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Saturday, December 27, 2008

One Year Gone, Resilient Kenyans Still Caged

Time flies, so goes the adage. And more aptly so for the Kenyan people who exactly one year ago went to the polls only to reap unprecedented violence which almost shut the light completely. So one year to day what can we say is the principal trait among Kenyans that saw them escape from near-apocalypse? Resilience and the astuteness to get tough when the going gets rough.

The average Kenyan is one who knows his/her capabilities and often live his life according to his means. This obviously excludes the few scandalous ones who will do anything possible to acquire what they don’t deserve.

Give it to Kenyans for deriving enviable inspiration form adversity. The murderous mayhem during the post election violence (PEV) has seen many countries in Africa descend to points of no return to normalcy.

Add the present global economic meltdown to economic hardship resulting from PEV and you have a perfect picture of a Kenyan merely surviving and NOT living. The squeeze is evident everywhere and in all sectors of life and economy. Many Kenyans would ordinarily forfeit LUXURIES like sugar when prices shoot through the roof. But not when this has touched on the most basic survival staple food UNGA.

Sights of Kenyans boiling wild roots and keeping themselves alive with the threads of salt band water can only be symptomatic of a failed state in denial. Only self-denial can make anybody divorce Kenyans predicament from bad governance and LACK OF LEADERSHIP by example and from in front.

Self destruction
While true Kenyans make the best out of their present predicament, the ruling elite makes sure the gates are selfishly guarded as they scheme on their next move to draw the last drop from the same people paying for their luxuries. Kenyans remain a caged populace at the mercy of an OLD political elite whose every trail is littered with sickening corrupt deals.

All the deafening shouts here about change amounts to e(go)-revolution whose fate is already sealed. You cannot fault smart Kenyans to abuse every epoch thrown at them. The Obama moment is all talk with no commensurate walk. Any meaningful move towards effecting anything different will be promptly and brutally nipped in the bud thanks to archaic legislation which the EATING THIEVES are in no hurry to overhaul.

Guinea’s current predicament best exemplifies a country’s disillusionment with her despotic leaders. Ours is a country run, ruled and ruined by people exclusively concerned with protecting their turf and NEVER addressing issues critical to Kenyans. No wonder we remain in a constant election mood hardly a year after the previous polls.

In the meantime the ruling class perfects their skills at stealing and misallocating resources that would otherwise make a whole difference to all Kenyans. Their collective acts amounts to buying us cheap horrible deodorants that is better not sprayed on a dog. Speak of superlative acts of self-destruction.


KenyaLuv said...

Kenya needs an Obama moment. All these leaders we have now have failed the test of leadership. The Kenyan people are also to blame too. Our minds are so tribalized, we only get the leaders we deserve when we hate each other. We black people always fighting each other for the scraps while the white man laughs. at this rate we can forget becoming like the Asian tigers. Kenyans, that means you and me need to change our mentalities or any bright future is a mirage.

KenyaLuv said...

I don't even blame Raila or Kibaki, I blame Kenyans for letting ourselves be duped and used for the leaders selfish gain.

Joe the choma man said...

Mwalimu Taabu,
i have said it here before and i'll say it again-we kenyan people are the true success story of Africa and we have PEACE to show for it-feel the benefits of being in a country led by PhDs bro

who knew that when professor MOI was chanting peace love and unity the mantra would stick on the country like matumbo to Kalamari's mouth?the baton has successfully passed to Dr.Kibaki and Dr.Supervisor(Raila) -and the proof of success is in the (nyamachoma/matumbo)pudding- this year alone we have been to hell and back(read PEV)-we can proudly say BEEN THERE DONE THAT soma label- how many other african countries can claim to have escaped a ride to HELL with a one way ticket in just under 12 months?
whichever way you look at it we are still standing upende uspende

The average kenyan is miles ahead of the ruling class, the average Kenyan in the village is lightyears smarter than our polticians and is not easily fooleds slowly but surely and one jeer at a time we are going to serve those EATING THIEVES their own taste of medicine until they are eating RAT matumbo and regretting the day they ever stole from a single kenyan

Anonymous said...

The question is, is Kenya ready for new leadership. Is it ready to do away with sycophancy and human idolisation and in so doing, do away with both the selfish and blind politics of ODM and PNU and their leaders too? For example, Can the Luos look for leadership elsewhere come 2012? Can they seek new ideas? Can the Kikuyus also do likewise and seek leadership from selflesh and fresh minds. And the same for all the rest tribes of Kenya. To unite and demand objective leadership. That is the only way to both economic, social and democratic progress. Total change of leadership in 2012. Thorough overhauling of the current leadership structures from the president to the councillor in 2012, whether your community or relatives are in it. Will it be possible? Can it happen?

kenyaone said...

Gentlemen. (and possibly ladies)

Scams are so commpon in kenya. I can just point out one to you that I suspect has been running for the last 30 years. This one though may have cost the kenyan taxpayer more than all the rest combined. Better yet its a scam 'funded'by donors including world bank. Its an amorphous scam whose name and position is always changing so its difficult to keep up with it. Its also one of those scams for which all the 'audits' are in place but they can never erase the doubt when one actually goes to the ground to compare and contrast physically the allocated money and what is in place. More so this scam is perpetrated in areas that most kenyas feel are 'not their concern' namely the North Easter, Eastern and North rift Valley provinces.

Ladies and gentlemen, who has the energy and the time to follow this. The 'Arid and Semi Arid lands programme'. Like I said the name keeps changing but it is one and the same. The parent ministry keeps changing but the fund remains.

Is there one auditor/s out there who can contact me (chris has the address) and put together the pieces of this puzzle. The results will be shocking!!!!!

Yes, we kenayns may just be the most resilient folk on earth.

kenyaone said...

Watch the NACCSC documentary today on KBC at 8 pm and see how one year later IDP's are still in camps when the elite have long since forgotten of a problem they created.

chola said...

Kenyans, our leaders let us down. We voted them in good faith, and see what we got in returne, PEV, 5000 lost their live half a million displaced, cost of living is sky rocketing we can hardly afford ugly sukuma week is lusuory, salt to teremusha ugali.
Yes peace love and unity must prevail but I think its our duty as Kenyans to uplift one self, give a hand to those less fortunate, but change must come from within oneself revolution come only happen when that individual woman or male to stand up to status quo and take charge of his or own destiny. If we can get ride of this tribal smegma and come together as nation and let’s not waste time waiting for the government hand out it will never come. The moment for change is now all we need is a Moses, obama, Lenin or Mao to bring the masses together as one Kenyan nation and stair, on to right direction to twaghtlight zone.

chola said...

The worst bad lack that can befall a Kenyan, apart from meeting the devil and its demons, is a Kenyan Politician; these guys are inhuman, nyani kasoro mkia. They are worse than aid, hunger, poverty, you name it.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki , Raila, PNU and ODM have failed.

Anonymous said...

Our problem also depends on the general lack of creativity among Kenyans to solve their own problems and progress. Too much dependency on solutions from our blind and short sighted. And our leaders, being shortsighted and also lacking in creativity, think only of themselves and focus only on solutions from outside, especially US and the EU. Take for example the serious problem of lack of sanitary hygiene in Kibera, the PMs constituency. A Kumekucha blogger recently posted this:
"You mean the toilet problems in Kibera have not been fixed by the PM. I thought digging a toilet requires only two guys, a hoe, a shavel, a empty debe, and a rope. How much does it take to supervise and coordinate that in his constituency? Bure kabisa!"
12/26/08 10:10 AM

Now, as a country, how can we progress if we do not have solutions even to the smallest of problems, both from ourselves and our leaders? Even in the progressive societies solutions, inventions and businesses that have transformed lives and earned the countries great revenue have been from ordinary individuals, with governments playing a mere supervisory role.

Vikii said...

I have a question gentlemen; How many of you really mean the stuff you write here?

This "sudden" discovery I have been reading here the last month or so raises interesting questions; How old are we? Did some of us actually believe they were voting for some messianic nationalists in last year's poll? Is that why you guys killed? When I consider the vigour with which people, and specifically this blog, advanced the agenda of some of these well known political conmen, these murderers, these mouthy bastards that have nothing to offer but loud and false sentimentalism, I am forced not to believe there is any seriousness in this new-found awakening.

