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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moving To Higher Grounds

The kind of work needed to turn things around in this beautiful country of ours, is huge and overwhelming when you think about it. But with a group of people with the same believe and mind set who are ready to tirelessly work towards that end, its something that can be done quicker than you think. They say we require just a few good men to turn things around … let always keep that in mind.

With corruption becoming invisible as its been executed and only visible when its already too late … others considering themselves more Kenyan than others … others selling the country bit by bit to outsiders in the name of attracting investors … and with the wolves wearing sheep clothing just to be in the position they hold longer to continue ‘eating’ … etc etc etc its becoming harder and harder to just sit and watch.

We are at a point where we are in deep need of political leaders who will be in politics out of passion to lead Kenya to better grounds. In the last 4 decades we have done nothing but to make everything to be about politics and thus we have to use politics to turn things around.

Many get into politics to get rich quick and others stay in politics to protect what they have collected- by questionable means of coz. Thus one the solution to keep off money hungry individuals out of parliament is to make sure that been an MP is not about getting a fat salary or accumulating wealth. If we reduce their salaries many will not run for office … those who will, will be there coz they care for their fellow Kenyans. That way they will spearhead a process of developing systems that work for us which will eliminate evils like corruption, greed and arrogance in public offices.

This kind of a solution is the easiest and most direct. However putting into consideration that most of the powers to reduce the MPs salary lie with them and they refused their almost 7 figure salaries to be taxed, it sounds impossible. And it takes me back to Moi times when he refused to have multiparty politics introduced … and only bulged after much pressure. Since then it has increasingly become clear that for the demands of Kenyans to be met … it can only be through pressure. Thus we must keep the pressure on at all times (and at the same time making sure they don’t get immune to the pressure). The MPs must be made to reduce their salaries … that will be a big nice step forward. We have to pressurize the MPs till they do what we Kenyans want them to do … we must, at least for now.

Next we need to get those that are ready to take things forward for the sake of the nation ready. 100,000 (and may be less) honest and sober Kenyans is all we need to get things going. Many new faces will join politics 2012 and we have to really look to who they are … and not getting them to parliament then they turn out to be the Ababu’s of this world. They have to be people that we will be able to morally tear down and see no traces of evil (or have proven they are a changed lot) … since becoming a thief does not start overnight.

People we have to start working towards that.

One love one people one Kenya.


Anonymous said...

Nice piece. Quite some encouraging words there...

Anonymous said...


Your post was very good. You have said some very nice things.

However, and I hope that I am wrong, the genaral mentality of Kenyans is the biggest challenge that remains to be overcome. We are a people who massively adore and love mediocrity in everyway - as a way of life, as a way of earning a living and it is a primary component of our rotten values. At the same time we hate excellence with a passion. You doubt me? This is hypothetical but if Barack Obama himself had campaigned for the presidency of this country as a Kenyan, many Kenyans would immediately look for ways to put him down. Insults such as Jaruo... A Jaruo cannot rule... Kihii and unelectable would come flying out of peoples mouths, emails and sms's

Sayra, sorry to say this, you have excellent hopes and intentions for this country but the general, typical Kenyan will let you down big time.

Msema Kweli said...

Our morals (especially those of the so called religious - the Kalonzo and Moi types, educated and learned folks) are debased and what we call a value system stinks like the skunk’s odours! For example, when you want to take a matatu home, the temptation to jump the queue is irresistible. At the banking hall or when paying bills, no one sees the logic to wait for his or her turn.

Then we have traffic jams and drivers who just cannot let go of their accelerators. We overlap the jams with wanton abandon and when we get nabbed, we part with a bribe — simple.

This is a society where a parent and teacher will steal exams for his child or student be the one that should be up in arms against one of their own who does not feel philanthropic enough to pay tax?

It is the same man who does not respect the queues or who parts with bribe for a favor that ends up in Parliament. Why would anyone expect him to pay tax?

It is common that when a car is involved in an accident, "Good Samaritans" search the pockets of victims for cash which they then STEAL.

