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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doing Brisk Business With Carcass Kenya

Kenya’s ruling class is taking our legendary entrepreneurial skills to new levels as the Kenyan population prove to be the handiest goods of trade. You can browse the preface to this FRAUD thriller as the IDPs are turned into a lucrative cash cow by industrious minds.

But the ultimate prize goes to those with unadulterated DNA aboard MV Triton Petroleum Company destined to ECONOMIC NIRVANA. Poor ex KPL and KTB bosses! They were so mesmerized with the amount landing on their laps oblivious of the MEGA deals transacted over their heads. The energy ministry is headed by an experienced hand steeled by the Anglo Leasing fame.

Why chase shadows when the kingpin at the heart of the whole scandal has DNA traceable to State House? Creating smokescreens to buy time and mask challenges are our national pastimes. The Kenyan-like elaborate conspiracy by KPC, Triton and Ministry of Energy top officials makes laughable the so-called plastic search for Triton chief Yagnesh Devani and KPC ex-Operations Manager Peter Mecha.

If you thought the era of genocide in disguise where chalk was shamelessly sold as chlorine belonged to last millennium think again. The kings and princesses of FRAUD have the exclusive access to the national till and they will RAPE cow Kenya till the last drop of blood.

Martha Karua’s noise at the thieves will only leave her face splashed with vomit from the gluttons. Her thin-veiled political tantrums amounts to too little too late efforts redeem her face after being the public and intellectual face of the same scoundrels early last year. The Swahili saying malipo ni hapa hapa has been materialized so speedily.

Kenyans must be the most resilient and tolerant people this side of the planet. How else would you explain being led by a ZOMBIE whose modus operandi is total contempt and sickening insensitivity? Make no mistake. These vultures will circle prey Kenya secure in the knowledge that their educated tribesmen and accomplishes will rush to their defence spewing exotic village vitriol.

Our national mantra must be anchored on the premise that if carpenters live on making coffins why not expand the business to kill the living. Well, the small and average-mined Kenyans can continue complaining about scarce unga, oblivious of the truth that they can as well survive on cake which their political masters stock in plenty for their dogs.

Exotic vitriol
No amount of brinkmanship and grandstanding can purchase moral authority. Everybody is in greedily exploiting any available opportunity/position feathering their nests with the mindset of security in numbers. The boss is nude and will never dare point a finger lest he is paraded in his birthday suit.

The feeling is mutual when a president trivializes national challenges with unforgivable remarks that taunts his voters to fight if they so wish. That version of contempt manifests itself here aplenty when schooled villagers abroad deride other Kenyans' concerns as whining instead of seizing the opportunity to join the looters.

Well, the time of reckoning is nigh and no DNA will be safe from the wrath of marauding Kenyans when the shit hits the fan fuelled by food riots. The upper echelon of the shameless looters may escape but the reprieve will be temporary as proved by Mobutu’s fate. Nothing lasts forever and very soon the scoundrels will dutifully earn their collective wages of national sin against fellow Kenyans.


UrXlnc said...


UrXlnc said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent post my friend and that is the feeling of majority of Kenyans this goons think Kenyans can't see what has been happening behind the scenes!!! let them think again... there time is up of looting kenya ..Time up!

Anonymous said...

About time kenyans got it straight- yes the Karua's of this world will pretended and shout like she did on BBC "ethnic cleansing" Martha Karua screamed- meanwhile her and her better half Kibaki had ordered the Police to shoot and Kill innocent kenyans, add sneaking to be sworn in at night???

Here is the loud mouthed Biatch screaming corruption when she is the one protecting all the corrupt goons in the former Narc party and now PNU... the Karua Biatch should shut the f... up!!

