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Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Beginning To Feel A lot Like The End of An Era

You saw it with your own eyes last week.

First it was the ODM. It ran a picture-perfect coronation of it's handpicked officials at Bomas. It called that charade democracy. Then it was the PNU. Full of incredible energy, it completed the ODM picture by following suit, picking a leadership top-heavy with old men in spite of the healthy presence of the youth and women. That was democracy. If anybody still expects such parties to be avenues for ideological, issue-driven democracy, think again. These parties have become comfortable with tribal politics and the shameless babysitting of mass movements without a discernible purpose other than as vehicles to access state power for the sake of it. If they cared any bit about Kenyans, there wouldn't be Kenyans shedding tears in the IDP camps, others stuck in Uganda, while we celebrate Christmas...a full year later. How can these folks sleep at night?

Like I said last week, Kenyans have now learnt who the real enemies of progress in this nation are. They are aware that they have MPs who don't care about them, who bring home some 250,000 shillings to the constituency every weekend and distribute it...then gladly call it representation. They are aware that their MPs voted not to pay taxes, and are never there for them when the prices of essentials like unga go up, gas/petrol disappears just when we should be heading home for the deserved break, work to curtail press freedoms, and say nothing when Kenyans are clobbered in full view of dignitaries and the international media.

This shall end.

Starting next year, all like-minded Kenyans must come together to actively seek ways to get our country back. We will lay out strategies for lawfully educating Kenyans on the shape and vision of an alternative form of democracy, one where people are elected not because they are Kikuyu or Luo or Kalenjin, but because they have a vision that works for Kenya. We will lay out a blueprint that will detail our progressive politics and answer in numbing detail how we will tackle Kenya's problems when our time comes.

I'm aware that the Odingas and the Mois and the Kenyattas and the Kibakis will do everything in their power to stop Kenya from going the way of an issue-oriented democracy where the nation is paramount, but we will go toe to toe with these oligarchies. We will defeat them and usher in a new era, where the institutions of our nation will be reformed and the nation's leaders made answerable to the people who elected every sense of the word.

So as this year closes down, let's take this deserved break aware that the journey to finally and fully liberate Kenya cannot actively start any later than June next year. June 2009. From where I stand, the mood in Kenya has revealed to me that it's beginning to look a lot like the end of an era in Kenya...the era of big family politics in Kenya. The end of dynasties and birthright politics. The beginning of nation-building, where Kenya doesn't feel like two called NAIROBI, where the money is and everybody wants to go...the other called KENYA where poverty and hopelessness are turning our sons and daughters into militiamen.

Folks, this is our moment. Let's seize it.

Merry Christmas to Kenyans at home and around the world.


Anonymous said...

Mr okelo I ask you last week if you are runing for presdent, is this my answer????

Mkenya said...

I think you have it right Mr.Okelo.I fully agree that Kenyans should turn this country around from the said families who continue to amass so much and forget about us ordinary Kenyans.I concur with your sentiments.

E-CHANGE said...

you asked "How can these folks sleep at night?"
answer:With their beautiful wives/spouse/significant other/girlfriend on top of a big pile of money on a bed in a house surrounded by high barbed wire walls and security with guns and with many cars for their children to crash

merry christmas and good luck in your liberation efforts.just don't forget its all a game to some

Anonymous said...

I think this man is off and running. Make us proud, Sam Okello.

Anonymous said...

THE TRUTH we have a bunch of leaders we CHOSE- "When the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch!"
Its all about the money Sam, these folks are capable of buying sleep!
they then create a new crisis to make us forget what they have been upto,its clear now fuel is their next target...its a fact the country is divided into two, the rich and the poor.did anyone but us farmers notice that the rains have failed again?
Kudos to Frederick Odhiambo for being courageous-we need just a few more like him, Africa "When a needle falls into a deep well, many people will look into the well, but few will be ready to go down after it!
All Have a merry x-mas and a prosperous 2009!

Phil said...


Please familiarise yourself with ODM party constitution, the political parties act and Kenya's politics in general before you embarass us with your ignorance.