Look here gentlemen, we invented this culture of tokenism, human worship (devil worship actually), corruption, violence and total disregard for what is right. We did. The politicians didn't. We should be prepared to live with the consequences. It just beats me how anybody would believe anything tangible will come out of these emotion-guided outbursts. The politicians actually laugh. They know damn well that come 2012 all they need to do is wear some funky monkey skins and weird colours topped up with recycled lyrics and a few recited statements to win your vote. In other words hii yenu ni sarakasi tu.

People have the right to sign up to Mr. Okello's message of a different order while the pretense lasts. Go ahead. But my two cents would be let us all stick to what we love doing; singing songs of praise to our politicians. I would rather those of you who love(d) the ODM keep keeping on. Watu wa PNU endeleeni na debe zenu pia and those like me who are members of the ODMK should stay faithful as well. Tuache kujidanganya tafadhalini.

I hope you guys are having a great holiday. Hizi zangu ni maoni tu.

Anonymous said...


I wish to disagree.

The so called resilience of the Kenyan masses is a myth. If they are told by their political kingpins to rape and murder, they will not hesitate. You saw it in January. When they were told by their tribal warlords to stop they stopped. So the people I would say are resilient in Kenya are the politicians in looking after their interests. If the politicians wanted to burn the country down like other African leaders, they will do so in an instant. They only need to tell their tribesmen to kill and rape their "adui" neighboring tribes - and those so called resilient masses will descend into automatons.

If there is peace in Kenya, it is because the politicians want peace so that they can eat in peace, and not because of anything the masses have done. The masses of Kenya do not have any articulable interests of their own besides looking for handouts, unga and matumbo.

Regardless of tribe, the masses of Kenya have one thing in common: the live short crude lives. That condition will persist untill they understand that the struggle is between classes and not between neighbouring "adui" tribes.

In the meantime, hats off to our politicians for not opting the Zimbabwe, DRC, or Somalia route. Their ability to find a way of fitting 40 thieves at the trough is not a mean achievement and ought to be applaunded!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are the most stupid people on earth. Imagine killing for ruto? or Uhuru?

kwendeni huko ati with your new found 'discovery' Ruto is a thief and has always been if you bothered to check his activities in the early ninties.

Gio on chanting Haki yetu you morons.

Anonymous said...

Taabu and Okello,

Am not sure where your conversion in ths blog is coming from! The Saul/Paul conversion is long gone! What has happened today that you are no longer singing praises and worshiping the one and only one Rao - duly annointed. I fully agree with Vikii.

Kenyans have not changed an Iota - Waiting for the coming elections and you will see the same faces cause confusion, Phil and Taabu engaging and Kwale hitting them hard.

ODM is in the process of manufacturing another lie for survival as they await 2010 0r 2011 to walk out of the government and blame Kibaki and teh rest of Kenyans for duping Kenyans. Am not a prophet of doom - but this is the way it is.

Happy holidays Kumekuchans - but - all of you must repent. Most of you in this blog fueled e-violence.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Daniel Waweru said...

Taabu, this is nothing but myth. As lots of previous commenters have said, romanticising the ordinary Kenyan is just a mistake: some showed great courage, others chose to rape and slaughter their neighbours; if we were as virtuous as you make out, none of this would have happened.

Your praise of our so-called leaders for signing the deal is wildly misplaced. They were unwilling to sign; they were compelled to sign on being presented very very big sticks, and minor carrots. The deal was not signed for love of country, or peace: it was signed because they had guns at their heads.

Most ordinary Kenyans, even while they realised that the crisis threatened the nation's survival, did nothing and hoped the crisis would blow over; a sizable number participated in violence, some of them happily; and a very few took responsibility for ending or alleviating the whole mess. Both the people and the leaders failed Kenya; this is worth remembering when you hear politicians invoke patriotism, or loose talk of salvation from the ordinary Kenya.

kumekucha said...

OK one of you guys wanted me to forget that Kenya is burning and wish folks a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Well Christmas has come and gone.

So may I take this opportunity to wish all Kumekuchans a prosperous happy new year in which our beloved country will be liberated from the yokes of hero-worship etc.

Thanx guys for making Kumekucha possible.


Sayra said...

Am a sober kenyan who knows that its by God's mercy that things never got worse at the start of this year.

Lack of leadership and greed is what has brought us to where we are putting into consideration the kind of resources we have have at our disposal in terms of natural resources, human work force, intellectuals and a beautiful land.

However, lack of leadership and the greedy few are not all to blame but the majority of stupid kenyans can't be left out. People who are easily moved left right or up down by the political elite without questioning why need to have medical check-ups. Not too long ago not even an year is gone 90% of you were literally eating me online for saying that i support neither RAO or Kibs ... but do i say most of you now are with me. Honestly what has changed?

The people you whole heartedly supported and killed (directly or indirectly) for in their names are the same most of you are against now. I can't help but wonder btwn now and another 10months there will be something else (or somebody else) to move most of you blindly into another (may be wrong) direction. I would love to be wrong.

My point is- deep down who are you? If you don't know yourself and what you want its very easy for someone else to excite you into liking something that you will blindly follow thinking that it will sort you out of ur current problem(s) ... only that it will be a bait for you to do he/she wants. Know thyself people. Out of abt 35 million kenyans am sure there are could be 500,000 sober kenyans who can spearhead the change we need ... we need to change how we think of issues affecting the nation.

Kenya belongs to us not the dogs ... belongs to us the kenyans.

bloggeratti said...

In my cynical view, Kenyans love three things: Mexican soaps, nyama choma and being conned (not particularly in that order).

We can most certainly look forward to fake cruiseline jobs, pyramid schemes and plundering politicians.

Same crap, different year.

Happy 2009!

Anonymous said...

I sure am fed and feel caged just like many kenyans - I can't stand another month of the so called GCG. Can't we go to the polls soon by some 'miracle'.

Anyone for president except status quo idiots with a false sense of entitlement like empty suit kalonzo, goldenberg saitoti and mungiki warlord uhuru.

Taabu said...

Vikii said:
....The politicians know damn well that come 2012 all they need to do is wear some funky monkey skins and weird colours topped up with recycled lyrics and a few recited statements to win your vote...

Now you are being cheeky. How can you be such an atheist and forget MIRACLES. That is what will deliver us from the jaws of LUCIFER.

@Waweru said:
......Taabu, your praise of our so-called leaders for signing the deal is wildly misplaced.....

No Bw Waweru would you please go remember where you read that and back to comment there. You must have read so many blogs you are mistaking what is in your head as writen here, pole try another one.

Anonymous said...

All Kenya needs is a Moussa Dadis Camarra moment.

But our beer gazzling idiot soldiers will never think of that.

Otherwise how would you explain, how on earth they let the power vaccuum that was created after the 2007 elections get away.Kagame even had to urge them to do it but nay. Idiots!

Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for the Kenyans. We are in the mess we are in by choice. We go to political rallies to be entertained with some misplaced parables, lyrics and hate speeches. And as Vikii correctly puts it, we vote for the one wearing the most weird monkey skin or initiated into our tribal elder club. In Kibera they stampede to see and worship a Hummer. Where I come from they are complaining that our MP has never come to see them in a chopper. Then they beg for handouts saying, hata matumbo ni nyama. Wajinga sana!

The Kenyans deserve each and every flea that bites them.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, Kenyans were talking of an Obama moment. Today, they are saying "all Kenya needs is a Moussa Dadis Camarra moment." At this rate of seeking heroes from without Kenyans will be lunatics by year-end.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but only when that traitor Musyoka is displaced will Kenya be able to move on. He is indicative of everything wrong with Kenyan leadership.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:55,

totally agree, only vikii knows how much leadersip kalonzo has shown in his 20 something years in the cabinet. Not forgetting how decisive and bold he is when confronted with tough situations.
Luckily, kenyans can see through this and other status quo MKM bottom licking mongrels. His only realistic chance would be 'the constitutional 3 months of fame' when something happens to.. you know who.

Vikii said...

Well, Kalonzo seems the target now and that is not unexpected. He has definitely FRUSTRATED a few souls and he is not done. Not yet.

But I have a question; Is Kalonzo not the same guy you guys have called "briefcase boy"? He definitely is not in the high power class of government supervision and coordination. What he does should really not matter. And that renders the burning desire for his "displacement" totally unneeded.

I love politics and I am sure you guys do as well.

Socialist said...

Until we stop supporting parochial politics then we should stop complaining!Raila,Kibaki and Kalonzo represents the ugly and raw Kenyan politics.These leaders have benefited from the stupidity of the Kenyan voter.
Change can only come if a new selfless young citizes join hands.Majority of the old political class is too stained to bring any change to our country.

