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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Open Letter To Raila Odinga: WHY?

Dear Chris,

I hope you will have the guts to publish my letter. I want to believe that you are still the old fearless Kumekucha who never fears to publish anything even when it paints you in poor light. In case you did not know, that is the one single thing most responsible for making Kumekucha great.

I have watched with growing alarm as my beloved Kumekucha has taken on the task of wanting to bring down Raila Odinga, the next president of Kenya. Why Chris? Who has paid you? Please answer your most loyal old readers and tell us truthfully what is happening here.

Having said that please publish the following open letter to Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Open Letter To The Prime Minister

Your right honorable Prime Minister Sir,

Please allow me a few minutes to point out a few things that beg for some urgent explanation. I must say that these issues I am about to point out have left you, the true winner of the 2007 presidential polls in a very vulnerable position that makes it very difficult for we your staunch die-hard supporters to explain to your critics. Some people like Kumekucha even seem to have taken advantage of the situation to attack you openly when the blog supported you to the hilt in the run up to the fateful elections in December 2007 and after.

1. This year Jacinta Mwatela, a very brave woman who was the acting governor of the Central Bank was sacked and replaced by an arrogant man who happens to come from the same tribe as the President Kibaki. You Mr. Prime Minister did NOT utter a single word? Does that mean that you supported this sacking? I am sure you realize that those powerful forces who wanted her out, wanted her out for a good reason. And that is to be able to continue “stealing” from the people. You see she blew the whistle about a matter that has now gone very quiet all of a sudden. I note you have been very vocal about the media bill in recent weeks and even about the Waki report earlier where you have disagreed even with members of your own party and I do not doubt your courage. So why were you silent on the Mwatela issue?

2. Rumours are flying around which Chris of Kumekucha can confirm for us if it is true, to the effect that many of your best advisors Mr Prime Minister, those who guided you through that most difficult of times at the beginning of this year, have left you. People like Salim Lone who was feted here in Kumekucha for his “spin expertise” that had PNU reeling. It is whispered that most of these people have fallen out with you because they have become disillusioned when you abandoned the vision and promise you had told Kenyans you would fulfill once you were in power. It is even whispered that the most disgusting thing that happen was when PNU strategists cheated you with the motorcade and Recce GSU unit. They say that you abandoned the porfolio balance demands the minute those guys in suits started running after your car. So was the ODM dream all about a motorcade? Please explain to me your humble loyal supporter because people out here as posing such questions and I am not able to answer.

3. It is said that some of the most sickening corruption crimes have been committed by ODM ministers. Hon Kajwang gave away work permits at the rate hot madazis are distributed in Burma open air market(near the City Stadium). When we all know that Kenyans abroad have to sweat blood and tears to obtain this valuable document in the UK, Europe and other countries, even neighboring Tanzania. Your right honorable, you said nothing and did not even as much as "slap Kajwang in the wrists".

Then the latest and most sickening was when your Hon William Ruto deliberately delayed importing maize so that Kenyans are now dying with hunger. Hon Ruto just saw the profits he would make and did not think much of starving ordinary Kenyans. Sir, still you said nothing. Why? Is this what our ODM dream was all about? For ODMers to get into government and behave exactly the same way as the PANUA mongrels and in some wasy worse?

4. During the recent Jamhuri day celebrations when Kenyans demonstrating on behalf of us all were arrested for merely wearing black T-shirts, you Mr Prime Minister did nothing and said nothing. In fact you were seen at one point having a discussion aside with the Speaker of the National Assembly Kenneth Marende and President Kibaki. What were you discussing? How to continue arresting innocent Kenyans and stop massive revolt against your grand coalition government? Please sir, we your people need answers.

5. Sir, you did a good thing when you promised Kenyans a cheap packet of maize meal Unga to be sold to poorer Kenyans who are the majority. But where is the Unga? Where can it be purchased? Even after the big announcement that the Unga is available, we are still buying this vital commodity at very high prices. Please assist sir.

6. Your excellency, you witnessed the recent ODM elections. Where you even created extra posts (Kanu-style) to ensure that you keep both Ruto and that useless Mudavadi in the party. In your view sir, were these elections really democratic? Is this a glimpse into the kind of "democratic change" you were talking about in the run up to the elections in December 2007 and which a number of Kenyans died for? I will accept to be corrected sir, but please tell me what you personally think.

7. Last but certainly not least, your Excellency the right honorable Prime Minister of Kenya. Your own son Raila Junior was involved in a serious road accident with children of other “big people”. They were all very drunk and racing when the accident occurred. You have said nothing about this irresponsible behaviour and what worries me most is the fact that your children now seem to mingle freely with the children of those who helped steal the election from you last December. In my view there should be a very clear distinction between those people and us, the people who are in bado mapabano mode for Kenya. Does this also mean that your son like the other sons of big people is now above the law?

