

shame on molasses aka cut commander aka raila!!! we demand leaders who think before they send talk.

can anyone tell me why molasses uses a mzungu to release his statements??
are there no kenyans he can hire for the job or is it the usual luo white skin worship????
remember the american campaign manager he had hired before the corrupt fellow was rejected by kenyans...

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 2.38. No i am not softening towards towards Raila. As a matter of fact, i totally distrust the man and in him i see all that is wrong with our unprincipled politics. He is the exemplification of it.
I am merely pointing out that Phil seems surprised that Ruto is having ambitions other than through ODM. THAT is what is so funny because Phil seems to have been ill prepared for such a possibility. Ruto has his ambitions and is working towards betraying ODM, so what else is new? Did Phil seriously believe that ODM has a real binding ideology that can hold its thuggish unprincipled politicians together, other than GEMA hate? Tell me another one! Once you understand what motivates ODM, you will see that in Ruto's calculation, hating GEMA will not sell in 2012 and Ruto is merely positioning himself to offer the RV vote to Kalonzo who is very likely to get the huge GEMA block behind him. Ruto has calculated that if GEMA votes for Kalonzo, then Kalonzo is very likely to win and Ruto wants to be in the winning team as a possible VP, PM or Senior Govt Minister. That simple, that clear. Phil knows that very well and therefore the sense of bitterness, frustration and betrayal.
With the Kalenjin block voting for Raila in 2012, he still had a very good shot at the Presidency but with them out of ODM, his goose is cooked. He can't win with half of Luhya votes and divided Mijikenda and Muslim votes.

Anonymous said...


your argument above can be summarised as

voting in tribal blocks, the very thing you claim not to espouse

please enlighten me


Anonymous said...

ODM democracy, You are free to support anyone but YOU MUST SUPPORT RAILA. Kwani ODM ni ya Raila?

Ruto has every right to compete aganist raila. Why does your vaunted political genius fear a little competition?

truly ODMorons!

Anonymous said...

"I don't know who won the elections and I am challenging any academic t..."

Ouch! What a report. So who should know, if those who should determine and tell us have absolutely no idea?

Anonymous said...

"But what is really driving Arap Ruto’s ambition?...Is it a bold attempt to keep Y2K mega-deals buried or maybe it is the fear of having to be made answerable for involvement in post election violence? Perhaps it is an attempt to keep the existing court process at arm’s length? Only time (read-elections) will tell."

You finally agree that within ODM ranks are individuals who planned and executed violence to innocent victims in RV(not just Ruto but host of ODM leaders and MPS in RV). Almost you admit of their being corrupt individuals in ODM who played key roles in scandals that gripped the Moi regime.

The verdict is out. Come 2012 ODM will not be anywhere near power.Nor any party that invites these individuals within their ranks. And RAO is not innocent either. He must have been privy to the violence being planned (for him-no raila no peace) and he must have known the past of individuals he chose to work with. I cant still believe he chose Ntimama to be a Minister.

Now who will demand justice for the IDPs still living in camps? Is their any blogger out their??

Ivy said...

Sam Okello

Sober comments indeed. I quiet agree with you. There comes a time....And if Ruto's time has come then bon voyage but again because i see nothing substantive in all that i will not give my take ....

But what i know is that Ruto has rolled his sleeves and is working for Kenyans and if anyone has evidence against him ....the courts are open waiting for evidence...Otherwise ni udaku

Anon 5:11.....Precisely...I agree. Bon voyage. Adios

Anonymous said...


we are concerned of your pregnancy which someone hinted that you aborted. is this true???

are u a murderor???

Ivy said...

Anon 11:20

Sorry to wake you up, their was a blog called udakudaily....It might be able to help you answer some questions....Dont make me stoop to your level.....Next comment

Phil said...

Kimi your first comment is mischievous as it makes reference to a selected phrase in the main post and tries to link it to Raila.

I will say this: Firstly, nowhere in the post have I specifically said what wrong Ruto is committing i ODM. FYI, Ruto is the only pentagon member to have so far supported calls for its dissolution. He is also the only pentagon member to have supported the formation of the so called grand opposition. Speaks volumes if you ask me bearing in mind he owes his position to ODM in the first place.

Secondly, Ruto’s close association with Jirongo has of late become talk of the town. The two Youth for KANU 92 officials have chosen to launch a two prong attack on Musalia Mudavadi in Western forgetting that Musalia is also ODM deputy captain as well as a deputy prime minister of this country. It is not far fetched to imagine that ex President Moi is working with his prodigal sons to fight ODM. With more than £2b of money siphoned from state coffers, they can afford it, cant they?

Vikii, ODM is a political party. It is not the Judiciary nor the AG/DPP office. If anyone has committed a crime, it is up to these offices to gather evidence and prosecute the criminals in a court of law. Nowhere in the post have proclaimed Ruto t obe innocent or guilty. My analysis just seeks to examine why he is rocking the boat from within, and at the same time financing the activities of a political party known as UDM. FYI, William Ruto, just like Kalonzo Musyoka is NO MATCH for Raila Odinga whicherver angle you look at it. Moreover, your weak attempt to rewrite the history of NAK and the Rainbow alliance will not wash. I guess I was not the only one who witnessed RAO call a solo press conference and label Moi ‘a campaign manager for Uhuru Kenyatta’. The rest is history.

I honestly do not know what gives bloggers here a reason to call Raila Odinga a dictator. Here is a man who is so far the only presidential candidate to have been elected (not imposed or selected) in a free and fair process to lead a formidable political party. Unlike Kibaki and one Kalonzo, RAO got plenty of votes from across the whole country and won the elections fair and square. If fighting for reform or participating in the struggle to change this country is dictatorship then I do not know what a freedom fighter is!

Raila is not asking for Kwale or Vikii to support him. He is not desperate like Kalonzo. Afterall, when was Raila first elected to parliament and when did these individuals start voting, if they have ever voted? Raila enjoys the support and goodwill of millions of Kenyans and like Nelson Mandela, millions of Africans across the world look up to him as a panafricanist for inspiration due to the huge personal sacrifices he has made for this country. I do not know whether Ruto, Kalonzo, Kibaki or even Moi have ever made any personal sacrifices for the sake of this country and I am challenging anyone who has evidence to publish it here.

It very strange some short sighted analysts want to call this a Luo thing. Its best to ignore the ignorant. As a mass movement, ODM carried a lot of baggage into the elections. Some of that baggage found its way to parliament. Hopefully the political parties act will separate the joy riders from serious members. Grassroot elections are coming up. Only last December, tens of regional kingpins were shown dust at the hands of the electorate. Raila as person, may not really have to do anything!