Anonymous said...


I guess the message is that empty suit is an irritant who is trying to spoil the big boys league. Notice how he specialises in echoing issues that have long been resolved by the real boys? The man as you well know is spineless, has no clout, has no schemes(except easy options like being toshwad) and, as someone says, he must be on his knees praying for the three months of fame. Otherwise, his hopes of riding on the okuyu votes or being toshwad are gone and besides, hopes of another kivuitu are almost impossible. Anyway, keep up the support - he needs such diehard supporters to continue massaging his overblown ego.

Vikii said...

What really is "ego"? This is a word Taabu likes to use to describe those who refuse to pledge political allegiance to Raila Amollo odinga. What does it mean to you? Same thing? If yes, Kalonzo has one, a big one.

OK,look here ; I don't know what this is about. If the government is not doing what some of you guys expected it to, and if Kalonzo is so insignificant when it comes to the wielding of government power, what is the beef with him about? Since he is as inconsequential as you guys dream of him being, let us IGNORE him. Let us concentrate on the people(big boys, pooh)who are answerable for the decisions the government makes or fails to make. Something is not adding up here; Kalonzo cannot be "powerless" and at the same time blamable for the incompetencies of others. Unless the ministry of Home Affairs which Kalonzo runs is run undesirably (in which case the appointed governmet inspectors/supervisors should come forward and tell us what they have to say about it), then Kalonzo is not the problem. Kalonzo's job, like his spokesman has repeatedly said, is running the ministry of Home Affairs and working for the President. It stops at performing the duties delegated to him by the elected President. So let us cut Kalonzo some slack, unless of course he engages in such criminal activities like grabbing of public land to erect molasse plants.

Your accusations of him remind me of the fellow called James Orengo who spends one half of all his time telling us how his political icon Raila Odinga is "consulted" in every government decision and the other half telling us how serious he is about quitting government if it continues being run the way it is. During the day you tell us how powerful Raila is and at night you cry that Kalonzo and Muthaura are undermining him. Which of these is correct? Definitely not both, right?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Taabu's definition of an overblown ego is, but mine is the simple one known by all; ie one who has an exaggerated sense of importance.Now, you have to agree with me that this definition aptly describes kalonzo.
By the way, it's not lost on Raila's supporters and haters alike that he has been given the short end of the stick in this GCG. Raila knows better than whining publicly about it given the delicate situation we are still treading.
Kibaki is clearly not in control and that is where the muthauras in cohoots with opportunists like odmk are trying at every opportunity to frustrate Raila. For example, odmk wasn't at all part of the accord and so it beats logic why they would be given say more ambassadorial slots than odm as pnu gobbles the lion's share!
Vikii, the bottom line is that Raila has been made to feel little, but he clearly towers above all these 'grass players' due to his strong personlity and national following. Those with an overblown ego will still remain tribal leaders even with a free ticket to the house on the hill - ask the illegitimate sloth currently occipying SH.

Vikii said...

You sound like a very bitter man, but I kindly inform you for free that this bitterness will be stuck with you for a long time.

I will repeat it to you, brother; You cannot take the high horse and claim the low road. If you want to be seen as powerful in government, then be prepared to shoulder responsibility and blame. Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka is busy doing his job as a loyal Vice president and he does not understand why he should be blamed for the obvious failures of those "powerful men" who are charged with the direct responsibility of running government. If you want to be in government then you better understand how it operates; that you will often times be held accountable. Being in government comes with responsibilities that you cannot run away from by irresponsibly lying to your followers that they are poor because of kikuyus. It takes much more than that kind of shamelessness to pass the buck.

When you guys talk of the national accord, again it reminds me of Orengo and his pettiness. The national accord is just one aspect of the larger constitution and it cannot run supreme to every other aspect of the document. The government as we know it started long before that accord. Kalonzo is not in government because of that accord. He is in government after having signed a coalition agreement with the winning President. Granted, Raila Odinga also signed his as well (is that the accord?). But it is not Kalonzo's job to lobby for the appointment of Raila's people as ambassadors. That is Raila's job and if he has issues with the way this has been handled then he needs to raise his frustrations with the appointing authority. He should leave Kalonzo out of his woes. And again what are you saying here? On one side you are spending a lot of time trying to convince me that Raila is as powerful as President Kibaki and Kalonzo is as powerless as Bifwoli Wakoli. On the other you claim that Kalonzo gets listened to more than Raila. This is not rocket science, it is just a simple phenomenon; that you are either part of the government's decision making machine in which case you should be offering answers to problems rather than asking questions or you are not in which case you should be spared some slack. Make your mind clear on where you would rather be, friend.

Ambassador Muthaura runs an important government office. He has been doing it long before Raila Odinga joined government. Are you suggesting that he is usurping somebody else's forte? That would be the height of delusion. It would be delusion on your part and his because they say one of the conditions he gave the President during their negotiations was that the President would do away with unofficial power wilders like Kiraitu and instead deal with him through the official government structures. You need to understand that Ambassador Muthaura epitomises those official structures. Waging war on him through proxies is the kind of hunger for power that is distasteful. If such wishes were granted I am sure the next one would be a demand to occupy the basement at State House just because there was a constitutional ammendment that ushered you into government.

This is hilarious

Taabu said...

BB here and just doing my duty. I Won't let you fall for the serial anons' trap. Walk the talk lil bro and take full dose of your onw prescription-TAKE THE HIGH HORSE and SHUN THE LOW ROAD, won't you.

You have allowed the anons to unwittingly box you into a corner and they msut be all molars out. Please save your energy for a rainy day soon when you will need it or better still visit the beer store and bill me, won't you?

@Vikii said:
Ego is a word Taabu likes to use to describe those who refuse to pledge political allegiance to RAO. Well, I hope you are sober and your read my post "One Year Gone, Resilient Kenyans Still Caged". Please do and do teh most HONOURABLE thing and repudiate your unwarranted attack. It is the festive season and you can do better than extrapolate your imagination on print, can you?

Anonymous said...


I'll try not to give kalonzo any attention because frankly, I think he gets too much attention for a tribal leader. Howevr, I'm compelled to correct some misconceptions that you guys keep harping on. Raila negotiated with kibaki as equal partners, clearly he was to take control of some functions that muthaura had been performing. muthuara as expected has erected roadblocks every step of the way. Should raila stoop low and deal with him, or deal diplomatically with slow and indecisive kibaki who says one thing during day meetings with raila, but something else during those night-time tribal meetings?

Kalonzo signed the agreement with kibaki when the country was on fire and with the false belief (nay he knew the election had been stolen but selfishly went ahead anyway) that kibaki had bagged the whole loot. with Kibaki's legitimacy clearly in doubt (i pity those of you that still think of him as legitimately elected),all those loyal veeps remain illegitimate in the eyes of public opinion.
Now, which brings me to another point, the idea of Raila and Kibaki negotiating was brought on because kibaki decided to steal but was caught red handed, so cut the crap about odm being invited into goverment - they are equal partners that is why kibaki went ahead and named half a cabinet;a fact that pnu/odmk seem not to understand. Kibaki's greatest fear was vacating SH and that is why he stole so that he could negotiate for mkate nusu.
Raila is not coming in to take shelter;only reclaiming what rightfully should have been his. By the way he represents 6 out of 8 provinces, something the tribal leaders can only marvel at.
Finally, ask kivuitu who won,he may just say the truth now that he has been dumped after being used).

Vikii, have a good night.

Vikii said...

My apologies Taabu. I should not have drawn you into this. I should give my BB a break. After the apologies, which Kenyam politicians besides those disloyal to Raila do you associate with big egoes? Surprise?

Taabu, I watched your scrappy win over Stoke City and it was an OK performance. Are you still contending for the title? With those kinds of performances? Did you see how my team starts to get back when the gaffer listens to reason and keeps Deco where he rightly belongs---on the bench? He should now move forward and leave Ballack out as well. If that happens, not even Barca or Inter will be able to cope. What say u?

Anonymous fella, i dont need to ask Kivuitu who won the election. He announced that on the national broadcaster and his announcement still hlolds.

