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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Fallacy of Two Principals

Kenyans are better advised to see the reality for what it is that no two principals can effectively deliver on anything. The national lie of being governed by two principals is just a red herring cleverly designed to soothe political egos. The truth be said, what is on paper is simply meant for the eyes and the ears that chose to listen to those very words.

The LEAKED letter of appointment of the prime minster must disabuse us of notion to entertain any mirage of equality. First nobody appoints you to be his equal and only a fool would knowingly allow you to pull a rag under his feet. An authority can only appoint subordinates.

Forget about the so-called NATIONAL ACCORD agreement that birthed this GCG. The superlative verbs supervising and coordinating where were never meant to leave the paper they were written on. The PM has been exposed for throwing a tantrum on pay. How can he dare demand higher pay than the president’s principal assistant? He would rather brace himself after the juvenile protocol wars early last year.

Even a rudimentary understanding of the old Swahili saying of FAHALI WAWILI would be adequate enough to disentangle this fallacy of two principals. Just look hard enough around the success story of FALSE SECURITY IN NUMBERS. By signing on the dotted lines, the gagging was sealed and delivered.

Competing interests
With more faces to apportion blame, even the TRIBALLY INFECTED churches have the canny audacity to attempt re-inventing themselves by playing to the gallery. Deception mutates into various forms and Kenya’s gate keepers will readily draw from their reservoirs built since independence to create smokescreen for their apologists to chase. Meanwhile the entrepreneurs continue to auction the next available piece of body Kenya.

Leaking and publishing the PM’s letter of appointment was a masterstroke. That single act will succeed in inciting Kenyans for his lack of action and helplessness by cleverly melting Githogo’s hitherto apology of hands firmly tied at the back in the boxing ring.

Above all else the letter exposes the fallacy of two principals where one hires the other with no authority to fire the same. Speak of an oxymoron packaged as a political charade. And the beautiful circular motion continues as Kenya sinks steadily towards abyss. The fourth president will surely inherit a lifeless skeleton for country.


joe the choma man said...

Mwalimu aka Taabu,
2 principals is the reason why we are the success story of Africa bro.
how many other countries in the continent do you know are led by 2 PhDs equally and have PEACE to show for it?

never mind that Kibaki and Raila are PhD holders(meaning we are in capable hands and won't go wrong), the truth of the matter is in life every coin has 2 sides just as every story with a villan in it needs a hero. in Dr.Kibaki and Dr.Raila we have our Jekyll and Hyde legend complete with split personality disorders and 2 mutating human natures that merge into one depending on which side you choose to look at it from

The whole idea behind unequal pay for equal partners is meant to show that the work being carried out by both Dr.Kibaki and Dr.Raila is not considered to be equal in job descriptions or tiles. otherwise comparing the worth of the 2 would probably lead to enforce even more than equal pay in favour of one of the principals who outdoes the other in terms of being seen to do. i guess the lethargic presidents argument is that those who do don't need to be seen-hio ni UTOTO

nevertheless enjoy the ride bro-watch as proponents of GCG- branch proclaim their support for fair pay while insisting that GCG- has a hard time getting it. we are very greedy us kenyans oh yes

Anonymous said...

taabu you are born poor and you will die poor!

Vikii said...

Hahaha, this is funny.

I agree with you, Taabu that anybody who ever believed that Mwai Kibaki and Raila odinga were ever equal is a fool. That's a bloody delusional fool.

First, these are different people playing different roles in government. If Raila Odinga truly wanted to be equal to the President, if he truly felt and believed he was an EQUAL partner in government, then he should not have appended his signature to work for Kibaki. It is that simple; Mwai Kibaki remained both head of government and head of state. The moment Raila Odinga made a decision to join that government that Kibaki heads, he surrendered any claim of parity and acknowledged that Mwai Kibaki was indeed his boss. How you would want to be paid the same wages as your boss baffles me. He never disputed the circulars from the office of the President dispatched by Ambassador Muthaura which spelt out his duties as; "Coordinating and supervising government operations, chairing some cabinet sub-committees and any other duty DELEGATED to him by the President".

If kenya is a bus---and I pray that it is not--then the driver of the bus is called President Mwai Kibaki. Anybody else who lays claim to that driver's seat is delusional. If we had two or three people at the apex of the country's leadership, we would be talking of co-Presidents. Today, Hon Musalia Mudavadi and UK are equal partners in government. They are both "deputy Prime ministers". Constitutionally, they perform the same role in government and they should expect to be paid the same amount of money. How a bus driver and a manamba are somehow one and the same is a little too hard to understand.

Still on the issue of "equal" pay,if that "national accord" thing is the basis on which we should hinge all our arguments, did it not leave the task of determining the Prime Minister's pay to Parliament? The parliamentary Service Commission determines the pay framwework of all Members of Parliament and forwards it to Parliament for ratification. The President's pay which Raila claims to also deserve was decided by Parliament. Instead of bargaining with himself through the press, he should lobby Parliament--one very friendly to him if I may add--to expeditiously move to determine his pay. He should however know that expecting Parliament to rubber-stamp his wishes is a tad insolent.

About Raila Odinga's appointment letter, we really need to re-examine who is living a lie here. The snippets of that letter that the Daily Nation brought to the fore, do not give me an indication of "gagging". What amounts to gagging there? This is a letter that is merely demanding RESPONSIBILITY from a government official. Major policy decisions cannot be left to the discretion of one individual. That is why we have a cabinet. Not even the President acts unilaterally. He has to initiate high level consultations at the cabinet level, at least concerning the major issues. I hope people are not implying we should go back to the "mkulima namba one" Moi doctrine. We are not a dictatorship however pleasantly inviting such a system would be.

