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Friday, January 02, 2009

Breaking News: Kibaki Signs Controversial Media Bill Into Law

President Mwai Kibaki has just made history a few minutes ago by signing the latest controversial media bill into law. He officially goes into history books as the most hostile president to the media in the history of Kenya and East indeed Africa. During his tenure so far a record number of bills aimed at curtailing media freedom have been introduced in parliament. It was also during Kibaki's first tenure that the Standard raid happened. Not even during the darkest hours of Moism did anything close to that raid (that involved the burning of newspapers) happen.

The signing of the bill into law confirms early reports that this blogger received that the President has in fact all along been the originator and real sponsor of all the media bills and more so this latest one which was also passed by the 9th parliament but as elections were around the corner Kibaki bulked to pressure and refused to sign it. The same bill was re-introduced into the house at record speeds and hurriedly passed just before Christmas last year.

With the president's signature it becomes law.

In effect what has now happened is that it has become much more difficult for any Kenyan to get any information through the media. This is a day for great celebrations amongst the political class and impunity in Kenya has won really big. I will be doing a deeper analysis of the effects of this draconian bill (that would have made even the evil apartheid government of pre-Mandela South Africa blush) later into the weekend.

Remember to say a prayer for Kenya tonight before you sleep.

P.S. Now that it is clear that the main stream press will never publish anything about scandals in a hurry as a result of the new law, let me just reveal the name of the company that was at the centre of the recent artificial fuel shortage in Kenya. It is Oilibya. More information to follow as I verify a few more facts.


Anonymous said...

Where is Presidential-candidate-2012-Sam-Okello? Isn't he the guy who gave us his word here that the Prezo WUD NOT sign the said media bill into law?

Eti he had it from a very authoritative source?

SAM OKELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is kibaki for you in full gear. Remember same time last year the same kind of stupid defiance that almost made us loose this country to violence. This thug of a president will never change. We can only wish him bad luck and "woe unto you" all our MPs who participated actively or passively to pass this bill. Soon, You will see them come out in force against kibaki with all sweet words yet the bill passed before their noses.
I cry for my dear country only nobody can save us now.Raila could have but since he joined the coalition you wonder if its the same Agwambo. Orengo please stand up or is it Muite aka Imanyara? This country needs real leadership.

Anonymous said...

Chris I think the media kinda deserves this (not Kenyans, Media) Why? Instead of standing for the truth the media chose to take sides.
Some of the media "machinery, tools, houses" were bought & asked to tone down the truth or divert attention all together from the truths that would have made the media "the official oposition, a voice for the Kenyan people." Sadly, CHRIS YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION! YOU HAVE COMPROMISED KUMEKUCHAS STANDARDS, I DO NOT KNOW WHETHER YOU WERE PAID FOR IT OR NOT, BUT TODAYS KUMEKUCHA HAS FALLEN, IT IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE!!! If truth was your goal (you & all other forms of media) you would have been a formidable force, able to stand against such FRAUD.
The stolen Election of 2007 is a perfect example. If only the media had stood firm in the past year thumping the truth that Raila really IS the President of Kenya, had the media taken a neutral stand, a stand for the truth...I assure you, this would not have occured.
Unfortunately, what goes around comes around...the same message should ring in Kibaki & his supporters ears'

Mama said...


I beg to differ, this is NOT breaking news by any means, it was to be expected.

Like I said on this very blog Kibaki would not refuse to assent to this Bill. Just look at his history with the media. Firstly, his deranged wife was slapping journalists in the middle of the night her actions filmed on camera. His other wife brought in the Artur brothers to the country prompting Michuki to raid the Standard. Moreover media stations have in the past three days revisited the stolen elections on all their bulletins. It would have been so out of character for Kibaki NOT to have assented to it. The writing was on the wall.

Sam Okello, your authoritative source was so off mark.

Anonymous said...

Well said Mama!!!

Anonymous said...

Tears as Kiambaa survivors relive flames of death
Posted: January 1, 2009, 1:52 am by Sayyeda
By Joseph Murimi
The scars on their frail bodies tell it all.
Four children who miraculously escaped from the burning Kiambaa church in Eldoret tell moving accounts of how they survived as they mark the first anniversary of the horrific incident.