I will prove to you that your allegations about a Raila victory are based on the old repeated fabrications that the ODM came up with. If not, I CHALLENGE YOU to tell me on what basis Raila's "representation of six provinces" is hinged. I have read ODM's own audit of the election results at In that report they concede Eastern, Central and N. Eastern provinces to Kibaki. They allege to have won Nairobi based on three constituencies (which they didnt dispute). How do you claim to represent a province based on three out of eight electoral districts? THAT IS MY CHALLENGE TO YOU AND ALL the LOUD ODMERS; Which six provinces did ODM win and where is the data? If the official dispute report fabricarted/authored by Anyang Nyong'o doesn't mention the number six, how do you guys arrive at that figure? I mean, we are not some old illiterate folks in Busia, we can read. We can argue if we are furnished with sensible argument lines. Just because the ODM has repeated this fallacious statement a hundred and one times doesnt make it true. Duh?

When the contracting parties signed that now famous accord, each party was given the option of pulling out if things dont go as promised, I would expect a party that considers itself popular to pull out and neccessitate an election if it feels aggrrieved when it comes to holding real power. Why should the running of the civil service be left to politicians. Once again this silly, it is funny in a perverse way.

UrXlnc said...

such is the general quality of our current leadership

and of course much heat but no teeth

a lot of shortsighted acrobatics appear to be headed to oblivion (waiting to see how all this unravels) who knows maybe the ordinary mwananchi could have the last laugh

happy holidays and blessed new year to you all

Anonymous said...

There are a few things that ODMites can never take away from Kalonzo:
1. Kalonzo preached peace in January while Raila preached war.
2. Not a single follower of Kalonzo engaged in violence while most of Raila's followers were barbaric murderers and rapists.
3. Despite a long service in govt, Kalonzo has not been acussed of corruption unlike Raila with his molasses plants and energy contracts.
4. Kalonzo is basically a decent man while Raila is a violent power thirsty demagogue.
5. Kalonzo doesn't cry victim at every turn while Raila is always crying that he is being undermined.

In short, Raila is a grown-up boy who whines and fights if he doesn't get his way. Kalonzo is a cool man under pressure and holds human life above his ambitions.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Vikii is quite right if you really think about it. Kalonzo is the current front runner for President in 2012, that is a fact most ODMers cannot fathom and/or accept/comprehend, and the fact is that he WILL receive most of the GEMA vote. You do not get the GEMA vote by fronting losers with no clout or influence in GEMA land like Njonjo or Kuguru as your point men, a lesson Raila has never learnt.
A Kamba/GEMA vote block is far bigger than a Luhya/Luo Western Alliance because the Luhya block is not solid, and the Kalenjin vote is likely to be divided in 2012 if the Kalonzo block holds.
I do not believe the much hyped youthful vote will ever gel into one powerful united block as the youth themselves are too tribal minded especially after the events of January 2008, as exciting as such a block may seem; not until Raila Odinga and his backward politics are defeated in 2012. Tribal alliances it is then and tribal alliances it will be in 2012. Raila will reap the whirlwind of the tribal division/hatred he sowed in 2005 - 2007.

Kwale said...

I cannot believe this, even when most of us are looking forward to the new year with great expectation we've people still stuck to the same old pity song "Kalonzo is a traitor"! You wonder why you ate and will continue to eat matambo (whatever that is) at Christmas. Most of Kenyans misfortunate and predicaments they bring it onto themselves, and unless there is a change in the thinking sorry you are doomed. You cannot continue to make negative statements in life and expect to succeed, it doesn't work that way.
Kalonzo is a democratic politician, and as such he can switch his political leaning and support whoever he likes without an apology.
And take it from me, Kalonzo is a good peaceful man and Raila is a shame to Kenya! quite frankly, Raila brought war and shame to kenya while kalonzo brought unity. PLAIN & SIMPLE.

Vikii said...

Thanks Kimi, Kwale.

I loved this one, Kwale; "....and as such he can switch his political leaning and support without an apology".

Thank you. This is what I have been telling these people. If it was right in 1998 for the NDP to switch camp and join Moi the devil, it is even more right in 2008 for Kalonzo and ODMK to switch camp AND BANISH THE DEVIL, Raila. That is what they called democracy, no?

The traitor aspect is a word losers like to use all the time. Whom did he betray? His supporters? Do a poll and you will find 95% of them approve of his joining Kibaki's government. Those who yell all the time about betrayal are the same hooligans who would want anybody who doesn't suck up to their man dead. And you talk of acute victimhood mentality? There it is. There it, the fuck, is!

Anonymous said...

i see the kumekucha professional haters are back and having a field day. Just a reminder, please don't compare kalonzo with Raila. The former garnered only 6% mostly kamba votes and the latter 47% from all parts of kenya.
Kimi and 'matumbo' Kwale, please go back from wherever you have been.

Vikii said...

Typical ODM version of sense. Can somebody another post?

Taabu said...

Count yourselves LUCKY for not being BEATEN by Fulham. LV is 3 points clear and the heat is on after tomorrow when Boro joins the bottom 3. I repeat money cannot and will never buy pedigree. The bubble is tottering at the seams and you better watch out for Villa becoz even top 4 is not guaranteed.

Poor Big Phil, EPL is not Samba dance. And even if it were you must make Kaka and Ronaldinho out of Kalou and Malouda.

Vikii, the heat is on and ole wako.

Vikii said...

You know you guys keep accusing Chelsea of big money, it makes me sick.

Look Taabu and tell me which team in the whole wide world really spends more that United.

Sebastian Veron
Rio Ferdinand
Wayne Rooney
Dimitar Berbatov

All these players didn't come to United for free. How do you spend 20 mil pounds on a 17 year old who cannot even score more than 10 goals a season.? More than five years later?

It is not the money that plays, it is the players. We have better players and that is why we are second in the table. That is why we will finish before you. It is why we lost the championship by only two points last season after playing more than half the season with a second string team. It is why we drew the champions league final with Utd. Get it? I have also seen you accuse City of crazy money and poor results yet they have not even had the chance to spend the money. I mean they have only bought Robinho, the second top scorer in the league.

Come on Taabu. You know very well that even beating the perennial disppointers, Liverpool for the second place will be hard for you guys. Jose is on his way to terminate you CL run. He said he was "overjoyed" to be presented with another opportunity to inflict one more defeat on SAF. How sweet?

Did you see Frank Lampard's game? How I wish everybody else would just up their game. Big Petr is casting fresh doubts on whether he is indeed the best keeper in the league. I admit that one.

Anonymous said...

How does Raila expect respect from men when he keeps complaining that other men are undermining/betraying him? Doesn't he understand that politics is not a boyfriend-girlfriend affair? When will he shed-off this adolescent mentality?

If he doesn't change he will die like his father crying to be allowed to be president just for a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sereast said...

The post is about the events of early this year that led Kenya to the brink and why some Kenyans are still locked up, Several people have commented on that and loud voices echoed that its due to our scheming leaders taking advantage of ignorant and very swayable (sp) voters. Voters that can kill and rape at the click of a finger.

However, somewhere in the middle of this the post has been turned into a Raila/Kalooser warfare between Vikii/Kwale/Kimi and the various anons and Taabu on the other.

My question is, is that the best you guys can come up with? Don't always trivialize issues. We are fast moving from blogging on personalities to blogging on issues that affect our motherland and how we can solve these minus the lack of leadership we are witnessing.

We all agreed that its the tribal politics, greed, and hero-worshipping among others that led Kenya to the brink of collapse. One year into the GCG and we have known that all these people are the same. Very insensitive to the plight of the masses and only concerned with their own survival.

Please join progressive Kenyans as we seek ways to pull the rag from below the feet of all our collective "leaders".

Taabu said...

Pole but yours amounts to a well-structured self-eulogy. BTW there are not prizes for runners-up either in CL or EPL, so cut the chase and accept that you were just not good enough. Success in the game is measured by the number of goals into the net and not bravado ala Jose-BTW ever heard of reverse logic? Jose was only dreading the fixture he prayed for and bring it on the maverick gen without soldiers is roasted.

Your take on money rests with the failure to accept reality. You are comparing oranges and apples. There are clubs and only one INSTITUTION-you never saw the Japan merchandizing coming, did you?

Anonymous said...


From Job At Jukwaa(very true)



This notorious political appointee called Judge Nyamu is running amok with his 100% executive-derived rulings. A CHRONIC DEBILITATING PATHOLOGY IN THE JUDICIARY THAT NEEDS IMMEDIATE EXCISION

How can this government pretend to be losing all cases against corruption? When will this circus end? Does this Kibaki judiciary think all Kenyans are either fools or blind to mischief?

The Chief Justice has found Nyamu so handy and effective in obstructing pursuit of justice with regard to fighting corruption in Kenya.

