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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Inside Story Behind The Fuel Shortage in Kenya

Does anything really change in Kenya? Will anything change before we can remove all the entire political class from messing up with our lives and pretending to be concerned about our welfare?

A little research my this blogger has revealed that as widely believed by most Kenyans, the recent petrol shortage was man-made and created because some people were out to make a quick buck.

This saga is so amazing and stranger than fiction so much so that the first time I heard it I refused to believe it. And yet even as I cross-checked the info, things started happening to confirm some of the things that I had been told. Wow!!! What a crazy banana republic Kenya is!!!!

There is this oil company with very close ties to the highest authority in the land and some cash-hungry guys used the said firm to import fuel expecting to sell it at Kshs 90 per litre in the local market. Just a few weeks ago that sounded like a fair price because petrol was selling at Kshs 100 and climbing. And in the world market a barrel of oil was at close to $100 a barrel. Who would have guessed that in a few short weeks it would fall to $40 a barrel or thereabouts?

So these guys found themselves in a tricky position as their consignment entered the local market when prices were down to almost Kshs 70 per litre. My sources say that they approached major oil companies in the local market and tried to persuade them to raise prices for the Christmas rush to at least Kshs 90 per litre. However they received unexpected resistance from a major multinational company that controls most of the retail trade locally who stubbornly refused to raise their prices.

Next these politically-connected cowboys decided to use their “muscle” and interfered with the pumping of oil products through the Kenya Pipeline from Mombasa. Thye probably expected the said multi-national to bulk and agree to their terms. Other sources suggest that this was a deliberate move to create artificial shortages in the local Market and force the prices up. Interestingly this is exactly what has happened because I checked with my sources a few minutes before sitting down to write this post and the price of Petrol is steadily creeping towards Kshs 90 per litre (prices of 87/50cts have been spotted). A real tragedy when you consider that before Christmas a source spotted Petrol at 68/50cts in some filling stations.

Whatever the intention of these enemies of Kenya, one thing cannot be disputed. And that is the fact that they caused the fuel shortage deliberately and the current rapid rise in prices has resulted from their actions.

So I ask again. Is there a government in Kenya? And in the unlikely case that the answer to that question is yes, where is that government? Why has it stood and become a spectator as individuals have messed around with an entire vital industry that touches on the lives of each and every Kenyan? Is this what a hands-off approach to managing the country was meant to be all about?

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P.S. Kenya Pipeline folks said that they are clean and have been pumping fuel according to the orders they receive. So we should ask the oil companies a simple question; why were their orders not forthcoming at a time when they know demand for fuel peaks in the country to very high volumes? Simple question and Kenyans want a simple answer.

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Anonymous said...

Stop all this shiate - name and shame the big shots that you are talking about in your post.. how helpful are you being to the ordinary kenyans suffering due to the fuel shortages when you can't even name on here the people that are crocks? in high places???

Chris have the balls to name and shame this high placed people on your blog...

this is a concerned kenyan

Vikii said...

The only aspect of this ogre tale that I would vehemently disagree with is the manoveuer to create cartles. Every other allegation seems to me very much within the sphere of acceptable free market dealing.

But I know it is tricky, this free enterprise phenomenon. When should the government really poke its nose in pricing and regulatory supply matters and when should it respect its committment to leave these matters to the first rule in the Demand/Supply handbook?

What this dilemma we now confront teaches us is that socialism was not an entirely crazy idea. They are actively practising it right now in the US, the world's largest economy and supposedly the epitome of freedom. And on this note I should give credit to Raila Odinga's attempts to slowly return us to that ideology he so much cherishes. Some of it makes sense actually.

Anonymous said...

