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Monday, January 12, 2009

My Challenge To The Kenyan Youth...Are We Any Different?

Are we really ready?

For a nation as small as Kenya, I'm stunned by the magnitude of corruption going on. In a span of less than two months, various degrees of corruption have been revealed to the public. But by far the most troubling remain the shenanigans that went down at the Kenya Pipeline and at the Tourism Board. I single out these two because the nation is on track to lose billions of shillings to cartels that have blatantly worked with government officials to line their pockets at the expense of the Kenyan people.

How could thirty five million shillings have been paid to a company that never delivered services? And just how could Permanent Secretary Nyoike have failed to notice that Triton was teetering on the brink of collapse at the time the Ministry of Energy was pumping billions of shilling in awarded tenders to them? Something is gravely wrong in a nation where within such a short time billions of shilling are lost...and apparently without much of a fight from Kenyans.

But if you thought these are bad, consider the growing evidence that the hunger and starvation being experienced by many Kenyans now is actually the work of a cartel within the Ministry of Agriculture. These sleazy folks have consciously decided that the mass starvation of Kenyans does not mean anything to them as long as they make a little money. How can these guys sleep at night? What do they think when they watch the emaciated bodies of little children and the withering breasts of mothers who can't feed those helpless Kenyans? Martha Karua, if you truly know who these folks are, let Kenyans know with you. Then let us collectively ask how such cruel people can remain in office.

Then there are the people we call the police. I have never seen more blatant corruption in my life. These guys have perfected the art of grabbing money from the hand of a tout into theirs in the twinkle of an eye. I've even heard stories of senior officers who have worked a deal with the matatu owners so that for a fee of about one hundred shillings per day, the lucky matatus will never ever be stopped. The troubling thing about this state of affairs is that Kenyans seem perfectly okay with what's going on. Nobody is complaining. Just how did we come to sink so low?

But even in the face of such blistering corruption, I have hope that things will get better. I have seen a lot of Kenyan youths who are eager to take the helm and help steer Kenya toward what her real potential is. Before we stake our claim to leadership, however, we as the youth must answer a fundamental question: Are we any different than the people who have brought Kenya to her knees? What will we do about the police? What will we do about corrupt men like Okungu and Achien'g? Will we be content to just jail them, or will we go a step further and make them return the money stolen from Kenyans? And finally, what will we do about these cartels that are making life a nightmare for Kenyans?

Fellow Kenyan youth, are we any different?


PKW said...

Sam, should we redefine 'youth'? I'm surprised you put 'youth' and 'we' together, yawa?

Sam Okello said...


If you were to redefine the term, what would you make a youth look like?

eddlove said...

Well Okello first we should have proper checks and balances to preven temptations.The problem is that the govt operates without checks and balances. look at the police if a cop commits a crime where do u report him. When someone has evidence of under hand deals wea does he or she report.

Anonymous said...

The PNU-ODM coalition is like a guard dog-thief coalition to both "eat." Young politicians have not raised their voices against the mzees in their parties.

Anonymous said...


has the explotatory comitee started work.

Joe the choma man said...

how are you? happy new year and how is the exploratory committee coming along? please don't include in the committee that your authoritative source who lied to you about Dr.Kibaki not going to sign the ammended communications act into law

"Samo" i'm sure you've heard the term "mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka"? and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree etc. if you read what Syara wrote in the previous post the challenge to kenyan youth should be move to high ground Sam because the answer is of course not they are not any different-the challenge is what demands are we going to put pressure on this country for?

anyway "Samo" you should know by now our favourtie national pastime is enduring-that is why we are good long distance runners.we are however good electronic complainers EC-unfortunately by the same token we are naturally bad selectors of poor leadership and bad leaders (NBSL)-we only have ourselves to blame and we are stuck in the mess we're in until we grow up and learn the difference between hypocrites and true leaders

by the way you mentioned the word "breast" somewhere in your post in one of the sentences-please be careful for posting porn on this blog forum-we have been already forewarned stupid and Chris does not want 3 million hits because of adult materials

Sam Okello said...


you are right. But I wonder about that breed that used to be called investigative journalists. where did they go? Don't you think that by now a scoop should have unearthed what went on at Energy, Kilimo and KTB? And just where are the whistleblowers?