The survivors (from left) Mercy Wanjiru, Anthony Njoroge, Mary Wahito and Jedidah Wahito (carried and inset) after a Press conference in Nairobi, yesterday. They appealed for help to raise Sh30 million for treatment. Photos: Boniface Okendo/Standard Their bodies full of scars, they recalled how raiders set the church ablaze, killing 28 people.
Tender young bodies were scarred for life as acts of madness engulfed the country this time last year. The attack that shocked the world inflicted wounds on many children, who will carry scars forever.It marked the lowest point in Kenya’s history as protests over the disputed presidential election results degenerated into an orgy of violence.
And as the children desperately seek assistance, the political class responsible for the violence retreated to idyllic coastal resorts to usher in the New Year.
Narrow escape
Yesterday, when they narrated their miraculous escape from the flames that devoured Kiambaa Church, Serena’s Amani room was dead silent.
Tears swelled in their eyes and flowed as memories of the horrific January 1, 2008, arson attack returned. The youngest– Jedidah Wahito - is now four years. She was saved from the petrol-powered fire by her aunt Mary Wahito Kariuki, 16, who also saved another sibling Anthony Njoroge, 11. Mary sustained burns as she rescued them. Anthony was burnt on the head and is yet to heal.
Severe burns
Mercy Wanjiru Njenga, 14, sustained severe burns all over her body. Her face was disfigured. The four spent a grueling nine months in hospital.
They spent three months at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital and six months at Kijabe Mission Hospital. And now, they require Sh30 million for further treatment in the US. It is for this reason that they called a Press conference to appeal to well wishers to help them raise the money. Already, their treatment has cost more than Sh2 million.
On that fateful day, Mercy and other Kiambaa residents took refuge at the Kenya Assembly of God Church. She recalled yesterday that they had been warned of an impending attack the previous day.
"We spent the night at the church even after we were told we would be attacked. In the morning of January 1, our mothers went to prepare breakfast and we were left with the children. Our fathers had slept in the open guarding us. But at around midday, we heard screams. Suddenly, we saw raiders armed with bows, arrows and pangas.
"They chased the men and killed some. We began escaping from the church but they forced us back. They secured the doors then poured petrol on mattresses and set them on fire. Within minutes, the entire church was in flames. People were burning. At this point, I grabbed the children and jumped out. Jedidah was strapped to my back. We managed to reach the road despite excruciating pain. A Good Samaritan took us to hospital," she recounted.
New Year
Anthony’s escape from the flames of death was the most dramatic. Like other boys of age, they had spent the night ushering the New Year guarding sheep. They had been informed of the impending attack and stayed away from the houses.
When the raiders attacked, Anthony and a group of other boys were pushed into the church.
He recounted how he jumped out of the burning building only to be kicked back.
He fell next to an armed raider.
"I bit him hard and as he struggled to free himself, I rushed out and ran very fast towards the road. By now, I had sustained burns on the head and my clothes were burning," he said.
Anthony’s mother Peninah Wangui Mbuthia broke down as she told her story. She looked at her son and wailed. Peninah says life has never been the same. She has been in and out of hospitals.
Some NGOs have been helping them recover.Disaster Foundation of Kenya established by the Africa Disaster Risk Reduction Organisation and the Centre for Justice and Crimes Against Humanity are spearheading efforts to assist ten survivors – the four children and six parents. Chairman of the centre Mbuthi Gathenji said they require Sh30 million for medical expenses for the children. He said well wishers including the Government have been of help but needed to do more.
Mbuthi asked well-wishers to make their donations to account number 0170293014368 at any Equity Bank branch. He said the funds would be audited by a reputable accounting firm to ensure they are spent appropriately.

Anonymous said...

RAILA is a toothless bull dog , just barking but cant even bite a mosquito.

Anonymous said...

All reasonable Kenyan knew this was coming the senile fool of a president is at it again now we are back at the olden days when the media sang the governments praise all the time . Kifaki when will you die!!!

Mama said...

Anonymous 8.25, I can't agree with you more. His word means nothing!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has sealed his fate and as a well known thief!(who rigged the 27th December 2007 and denying kenyans their Democratic rights on their votes.

Kenyans are ready to show Kibaki that he does not belong in statehouse. we as Kenyans can not allow a thief and a thug to control our country and now even he wants to control the Media??

The PM Raila must be asleep on the Job to that he can even allow Kibaki to sigh such a bill

The agreement signed by ODM and PNU for a coalition government to be formed.. it was on a 50%/50% bases and so Raila and his ODM party has no excuse of saying that they do not agree with the bill.. if that were the case then Kibaki would not have the guts to sign on it.. so I believe strongly if Raila does not accept this then he should lead ODM out of the coalition government - it is about time to cut their loses and see what happens - Kibaki can not have power if the coalition fails!!

Shame on Kibaki - I think it about time kenyans woke up and acted- we must act now.. soon Nyati house will be reopened and innocent kenyans will continue to be executed - good example is the more than 500 mungiki youth that he Kibaki ordered to be killed..

kenyans wake up!

Anonymous said...

anon8:13 AM

DO SHUT UP WITH YOUR NONSENSE- FIRST GO ASK KIBAKI AND MOI WHY THEY PAID MUNGIKI THUGS TO BURN THE ELDORET CHURCH.. kibaki kills without remorse look at the mungiki's more than 500 slaughtered and dumped in forests.. eldoret church to kibaki was nothing big.. he used it to confuse kenyans and to enable him to rig the elections..
if you want to post articles here.. I advise you to go and give them personally to yours truly Kibaki since he is the one that paid his thugs to burn Eldoret church.

By the way there is full proof now- by one of the mungiki individuals that was involved. so do shut up.

sereast said...

And that is the president for you. But wait a the bill had other clauses that touched on other issues like e-commerce, M-PESA.......and we are only concerned with the media part.

Guys be real, how many of us have read this bill at all? I haven't and am sure a good % of us here. Maybe the bill had many things in it that were good and only the media part was not so palatable to the media owners?

I have to read the bill first.

Otherwise as I said before, the bill should not have been thrown out in toto but the controversial clause needed to have been re-examined.

That is Kibaki for u!! A happy new year's gift.

If the bill had a clause to the effect that journalists have to identify their news sources...that is uncalled for.
If it directs TV stations to promote our culture by airing more of Kenyan content, music etc, that is +ve.
If its aimed at closing all vernacular radio stations that is +ve.
If its aimed at giving the government undue influence in the media, that is -ve.