Meanwhile keep your eyes on Naivasha this Sunday. You mess with Raila Amolo Odinga at your own peril. Ask Wamalwa, Moi, Kibaki and Kalonzo. They have been there before!

Anonymous said...

Phil, what the hell is that ... "Raila enjoy support of million of Kenyans and like Nelson Mandela...."
Truly truly truly Phil you have gone beyond redemption! Ati who like Mandela? Are you mad?!
Who in this world knows about Raila or give a fuck who he is?

FYI There is no difference between Raila and Adolf Hilter and like Hilter there those in this world that believe Hilter was a great man.

Vikii said...

What do you mean 'ask Moi, wamalwa, Kalonzo and Kibaki'? For heavens sake Moi was Kenya's President until he retired,Wamalwa was Kenya's Vice President until his death, Kalonzo is Kenya's Vice President before his ascent to the Presidency and Kibaki is YOUR President.

Now tell me how Raila was/is greater than any of these. Wake up bro, wake up!

Wait a minute, I still dont get it. What again is Ruto's crime again? That is besides challenging despotism? This is hilarious.

Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. (Minus Opportunity) Nanga, MP. said...

Phil, I am an ODM supporter and I have no regrets for that. I believe that everyone has a right to be ambitious, and Ruto is no exception. I said this b4 and you rubbished me. I said that once Ruto shows signs that he's going for the top seat, such posts as yours will begin to emerge; to start pointing Ruto as the problem. Don't think the readers here as dumb. They can see what you are trying to say my brother. It's just a beggining.

Back to the matter at hand. Don't get me wrong brother. But the real problem is Raila. Don't forget that Raila forced us into this Coalition government. And if my memory serves me right, you vowed that it won't last two years. Well, Raila thinks differently.

As for Ruto, my apologies, but I do not believe he's ready to lead this country. If he was, he'd come in the forefront and say it. But using the likes of Isaac Ruto to further his agenda just shows he's not ready. Phil I said before election and I still believe that most ODM MPs should not have been allowed to stand. How do you allow someone who's been in another party all his life to vie on your party's ticket and expect that things will be smooth? Isaac Ruto, Alfred Sambu, Cyrus Jirongo (KADDU) are people who should never be allowed in ODM.

I think Ruto should not be castigated for showing desire to lead, but he cannot do it by undermining his seniors; Mudavadi and Raila. I don't like the sight of one Isaac Ruto, a person who cannot even understand the need to protect a forest, a water catchment.

To ODM members, don't lose faith. Raila will deal with the situation, even if it means casting away some members.

Phil, there's a Kalenjin saying which goes like "A man should never cut a deal with a fellow mine twice". Please relate it to this story.


Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. (Minus Opportunity) Nanga, MP. said...

I meant "A fellow man" not "A fellow mine".

Anonymous said...

Kenyans don't seem to know a good thing when they see it. . . ..RAO has not done as well as people expected but then again he has limited powers.

Those who want him out seem to have personal issues, top on that list is that he proved that a luo can be president and there is an alternative to tribal based politics and that the central flight of fancy of colonising kenya could be stopped.

Besides that, by kenyan standards he is head and shoulders above many.....therefore for Ruto to try and replace him he needs to convince kenyans that there is a pressing need, that benefits us all besides his personal ambition. What is in it for us kenyans Ruto? Answer that.

Sadly none has mentioned this, this show that to many kenyas the presidency is for the guy who wins and not for us all, its about who is more 'deserving' of the post and less about who will work for us....its supposed to be the same but apparently its not.

just because something is allowable does not mean that we must go ahead and do it. So please William give us a comepling reason or stay put and lets build the nation under the umbrella of RAO.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Very interestng article indeed,somebody has devoted his time to promote ODM and potray Ruto as a strong man indeed.
This is the society we are living,the most corrupt,murderers and warmonger are grorified and such are potrayed as role model!.the whole thing just remind me of on book called `Government Inspector'

Anonymous said...

Desperate Phil, you have alluded that raila was elected fairly by ODM trashing ruto. we all know the die had been cast even before the kasarani election media gimmick. luhyas already had a vp so they wanted nothing short of no. 2, ruto was made to silently organise for his loss. but as usual you assume kenyans are stupid and drag alot of regurgitated lies just like your moron brother sam okello!!!
maybe you have been away from kenya for so long and your source of information is kumekucha hearsay..

Phil said...


I agree with you that Kibaki is president and Kalonzo is VP....BUT.... the cost of how many lives, and at the cost of making how many Kenyans refugees in their own country???

It goes without saying Kibaki's first and second terms, now in their sixth year, are making the 24 years under Moi look like a holiday. Be it corruption, fraud, deception, assassinations, displacements, or even economic indicators - Kibaki is clearly hell bent on outdoing dictator Moi.

Wamalwa (RIP) served as V-P for only six months before he died. He had a political feud with Raila in FORD-K. This party, which was at one time a government-in-waiting and on a grand match to state-house is now only existing on paper. I can trace its death to the Wamalwa / Raila feud.

And talking about greater positions; Raila is your Executive Prime Minister. And YES, he cannot be sacked by the president, and his ODM ministers cannot be sacked by the president either. And this is what the law says. On the other hand, our so called V-P Kalonzo is serving in cabinet courtesy of betraying Kenyans including MPs who stood by him and supported his ill-fated presidential bid. He and his entire crew can be relieved of their duties on the 4pm news bulletin! The blood of innocent victims who died will continue to haunt him because Kalonzo endorsed a stolen election that no-one else has been able verify, including ECK, which ironically announced the results itself or even the hundreds of observers who witnessed Raila defeating your candidate by more than 3 million votes!

Are you still rolling on your carpet laughing Vikii? No, I dont think so.

Chief - I hear you loud and clear. No one is denying Ruto his democratic right to contest. Rember one year ago, he was defeated in Kasarani. Let us hope he can win a seat that will catapult him to greater things in ODM. What I hate is that he is conspiring with people like Jirongo and Moi to undermine the party. And he is doing through MPs elected on the party ticket. What a shame considering he got a direct nomination! Some of these MPs made life unbearable at the secretariat when they were pursuing the ODM ticket. But we shall take it in our stride, just as we did when the infamous London trip was sabotaged while the captain was overseas.