Thanks to Nyamu, who is ubiquitously all-over the Goldenberg and Anglo-Leasing cases, we can now see the direction we are heading.

Subversion of justice and erosion of the little moral or ethical integrity left in the judiciary is all NYAMU is doing. Together with the other RECENT Kibaki appointees to the bench like Wendoh, Dulu and Emukule.

The judiciary will find all manners of excuses to cover-up for the hundreds of billions of theft from Kenyan taxpayers.

It is now safe to say that the looting architects have erstwhile allies like Nyamu in our courts and none of the corrupt Anglo Leasing contractors will face restitution.

The looters who lumped upon us a Shs 6 billion bill for a Navy Gunship --which by the way turned out to be an old cruise ship, fitted with a gun, and painted to look new—are basking in success.

Think about all these;

Sh 1 billion just to service 4 police helicopters
Shs 6 billion to buy police vehicles which were NEVER delivered.
Shs 4 billion to build a CID Forensic Lab which never was.
Shs 3 billion for prisons walkie talkies which were never delivered.
Shs 12 billion for non existent police equipment;
and tens of more billions for obsolete weather detectors, passport makers, non-existent and unnecessary postal equipment etc etc etc

a total of 18 contracts worth a whooping shs 56 billion.

In fact the Kroll report explicitly detailed over Sh 300 billion, stashed in offshore accounts and properties in 28 countries by former President Moi's closest associates and relatives including his sons.

Add the latest heist from Anglo Leasing and more recent ones and you see why Kenya is stuck in debt and no prosperity.
Billions gone from our coffers and we can do nothing but watch the big boys abuse our intelligence in courts and government corridors.

Then listen to the other protector of thieves --Aaron Ringera-- attempting to play with our intelligence in that Daily Nation report. Simply pretending to be trying to act but only limited (tied-hands) by the judiciary, the AG and existing statutes. The ping-pong between the courts and AG Wako on one hand, Ringera and the courts on another, and Ringera and Wako on another, are to say the least quite disgusting.

We can clearly see the collusion between this cartel spanning the executive, judiciary and legislature.

Despite the pain, it is actually laughable that the AG pretends to be mad at this ruling, claiming he will appeal. We know the game going on here.

The other thief called Amos Kimunya had safely tucked in Anglo Leasing promissory notes into the last budget, so Kenyans are effectively paying these looters from our Treasury, billions for non-existent goods and services.

All these illegal contracts are being honoured, thanks to Kibaki’s stealing of elections to maintain continuity of the theft.

KACC accused of displaying Institutional Arrogance of the Highest Order
By Ann Asugah Advocate

Nedermar Technology BV Ltd vs. The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission &Another [2008] eKLR(
High Court of Kenya at Nairobi
Justice J. G. Nyamu
October 30, 2008

The High Court sitting in Nairobi has ruled that the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC), the 1st respondent in this case cannot, as a matter of law, be allowed to undo a commercial transaction under the guise of criminal investigation. Justice Nyamu in his ruling on 30th October 2008, admonished KACC for its submissions that it's an independent arm of government when there are only 3 recognized arms of government namely the executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary.

Justice Nyamu thus observed:

"KACC does not blink an eye in stating that it is not part of the Government. However, constitutionally we do not have a fourth arm of Government. With respect, this is institutional arrogance of the highest order".

KACC came under the heavy criticism from the court for issuing directives to the Government of Kenya (GOK) through the Ministry of Finance to stop payments of monies due and payable to Nedermar Technology BV Ltd, the petitioner in this case citing it as a statutory breach and clear encouragement by KACC for the GOK to breach a valid international commercial agreement to which it was a party.

The present case was filed by the petitioner who alleged that their constitutional rights had been trampled upon by KACC who alleged corrupt practices on the part of the petitioner in a contract that the petitioner had entered into with the GOK.

Briefly, the facts of the case were that the petitioner had entered into an a contract with the Government of Kenya (GOK) for the design and execution of an integrated command centre for the Armed Forces code named Project Nexus. The terms of the contract were inter alia; that any dispute arising between the parties in relation to any issue would be resolved through arbitration and that the choice of law to govern the contract was the English Law.

It was further agreed that the parties shall treat the details of the contract with utmost confidentiality and shall not disclose them to any party or government agency except the end user of Project Nexus. Also, the contract expressly excluded the application of International or public law to the contract. It was also a term of the contract that the Attorney General was deemed to have advised the GOK of these provisions.

Having so contracted, a dispute arose between the parties and the matter was referred for arbitration in The Hague. During the subsistence of the arbitration proceedings, KACC in utter disregard of the contractual terms impounded the passports of the petitioner's consultants and seized some Kshs. 900,000 belonging to the petitioner hence this suit.

It was the contention of the petitioner that KACC had violated their constitutional rights of freedom of movement and liberty and freedom to own property; a view that the court upheld. Further, the Petitioner contended that the matters that KACC intended to investigate were of a contractual nature and that the GOK had expressly excluded the application of Public Law and International Law to the contract. KACC being fully aware of the provisions of the contract had purported to carry out general investigations relating to the performance and value of the contract and not any alleged criminal elements against any persons or companies attached to the contracting parties.

KACC contended that it wanted to look into the execution details of the contract including drawings, plans and specifications of the contract but at no time did they mention any criminal activity committed by the petitioner's consultants. In its defence, KACC argued that exclusion clauses in the contract that excluded the application of public law could not be used to prevent KACC from investigating criminal elements in a contract. The Attorney General, the 2nd respondent in this case contended that the exclusion clauses were illegal and thus the contract was unenforceable.

In analyzing the evidence, the Judge found that the Attorney General being the Chief Legal advisor to the GOK had shifted goal posts in this case. The judge observed that the Attorney General had duly read the contract and advised the government that the contract was in order back in 2002 and cannot therefore be heard to plead illegality of the same clauses that he had authored.

The Court concluded that KACC being an arm of the executive cannot disengage itself from the representations of the AG's office which is the legal advisor of government, by alleging that it's not part of government. Further, the court held that the arbitration clause in the contract therefore binds KACC and it therefore cannot try to unravel through criminal investigations what the government has contracted and therefore, the purported investigations of the commercial contract were illegal.

The court further held that where parties have decided to submit their disputes to arbitration, the court was bound to respect the freedom to contract as well as the principle of party autonomy. It would therefore be a dangerous precedent for the court to apply public law to a purely contractual relationship which in the long term would destroy party autonomy in commercial relationships. It was the courts finding thus that the exclusion clause in the contract was bonafide and legal since it constituted choice of proper law and did not contradict public policy in any way.

Further, the Court held that KACC is bound by the representations of the Attorney General and the Government of Kenya and its submission that it's different from government demonstrated institutional arrogance of the highest order. It was the court's view that KACC role does not extend to supervision of commercial contracts on behalf of the GOK.

In regard to the confidentiality clause, the court held that matters of national security are not justiciable. In other words, matters touching on national security can not be subject of public litigation and they override any criminal investigations that would be undertaken by KACC. The Court relied on the case of Captain Wafubwa in which the Court of Appeal ruled that military matters are not justiciable. It was the courts view that the matter before it involved highly confidential and secret military project which were of great national security concern and thus can't be adjudicated in a court of law.

It was therefore improper for KACC to try and interrogate the petitioner's consultants on the details of Project Nexus when the GOK itself had signed a contract with a confidentiality clause not to disclose any information to any body or agency except the end user or Project Nexus.

The court held in favor of the petitioner and restrained the respondents from breaching public policy and the matter was left to the arbitral tribunal in The Hague. The petitioners were awarded costs of the case. -end-

Some key quotes from former Ethics PS at State House, John Githongo.

“The real destructive impact of corruption in a country like Kenya is not just on the economy, its on the politics! It undermines governance institutions like parliament, the judiciary, security services, the civil service and others. What Kenyans crave for more than anything else is equal access to economic opportunity; health care; education and national resources and equality before the law. Systemic corruption takes away that equity. Corruption has ruined our politics, made people cynical and turned many of the MPs in the last parliament into commodities that could be bought and sold, much to the chagrin of ordinary Kenyans. By the time corruption brings an economy to its knees as happened under Moi — the politics is characterized by suspicion, cynicism, division along ethnic lines and is generally inimical to long term development and stability.”