I have not seen this bill so will not talk more about it.

Anonymous said...

anon8:13 AM

Eldoret church does not compare with the killings, burning alive and beheading that happened in Nakuru and Naivasha by the mungiki paid by Kibaki, Martha Karua, Uhuru, Michuki, Njenga Karume and the rest of the murderous thugs.

Do you really want to go down that memory lane? you mpumbavi shenzi sana
how many people did Kibaki order to be shoot by the police starting fromn Kibera,Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, Naivasha, Kakamega, Kitale, Mumias, coast, Mt; Elgon

Kibaki and your Mpumbavu central goons will see durst payback is a biatch..punda wewe

Anonymous said...

Bullshit he's done the right thing..where the hell is free media?? it KTN? Kalenjin Televison Network? All of them client media...wen they are not shagging each other or is it tunning each other on. Any way @ any rate kenyan journalist r substandard hogwash from some diploma awarding institution in South B where they start whoring long before they go to studion. Ever mingled with the so called journalits?....these guys ae so shallow u get scared the shit of ur head wen u think that they are the ones MISinforming kenyans. Kenyan we are a pitiful lot given the sharks that MPs are the and the quarks the media houses to mention other sectors ...We are doomed!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon8:40 AM

Mama yes I agree with you that Raila's words mean nothing but at least he is not a murderer and a senile thug like your Kibaki

let me refresh your mind:
1. Shoot to kill order given by Kibaki to the police to shoot innocent demonstrators( does that ring a bell)more than 200 dead within two days

2. and let me think mmmm! aahh yes Kibaki ordering the death of his own tribesmen - more than 500 mungiki youths slaughtered and dumped in forests, waysides, ditches, and more still missing since kibaki stated executing them between 2006-2008

Mama- who is this Senile murderous animal in statehouse that some stupid blinded kikuyu's support?? soon when he orders the death of their own families will they then discover the killer that they have in statehouse.

ask the Mungiki's who ordered the burning of Eldoret church??
sources say Kibaki with the help of his best friend FORMER PRESIDENT Arap Moi( that is why Moi flew in on the 30th December to put the plan into action... this Murderers must face the "HAGUE"

Anonymous said...

Anon9:03 AM (kibaki ass sucker)
The shallow individual that you are is only the one that can post such horseshiate, while trying to support kibaki for signing the bill- why abuse journalists?? you are so small minded that is is disgusting. why bring in journalists personal life's?? Just like others have posted here Kibaki shaggs Martha Karua and Martha Karua is known to have HIV- maybe Kibaki disease of aids has touched his Brian- he can't function and that is why he must be stopped. he is taking Kenya towards a very very dangerous path and he must be removed from office period!

Ken said...

Hey, wait a minute guys before calling Kibaki(Though I hate him with a passion) all sorts of names and turning this into one of those ODM-PNU wars.

Q: Where did this bill come from?
A: Minister of Information

Q: Where did this bill go to?
A: Parliament

Q: Who passed this bill?
A: Parliamentarians

Q: Did parliament have the power to stop this bill if its draconian?
A: Yes

Q: Did they stop it when they should have?
A: NO!!

Q: Who is at fault?
A: The whole political class (Raila and Kibaki Included)

Q: Should the media be regulated

The Kenyan media has proved time and time again that they are not responsible enough. Even in America the media is regulated. My personal opinion is for starters ALL vernacular stations should be closed down with immediate effect.
The media played a very big role in PEV. They fanned the fire instead of trying to put it out.

I rest my case

kalamari said...

Folks, the bill has been signed into law. Kazi iendelee. Mta do?

This is not the time to shout insults at Kibaki; after all, Kibaki is the winner in this event.

Let’s focus on the two losers:

1. Raila: If this bill is in fact draconian, then the people’s president is indeed the ultimate loser. He did nothing to prevent this bill from becoming law. We have no choice but to believe that he is totally convinced that this new law is indeed the bridge to media freedoms.
I’m curious to see how he will use this event come 2012. I’m almost certain that one of his pillars of campaign-time-change will be the removal of this law…..and we will cheer him.

2. The Media: In all fairness, it is the failure of their inconsequential self-regulating-bodies that ‘justifies’ such laws. Today, most of what they report is openly biased, underreported, incomplete and or totally fabricated. The Standard = ODM, The Nation = PNU; Fellas, when such political polarization exists in the media, there can be no news worth the clobbering of Nyambane and associates. Add that to the professional preoccupation of media house bosses; spending all day plotting how they will screw all the secretaries in the building.

This is what I say; I do not want the postman to read my letters but I would not mind if they intercept a terrorist’s letter. I propose a new bill that will create a body to supervise and regulate the new powers awarded to the government by this new law. We are a country of laws, aren’t we?

KenyaLuv said...

Kenyan Media have proved to be highly irresponsible and almost brought our country to ruins a year ago. It is unfortunate but necessary(like Rwanda) that some sort of regulation is brought into the media.Africans are just not yet capable of handling absolute freedom responsibly. In any case the bill the President assented to does not touch on the parts the media had issues with, thats in a differnt Act. So people should get their facts before jumping on the Presidents back.

papa plus said...

Yes, Kenyans are not mature enough to objectively digest what they read. Heck, I'd hasten to add that in fact we are too juvenile to be entrusted with one man one vote. Oh, how I wish they would change the laws and do away with presidential elections. Let the MPs elect the president. Let the wananchi elect their MPs. Also, we need to scrape term limits. A good president should be able to work until he exhautes his energies. And definately, our women are completely incapable of leading. Infact we should rescind their emancipation.

