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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cheap, Safe Option: Kibaki for Local Tribunal

Unlike Justices Kriegler and Akiwumi before him, Waki knew better the naivety of entrusting the hyenas to guard the choicest of steak. He fully understood the deceptive ways of Kenyan leaders and you can imagine the fate of the secret envelope and its contents if he was naive . The secret envelope has totally rattled the powerful leaving them no option but to manufacture legal loopholes to save their scalps. And true to form and tradition Kibaki will fall for the cheap solution that leaves his DECEPTIVE hands strengthened in offering clemency to murderers.

Kenyan political class may have the monopoly to rape Kenya but one thing is certain, the Waki report will not be theirs to decapitate. Waki knew them inside out and there is absolutely nothing they can do to reverse the process and verdict. Annan will have to do what the world expects him to do to earn his EMINENT PERSON label. He must fill the void left by the chronic lack of leadership that has sees a president stay mum when during serial self-inflicted crises (PEV, arms/pirates etc) only to emerge from his slumber and declare an Obama holiday with political expediency top on his agenda.

The adage THE GUILTY ARE ALWAYS AFRAID has never proved so apt. Why then all these political heat when nobody knows the content of the envelope handed to Annan? Waki has stirred the political hornet’s nest. They have been left to do what they are best at in drumming TRIBAL support ala Kimunya.

Uhuru may been a late convert to seeking Justice but he is fooling nobody. You don’t make history in abandoning your office as leader of official opposition to neatly place your headon the chopping block. Political favours have sell-by date and Jomo Junior knows what Emilio will do. Even Njenga Karume now has the guts and temerity demand implementation of Waki report. Please tell me another believable gimmick.

Kenyans are no fools and Waki didn’t mention TRIBES but specific people whom his committee felt had cases to answer. Sirma’s outburst ‘you are either with us or against us’ may have made him sound intellectual but only to himself. If Ruto is innocent he has nothing to fear and he is better advised to free his conscience by clearing his name at the earliest opportunity.

Bondage of impunity
Waki’s noose is tightening. The good Judge has proved an a competent driver to Hague Express. The political class may enjoy the charade in buying time but this matter is one that has been cast far and wide. Pseudo patriots will foam at the mouth shouting sovereignty oblivious the fact that the same international they now derive snatched Kenya from the jaws of the near-Armageddon.

Ours is a country crying and begging for HONEST leadership bereft of cronyism and fraud. Kenya is yearning to be freed from the bondage of IMPUNITY. Make no mistake! Kibaki is no fool to implement Waki’s report that correctly identified State House address as the venture of planning of the massacres. He knows better than put a gun to his own head.

Meanwhile Kibaki’s 'SMART' apologists arel calculatively corrupting Obama’s virtues by asking us to borrow his inspiration. Give it to them for meticulously peddling such lies oblivious of how they conveniently and shamelessly mask over the common thread running through our locally minted yet stillborn YOTE YAWEZEKANA and the exotic YES WE CAN.

But again you don’t mention bones where old people are lest you unwittingly invite a curse for reminding them of their imminent demise. Well, no amount of political posturing will ground Hague Express which in the fullness of will be packed by fully-paid passengers.

A tribute to Miriam Makeba

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Anonymous said...



US President-elect Barack Obama has held talks with Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki.The two leaders spoke on telephone Tuesday.

They discussed issues of mutual interest and future plans of engagement.

President Kibaki once again congratulated President –elect Obama on his historic and well deserved victory.

He also gave the best wishes of the people of Kenya saying that President-elect Obama’s victory had been received with immense pride and gratification.

The President said the Kenyan people fully understood that the new US President owed his allegiance to the American people but were confident that Kenya would always have a special place in the President-elect’s heart.

He assured the President-elect that Kenya looked forward to strengthening cooperation and ties with the US and wished him God’s blessing’s during his tenure as the 44th US President.

