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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kumekucha Makes History As Hit Counter Zooms Past 2 Million Hits Mark!!!

A few days ago on December 31st I celebrated my birthday and only 2 people remembered one of them giving me a wonderful unforgettable present (although they forgot to sing happy birthday).

Days later today I have something really important to celebrate. And this time I want to celebrate this thing with the multitudes of Kumekucha readers and contributors all over the world.

Some time last night or in the early hours of today the visitor counter on this popular blog broke the 2 million hits barrier. 2 MILLION!!!

I cannot remember the last time I was so excited. Of course I have been expecting it for weeks now, regularly looking at the counter on your left hand side of this page. But now that it has happened I can hardly contain myself.

Why am I so excited? Because it has not been easy. It has taken a combination of many things and many people to make it happen, including world-class search engine optimizers who I am proud to report have Kenyan blood flowing through their veins but can take on any SEO heavyweight from Silicon Valley and still get the better of them.

It has also taken our selfless team of contributors here who have given us some excellent stories, many times breaking news that Kenyans read in the mainstream press many weeks and even months later. Thank you Phil for the best scoops of 2008 (especially in January). But thanks to all the other guys as well.

Special mention goes to regular commentators in this blog. Let me say that I feel very blessed to have what must be the most hilarious blog commentators in the world. Let me let you into a secret. When things get very tough and sad for me, I usually read Kumekucha comments (not posts) and within no time I am laughing until tears are streaming down my eyes. Thank you so much guys for making this place so so so much fun.

Of course the party has only just began and the next phase of this Kumekucha project promises to be the most exciting yet. Together we want to trigger real change in Kenya and do "an Obama" on our very own State House. Together we can.

I have a very big celebration planned for tomorrow to re-charge my batteries. Pity I can't invite you all but wherever you will be, please remember to say a prayer for Kumekucha and all the team of wonderful people who have made this possible.

2 million hits!!!! Wow. Who would have imagined?

SEE the other post made a few moments ago; Kibaki's out of character behaviour is reason to worry. Something is very wrong somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Another one bites the dust!Having all so often being reminded how 'certain' Kenyans are INDUSTRIOUS,we are yet again in 24 hours having another one with the wrong DNA being sent home for corruption.Mkono wapiiiiii,MD Kenya Pipeline Cooporation,the one and only Jerry oops sorry George Okung'u!

joe the choma man said...

congratulations and keep up the good job Kumekucha&family of bloggers!
you have proved that the right DNA is kenyan in making this the number 1 kenyan blog on the internet

Anonymous said...

Another one of those Chris' lies. Just be honest you are lying because a blogger here is impersonting saying Kumekucha is closing. Tell the truth because Kumekucha readers have reached to all time low not even half a million let alone 2 million you are claiming. Chris, you like to exaggrate things don't you?

Anonymous said...

Folks, you got to see the number of comments Kumekucha is getting to know Chris is lying. For all day today we only have 9 comments for two different posts.
Most comments in Kumekucha are mainly from a mad blogger talking about his obession with kikuyu malayas, kikuyu incest shiate, thieving Kibaki, HIV martha karua and mungiki. sanitise this blog before ever claiming your wishful desires.

UrXlnc said...

kudos chris

anon 10:17pm

all corruption must be exposed and none should be spared, no sacred cows, lets not turn this into a tribal this and that. reminds me how come governor of CBK still standing perhaps waiting to also be hounded out of office, (one day this century, cockar commission report will be published - went forom 1 month to 6 months and still nothing, no report, no action)

waiting for audit report on KTB as well. people lets fight corruption not tribes and villages. we can restore integrity.

Taabu said...

congrats and may you have a delicious 1 KG of fried OFAL (matumbo). Please remember to wash the towels down with lethal but non-toxic brew. Hongera.

Anonymous said...


That includes stopping your hypocrisy! we know you are one of those Luo thugs that raped women and sodomised boys across the country with your AIDS filled dick. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Mama said...


Anonymous said...

The most recent hiv/aids statistics in kenya by province:
(1). Nyanza- 15.3
(2) Nairobi- 9.0
(3) Coast- 7.9
(4) Rift valley- 7.0
(5) Western- 5.1
(6) Eastern- 4.7
(7) Central- 3.8
(8) North eastern- 1.0

I urge Prime minister Raila Odinga and medical services minister Anyang' Nyong'o to do something. Stop arguing with Muthaura or who should hold Finance Ministry docket, please do something, some have refused to go for circumcision.

sereast said...