In conclusion sir, let me make it quite clear that I am still your staunch supporter and will vote for you in 2012 (because there is nobody else, let nobody be cheated). However it is important that you address the issues I have brought up in this open letter to you, before it is too late. Sir, you know how politics changes fast and we do not want ODM to be a skeleton of it’s old self in the next elections.

Your humble die-hard supporter,
ODM Damu.

Guest post by ODM Damu

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Kumekucha!

Chris said...

Happy New Year anon @ 7:35AM,

And a happy new year to all you wonderful people out there.

Let 2009 be the year when real change comes to Kenya.


Anonymous said...


I'm sure you realize the level or rot in all sectors of the economy. ODM ministers may be in chrage of some of the ministries that have let us down but don't forget that the mongrels still have some control over these ministries. Remember some decisions being made behind Orengos back? Some imigration officers trying to frustrate Kajwang? Beth Mugo constantly getting in Anyang's way even though she is just as illiterate as they come? Muthaura making and going public with decisions that he knows Raila needs to have been consulted about in the firts place? I could go on and on but I hope you get my gist. The mongrels will do everything to derail ministries controlled by ODM.
Secondly am surprised you bring in the issue of Raila's son. Take a moment and think back to your youth and some of the things you did. Even sons and daughters of church pastors go through these things and the same pastors do not make this the subject of their surmon just to 'look good' in the eyes of the public.Now, I hope you didn't expect Raila to reprimand his son in public did you? Worse, I hope you don't expect him to cut ties with his kikuyu friends just because of the stolen elections.

Chris, being Kibaki's last term can you imagine the flurry of activities springing up everywhere as the MKM try to steal whatever they were not able to during his first term? They will not give up, they know they will get away with some, even as they are delayed or stopped dead in their tracks in some cases. Can you imagine how bad it would be if Raila wasn't in the know about some of these things. Sure, he is the only brave one, but should he speak publicly about everything that goes wrong in the GCG without appearing too petty?
Happy new year?

Kwale said...

Last time I posted a story about Christian the lion that amazed many people around the world by his affection and love towards those who took him and looked after him.
If you missed, here is the true story,

If one of the African greatest beast can show love, how about you? My dear friends make it a new year's resolution and show love to someone regardless of their ethnicity or their political leanings. Don't let politicians tell you who you should love, God gave you the power to love, and love is so powerful it overcomes everything.

May your 2009 be crowned with LOVE and if you choose love, may the goodness and mercies of the Lord follows you all the days of your life.

Anonymous said...


Why do you bother to even post such trivial and childish drivel?

Anonymous said...

ODM Damu

Thank You very much - those are the same serious questions I as ODM die hard supporter has been dying to ask and be answered.
My views are, all over the world politics change politicians and we as the voters should not follow blindly..

We have to respect ourselves enough to know or see when politicians are not doing the right things for the ordinary kenyans.. Look at the Thailand example? the people have spoken and changed the politics without violence

let us all stop this blind worship for individuals and parties and stand up for our democratic rights and support only MP's who stand up for ordinary kenyans openly.

we have to weed out the bad seeds of MP's from the good and point to this MP's even if it is the PM that if they want support from us then they have to follow certain criteria( rules of law and must work for the ordinary mwanaichi and not against)

We us the ordinary Mwanaicha must realize that we have the power to remove all this MP's Plus the president and the PM!!!it is not the other way round... we the people have the power and we should use it wisely this time round..

my question is are we prepared to remove the rot and weed out the corrupt , useless, ignorant MP's from office?? and if the PM does not stand up for ordinary kenyans that voted him in?? it does not mean that there are no MP's in the ODM party that can't take the leadership role..\

my only point in this matter is that most kenyans i know from all over Kenya except for Central province are not ready to allow a kikuyu or Kalonzo Musyoka in power in kenya ever again... it will take years to remove the bad taste of the kikuyu's and kibaki on what they engineered and masterminded to slaughter and shoot many innocent none kikuyu's and that my friend i rather vote in the devil from any other tribe than from central or a kalonzo thug.(this sentiments are very strong all over kenya)
My advise for Raila is to step back look and around and listen to the ordinary wanainchi's and if he sincerely does that.. instead of laying in bed with the kibaki murderous gangs then kenyans will be 100% behind him next time round and he should stop his own MP's corruption by exposing them openly( kenyans will understand that instead of him protecting them)!!

ODM Juu the winners of Dec 2007 elections.. PM we understand it is a difficult coalition because you can't do things they way you would have wanted and the PNU THUGS keep trying to undermine your position and your efforts..

if it becomes impossible then it is better you walk out of the coalition after all you won the elections and kenyans will support you if you decided this path 100%
PNU- KIBAKI, MARTHA KARUA NARC-K UHURU - KANU - AND OTHERS.. all this people have blood of innocent kenyans on their hands and kenyans will never forgive them.. they must face the Hague.. PM it is nonsense for a Kenyan made tribunal and deep down I'm positive that you know this as a fact.. why waste time??