UrXlnc said...

hehe chris once again it appears you got it right with this post

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Where are the pnu mongrels on kk, and their iliterate mps to spin another one about RAO's involvement in the Triton saga? Kirauti has finally found his voice and all the tough talk about asking Ringera to investigate will come to naught.
We stupid kenyans don't remember who the forces behind Ringera's 2.5 million a month job are. Ringera will surely nab his first big fish. am sure he needs his contract renewed next year - I mean who wouldn't want to make all that money just to preach to school children and village folks about how bad corruption is.

Anonymous said...


« Thread Started Today at 4:04am »


Triton won its first big tender in 2004 for a period of three months and won again last year for the same period. Jointly with Total, Triton supplied KenGen with oil products.


In 2002, he and four of his employees were accused of stealing oil worth Sh62 million belonging to Petrol Oil (K) Ltd.


In 2006, a ceremony to launch Triton’s operations in Kenya

Mr Devani also attended the much-publicised Sh1 million a plate lunch to fundraise for President Kibaki’s re-election campaign. He is said to be one of the independent oil dealers who challenged the multinationals cartel in the industry.

He won tenders to import oil products for all the dealers in the country through the Open Tendering System (OTS) organised by Government.

In the system, oil firms bid to import on behalf of other marketers and the lowest bidder gets the tender.

Triton won its first big tender in 2004 for a period of three months and won again last year for the same period. Jointly with Total, Triton supplied KenGen with oil products.

Bulk storage

Close associates said Triton was successful within the short time it was in the market operating 20 petrol stations.

It was building a 70 million-litre bulk storage depot in Kipevu, Mombasa, estimated to be worth between $30 million and $45 million (Sh2.25 billion and Sh3.4 billion). It is said to be incomplete.

It is understood that the company’s problems started when one of its financiers withdrew its credit because of the global credit crunch.

The company, faced with a huge and lucrative contract to supply KenGen with oil products, colluded with Kenya Pipeline Company officials to release oil without its other financiers – Kenya Commercial Bank’s knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Ruto na raila bring our maize back.please phil tel then we r starving!!

Anonymous said...

"Top level intelligence has it that Raila was denied visa to president Obama inauguration to prevent republicans from getting more ammunition in using Raila as an Obama punch bag. Raila was to lead a high powered delegation to the inauguration but Obama wants to play it safe by having Raila being away from him at this time. It was when the government enquired as to why he was denied visa that the statement below was release by the embassy. No official delegation will attend the inauguration of Barack Obama as us president . The us embassy in Nairobi said only Kenya’s ambassador to the us peter ogego would represent the country at the ceremony. According to us practice, Ogego may be accompanied by his spouse"

It seems that Raila may never, after all, have political closeness with Obama during his Persidency. There is a theory that out there that Obama will always try to dissociate with Raila to protect his image and legacy. In short, Raila should stop counting on Obama.

Anonymous said...

Please Taabu, stop posting and then replying to your garbage as anynomous....your IP address lets you down on that one...

now back to your post;

1) you are trying to allege that the jaluo who fathered and delivered one of the biggest mega scandal on fuel is just an innocent observer and that the minister 'stole' his signature and appended it on all the documents that your jaluo friend signed?...te he he he heeeee
hapo taabu you out did yourself...
bring another one the one on some communities having DNA prone to stealing is not only tired but an embarassment to your gutter press garbage..
2) why are you so silent on the maize saga where Ruto who happens to possess the wrong DNA together with Namwaba, Raila and other ODM minions have managed to create an artificial maize shortage so that they can benefit?
or are you still looking for a mount Kenya name to blame?
ruto just like with YK92 is taking Kenya back to days of Moi and Raila is busy cheering him on so that he can get some campaign money...

poor Taabu...its so futile baptising the devil as you have clearly seen with ODM....

leta ingine mafi ya kuku...this one we wont buy...

Anonymous said...

Dirty Asian rope in Prime Minister Raila Odinga, as family is named in corruptive practices in mega oil suply deal scandal

Posted by africanpress on January 13, 2009

Investigative Report By A Special Correspondent, Kenya

A local newspaper in Kenya has named the Prime Minister Raila Odinga as being a key player to what the weekly termed as mega oil scandal involving millions of shillings.