It seems it takes one year to hit 1,000,000 hits. I remember last year just as things in Kenya were getting worse you hit 1,000,000 hits now almost a year later you have added one more M. Can you do 1M in 4 months or it is a tall order Chris? You know what am talking about and BTW the 15th is closing in.


Sayra said...

Congrats Chris!

Well done ... keep it going.

Anonymous said...

Revealed: Sh150 million maize scandal
Sunday Nation, 11-1-2009

Anonymous said...

Bravo! The million mark doesn't come easy.

But the following Kenyans have decided to make it without cutting a sweat:
1. A Kenyan drug kingpin has been arrested in UK with cocaine worthy 35 millions. He had been employed by Kenyan Airways after the intervention of the govt cordinator and supervisor.
2. Mr. Ong'ong'a - Chairman of Kenya Tourism Board has been booted out for corruption
3. Mr. G. Okungu - MD of Kenya Pipeline Company has been sent on leave for fleecing KPC.

Is this an aberration or the tip of an iceberg? And this comes hot on the heels of Kajwang' selling Kenya national documents like hot cakes, and ODM warlords stealing maize and causing a national artificial famine.

Shame be upon the face of the govt cordinator and supervisor for overseeing what is being referred to as "Fleecing of the Nation."

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Kibaki is an ‘evil’ genius?

By MUTAHI NGUNYIPosted Saturday, January 10 2009 at 15:49

As a political scientist, I find President Kibaki a little challenging to analyse. In fact, he is a frustrating ‘‘specimen’’ to dissect for two reasons.

One, he has this unusual ability to multiply identities. Today he is weak and soft; tomorrow he is as hard as a rock! One moment he appears dazed and woolly; next moment he is strong and foxy.

This seesaw is confusing: Maybe even calculated and acted out. And this is what frustrates me about the man. You cannot read him.

TWO, A FEW ‘CLEVER’ CHAPS pretend to have read him. They tell us that he is laid back, hands-off and indecisive! These chaps are dead wrong. I want to suggest the alternative, although I could be wrong as well.

Is it possible that we have two Kibakis? That the first one is cool and collected; while the second is controlling and power hungry? When upset and miffed, maybe the second Kibaki kicks stools all over State House – using the good leg of course! My point? We do not know this man. And what is more: he likes it that way.

To support this thought, I invite you to consider three happenings of the week. The first regards the ‘‘Muthaura Question’’ and we must analyse it using a Russian anecdote.

In this story, and after many years of waiting, Czar Nicolas II and his German wife Alexandra got a son. However, the boy had a blood disorder and was set to die any time.

The couple was distressed and blue. And out of this tragedy, the most evil politician in history emerged: Gregory Rusputin.

This guy was a spiritual leader with dubious credentials. But whenever the boy got sick, Rusputin would pray for him and he would miraculously recover.

The ability to ‘‘heal’’ the boy gave him immense powers over the Royal Family. In fact, he warned the King that his son would live so long as he listened to his advice.

And out of desperation, the Russian government reeled under the unwise advice of this evil amateur. The result? Seeds of revolution were planted and watered with discontent.

The blunders inspired by Rusputin gave rise to the Menshevik Revolution of 1915. The Royal Family was butchered and a new order established.

The Romanov historians tell us that, without Rusputin, there would have been no Lenin; no communism!

Back to Ambassador Muthaura. Some people believe that he is president Kibaki’s Rusputin. Like the desperate Royal Family, President Kibaki came to power on a wheel-chair. His leg was broken, his neck fractured, and his arm dislocated.

A month later, he suffered a stroke and was hospitalised. At this point he needed a ‘‘miracle healer’’; a Rusputin. And from this tragedy, a group of ‘‘healers’’ emerged.

All, except Mr Muthaura, have been fired. Because of this, we have concluded that Mr Muthaura is the one: The ‘‘evil genius’’ behind the President.

But we are damn wrong.

In fact, ODM’s aggression on Mr Muthaura is cowardly and woolly. This man is not the problem. And whether his position is constitutional or not is irrelevant. Mr Muthaura is just a ‘‘concept’’ created by the President.