Price controls in January. Lets see how far they get... Yippee

Joe the choma man said...

once again the answer is yes-there is a government in kenya and i remind you one headed by no less than 3 PhDs bro- Dr.Kibaki,Dr.Raila and Dr. Musyoka; currently one half is in Nairobi the other in Mombasa(this is devolution of power at work already constitution reform nini?)

make no mistakeut we are NOT like Somalia there is no power vacumm here or even a jockeying for control of the country's political reigns-our jail keepers know their role;... one is lethargic, another is the prefect(or supervisor if you insist) and another provides the echo; why then are you insisting on accusing the lethargic hands-off management of the country as being a symptom of a failed state? don't you know too many cooks spoil the broth?let there be order

just because this administration has so far proven its not adept or able at handling its role as far as its responsibility of ensuring adequate supply of fuel was available in the run up up to and during the holiday season does not mean they are not concerned about our welfare or indeed unable to fulfill any government on earths' basic mandate of overseeing the smooth flow in provision of services delivery to its residents

who knows it may turn out you and i actually contributed to this mess we're in by hoarding fuel more than necessary every time we drove our KVG volkswagen beetle up to the petrol station for filling-shame on us for creating artificial shortage in the supply of fuel and then turning round to accuse the government of playing witchdoctor

either way, oil companies owe no one an answer they are a law unto themselves let us even be greatful they are not retailing at Ksh 200/ per litre in this our own 3rd world country

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kwale said...

Chris asked "do we really have a government in Kenya?" What a dumb question to ask! "We" killed, raped, maimed and burnt our neighbours out just to get this government in place and now you're talking about crises? Crisis, what crisis? Now we got our messiah in the govt, things can only get better.

Anonymous said...

1:19 PM
Chris asked "do we really have a government in Kenya?" is a fact and not a dumb question to ask! because the government in place today was forced onto kenyans after Kibaki and his PNU cronies killed, raped, maimed and burnt innocent kenyan citizens to retain power by force.. the idea of a coalition government was enforced by the Americans(Bush) who congratulated Kibaki then stepped back and rescinded it "yes" Kenya is in major crises? Crisis,we al Kenyans know that 100% but how to remove or control this crises can only happen if an when the constitution is in place and the Kenyans people go back to the polls to elect a government of their choice just as they did by voting for ODM in December 2007!! what crisis? our messiah come in the form of ODM in December 2007 elections

Kwale wake up!! instead of digging your head dipper in the sand. shame on you how can you live with your ignorance?? pole sana!!

Eric said...

Chris, shame on you!

Let me start by saying "Shame on you". If you think you know all these things you keep on saying, then why not expose the names of these people?
All you do is to tell us to subscribe to your foolish and expensive "Raw Notes". This is nothing but Rumors, upuzi, porojo, magendo news!
Chris, can you have something constructive next time?
We, here at Kumekucha, want to shape the political landscape 2012; we need constructive dialogue, not upuzi na porojo!

Where is Sam Okello these days?

Anonymous said...

Wacha uoga name and shame or shut up!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

anon10:16 PM
I wish KTN had the balls to report that segment of news in December 2007 or first week of January 2008 they could have stopped the slaughter of innocent kenyans by the PNU Kibaki regime... what a shame -most kenyans know Kibaki stole the elections and started the fist slaughter and burning of his own tribesmen in the Eldoret church to confuse his stealing elections and then he turned around with the Help of Martha Karua Machinery domo on BBC shouting and calling it ethnic cleansing!! yes Kibaki ethnic cleansing of your own tribesmen.. we hear you also killed kibaki senior(your own father) so what is A FEW kikuyu tribesmen burned in church so that you can use that to stay in power??

Kibaki knows that the people he planned all this massacre's are talking.. ask Martha Karua she was involved in the planning and the implementation of the Plan with former president Arap Moi(sources now confirm)

my question is then!! who is going to face Hague?? who are the tribunal going to prosecute?? many people even independent journalist have this information.. siku ya mwizi ni 40. Kibaki's and Martha Karua's chicken have come to roast..
Karua thinks that she can get away with what she did?? Nope there is proof now and I wish her to hell with her Kibaki sugar daddy ..