Ordinary kenyans have spoken- it must be the Hague..
if in doubt call for a referendum you will find that 99% of kenyans even IDP's would like the murderous to stand trail in Hague period!!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to all

now that kenyans have been educated on who won the elections. then we need the new year to start with a bang!!

1. Kibaki must step down(he is in the office illegally)

2. the coalition must be disbursed(it is useless and an embarrassment to the Kenyan people- add their huge salaries as an insult to many kenyans- the MP's have done nothing so far to deserve such huge salaries)

3. kenyans must demand an interim government.("MUST") IMMEDIATELY- or else mark my words we will end up like Zimbabwe soon- the bubble is going to burst and this time it will be difficult to stop it.


I don't understand why kenyan elite are trying to pretend or cover up the fuck-up in kenya?

it is done and even the rich will be hit hard if they sincerely think think that the problem only touch the poor then they are mistaken..

Kenya is going down back to the dark ages and the bubble will burst sooner than most people think!!

Vikii said...

Hahaha. This is funny---in every little way.

Sayra said...

ODM Damu,

Your very misplaced. I even dont jua where i would start to explain things to you ... will save that for gtalk (if your the same odm damu i know) and just point out one thing.

1st RAO like any other politician is playing politics. As much as some would like us to believe that he cares for us the kenyan people ... politics and achieving what he wants tops his mind. The rest (including you the kenyan) come as details that can be sorted out later ie ukileta shida sana.

That said, our issues can only be sorted by looking at the institutions we have by creating systems that work for us not the individuals. The more we keep on looking at individuals the more we will stay in darkness. If there is a system that works it won't matter who is the president or who is the PM or who is my member of parliament, my friend it won't.

Get sober people to deliver a constitution, the rest will fall in place as time goes on.

sereast said...

Whoever wrote the original letter must be a born head.
"6. Your excellency, you witnessed the recent ODM elections. Where you even created extra posts (Kanu-style) to ensure that you keep both Ruto and that useless Mudavadi in the party."

Is this a way to refer to Musalia. It seems to you the bravest of minister, and MPs are those airing alot of crap from their mouths and with the biggest scandals. Tell me, in the ODM ministers has Musalia been implicated in any scandal? You also fail to realize its Ruto who precipitated division to the effect that Musalia's no.2 position be given to him yet in the ODM primaries Musalia bet hi hands down.

You are an IDIOT

Anonymous said...


Well said-I long for the day our institutions will be working as they should. Any suggestions on how to move forward considering the roadblocks these mongrels have put up everywhere? we thought the ECK would be the first to be reformed only for Muthaura to try sneaking back the known former eck thieves like chege into the transition team. Am pretty sure the plan being to absorb them into the new electoral body.
The 27 member parliamentary committee working on the roadmap for a new constitution unfortunately does not inspire confidence because the known status quo monsters are well represented. Anyway,let's pop the corn and wait.
The police force should have been prioritised for reforms but is anyone saying anything? The kenyan pumbavus should be happy that eck has been disbanded, haya si mlitaka reforms? ndiyo hiyo. Mta do?
So much rot everywhere and yet very little movement up there - it's pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Chris, on the new years day u post such nonsense?
Punda hii

ODM is dead, Raila is impotent, PNU is dead, Kibaki is impotent; and so are all the political parties in Kenya.
Revolution time is here!1!!

Kwale said...

If Kibaki rigged the election like many of you like to believe, then I think he did a fantastic job. I dare not imagine how Kenya would be like with Raila as the president and the likes of Ruto and Ntimama holding powerful ministerial cabinet posts. At least now we've a 50-50 chance of seeing these warmongers being brought to justice. What we need now is Kenyans to wake up to realisation we need a new leadership---ODM is equally incompetent just like PNU and Raila would've been the worst dictator Kenya ever had.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kwale, I agree. We need a new brand of leadership in Kenya. Where is Sam Okello and Jeff Koinange. Guys, this will be our ticket come 2012. Let's support these two gentlemen with every penny and dime.

Let 2009 be the year of the revolution and change.

Kumekucha, get in touch with these two men so you can get the train rolling sir.

Joe the choma man said...

ODM Damu and "Chriso",
i see you have chosen to start the new year going forward but with your eyes glued to the rear view mirror-happy new year and may all your troubles melt away in 2009

ODM Damu says " is important that you address the issues I have brought up in this open letter to you, before it is too late...."

if you are really a die hard supporter of the prime minister then he can count on your support no matter what isn't that what die hard means? ama you are testing the waters to see what the temperature is like before you decide to swim or not?

just curious you know...

Anonymous said...

Anon 5;09.

didn't you read the part that says the writer would still support Raila come the next elections because of lack of better choices (and I agree). It's either Saitoti(goldenberg), Kalonzo(coward, no msimamo on anything), Uhuru (Mungiki, family has land and other questions to answer, not forgetting hague is beckoning), Karua (one of '07 electoral theft masterminds, clay is persona non grata and, let them go to court..)Need I go on?
Mara ya mwisho Raila is the only politician in that group who commands a NATIONAL following.