Unlike Rusputin who held the Royal Family captive, Mr Muthaura is a captive of the President. Technically, therefore, he does not have a mind of his own.

He is just a walking shell that receives instructions from the boss. If the ‘‘shell’’ undermines the Prime Minister, it is because the boss said so. And if ODM insists on dismantling the ‘‘shell’’, the President will just acquire another one.

In my view, therefore, ODM is acting sub-optimally. Instead of aggressing the captive messenger, they should confront his foxy boss.

My second issue regards the media law. And on this one, the old man has outsmarted us. What is more: his game plan remains invisible to most of us. I could be wrong on this one also, but allow me to interpret it. For starters, he was not compelled into signing it by anyone.

This was a sole and tactical decision. In fact, it is very similar to his swearing-in ceremony. Once sworn in, he occupied the high moral ground. ODM had no choice but to negotiate on his terms. This is how he fixed them on the 50:50 agreement.

And on the media law, he signed it knowing too well it was draconian. But by signing it, he occupied the high moral ground.

Now the media are forced to negotiate on his terms. If this is true, my counsel to the fourth estate is this: Be afraid, be very afraid!

My last issue goes back to ODM and the Peace Accord. In my view, ODM is na├»ve to the extreme. They built “… a coalition based on trust; instead of creating a coalition that builds trust”. Blinded by love and trust, they embraced the old man uncritically.

But as they hugged and kissed him, he was engaged in devious legislative engineering. In fact, and through the Peace Accord, he made them his captives as well.

If they ditch the coalition, there will be no election because this clause was removed from the deal. If they mobilise the people to mass action, we will tell them to go to hell!

The question therefore is this: If they pull out, who would be the loser? In my view, ODM would lose. And the tragedy is that they are intellectually lazy.

Instead of giving us drama ‘‘without legs’’ they should take some time to study President Kibaki and his underground schemes. Although he is in his late 70s, they must not underestimate his quiet genius.

And now a thought for our Luo ‘‘cousin’’ Mr Barack Obama. As his country of ancestry, we need to say a prayer for him between now and his inauguration. We must pray for his preservation. More so because it is “… never over, until it is over!” He is not president until they swear him in.

Mutahi Ngunyi is a political scientist with The Consulting House, a policy and security think-tank for the Great Lakes region and West Africa.

Phil said...

@Chris - congratulations..Baado mapambano. This time brace for a bigger war! Kenyans have the intelligence to read and differentiate propaganda and facts.

@Taabu - me thinks the closer definition of matumbo is TRIPE as opposed to OFFAL which is a more general term that refers to 'inedible waste'!

UrXlnc said...

casual sunday reading

Anonymous said...


b-carotene said...

Well done, Chris--despite the tripe. May KK grow from strength to even greater strength (and less tripe).

John Maina said...

congrats chris but can you do something about the insulting anonymous posts which are giving a bad name to kumekucha.

Onyango Oloo said...

Chris, what you forget to mention is that if you sit by your computer and repeatedly refresh your browser, the counter goes up each time. I tried it here a few weeks back. Sometimes I get bored and just kept refreshing this site maybe a thousand or two thousand times... as I sip my beer. I do believe in the 2 million hits, but I think me and you might have contribute to maybe 1.9million of those hits?

Anonymous said...

Chris, if you love us that much why did we not celebrate our Prime Minister, the King of Kibera 64th Birthday the other day. Hata sisi tunataka kula cake! equality bwana!

papa plus said...

Mtuhi Ngunyi's article on Kibaki the evill genius? is one of those perceptions within Kenya that go for political smarts. Hence professor of (kenyan)politics and other such lofty terms.

They make me sick!

To read it is to see that kenyan politics is just a chess game. No one really cares about the real implications of their actions. So while the media bill and the botched elections were unaceptable; folks moved around to "gain the moral high ground" (a phrase that shouldnever be used in the same sentence with kenyan leaders or their actions. In fairness, this is an african culture practised by most leaders. Anywhere else it would be considered a big joke.

But in a banana republic....

papa plus said...

Mtuhi Ngunyi's article on Kibaki the evill genius? is one of those perceptions within Kenya that go for political smarts. Hence professor of (kenyan)politics and other such lofty terms.

They make me sick!