“The president gave me a job to advise him on corruption, especially when grand corruption threatened the Presidency. I found out that grand corruption did exist and it was being perpetrated by my very own colleagues. It was an absurd situation that I reported back to the president. At the end of the day I had no-one else to report to since he (the President) ignored my advice — and ultimately flat out opposed me. I found our fellows — some of them once great reformers — were the very ones doing what Moi had been doing. They also inherited a sense of impunity from the Moi regime – the idea that Kenyans are idiots who can be fooled repeatedly. I believe that is what Kiraitu meant when he made the appalling statement, "You cannot rape a willing woman." His attitude was "Kenyans enjoy being robbed; they are used to it and if they are not complaining, why should anyone else." It was therefore important for me to make my case to the Kenyan public lest I be dismissed as a liar making wild allegations. Apart from the perpetrators of this government’s various corruption scams and perhaps their relatives and sympathizers; I believe Kenyans now know the truth.”

“If I am a traitor for fighting corruption so be it. I cannot apologise for that. A thief is not a lesser thief just because he comes from your own tribe. Fighting corruption is not treason against one’s community. My fellow Gikuyus will need to come to terms with the fact that the arrogance and corruption of a small group of cynical old men and their sycophants have served to alienate the community from others.”

“In 2004 Kamlesh Pattni was in Kamiti Prison facing all manner of corruption related charges. That he is a political leader today is indicative of the collapse of the political reform project of the Kibaki administration.”

Mwarang'ethe said...

With 45 comments so far, we can only find a few comments that are of any substance. We may disagree with their conclusions, but, that not the issue for now. These have been posted by Daniel Waweru, Sayra, Bloggeratti, Sereast and Socialist.

Thus, in our view,most of the comments in response to this post,are composed of such narrow ideas that they may be safely left to wither away from their own want of sustainance.

Vikii said...

I actually think of all 48 comments so far only Mwarang'ethe's stands out. Thanks mwarang'ethe for giving this thread one last full measure of objectivity. very brilliant contribution.

Mwarang'ethe said...

It would therefore be a dangerous precedent for the court to apply public law to a purely contractual relationship which in the long term would destroy party autonomy in commercial relationships. It was the courts finding thus that the exclusion clause in the contract was bonafide and legal since it constituted choice of proper law and did not contradict public policy in any way.

Our Comment:

Firstly, we ask:

(1) Who shall educate some of the judicial officers in Kenya?

(2)Is this the right time to invoke the public policy?

Anyway, we wish not to enter into more details about this case, but, any one versed with international law is aware of one thing, i.e.

The public policy exception to enforcement is an acknowledgement of the right of the State and its courts to exercise ultimate control over the arbitral process.


(a) the New York Convention. Article V.2(b) states:

"Recognition and enforcement of an arbitral award may also be refused if the competent authority in the country where recognition and enforcement is sought finds that :

(b) the recognition or enforcement of the award would be contrary to the public policy of that country."

(b) The 1927 Geneva Convention stated that an award would be enforceable unless "contrary to the public policy or to the principles of the law of the country in which it is sought to be relied upon" (Article 1(e)).

(c) The 1975 Panama Convention makes reference to the "public policy of that State".

(d) The 1979 Montevideo Convention goes further: it requires that the award to be denied if it "manifestly contrary to the principles and laws of the public policy ['orden publico'] of the exequatur State" (Art 2(h)).

(e) The 1983 Riyadh Convention[6] provides that enforcement may be refused if the award is "contrary to the Moslem Shari'a,[7] public policy or good morals" of the signatory State where enforcement is sought (Art. 37). On the other hand, the 1987 Amman Convention[8] refers simply to "public policy".

Thus, the Court,s assertion that a public policy cannot be applied to a contract is utter utter rubbish.

This case has raised some very interesting issues for a brilliant man of law to untangle. However, in the usual Kenyan way, we just see useless statements that educate no one. This is a lost opportunity to dispplay legal brilliance by a Kenyan judge.

Anonymous said...

I second Vikii; Mwarang'ethe's brain should be grafted into every KK blogger so that they can croak like him. He is trully a big toad in a small muddy pool. Go ahead, Mwarang'ethe, artificially inseminate other bloggers with your "left-over" of a brain.

In the meantime, don't copy your primary school teacher; be more original in your grading.

Anonymous said...

This post! What are we talking about?

Kwale said...

I like the way people here kid themselves about "change" to our country without first renewing our minds. So long there are people who continue to cry foul of "stolen election" and perceiving those who did not vote their way as a traitors, "kabila adui" etc etc, THERE IS NO CHANGE coming!! And you can bet that on your life. Change begins with YOU.

One of the great basic life skill is the ability to learn and move on from pain, failure or difficulty and not allow them to hinder your potential and destiny in life. And our potential as a nation lies in the way we think.

Renewing your mind is the same thing as changing your Mindset, and it is this renewing of the mind it lets us have brand new attitudes, goals, ideals, opinions, desires, and ideas about our lives. Your mind is the thing that has control over every single one of your actions. You mind controls your thoughts. Your mind tells your body exactly what to do. It tells your mouth what words to speak. It tells your eyes what to look at. It tells your ears what things to pay attention to and what things to tune out. It tells your brain what to think about. It tells your entire being how to respond in every single situation. The purpose of mental renewing is your personal transformation. Renewing your mind is not a one time event but rather it is a life long process. It's a lifestyle. If You Can Imagine It, You Can Have It.

If we all take the time to make an effort to spend each day cleansing our mind of negative words and thoughts, then will begin to see change in our country.

Kwale said...

Any knows this youtube biggest hit of 2008 with more than 10 million hits from July this year? Its about a lion called Christian, born in a zoo in South England in late sixties and raised by two Australian guys in a London Flat (Chelsea) and when it became to big for the flat, the owners decided to re-introduced him back into the wild in Kenya. A year later the two former owners came to Kenya looking for Christian the Lion. And what happened after that is just too beautiful and heart-wrenching to describe. Just watch these two U-tube videos, they are three decades old but it shows true loves never fades.

Taabu said...

Kwale @12.24 said:

....Renewing your mind is not a one time event but rather it is a life long process. It's a lifestyle. If You Can Imagine It, You Can Have It....

How true and EVANGELISTIC Bw Kwale. If only we could walk the talk and let the consitency show in all we post. Lakini wapi. Just scroll, compare and contrast. Leaves you wondering whether religious scoundrels masquarading as preachers are in good company.

Kenyans are not evil for lack of good preachers but for zealots ladden with gifts of deception. It is all aired out here to dry. We mouth platitudes to create air of objectivity while from the same lips we spew trivia that makes villagers smile at what geniuses they are. Well, it is a Kenyan trait exhibited locally and exported aplenty abroad. Indulge folks, it is free like miracles and dreams.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Let us stop pretending to be democrats when all the posters arguments here are tribally inclined at heart, so why pretend otherwise. Kenyans are too rabidly tribal to change their political habits and should therefore stop being hypocrites, including and especially the 'intellectual' pretenders out there and also on this blog. These are the worst culprits as they pretend to intellectualize their favorite bottom feeding indulgence, tribal hypocrisy in the pursuit of personal aggrandizement, their principle and only motivation in life.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:55 PM,

You put it so well:

"The idea of Raila and Kibaki negotiating was brought on because Kibaki decided to steal but was caught red handed, so cut the crap about odm being invited into goverment - they are equal partners that is why kibaki went ahead and named half a cabinet;a fact that pnu/odmk seem not to understand.

Kibaki's greatest fear was vacating SH and that is why he stole so that he could negotiate for mkate nusu.

Raila is not coming in to take shelter; only reclaiming what rightfully should have been his. By the way he represents 6 out of 8 provinces, something the tribal leaders can only marvel at.

Finally, ask kivuitu who won,he may just say the truth now that he has been dumped after being used."

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe, Daniel Waweru, Vikii and the rest of the panua mongrels - You all have your heads buried in the sand. You are all living a big lie, a BIG FAT STINKING LIE..

You are the kind of people who all this year have been making the pumbavu claim that Kibaki won fair and square, WHAT BULLCRAP!

We knew Kibaki STOLE THE ELECTION AND DID NOT WIN as you fraudulent panua mongrels have fraudulently tried to unsuccessfully "convince" us. Hakuna siku Paka atakua Simba. Impossible!

Hopefully Kivuitu still has some honor in him and may spill the beans on HOW the elections were STOLEN BY KIBAKI, he may just say the truth now that he has been dumped after being used."

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said... 12/29/08 2:34 AM

Mwarang'ethe, Daniel Waweru, Vikii and the rest of the panua mongrels - You all have your heads buried in the sand. You are all living a big lie, a BIG FAT STINKING LIE..