After you do, please quote for us which party constitution was violated or which section of the political parties act was broken.While you are at it, please show me me which other of the so-called mainstream parties conducted grassroot elections like we did!!!

It appears to me you want to make a career of a political critic / pundit but have no idea how to go about it. You have instead opted at seeing everything that ODM does to be wrong. Why Sam?

You also seem to have forgotten ODM conducted nearly five days of grassroot polls at which delegates and party representatives were elected and mandated to attend the National Delegates Congress - which you sarcastically refer to as coronation. Perhaps you should tell us what is your definition of democracy, because last time I checked, it was still a government of/by/for the people..... and the people are found at the grassroot, not hiding behind computer screens blogging minus voter's cards.

I will kindly ask you to let us do what is right for OUR party. If you are not happy with what we did at Bomas, then simply join one of the 300plus other parties or simply form your own - if you can meet the minimum requirements. THAT IS DEMOCRACY.

ODM is hardly one year old, but it has done what your KANUs, DPs, NARC's failed to do in decades. ODM, FYI, is also pioneering a partnership with progressive African political parties like CCM, ANC, MDC, etc etc and are planning to ask for President Obama's help to entrench democracy in Africa in a strong indication that the time for undemocratic African despots - like Kibaki - is GONE. Watch his space

Phil said...

And Sam, before I forget....and this is very important.

The ODM grassroot polls were conducted nationally in ALL 210 constituencies in a self-financed, free and fair exercise, .....the National Delegates Congress which was equally attended by nearly 5000 people from all the eight provinces of Kenya was also self-financed. These were not cheaply done. ...ODM is not a party that RENTS delegates, and neither are its leaders confined to one ethnicity. We are trully national and a factual representation of the FACE OF KENYA!!!

ODM did not have to give away Grand regency Hotel, or mortgage the Tana River Delta or 'sell' 25% public shares of Safaricom to do this - unlike many other parties that I know live and thrive on grand corruption corruption, deceit, back-stabbing and dishonesty.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Total rubbish. ODM grass roots elections were like a boxing and mud wrestling elimination contest, where the strongest thugs won.

Anonymous said...


We all observed the ODM grassroots fiasco. If that's what you call democracy then you understand why Okelo has turned a critic of odm. One year is enough to show the direction a group is headed in.

Eric said...

Phil, the day you will open your eyes and stop being a fool is the day all of us will give you some respect. As it stands, you are still way too deep in the **S of these ODM politicians. You need to come out of this foolishness.
ODM is no longer the party of the people.
I foresee the end of Big-Family politics that have nothing to do with the poor mwananchi. All over the world, big family politics is being outdated--UK, USA-clintons, Kennedys, BUshes etc. WHY NOT KENYA? We need a leader, a fearless leader for these times. Yes we can!

Phil said...

Oh yeah? Our may have had sporadic violence here and there. You know why? Simply because of its popularity. Everyone wants to join winners don't they?

What you people also fail to understand is other political parties, especially PNU and KANU have infiltrated ODM are are the one's antagonizing our I said the other day here..election time is a good four years away.

Now please tell US; Which grassroot elections did your OWN parties conduct?

Chmeee said...


ODM left us (the people) with a bone (grassroots elections).
They enjoyed the meat (top seats).
Question: where's the democracy in that?

Phil said...

Do not lose focus on the main post...mine were just comments. ODM is OUR PARTY. As members, we shall conduct our affairs freely and to the best of our ability.

One more thing, its a matter of individual choice so why should my choice upset you guys? you see, I'd rather be too deep in ODM **ses than be a permanent resident of PNU tapeworm-infested intestines.

And I will ask again; why not form your own parties and lets see even if you can be manage to get an elected councillor, let alone MPs and presidents?

I would like you posters to tell me which electoral law or political party regulation ODM has broken!!!!

Anonymous said...


You asked the panua mongrels thus:

"why should my choice (ODM) upset you guys"?

This reminded me of one saying that goes this way: "No one kicks a dead horse".

It is almost a rule of life that fellow human beings will always want to criticize/throw mud at you so as to "bring you down to their mediocre level" if you are seen - by them - to be better than them, something akin to sour grapes...