Anonymous said...

Raila is FINISHED!

Joe the choma man said...

Anon 5:29
then there was no point for this letter to be written if it does not matter whether or not the prime minister addresses these issues

ODM Damu might as well have signed off the letter by saying "no matter what i will follow you"

Anonymous said...

Joe choma man,

At the beginning of the letter the writer acknowledges that all is not well. He then says that as a STAUNCH SUPPORTER he needs to arm himself with the answers in order to PROVIDE THE SAME TO RAILA'S CRITICS - who never see any good he does anyway.

At the end he says that he would STILL GIVE SUPPORT TO RAILA come the next elections for LACK OF A BETTER CHOICE. This to me means that the PM is not obligated to answer/address these issues.

Anonymous said...

ODM and Raila as the legitimate president of the republic of kenya winner of the 27th December 2007 elections- Must step in statehouse with immediate effect.
the coalition ain't working period.

- at long last the KIN had the balls to print the truth and now they must follow that truth with

saying Kibaki is illegally in office and he should vacate now. hapana kesho right now or else face a serious revolution on his hands. kenyans want the leader they voted for in statehouse not a hand picked President Bush stooge mpumbavu sana hawa mavi ya kuku..


Anonymous said...

kenyans must get ready to fight for their rights in 2009..
stolen elections must be corrected.

an interim government must be put in place- we all know the coalition government is not working and let kenyans not agree to be cheated by some politics using fear tactics that there will be civil war if we us Kenyan abolish the sham of the coalition government.

Thailand is a good example where the protests are peaceful and they have managed as ordinary people of Thailand to push their agenda..

Coalition is a waste of money and it is not helping ordinary kenyans it is just enriching MP's and those affiliated to them and personal friends!!

Raila must get ODM OUT of the coalition and accept an interim government which should produce a constitution and arrange for the next elections at the end of 2009

kenyans are fed up - very very fed up. there is nothing to celebrate in this new year. hunger, is killing ordinary kenyans

Kenya has become a shameful banana republic and the kenyans who will wake up and have the balls to change the equation and stand up to this thieving goons in parliament( and yes I mean all those MP's who are so greedy that it is embarrassing to see them abuse the same people that took them to parliament) OOOPs!! I forgot Kenyans did not vote for a COALITION GOVERNMENT- majority voted for ODM the party that won the 27 with December 2007 elections and that my friends is the party that is supposed to be running this country not the Kibaki buffoon senile murderer and his cronies !!!

This kenyans who will be ready to speak up and say the truth that kenya is in a mess - the coalition is not working and demand things must change- this individuals will have the full support and 100% vote of ordinary kenyans who want to have a democratic voice in choosing their leaders.

Esther Passaris said...

Raila ni bure kabisa! he got a small dick.

Anonymous said...

Where is Kibaki when his mungiki army of gangs are extorting money from ordinary kenyans by force!!!like someone said on here the legal president of Kenya should step in office immediately(Kibaki should not be in statehouse) else the coalition should be disbursed since it does not represent the Kenyan voices.

time out Kibaki and time out for the coalition government.. the time has come for kenyans to step up and demand their true democracy or else hit the streets for justice.. stolen elections not acceptable and Kibaki is his mungiki foot soldiers are destroying the country,

THIS IS A DISGRACE WATCH:( Kenyans are living in a bubble it is going to bust soon.

Anonymous said...

Esther Passaris said...

Raila ni bure kabisa! he got a small dick.

yeaH - well go tell kibaki to stop screwing Martha Karua with his aids infested dick.. si we all know Martha Karua is HIV positive still receiving treatment in South Africa. and as Rucy Kibaki told her Old HIV dick invested kibaki that she will continue sleeping with Michuki since Kibaki prefers HIV positive women...

wewe Kikuyu Mpumbavu sana your senile kibaki is HIV positive most kenyans know that- did you really think you could hide this facts until 2009??

DM-Nairobi said...

In conclusion sir, let me make it quite clear that I am still your staunch supporter and will vote for you in 2012 (because there is nobody else, let nobody be cheated).

@ODM Damu,
All your previous valuable points became completely useless the moment you wrote down this obnoxious statement. Why the hell would Raila want to respond to you if you are already committed to voting for him in 2012 anyway????

And who the hell established that Raila is indispensable to Kenyans?

Surely, we can find ourselves other leaders who are genuinely committed to Kenyans.

Ken said...

Happy 2009 Kumekuchas...

I have read the post and some of the comments with great pain.

My comments are:

1) ODM and PNU are equally incompetent.

2) Both ODM and PNU stole elections. It was a case of Pwagu hupata Pwaguzi so lets compeletely forget about the elections.

