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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Images 2008: My Worst Moments Of This Unforgettable Year

God willing, in a few days time we shall all be looking back at the year 2008. One word that I am sure shall be used a lot to describe this year is the word; “unforgettable.” Interestingly this is exactly the way I can best describe 2008 even from a personal point of view.

Still there are some moments and images from 2008 that have refused to leave my mind. Moments that brought tears to my eyes or great anger. I would like to share them with you in this post.

1. Family in Kibera slums having Ugali with salt and water in a country where MPs earn obscene salaries and have refused to have their allowances taxed. Not to mention the obscene fuel guzzling vehicles that move on our roads. There has to be something very wrong in a country where some people have too much and others have too little.

2. Two incidents of people being burnt alive by fellow Kenyans. One was well publicized in Eldoret in a church and the other some Kenyans are still not aware that it even took place. The little known one was in Naivasha.

3. Photographs that could only be published in Kumekucha of piles of bodies at the city mortuary many toddlers and babies can be seen and one very pregnant woman. I keep asking myself what prize is this that is worth so many innocent people dying?

4. Disgraced ECK chair saying that he will not resign because “they have not beaten anybody.” Did the man actually think he was being funny?

5. This next one was hilarious. The man said on national TV and I quote; “If there is one thing that I will not do, I will not resign. I would rather die.” A few days later the same man resigned. Last time I checked Amos Kimunya is still very much alive and preparing to bounce back to the cabinet as Finance minister.

6. Maize meal, the staple food of Kenyans breaks all records and retails at Kshs 130 per 2 kg packet. Big tragedy. Meanwhile some people were wondering why Kenyans cannot eat Chapati if Ugali is too expensive.

7. On Jamhuri day, a solemn day to celebrate the sacrifices of those who were here before us, Kenyans are arrested for wearing black T-shirts. ODM does not organize any protest march like they did when their party was denied a registration certificate.

8. This image makes me want to throw up every time I remember. It is of a smiling Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga shaking hands vigorously after the signing of Kofi Anan accord. Do the two men realize how much Kenyans suffered? Dear Hague, please help them realize one day, please make them and others pay one day... soon.

9. Kaburu judge Kriegler tells Kenyans in broad daylight that they did NOT see what they saw last December when he announces that he did not find any evidence of “fiddling” at the vote tallying stage. He adds insult to injury by insinuating that the problem was because returning officers were not given electronic calculators to add up votes.

10. MPs of the 10th parliament hurriedly pass draconian Media Bill as Christmas present to themselves. The whole thing reminded me of Emilio Stanley’s bedroom swearing in ceremony done before the election results were announced later the same evening.

11. Witnessing Kenyans tearing at each other in this blog with sentiments based purely on tribal or party affiliations. And yet any intelligent primary school child knows that politicians in Kenya specialize on drumming up tribal emotions for their own personal gain. When will ordinary Kenyans down there learn if the elite on the web don’t have a clue?

12. Former KCB CEO Terry Davidson being charged with insider trading over a purchase he made of Uchumi shares when a lot of other politically correct “locals” who have made billions from insider trading at the stock exchange go stock free. Yet more proof that in Kenya justice is extremely selective. Little wonder that people kill to get political power.

13. Kenyans lining up to buy Safaricom shares after many warnings from Kumekucha and others to stay away from the shares. The expected quick kill did not materialize of course. Simple law of supply and demand, folks.

14. Stabbing incident in a UK pub over a ODM/PNU political argument. High tension remains in the Diaspora over the silly political groupings created to con Kenyans and make them fight with each other over absolutely nothing.

15. Kiosks demolished in several parts of Nairobi all at the same time and just a few weeks to Christmas illustrating once again the fact that Kenyans in positions of power are some of the most insensitive, ruthless, brutal, selfish “animals” on the planet.

Let’s toast to a better 2009 shall we?

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Sayra said...

2008 unforgettable yr.

Calling my mum to find out how they are doing only to hear loud gun shots in the back ground as she tells me "we are ok as of now...".

Sight of human bodies burned to death.

Hope when I learnt a pal of mine had hidden somebody frm a wrong tribe kwa store asiuliwe, at least there were more sober people than it looked.

People demanding to discuss issues (the price of unga) in a political party.

MPs impeaching the good looking finance MP to further their political agendas ... that was shameful.

Kenyans shamelessly lining-up to buy safcom shares with LOANed money expecting a kengen like return.

Waking up in the morning to get bread from the kiosk ... only to get a shock of my life to find all the kiosks flat and had to walk all the way to the supermarket.

Sayra said...

Waa, i forgot (how could i?)

Barrack Obama.

Showing us that it can be done.

E-CHANGE said...

ati "witnessing Kenyans tearing at each other in this blog... yet politicians in Kenya specialize on drumming up tribal emotions ... when will ordinary Kenyans learn...?"

Those are foot soldiers,eloquent hired e-goons with muscular upper torsos often disproportionate to the lower part of their bodies some who are not even on active duty let alone on payroll they are just blindly loyal
There is no hope for such people and its better to pray for them

Chris said...