I'm sure that you've seen images of people who consume alcohol from a truck that has overturned, not giving a hoot about the injured driver or his turn-boy? Or when a supermarket is demolished and a man holding three chickens and a bottle of beer gleefully poses for a photo and we laugh at his comic theatrics. We are just rotten.

A food crisis will still be witnessed; I am currently hearing about it in news. Demolitions will go on since legal titles will be issued on public land and election violence will be perpetrated unless we rethink what we treasure as our values. Our values as Kenyans are rotten to the core. FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT rule supreme. Sad but true. It is almost a crime to be honest in Kenya. You will be viciously attacked from all corners. Insults and malicious gossip will be thrown at you.

I have noticed on this blog that Chris, Taabu and Phil are always almost violently attacked by the dishonesty (fraud, deception and theft) loving clowns who visit this blog simply for calling a spade a spade.

This was my point: our leaders are a product of us and not the other way round. Our leaders are bound by the rotten values that make us as Kenyans. Our leaders are rotten because we are rotten. Stinking rotten. No wonder we also like lilving a lie.

chola said...

Our Kenyan politicians should be paid just same as teachers and nurses, may be little more for house and travel allowances, burned from attending harambee meetings, giving or accepting money from the private and public and if they have to it has to be declared and approved by special commission. This way my Kenyan sis and bro vision 2030 is reality

Anonymous said...

in the previous post you said Obamas picture in a swim short is pornographic. have you never sucked a cock?

joe the choma man said...

even the average Kenyan in the village is millions of light years ahead of our corrupt politicians in forward thinking
Government is the one who should catch up and join us on higher ground

its over to us now what demands are we going to pressure for?what step in direction should this country take next?

"wacha wale wanataka kupigana wapigane"

Anonymous said...

Before we get to where you want us to go, we must first figure out what to do with the human worshippers in our midst. Those who are told to jump by their tribal warlords and they ask "how high" instead of "why" - for example, people who refused in 2005 to read for themselves a draft constitution because Raila had read it and said it was bad. Or those who believe that their poverty is a historical injustice caused by another tribe. With these types of "dependent thinkers" among us we will be throwing stones at one another until the warlords decide otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Sayra, Kenya is going nowhere. Not as long as we have dicksuckers like Mutahi Ngunyi who will spend time smearing feaces all over the dailies trying to analyze Kibaki as the "silent calculating genious" who has outwitted us all. This is real crap. When will this lesotho nonsense ever end. Kibaki is a senile old man, period! Nothing to analyze!!! When shall we ever rid ourselves of Idiots lilke Uhuru, Kalonzo, John Njue , ALfred Mutua, Saitoti....???

Anonymous said...

Whenever Mr Odinga opens his mouth he is either condemning someone, or criticizing something, or challenging whoever, or threatening the junior govt workers, or daring so and so, or warning XYZ, or see the point? This man has absolutely no agenda for the nation except combat politics. I just wonder how he managed 4 million votes! Surely what is wrong with Kenyans who just can't see this man and ODM for what they really are: Power seekers and nothing else?

Anonymous said...

Blogger Anonymous said...

Whenever Mr Odinga opens his mouth he is either condemning someone, or criticizing something, or challenging whoever, or threatening the junior govt workers, or daring so and so, or warning XYZ, or see the point? This man has absolutely no agenda for the nation except combat politics. I just wonder how he managed 4 million votes! Surely what is wrong with Kenyans who just can't see this man and ODM for what they really are: Power seekers and nothing else?


Anonymous said...

anon12:30 PM

When there is a thief and a murderer in statehouse what do you expect?? even Mungiki now want to take Kibaki, Michuki, Saitoti and Martha Karua to the ICC - yes International criminal court for those who don't know what ICC stands for and guess what they have already send the request and proof they collected - 8000 mungiki youths executed ..... this is the worst atrocity coming from kenya - even the Eldoret church burning does not compare to all of these 8000 mungiki youths being mascaraed bu the Kibaki government.

Vikii said...