Anonymous said...

If Martha Karua blantly exposes these guys without reservations, I'll vote for her in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Its devastating whats going on Sam. Well, as they say, Mta Do? Someone once said that the beginning of our problems was the (?Ndegwa) commission that allowed civil servants to engage in business. Several years down the line, this is the result. Its just an inevitable consequence of such a fatally flawed phylosophy. The way forward is to fundamentally change the way we do things, period....

Kwale said...

Salaam za Mwaka Mpya Sam Okello!

You make a lot of sense when you are not worshipping Raila molasses. You and I know all too well change is impossible in Kenya without a paradigm shift in people's mind. Change start in the way we think. I am not a religious person but, I believe its only a CHANGED mind that can have brand new attitudes, goals, ideals, opinions, desires, and ideas about our lives.

BTW, Are you referring "youth" as that time of life that is neither childhood nor adulthood? If that's the case most Kumekucha readers have past that, so this is no good to us.

But I agree, Young people throughout Kenya have an enormous contribution to make to our country. However, we must create the opportunity for them to become active citizens who understand that they have rights as well as responsibilities. This will enable them to fully participate in development projects that create opportunities for themselves and their communities through apprenticeship and other youth programs. Believe me you Kenyan youths are very talent group of people but their skills have been hijacked and brainwashed by wannabe presidents and politicians through LIES, DECEPTION and FRAUD.

-McLaren Mercedes MP4-23-

Anonymous said...


How old are you? You sound pretty youthful from your comments.
N'how, why don't we all support this youth candidate, Sam Okello for 2012. I still hope he can partner with Jeff Koinange so together they bring real change to kenya. we need to stop this selfish bunch of politicians selling our country to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...


sam never worship raila, sam just call it as he see it, when he think election was stolen, he say that, when he think some luo people are stealing from government like achien'g and okungu, he say so. That why i like this man.

Demogod said...


Its not about the youth, its about leadership of this country. Our politicians who we as Kenyans put in charge are totally irresponsible in abdicating their duties to the people of Kenya. We Kenyans idiolize these "idiots" sitting in the parliament and the cabinet. Kenyans must realize that if we want to change Kenya, then we as Kenyans must "wake up" to the fact that we have to enforce responsibility and results into our system. People should be paid salaries based on performance and responsibility, not by sitting and occupying a sit in the parliament doing nothing. Our archaic laws need to be changed quickly. This change can only come to Kenyans if we demand it. Change does not need to be violent, it needs to have an impact on these politicians way of life.

Let's look at a country like Singapore. although it is a so called "authoritarian" government which the foreign media potrays, it actually has more freedom to individuals then people in the US and around the world. The leaders of Singapore have implemented a system where they attract professionals and technocrats with ability and skills and pay them market salaries similar to the top honchos around the world, but they are pegged to the performance of the country and deliverable of goals. Thus bonuses of civil servants are all pegged to the growth rates of the economy and job creation. Corruption has been almost eliminated, and if anyone found corrupt the penalties are very harsh, and those individuals will never work again the civil service.

So as Kenyans, we must demand the right leadership, forget part politics, look at the right credentials of those individuals, and elect them based on their skills, ethics etc. And if they are found to incompetent then they should be kicked out, we should never accept sub par leaders in our country.

Forget tribalistic politics, our country men and women must understand that if Kenya hast to move forward, we have to change the leadership at the top and stop recycling the same people. We need new ideas, new passion, and new responsibility.

Kenyans are bright people and have the ability to demand better not only for themselves but for the children of this country. No one is GOD in our political landscape, all of them can be replaced by a new generation of leadership that abdicates responsibility and deliverables to the people of kenya.

Sam Okello said...


Happy New Year to you too!

You are right about the youth. As I've travelled through Kenya, I've noticed the egarness of this group of Kenyans to go to work, to be responsible members of society. The tragedy is that in many cases they have nowhere to work. When you see them along the road with sunken eyes, apprhension written all over their faces, it breaks your heart.