3)When a PNU minister screws up, its bloody theft or incompetence. When and ODM minister does the same, its interference from PNU. How the f.uck is this possible? Let every goon be accountable for their ministry and their own screwups and lets stop double speak.

4) Until Kenyans remove the "god" factor from their minds, WE WILL NEVER move foward. Raila is NOT the only choice Kenyans have. He has also proved in the time he has been in government that he is just like the rest of them. Before 2004, nobody knew of Obama. Now there is hope in USA. Lets have faith Kenyans and completely remove this idiots out of our equation.

5) Case to point on 4 above... No one voted to stop the media bill (Though I personally think our media is irresponsible and should be regulated) and they ALL blackmailed Michuki on their taxes THEN some goons like Orengo go out there and say ODM did not vote for the media bill. What bullshit is that?

6) We should remove childishness from our arguments. Shit about the size of Raila's dick and Karua's HIV status and who is fucking who is IRRELEVANT to our otherwise constructive arguments and is a sign that some people first need to grow up before they can put forward constructive comments

7) The shit about Raila's son hanging out with Kenyatta's grandson is a clear indicator that there are only 2 tribes in Kenya. The The Have's and the Have Nots. Raila and Kenyatta belong to the Haves so their children can hang out together. It is wishful thinking for those who want them not to hang out. Do you think Raila and Uhuru don't hang out? Do you think they slit each other's throats like the rest of us IDIOTS in Kenya??

I rest my casex

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year mzee you letter to raila is profound to what is going on in most ODMERS mind. But you end summers up the distinction between PANUS and ODMERS. Yes ODM voters are Damu ODM but its leader is not. While PANU leadrs are damu PANUS its voters are note. This why mzee you see no one to vote for ,but Raila only ,but Panus will vote in any panu dog provides its panu.

Anonymous said...

May the New Year liberate ODMites from the debilitating condition called "Human Worship!" Until that happens, not even the best constitution will mean anything to these automatons.

Anonymous said...

May the New Year liberate PANUA MONGRELS from the debilitating condition called " TRIBAL HATRED, FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT" Until that happens, not even the best constitution will mean anything to these PUMBAVU'S and MAVI ZA KUKU.

Another thing, we do not like the truth, we like to live a lie, we prefer to bury out heads in the sand and mistakenly hope that the unpleasant truth - e.g THE STEALING OF THE DEC '07 ELECTIONS BY PANUA MONGREL NUMBER ONE will go away. Unfortunately, for those who like living a lie, the truth does not rot. It always has a way of resurfacing very loudly

Our biggest problem is IMPUNITY and unless we address it right from the top most office, it will not go away. Wondering why I am referring to the top office? Check out this youtube video where you will see THEFT, FRAUD and DECEPITON put in practice by PANUA MONGREL NUMBER ONE:

Anonymous said...

the author of the post is a sick freak! ati i'll vote for you in 2012 because the is no any better candidate hii ni upuzi precisely the mentally of kikuyu haters kwani why can't we vote for clean people like Abdikadir of Mandera si he is clean and untainted unlike people like karua,kalosser and ruto. happy new year fellas.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Agenda No 1 should be to make sure Raila will NEVER enter Statehouse. The man is an unrepentant megalomaniac obsessed with power and will destroy Kenya if he is allowed to do so and he must be stopped in his tracks, nothing else matters. His divisive politics have polarized Kenya on dangerous ethnic lines since he joined then left KANU. Kenya will never get ahead until this man is politically sorted out first. After Raila is finished, we can talk about the quality of Presidential candidates. Before doing that, any other talk is foolish and idealistic naivete.

Anonymous said...

PNU'ites call us ODM'ites Kikuyu haters. No, No, No.... Infact the reverse is what is true; Kikuyu's irrational hatred of other tribes of Kenya and their pumbavu delusions of grandeur (This is personified by Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen who has just farted shit right here at 5:17 AM. This a sorry example of a young Kenyan who still thinks like the Kikuyu wazee's like John "the rattle snake" Michuki and the other Kikuyu harliners who plotted and STOLE THE ELECTIONS OF DEC '07)

What we - the rest of the Kenyans - detest are your behaviors of FRAUD, DECEPTION and OUTRIGHT THEFT. An example is clearly shown by this youtube video clip:

How do you expect us to "like" you after such an event happened right before our eyes at the beggining of last year: A SHAMELESS, BRAZEN STEALING OF THE ELECTION.

To the likes of Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen: You and your pumbavu attitudes and values are the problem, not Raila

Anonymous said...

Kimi, you have commented rubbish. Stuff that can only come out of a retarded and infantile mind that has been marinated in a big bowl of irrational hatred and tribalism. You and your kind need thorough mental healing... you are sick. Very sick. Don't try consulting your Dr Mourinho, he has the same problem like you... a mental case cannot help another. It is like asking Lucy Kibaki for help in dealing with a mental problem - OUCH!

Anon 5:38 has stated it best: You and your pumbavu attitudes and values are the problem, not Raila

Anonymous said...