Our Comment:

Can you show any evidence on this blog where we asserted that Kibaki won?

We have always asserted to the contrary that Kibaki did not win in a fair way.

Anonymous said...

Muthaura, one of the PNU pumbavu's who caged Kenya.

"evidence gleaned from the Waki Commission shows that the Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet usurped the mandate of security agencies.

According to the report, Mr Francis Muthaura, colluded with a section of the agencies to redirect the flow of intelligence to his office, which he shared with selected members of the Government.

The Waki report on post-election violence says the information blackout reduced the police force, whose primary responsibility is to enforce law and order, to mere bystanders and the Police Commissioner, Maj-Gen Hussein Ali, to a hapless security boss.

Aggregated evidence by the commission once again raises serious questions about the role of the security forces in containing the chaos during and after elections.

Mr Francis Muthaura: Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet
Save for the military, the Commission to Investigate Post-Election Violence (Cipev) found that the chain of command in the regular police force, administration police, the paramilitary General Service Unit, Criminal Investigations Department, the prisons warders and the Kenya Wildlife Services guards was compromised - By that rascal called Muthaura.

In fact there is strong evidence that indeed the actions of Muthaura and "friends" exacerbated tensions and violence through the misuse of executive power and authority,"

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:31 AM,

I agree with you entirely. I just want to add one more thing about this muthaura goon who was one of those who CAGED Kenya and Kenyans via the STOLEN ELECTION:

The waki report states that the security lapses - engineered by muthaura - that precipitated the post-election violence were premeditated as a way of creating a conducive environment to tamper (read STEAL) with the final outcome.

This Muthaura, a son of 10,000 bitches...

Anonymous said...

Folk, it would be wise if you don't engage anon 2.07, 2.34, 2.41, 4.42, he is all and one. Regular kumekucha readers know this fellow. Despite boasting he faced the knife in 1973 he is the most child-like and hateful blogger here. His favourite name calling are Panua mongrel or pumbavu and telling people they fart shit.
Make it a new year resolution and ignore this sicko.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo, another son of 10,001 bitches. This blob of a human being suffers from delusions of grandeur and an over rated opinion of himself that is severely at odds with reality.

I speak as a Kikuyu. It has reached a stage where we have to admit the truth. The bible states that the truth shall set us free. Our behaviour toward other communities since independence has been very unfair and uncouth. I Know huge brick bats will come flying from my fellow Kikuyu's but that is the truth.

Back to Kalonzo, this is what I hear my fellow Kikuyu's saying about him: They will pretend to support him in the interim and after using like toilet paper, they will dump him. Kalonzo had better start preparing to be betrayed and dumped... What goes around comes around. Atsi!

Anonymous said...

Folks, don't be fooled, the same anon 5.10 now pretending to be Kikukyu. The buffon is so demented in Kikuyu hate and raila worship, he use all different kind of identities ati show his "anger".

Wewe pepe mbaya, you are a shame to all cut men!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:04 AM,

he he he he...

That anon that you refer to has clearly rankled you... or is it rattled you ala Michuki the rattle snake?

Ukweli unakuchuna sana. Pole sana.
You are one of those many kenyans Who like living a lie, a big fat stinking lie... Trust you to distort the truth. What the anon is saying is not hate but the bitter truth which clearly appears very painful to you.

By the way, why are you so obsessed with his dick. Kwani you want to suck it? Sorry, out of bounds.

I have some advice for you, chukua glasi ya maji na wembe tatu mpya and then swallow them at once, very hard. That should cure your fraudulentosis, deceptiosis and theftiosis.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.35, DO SHUT UP!! You are the same posting comments and responding to yourself. here you are now pretending to be a different anon. we know you very well. it just show you how sick you are. Kumekucha is not a mental hopital man, go check yourself at Mathare.
If you faced the knife like you said in 1973, that makes your age around fifity something. dont you think you are old enough to behave.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo will be dumped Kivuitu style. Ata tumiwa kama karatasi ya choo, and then dumped.

Anonymous said...

5:50 AM

This is anon 5:35. Sorry to dissapoint you, I will not shut up.

About your saying that I was circumsized in 1973, once again you are barking up the wrong tree. I was not even born then and I was circumsized many years after that. And by the way can we leave this business of circumsision out of this. It is irrelevant. People do not lead or think with their Penises; this may be news to you but we use our brains and mind.

Your clearly need to get your brain and mind circumsized. Circumsizing down there has clearly not matured you.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Mwarang'ethe said...

We have always asserted to the contrary that Kibaki did not win in a fair way.

12/29/08 3:06 AM

there shouldn't be a debate here! ODM party won the December 2007 elections and the person who needs to be taken to the Hague for crimes against ed Humanity on kenyan citizens is
EMILIO MWAI KIBAKI- I don't care even if he is 90 years old he has to be jailed or hanged like Saddam Hussein! he deserves no better the murderer that he is!

Anonymous said...

Mwai Kibaki the murderer must be tried in Hague.

Kenyans will not forget how he used the Mungiki Murderers to slaughter and behead innocent kenyans.. we will not let him get away with murdering innocent kenyans with his cronies wakina Michuki and Martha Karua who now is pretending and distancing herself from Kibaki the Murderer now****
Hey Martha Karua we watched you rush to swear in yours truly Kibaki and now sources say you were the ring leader with yours truly Kibaki, Michuki, Saitoti and Uhuru in organizing the Mungiki murderers to go out to Nakuru and Naivasha and you send some to Eldoret to burn (your own tribesmen in church)in order to divert attention on swearing in Kibaki illegally..

Kibaki and his cronies above must face the Hague,

bribing judges and people like Ababu to derail parliament will not save this goons time is on the kenyans peoples side. the will pay for our childrens deaths! kenyans who lost their loved ones are watching and waiting.. Kibaki and cronies must pay for life's lost.

and the goons on this blog who support kibaki the murderer can think again.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:28 AM

The only person kenyans know to be a shame to all cut men is "Emilo Kibaki" the man you worship.
I don't being a kikuyu from the Rift Valley and seeing my relatives killed just because they married other tribes in not something to take lightly, Kibaki brought to kenya tribal hate that I had never felt or seen before- I'm a kikuyu but ashamed of having someone like Kibaki ( a known murderer now) yes! I repeat Kibaki is a murderer- by sending the mungiki's to Rift valley to kill people or using the police and army forces to kill innocent kenyans gives him the label of a murderer and I should also remind you circumcision means nothing since many nationalities all over the world are not circumcised and yet they live and rule with respect for their citizens.

Kikuyu's should be ashamed of themselves for being blind to Kibaki's murderers ways and allowing him to take our country back dark ages. shame!!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Mr Anon @ various times, one question: How do you dump Kalonzo AFTER he has already become President?! Or better still, even before the election, Kalonzo can only be in a meaningful alliance with Kikuyus IF they help him ascend to the Presidency by voting for him in their massive numbers(next years census is going to shock some people we know). How will it help Kikuyus to "pretend" to be supporting Kalonzo until the last minute only to dump him and THEN support a Kikuyu candidate who will NOT WIN if the rest of the country gangs up against him/her?! What is the politically strategic value for Kikuyus in such an idiotic stance? Do you really believe Kikuyus are that stupid? Do you think Kikuyus do not know how much the so called Western Alliance communities hate/loath them? Do you think they are not preparing accordingly? Do you think they will ever be caught napping again?
If you indeed believe Kikuyus will pretend to support Kalonzo and your strategy is to believe that it will happen to your beloved God Raila's advantage, then please keep doing so. That 'help' will be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

This Kikuyu thing is sickening. Are you not a person first before you are Kikuyu? If the Kikuyu tribe was taken away from you one day, will you not live? If all Kikuyus were to dissapear, will you not survive in this world? You talk of luos as following Raila, I think there are more posts here about the Kikuyu vote morre than any other. Dont Kikuyus have a mind of their own to decide who to vote for? Do you have to force Kalonzo down their throats? What if they want Jeff Koinange? or even Karua? or even Ruto? Utado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I say, please grow up and start thinking as a person, not as a group. If it was the group thing, Obama could not have won the elections. Kikuyu vote, kamba vote, what the hell is that? Is a kikuyu vote worth 2 votes and kalenjin vote worth one? Am the same person in the previous post for those who want to comment and continue with Kikuyu worship.