This is the first time in Raila’s chequered political career, and since he became the Prime Minister in Kenya in a shaky and unstable grand coalition headed by President Mwai Kibaki.

The grand coalition government came into the office early last year following peace accord negotiated by the former UN Chief Dr. Kofi Annan after the violent engulfed the country as the result of the disputed presidential election in December 2007. Close to 1500 people died ,while property worth billions of shillings torched in various parts of the country rendering more than 350,000 people internally displaced.

The article incriminating Raila Odinga and his family in suspect oil deal, which also involved a cartel of wealthy Asian wheeler dealer appeared in the latest issue of the Nairobi ’s publication, the WEEKLY CITIZEN, which is one of the mushrooming alternative press, commonly called “Gutter Press”. The paper is credited for its in-depth investigative report, making it a lethal weapons to the politicians.

In a page one leading article the articles says.”Towards the end of 2008, Kenyans were forced to grapple with an unreliable supply of fuel and artificial rise in its pricing.”

On more than one occasion, the Managing Director of the National Oil Pipeline Mr George Okungu gave a widely televised interviews to reassure Kenyans that there was no fuel shortage or crisis as such in the country. But between December 28 and 29th,December 2008 most filling stations upcountry had no fuel to supply to the motorists. Workers returning from Holiday, particularly those travelling from Western Kenya back to the City got briefly stranded in Kisumu and other towns..

During the same period, a medium sized oil firm called Triton Limited, which is run by Kenyan of Asian origin, Mr Yagnes Devani and another trader Mr Pankaj Somaia was reported to have allegedly rendered legally bankrupt, suddenly appeared in the oil trading scene.

The duo, according to CITIZEN’’s article have their roots in the lakeside Kenyan City of Kisumu and it is in Chemelil area within the Nyanza sugar belt, where the first few Triton Limited outlets were set up. What was most intriguing is that in-spite of its definite inability to source and service the largest oil order in the country, Triton Ltd, is alleged to have secured the government tender to purchase national oil supplies for a six month quota through the alleged intervention of the Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who is said to have personal and family interests in the oil industry as a major player.

Triton Ltd beat all other seasonal firms such as OilLibya{formerly Mobil} and She/BP.

Yagness Devani is the brother to the late Harish Devani who owned the multimillion complex, Simmers Plaza in in a Nairobi suburbs of Westlands, but alleged to have committed suicide a couples of years ago after swindling those close to former President Daniel Arap Moi billions of shillings in tenders scams supplies at the Kenyan Ports Authority {KPA}and Kenya Power and Lighting Company {KPLC}


The CITIZEN’S article further alleged that Yagnes Devani is a well known drug addict, but he still allowed to do roaring business with the KPA!.

“Indeed Triton Ltd had no capacity, to deliver on such a huge consignment of oil to the nation, but immediately after securing the government tender set upon sub-contracting the same to its rivals companies at a profit without any actual direct importation,”

In addition, Triton Ltd, according to the report was that oil suppliers refused to give in to the Triton’s sordid machinations, and this is what caused the brief artificial fuel shortage in Kenyan , which in turn raised the fuel prices even much higher..

To compound the saga, Afri Global Ltd, a firm belonging to Raila Odinga’s elder brother Dr. Oburu Oginga MP who is the Finance Assistant Minister and which is run by Dr. Oginga’s son a pint sized fellow called Elijah Abonyo Oburu was one of the key beneficiaries.

After this scam Elijah Oburu had since bought a brand new show room Mercedez Benz limousine 350 valued at colossal amount of Kshs 24 million which he now drives around Kisumu City ..

Another firm, African Oils Ltd, which belong to the Prime Minister’s son Fidel Castro Raila Odinga was also occasioned adequate favor to profiteer from the scandal, charged the paper article.