ODM ministers may be in chrage of some of the ministries that have let us down but don't forget that the panua mongrels still have some control over these ministries. Remember some decisions being made behind Orengos back? Some imigration officers trying to frustrate Kajwang? Beth Mugo constantly getting in Anyang's way even though she is just as illiterate as they come?

The latest example of panua mischief being of that Muthaura mongrel trying to use the discredited and thieving former ECK employees to "assist" - we all know what that means - in the transitioning to a new electoral body. This Muthaura Mongrel must be upto some of the usual Panua mischief.

Before you judge Raila, first be aware of the true situation obtaining on the ground - which is PANUA MISCHIEF galore.

Kwale said...

Anon 5:38,

So you think its only Kikuyus who hate molasses? Well, I happened not to be a kikuyu and I hate Raila with a perfect hatred!
The problems we've in Kenya is because of this codwswallop flob called Raila you ODMers worship vehemently in a sickly mawkish manner . And yes I agree with Mr. Raikkonen Raila must vamoose immediately if Kenya was to move forward. He is the one holding Kenya hostage from reaching to her full potential.

You keep writing Kibaki stole the election, I told you last time if at all Kibaki stole the election then he did a fantastic job by frustrating these Odmers and leaving a bad taste in your mouth that will be with you for a long time to come! Anyone you can queer the pitch for your demi-god is a hero!!
Raila represent everything that is evil and his loss at polls last year was a triumph over evil!

Anonymous said...

@Ken 11:17 PM

You are the only person talking commonsense and objectively here.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, you must watch this!!!

Anonymous said...

Raila is a spent force,most of u spewing gibberish in support of him are out of touch with reality and obviously dont have an ear on the ground to listen to the frustrations of the common mwananchi.Its one thing to give people hope and then at just the moment they are poised to realize the fruits of their struggles deflate their hopes the way a pricked ballon collapses and thats precisely what Raila did.1st he caused consternation and disbelief among his supporters by asking them to be circumcised.2.The high unga prices didnt do him any favour for surely can you divorce ugali from fish and here you can see which people are the hardest hit.3.Calculate the distance from Nairobi relative to PNU,ODM strongholds.Factor in high fuel prices caused by artificial fuel shortage and the effect on public transport during the ending festivities and ask yourself which population is most affected.Then stop and think before you post bullshit from an air conditioned office wherever.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, Kwale, a "twin" brother of Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen; both severe mental cases. Their twin pumbavu attitudes and values are the problem, not Raila.

Kwale makes this rather thick claim, a pumbavu panua lie. The usual panua mongrel nonsense:

"The problems we've in Kenya is because of this codwswallop flob called Raila you ODMers worship vehemently in a sickly mawkish manner"

Kwale and Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen, the problems we've in Kenya were not started by Raila but by people like this guy called Jomo Muigai Kenyatta. Read on:

We have been told several times that Kenya gained independence in 1963. We have also been informed that Kenyatta was not only the country’s founding father but also a quintessential freedom fighter. I have spent a lot of time perusing relevant documents to establish the veracity of these claims but I have not been able to find any truth in them.

Colonial rule had certain fundamental pillars. Through a carefully conceived ‘divide and rule policy’, colonialism was implanted to secure the exploitation of Kenya’s human and material resources. In addition to promoting ethnic hostilities among the African communities, colonial rule was both dictatorial and intolerant. Those who challenged colonial authorities were killed by the police, jailed or summarily detained without trial. Under the system, the imperial Governor presided over a prefectural network that ensured that British government policies were fully implemented.

On their part, the Africans paid taxes without representation and provided the cheap labour, which facilitated production of wealth. Influential public service jobs went to whites and very few African collaborators like John "the rattle snake" Michuki who is still in government upto now thanks to THE STOLEN ELECTIONS of Dec '07.

In the past 45 years of African leadership, Kenya has been unable to deal with the problems the country experienced under formal colonialism. That is why I am proposing that since colonialism did not end in 1963, our celebration of the occasions such as Jamhuri day is rather misguided. Biting poverty, police brutality, political intolerance, unfair distribution of resources and jobs, unemployment and ethnic parochialism continue to haunt every aspect of life in Kenya. Our past history shows that, in fact, 1963 was not the year of independence. Rather, it was the time when European colonialism was Africanised, making Kenyatta the first black governor.

Our struggle for the second liberation was hijacked in 1992 when Moi — the second black governor — took charge of the proceedings by pretending to be a democrat. He rigged the first serious multi-party polls since 1963 and retained the status quo.

In 2002, the peoples’ second attempt to overthrow Kenya’s black colonial rule seemed to succeed when Narc swept its way to power and promised real change. What followed, however, was an anticlimax of our dreams - Kibaki BETRAYED us big time.