Sayra said...

You might call Kibs all sorts of things but he was not alone in this. The media like any other body in the land must have regulations ... it must play by the rules like the other bodies. The kind of games i have seen the media play, one thing for sure they will not have my support or 'sympathy' as of now.

You just not let out a teenage out in the world to do whatever they want. They will just fuck-up then come back to you expecting you to clean the mess. So you would rather avoid it. The grown-ups here know what am talking abt.

papa plus said...


So are you saying that the Kenyan media is like a teenager?

Are they not mature enough to fall under "adult" laws?

If something the media is putting out is erroneous, can't they be challenged and sued under our courts?

What is this jumping the gun to write a new draconian law that relegates them to citizens without rights? Tapping phones without warrants...

c'mon, give me a better argument in 2009!

sereast said...

Hen debate on this bill started here on Kumekucha, I told people the media needs some form of regulation. I still harbor those feelings. I think left unregulated the media is a time bomb waiting to happen. Now, the power of the blog should be realized. This is where people with the ability to critique and make sense of nonsense need to focus their efforts. Am sure blogging has not been regulated and even if they tried they will fail as the net knows no boundary.

Kwale said...

Media in Kenya have to be and MUST be regulated. Kenyans have not evolved properly yet to handle freedom of speech especially in media. We saw last year how they used their "democratic rights" to attack, kill, rape and maimed their fellow citizens causing untold suffering. Unfortunately Kenyans not matter how you like to be seen as 'progressive' and 'intellectuals', you lack the most basic principles in life.

The other day I laughed out so loud when I read here someone suggesting Kenyans are intellectuals. Let me put the record straight, there is a difference between INTELLECTUALS, LEARNED, EDUCATED AND ACADEMICS (SCHOLARS).
And in Kenya definitely we do not have many intellectuals or learned people but yes there are many educated people some of whom are academics(academia)and scholars. But it is the LEARNED people who holds high social status in any society. Learned people are not only educated by teachers but also through experiences both past and present, through other people's culture, travelling, arts etc etc.

papa plus said...

Farthermore, technology will pass the Gk by. Are they going to cover the telecommunication and cyberspace too. If I can blog from my cell, watch podcasts on my cell, send sms on my cell; do you think that curtailing tv and radio will stop exchange of unregulated and uncensored material?

papa plus said...

if you haven't evolved properly then speak for yourself.

How about the GK not evolving properly to allow people to demonstate peacefully and air their displeasure and grivances. How about disbanding the GSU. It is stupid to think that by muzzling dissent, it will quietly go away.

As usual, leaders are out of touch with the reality on the ground. No critical analysis of anything goes on in Kenya. It's all about arrogant pronouncements and road side jua kali cures.

Anonymous said...

Folks must remember that there was a lot of gagging going on during the independence struggle. You could not even congregate in groups of more than 3. But guess what, the struggle still endured.

And that was before cell phones and the internet.

Until we stop passing the buck and sweeping the dust under the carpet; we will not begin to solve the causes of PEV.

Instead we are going backwards. I would not be surprised if kenya is under marshall law with a suspended constitution and parliament in the next election cycle. It is a big shame I tell you

Anonymous said...

When the Media Bill was passed in the parliament by 39 MPs, majority of them according to the roll call were from ODM. So when you hear ODM political mouth pieces like Orengo shouting against the law they are just cynically playing to the gallery.

Those who say Raila was powerless with respect to this Bill are delusional. He was for it - Phil (Raila's KK mouthpiece told us here as much). The problem is that these ODM MPs don't read the Bills, they rely on some Raila aides to read and tell them how to vote. They require a babysitter every step of the way. Remember they told us during the 2005 referendum that they would not read the draft constitution because Raila had read it for them? That is the mentality other Kenyans have to contend with.

Now they are saying they will use the Media Bill as a campaign issue in 2012. Let them try, Kenyans are smarter and will not fall ever again for politics of hate, fear, and cynicism.

This is the type of politics that makes Kalonzo the front runner in the 2012 presidential race. Kalonzo anaonekana kama ndio kiboko yao.

papa plus said...

Kalonzo the front runner? The same guy who couldn't take questions from kenyans in DC?

If I didn't see any of these characters on the ballot it would not be too soon! I think we are at a point where we need someone from out of the political club. Be they better or worse than the current chaps; but at least symbolically it will show that anyone can run and win the presidency. You don't have to be a career politician or a scion of one or related to one.

Anonymous said...

Shame of all bloggers who still talk of these brand of politicians as having a chance in 2012. They don't my friends. There's a revolution coming to sweep these fellows out. Watch this space. 2012 is the year of the blogger. I endorse the candidacy of SAM OKELLO.

Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

The so called "media people" need to be regulated like the traffic. They spend most of their time seducing each other and those who lose out in the sex game rush to K Street and bars. When they are sober they are busy looking for handouts to write friendly political tales; or blackmailing VIP adulterers. Like teenagers they want freedom ("democracy") without responsibility.

In fact, Kenyan Media is part of our national problem together with the political class. They need to be sorted out.

Kwale said...