12.30, I agree. It is always a game of chasing shadows. If really Muthaura is the kind of "junior civil servant who should come running whenever summoned", why doesn't he go ahead and summon him? As in, you have said it, now go ahead and do it! Raila Odinga continues to appear to me as the kind of fella who says aloud his wishes and starts believing they are realities. This is dangerous delusion.

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong to think that reducing MP's salary will change anything!

A few years ago the MP's were making peanuts and corruption and bad gov was at its pick!

With all its problems-corruption, bad election results, weird governance, poverty,hunger-we are on the right track.

I say so because, few years ago no one questioned any problem without going to jail, today KTN can show "KIBAKI'S COUP" on national TV and it is normal.

To stay on track, the media has to have the freedom it needs to disseminate information and bit by bit wananchi will figure out what to do.

Am proud of where/what kenya has done-look at last election and see the attrition rate! now wananchi are understanding that it takes more than removing a politician from office, and politician know they are venerable so they might work hard!

Am sure kenyans are going into the next election with clear eyes. With all this progress it still feels slow, maybe we all need some patience.

Anonymous said...

anon3:09 PM

what progress?? are you kidding me??? kenyans facing starvation, unemployment at it's highest ,IDP's still not settled while the thieving thug in statehouse namely Emilio Kibaki still farting rotten gas on Kenyans.. and how dare you say as kenyans we need more patience.. shenzi wewe- people like you are the once send here by kibaki's propaganda Alfred Mutua machinery.. the only urgent move that majority of Kenyans want is Kibaki out of statehouse period.. yeye mpumbavu sana the senile fool.

Anonymous said...

A rogue and corrupt opposition is worse than the most evil incumbency.

And that tells you how hopeless the future of Kenya is. Going by what is coming out of ODMers mouths, it seems to me that the only alternative to Kibaki's inefficient leadership is a bunch of ignorant tribalists.

Opposition to Kibaki has turned to opposition to a tribe, that is how narrow the vision of the opposition is.

It is no wonder that words such as "Lesotho" in reference to an isolated Central Province, are thrown around casually on this blog by the same so called progressives from whom a good number of Kenyans expect their salvation. That is the reason why Raila Odinga has the effrontery to -as late as last week- justify the horrible blood bath that the country saw after the elections of '08 by equating such killings to America's fight for independence. He sees no difference to people rising against a super power to people rising against the peasants among them for the simple reason that they voted differently.

Raila calls Mungiki's forceful circumcision of Luo males, burning women and children in a church "fighting for freedom."

It all boils down to the blurring of the line between Kikuyu and Kibaki. What Raila told L.A times was that it is basically justified to kill members of a particular tribe if they vote for a man who turns out to be seen as having rigged the elections.

In other words, in '92 and '97, years in which elections were widely believed to have been rigged too, it would have been fine, according to Raila, for Kikuyus, Luos or any aggrieved tribe to embark on a slaughtering orgy of Kalenjins.

I happen to think that we can do better than that. we can do better than a leader who takes shortcuts to appeal to the worst in us. I believe that there is a Kenyan out there who has the capacity to speak and be listened to by all Kenyans regardless of tribe.

What ODM did and still is, was similar to what Governor Palin attempted to do in America; win an election by creating an "us" versus "them" situation. The only difference is that the hate campaign in Kenya was unbridled and there was no McCaine to take the mic away from those shouting "kill them."

There are kikuyus who will never vote for a Luo leader even if such a leader had a permanent halo over his is the responsibility of a good leader to alienate those and focus on Kenyans who genuinely want a good country for all.

The dominant voice from the opposition at the moment, or at least in the run up to election 2007, was that of stirring up tribal allegiances which works to win election but (as we saw) could easily pulverize a nation.

I lost respect for Kibaki, I have none either for Raila. Both men have no respect for human life. One sat by as Kenyan killed each other while the other cheered, albeit subtly and then later, as we work on how to give justice to those killed and maimed, he still maintains that no crimes were committed.

Anonymous said...

anon4:31 PM

Stop confusing issues here trying to protect Kibaki's image while tarnishing Raila's

Show us Kenyans proof on when Raila ordered Police to shoot Innocent Kenyans dead during and after the 27th December 2007 elections??