The lie that Jomo Kenyatta was the founding father of the country should not be allowed to continue. As truly conceived by genuine founding mothers and fathers, the Kenyan nation is yet to be born. What helped Kenyatta to rise to the top was his mastery of pretense and deceit. Kenyatta knew how to mimic what he was not. This is demonstrated by the way he easily changed names to hide his true self. Although he was born Kamau wa Ngengi, he changed to John Peter and by 1922, he had become Johnstone Kamau. While in Europe in the 1930s, he became Jomo Kenyatta. In 1963, Kamau wa Ngegi was simply known as Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. So what is the difference-in character and deed between President Kenyatta, Mzee, John Peter, Johnstone or Kamau? Was it safe for Kenyans to have entrusted the institution of the presidency in a person whose names kept changing?

After spending a long time in Europe, Kenyatta returned home in 1946 and shortly seized the leadership the Kenya African Union party. Although he was mistakenly arrested and jailed for being a member of the Mau Mau, Kenyatta denounced the nationalist movement several times and eventually set the record straight during the Kapenguria trial of 1953.

His nationalist credentials were further undermined by the fact that during his presidency, he became the biggest land owner in Kenya when he grabbed over 500,000 acres of land. Besides, he made it his top priority to punish and neutralize freedom fighters who questioned his political practices like Bildad Kaggia and Jaromogi Oginga Odinga.

Throughout his rule, Kenyatta did not hold any presidential elections to test his popularity. It is tragic that such a person has been branded founding father and freedom fighter.

Like the colonial governor before him, Kenyatta crushed dissent without mercy, terrorized political opponents using the police, detained without trial those with divergent opinions and even had other Killed e.g Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya and Josiah Mwangi Kariuki (JM).

Contrary to the dreams and aspirations of the freedom fighters, Kenyatta failed to unite Kenya when he embarked on the programme of "Kikuyunizing" the public service, by replacing the outgoing Europeans with his own kinsmen - the exact same behavior of PANUA MONGREL Number 1 (Kibaki). At the height of his presidency, he failed to appreciate Kenya’s diversity when he receded to his own Kikuyu ethnic cocoon.

The struggle for independence which began in the early 1890s when British rule was imposed on our people was never concluded in 1963, 1992, 2002 or 2007. It continues to date. In addition, the true heroes of Kenya’s liberation combat include the champions of the Mau Mau era as well as the stalwarts of the Giriama and the Nandi resistance. These people deserve respect and recognition.

Individuals who should make the list of founding fathers and mothers of Kenya should not be Jomo Kenyatta and his fellow traitors of the freedom struggle, the home guards such as John "the rattle snake" Michuki. Genuine freedom fighters include, Mekatili wa Menza, Koitalel arap Samoei, Harry Thuku, Fred Kubai, Bildad Kaggia, Masinde Muliro, Elijah Masinde, and Jaramogi Odinga Oginga, among others.... and not the Kenyatta's, Moi's and Kibaki's of this world.

I repeat once again to Kwale and Mr fake Kimi Raikkonnen: Pumbavu attitudes and values such as yours are the problem, not Raila.

Ken said...

@ Anon : 06:38 AM

Thanks. I try to be as objective as possible. That is the only way we can get Kenya out of the hole she is in.

By being objective, we can one day "Jivunia Kuwa Wakenya" as opposed to now when we are "Vumiliaing Kuwa Wakenya"

Now Kibaki has signed the media bill. I expect to hear derogatory comments from the ODM die hards of how bad Kibaki is, but before they say anything, I want all of them to ask themselves this:

Did the bill go through parliament? Were there ODM MP's there? Do they have the numbers? Could they have stopped it at the parliament stage?

Dear Kumekucha's, lets learn to point to dirt wherever it is. If its in PNU, lets point it. If its in ODM, lets point it. Kama ni ODM-K, lets not defend anyone because they come from our community. After all, this people from "our community" never add any ugali to our tables. They are all business partners and golf buddies regardless of what tribe they come from yet we slaughter each other for them.

I keep asking myself WHY.. But after reading posts in Kumekucha day in, day out, I now understand why.

To some people, Kibaki is a god and can NEVER do wrong, to others, Raila is a god and can NEVER do wrong.

This is f.ucked up thinking and if the elite of mashada think this way, then Kenya is DOOMED.

Kwale said...

Anon 7:14,
We're not looking at the past here but the future and Raila does not belong to the future! The future of Kenya belong to the new generation and like Obama our next president will not come from a palace but just an ordinary Kenyan with a burning vision for our country. Raila's reign is over and we must allow him to retire peacefully. Give him a P45, or whatever you give people over there when they leave a job!!

PS Ken, Kibaki is NOT my god but I rather have him anytime than molasses!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 7.14am. You can froth at the mouth all you want, plagiarize all the anti-Kikuyu articles you can get and other mindless nonsense till you are blue/black in the face and thick, angry facial arteries are sticking out all over your sweaty unwashed face, but as far as we are concerned, Raila the obstacle MUST be made to get out of Kenya's way. That is priority number 1.
Meanwhile, as Kwale says, be careful you do not development permanent oral thrush from all the 'stolen election' mantra you keep rolling around your tongue.