Papa plus,

Who said the only way to demonstrate peacefully is through attacking fellow citizens? Is that not what ODMErs did? If the government could not allow you to express your displeasure and grievances why the heck do you've to turn against your neighbours to express your frustrations? This is what I am calling primitive caused by lack of evolution.
Evolution does not happen just by going to school and learning to speak English which is seen as the seven great wonders of this world by many of my fellow countrymen. There is more to life than getting a uni degree!

UrXlnc said...

Sereast @ 8:57

here is the ict bill

this other document though not the most comprehensive should provide some background on origins of this amendment or issues it was initially expected to address before the "contentious" issues found their way into the bill. if you need more detail get in touch with chris.

and by the way Sam was not the only optimist, although he shudda, cudda asked the many skeptics (aka realists) here on kumekucha for a more informed opinion i guess.

after all many others were similarly hopeful that further debate could occur

however this position is what carried the day

Kwale said...

Oh oh, one more thing before I forget. I know how you EDUCATED people treat those perceived not to be educated in Kenya. The way you look down on house-girls and those people who looks after your children while you go to your high paid jobs. You see them like dirt, BUT that is not only morally wrong but also lack of civilisation in the mind.
What you don't know is life is a rollcoaster, and many of those who have helped to shape this world never had formal education, e.g most of the world richest people are either school drop-outs or comes from deprived backgrounds. So before you ever look on someone down remember that!

gud nite!

sereast said...

Thanks UrxInc, I had a glimpse of this bill in its raw form today on Kenya Law online. I will respond forcefully once I have digested the contents.

Anonymous said...

anon9:38 AM

Your illegal president does not know what hot fire he has lit and if you know kenyans and remember the dark days if journalist being jailed and killed for reporting the truth then I guess you were not born then so you can barer your brown teeth here supporting your senile kibaki.

That bill had no input from ODM it was written by Martha Karua and cronies before the coalition was formed and stupid overpaid MPs were wood wicked to support it then the few that were in the house.. Kibaki is a nutcase and Kenyans should demand he steps down from being illegally in office the shenzi mpumbavu senile murderous fool.

Anonymous said...

anon10:19 AM
Only uneducated fool can post such crap. But hey what does one expect from kibaki supporters?
If indeed you are a Kenyan an ordinary wanaichi who hasn't forgotten seeing Lucy Kibaki slap a Journalist or the Atur Brothers paid by Kibaki and Michuki to raid the standard media house and burn newspapers then I guess you support Kibaki of course and you my friend will sooner than later eat your on words when a different tribe is in statehouse..
Maybe the bill should be left as is to muzzle people from central province especailly the news houses and the radio stationed owned by Kikuyu's - jail them for spreading hate..

mmm I kind of like this bill now when I think on how we can catch all those kikuyu murderers in the future - just by them opening their mouths.. we will not allow them any freedom of speech in fact Central province will have no say whatsoever will will close down all the kikuyu media for spreading hate and supporting mungiki terrorists.... and for preaching on air to their tribesmen to go slaughter other tribes in Nakuru and Naivasha- maybe this Media bill is a package of gold;

Anonymous said...

anon10:29 AM

I think you need to shut up do you sincerely think that Kenyans can't read before commenting on a shenzi bill Kibaki signed?? or you are one of those kibaki supporters even supported him when he ordered the slaughter of his own kinsmen (Mungiki Youth more than 500 dead) then you supported him when he send the Atur Brothers to burn and raid the standard media offices.. and ofcourse you support the same senile kibaki who sources say now send mungiki to burn the church in Eldoret so that he could confuse the whole country and get Martha Karua on all media shouting ethnic cleansing!!
Kenyans are not stupid and as much as kibaki would like to gag the media it will not work. someone mentioned on here even ?George Bush was defeated to gag media in the states- so what does kibaki plan to do to the media houses or journalist who refuse to follow his law of the jungle!! kill them and jail them??

we the ordinary kenyans are ready to teach kibaki a lesson.. he stole elections and he will pay dearly for denying kenyans their democratic rights to vote.
Kibaki is an embarrassment to the Kenyan people- he should be removed.

and as for you if most kikuyu's can't read too bad do not equate them to the rest of kenyans who read the bill before going out to demonstrate against Kibaki signing it into law!! the same Kibaki served in Kenyatta and Moi governments and was first in line to use the law to oppress and abuse journalist( he signed on many to be jailed in those dark years)

Anonymous said...

anon11:37 AM

sorry to disappoint you. kenyan has two sets of laws.. the laws governing the PNU party and the Law governing ODM and depending the side ordinary kenyans support then that is the law that will be used..

What I'm saying to you is Kenyan has become a banana republic and the laws do not work.. Kibaki signing the media bill will not change anything.. each side will accuse the other side of being biased so nothing will come off it

the internet and the blogs all over the world are what shape societies and rule of law does not apply.. Internet has become a master in releasing news good or bad or any dirt on politicians and presidents all over the worlds.

if the journalist can not post their stories in the newspapers - no big deal all they have to do is to post it on the internet and use 20 blogs and the news will go international-

Kibaki is wasting his time with this media bill -- who will he put in jail? when the story is posted on the blogs??how will he control internet media which is now the main news hits now??

what horseshit!!

Anonymous said...

anon11:24 AM

My friend -I hope you don't have any children planning to be journalists - think again when under this law they will be jailed for posting the truth and you will not have a change to even get a lawyer to defend them.. I guess you are foolish enough to bundle all the media together claiming that they are all bad reporters then you must be a very naive individual.