And not to be out done was the Prime Minister himself with his company Bakri Ltd, operated by one Mr. Mike Njeru who joined the lists of compliant firms that allegedly benefited from the tender pool sharing and in turn sold the same to the highest bidder!.

Raila Odinga’s younger sister Adhiambo is the managing director of the Petro Plus firm that has been involved in bulk oil sales in the high seas, a host received from Nigeria thanks to the closeness of the Prime Minister with the former ruler Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo. Libya and Southern Sudan government as donations to finance democratic pursuits in Kenya .

So entrenched is the Odinga family interests in the oil industry the players advise that it is practically impossible to do serious oil business in Kenya without roping in a family member.

At the centre of the scheme, says the paper, is Pankaj Somaia, a wheeler-dealer in the Moi regime era and alleged wanted in various countries for questioning on an array of criminal activities.”

In any oil sale scheme of the magnitude, Triton Ltd dabbed in the returns, kick-backs included run into hundreds of million of shillings.” the report says.

It is widely rumoured that Devani heavily funded last year’s 2007 general campaign for ODM team an that those who benefited by Devani earl this year were only return ing a favor.

“Indeed the grapevine has it that some senior Ministers in the grand coalition cabinet drive vehicles donated by Devani early this year. It is also an open secret that two MPs have been on Devani’s payroll ostensibly so that they extend favors for their benefactors as and when needed.” adds the paper.

Meanwhile Citizen reported that Mr. Devani himself is said to be holed up in some undisclosed destination abroad, but he keep in constant touch with the Prime Minister through one called Collins Odhiambo [formerly of Citi Bank}, and up to fortnight ago Triton Ltd, commercial director.”

Mr Odhiambo is said to be in big panic since Triton Ltd, went burst and placed under the official receivers as in the case with an array of high placed personalities in the government.

Another employee who took cover only before the take-over of Triton Ltd, is a Mr Kioko who was in charge of the firm’s operations at the KPA in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa .

Immigration Minister Gerald Otieno Kajwang’ who has also been a regular visitor in Devani’s office is together with his personal assistant{PA} is said to be working day and night to cover up five senior employees of Asian extractions who were irregularly employed by Triton Ltd over the last 10 months


Anonymous said...

It appears that the rate at which scandals are cropping up in govt has a relationship to ODM joining the govt and Raila being named PM. Could it be he is really the coordinator and supervisor of these rip-offs! Just sample the following:

1. A Kenyan drug kingpin has been arrested in UK with cocaine worthy 35 millions. He had been employed by Kenyan Airways after the intervention of the govt cordinator and supervisor.
2. Mr. Ong'ong'a - Chairman of Kenya Tourism Board has been booted out for corruption. He is a Raila cousin.
3. Mr. G. Okungu - MD of Kenya Pipeline Company has been sent on leave for fleecing KPC. As the Managing Director he says he didn't know what was happening yet he was the guy who was the link between Triton/KPC and Pan African Petroleum Company (owned by Raila Odinga).
4. Another scandal is brewing up in the Nyong'o health ministry.

Is this an aberration or the tip of an iceberg? And this comes hot on the heels of Kajwang' selling Kenya national documents like hot cakes, and ODM warlords stealing maize and causing a national artificial famine.

Shame be upon the face of the govt cordinator and supervisor for overseeing what is being referred to as "Fleecing of the Nation."

PKW said...

Raila save us....oops!

Phil said...

Blogger UrXlnc said...
hehe chris once again it appears you got it right with this post

Where's the link?

I think Chris' post was about OIL LIBYA - and he is yet to provide more details.

This latest scandal is about about a Mr. Devani T/A TRITON OIL COMPANY?

Warothe said...

All thieves together at the top. And all fools together at the bottom.