Anonymous said...


now we all know you are one of the molasses fanati..eti your deity 'Raila defeating your candidate by more than 3 million votes!'

now i dont know whether to laugh or just sympathise with your obvious mental kweli no wonder kibaki called you guys mavi ya kuku...

it fits

Anonymous said...

Do shut up Phil! You sound shallow and stupid. The more you talk the more you sound deranged.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ODMers pliz nobody is a gainst rOA or rUTO.the only problem is two fellow do not believe in themself ,they owe every thing to fate;oh mara stolen election,oh mara jaluo are not electable,or mara kikuyu are thieves and the list goes on and on.
guys just embrace competition and avoid division and tribal cards and self esteem tatics....the you will be assured of wining and alot of admiration!

Anonymous said...

Did you know where the Kenyan National Anthem tune is from? It is derived from Pokomo people lullaby song. Don't you think then it would be good to have Danson Mungatana as the next president of Kenya? How many of you would disagree on that?

Garsen Constituent

Anonymous said...

in competition their is no sympathy.
and that is the sweet essence of life.nothing is given on a silver.When a woman is pregnant it is very difficult to know what she is carrying until she gives birth.

Anonymous said...

Did you also know who are the close relatives of Pokomo people?
They are closely related to Miji Kenda people and distance relatives of GEMA people (Gikuyu, Embu,Meru&Akamba) and also the Taita people.

So Mungatana can make a good president with all the backings of our 'relatives'!

Garsen Constituent

Anonymous said...

Railaphobic @ 8:31,

in all your posts (the hatred is legendary and we can smell you from a distance)you never fail to use the word
Just shows how unintelligent you are. Relax, the green-eyed monster (oops do you even know what that means?)will kill you.

Anonymous said...

I believe Hon Ruto has the right to try and ascend to higher echelons of power as well. It is good he has started early. It will give time to learn that he is better of in the Pentagon. He tried to popularise Kalooser in RV and we all know how that ended up! Kalenjins are 'jolang'o' ie gallant warriors and they will support the most gallant of them all, who at the moment happens to be Arap Mibei. Kikuyus tried to block Ruto from the cabinet, we know who said Nyet.

Edward said...

Now that Ruto has became a hindrance to RAO fulfillment of his fathers dream he is been undressed and shown for who he is.Before the ambition was evident Phil and all ODM fanatics could not acknowledge the baggage that Ruto carries.

Before i proceed let me acknowledge that i hold brief for no one and i believe all those implicated in corruption,ethnic cleansing etc should be in jail and not masquerading as leaders.

I saw someone say RAO is Mandela and Ruto is Obama and i almost threw up!Nothing could be further from the truth!

Phil,you are an intelligent man and it is your right to wish that RAO gets to State House and the crumbs of power fall on you and all the ODM secretariat people who got a raw deal from the signing of the peace deal.But do not insult our intelligence.the ODM nomination was a farce and akina ruto,balala,nyagah were just flower girls in RAO's coronation.

Ivy,i told you this in January and i will tell you again.There is the court of law and court of public opinion.And in the court of public opinion Ruto is the Prince of Death who masterminded the PLANNED Rift Valley massacre.This is the tag he will carry all his life along with YK92 corruption,Moi political son.And you and i both know,commissions are a waste of time..

And before the non-thinkers in Kumekucha start abusing me I want justice across the board.I believe that the Central province and Rift Valley murders masquerading as leaders need to be in jail.

Across board PNU,ODM we need to cut the crap and decide as Kenyans that we control our destiny and the current crop of so-called leaders are so not the solution so akina Phil,Taabu..RAO has tried but in the Kenya we want,him Uhuru,Ruto,Kalonzo,Mudavadi,Karua etc are excess baggage!

Let's have a fresh start.Kenya deserve alot better than what we are treated to!!!

Ivy said...

Iam sorry Edward

You said "Ivy,i told you this in January and i will tell you again.There is the court of law and court of public opinion.And in the court of public opinion Ruto is the Prince of Death who masterminded the PLANNED Rift Valley massacre.

My take: Did you tell me or you are wishing you told me? I think i have seen you in KK for the 1st time, not that it mattered anyway.

Public opinion? Which public? If i am not wrong Ruto has been all over republic of Kenya including Othaya (By the way he has fared better than "The Duly elected president of Kenya" and i didn't hear the "public...So which public are you talking about?

Has the public opinion ever convicted anyone?

P.s there is also public opinion and rumor mongering...Edward Your take

Anonymous said...


just continue masturbating with ua molasses but the 64 old retard has outlived his political usefulness.
he is a reject just as you clearly know will happen to you as soon as you clock 40 with no constant boyfie....

with your pregnancy abortion rumours, that appears quite realistic!!!

have a sex free weekend moron

Anonymous said...

All these activities by Ruto are directed towards Musalia Mudavadi for no reason. The looser will be Kaleo´`s. Why? Because history teaches us that when the worse comes to the worst then LUO and KIKUYUS always unite. If, lets sau Uhuru and Raila merges then Ruto can forget about prezi/PM for a very very long time.

Taabu said...

Folks it all boils down to AMBITION and TENSION ala cause and effect. The late Muliro said it long time ago-a politician without ambitio is as good as dead.

Ruto has all the democratic right to be ambitious. Only that he must do it without malice an ropping in surrogates and pissing from within. In management parlance there is insurbodination and there is betrayal equivlent in siasa.

ODM enthusiasts would wish otherwise and detractors would pray for the tower of Babel. It amounts to human instinct to survive.

Ni kama umemaliza coyping the venacular biblia, will send you KJV. Otherwisie save your energy and pray for King KEV and Alan Curbs.

Anonymous said...

Why should you be talking about this thug called Ruto. This warmonger is not supposed to be in the goverment let alone lead the country.

He has been implicated with ethnic cleansing since 1992 - killing Kikuyus, Luos, Luhyias and Kisiis.
He is a killer not a politician and should be arrested now!!

Ivy said...


ooops i forgot the rules of the games. It has been a while you know

Anonymous said...

First things first, What is Ailing ODM and it's nemesis PNU?.

What is ailing the two sand catsles is nothing but deep rooted political prostitution, ethnic electioneering, tumbo-mbili political opportunism, too many village Cheifs and not enough natives to uphold the interests of Kenya at heart.

Everyone of the so called "VCs" (Village Chiefs) have deluded themselves into believing that they will become Kenya's next president in 2012.

Good question, do the self-appointed tribal chiefs really think that they have what it takes to become Kenya's next president with national appeal rather than an ethnic appeal?