I believe strongly without the independent media out in Mt. Elgon and other areas during the clashes we as kenyans in different part of the country would not have known the truth,, and it was only the media although they were threatened to be shut down before the coalition was formed it was the media which pointed out that kibaki rigged the elections

and the only enemy to the media is kibaki! so you can say all you want about the media but maybe part of your family is still alive in kenya because of the media warning kenyans and the world on the mungiki slaughters in Naivasha and Nakuru and the order of shoot to kill that kibaki gave to the police to shoot innocent kenyans.

just like any human beings we have bad and good journalist so we can't bunch them together saying they media is all bad just so that you can support Kibaki's illegal move to oppress and muscle the media in kenya, to even image kenyans want to go back to those dark days of nyati house i will remind you many journalist were jailed and kept in Nyati house some never come out alive. wewe shenzi sana.. lack of education about the bill is what makes you a fool.

Anonymous said...

anon11:38 AM

Kwale and that is why your posts here are so think. go get some education my friend instead of peeling potatoes and prostituting abroad. or else ask yours truly kibaki for a job maybe a gardener in statehouse that might just help you revisit your culture and gain some intelligence that you lack my friend I hate dumb people trying to be bright.. you sound like kalonzo musyoka - such a goon.

Anonymous said...

anon11:56 AM

your propaganda will not help Kibaki here- check the facts the media bill was written by PNU in a hurry during January when Kibaki was trying to control what was going out and couldn't. ODM said openly that they were not a party to the structured Media bill since they were not included in the write up.AS FAR AS i'M CONCERNED THE BILL SHOULD BE TERMED ILLEGAL BECAUSE IT WAS NOT AGREED UPON AND WRITTEN BY BOTH PARTIES IN THE COALITION.

By law ordinary Kenyans can take the government to court and that I believe is happening already and if the government does not act then the international courts can hear the case..

The Bill is not legal Kibaki being a murderer that we know should be facing Hague now- he has no business signing laws in kenya - he is illegally in Offices -

Kenyans should act now and go to the streets and protests- Thailand has succeeded in stopping their government why can't we Kenyans do the same?? the coalition is not working. we need an interim government - to hell with the over paid coalition government kenyans are tired.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.43 to 3.43, you are all but the same sicko,you have a half dick and cant get a girlfriend,so you spend all u a time here writing gibberish. You belong to mental hospital with rucy,you AIDS infested Luo shiate born of a retarded inherited mother.

UrXlnc said...

rather interesting this article

if true, then perhaps MPs are gearing up to pass bills in parliament or otherwise doze off but avoid to be on record. rather mischievous. this 10th parliament is going to be a really strange one indeed, mischief afoot i guess.

clemo said...

"Naapa ya kwamba nitaendeleza kazi zangu za ualifu"-Hon. Mwai Kibaki-30th Dec,2007.believe me he has done well!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Raila should just walk out of the coalition if he really does not support this bill, put his money where his mouth is, as it were. It will be very interesting hearing what he has to say, very probably more daft lies as usual to justify his position as PM.
Meanwhile, the wide-eyed, naive ODM adherents have been left holding the bag, waiting to be given direction like little children who can't think for themselves.
We told you so, your heroes were no angels, and never could be. Poor lost souls, the ODM base.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe! Clemo, I heard that juzi, they repeated it three times! Ni mhalifu uwongo.

Anonymous said...

This is outragious!

The ODM controlled parliament has passed Standing Orders prohibiting the media who cover the proceedings from photographing sleeping MPs and showing them on TV.

What is going on? For how long are we going to suffer under the dictorship of this ODM controlled parliament?

After ODM leaders stole maize and caused artificial unga shortates, and after passing the Media Law in parliament, now this? Raila and ODM have indeed become obstacles to our final liberation.

Anonymous said...

We all know how the sensational and propaganda fuelled media contributed to the ethnic hate leading to the post election violence. Is any of those news anchors, journalists and media owners in the Waki list or facing the Hague? They seem to have escaped. They should be regulated harder. Irresponsible fellows. I would see KTN guys telling unsupported lies and spreading hatred as if when Kenya erupted, they would not be there and would not lose jobs and lives with the rest of Kenyans. We all know KTN is worse off than the gutter press along Riveroad for screaming headlines that say nothing except lies and hatred.

Anonymous said...

Who are the majority in Parliament? ODM not PNU. And ODM hippocrates are now blaming Kibaki for Media Law. Kibaki has laerned to give ODM whatever they ask for, lest they bring their bullshit and start throwing stones all over. He signed what the ODM controlled house passed. The ODM turncoats are now screaming here blaming it all on Kibaki, just as they could not believe and stomach the fact that Kibaki could win the presidency. Where was it written that Kibaki could not win? By the way the clip by KTN is an insult to objectivity as it had no evidence, being a mere description of events. Nothing new. Nothing that can stand as evidence in a court of law challenging an election. When Kibaki goes against ODM, they throw stones. When he does as they want, they still throw stones. ODM should mature!!!!!!!!!

M-Pesa said...

A few weeks ago, I penned that Kibaki would assent to the dangerous media bill because he would be forced to do it by Mama Lucy, the first lady.

In all honesty at the time, it was meant be be a joke to lighten up the nasty mood in Kumekucha then. Little did I know that, my joke would become real!! Mama Lucy's hatred of the media is well known. She must be the hidden hand in all these.