PKW was about to redefine the word youth for us. As we wait, I propose that we consider anybody below forty five as of 2012 a youth. But that's only in so far as our aspiration to elect a youthful president goes.

A more liberal definition of youth for me is simply a man or woman who looks at Kenya through the prism of the youth. Such a man or woman shares the hopes and dreams of the youth, that include a unites, cohesive nation, a nation where everybody who wants to work can find a job, a country where the tenets of democracy are adhered to, and a place where as Sayra called upon us, we can all rise to a higher plane.

I wish for you a happy and prosperous new year, Bwana Kwale.

Anonymous said...


Why are you so obsessed with "Raila molasses" to quote you? Can't you for once engage in a discussion without him?

Anonymous said...

A good question, ‘Are we the youth any different?’ The one fundamental question that has usually baffled me is that, if the youth are any different, then the current leadership would not exist.
Comments posted here merely amplify the delusion that we the youth are any different, forty years on and we still elect the same scum? We are already baptizing the next president i.e. Martha, Kalonzo, Saitoti, Raila, Uhuru, Ruto!! Something is seriously wrong with the whole picture. No matter how many times you stir githeri in a pot it still remains githeri, you have to empty the pot if you want a new dish…

This is beyond any so-called political dug out canoe (ODM, PNU etc etc)….
The greatest irony occurs every five years, the so called enlightened youth go about and elect individuals who in turn drain the public coffers, followed by huge public outcry, and voila elections again… so much for being enlightened… if the youth or future generations do not come together and hold these elected officials accountable, then we may as well, eat humble pie and admit we are incapable of independently managing our affairs…

Ken T.

Anonymous said...

Demogod, you are spot on...I always wonder why this is so hard for all Kenyans to understand such a simple message. Or are we simply a manifestation of successful teachings from Willie Lynch to colonialists and neocolonialists…

Anonymous said...

Man sets Singapore lawmaker on fire

(CNN) -- A Singapore lawmaker was in intensive care Monday after a man set him on fire at a community event, a hospital official told CNN.

Seng Han Thong of the ruling People's Action Party underwent skin graft surgery at Singapore General Hospital Monday morning and was in stable condition, said hospital spokeswoman Junaidah Hameed.

Seng suffered burns to his face and chest after a man in his 70s came up behind him as he was sitting down for lunch, poured thinner on him and set him on fire, party official George Tan told reporters.

An event organizer who rushed to Seng's aid and tried to douse the flames was also injured, the hospital said.

Seng had gone to the community center in his parliamentary district to hand out money to residents -- a tradition among many politicians ahead of the Chinese New Year, which falls on January 26 this year.

The attacker was a 70-year-old former cab driver who has been in and out of a mental clinic in recent months, the English-language daily newspaper the Straits Times reported.

Tan, the party official, said the man had met Seng at several meet-and-greets and complained about "evil spirits in his house."

"No matter what the reason is, and whatever condition the person is in, that is no reason to commit such a crime against anyone, not just against an MP [member of parliament]," Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng told reporters at the hospital.

Two years ago, Seng was attacked at another community event by another cab driver, the newspaper said. In that incident, the cab driver punched Seng because he was upset that the lawmaker was not helping him get his revoked license reinstated

Anonymous said...

This guy led the way with this kind of behavior. As the top most leader in government he is supposed to be the number 1 example of good behavior but look at what he did:

If he could do this in broad daylight, is it a surprise that such kinds of shenanigans that have been happening in Kenya are happening? No!

In a family, if a "father" STEALS in broad daylight in front of his "children" and "grandchildren" and gets away with it, what do you expect? The "children" and "grandchildren" will simply do likewise; follow his example - STEAL!

The "father" set a "perfect example" for them on how to behave: STEAL! STEALING is OK. STEALING PAYS. This is Kenya.

eddlove said...

Okello problem is most journalist went partisan last election and used to expose scandals because the govt was one sided. Now money is moving around and the journalists' to have stomachs.

Anonymous said...

Sam you said and I quote you:

"Something is gravely wrong in a nation where within such a short time billions of shilling are lost...and apparently without much of a fight from Kenyans."