Anonymous said...

whats the point of having a luo president, they are all going to die of AIDS anyway, that is including phil, urxlnc and SAM OKELLO.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 1.57am, take it easy before you grow a hernia on your forehead from too little thinking but too much headache!

you have said:

"..please grow up and start thinking as a person, not as a group. If it was the group thing, Obama could not have won the elections. Kikuyu vote, kamba vote, what the hell is that? Is a kikuyu vote worth 2 votes and kalenjin vote worth one?..."

Well, before one thinks as part of a group, doesn't one think as a person first, or what have you always done in your experience? Isn't your point therefore moot and irrelevant, if not foolish? Does it not follow then that one can only think as part of a group if and only if you have mutual personal interests, the fear of being massacred twice being one such concern and interest, for instance?
Why do you ask if a Kikuyu thinks his vote is two of a Kalenjin? What is your point, if any? It is difficult to follow your train of thought, if that is what you call it, you know, the thinking part.

Anonymous said...

Wapenzi wasomaji, leo nimeamua kuzungumzia suala ya matako makubwa. Tafadhali msione kama ni matusi lakini hapa USA ni issue kubwa, maana watu wanayachukia! Nimeona nizungumzie suala ya matako makubwa kwa vile jana kazini, mzungu aliyekondeana mno kasema ni mnene na akila keki eti yote itaenda matakoni. Nilishangaa na kusikitika sana.

Uzuri kwa wazungu ni kuwa na matako fleti kama vile yamepigwa pasi. Sijui kwa nini. Mtu anashepu ya mbao, mwanamke hana hips kakaa kama dume vile eti ndo uzuri. Kumbe ni kwa sababu hao models na wacheza sinema wako hivyo! Basi wasichana ana akina mama wanajinyima chakula kusudi wakonde na eti wapendeze. Ndo maana magonjwa kama Bulimia na Anorexia zimeshamiri hapa. Lakini ukitazama sinema za miaka ya nyuma kama za 1930's na 1940's, wanawake walikuwa na shepu na walikuwa wamejaa na hata wanaume wa kizungu walikuwa wanasifia. Mpaka 1950's kulikuwa na mcheza sinema Marilyn Monroe, alikuwa na zinga la figure 8, na wanaume wote walikuwa wanampapatikia. Ama kweli mambo yanabadilika. Hivi sasa wanasema eti walikuwa ni obese yaani wanene!

Mbona mimi naona matako fleti kama chapati ni mabaya na hayapendezi? Au ni kwa sababu nimekulia Africa? Brothas (waMarekani Weusi) wanapenda mwanamke awe na matako ya maana! Akipita mwanamke mwenye mbarikio utasikia brothas wakisifia, "umm, umm umm!" Kuna siku nilisikia wanaume wa kizungu wakijadili sababu ya wanaume weusi kupenda matako makubwa, walisema ni "cultural thing". Kwa kweli ni culture yaani utamaduni! Kama umekulia katika mazingara ya kupenda kitu utakipenda. Na ndo maana kuna weusi USA wanataka kuwa na shepu iliyokondeana kama mzungu kumbe haiko katika 'genes' zake. Wajitahidi kupunguza mzigo lakini wapi, iko pale pale.

Sisi wanawake wenye asili ya Afrika tumebarikiwa huko nyuma. Yaani boxi, siha, wowowo, booty, na nasikia waGhana wanaita yokohama, matako makubwa yana majina mengi. Waafrika tunaona kama ni urembo, lakini wazungu na waliokulia uzunguni wanaona kinyaa. Wanasema eti ni dalili ya ulafi na uvivu! Lakini kama ni dalili ya ulafi mbona hata mwanamke mwembamba mwafrika anaweza kuwa na kamzigo huko nyuma? Ubaya mwenye matako makubwa anaweza kubaguliwa kwa vile bosi anaweza kuona kuwa ni 'ugly' na mwenye nacho anachafua mazingira ya ofisi. Kweli kabisa!

Hayo matako makubwa ni 'genes' za sisi waafrika. Lakini ajabu kuna siku nilisikia wazungu wakisema eti waafrika tuna matako makubwa kwa sababu ya utumwa. Eti mabibi zetu walinyimwa chakula hivyo matako ndo ilikuwa godown ya mafuta ya akiba. Nadhani ni uzushi kama ile ya ngamia kuweka maji kwenye nundu zake!

Mimi mara nyingi nimeambiwa nina matako makubwa, niyapunguze kwa kwenda gym kufanya mazoezi. Hayo mazoezi haisadii kitu ni makubwa vile vile! Lakini msione kama naona haya, wala! Mtu akiniambia nina matako makubwa namwambia mbona kama ni madogo, na ningependa yawe makubwa zaidi! Wanabakia kushangaa hasa nikiwaambia kuwa Afrika, matako makubwa ni uzuri.

Na amini usiamini kuna opresheni ya kuyapunguza inaitwa Liposuction. Wanawake wengi weusi na wazungu wamefanya hiyo liposuction ya matako, akiwemo mwimbaji Janet Jackson. Ubaya, ni kuwa ukishafanya hiyo liposuction, mafuta yataenda kwingine mwilini, hivyo utakuwa na shepu ya ajabu!

Sisi waafrika tunapenda kuringia huo mbarikio wa matako makubwa. Nilipokuwa nacheza ngoma shuleni na jeshini, tulikuwa tunatia nguo ndani ya bukta kusudi tuonekana na matako makubwa kweli kweli! Lakini, mara nyingi mitaani hapa USA, nimesikia akina dada wakifokewa, "You got a big a-s!" Kuna siku nilikuwa kwenye kituo cha Subway hapa Boston, kapita mama fualni Mganda, aisei alikuwa amejaliwa kweli huko nyuma, mpaka nikaona wivu. Basi ungeona wazungu walivyokuwa wanamtazama kwa mshangao ungecheka. Ila nilishuhudia baba fulani Mmarekani Mweusi akimtazama kwa furaha na kawa kama vile anamezea mate.

Nampenda sana mecheza sinema, Whoopi Goldberg. Nilikuwa nasoma jinsi akienda kwenye audition au akiwa kwenye movie shoot, wazungu wanamwambia kuwa ana matako makubwa au avae nguo ya kuzificha. Yeye alichoka, na mwishowe kusema, " Mimi ni mwanamke mweusi, nina matako makubwa niache kama nilivyo!" Wanawake wote tungedai heshima kama Whoopi nashani wazungu wangeheshimu matako yetu makubwa.

Tatizo linigine la kuwa na matako makubwa USA ni kupata nguo. Ukienda kununua sketi au gauni uanweza kukuta mbele refu nyuma umepanda. Au unavaa hiyo nguo lakini kwenye hips na matako haipiti! Hii ni kwa sababu nguo imeshonwa kwa ajili ya wazungu wenye matako fleti. Na kupata Jeans inayofiti ni vigumu. Mtu ambaye atatengeneza nguo 'molded for the black woman' atapata wateja kweli kweli, maana tunalilia nguo kama hizo.

Pamoja na yote haya sasa wazungu wameibuka na staili ya kuwa ka ka-butt. Yaani jeans inakuwa na pedi ndani kusudi mtu aonekana ana matako. Loh! Watu hawaridhiki! Sijui tuseme asante J-Lo (mwimbaji Jennfier Lopez) au nini. Kwanza walikuwa wanamcheka J-Lo na matako yake makubwa lakini naona watu wanaanza kuyapenda. Mpaka kuna opresheni sasa ya kuongeza matako. Wacha wafanye haitapendeza kama matako natural tulytozaliwa nayo waafrika.

Matako Makubwa Oyee!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Asante sana Sista @ 6.00AM.
Siku nyingine ukiulizwa uzuri wa matako kubwa, waambie hao wazungu kwamba hiyo matako ni kama "heavy duty suspension" ili saa ile mwanaume kamili anaendasha gari lako, hawezi kuumizwa na 'pothole'. Hao wazungu wanaishi maisha ya huzuni bila kujua kwa sababu wakati wa kukanyangana, wanaendesha gari ambalo liko bila hata tyre.
Msemo upo unaosema ignorance is bliss, waeleze hao wazungu mambo ya kisasa 21st century sista wawache ushamba na ufala.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder that we Africans remain backward and underdeveloped as compared to the Asians, any intelligent discussion rapidly diminishes to tribal Vitriol..

Willie Lynch and his progeny would be proud of some of the comments by our very well western educated brothers and sisters..

KenyaLuv, I feel you!!

Happy New Year to you all...

Ken Thumbi

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