May they all burn in hell - this individuals must face prosecution - they committed crimes against the innocent citizens of Kenya- this people are murderous animals and they should be hanged like Saddam Hussein period!

Anonymous said...

chris: sad state of affairs if there is still a handful of people still playing pata-potea with kenyans. continue to expose them,

anon 10:51 and 10:16

thanks for the heads-up, i just watched that clip

for those who've not yet seen this here is the link


otherwise gods blessings with you all in coming year


Anonymous said...

Towards the end of last year, just before the elections, some people said they would elect Tuju (a decent luo man) for president if he presented himself. Now that there is nobody who looks like he can lead a bunch of sheep among the big three, are you still ready to vote for Tuju? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

What KTN featured on the 9 PM News bulletin yesterday was fantastic. It is What any honest Kenyan has always known about Kibaki's THEFT of the elections, we saw it happening right before our eyes:


Here is the link once again:

Panua mongrels have been trying to fraudulently and deceptively "convince" us that Kibaki won fair and square - PUMBAFF!! Away with your FRAUD and DECEPTION!! Hakuna siku Fisi atakua Simba. Haiwezekani. Impossible!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.36,
There is no way a Luo will ever rule kenya! they are ALL going to die of AIDS anyway and the sooner this happened the better!!

Anonymous said...

This is Anon 2:46 AM again.

I must give credit to Chris (Kumekucha). He told us these things right at the beginning of this year as they were happening.

Chris is always the 1st with the "scoops".

Anon 3:02 AM, You and your primitive, pumbavu, deceptive and fraudulent ways... One day, you may not believe it but it shall come to pass, the truth will set you free. As of now you are a panua mongrel who is still a prisoner of your primitive, pumbavu, deceptive and fraudulent ways.

Anonymous said...

anon11:36 PM

what a joke! Tuju?? the one who calls himself Kibaki's adopted son! you think Kenyans are fools to even vote for a snake like Tuju?

Tuju is a sell out mpumbavu sana.. a kikuyu turn coat.. I guess you mean only people from central province especially OTHAYA will vote for him - since he is their adopted san through kibaki!!!

Anonymous said...

Raphael Tuju we all know he is a snake and i don't remember anyone in Kenya suggesting to vote for him for presidency what horseshit.

This is a guy who went to running Kibaki when he was the minister of foreign affairs- telling tales and spying on his own fellow Luo's.

I wouldn't put that judas Tuju anywhere near statehouse. he is nickname amoung many members of paliament was " Kibaki's prostitute" if i recall clearly, and the only votes Tuju would get would be from Kibaki and his wife Rucy. there was even a rumor in statehouse corridors then that Tuju was having a side kick affair with madam Rucy to get more powerful:) and i now believe it was the truth and not a rumor.

Vikii said...

This blog is polluted with retards, period!

Anonymous said...

anon3:02 AM

This is when i get embarrassed of being a kikuyu? if this is the way our tribesmen answer to facts about what happened on December 30th 2007 then we have big problems in kenya and Kikuyu's should never be in power by force.

My children are embarrassed in school at a very young age knowing that kibaki stole the elections- I can never lie to my children just because kibaki is a kikuyu what he did was wrong and he should get out of statehouse. I hate to see my fellow tribesmen "IDP's suffering now because of what Kibaki did by rigging elections.

we as kenyans lived together in all parts of kenya peacefully and the only quarrels we had were neighborly ones or once in a while political when the government forced people out of their land.

being a kikuyu i will say this loudly to anyone in the office, on the streets anywhere that Kibaki rigged elections those are the facts.. he is a thug and this has got nothing to do with the rest of the kikuyu tribe i belong to.. he should be judged as an individual not by using the tribe card. And if he has to be taken to Hague so be it since i do not trust the systems that have been put in place to try all those involved in the crimes against humanity many innocent kenyans died and looking on now after 1 year it is all because of some politicians who refused to accept defeated and rigged elections to stay in power the blame lies squarely on kibaki

again I'm embarrassed for some of our tribesmen on here who have no shame shouting abuses at Luo's or other tribes will not change the facts of what happened on December 30 2007 Kibaki stole elections and he should be prosecuted immediately!! what are kenyans waiting for.. we can all block him from doing business as usual!!

take a leaf from the THAI PEOPLE OF THAILAND. they are determined and they are not using force but just using protests. kenyans should do the same! kibaki has no business ruling the country how does one let a thief be in control??