Well, time will tell and above all, the electorate will decide if there happens to be a fair and transparent election process, as opposed to the usual sham elections the country has experienced for the last forty years.

On the other hand, people like Ruto Rotter are two-faced cold butch of political creatures that are still marauding around the country due to the fact that the government of Kenya does not have the necessary political balls nor the judicial guts to bring them to justice for the mayhem and murderous exterminatiion of innocent civilians in the fatermath of 2007 national elections.

The blood of innocent Kenyan children, women and men still stains every step he takes, every word he speaks, and every personal deals that he makes with those hwo have turned a blind eye to his murderous political past.

He is among a clique of evil persons (Uhuru Kenyagiza included) who tried to silence voters from other ethnicities with a hatched programme of mass murder.

Survivors and relatives of victims of 'Bloody December-2007-Massacres' and 'Killing Fields of January-2008' can't wait for the day the when the long arm of justice will circle around all those "Who-Killed-Together" in the aftermath of the general elections in 2007.

I say to you, one named Ruto will only become the self-appointed president of the Kalenjin people but not of the independent Republic of Kenya. Not in 2012, 2017, 2022, 2027, 2032, 2037, 2042, and not even in 2047.

'Divisive' Arap Moi may have had his era of national divisive political antics at a time when Kenyans were compliant and ignorant. However, he was lucky to have been supported out of fear or political opportunism (tumbo-mbele) by Kenyans from other ethnic communities and regions.

As for one named Ruto Rotter, he will never see light of day as the duely elected president of the Republic of Kenya.

Why? The limited ethnic vote by the Elgeyo, Endorois, Kipsigis, Marakwet, Nandi, Pokot, Sabot, and Tugen, will never qualify or usher a tribal chief into becoming the president of a nation with more than forty ethnic communities.

Only a Kalenjin presidential candidate with a national and without a sordid political as well as ehtnic past can become a hopeful for the State House at any given time in Kenya's future general elections.

Where is Ruto Rotter's national appeal beyond the confines of his ethnic political circles?

You tell the rest of the nation because they would like to understand what makes him tick beyond the backroom political deals that are made out of fear and lack vision for the nation beyond 2007 or worse beyond 2012.

Anonymous said...


Why did you call Buya Mungatana a disgrace? Don't you think he is sexy or what?

"... Raila eats fish he eat crocodile, and if you thinks Raila is a young man, Mungatana is capable of giving birth to twins..."

And by the way Pokomo people don't eat crocodiles. Delete that in your head!

Garsen constituent

Kimi Raikkonen said...

UrXlnc, i am just defining the kind of politics we have to live with, it does not mean i support it. Kenyan politics is a life and death matter of "if you do not support so and so you are dead meat or you have no chance of progress....etc".
We Kenyan ordinaries are given very poor political choices between the devil and the deep blue sea. If it was up to me, NONE of the current politicians would ever see power again. For me, the ultimate solution is for younger principled Kenyans to take up leadership from the Elder class(55 and over). However, that will never happen if you play by the current rules, and the current political rules are what defines political discussion in Kenya and on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Ruto? The killer of Kikuyu peasant farmers and then few months later fuck a Kikuyu Malaya without condom and yet he want to lead Kenya? A man with up to neck court cases? A man who fell out with Moi and Biwott?... and the list is endless.

God help Kenya!!

Anonymous said...

I have been telling you people that Kalonzo is as broke as a church mouse but you have refused to listen.

As we speak, the final intricate plans to have the wifely salary in the amount of 400,000.00 Kenya shillings redirected to Kalonzo's personal bank account have been completed.

Six months from now, those briefcase charity organizations that Pauline has lined up will be revealed.

Watch this space!!!!

Anonymous said...


i hear you.

we have to step above all that and it begins with you and me, thats why i was a bit surprised at your comment.

thanks for the clarification


Anonymous said...

This is what i said @ the beginning of this year. Raila had no business entering into this coalition with Kibaki.

Pure and simple, Raila won the elections and should have been ready to shade blood to claim his rightful Presidency. No freedom on earth has ever been won with bloodshed. Look at what the kales did in the Rift Valley all for nothing.

As a result, Ruto saw this weakness in him and is trying to instigate a palace coup.

Raila should have given ODM supporter's guns to fight the thief called Kibaki but alas he opted for a useless motorcade and a few bodyguards who always get roughed up by Kibaki's guards.

Raila is a paper tiger.

former Raila Damu!

Anonymous said...

I meant no freedom has ever been won without bloodshed!

Former Raila Damu!

Anonymous said...

Raila damu,

Were you at the frontline ready to stop the shoot-to-kill bullets or are you blogging from some air-conditioned room somewher abroad. Be realistic bwana. Any general would not just take his troops in harms way in the hope of basking in the 'glory' of how many thousands died for the cause.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 2:14

I was right in Lang'ata Estate waiting for the guns to come.

Do you think i am foolish to answer bullets with stones!

Former Raila Damu!

Shaddy said...


Your post is right on. As they say, you cannot stop an idea whose time has come. RAILA ODINGA cannot be stopped now. He's Kenya's idea. Raila is Kenya's SARAH PALIN!

Hellen Okello

Anonymous said...

Ruto is firm supporter of ODM unity. Dont beleive the hype.

Anonymous said...

Ruto or any Kalenjin leader will will never be charged in a court of law. ODM will never support that. We are formly behind our leaders.

Anonymous said...

The next time elections are stolen we the kalenjin will not arm ourslves with arrows but with AK's

Anonymous said...

Mrs Pauline Kalonzo, VP's wife shows how its done

by accepting the kshs 400,000 that Ida said 'the legacy she had built over years was not worth the Sh400,000', and donating it to internally displaced children and other HIV/Aids orphaned children, ms Kalonzo in one sweep of her arm has shown how humane, mature and stately she is.
while her detractors are seriously shocked by her smart actions, she has clearly shown why she deserves to be the next 1st lady of peace loving Kenya.
lets hope Ida with her million worth legacy will start donating some of their stolen wealth to needy orphans and other kenyans in Kibera and Kisumu since charity starts at home.

kudos to pauline.

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

ati smart actions? since when have the musyokas display any smartness?
Taking money from the tax payers in the name of giving to charities under musyoka foundation and run by their relatives and cronies does not make them credible. They are worse than all the thieves milking the dying kenyan cow.
What is sickening is the political advantage they will try to squeeze from this 'noble gesture'.
the less said about this sorry couple the better.

Anonymous said...