Kibaki should have looked in the eyes of his many grand children whom he likes to pose with for photos and discarded the draconian bill in the bin! After stealing the elections, this age old dinosaur now wants to steal our freedom to know all the nasty scandals being perpetuated by the Mt Kenya Mafiosi.

Kibaki has been nothing but disaster to this great country in nearly 50 years (half century!) of his political life! Shindwe!

Kwale said...

It looks like I did not define what an "intellectual" is, a term so confused in Kenya. So much so when one writes or speak fluent English or have a university degree is considered an intellectual.

An intellectual is a person who tries to use his or her intelligence (intelligent as defined in psychology) and analytical thinking esp in complicated ideas which involves careful thinking and mental effort.
He/she is an individual who is deeply involved in abstract erudite ideas and theories, whose profession solely involves the dissemination and/or production of ideas with notable expertise in culture and the arts. And there are virtues that governs intellectuals character traits necessary for right action and thinking. These are a sense of justice, perseverance, integrity, humility, empathy, intellectual courage, confidence in reason, and autonomy.

In Kenya the only public intellectual work to have taken place took place some 105 years ago and of course by the colonialist, and that was of course is one of the greatest engineering work of 19th century - the planning and construction of Lunatic Express also known as Kenya-Uganda railway. Kenya lack of intellectuals is so dire that we never had any other major engineering work ever since infact since the depature of colonialist, Kenya railway has gone into dilapidation.

So now you have it, before you ever claim you're an intellectual, tell us what your ideas have done.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

What is the big deal really?! The same law has always been in the statutes under the old communications act, stupid hypocrites our media are together with their ODM liars-in-arms.
If indeed they have a case against Kibaki, why don't they show their teeth and black him out including MPs plus all political coverage for 1 or 2 months??!! No politician and no political reporting or discussion should appear on TV, on the Radio or in Newspapers until the act is repealed. If the media cannot do that, then they are being hypocritical and insincere as usual. Apparently, without the politicians, they may not be able to afford the rent for that 'ka-snack' they have hidden away from the wife.

Anonymous said...

@ Kwale,
Thanks for highlighting our lack of intellect, which, in my thinking, is created by our shallow visions. Imagine since the colonialists left we have never added an inch of the railway line. However, over the years, and recently, some mongrels were even uprooting it. To be frank, at times I think us Africans have genes of backwardness running in our blood

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, listen to this

We require that kind of patriotism not preaching ethnicity and hate from every platform including @ kumekucha blog.

Joragem said...

Kibaki signing the media bill is a good thing indeed. Here is why:

1. It affirms that those agitating for an official opposition in parliament were right and that Raila, though he remains my hero,is not always right. Contrary to popular opinion, Raila's advisers are wiser.

2. In the long run, media suppression is a bad thing. However, this media knew without a doubt that Raila won the 2007 elections. Other than the Standard which came close to telling the truth, all other muzzled announcing Raila's victory loud and forthright. Yes, even before Mt Kenya mafia kicked out the press at KICC and stopped live broadcast, the press in Kenya was freer than in the USA, and I say it. So it is prudent that the media which decided that the truth was not good for the whole world to hear, stand accused, and I am certain they are figuratively in the secret envelope to Koffi Annan from Judge Waki. Kibaki has given them what they deserve! They will be paroled during the 11th parliament.

3. Just like the fake reason to invade Iraq, hurricane Katrina and the US economy nailed the fate of Bush's legacy as the worst president in US history, Kibaki's legacy will be the worst president in Kenya in our time, and he will end his term stinking so bad that even Macharia Gaithos would rather breathe mustard gas than oxygen around him:
a) The Standard Raid and Lucy's press assault and the president's silence,
b) Reneging on an 2002 MoU and stealing the 2007 election,
c) Mega corruption like Anglo Leasing, and now draconian media gag.

This is the legacy of Mwizi Kibaraka

Joram Ragem
wuod Ndinya, wuod Onam, wuod Amolo, wuod Owuoth, wuod Oganyo, wuod Mumbe, wuod Odongo, wuod Olwande, wuod Adhaya, wuod Ojuodhi, wuod Ragem! (Are you my relative?)

Anonymous said...

anon1:37 AM

Shame on you kikuyu shiate kibaki sucker- yes the kikuyu daily nation and NTV is now screaming right? when they are they same kikuyu owners of all the tribal kameme radio's which were lead in shouting that Kibaki won the elections!
Your propaganda on here will not wash wewe shenzi sana go ask your daily nations morons kibaki paid stooges to shut up..

Kibaki has started a war that he will not be able to control and this time even his Othaya backyard will kick him out.. mark my word the senile fool should be send to Hague with immediate effect. mavi ya kuku kibaki

Anonymous said...

anon4:45 PM (mavi ya kibaki wewe)

You are a kikuyu kibaki cocksucker shiate head stop abusing people on here - go back to your smelly central othaya where mungiki gangs have taken over and kibaki can't even dare to visit shenzi wewe.
Your godfather kiabki is a well known murderer of innocent kenyans who send his mungiki hatch men to burn his own tribesmen in the Eldoret church and then turned round and told Martha Karua to shout on top of her voice ethnic cleansing and now sources say one of the bribed mungiki fool who helped burn the church is in hiding being hunted by the Kibaki killer machine- kenyans and the world will be shocked to at last get the truth from the horses mouth on the well laid out plans kibaki and his cronies put in place in order to hold onto power by force.

wewe kibaki mouth piece on here is the punda na mpumbavu sana-

Kibaki is a murderer period na nimesema!!!