This explains the reactions of panua mongrels towards ODM. If you are a dead horse e.g Koigi wa Wamwere's CCM, no one will try to kick/throw mud at you let alone pay attention to you. Now since ODM is very much alive and kicking, panua mongrels will try to do all that they can to throw mud at it.

Again, In the Kenya of today, it is almost impossible for ODM to hold 100% perfect party elections. PNU, KANU and other mischievious "interested parties" like Moi e.t.c will always be trying to sabotage the process to their advantage and the disadvantage of ODM. Sounds impossible? Well, they STOLE last years election from ODM.

Sam Okello said...

Fellow Kenyans,

Our friend Phil wants us to wash away the less-than-democratic trends we see take root in the party we all loved. What Phil forgets is that other parties that ended up being so autocratic like KANU did not get that way overnight. The impunity and strong-arm tactics were nurtured over a period of time. Before we knew it, we were all living in fear, faced with a brutal police state that only a few Kenyans felt safe in.

We can't allow Kenya to start sliding back to those days. For how long will the ODM keep blaming a government they are a part of when things go wrong, Phil? Is the ODM in government or not? So when we see brutal tactics of the kind KANU employed against us start to emerge, should we be comforted by the fact that the ODM side of the government wasn't part of decision-making? To me that's the logic of people who are not serious about governing.

To address your point about the constitution and ODM elections. Were any laws broken? No. Were there strong-arm tactics where some people who wanted to contest certain positions denied an opportunity? Yes. That's the problem. ODM, PNU and ODM-K have all become decsendants of KANU. What KANU practiced in the eighties, they practice now.

Our word to Kenyans now is...we must be ready to take our country back from the big families. This situation where members of certain familes are always at the top of party leadership must end. Uhuru on top of one. Odinga on top of another. Kibaki on PNU, and Moi through Biwott scheming control of the Rift Valley through another. This is suffocation, if you ask me.

You want to know whether we can elect a councillor or an MP...leave alone a president? We are prepared to give you this answer in just four years.

Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

Tell them Phil. Supporters/members of so called big parties,nay tribal parties need to be reminded that :
PNU - Kikuyu party
NarcK - kikuyu
GNU - Kikuyu
DP - Kikuyu
ODMK - kao party
FordK - Luhya
Kanu - on its death bed

Anonymous said...

Folks - especially Sam Okello,

What ODM did was perfectly okay. It's a known fact that PNU and KANU on realizing that ODM wasn't just an election vehicle - but a giant that continues growing bigger, will do anything to INFILTRATE the party and try to cause chaos. Now, that doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand - does it?
So, Sam form your own party, popularise it and ones it takes off come back and tell us if you will readily watch the dinosaurs and thieves infiltrate and even try to control things.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12/22/08 6:08 AM,

I agree with you but with one small correction about FordK. It is not a Luhya party as most Luhya's are in the only REAL NATIONAL PARTY - ODM.

Ford Kenya is a Bukusu (a luhya sub tribe) party and mostly the older age set. The younger age set are in ODM.

Sam Okello said...

anon 6:16 a.m.,

The trouble with ODM is not that it's a mass movement. The trouble is that it's a movement without direction. We've all witnessed as it's gone from the principled party it used to be, to a party that seems comfortable with MPs paying no taxes, to silence when the media is threatened, to elections that only Phil can give a clean bill of health.

This shall end.

M-Pesa said...

Come on Phil, I saw total fiasco of leaders being hand picked while hired goons cheered on. The Hon-Dr-Bishop Margaret Wanjiru had to be restrained back as she demanded women representation in the top brass of which I don't know whether her demands were met. The cold bitter fact is that all parties nominations were shambolic and chaotic. ODM was true to it's reputation of violence and bloodshed allover the party's branches...It was not democracy as Phil the ODM fanatic would like Kenyans to believe but..Democrazy, African style.

Eric said...