We are discussing the worst moments of 2008. Thank God for the few really unforgettable good moments which I will discuss later. Obama (Time magazine's man of the year) of course has to feature very high on any list.

Anonymous said...

An illegitimate 'president' who continues auctioning the country. Na mta do?

Can we please talk about 'the continued auctioning of kenya to arabs by the MKM - this time Quatar?
This deal stinks to high heavens. Sounds more like kibaki's personal businessn than a government affair First, why is Kabira more informed of what has transpired than government ministers and techocrats? Who will be monitoring the project once kibz is gone.
Grand regency saga is stil fresh in our minds- will they come clean long after money has changed hands and the Arabs have started settling in?
I find it strange that the ministries of agriculture and lands are not involved in the negotiations. Instead, Michuki and Wetangula (who is a MKM stooge/rubberstamp) are involved.
Mumias sugar was interested in utilising the same land and we know the roadblocks that were erected in their way. More importantly why not let the IDPs and the thousands of squatters in our country be allowed to farm just a small portion of the land.
From the little snippets of information that Kabira gave, it seems that they will farm another 100000 acres for 'the government'- REALLY?
Folks, i feel so helpless and hopeless as a kenyan with a president who chooses to be indecisve in matters affecting ordinary kenyans, but readilly makes snappy decisions when striking personal business deals that will only benefit his family and friends.
Let's not even think of the lie about Lamu port when the transport ministry has not been brought on board. Things just don't add up.

Taabu said...

You must be SMRTING FROM SOUR GRAPES. Otherwise how else can you explain your LACK OF INDUSTRY in joining progressive Kenyans in making a kill with a prey at the door? Anytime you imply DECEPTION and FRAUD you know what you are getting at. Pad your cheeks buddy.

Ati Safaricon kitu gani? If you lost out please nurse your wound elswhere, sio hapa. Kenya is a REGIONAL HUB of everything including THEFt and corruption and the neighbours are only envious. We export everything including bigotry and bank robbery. Uta do?

Vikii said...

four things;

One, Moronic politicians employing their moronic followers to kill those who refused to vote for them.

Two,which is an extension of the first mediocrity, the same "leaders" and their religious followers killing, uprooting railway lines, looting from grocery stores and raping disabled women so they could be ushered into government and have a shot at unscruplous corn meal business.

Three, still an extension of the first two, an old, clueless and tired government minister named William Ntimama boasting of how they killed "close to one thousand people" on TV. That was not suprising but the unforgettable aspect of the spectacle was Kumekucha's brazen and willful attempt to not just ignore it but also put up a concerted effort(pitting all the blog's prominent commentators) to stop any debate on those unfortunate remarks by accusing those of us in need of answers of the lowest motives and actually labelling us "'Industrious', deceitful and fraudulent Kikuyus" (which to me is the most vituperative label you can attach on anyone).

Lastly, and thank you Sayra, Parliament being reduced to an altar of political backstabbing. An institution of such noble importance, buoyed by the ignorance, excitement and gullibility of the Kenyan people (unfortunately) deciding to force the resignation of a government minister purely on the basis of petty politics is the lowest we can ever get.

There are a few more but I wont write them coz I don't want to be stonned.

sereast said...

This is the year where the wolves in sheep's skins and hyenas came together in the same government and they are tasked with keeping watch of lambs?

Chris, I also hope 2009 will start on a good note, at least for us!

Taabu said...

Trophies don't lie or do they?

Anonymous said...


When you come up for air from your sand pit, you might want to rephrase your first statement to read:


Anonymous said...

The most moronic moment of the year:

Mr Molasses Raila Ondinga trying to buy his way into a Kikuyu Elder and when it failed he ordered all Luo males to be circumcised like Kikuyu men. I hope in 2009 this man stops treating his tribesmen as his playthings.

Mkenya said...

To me,the fact that we are still being led by an incompetent,illegitimate prezo makes me sick.
Two,the sheer temerity of the so called MP's [In Luo,i wud equate that to MER PILE -which means "drunk daily" ]- to refuse to pay taxes,kwani mtado?
Oh and of course,safaricon,grand regency,unga,and Raila's slow evolution to smthing only he knows.Kenya Needs no one else but God. Lets hope we ave a better year nxt year,God bless you all and God Bless Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Some of us Kenyans like living a lie:

Vikii and your ilk this is the worst thing that happened this year:

One, Moronic illegitimate "'president" - Kibaki - STEALING THE ELECTION, GETTING ILLEGITIMATELY SWORN IN IN SECRET AT NIGHT LIKE THE THIEF HE IS and sending his moronic MUNGIKI neck choppers, the regular and administration police to KILL and RAPE those who refused to ACCEPT THE FRAUDULENT OUTCOME OF AN ELECTION THAT HE - KIBAKI - STOLE.

Anonymous said...

Even when Kenya was on fire and threatening to collapse due to Kibaki's electoral THEFT, I will not be surprised if Kibaki was saying in the privacy of state house:

Wale wanapigana, wacha wapigane. Bure Kabisa! Pumbavu!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 8.34am. Who are the MKM?

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