As people abuse each other about kikuyu and luo and odm and pnu hee in kumekucha the theives are so multi-tribal! kioko,njeru,devani etc etc..Also rememember how the rich kids of akina raila,kibaki,kamau were playing with their bimmers and mercs after a night of revelry and got an accident.Also quite multi-tribal..

So as you spew hate and obscense insults based on tribes the wenyeinchi are robbing us dry and laugh at our stupidity!

Oil is Raila and Raila is Oil in Kenya ever since the days of 'cooperasion'and NDP been swallowed by KANU.

Phil stop splitting hairs and spare us the sycophancy!

Anonymous said...

Taabu, you are spot on.

"Martha Karua’s noise at the thieves will only leave her face splashed with vomit from the gluttons. Her thin-veiled political tantrums amounts to too little too late efforts redeem her face after being the public and intellectual face of the same scoundrels early last year." in the massive STEALING OF THE ELECTIONS.

Watch her here:

Singa said...

Kikiyus are very INDUSTRIOUS. Shiro gets married to Fidel and shortly afterwards she ''infects'' INDUSTRIOUSNESS to the entire Odinga family. Now Fidel and the father are busy diverting maize meant for the wretched of Kenya, the to Juba making Billions at the expence of their dying core supporters who are the main consumers of Ugali. The deals now being cut by Fidel and his father will make us apologise to the family of Mobutu for calling him corrupt and ati this is the change people killed for?

papa plus said...


an erudite essay but I draw a different conclusion. Nothing will come to these miscreants even after kibaki term ends.


For one thing, kenyans are very fickle. Go back to Moi leaving and you will remember that not one person has gone to jail or even seen the roof of a court house to answer for sins during KANU's 24 year rule. We were so happy to see them go that we forgave them of their sins. And the same thing will happen. Especially if Raila wants the presidency. He will have to offer quarantees to protect these characters.

Again, I said that the GNU was a bad idea politically for ODM. They should had ceded to PNu and let them have it and taken up their opposition spots. A leopard does not change it's spots and sure enough corrupt deals were in the pipeline ergo Oil and Maize scandals. But now ODM is part of GK so they are complicit.

is it not strange that only Martha is shouting about truths cincerning the loosing battle against corruption?

As for kenyans, someone once said "it is like raping a willing woman". It's mind over matter - kenyans don't mind being raped so it doesn't matter!

UrXlnc said...


last line in that article is what i was alluding to with respect to the kumekucha story published earlier by chris

a number of things are out of sync.

first some report states that triton was holding (hoarding) 50% of stocks at kipevu and not releasing create an artificial shortage. and that created a backlog of pending delivery in the high seas

then there is another report stating that the stocks were released mysteriously without triton signing delivery and the MD, PS or whoever else higher up that food chain, not knowing.

then we have another report stating that financial guarantees/payments are not being honored

knowing how corruption works you begin to get the impression that paperwork was moving flawlessly and effortless through the system getting necessary approvals and stamps, but the real situation regarding exact quantity and whereabouts of inventory on the ground appears highly suspect. its just as likely that there were no stocks (at least not the stated volumes) in the first place and someone was trading air (pretty much like goldenburg exports)

just as it is likely that whoever hoarded the stocks anticipated rise in fuel prices and was waiting for opportune time to off-load. it would appear that having failed in the first aspect went on to release available stocks without the hoops so as to escape debt collectors so as to cash and run

one way or another, the shortage was "artificial" in the sense that KPC either showed adequate stocks (why govt and top officials could not understand how there could be a shortage based on paperwork) and yet since actual inventory had been severely compromised either non existent or released fraudulently therefore resulting in the shortage (and yet ironically delivery pending in the high seas).

someone in charge of inventory missed a step and was/has been playing catch up. i suspect this deal has been long in the making maybe even up to 3 years considering this other report

what is the story you refer to about Oilibya,

Anonymous said...


This link to this debate tells you what has gone wrong with Kenya today.

The MAFIA's are swinging for the big ones and bailing out before its too late to swindle anymore.

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