President Kibaki also extended an invitation to Obama to visit Kenya at his earliest convenience.


Sayra said...

They can run but they can't hide. To Hague they will go and that will be the start of the end of their ugly political games.

This will lead to a new start we have to be ready. Lets not be caught unaware or still in dreamland.

Anonymous said...

Te he he eeeee Taabu,

its ODM which was wetting their pants saying the Waki report was RUBBISH (to protect the killers whose BLOODY HANDS keeps ODM standing) until they realised there is nowhere to run and had to revise their stand. remember Ruto, Ntimama and the whole lot of ODM killers shouting their THROATS HOARSE??

Mr. TAABU; the lengths you are prepared to GO to make kibaki look GUILTY and ODM look like SAINTS is amazing. it clearly shows that regardless of reading manyh books, being smart is a gift of a few and taabu must have missed that boat by a river.

Anyway, its your OPIUM so continue SUCKING on MOLASSES WORSHIP.
one day you will wake up from your DEEP SLUMBER of personal DECEPTION and realise that the bleeding finger you have been hiding in your pocket is SEPTIC.
thats the day you will know the real meaning of DECEPTION and FRAUD.

see Taabu??

Taabus Mistress

UrXlnc said...


well said

one thing amazes me though. somehow the political class is of the perception that they can hurriedly constitute a local tribunal, which will somehow be manipulated or massaged to make some politically correct selective or nominal justice, and thats all.

they need to read carefully the conditions under which the ICC will pursue these guys. but best of all, the ICC is neither guided by, nor constrained nor in any manner restrained or subject to the shrewd political gymnastics the elite may want to play. and even if it takes 30 years, they will be caught up with.

so in all honesty these guys if they want true peace for themselves need to get this ICC thing over with get sentenced or absolved from any accusation and they can lead their lives normally without constantly looking over their shoulder for the rest of their lives. I mean look at Kabuga what kind of life could he possibly lead, in permanent disguise and forever on the run. may be fun while younger but what then. And look at the the true "long arm of the law" success cases of the ICC following up with suspects up to 40 years after the crime.

Anonymous said...

Impunity will continue to reign for as long as that sloth sits put in state house.There comes a time when a few have to pay for the sins of many in order to calm tempers of the victims , the fatherless children , widows , widowees etc.The 10 suspects are not conclusive of the total number of killers but they are enough to set an example.

papa plus said...

Time in Africa hath no hurry. Whereas a second is counted as "one one thousand, two one thousand, three one Africa a second could take up to one year to pass! If Kibaki and indeed some members of ODM are willing to stave off any proceedings as regards to Waki report, then some of us will not even live to see a single person brought to book by ICC or by the time this happens it will almost be irrelevant.

Am disappointed in folks like Ruto who took to rubbishing the report instead of saying ok, let's see those names and if am on it; I have the right to defend my name and have the case out. If I was involved in organizing killings, then I should be able to say why I did it.

This is yet another oppotunity for Kenyan leaders to stand up and put country first but they are failing by a wide margin. It is also a sign of cowardice. Young boys died on the streets. Why can't the pentagon members own up if they are on that list? What sought of captain abandons ship and allows the stewards to go down with it as he saves his skin?


Vikii said...

What a load of rubbish! This is a post born out of an uneasiness on the author's part with Pesident Mwai Kibaki that is not modulated by any conscious thought. Alleging that the President's right to voice a preference or his power(conferred to him by both the constitution of Kenya and Justice Waki's report) to constitute a tribunal would amount to expediency is just laughable. These are the exact kinds of dubious assertions you guys make that leave us wondering if something is wrong with you.

Look, you cannot pretend to be a cheerleader for Waki's professionalism (solely guided by this one task) and at the same time rubbish the things he recommends. The reason Mr. Waki handed his report to the President was so the latter could take action. While we all understand and actually respect your right to bear the deepest animus towards Hon. Kibaki, please acknowledge that he is the President of Kenya and when Waki says the President should constitute a tribunal, that is the exact President he is talking about. If you can't take it, then feel free to create your own little President in your head who will probably be a little more soothing.