WeLL well Bulls eyes
now instead of kibaki being called the murderer and I mean MURDERER of innocent Kenyans our babies a crying from their graves !!bullet ridden bodies full in mortuaries all over kenya, orders that kibaki gave the police.....

and here is a stupid biatch tying to pass the buck to Ruto??

No kenyans will swallow your propaganda post full of shiate and i advise you to go tell your kikuyu god fathers that they are wasting their time..... come next elections kikuyu's are history in the parliament of kenya ..... na nimesema....

Anonymous said...

Ruto is our Hero like it or not

Kikuyu central tried to post propaganda on him from when Kibaki rigged the elections to confuse kenyans and this come with the help of Moi whom Kibaki promised protection and guess what!!

The murderous senile kibaki and his gang of thieves and thugs will not bring down Ruto. it will not happen .. shenzi sana hawa

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

anon10:50 PM

IDP kikuyu shiate. take them to othaya or ask Uhuru to give them land.

We as Kenyans demand justice for all the innocent kenyans that KIBAKI ordered the police to kill in cold blood. yani wewe mpumbavu aina gani

Anonymous said...

anon5:14 AM

You kikuyu moran have a incest filled weekend with your son!daughter, father, brother, sister as per kikuyu tradition. you are the most disgusting and filthy tribe in kenya. ati practicing incest openly jinga nyinyi- you belong to central lesotho...
I dare your gutter press daily nation to publish all the stories on KIKUYU INCEST TRADITIONS NOW NOW!!!! COWARDS PAPER.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:42 AM


Anonymous said...

Kumekucha Prefect

anon4:05 PM
you foolish mukamba and you want kenyans to believe that Kalonzo musyoka's wife (who likes very expensive things add expensive trips all over even goes for bottox will contribute her money to charity??

ha!!ha!ha!ha! you kamba/kikuyu cease to amaze kenyans so when has a thief give to charities and hey presto she even added ati there will be transparency mmmmmmm where?? when Kalonzo musyoka hasn't told kenyans what Kibaki paid him to be a Judas to the people of kenya and how he helped to bring senseless deaths in kenya because of the greed he stand for. mbwa yeye sana na bibi yake!

Anonymous said...

anon6:03 AM

Go wipe your ass with kibaki shiate before you post here Ruto propaganda !!The only murderers who have been implicated in murderers since kenyatta time and through moi's rule is
1. emilo kibaki
2 saitoti
and recently michuki, karua and uhuru before and after 27th December 2007 elections

1. kibaki the killer ordered the police to shoot and kill innocent kenyans including pregnant women, babies and youth.
2. kibaki, martha karua, uhuru, siatoti, michuki were at the 2 famous meeting at kibaki's residence in Muthiaga meeting with the Mungiki murderous gang members where they paid them some millions of shillings and promised more, plus the release of their leader Njenga -for this they were ordered to go and commit genocide in Naivasha and Nakuru,

The only first class killer in kenyan history is Mwai emilo kibaki and his cronies of thugs


Anonymous said...

If indeed Ruto is undermining ODM as a party and using the likes of people like Jirongo and abuba to undermine the party then he should be thrown out on his ass... after all he was a yk thug, kenyans have not forgotten the brief cases of many from Moi era that made him rich. I 'm a ODM strng supporter and we do not need the likes of Ruto just like Karua is doing to PNU??

I hear at a secret location which i will name here William Ruto and Martha Karua Met to Plan for a merger for the 2012 elections and the deal was Ruto for president and Martha Karua for Prime Minister since- as sources at the meeting confirmed Karua is very well aware she is not a favorite with Kenyans but she can take up the PM position easily.

Raila better ask Ruto out right about the William Ruto Martha Karua Deal!!!!!and their Foot soldiers Jirongo and ababu.

is Raila and the rest of ODM alseep?? can't they see through this ?

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Here is a post from someone from jukwaa blog who knows Ababu very well.

Ababu can't afford flying all over kenya in helicopters.. he is being sponsored by William Ruto and Martha Karua add Jirongo and the rest of the mouth piece of grand coalition whose agenda is to finish ODM ati now they say Pentagon is not a legal entity?? why then did they campaign on it and won seats?? shame on this bought spy masters.. I agree they should go join Martha Karua,

READ ON- THIS WAS POSTED ON THE JUKWAA BLOG(factual as it can ever get)

Political ambition and restlessness is part of the game of politics. Individual ambitions and efforts to achieve them by key players, have often rocked the country's stability at times.

However, common folks always read and put these events in context, to define the specific ambition battles without doubt.

We have faced numerous of them. it is these battles, battles and battles that shape the politics we see everyday.

When Raila felt betrayed by Kibaki in Narc, he took the war straight to him. History has now waned this battle, as Raila is no longer a future direct rival of Kibaki. You will notice more cordial politics between them.

When Kalonzo couldn't milk a 'Tosha' from Raila in ODM-K, and suspected Raila was closer to Musalia than him, Kalonzo felt it was just in order to betray Raila.

Whether perfectly matched or not, the Kalonzo-Raila battle will always be at play for some time to come. This influences a lot of what ODM-K politicians utter to their ODM compatriots.

When Karua felt betrayed by Kibaki after sticking her neck out for him, she has taken the battle at the foot of the president, battling the latter's preffered heir, Uhuru. The Karua-Uhuru battle is already at play.

We saw this during the Grand Regency saga. Who was the whisperer into the Grand Regency whistle-blower's ear?

Does anyone think Karua was not whispering to Orengo what was going on at Ardhi House about the GRH, without the latter's knowledge?

Why is Karua probably battling Kimunya? It is said Kimunya STRONGLY influenced Kibaki against appointing Karua Deputy PM, in preference for Uhuru. We also saw how Uhuru defended Kimunya.

That's just one of the battles. That's not mentioning other behind-the-scenes battles in PNU.

After Karua ran away with Narc-K, a simmering row is evolving between Uhuru and Saitoti, for the control of the remnants of PNU.

Saitoti may be wishing Uhuru just takes off with his KANU and leave whatever remain of PNU to him. While Saitoti maybe grateful to Kibaki for helping him with his Goldenberg problem, his ambition is not dead. That's another battle.

Another Karua-Kalonzo battle is also at play, over lordship over the Central electorate. Battles, battles and more batles.

Meanwhile, a short term marriage of convenience between Uhuru and Kalonzo is on, which might explode when the time comes to decide who sits at the top seat, or if prospects for either Karua or Saitoti look brighter in other vehicles.