Anonymous said...

anon1:36 AM

Your propaganda on here will not work..if you want to talk corruption( Kibaki and his PNU cronies)
start with
1. Anglo leasing

2. Grand Regency

3. Transcentury(Rift valley railways)

4. charter house

5. sale of land on coast island belonging to the government of kenya- and a few tiny island at that by Kibaki friend and cronies through the Knight Frank- company
(Orengo seems to not have control still to stop this)

it goes on and on..

fools like you have no idea what real corruption by the Kibaki government is all about..

and the arms shipments to Sudan which Alfred Mutua and Judy Kibaki are said to be behind this big deal with the former minster of finance

Kibaki must be removed before kenya becomes a rotten shell of a country-

Anonymous said...

anon2:52 AM

it is indeed really embarrassing to have kenyans like you who lack education or can't read politics or just keep licking kibaki ass because of being from the same tribe.. wake up you shiate head.. when an illegal thug called Kibaki rigs elections, orders thousands of innocent kenyans to be shot to death by his police and army machinery and paid gangs like mungiki murderers then I guess what ever else he does by gagging the press is in fear of the truth being printed.

sources say there is a member of mungiki who was in the group that was paid to burn the Eldoret church ready to talk!! tell Kibaki not to worry the whole interview will be posted on youtube and by the way one of the mungiki murderers goons was clever enough to tape the meeting where the order was given to burn the Eldoret church- so let us see how Kibaki will get out of this latest news!
Kibaki and his PNU killer cronies must face the wrath of the kenyans who lost their loved ones through murderer by the state. Kenyans must wake up and demand the truth.

coalition will never work- it is time for ODM to walk out of this sham called the coalition nonsense, most kenyans will support this move

Anonymous said...

THANKS to LUCY KIBAKI aka "Mama wa Njimi". She is the last one left laughing at the KENYAN MEDIA and all those who made fun of her when she and her loyal troops of ... walked into one newsroom while holding a newspaper that belonged to another newsroom.

Finally, her husband has come to her overdue rescue so that there can be real peace in Mzee's bedroom at home. Some women (and men too) will not quench their seething anger until they have got their sweet revenge, no matter how long it takes to do it.

In the meantime, Kenya continues to go to the .... Your guess is as good as anybody's.

Mungu ibariki Kenya.

Anonymous said...

interesting read here by mutahi ngunyi

paints a rather hopeless picture of the current mess


Anonymous said...

Amazing find on the internet-

Kibaki suing Moi??

what? this kibaki senile fool is an old hag he must step down now.

Anonymous said...

I am dissappointed he didn't outlaw all media.Media is just a brood of whinny self-serving irresponsible nitwits.

John Wilpers said...

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Ken said...


If those ODM and PNU Shitheads proclaiming their love for Kenya and freedom of press had any sense, they would have SHOT it down in parliament and Gen. Kiguoya would not have had anything to sign.

Lets call a spade a spade. These are the facts:

1) The current crop of leaders is unfit to lead Kenya (Kibaki and Raila AND Kalonzo included)

2)The Kenyan media needs to be regulated. Medias all over the world are regulated, why not KENYA? Someone correctly put it: When they are not running after each other for s.ex, they are busy getting paid to write favorable articles for some politicians. IRRESPONSIBLE Journalism.

Anonymous said...

Why are you ignoring the facts that Kibaki refused to sign the same bill in 2007 before the elections because he knew kenyans would not accept such a bill - and that bill was a hand piece of the Narc- corrupt government which was using force to oppress kenyans - Kibaki is still in the dark ages times when he was in Kenyatta and Moi's governments when the government oppressed and executed, jailed journalist and any kenyans that were not afraid to speak the truth on government corruption!!

this is a speech in 2007 from Kibaki on the same bill...
you Ken are clueless!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kenya president refuses to sign bill that would force journalists to disclose sources

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has refused to sign a bill [press release] that would give courts the authority to force journalists to disclose confidential sources. The Media Bill 2007 also establishes an independent council to adjudicate complaints against the media, but Kibaki specifically objected Wednesday to clause 35 subclause (4), which he said "could act as a great inhibition of press freedom and undermine the democratic strides we have made as a nation." The provision reads:

When a story includes unnamed parties who are not disclosed and the same becomes the subject of a legal tussle as to who is meant, then the editor shall be obligated to disclose the identity of the party or parties referred to said Kibaki in 2007.. Kibaki is a thug and he must be removed from statehouse period! kenyans have spoken. ODM must walk out of the Coalition that is run by thugs and thieves. Look around you what has Kibaki done for the people of kenya (IDP's- hunger, unemployment e,t,c and yet his cronies bellies are bulging to the fullest on state funds that they keep stealing.
enough is enough .Kibaki will not stop our freedom of speech .

Anonymous said...

anon7:59 PM


Fantastic idea, I hope Kumekucha takes it up and I think you should also look at the Jukwaa Blog

there it has more serious issues and full debate with the politics in Kenya - very interesting and informative blog for most kenyans at home and abroad. Most kenyans abroad and at home respect and read this blog everyday.

Just a suggestion.

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