I am one of those who believe we are capable of solving our own problems. For Taabu to claim that the international community should be our "baba na mama" and to actually credit them with 'saving Kenya from Armageddon', well, that is amusing. We may as well start a crusade against the mere existence of a court system in Kenya because, quite honestly, it makes very little sense having one with this kind of paranoia. And some honesty please. You remind me of the ODM song about the untrustworthiness and incompetence of the Kenyan courts in handling election disputes (never mind they filed the highest number of petitions there in history).

Let us learn to trust again. Let us resist the temptation to judge people's motives. And above all let us acknowledge that we can only have one President at a time. You may not like him, but the rush to always paint him in the worst possible light even when he is innocently performing his constitutional duties is, to me, unintelligent. Maybe and ust maybe your ideal President will get his time (though I doubt it), but before then, GIVE US A BREAK.

papa plus said...


You are one who believes that we can solve our own problems.

Cut to the chase, hold back the jabs and lay out what or how we can start to solve our own probelms without international help.

Am interested in that discussion.

Taabu said...

That was VERY INTELLIGENT of you to persuasively offer offer your opinion without any trace of insult. If only you would have cleared the mist before you engaged the gear.

You see according to your WISE counsel Waki trusted the powers of Kibaki so much so that he had to save him the feather weight of the envelope and no need to for the Hague option. Sometimes a quote from the good book helps a great deal-filling yourself with trivia and hatred can only leave you at the mercy of the fllods of embarassment. It has never killed to be less candid and give objectivity a wide berth.

Your unspoken assumptions gives you away. But then assumptions are free, aren't they? Clothed disdain leaves you morally naked, indulge, won't you?

Anonymous said...


Meanwhile, ODM mps from riftvalley have vowed that Ruto will go for the post on the hill come 2012.
That will leave molasses with 0.6 M luo votes not even enough to get the desperate fellow a flag.
Woiye, poor Okello and Taaabu here must be suffering at the turn of events...

Bwa ha haaaaaa

Vikii said...

Well, I'm, down with the 'discussion'.

The first step towards solving our problems is a complete divorce of our arguments from politics. It is of course politics for anyone to suggest that the President of Kenya cannot be entrusted with coming up with a tribunal that is above board and that there are no competent judges who are beyond compromise YET our overnight hero,Mr. Waki, the judge we erreneously seem to believe the world revolves around, is himself an appointee of this same President. Writing a screed that extols an appointee's competence while casting aspersions on any other appointee by the same authority is, to me, queer. Someone will have to explain to me how to square that circle but my attitude is that especially with two governments in one, we can set the rules of engagement before the supposed tribunal even starts its work. The opponents of Mwai Kibaki (and they are in government) whom Taabu and others believe are the bearers of unrivalled integrity can demand the exclusion of any Presidential clemecy provision on matters PEV.

Taabu, just for the record, I did not call you unintelligent. I called the practice to not look beyond Kibaki when assigning blame for our problems unintelligent. I cannot pretend to know your intelligence or lack of it and while you may not be an obvious dickhead, do you honestly think these school-yard taunts constitute any sensible defense of whatever your argument in this case is?

Don't you, honestly, find it a little ironical that you are attacking the President about an agenda that is being pushed by the very people you have spent all your time potraying as messiahs here? Come on, is the suggestion about Presidential pardon not a brainchild of members of the ODM party, a party most of whose positions are so startlingly in line with your thoughts as expressed on this blog?

Tell me, save for UK, which other politician would Mwai Kibaki be dying to exonnerate or spare in this whole saga? Stop attacking the Karumes of this world because as Waki himself tells you, violence was sanctioned primarily by the ODM and if there was any expediency on the part of Kibaki, he would be pushing for the trial of the suspects to be held in Hell and not even the Hague.