In ODM, there is a behind-the-scene rivalry between Musalia and Ruto. Specifically, Ruto has complained that Musalia is a wimp who couldn't rally majority of Western into ODM when it mattered most.

Musalia thinks Ruto is using the latter's friend Cyrus Jirongo to undermine and weaken him (Musalia) in Western. Battles, battles, battles.

Meanwhile, Jirongo thinks that the Deputy PM status and Pentagon role is giving Musalia undeserved power and profile to dwarf him in Western.

Jirongo wants to boost his profile as the leader of official opposition, then carve his own niche in Western. In this, William Ruto is apparently 100% in agreement with him.

Trouble is, there no official opposition in the first place.

Raila see's trouble with that kind of talk.

Raila is well aware that if that grand opposition is allowed, then Jirongo -the only non-aligned MP representing KADDU- has a head start for the job. Floodgates will open for hemmorhaging portions of ODM (especially from Western, and probably the rebellious South Rift) into that essence, weakening ODM.

Raila is aware too, that in such a scenario, then his trusted Deputy Lieutenant, Musalia Mudavadi (probably his most trusted ally), will be exposed, and his influence in Western, automatically opened for an assault of attrition.

Hence Jirongo's populist call for a 'grand opposition' which is attracting support of other wanna-break-ODM folks like Uhuru.

And of course high-tables like the Pentagon which further boost Musalia's national stature have to be disbanded in Jirongo's view.

Thus, Jirongo maybe assuming that if Pentagon is disbanded and ODM house rocked, then Western voters will be apprehensive and less enthusiastic about ODM and Musalia's future prospects....meaning, his own profile dramatically rises into play.

Thus, when these 'shouts' and 'calls' for certain specific changes are made, its good to get the real context and motives behind them.

There have been a series of intertwined choruses that have been intermittently shouted at various times, by a group of 'young MPs'.

Whether it is the Linturis, Namwambas, or Kiemas leading the chorus, the back-up choir of Khalwale, Jirongo, and others, sings the same tune.

There is an effort to merge young, novice, first term MPs, into a political entity (mob) for hire within parliament, to effect various battles, battles and battles of scrupulous political players, some with terrible record(s) of integrity.

The young MPs are being flown in choppers, fetted at five star hotels, and handed big 'operation fees' without doubt, while handling the various hit jobs assigned. Their operations are not confined to any one party.

They have been hitting not one single party, but actually doing some dirty cross-party assignments.

I think Kenyans have been watching them for some time now as they try to derail the GCG and pull down or assault key characters. For instance, they've been used in;

PNU - they were briefly contracted by Karua/Mungatana to execute the Kimunya hit in parliament, and derail Kibaki's call for disbandment of PNU affiliates.

ODM - they've been contracted by the Moi-Gideon-Biwott-Pattni-Jirongo axis to weaken ODM with the full blessings of ODM insiders. Moi is still not yet recovered from the ODM thunderbolt that struck him and obliterated his entire family's representation out of RVP legislative politics. He's seeking revenge by trying to weaken ODM yet again.

The Gideon Moi funded South Rift band is complementing these efforts by mobilizing grassroots support using the Mau crisis as a convenient platform.

When you observe folks like Ababu Namwamba, (whom we in DC raised campaign funds for and supported further with donated hospital supplies including beds) flying in choppers (hired on hourly basis), and being feted in five star hotels across the country, you know he is not paying the bills.

I know this young man in person, during his year-long stint in Washington DC.

If you trace Namwamba's campaign financing closely, you will see a thick paper-trail leading into the account of two individuals, William Ruto of ODM and Cyrus Jirongo of KADDU.

In my independent assessment, Namwamba is a young, brilliant and gifted man, but his weaknesses of character (ignoring financial obligations, being economical in truths, appetite for quick cash and multiple women) will soon destroy his national leadership prospects before he gets far. I know he will read this HERE at JUKWAA. That's straight-talk from me buddy.

When Ruto was making those numerous trips to Budalangi to campaign for Ababu, he knew these footsoldiers would be needed later.

But folks, I'll tell you something.

Do you remember Kalonzo's method of exit from the House of Orange.

It started with such calls......'let's disband the national executive committee'...'lets go for grassroots elections'...yada yada yada....we know how they start and end.

Behind all the noise, was a singular desire. When Kalonzo couldn't convince Raila to Tosha him, he tried using other emissaries, which failed too, and his final compromise for him to stay on, .......was only one promise he demanded from Raila.........a guaranteed declaration that he (Kalonzo)would always stay above Musalia in hierachy.

When Raila failed to make that promise, you know what happened.

It seems there are folks again who want to armtwist Raila to side-step Musalia in their preference. They seem to have allies in Western keen to fight Musalia....and some of their famous lines have been (yet again without doubt);

'we need a grand opposition' and
'lets disband the pentagon'

maybe next you'll hear.......
'lets go for grassroots elections'........sounds familiar?

meanwhile their sidekicks say;

'lets limit the age for presidency at 65'

Anonymous said...


should expel William Ruto for undermining ODM as a party(does he think it is KNU??
Jirongo and William Ruto(birds of the same feather- lets not forget YK Moi's machine that made them rich)

Ababu(Womanizer and broke fool) this guy can be bought for 5 shillings but do i say?
Sources say he has been bought by both William Ruto and Martha Karua to disrupt ODM hem and Jirongo, and the big mouths that keep on shouting Raila should step down with Kibaki when he riches 65 by the next election? hey we all know people bought with blood money are cursed- how soon do such rats forget the kenyans who lost their life's?? I hope Sunday they will be shown all their bank accounts in the states and the money trail from Karua, Uhuru, and sad enough william Ruto whose agenda is to merge with Martha Karua, and Jirongo has been promised the VP position(western representative) instead of Musalia Mudavadi.

Line up (as per the secret meeting is
1. William Ruto -President
2. Martha Karua- Prime Minister
3. Jirongo VP
4. Matagano -Deputy
5. Ababu -Deputy

and as for the rest let them tell us-
This is from a well placed source.

ODM should ask Ababu and William Ruto to answer this and let them try to deny - preferably they should cross over to Martha Karua now if they think they are the ndume's of politics in the Rift Valley(Ruto) and Nyanza (Ababu and as for Jirongo- he will never defeat Musalia in Western we kenyans all know he is a YK thieving thug.

Anonymous said...

ODM morons and cry babies are beginning to sound like a broken record....molasses is heading for political irrelevance just like his late dad who died beginning to spend a night in state house.