Facts are majority of kenyans can show you proof of Policemen in action shooting and killing innocent kenyans due to a direct order from Emilio Mwai Kibaki!!

second the burning of kikuyu's in Eldoret church was a canning work of Kibaki with the help of Moi his friend in the crime. this has been confirmed by the same mungiki send to burn their own tribesmen in a church and why should this surprise kenyans when the same mungiki have been executed by Kibaki and Michuki(more than 8000) and yet they are send out to kill other kenyans by the same government who execute them how ironic.. Raila's interview with L.A times was pure truth.. Kibaki planned the whole massacre and murder of innocent kenyans. why to cover up his rigging on the elections and to give him time to be sworn in the dark of the night...while he send out the police and his mungiki army of thugs some dressed in police uniforms to continue the murder, burning alive in homes and beheading of innocent kenyans..


Anonymous said...

anon 4:53 this is the kind of heckling sorts from ODM who are supposed to provide alternative leadership to Kenya.

you said "_____ the burning of kikuyu's in Eldoret church was a canning work of Kibaki with the help of Moi his friend in the crime____"

Aren't you a little perturbed then by the fact that Raila is so passionately defending Kibaki from these murders by calling them acts of "freedom fighters."

What Kenyans should be praying for is that a true opposition loyal to all Kenyans regardless of tribe emerges before 2012.

You cannot claim to fight for the common mwananchi when you justify the slaughter of the weakest of the weak.

KenyaLuv said...

40 years after independence and Kenya has barely moved three steps. Kenyans are jokers. We should throw ash on ourselves in shame.

eddlove said...

All am seeing here is Kibaki this and Raila that. Ahvent Kenyans realised that all politicians are the same. Havent you asked yourself why MPS from ODM are sitting quiet while news of corruption at NCPD are flying high. Millions of Kenyans face starvation and yet we have some politicians playing with our lives. Kibaki and Raila and Co are al the same. The minute Kenyans realise that they are the shapers of their own destinies the better.Stop this shallow ended politics and look at the real issues.

Shiko-Msa said...

Sayra someone said to leave the leaders alone. Let them run us, and in the process themselves, to the ground. Burn themselves out completely.

It's unfortunate that they'll burn us out in the process. But unlike them, us we shall have learned something and we can pick up the pieces and rebuild the country without them since they'll have been kicked out by the electorate. Some will be gracing the Hague while others will be languishing in Indian jails.

It's not to say we'll watch silently. We shall make noise, they shall not listen but we shall shout anyway.

Mama said...


I absolutely agree with the reduction of MP salaries for the reasons you have stated. Let only those willing to work for the people work.

At the moment, I have certainly given up on Kenya so I wish you and those willing to reform Kenya all the best.

Anonymous said...

I saw a sign in a matatu that read 'The biggest cause of Poverty is Honesty'

That just summed up whats wrong with our country.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.30 again.
Absolute power requires one to be smart, raila is simply not smart, he is a brawler, he believs in forcing his way forward hence the 1982 failed coup, and the post election violence in 2007. If for instance raila had archieved power in 2007 using the clashes, would he have been able to efectively govern, or govern at all ? The killings could have continued to a certain extent, the retaliation and a full blown civil war would have followed, whatever the case kenya would have gone down the drain as a whole. As of now no solutions to the problems that caused the violence have been found, thus no guarantee that this will not happen again. Whatever the case, there exists a community in kenya whoes people were mercilesly and brutally killed on behalf of raila odinga and his luo kinsmen.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:51 AM,

Your comment is a gross misinterpretation of the truth. Raila won the election, he did not have to steal it or use clashes. On the contrary it is Kibaki who stole the elections and almost drove this country into civil war:

Your comments were a big lie. Watch this video and see what actually happened, not the outright lies you are trying to fart over here on this blog:

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.30,

you say that

"Absolute power requires one to be smart"

Knowing you people and the way you think, I'm sure this smartness you are talking about involves FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT. Kwenda huko! Such kind of behavior by Jomo Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki is what has let this country down and sunk it to the low levels it is in. We are not interested. AT ALL!!

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