And since you allege that my response is guided by "assumptions", tell me this; We have a coalition government. Now you have told us about Kibaki's inclination to expediency, what about the other "EQUAL" partner in government? Are Raila Odinga and those others in his party not part of the government decision-making team? Do you frankly think they are strongly opposed to domestic solutions (that would suprise me because they are the ones pushing for clemecy)? If not, why would you choose to attack the President and the President only. It is this strangeness, Mr. Taabu, this obsession that compels me to remind you that we can only have one President at a time. Get used to that fact!

Anonymous said...

I think this write Taabu is a tribalist, pure and simple. Look at the names he has bashed...Kibaki,Kimunya, Uhuru,Karume.

He mentions Ruto but does not bash him but seeks to create a picture he is being unjustly accused. In other words in the writers mind he either believes or hopes his man Ruto is innocent.

The truth of the matter is, Kriegler report says the election was NOT stolen (something that really pains ODM supporters), it was just mismanaged and handled incompetently. I know you will start saying the report is a sham but on what basis do you say that. Kreigler investigated the allegations and that is what he found and that is fact.

Waki report says the election violence was planned ( meaning premeditated mass murder or genocide). Who where the first aggressors? ODM supporters including the like of this writer who shored up hateful tribal sentiments on this blog. This violence in rift valley was planned and it did not matter who won, genocide was still going to happen in Rift Valley as they sought to clear the place of "madoa doa" (Read Waki Report).

The fact that most males around Eldoret knew these things where going to happen before hand, I find it hard to believe that MPs in these region did not know something was cooking. I have several friends residing in Eldoret and they used to be threatened with leaflets and being warned to relocate. And yes KASS fm did use it hate propaganda and I dont understand why its still on air. And ohh...and as this thugs aka Kalenjin warriors went around looting, burning, raping and killing...yes they did mention their masters names. So this is an open secret. Pretending it was not planned, there is no evidence it its just being plain idiotic.

There were revenge attacks, the reason was pure and simple. People in Naivasha and Nakuru were seeing loads of refugees flocking their town. Even you the writer if you see people from your ethnic group coming to camp at your door beaten up, raped,maimed, impoverished don't tell me you will not feel pain, anger and even the righteous anger may move you to seek retribution. Those people being said met to plan revenge attacks were meeting to seek ways to help the IDPs. The said revenge attacks to me appeared as charged mob simply being driven by emotions removing people from public vehicles and beating them up. But if indeed it was planned innocent lives were killed and these revenges are hard to justify. Let the guilty carry their own cross.

Well ODM days are counted.And maybe this blog will die with it because it has been turned into an ODM mouthpiece. Shoring it up with praise and seeking to exonerate its members from any evil.

In my opinion ODM had a better chance if they had chosen to concede defeat and wait for 2012. But now they will be thrown in the archives of history in the nearby future as a party that caused the worst blood birth this country has ever witnessed.

Ivy said...

Obama also called Ahamednijad.

Waki report is huge for now....Taabu tell me what must be done to force the conmen/women pay tax. That is my priority now.

Anonymous said...

Did you read this one,

Kibaki got 15-minute call from Obama!

Ivy said...

Anon 2:20

Obama also called Ahamednijad.

Next on line is Osama, he is still trying to get his contacts

Anonymous said...


go take a rope...your deity was a liability to Obama so all links CUT. Kibaki gets Obama's ears and attention while molasses is under siege from Ruto.
Talk of a King living in a paper palace. the bumpkin cannot even say anything for fear of Rift valley Mps telling off on his face.

nyeff nyeff will be feading on berrries soon like his buddies the 'nyanis'

you can take that to the bank silly

Anonymous said...