Kimi Raikkonen said...

It is such a funny sight watching all these ODM fanatics ranting, raving and frothing at the mouth in apoplectic murderous rage. Just what did they expect?!! This is a classic case of we told you so.
We in PNU told them that ODM had NO binding ideology other than GEMA hate and when that did not work in propelling them to power, ODM lost its usefulness in the eyes of unprincipled louts and "gondis" like Ruto, Namwamba and Jirongo, hence the need to bolt and look for new political vehicles.
It is incredible how some people thought that all those shouted ODM praises for Raila meant actual love for him. How hilariously silly! You cannot invite a baby black Mamba into your house to become your pet, then when it grows up and bites you to death, you complain about how you fed, nurtured and brought it up. You should never have brought it into your house in the first place. Its just simple common sense. Unfortunately, greed always trumps reason, all the time.
It would be prudent to remember that whilst enjoying a sumptuous first course with the devil, expect a bullet for dessert!

Anonymous said...

In a democracy, any member of a political party can run for presidency without being called a traitor.They can capaign and call each other names until the best man wins. There should no animosity or assassination or riggigging of the election in a true democracy

However, Bill Ruto or Raila Odinga are both in danger because of this "bloody government of national unity" which was forced into the throats of Kenyans by United States and European Union using their agent Kofi Anna. I hope all of the readers her still remember that Annan's hotel room was bugged, God knows who put the bug there and why.

I predicted sometimes back that there was a very serious attempt to neutralize ODM by creating disunity among its leaders and members and that is already happening.

The next thing that will be elimination of either Bill Ruto and blaming it on Raila or elimination of Raila Odinga and blaming it on Bill Ruto. When I say "elimination", I mean assassination. That means, both men will be destroyed is they are not carefull. This will be a very tragic situation because Bill Ruto is still a very young man and has a whole future ahead of him. Raila has gone through hell already. People who are ruling kenya through tribal proxies are hell bent on creating "operation chaos" during which ODM must be destroyed. This method has been been applied in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

May be few of you are old enough to remember "1966 Lumuru Conference" and reasons behind it. The disunity of Kenya sprang from that conference and Kenyans lives and tribal friendships died. I wonder who the winners were/are!!

The plan to neutralize ODM has been in the work since January, 2008. Here a hint of it on the following link:

ODM leaders must hang together or they will be hanged separately!!!

b-carotene said...

The lack of sophistication among ODMers is as monumental as it is unsurprising. As usual, raw emotion, very little thought. For obvious reasons ODM has suddenly woken up to Ruto’s grievous misdeeds of the past 15 years, including especially his role in organizing and financing the murders of innocents in the 2007 elections. Any logical person watching from the sidelines can only cheer these power hungry retards on hoping that, for the first time, they carry through their threats by end of which, we have one warlord prosecuted in the courts of law and at which time we will say, Amen! Let the monsters eat each other up.

But then.... ODM (bumpkin not excluded) is just a bunch of self-pitying venomous upstarts well versed in mediocrity and unlikely to follow anything constructive through to its logical conclusion. Selah.

Ivy said...

Ati what did she say? to assist the less priviledged....My foot?

To be a philanthropist, you give what you have worked for and rightly earned...Not use money for tax payers to do that....She would have refused and told Muthaura to give it out to those 48 orphans in parklands primary. By the way si i thought public primary schools are free? And i really don't think you can use 400,000K for that. You only need to buy uniform which could be once a year.....Robbery without violence..

If they are sincere can they tell us how many less priviledged people the kaloozer foundation has assisted. What do these goons take us for?

b-carotene said...

Mrs. Kalonzo? Exceptional.
Wait til the farting subsides.
Firmly, clearly, purposefully.
Very well done.

Anonymous said...

Ruto is just another good for nothing worrior wannabe Kelenjin minow. The chap is living in cloud cocoland!

Anonymous said...

Judas & family are at it again ati giving to charity!!! you can make that up surely.

b-carotene said...

Much more consistent than talking from both sides of your mouth--turning down an offer while bemoaning the burdens of public life. Let alone crumbling under unjustified and unwarranted pressure. Comon!

Ivy said...

Anon 2:43....

Relax. It came after serious prayer & fasting and also soul searching.... That was the best they could do.....That one didn't require any strategy it just required divine intervention, the same way it came in January. Surelly how can a man be lucky tactical move...The boys will win a lottery

b-carotene said...

Lowest common denominator thinking and reasoning, if any at all. Sadly, not unusual. But then, am extraordinarily patient.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:45

Who is forcing ODM in the coalition goverment? If they don't like it they should leave and leave now. Domo domo!!

Kwale said...

Phil, do you remember I said ODM will not hold together for long? That was around May and now we are in Sept. Remember I said some will defect from the party, others will go to prison, others will resign, others will get a sack and many others will rebel from the party and get on each other neck? I also said and I was challenged by Knoppix that ODM was build on a wrong foundation. The ODM foundation was of hate against one particular community and 'it's our time to eat' slogan. Even the architect and the bible tells us if you build anything on wrong foundation it cannot last.

I know am a hot potato and I hardly say things here that are a good music to the ears, but I am rarely wrong. Believe that or not!
I don't have supernatural powers but I am well able to asses and scrutinise situations without bias and predict the outcome. Thats my forte.

So watch this space, by the beginning of next year, many ODM faithful will have parted ways and by Mid next year ODM will be no longer. Raila will a form a new party or re-name ODM and only the few faithful followers will stick by him. By this time his polarity would have plummeted to zero and the chances of winning the presidential race with be none.

Anonymous said...

Kimi, Kwale(ala umerudi
) and all PNU diehards (by the way does PNU still exist) why do you come out frothing at the mouth and yet your house is in total chaos?
By the way what maks you people so sure that Raila is still aspiring to be the president?
Have you thought of the possibility that he could be the PM long as he wants to? am sure one of your losers still wouldn't mind being a lame duck pressy like your present god who despite the powers still comes across as the lame duck he is. Come to think of it kalooser would be happy with such an work ...being feted..and jetting in and out of the country - the idiot looked silly bragging that he was making his eighth visit to China. BURE, GHASIA.

Kwale said...

Anon 6:49

Don’t worry so much about me and Kimi. We are visionary young turks looking for some positive ways to modernise our country. We are currently working on how to bring Formula One (F1) the highest class of motoracing and the most sophisticated sport to Kenya.
The performance of the sport is highly dependent on electronics, aerodynamics, suspension and tyres and cars race at high speed up to 225 mph.