To read it is to see that kenyan politics is just a chess game. No one really cares about the real implications of their actions. So while the media bill and the botched elections were unaceptable; folks moved around to "gain the moral high ground" (a phrase that shouldnever be used in the same sentence with kenyan leaders or their actions. In fairness, this is an african culture practised by most leaders. Anywhere else it would be considered a big joke.

But in a banana republic....

Shiko-Msa said...

Congrats KK. Keep it up! At least the counter is on the main page so we don't need any Form 16A this time.

Anonymous said...

one person logging in to Kumekucha 1000 times does not count as 1,000 people logging in.Please stop spreading lies kwani kume kucha is google or youtube?

Anonymous said...

To those expressing interest in understanding the page hit statistics.

A hit is considered when a browser accesses the page and establishes a new session. Each new session remains open until the browser exits the website for a period exceeding a predetermined threshold, typically starting at 1/2 hour for high traffic websites to 2 hours or even for lower traffic websites.

If a browser exits the page but reloads within the threshold, then it is considered a continuation of the preceding session and therefore counter is not incremented.

Thee average daily hits recorded on this website indicate a significant number of new sessions being opened per minute and consequently a browser refresh will inevitably display corresponding incremented counter.

For a comprehensive statistical analysis please write to youmissedthis at yahoo dot com

Blog Admin

Anonymous said...

It has been established now beyond any reasonable doubt that some of the people writing in this space are very serious drug addicts and peddlers .its unfortunate that people can write very interesting stuff on this blogs but our investigations have established how hypocritical people can be. I want to be plain and to the point that CHRIS has been supplying drugs to young people at the coast schools. in public and in blogsphere this guy will pass for a very serious and very conscious about development and the interest of young people and now it has been established that he is leading to ruin of many young lives by selling to them bhang and cocaine. in this industry of drug trafficking he is fondly referred to as Sam R O Otiende, the young drug addicts always believe that he is the only person they can trust in this field because he is quiet and hence able to hide secrets. He is said to well connect too with a number of high school children to whom he always brags that it is his easiest way to ascend to riches. Sam, you must know that we know your activities and you must stop them. We are not going to continue watching you to continue spoiling youths through drug trafficking. You must stop this or else we are going to expose you. You should stop taking advantage of school children for your own benefit. Because eventually, you too will loose out once you become a junkie. its very interesting for some of you people who spend a lot of time claiming to be bloggers when all you can expose here is mere stupidity that doesn't add sense at all.If you want your story to be believed, come forward and tell us what your sources are.the blog sphere has become full of idlers who have nothing in between their ears other than spreading rumors that are highly unfounded.if you are courageous enough to back up your allegations,why dont you reveal your name so that we can also be able to share this seemingly exciting information.i would not rush into defence of any of the mentioned but I my follow up to your story has made me understand who you are.I would like to know your source of the information.following your writings,am highly convinced that you yourself are a drug junkie who is trying to spend your madness on the keyboard without providing any clarifications.,whoever you are,I believe you are a lazy psychopath who doesn't have any objective idea.i suggest that people of your kind be taken to hospital for mental checkup and drug rehabilitation.if you are really sincere,i would like to see you express your ideas with reference to the source of the information.why would you want to drag the vice president into your desperate seem to be really out of your mind and all you write is purposeless and lack of friend please find something else to do if you have nothing to tell people.and if you wanna be a writer please seek some training..h..

Anonymous said...

i have never had an opportunity to know any of the mentioned people but i believe i would only like to inform you that what i hear in form of rumors is opposite of yours..which i have never found time to write about but i don't document rumors,but for your benefit,those people who have happened to interact with some of these people you castigate will lynch you if they ever found you writing such seeing you even quoting what you knew about Hon.Mwau in 1970' old were you then?who told you that if you sell drugs you become successful.I know that after you being convinced that drugs brings wealth,you have tried several times to trade in bhang but I know by now you are giving up because you discovered you were time look for something worthy discussing other than working on tarnishing names of people.YOU JUNKIE who doesnt dare reveal his are a silly shallow minded tribalist without any serious or specific agenda on the blogsphere.Where does your hatred for Kombo come from?you think is of your level?he is not..ok?you seem to be an authority in most evils in our society and you must be a top sorcerer going by your writings.whatever your intentions are you must be on a very silly up my friend or else time will catch up on you as you struggle selling drugs thinking that it will bring you wealt

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