Waki has simply collected and collated accusations, that have not been proved. That simply means annyone with time would have gone and said whatever they wanted too.
I would not be excited about that report, myself as someone pointed out this same waki was appointed by kibaki.....the same kibaki that unilaterally appointed the disastrous electorol comission.......
Justice is needed in kenya, but we must have a systematic way of doing it. I think most kenyans would like to know first and foremost who won the 2007 election before we go into the see if it can be proven beyond doubt then the guilty party will naturally have a case to answer, in havinhg a motive to cause chaos......then we must separate premeditated vilolence from what rose out of excitment......
I belive if we follow this route thieving kibaki will be defending his cronies while in jail......The way things are going we may end up punishing an Onyango who beat up a maina his neighbour in the excitement because maina was doing his wife and it had nothing to do with the election, thats because the higher ups have lawyers that will keep their cases in courts for the nxt ten years.....
A lot of people here from PNU are hoping Waki report breaksdown ODM what they are forgetting is that ODM was created by the people and other even more stringent guy may come up that will push harder for anglo fleacing and such......there is no hiding place for crooks anymore...getting rid of Ruto or RAO does not slove your problem...THIEVING must come to and end.....whatever you do....
That is why RAO initially said it will be problematic to implement the only people to benefit will be lawers.....
lets focus on the doables, get a new constitution, why are we not getting the process going?

Sir Alxe

Anonymous said...

Get a life the other day Obam was an uncirmcised Jaluo now your making fighting over his closeness to Kibaki over RAO......Shameless
Get a rope yourself.....he was probably being told that the funny holiday he declared wasa goof and in future hw should consult with Obama people about such things......we are all speculating so get a grip.
Kibaki should concentrate on fixing the country he destroyed instead of trying to score cheap points over a telepphone conversation.......

Sir Alex

Phil said...

@Blogger Anonymous said...
Did you read this one,Kibaki got 15-minute call from Obama!

11/13/08 2:20 AM

And so?

Obama spoke for an hour with his family in Kogello the same night he was elected, and has been talking to them virtually daily ever since the campaigns started.

I also do not need to tell you the Captain went to visit Obama's grandmother specifically on the president elect's request.. There was a terrorist threat, but also there is need to improve the general lifestyles of this US first family.

While Kibaki and co were busy hatching anglo-fleasing and trashing the MOU with LDP, we were already keenly following his steps towards senatorship.

Is it not the same Kibaki and his MKM who frustrated the senior Obama at treasury so much so that he fell to alcoholism and that led to his untimely death? Just because he dared questioned the murder of Mboya?

Talking now wont make him get back his visa and I am betting you my last dime, unless the ODM captain pleads on his behalf, Kibaki will not be in washington come January 20th.

Anonymous said...

To all you Kibaki apologists:

Ours is a country crying and begging for HONEST leadership bereft of cronyism and fraud. Kenya is yearning to be freed from the bondage of IMPUNITY. Make no mistake! Kibaki is no fool to implement Waki’s report that identified Sate House address as the venture of planning of the massacres. He knows better than put a gun to his own head.

Ask me why? Deep down in his heart of hearts he knows that he did not genuinely win the elections of DEC '07, HE STOLE THEM! It therefore follows that all his actions and inactions since then have been geared towards "protecting" the Presidency that he STOLE

Meanwhile Kibaki’s "smart" - this smart actually means deceptive, fraudulent and conning - apologists will calculative corrupt Obama’s virtues to in asking us to borrow his inspiration, all of this while before he won the Presidency of the USA deservedly and not by STEALING they referred to him as a "Jaruo" and Kihii. Taabu has always been right, you people are FRAUDSTERS. FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT are an integral part of your values, norms and psyche. These are your ways of life. Ways of life that have been a major contribution to Kenya's underperformance.

Ivy said...

Anon 2:34

So i should get a rope because of Kibs telephone conversation with Obama? Ebu let me ask you, sincerely how did that one telephone call help you? Did we experience a rise in the shiling over the dollar, Were those queues outside there for Co-op bank IPO or is it all in your mind.

I repeat again, Obama i guess has made calls to all the despots in the whole world.