Anonymous said...

anon8:04 AM

Thanks Vikii since you are one of those polluted retards- glad you have finally realised that fact. keep up your fake compaign for kibaki, karua and Kalonzo!! they sure need your help, but do tell kibaki to get out of statehouse though we all know that hague is awaiting him for all his crimes against humanity in 2007 in kenya, even when he hits 90 he must be prosecuted, for all those innocent deaths.

Anonymous said...


KIBAKI HAS NO BUSINESS BEING IN STATEHOUSE!!he is illegally in office period!!! kenyans should march to statehouse and remove him by force.
that should be all kenyans NEW YEARS RESOLUTION

like someone pointed out on here- the example is in Thailand- look how they have managed to bring the government to its knees.

watch this KTN podcast again.. Kibaki stole democracy from the people of Kenya and he should either step down immediately or be forced out of office period!!

Anonymous said...

Where were you with this truth when innocent kenyans were being massacred by the police ordered by the same Kibaki who is still in office (ILLEGALLY)why doesn't KTN be the voice to demand Kibaki steps down since here you have the facts of what happened on that fateful day of 30th December 2007 that ended with many innocent kenyans losing their life's?

if KTN has the balls to podcast this then have the balls to demand for the resignation of Kibaki! what are you waiting for!mpumbavu nyinyi you think as KTN you have done kenyans a favor by this podcast? nope most kenyans already knew these facts. what kenyans would like to see is the Media doing it's job right for ones by demanding for Kibaki to step down with IMMEDIATE EFFECT!

Anonymous said...

Oops the sicko blogger is back! Anon 8:09, 8.14. 8.28. 8.35 all and one! Formerly used the words "Kikuyu incent shiate". Did they let you out of mental hospital? This blog has been very normal for the last month until your re-appeared again.

Anonymous said...

9:02 AM & Vikii,

Your silence on KTNS' THE KIBAKI COUP, IS VERY LOUD!!! Yauma sana eh?
Aint it amazing that vikii, domo domo cant seem to say much now, a one line response vikii, hmmm???

9:02 am, whether all those anons are the same person or not, aint the point. Comment please on "the countrys' biggest thief" as these anons' response to that posted link is what has irked you.
At least (please) prove that you can do better than "this blog has been very normal...."
Yea wha'ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

given that oil is a basic commodity to national development this company ought to be nationalized/expropriated - there would be more transparency!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.34, the headline of this articles reads "The Inside Story Behind The Fuel Shortage in Kenya", you either stick to the post or leave Kumekucha. You don't add anything to this blog.

Anonymous said...

aono9:02 AM

Oh you kikuyu sicko do shut up- and watch the KTN Video of Kibaki's rigging and better yet choke on it I can sense and see fear in you - come January it will be reality "KIBAKI TOKA STATEHOUSE" the slogan being used on ground in kenya now.

Mpumbavu wewe sana- the sicko is you and your thieving thug kibaki.

This blogger said it all!


Here is the link once again:

Anonymous said...

9:43a.m & 9:49a.m
Ah Can you smell that in the blogsphere? Acrid smell of DENIAL, HEHEHE. MEZA HIYO!!!

Oh by the way world, KTN is about to drop the big one tonight, you thought hio ya jana was something!
As long as the following anons aka PNU MONGRELS & their ilk continue denying "that discomfort" of that "off topic"...I'll be content.
K.T.N, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

anon9:43 AM
I see fear in your eyes, trying to hide behind the oil saga will not wish away Kibaki's rigging facts now exposed to all kenyans to see.. even those who doubted can now see exactly what happened and why there was bloodshed in kenya after Kibaki swore himself in - in the night!