One of the strong reasons that has made me respect MR.SAM OKELLO is his commitment to change and progressive politics/governance. When a person is committed to an idea, and not a mere person, then they deserve respect and their words should be listened to.
The difference between Phil and MR.SAM OKELLO is that Phil is committed to a person. Let me ask Phil, should Ruto or Kosgey or Mudavadi become the leader of ODM, would you still support ODM?
Should Raila criticize ODM practices, as MR.SAM OKELLO has courageously done, would you follow suit or would you refuse to see as it is?
That is the difference between followers and Leaders. Raila is a leader, and so is MR.SAM OKELLO. Phil is a follower, no wonder his views are so brazen and illogical.
What Sam Okello is saying is very true. Phil, let us not focus on the elections, we know they were a sham, first, no true democratic party conducts its elections by acclamation; that is only in the school of Moi and Kanu. So lets forget about that for a minute, it was a sham and a shame.
However, explain this to me
1.) ODM MPs have refused to pay taxes--why? (leave alone PNU MPs, they are fools, and they never ran on the platform of change.)
2.)ODM MPs were instrumental in passing the draconian Medial Bill...why? and then they come later to criticize its passage--wool over our eyes?
3.) The PM watched as members of the press, Nyambane and Mr.Odhiambo, yes ODHIAMBO, were beaten senseless and jailed for championing the basic right of expression...
I have not even touched the controversial issue of ODM MPs Hoarding Unga + Mahindi...

Sam Okello, chart the way forward, we are ready to assist you.

YES WE CAN! Si se Puede`

Phil said...

So it was all about ODM, Sam?

Not PNU, not ODM-K not NARC-K, etc, etc.

I shall not even respond to you ill-informed allegations that ODm is a party that seems comfortable with MPs paying no taxes, to silence when the media is threatened, to elections that only Phil can give a clean bill of health.

I can also gather YOU are the very characters we have been trying to reform through and through. Your very attitudes on this simple argument, whereby I am wrong simply because I am exercising my individual right to choice, betrays the entrenched resistance to democracy. OMG.

M-Pesa, ODM is the most gender sensitive of all political parties in Kenya. We have the most elected and nominated women MPs in parliament and cabinet, and senior party positions and party secretariat. I wish you could consider some of these facts before following the current. Wacha kufuata upepo kama bendera.

Daniel Waweru said...

As ever, Phil is mildly delusional. Even the Standard reported the violence at the ODM polls. That people were required to line up mlolongo has unfortunate echoes of 1988; at any rate, it is obvious that they were neither free nor fair in anything other than the Kenyan senses of those terms.

But Sam's optimism is also entirely unwarranted. The contrast between the leaders (bad), and the people (good) is a complete non-starter. It's clear, for example, that there was incitement, finance and planning of the RVP violence by senior members of the political class there. Appealing to incitement doesn't really explain why RVP residents chose to roast their neighbours alive. But they did, and from all appearances quite happily. So the violence was communalized in a precise sense: it was approved by the community. That's one example, if the most prominent. The contrast between the people and their leaders is badly drawn: while it is true that our political class must take a special share of the blame, it's pretty clear that their doings have found approval with us.

There's a more direct way of making the point. Ethnic violence destroys inter-ethnic trust. Coalitions broad enough to old politicians accountable to something approaching national interests require inter-ethnic trust - at least they do in Kenya. Since there's basically zero inter-ethnic trust in Kenya, there's no pressure on Kenyan leaders to be accountable to anyone other than their ethnicity. The only pressure on politicians to live up to their national responsibilities comes from narrow or unrepresentative quarters. Indeed, this line of thought has the consequence that Kenya is not really a nation at all: it's rather a state with several ethnic chiefships under its control - something like Ivory Coast without an ongoing civil war.

Sam Okello said...


Tapeworm infested intestines? That's beneath you, buddy.

Phil said...

Blogger Sam Okello said...

Tapeworm infested intestines? That's beneath you, buddy.

Quite right. But why not quote the whole story including where it started from your friend and defender Eric?

Anonymous said...


I know okello well. i can bet my last a hundred dollars that once he get going, he will be unstopable.

Singa said...