Can't you just be ashamed for once that when Obama was born, Kibs was already serving the GOK and 44 years down the line.....Obama is the 44th President of US of A and Kibs is what the 3rd prezzy of Kenya....And you wonder why Kenya is in a lot of problems.

BTW is their anything in common between Obama Jnr and Kibs? Not that i know of (Note i am ashamed of saying that in one dispensation when Kibs was the president of Kenya, Obama was the Prezzy of US)...LOL

Do you get the silly one now? If such are the things that furahisa you then i am worried about you...A fly has just zoomed by!!!

Anonymous said...

Alcoholism (and women) is a coping strategy for the very weak. Ama how dr, muranho?

Ivy said...

Anon 2:34

Oh and as someone has put it ..the obamamania has been reported at statehouse..The call was something that Emilio could not keep it to himself......Typical of a villager who has just been bought her first pair of sandak shoes.

I guess Kibs was like....Goodness where have you been all my life. Waste of newspaper space if you ask me

Taabu said...

Please stop RAINING on people's party. Did you know that Obama called Emilio to thank him for selling him YOTE YAWEZEKANA which the later didn'tt need. You see Obama owes his victory to MK after rebranding what the mantra.

Now you cheeky one why would you belittle a whole 15 minutes talk after a whole week since US elections? Did you know that people miss the Moi's 15 minutes church sessions on prime time TV only that they don't know it?

Give it to Emilio for having his priority right. No need to speak when fced with crises but come guns blazing on TV to clarify mimi niko na BIBI MOJA Mwe.... and why not wake up early (6AM) for once to declare Obama holiday. We are a working nation fatigued by recess.

UK needed this brake badly after making history in auctioing leader of OP last year. All else are gimmicks. We need miracles and not inspirations. Ever heard of substitute preference syndrome? Well, support anything that would derail a potetial threat to your dreams. Get the drift?

PS: Ever heard of Burnley and Harry HOUDINI Redknap? Kingsize tears are watering the grounds all over.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 3:11 AM and your dr murinho:

STEALILNG an ELECTION is a coping strategy for election losers like Kibaki the ELECTION THIEF.

Kibaki: supposedly an intelligent, well educated and civilized individual but in reality he is a fellow with a VERY FRAUDULENT CHARACTER, DECEPTIVE WAYS and the values and norms of a full time car jacker who not only STEALS the car but also RAPES the women he finds in the car.

Joe said...


I am one of those who believe we are capable of solving our own problems

I am afraid this has proved to be a problem in the past. That is why Waki did not trust us with the envelope

Ivy said...


I have stopped.

You didn't answer me how do i pass a vote of no confidence to my dishonorable member of parliament?
Ati they are bragging they pay 53K per month. Ati what my foot?

Compared to what they earn? Eish for crying out loud

Kwale said...

You people, who bewitched you!? Why is it hard for you to see Kibaki is the best president Kenya has ever had?!
It's perfectly ok if you don't like Kibaki but at least accept the contribution he has made so far.

I'll list some of the things Kibaki administration has done so far, to all you sleeping beauties (slumbers):

Since Kibaki took the office, Kenya has taken some positive steps on reforms, including the establishment of the nascent Kenya Anti-Corruption and measures to improve the transparency of government procurements.
Under the leadership of President Kibaki, Kenya has seen a rapid economic recovery accelerating economic growth to a magic figure of 6%.
There are other reforms especially in the judiciary, public procurement etc., which have led to the unlocking of donor aid and a renewed hope at economic revival. The renewal of donor involvement has provided a much-needed boost to investor's confidence at least up until ODM madness of 2007 election.

My question is what do you people want out of Kibaki? Yes, I agree there are issues that Kibaki administration has not addressed well but Kibaki has pointed Kenya to the right direction whether you agree with that or not!
Kenya problems are endemic and cannot be eradicated by one person.
Instead of blaming Kibaki for all your woes, why don't you adopt the west philosophical principal and you you'll see a prosperous Kenya? A country where every citizen have a responsibility to maintain virtue and value their principles above their privileges. Is that too hard to adopt?