Kenyans will raise up starting from January to remove him from being illegally in office- Kenyans are tired of this falsehood and time up for Kibaki and his goons..



Kibaki toka statehouse wewe mwizi.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey! where is Vikii and Kwale?
are they at the Kibaki statehouse last supper tonight before Kenyans throw him out of statehouse?? in January??

Can someone tell me where this Kibaki domo's are hiding?

Anonymous said...

Hi anon,
Have you just realised Kibaki stole the election? There is nothing new KTN said last night we don't know about but we have decided to move on with our lives. We are now working on 2012 with Sam Okello the front runner.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:14 and others,

If you expect people like vikii to say more than the one liners above, write some few home truths about his messiah kalonzo and rub it in by saying how kenyans (except perennial gema and railaphobic haters) perceive/rate Raila in comparison to the two ILLEGITIMATE TRIBAL LEADERS - Kibaki and KALONZO.

Vikii said...

Now am I supposed to sit here and debate what KTN airs? Thanks, but no thanks. I choose to play in my league.

sereast said...

The KTN clip, much as it contains information is not anything new. Am sure Kibaki saw this and just laughed out loud. The world knows that they stole the election but I say better have them share carcass Kenya than have ODM with all its hungry hyenas alone.
This year should have taught Kenyans a lesson....nyani ni ile ile only the forest is different.

Anonymous said...

anon10:14 AM

Only a dumb Kikuyu can post such a foolish and ignorant comment while their own tribesmen the IDP's have nowhere to move on to- Please keep your stupidity to yourself- the rest of kenyans have not moved on they demand justice for those that Kibaki ordered the police to shoot to death and justice for the innocent life's lost from all tribes because of Kibaki refusal on power by force the buck stops with Kibaki he and his murderous cronies must face the Hague or else face hanging like Saddam Hussein because of the crimes they have committed against their won citizens.

Anonymous said...

anon10:47 AM

Ops Vikii my mistake I forgot you are in the Kibaki thieving league I guess birds of the same feathers folk together. my only advise to you is to enjoy your last supper in Mombasa statehouse with Kibaki- from what I hear on the ground around Kenya. kenyans are ready to face off and take back their hard earned democracy.
watch and wait- this time yours truly Kibaki will have no where to hide.. and killing more innocent kenyans will not be an option mark my words on that. we as kenyans do not accept murderers in statehouse.

Anonymous said...

anon10:50 AM

sereast- I don't image you really understand your statement or your understanding of kenyans. if you remember the referendum all kenyans come together except for central??

mark my words it is going to happen again and lets see who will be laughing at whom. December 2007-Jan 2008 you killed a many of our brothers and sisters 2009 will be a day of reckoning for you who laugh from central province. yes let kibaki show his crooked teeth and laugh after murdering many of our fellow kenyans- next it will be him shading tears mpumbavu wewe na mavi yakuku ya kibaki the shenzi thug that he is.

Anonymous said...

KIBAKI AND HIS THIEVING GOONS MUST STEP ASIDE- kenyans are ready( action in place like Thailand) out Coalition government that kenyans don't want and didn't vote for!

Raila, Muthaura differ over ECK transition team

Updated 52 min(s) ago
December 31st Wednesday 2008
By Maseme Machuka and David Ochami

Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the Head of the Public Service have clashed over defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK).

The PM’s office is accusing Mr Francis Muthaura of unilaterally appointing a team of former ECK employees to manage the transition to the proposed Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC).

The PM’s office said Muthaura’s action was illegal and wants it reversed.

In a confidential memo from the Office of the President, 38 members of staff were redeployed to be "in the transitional team" awaiting the IIEC, which is yet to be constituted.

In the letter written on Monday, December 29, senior ECK officials totalling 38 were allowed access to their Anniversary Towers offices in Nairobi to oversee the changeover.