PNU and the other parties never promised change but ODM did and the parties you are comparing ODM with like ANC conduct their national elections democratically You so that even a sitting president was defeated? True Democracy au siyo now compare it with our type of democracy where ''delegates'' alias hired Kiberians are ambushed with a list preapred in some lodging and made to rubberstamp even Moi alikuwa anajaribu. Phil you make Alfred Mutua appear like an intern bro but where is brother Taabu?

kalamari said...


Yours is a grand dream that will change Kenya forever if materialized. The only problem is that most of us cannot wait to campaign for and vote into office, Fidel Odinga and Jimmy Kibaki. I think we see progress in terms of President Fidel and Prime Minister Jimmy. To us that is a fair exchange of power.
So what if the scions of powers dive into ditches in Range Rover Sport SUVs? That only means they have a first hand account on the nature of our poor roads. Call it experience.

The way I see it, if Kalonzo Musyoka has a son, we are doomed forever.

Sam Okello said...


You've made me laugh so hard. I didn't know you could be so sarcastic. That aside, I know that once we hit the airwaves and put the future in stark terms for Kenyans, people will respond to a message of hope. The day people get the sense that our nation can work in harmony, you will see an exodus from ODM, PNU, ODM-K and all the other parties to the new thing going.

Kenya will be united!

Anonymous said...

Okelo has a vision. I am waiting for detais before i comit.

turncoat said...


UrXlnc said...


you have a point that the selection of top officials in the major parties across the board in many instances fell short of expectations.

what i dont see is how you intend to solve or how you would have solved the problems leading to this inevitable and sad situation. it is not lost on anyone that all politicians are desperately trying to not only hang on to their positions but also any support or support base (real or imagined) because they have correctly read the mood of kenyans. IMHO this can happen to even the most noble and we cannot pretend that we will not be affected in the future. fair enough now we have the excuse that the present leadership appears to be a recycle or remnants of KANU way of doing things, but i think that is a lame excuse.

i am curious to see how events unfold, but in the meantime lets take another trip down memory lane

- 1991/1992 Euphoria / hysterics of multi-party rule, followed by a single large overwhelmingly popular "opposition" party which became fragmented and split in the months preceding the election where they were all resoundingly routed for the next two elections

2002 - Euphoria/hysterics Overwhelming defeat of "status quo" by popular combo-party that disintegrated within months

2007 - "change" agents morphed back to "status quo" with no effort at all and "trounced" "opposition"

well sam something might just happen, it looks like our political cycle is every 10 years since something significant happens about every 10 years so lets take a quick look at our 10 year time-board in reverse chron

2002 - period characterised by the Euphoria/hysterics as NARC Rainbow sweeps into power (the same old dirt - sorry couldn't help that)

1992 - Euphoria/hysterics after repeal of single party and transition into multi-party democracy (with a fractured opposition, leading to my all time favorite phrase - technical appearance courtesy of Matiba )

1982 - Fear/uprising - attempted (failed) coup against Moi

1972 - Fear/uprising attempted (failed) coup against kenyatta (scanty details on this)

1963 - Euphoria/Uprising Independence (maybe should have happened in 1962 to make a perfect 10)

so lets see whats ahead in 2012

Taabu said...

You are spot on. Dream just like MIRACLES are free. Only that EXPERIENCE remains the best teacher albeit at the cost of TERRIFIC bills. Hope when people wake up they tale breakfast that incluses coffee and they smell it.

E-CHANGE said...

it seems your liberation efforts are gathering speed and wind under your sails.
but is this an INTERNET revolution or just the launching pad?just curious you know

UrXlnc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UrXlnc said...

the political party gender sensitive election conundrum is best captured in the confusion highlighted by this kenya times article

so how then in a free and transparent "democratic" process pitting all qualified candidates vying freely do you ensure at least 33% of one gender are "elected" without reserving or somehow manipulating the election of 33% seats? what happens if by coincidence the winner(s) are all of the same gender (male or female), do they step aside after winning (why bother)

evidently each party has to automatically reserve 33% of the officials list not open to election but for appointment/nominations and to be filled only after elections to create the (regional, gender, religious etc) balance and of course create room for more mischief

Eric said...