Ivy said...

Wake me up once Kwale is through listing don Kibs achievements...No hard feelings

Taabu said...

VEY TRUE, Kibaki has seen KACC become the paragon on integrity. He wiped all traces of corruption and next TI index will make us shame the Nordics. Lieing to one's self is never fatal. And while at it a lie repeated several times may just mutate into one of its other variants. No wonder the key ministries must be reserved for the HOMEBOYS who know how to do business. You see we had YOTE YAWEKANA 6 good years before Obama plagiarized it and now we have honey flowing from our kitchen taps.

e-change said...

is Kibaki the best president Kenya ever had because he pointed Kenya in the right direction or is he the best because of positive steps on reforms, improving the transparency of government procurements,rapid economic growth?
i'm just curious you know?

Kwale said...

I am asking one more time, what do you want from Kibaki?

I can list a very long list of Kibaki's achievements here, but I don't have time, got to catch a train this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Kwale @ 4:39 AM,

You should consider getting into the field of writing FICTIONAL novels, you would be very good at producing FICTIONAL novels.

Back to your comment at 4:39 AM: it is full of so many distortions of the truth and outright lies that only a dimwit and tribalist and Kibaki ass lickers like you can "believe."

* Ati Kibaki is the best president Kenya has ever had?! PUMBAFF!! He is even more incompetent than Moi.

* Ati since Kibaki took the office, Kenya has taken some positive steps on reforms, including the establishment of the nascent Kenya Anti-Corruption and measures to improve the transparency of government procurements. PUMBAFF!! What a load of crap! Corruption has increased while the KACA does absolutely nothing. If it ever does anything, it is once in a blue moon to go after the small fish while leaving big fish Anglo leasing, Artur hoodlums "protectors" e.t.c go scot free.

* Ati under the leadership of President Kibaki, Kenya has seen a rapid economic recovery accelerating economic growth to a magic figure of 6%. PUMBAFF!! This so called growth you refer to is PHANTOM GROWTH. It is only being felt by the select group of thieves (the angloleasing and goldenberg nya'ngaus) that are the godfathers of corruption in Kenya.

* Ati there are other reforms especially in the judiciary. PUMBAFF!! This judiciary abets corruption and breaking of the rule of law contrary to what it is supposed to do. I could give many examples but one will suffice: How do you explain Chief Justice Gicheru participating in the shameless and hurried swearing in of Kibaki after he STOLE THE ELECTIONS. This is primitive and despicable!

*The so called "ODM madness of 2007 election" that you refer to was a result of Kibaki's open and daylight THEFT OF THE ELECTIONS. You don't expect people whose vote has been STOLEN to stand up and give Kibaki a standing ovation after he has STOLEN THE ELECTION, or do you? It seems to me that you do. You need help. Go consult this your dr Murinho for pumbavu help.

* About this your question: "My question is what do you people want out of Kibaki?" This is what we wanted: to simply abide by the will of the people (like Mr John McCain just did when Barack Obama defeated him at the polls in the US of A) and NOT TO BRAZENLY STEAL THE ELECTION. Simple. Nothing more.

Bottom line - and get this through your thick skull - Kibaki is the most INCOMPETENT and CORRUPT and BACKWARD LOOKING - instead of the future - President that Kenya has ever had.