Anonymous said...

My fellow friends! these are question to think about deeply.

In 2007 when I first heard Raila defending himself in classic regarding his shift in different parties, he made a true to false statement that it is his principles that he stands for. If the party doesn’t embrace these principles he moves on to another party. This sounded ideal especially to us his supporters who thought that this topic may late him down in his run for presidency.
However, if what we are seeing from him today is what he has been standing for, for the past years then Kenyans should say to hell with him too.

If he felt that his principles are being jeopardized in the new coalition, he has the right to show his action by quitting this coalition.

Let him not come and tell us that it was for the sake of Kenyans, coz the same Kenyans are hurting now and he saying nothing.

KUDOZ to the person who wrote that letter to him, and let Raila note that Kenyans we are watching him, Kibaki has finished his race, stole adequate money to sustain him and his decendants just like what all other 2 past presidents did.

By the way, what is Raila’s son depicting to Kenyans?????????????

If he cant control and advice his kids what of him being the father of the nation????????

Anonymous said...

my goodness, reading through these comments makes me wonder if any of you even remember or learned anything from what was going on in kenya this time last year.

no need to wonder why politicians children hang out together. in fact, that should tell you alot about how the waheshimiwas are. their children go to the same schools, swim at the same country club as their parents play golf, drink and strategise. and no, its not about how to improve kenyans lives. its mostly how much they can get away with without causing a revolt. notice how they all seemed to be able to agree that they shouldnt pay taxes or that the media bill passed.

hii maneno of aligning oneself with one personality to the point of insanity has to stop. it doesnt matter if they come from odm or pnu. its the same batch of politicians from times past or new ones who have been god fathered in and are learning the ways in which kenyans can be screwed over. just because people can payuka on the 7 o'clock news doesnt mean they have your best interests at heart.

until you realise that the person from central you hate so much (mind you, its cos you have been told to and thats the truth, dont say otherwise) or the person who is luo is arrogant and not worthy (more stereotypes used to push us wananchi further apart) or the kalenjin you think is a war mongerer and so on and so forth remember this: you have much more in common with that person that you ever will with the odingas, kibakis, kenyattas, mois etc of this world. when push comes to shove, they will be the ones who will be flying their families out of the country and giving statements from behind heavy security and we will be the ones fighting battles that we end up suffering and dying for only to end up back where we started.

ODM damu, as you can see, you are right back at square one. you ask for raila to explain himslef but if you were to just look around, he is doing the normal business of politicking like all the rest. and dont think that its only odm-ers who are disillusioned. i know of many pnu supporters who are wondering why they have been screwed over royally. shortages of fuel and high unga prices have a way of opening peoples eyes and what they are seeing is that the people they voted in refuse to pay taxes, spend their time complaining someone is out to get them and ignoring the promises they made to voters. all the while kenyans are suffering and getting by is harder and harder. lack of money to pay school fees, buy food or pay for bus fare is not something that only one tribe suffers from, its everyone, hata kama ulikiwa pnu/odm damu things are thick for you. shouting yourself hoarse in support of your party wont put money in your pocket, food on the table or get you a job. unless you are part of the "haves" you can expect to be prettymuch ignored until late 2011 or early 2012.

if you are going to demand anything, ask where we will find a new kind of leader, the one who wont be voted in and get star struck by power but instead really lead and leave petty politicking to the side and improve kenya. at least, thats what im asking myself. im tired of all these old men who do us no good.

and ken, your post is a saving grace. i was reading this comment thread and almost giving up hope until i read your thoughts and those of others who are not wrapped up in loyalty to people who are f*cking us over.


Msema Kweli said...

Anon 1:38,

Your comment is very good. But their is one very big problem - not with you but Kenyans in general. I shall explain very briefly.

In your comment you stated the following:

"If you are going to demand anything, ask where we will find a new kind of leader, the one who wont be voted in and get star struck by power but instead really lead and leave petty politicking to the side and improve kenya. at least, thats what im asking myself."

This is excellent but like I said at the beginning of my comment their is a big hurdle in the way, who you ask? Well, the very Kenyan people themselves. We are a people who abhor truth/honesty, fairness, integrity and excellence. We HATE these four attributes with a passion and on top of this, we are a people who have no self respect, any sense of shame and are so full of self hatred.

Even if there was an individual who could be a new leader, to quote you: "who wont be voted in and get star struck by power but instead really lead and leave petty politicking to the side and improve kenya." I can bet you my last shilling that Kenyans will very quickly respond with hatred, insults and contempt to such an individual. We hate excellence. We prefer and adore mediocrity, thieves, fraudsters and lords of corruption to be our leaders.

I repeat once again, THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN KENYA IS THE KENYAN PEOPLE THEMSELVES. I stand to be corrected, but fear that I am right.

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