This is a big part of your answer:

A lot of Kenyans said this was good behaviour and that there was nothing wrong with this. They also said, without an iota of shame, that the cartoon won fair and square. STEALING is STEALING. Whether it is elections or billions.

Sam, are you still surprised that "billions of shilling are lost...and apparently without much of a fight from Kenyans?"

Anonymous said...

Anon aka msema kweli, are you going to present that youtube video you carry in your pocket to court that kibaki stole the election? I am waiting for that!

Anonymous said...

Okungu and achieng must go for stealing or looking the other way as theft went on under their dockets. However, I wonder why some thieves are too important to be touched: we recently heard about pyrethrum board, nobody has gone home for the maize scandals, nobody has been held to acount for fiddling with the tallying of last elections, and the list goes on an on. Is this a matter of nabbing whoever appears to be the weakest or one without a godfather? By the way, haters must be thinking that these were raila's men and so Raila must have been in the loop- FYI these are the TUJU types.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:58 AM,

It really pains you to see that video. Well my advice to you is not to watch it. Remember you have a choice, avoid watching what pains you, avoid looking at your "face" in the mirror. Come to think of it AVOID ALL MIRRORS, YOU WILL JUST KEEP ON SEEING YOUR UGLY SELF.

As for justice, MALIPO NI HAPA HAPA DUNIANI. Those who STEAL will pay for their sins in public before they kick their almighty buckets and go to hell for their "desert" (Pudding, if you will)

If you do a bit of Historical research you will discover that Ben Gethi, the former head of the GSU and later the police, the guy who participated in the grisly murdering Josiah Mwangi Kariuki in 1975 died a very long painfull death later on. The guy was shouting and yelling with pain from his prostate cancer and the whole Aga khan hospital - fellow patients, visitors etc could hear his anguished cries for days on end.

That is just one example out of many.

Anonymous said...

Having only come back from Kenya what I noticed is complicity, mass raping of the economy, dishonesty in our leadership that discerns wide landscape of the country. These are people insensitive, cruel to the poor they serve, if any thriving sucking the thin resources in their midst. I crisscrossed the country from the coast to Western Kenya working in the process meeting the fibre our undignified and trodden society. A memorable one was working with informal settlements(slums) in coast, where we were undertaking explorative consultation towards improving sanitation , health and housing for the tenants in partnership with world bank, to our shock we were almost lynched when the ‘land lords ‘(mind you these are govt land) incited some tenants. These same fellows own boreholes, illegal electricity etc!!

Back to my observation , these people voted in ‘hope’ to come out of the despair that they had been subjected to many years but to their disappointment it’s the personality that have changed. The inequity in Kenya is so profound that it will take ages to redefine, in the process abdicated their responsibility to amassing wealth to phenomenon level (all the filth in Kenyan dirt sits somewhere in coast). All they yearn to is an effort to be provided with:
1. basic commodities aka primary needs like food
2. access to primary health care for all
3. education for their children and jobs

Speaking to cross-section of Kenyans, from taxi driver to mama mboga the convergence zone is the deceit and trap they fell for from our leaders possessed with material things at the expense of living to the desired goals /visions they set and who they now consider a common enemy. Selective amnesia is across the board from ODM to PNU, one ODM MP (from coast) had the audacity of flushing his payslip to me declaring how much tax he pays, notwithstanding the huge allowances they are paid. Ironically, they use the premise of huge responsibilities in giving handouts!!! ‘Unga revolution’ is a reality that I will not be shocked if/when Kenyans marched to the state house.

The shared common denominator is a government that cannot protect its people, looting with impunity where they are rewarded whilst petty offenders are lynched. Security is now a major concern that if not addressed will usher in a state of anarchy when they will take law into their hands or thugs will be running amok all over Kenya. As expected I was initiated in this melodrama under uncanny circumstances in Kiambu (kimende area) when my car hit a bump at 2pm (25th Dec) in the busy NRB-NKR highway, a split of 10 minutes I was confronted by a nasty man flaunting AK47. We surrendered everything, 100 metres from criminal police road block; to my incredulity, when police arrived they wanted to know how much was stolen instead of pursuing the criminal even though they arrived 2 minutes after the ordeal. One was inquiring about the exchange rate of the foreign currency I was stripped of!! Is this Kenya we want, no one is spared. Next time I come to Kenya, I will be armed in my own way, if I can’t be protected by the police.