You tell me if there is anyone in ODM with such a dream? We want to give people something to talk about. If we are successful in our bid, it will be the first time F1 will be held in Africa. Grand Prix are currently held all over the world expect in Africa. But we are ready to change that. The sport generate a lot of cash and local employment. So, watch this space.

UrXlnc said...


whereas we must continue to gauge the political pulse, we really must move on.

the GCG is a transition vehicle, with a premium placed on several deliverables, some explicitly outlined while others would be ripple effects.

even the partners (kibaki, RAO, SKM and many cabinet ministers) whenever opportunity avails, are always stressing on delivery of promises made. Like it or not we are in the delivery phase of administration and we need to be paying a lot more attention to what GCG is delivering. Granted each side PNU and ODM and their affiliates only got half a cup each, but combined that is a full cup for kenya and thats where our attention should be.

for instance its now going on three months since kimunya stepped aside and michuki in acting capacity. now kimunya was everyday in the paper and michuki every two days inspecting this or other project but now michuki with two portfolio is totally invisible, ditto whoever took over roads. my point is, we need to be monitoring the deliverables and the sleepy heads, keep an eye out for fishy deals and lauding any great strides made towards achieving promises made.

that is the reason we voted for these guys, to carry out certain duties, lets monitor and evaluate their achievements on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...


You PNU guys never cease to amaze, mutula is thinking of helipads and special lanes and sewage facilities for VIP poop. Kalonzo is dreaming of hosting the olympics in the next few years and here you are dreaming of the grand prix.
Dream on, we in ODM are not in utopia, we will first make sure there are roads and not the cattle tracks in most areas of kenya(except central)- hopefully your grand prix dream may work, and more importantly we need water and electriicity for areas that have been neglected.
Will encourage my great great grandchild to come looking for a job from you once your grandprix dream becomes a reality.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kwale, way to go buddy. Tell em! Our dream for Kenya is tagged on Formula 1 standards, so when the sport comes to Kenya, ignorant Kenyans such as those in ODM can undergo a catharsis and experience a eureka moment and see the light, and finally get to see the kind of Kenya we would like to savor and be proud of.
You forgot to mention that part of Formula 1 attraction are the out of this world chicks, the pit babes who give guys psychological problems. You know, the type where the guy says that he thought he knew that he had seen all that the world has to offer, until he sets his eyes on an Italian pit babe and suddenly feels like he has never really grown up, and starts getting depressed and getting headaches.
Anon @ 11.26 AM. Mutula and Kalonzo are not and never will be in my and Kwale's class. Comparing those two to us is quite misguided.
Also, and FYI, there are 300m middle class citizens in India, and 650m who live in absolute poverty, but that will not stop India from hosting a Formula 1 race next year. Your comparison and gripe about us being poor and therefore we should not host a Formula 1 race is nonsense. Its part of the ODM mentality that all Kenyans should develop equally at the same pace. That is not only impractical and silly, but even more it is discredited communist rubbish. It will never happen.
If India can therefore do it, well, so can we.
Kwale, see you at Spa-Francorchamps tomorrow, and good luck to your team.

Kwale said...


Ya man! How can I forget to mention those super sexy pit-stop babes?!! Tomorrow watch-out for those Belgian babes.

Anon 11:26, we might as well ban all cars in Kenyan roads cos not everyone can afford to buy one. And also the western style shopping malls like Village Market or Sarit Centre because not everyone in Kenya can afford to shop there. FYI, Brazil is a third world country and they have been hosting F1 Grand Prix God knows for how many years!

Like it or not F1 is coming to Kenya! I even have a proposed circuit - somewhere around Mombasa Road or clear some part of Tsavo national park or somewhere around Voi. Why that location? Because F1 circuit must be on low land. The only problem with that circuit it would favour Ferraris cars as they thrives on hot and dry conditions. And Am sure Kimi wouldn't mind that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how will you monitor and evaluate these guys? the amount of adhoc screaming and jumping eg molassess raila running all over the place, empty exhortations,mau evictions, orengo's threats,
which promises? the election campaign ones?!
or should we focus on foundational issues eg constitition, land reform, eck reform and call them out on that. the rest is important too though, but focus, focus, focus.

UrXlnc said...

A Nony Mous(e) 4:37

there are three sets of deliverables

starting at the top
a) on signing the peace accord there were specific reforms mentioned during the negotiations

b) at national level, when the presidential candidates were throwing hints at the reforms they'd spearhead

c) at constituency level MPs made promises

if monitor and evaluate appears monumental lets keep it at enumerating the achievements (any positive development) and goofs (including shady deals)

we must keep pressure on these 1m a month characters to deliver, its a high paying job and we should demand that they match up and deliver.

incidentally all those issues you mention, politically can be considered deliverables, but i believe your point is that on the ground we'd like to see or hear how they've translated into policies or other actionable events, so pressure is on follow up to ascertain where those intiatives currently stand.

word has it that even todate, IDP issue is largely unresolved

Anonymous said...

ok. I hear you, Urx

Below a message for Kwale and Kimi:

"Let us then lay aside the works of darkness and put on the armor of light; let us live honorably as in the day, not reveling in DRUNKENNESS, not in DEBAUCHERY and LICENTIOUSNESS, not in quarreling and jealousy..."

See Romans 13: 8-14.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kwale, sad day for you guys, from sweet victory to demotion. Pole, but thats the nature of the sport.
All the same, today i was on fire, or what do you think?

Kwale said...


I dont give a damn whether Raikkonen was good or not!
I am currently inconsolable. What they did to Lewis is harsh and very unfair. I am hoping Ron Dennis and Mclaren team will log an appeal. But given the anonymity between FIA and Mclaren team it is highly unlikely they will appeal. But its definitely going to destroy Lewis confidence. Remember last year by this time, it's exactly the same time things began to turn upside down for Lewis, and he lost the title.

Why was Massa not penalised last race after that pit lane incidence? I am very angry!

Kwale said...


The good news is Lewis still leads the championship and Raikkonen is out of contention!
Now brace yourself for the most exciting and thrilling races between Massa and Lewis. May the best man win the title.(Lewis!)

Anonymous said...

IDPs ask Raila to intervene in payment row....

Aii!can someone please wake up the duly elected. Why must RAO offer solutions to all problems while the culprit who caused all the mess is snoozing away at SH? I shudder to imagine what the IDPs have gone through for the past 8 MONTHS!

Anonymous said...

kimi, kwale

have you tried

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