Phil, I challenged you on this blog to bring your views in defense of ODM.
You have not been able to do it.
Why should we believe in you and your non starter ideas?

Sam Okello, time is yours.

Vikii said...

Mr. Okello, thank you. This is what I have been saying. This is what has made me so defiant in the face of little delusional beliefs that there are Kenyan politicians in government today who have a serious committment to good governance. Only a fool would consider "kura ya makelele" a democratic venture. Even Moi himself laughed when he read Phil's queer proclamations.

If you guys want something new, and we are fully behind you on this one Mr. okello, I am game. Every Kenyan hungry for a different way of doing things is. If however the plan is to dupe us into supporting the same old incompetent and bigoted politicians, we also have alternatives.

Now, about this dynasty thing, Taabu, Phil and Chris know of only two dynasties; Kenyatta and Kibaki. Mr. Raila Odinga is not a scion of the old colonial relics, in their view. How could he be? That is why Taabu is indirectly threatening you with bills if you choose to run. I wonder where on this blog you have expressed political ambitions?

I have a warning for you though, Sam and followers; If what you guys have in mind is a truly phenomenal revolution, you have to be prepared to touch base often and cultivate a lasting rapport with the voting masses. It is one thing to hype on the web and quite another to make sense to the majority rural folks.

But like I said, I am ready to take the bus. I am down.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, Vicky, Kalamari , Eric and several anons have endorsed SAM OKELLO for president come 2012. I hope PHIL will also join this train before it leaves the station. Mr. Phil, Kenya is waking up to a new day. Poor Kenyans can feel the pinch of the status quo. We want all like minded Kenyans both at home and in the diaspora to board this bus. Let's have volunteers from all the 210 Contituencies. Ladies and Gentlemen, we can do this.

Obama was a nobody. Alot of people counted him out.

Sam Okello also a regular Joe. He feels your pain and my pain. Let's travel the country side and preach the gospel according to SAM OKELLO.

Mr. Kumekucha, are you taking the train before it leaves the station?

sereast said...

I said before that the movement that will free Kenyans will have to start in the diaspora with diaspora backing and with connections to the roots. Guys if there is commitment to an ideal, am game!

Anonymous said...


You are right. And apart from gender, the new Act requires that composition of national officials reflect regional balance. How is this to be achieved through a democratic process? Every tribe wants to see their son at the high table. Can you have democracy with so many competing nationalities? If Sam becomes the leader of his party, he will ensure a Kiuk is the deputy leader etc, ensuring all the big tribes are accomodated. Sam, if you do not agree with this then I have to reluctantly say Phil is right: you are unaware of the situation at Machinani.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to get the sense that this man is serious. I met him one time in Madison, Wisconsin, where he electrified a mixed crowd of Americans and Africans in the university city. Should Okello run for president, Kenyans will be impressed by his knowledge, commitment to democratic ideals and integrity. i am ready to work for his election.

Mama said...

Sam Okello, I agree! If the sham of elections ODM held here is what is being termed as democratic then ODM should tell me another. Doctored lists featured prominently in many constituencies. Gender representation was non-existent as Ms. Laboso, Bishop Wanjiru and Co. will tell you. What does it help to defend the obviously indefensible? Tena on Kumekucha? Kwani us people dont have eyes.

Of course Sam I totally get why you are coming down on ODM and not the others. Someone asked if it was all about ODM. No one shouted loudly as ODM about the impending change, no other party made a majority of Kenyans believe in a better hope and future for Kenya, a better way of doing things-ODM did, that is why every single move they make we will audit, scrutinize and go over with fine toothpicks. To whom much is given much is expected-thats a basic principle of life.

I used to be a staunch supporter of that party, but what they have done the few months they have been in government, all I can say is let the devils in PNU waendelee coz ODM are surely NOT angels! They have proven it over and over again.

Anonymous said...


don't give up on odm, if there are problems, talk to the leaders. the party need thinker like yuo.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that someone should even pundit that ODM needs thinkers like SAM OKELLO!

This is coming too little too late...the train has already left the station...