In conclusion, the anger running down the spine of Kenyans will not spare you or I, people lucky to have cars are bundled together with the crooks in power. At least I heard this from ‘watu wa masinani’ who are not able to discern between the earnest Kenyan and the politician who importunate for votes every 5 years. It chills the spine when you are considered an enemy in circumstances you may not wriggle yourself out of.
As for Okungus, Sam we need to be careful before we throw the sword my sources tell me that Okungu is a sacrificial lamb that scandal is bigger than him!!! I would advise the Sam’s to familiarise themselves with mechanics of corruption in Kenya, spare some weeks and travel around rather than arm chair commentaries/investigative journalism that lacks ground. The flavour of the brimstone in Kenya is that majority of journalist are in politicians/bureaucrats pockets that the burning does not come out in the open, what you see is smoke!!

Anonymous said...

The youth are as crooked as the their fathers and grandfathers before them. They have learnt by example. Just look at Raila Jr smashing a govt mercedes car in his drunken stupor coming from Michuki son's party, etc. Then you talk of youth; keep dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:23 AM,

kwale sees Raira, that is what panua mongrels call him, everywhere. Like someone said here a while ago. Kwale and his ilk behave like a paranoid fly that sees imaginary shots of insecticide coming its way even when nothing of the sort is happening. PARANOIA is a very debilitating sickness. That is why kwale behaves the way he does.

He is sick fellow. The sickness? Irrational HATE. He should direct his hate towards more deserving "entities" such as the Mungiki rascals who engage in festivals, carnivals and extravaganzas of chopping their fellow tribemens heads off or even Kibaki whose opionion of IDP's is something along the lines of:

"Wapumbavu! Waache kuregarega, wafanye kaaazi." He might even throw in a mavi ya kuku insult to the IDP's who voted for him almost to a man and woman.

Anonymous said...

Get out Kibaki from Statehouse where he is illegally farting in then Kenya will turn around..

The crooks of Anglo leasing, Grand Regency, Charter house, Transcentury are still in office with kibaki;s protection all they did is to move around and continue looting the country in different sectors sources confirm.. from Tourism, the Rift valley Railway line, To the Pipeline and you haven't yet heard the mother of corruptions by Kibaki's highest officials and friends..

WATCH THIS SPACE- and i hope by then Kibaki will be out of statehouse and frog marched to HAGUE..

Anonymous said...

anon3:23 AM

cant you engage in discussion without incest happy kibaki being it it... this disgusting senile kibaki sleeps with his own daughter Judy while madam Rucy is busy with Michuki ...

KenyaLuv said...

Im happy Kumekucha is waking up and getting past the pettiness. We need to all unite as one and demand real change in our country even if that means kicking out the whole lot of these people. We need to start a movement of real change in Kenya. Fundamental changes, nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

anon2:40 AM

ha!!@ha!! really the same Martha Karua is involved in the Rift valley Railway scandal by her connections and shares in Trancentury!! she is also a crook and add her meeting in statehouse with Mungiki during and after 27th December elections.. she is also a biatch and a murderer having had a hand in paying the mungiki gangs...

Sam Okello said...


I hope we all understand the seriousness of corruption in Kenya. We cannot go on like this. I fear for the future of a nation where a journalist friend of mine tells me that, "Sam, why are you worried about the police eating? That's the way things happen in Kenya, man."

No. It should not be this way. But I'm not delusional. I know that the generation of Kenyans in leadership today won't correct this mess. That's why I asked if we, as the youth can come in and change things. Can we?

I honestly belive that if we answer no to that fundamental question, then we are not worthy to seek leadership and our efforts in trying to dethrone the current looters amounts to hypocricy.

Are we any different?

papa plus said...


I think there are some youthful Kenyans that would approach civil service for what it is; service to the citizens.

Unfortunately, civil societies in Kenya are not healthy. Everyone became so partisan that not even the churches raise their voice when wrong is done.