Of these, 31 are ECK employees who will band up with six officers from the Ministry of Finance and one from the Ministry of Justice.

The 38 officers form a transition team to ensure smooth changeover from the ECK following its disbandment by Parliament.

The memo asks the Administration Police officers at the offices to allow the listed staff, among them ECK Secretary Suleiman Chege and the Registrar of Political Parties Lucy Ndung’u, into the offices.

Barred from office

Former ECK employees were barred from accessing their offices after the Government sent them on compulsory leave.

The decision by the Government to send the more than 500 ECK employees home was reached after President Kibaki assented to the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill last Wednesday. An interim electoral agency is to be put in place to carry on electoral reforms.

Sources at the PM’s office said Raila was incensed at the new turn of events. A Press conference that he was to address was cancelled at the last minute as he flew to Mombasa with his family.

The letter reads in part: "Following the disbandment of the ECK it is now necessary that appropriate transitional arrangements, pending the appointment if the IIEC, be put in place to oversee cross cutting issues relating to assets, liabilities, obligations and staff of the defunct ECK."

It further advises Muthaura not to allow any of the 22 commissioners and members of staff of the defunct ECK into the premises: "All former commissioners and members of staff are barred, by operation of the law, from accessing the records, offices and the premises."

Anonymous said...

Part of Kibaki's new years speech( and we all pray as kenyans who lost loved ones that KIBAKI faces HAGUE) in the new year - he must- and we must disburse the useless coalition that he is hiding behind( Kenyans want an interim government- now not a shenzi shiate coalition of fools.

Justice for all(Kibaki's new years message)

Let it be the year that will put to rest impunity and institute a society governed by equal application of laws and justice for all.

We have already put in motion the establishment of a Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission that will deal with historic injustices, an Ethnic Relations Commission that will promote national cohesion, and a Special Tribunal to deal with post-election violence.

We have also instituted measures to reform our electoral processes, and passed laws that will bring about the realisation of a new Constitution.

In concluding, I would like to note that these measures and others that I have not mentioned today are aimed at defending and protecting the unity of Kenya, and the sanctity of one Kenyan identity that includes every single person living in our country.

My wish for this year is for all of us to commit ourselves to the realisation of Kenya as a united nation, whose communities live and work together as one people, sharing a vision of a common destiny in building a prosperous, peaceful and equitable society.

With these remarks, I once again wish all Kenyans a happy, blessed and prosperous New Year.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:25

When Kibaki saya Justice for all! he means for his mungiki mafia and central lesotho thugs

and when Kenyans who lost their families due to Kibaki's greed for power say they want Justice, the mean Justice by Kibaki, Martha Karua, Uhuru, Saitoti, Kalonzo Musyoka, former president Moi (for his hand in the organizing the Eldoret church mascara with Kibaki, Michuki, Karume, Kabando wa Kabondo and the rest of the murderous gang that slaughtered and ordered tghe shooting and beheading of innocent kenyans must face the Hague.. the shenzi tribunals that Kibaki is putting in place will not wash even it it takes years there will be a president in Kenya who will do the right thing for all those innocent kenyans that died and it will be sooner than later-

if Raila has no balls to do it or all this MP's that only know how to piga Domo! there will be a new face that will fight for the ordinary kenyans and that will be it.. all the above people can hide- now behind the fake coalition but soon kenya will have in place a president whom none can bribe and a president who will stand for the truth and that my friends is coming soon. the clowns in parliament are just a current set back all those domo's will be thrown out in the next elections mark my words.. a new wave has entered kenya and a new political face is taking place- watch and wait,

Anonymous said...

If i recall correctly, NOCK (National Oil Corp of Kenya) was responsible for importation of Oil, and its distributed to the major oil companies by assigned quotas. To my knowledge none of the current major oil companies are closely linked to the govt (kenol is a public company in the process of absorbing Kobil). We know BP/Shell and Total etc.So for these companies to have colluded with NOCK and Kenya Pipeline, it sounds a bit far fetched.