Look here, apologists; we have o usher in a system that calls for seriousness in the business of governance. Those who want to be in government must believe in the things the government does. This barbaric culture of rushing to the microphones to claim credit for every achievement of government today and rushing tomorrow to funeral podia to pass blame onto others and tear them down about those governmnet decisions that we know are not popular, has to end. Demanding that from government officialls is not an attempt at gagging; it is a demand that they embrace a very simple concept called collective responsibility in government. You either prepare yourself to shoulder responsibility like everyone else or hand over the damn keys and get the hell out of government.

On the question of protocol in government, unless the constitution, the standing orders or any other by-laws are explicit on the exact standing of every government official, you CANNOT force people to recognize you above everyone else. You can keep trying but at the end of the day it is the individual who decides who to recognize as the country's number 2,3,4...,n. Like is the case with the bible, this pecking order thing is open to different interpretations. In the event that such hierarchical ambiguity hinders smooth government operations, then we can always refer to the Protocol department in the Office of the President for guidance. Again that is why we have such offices, no?

Finally, and on a less serious note, the words "supervisor" and "coordinator" are nouns, not verbs. Come on, Taabu, I am just trying to be a little piquant. I hope to see you at the San-siro on Tuesday. The drinks are on me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Taabu,

Stop undermining our PM & ODM captain by saying he is surbodinate to anybody else in govt. He signed the Accord as an equal with Kibaki. He appointed half the cabinet like Kibaki. Agwambo has told us many times that he is equal to Kibaki and he is happy with the way things are working out. So, who are you to contradict the PM? Forget the Daily Nation; it is a mouthpiece of PNU. Also, stop quoting Githongo, he was a master of espionage in NARC govt and has no knowledge of GCG govt.

Taabu, you may think you are helping the PM but you are indirectly hurting his authority in govt. Even Kofi Annan knows that there are two principals with real power as Codi Rice demanded.
And if you are not satisfied, then you can form your own govt. Period.

Anonymous said...

Taabu before you get the raila this, raila that bashing choir all excited....i can see one has even offered you a drink.....

it's been reported by the same paper that 'the pm did not sign the letter, but sent it back for redrafting/rewording.

1. why did the nsis through the mkm mouthpiece nation see it fit to release this letter? was it to steal the thunder from the githongo dosier and other pressing issues painting the sloth as the usual failure he is.

2. pnu/mkm have been trying juu chini to lump raila and the sloth together, just to incite kenyans eti raila is just as incompetent.

3. was the letter supposed to show that raila actually has more power than we thought, but he has failed to perform?

finally, railaphobics, you must be frustrated that the much anticipated bout between raila and ruto ain't gonna happen soon.

Anonymous said...

If I were Kibaki, I would lobby for Raila to get a higher salary than myself. On top of that, I would let him have a mile-long security escort. I would really inflate his Luo ego untill it busts in broad daylight. The problem is that Kibaki doesn't know how to play real politics.

Anonymous said...

Taabu and Phil:

On a different note: what happened to the ODM boycott of the Kikuyu Equity Bank. I keep on seeing Raila attend openign of Equity branches all over Nyanza. What is happening? You guys made me close my account with that bank last year by urging us to avoid that Mt Kenya mafia bank. Some of us need to know the current stand towards that bank. Did somebody somewhere high-up in ODM eat and betray us who closed their accounts? Please guys answer me urgently!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Taabu,
The operative word here is "LEAKED".
This purpoted letter which implies a gaging of RO is a creation of NSIS, it is becoming increasingly clear that RO did not sign any such document.
There is an ongoing campagn to demonise both RO and Ruto.
Meawhile wana inchi starve and loose confidence in a rotten and discredited centralised administration - the end result points to a continuing disintegration of the country.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:32,

we can smell your pnu/raila hating blood from across oceans. give up.

Vikii said...

This "Raila hating" accusation that you guys consider an effective defense of a flawed leader is a lame concept at the very least. If it means a rabidly serious dislike for him and his ways, then I am a hater. A proud one at that.

This attack-blogging, however, is not very different from the practice of those fellows whose hobby is stonning motorists on our streets. The most effective way of defending him is to counter those specific accusations we throw at him. If such accusations do not have merit, if our choice to differ with his 'victimhood' philosophy has no basis and if Raila odinga is that flawless guy who practices that brand of flawless politics and who MUST BE LOVED by all (kwa lazima,eh), then it should not be so hard fellows to respond to our accusations of him,you know, to those differences we have with him and his followers. Hiding under that "hating" accusation is cheap, very cheap, and it only serves to exacerbate the perception that both he and his disciples lack substance. We wink at your predictable responses, folks.

Mama said...

The title says it all and everybody knows it. It is clear that the sloth is a principal and the other wannabe an ASSistant principal, period!

Anonymous said...

World-renowned geneticist concluded that Africans are intellectually inferior.
Dr. Watson, said that he's "inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours--whereas all the testing says not really." He went on, to say that "people who have to deal with black employees is not true", Africans are plain stupid!!

Anonymous said...

taabu aka misery, why do you like to delete comments when people criticise you? you are so proud you hate to see your infalted ego bursting.

aletheia said...

The fifth line of your fifth paragraph is grammatically incorrect. Please make it palatable for the lovers of the queen's language.

Anonymous said...

Do you think PhD are picked from a street corner? When did raila get a degree qualification? He was in a polytechnic in East Germany where he obtained a Diploma in Gas Cylinder repairs. He presented fake papers so as to be hired as a tutorial assistant at UoN. The fellow was thrown out of a tutorial session by first year Mechanical Eng students at Univ of Nairobi when they discovered that they knew more that him. Anna kyalo

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