Phil..a party is gonna be registered...we'll beat the deadline.

Phil don't jokes with the strength and a power of a disenfranchised people!

chola said...

To save Kenya from Kenyans we need a bar line, bungle, or passage where Kenyans converge to one. Rich poor, jengs, kiuks, kales, lunjes, and shifta etc .Raila has proposed NYS. I would propose the Army, just like our TZ brothers do 1 year in jeshi lataifa.
I am sure one year in the army will be enough to wash away this tribal smegma, clouding our mind Kenyans minds.

chola said...

The only way forward is for Kenyans to have a brain Circumcisions this will free us from dirty tribal smegma. Or else for G we will be kihii. Always be fingered by our politician. For whom paying tax is philanthropy, ready to pay million per plate while Kenyan children at best eat ugali with salt or starve to death. Maybe we as Kenyans are to blame, we may cut down below but our minds are filled with tribal smegma.

Mkenya said...

The fact of the matter is that ODM has let us down big time.If what happened at Nyayo stadium on Jamhuri day was to happen same time last year,the ODM top brass wud have made hell out of it-just one example to show they are contented with what they have achieved so far and dnt care what happens to the same people who they promised change.But i think its healthy for the country since it will point Kenyans into issue based,performance gauged politics,and not just Euphoria.May God redeem us all.

Singa said...

Only in Kenya where somebody wakes up and deafens our ears ati elections were stolen yet when given a chance to manage an election and showcase democracy the results leave you wondering wether the call to butcher 1500 people for voting in Kibaki was wise after all. Indeed Moi is now Proffessor Emeritus of Politics and the students aka party leaders Kibaki and Raila are trying to use his script

chola said...

To all Kenyans as they say every dog has its day. Yes 2008 was for a day for Kenyan if you did not notice the sun is almost setting. Kenyans we entered the 2008 stage in style. Making Kenya and Kenyans world news headlines, mpaka bush almost landed in JK but Iam sure his common sense advice him not to enter a burning house. Then we had IDPs,GON, Kimuya must go etc, etc.
As they always say from something bad ,something good must come out and it come , krigla commission come and ECK and kiviutu as on they way out, waki report was just hitting climax , no more impunity for crimes agents’ Kenyans ,cloud nine was Obama, yes this was really jack port for Kenya.
Just to rimed you we are not out wood yet medial bill and watoto WA kibera eating ugali with salt. Merry mass and happy new year. As the sun set on 2008. Let give a thought to all those less fortune

Anonymous said...


Daniel Waweru said...

so how then in a free and transparent "democratic" process pitting all qualified candidates vying freely do you ensure at least 33% of one gender are "elected" without reserving or somehow manipulating the election of 33% seats? what happens if by coincidence the winner(s) are all of the same gender (male or female), do they step aside after winning (why bother)

It really isn't that difficult. I think the thing is to have closed lists for 33% of the seats: closed in that only women, for example, would be eligible for nomination. So all the candidates for a particular seat would be women, but there'd still be a choice of candidates. Really not that hard.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Daniel Waweru, you are good thinker. With regard to Sam Okello's well articulated ambitions for a new Kenya of younger patriots, how do you organise a powerful grassroots movement(party) that is outside the mainstream of Kenyan politics without being labelled subversive?

sereast said...

All progressive Kenyans on this blog....we need to come up with a game changer as far as Kenyan politics are concerned. Lets pull the rag from under their feet!

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello team up with Githongo and other true reformists and we will campain for u..

papa plus said...


Am glad that you have realized that Kenya is not Israel and that God does not look down on us with equal favor. We have to do the heavy lifting ourselves.

That being said, I think that whatever platforms you will want to educate Kenyans on must recognise the tribal factor.

Like everything else, tribalism has 2 sides to it. What we should do is tap into the positive aspects of tribes. Otherwise, we can try to do a lot of good and it will come undone quite easily by tribal inflamation.

Good luck and am eager to hear whatever proporsals.

papa plus said...

And one more thing Sam, change has to begin in the villages and local neaighbourhoods and schools and churches. i.e change begins from the bottom up.

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