Esther Passaris said...

Raila ni bure kabisa! hata kumsonga mwanamke ni shida. he got a small dick!

Anonymous said...


Raila, Muthaura differ over ECK transition team

Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the Head of the Public Service have clashed over defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK).

The PM’s office is accusing Mr Francis Muthaura of unilaterally appointing a team of former ECK employees to manage the transition to the proposed Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC).

The PM’s office said Muthaura’s action was illegal and wants it reversed........

Anonymous said...

anon12:18 PM
Just like a desperate kikuyu buffoon to post such comments.. lets start with facts

1. Kibaki shagging (sex) Martha karua from 2005 to 2007 through January 2008 after he was sworn in Mama Rucy said enough was enough and gave a warning to Martha Karua to keep of her thieving husband Kibaki.

while Kibaki's Daughter Judy Kibaki was busy with the former finance minister Amos Kimunya shagging away rumor has it that Kimunya's wife was furious and hey is it true that Judy Kibaki's daughter is fathered by her own father Emilio Kibaki?? where there is smoke there is usually fire that follows.
Now if you want us to post here facts and abuses about your kibaki game on!~!wewe kikuyu shenzi sana.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 12:18,

you must be a young dude but let me explain it the best I can. Am a woman and i can tell you that size does not matter - whether one is the size of a dog or a donkey.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how the panua mongrels have all of a sudden gone quiet? They are usually the loudest clowns on kumekucha - always trying to FRAUDULENTLY put some positive spin for their bosses Kibaki and Kalonzo. I see them right now... with their panua tails between their legs... WEZI nyinyi!

One of them (Vikii - yule anayependa kulamba lamba matako za Kalonzo) sees this:

and losses his "marbles." He and his ilk (the panua mongrels gang)have been farting shit here all of the year 2008 that Kibaki won fair and square - PUMBAFF!!

Only a pumbavu liar can believe his/her own pumbavu lies. Even if you repeat a lie a thousand times it will never change to become the truth. A lie is always a lie - although among the panua mongrels crowd, being able to "pull off" FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT is considered being "smart"... BULLCRAP! These are the pumbavu values that have made Kenya a very disappointing underachiever despite having so much potential.

He (Vikii - the Kalonzo ass licker) further goes on to say that he chooses to play in his own league. This must be the league of THIEVES, MAVI ya KUKU, UPUMBAVU, RATTLE SNAKES, FRAUD, DECEPTION and other pumbavu activities.

papa plus said...

Yes, a banana republic indeed notwithstanding Vikii's so called "acceptable free market dealings" which I would term as hoarding which I think is illegal. But as long as we are doing it to kenyans then it's all good. After all, we screw ourselves royally and we have developed a liking for it.

What is unacceptable is that UG, Rwanda and TZ have to suffer too. gas prices have doubled in UG. In a few years, they are going to have oil and a refinary.

What then will Kenyans do?

Vikii said...

Papa Plus, I would love to see this information you seem to have about the express illegality of hoarding.
Is it immoral? I bet. But isn't capitalism itself an immoral concept?

papa plus said...

Hoarding under kenyan law is illegal. I will get you the appropriate text on it. Capitalism has its immoral aspects I agree. My point is that while it is ok for the countries to invade and subdue other nations for their own bbenefit; in kenya we do the opposite. We invade and subdue our own citizens for the benefit of a few. what is the sense in that? Why can't we invade Uganda and Sudan for their oil the same way Uganda and rwanda have invaded Congo for it's mineral rich katanga region? Why do we have to milk the already poor peasant populace to make a buck?

Is that your capitalism Vikii?

papa plus said...

Read up on the Laws of contract Act of kenya.

If you have a contract you have to uphold that contract. These gas suppliers are under contract to supply gas. As of now they have not given a reason as to why there is a shortage which to me translate to breach of contract, which is illegal and suable under the law.

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