Ms.Karua needs to spill the beans. Now that Raila is part of GK, we don't have anyone out there willing to divulge inside information on AL and Artur type issues. Plus the opposition is non existent.

cicero said...

bullshit! no young person will do jack to Kenya if he is not doing it already. People act as though politics is the only way that you can change your country...that you have to be elected to office to do shit.what is this now, a quid pro quo? Elect me so that I can deliver you from poor leadership?

Well, most of the past successful reformers never held elective offices.

In fact, Kenya needs sacrifice...It might just be that whoever delivers us from this mess will labor in obscurity for years without recognition, without accolades... and the world will only celebrate him years after he is gone.

Sayra said...

Happy new year Sam.

The youth are not any different. Give them the opportunity to steal ... they will big time, but in a more sophisticated manner.

But remember that the youth in the nation understand the consequences of corruption and they have directly suffered from that ... and they have seen that stolen cash/wealth does not take you too far. It is therefore easier to discourage most of them from such practices.

Anonymous said...

post from Jukwaa:


So now kikuyu is giving his friends children TOP POSITIONS in government corporations! this is sickening..

to my understanding this MaryAnn Ndegwa trained as a Chef at Cornell University so what qualifications does she have to be a Director of Kenya Tourist Board?? when there are many Kenyans who are qualified for this position?? why wasn't the position advertised as per KTB regulations???

I SWEAR THIS KIBAKI PNU SHIATE MUST BE STOPPED... NOW sources confirm from KTB that she was given the job by Kibaki during NARC GOVERNMENT....


Anonymous said...

anon8:43 AM

What change? I just read on here that Kibaki's friends children are getting Big Positions in government corporation??

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation??

Who is this MaryAnn Ndegwa? - seeing she is the Daughter of the former governor of central bank Duncan Ndegwa??
1. what are her qualifications
2. was the Directors Job advertised??
3. Balala is he asleep on his Job or trying to please Kibaki?? whose side is he on??

4. She must be removed with immediate effect and let the job be advertised so that the most qualified Kenyan gets the position.

This is shear madness how dare they play with Kenyans this way...
it is time out for the coalition they have failed Kenyans

Anonymous said...

Raila asked to give displaced priority .....

Raila cannot clean up every mess directly created by the illegitimate president.These pnu mps must be kidding. Why can't they address the lazy sloth resting his withered behind at SH. He has totally forgotten his supporters after creating the idp mess through stealing elections.

Anonymous said...


Sources at KTB confirm MaryAnn Ndegwa having an affair with Balala that is why he gave her a job as the Director of Kenya Tourism Board...

this is madness********no qualifications execpt for hanki panki in bed determines promotions???

No!!no!! enough is enough this must be investigated. whistle blowers need protection in order to come public with this information-
where is the loud mouth MP Ababu to follow up on this scandal!!
this is ridiculous and not acceptable to kenyans

Anonymous said...

anon1:48 PM

Kibaki only knows how to execute mungiki gang members and bury IDP's in mass graves. that way he doesn't have to feed them food.

do you think Kibaki cares about IDP's?? with all his shamba's why hasn't he offered them same land? some of the IDP's are his tribesmen- but to him they are worse than dogs- he calls them MAVI YA KUKU.

Anonymous said...

anon2:01 PM

what?? MaryAnn Ndegwa sleeping with Balala for KTB Job? shiate- I went to school with this lady. what a shame!

Anonymous said...

Even the youth like the wazees want to eat , that is and has always been the kenyan mantra , all these so called youth like yourself who are running around ati they want to lead , spell the word lead in three letters "EAT".I was in college in Kenya and there the student leaders were youthful and had alot of power that they even controlled the student affairs kityy , do you know corruption was in its raw form in these den of student leader thieves and im talking major embezzlement just like we see in ODM an PNU cabinet,my point is being a youth doesnt make someone trustworthy and honest , what we need is good people whether they are 80yrs old or 18.

Anonymous said...

The imminent cabinet reshuffle will only be another opportunity for kibs and his cronies to play musical chairs , "wewe umekula sana kwa mahindi sasa ruka pale ukule mafuta kidogo alafu kiraitu pia ale mahindi" , au sio wazee! kazi iendelee

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