And as has always been the case, you and other deceptive and fraudulent Kibaki ass lickers will try to defend him by telling us that "1 + 1 = 3" PUMBAFF!! It will not work. 1 + 1 will always be equal to 2.

e-change said...

then who is the best president Kenya has ever had?just curious you know

Anonymous said...

e-change, anon 5.54 was once called msema kweli, lakini yeye alibandilisha jina. sasa anaitwa KUBAFU.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kwale, so much for the recent calls for a Kenyan Obama. I am not surprised this is now happening. I am actually quite amused and i was just asking myself when it would commence even as some pretended to aspire to higher political morals, like having a "Kenyan" Obama. Hahaha!
These ODM diehards were just taking a break from their DNA encoded mission and vision which is to promote, to die for and to worship the messiah aka the BB or the Bondo Bumpkin, and they will stop at nothing until Raila is in State house, impunity in Kenyan politics or not be damned.
The new strategy is to rescue and resuscitate the cadaver that is the ailing ODM and hopefully get it off the drip. Didn't you hear Raila threatening that he will resign if as the Waki report is implemented, ODM Ministers are "victimised"? Victimised by whom? This is typically dishonest as Raila has now apparently decided Ruto and Kosgei are too important to the ODM house of horrors.
If the Kalenjin walk out of ODM, Raila's clout is over and even his position as PM could be in jeopardy. Raila knows it and Ruto knows it. It would take only one MP to bring a motion of no-confidence in him and he is finished.
Raila has realised that if the tribunal actually does its job, as it is likely to, the likes of Uhuru are very probably going to come out smelling like roses as the so called evidence against him is very flimsy and is largely based on hearsay and speculation, and with a good Lawyer at his disposal, his trial will be a cake walk.
Ruto's case on the other hand is another matter altogether as the evidence against him is from the NSIS, meticulously compiled, and he will have to prove his innocence against that. Ruto and Kosgei are done, just stick a fork, turn them over and serve Ocampo. I would advise them not to hire Donald Kipkorir as their defense lawyer for instance, otherwise they might as well just walk into jail,lock themselves inside and throw away the key down the latrine(They don't have civilised toilets in Manyani you know).
And so the ODM blackshirts have their orders to trash the tribunal before it has even started its work, whip up tribal emotions and portray it as a witch hunt by Kibaki and the GEMA/Akamba alliance. A tried and tested strategy perfected in the run up the 2007 election and very easy to do.
Unfortunately for ODM, this is a process beyond the power and influence of Raila and even Kibaki. They just don't get it. YOU CANNOT CONTROL IT POLITICALLY. FORGET IT! This is a matter in the hands of the International community through the UN and Koffi Annan and they are just too powerful to defy. Not even Obama will come to the rescue of his "cousin". If that is what he imagines, then he does not understand Obamaism.
And so we will see the death of yet another so called liberation party, only that this one will die faster than the comet they all thought it was.

e-change said...

you are right-Kibaki is the best president Kenya has ever had

onlinebizteam said...

Anonymous 6:11 AM,

Whatever anon 5.54 was or is is not the issue. At least he has spoken the truth that seems to have touched a raw nerve in you. The truth that you would rather avoid hearing. Stick to the issues na uwache kutangatanga na kuregarega huko kwa msituni wa fraud, deception and stealing.

You have just just joined Kibaki in being a a certified KUBAFU - The genuine pumbavu article.

Ivy said...

Anon 6:11...Can't get it right even in

E-Change @ 6:00
Anon 5:54 already answered: * Ati Kibaki is the best president Kenya has ever had?! PUMBAFF!! He is even more incompetent than Moi.

Kibaki the president kenya has ever heard....Let me consult my archives

next question

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:11 AM

You reveal your ethnic origins (inadvertently) and why you really like to lick Kibaki's ass enthusiastically. It is alibadilisha and not ALIBANDILISHA. Get your spelling right.

Ivy said...

Investigative reporting, or hearsay?

Taabu said...

Kimi said:
...whip up tribal emotions and portray it as a witch hunt by Kibaki and the GEMA/Akamba alliance....

Ever heard of the philosophy of begging for association to share GUILT? That was a smart analogy albeit so transparent and cheap for all intent and purporses. Rope them in and get padded in security in numbers. Nice try, ingine?

Anonymous said...

The only way Uhuru will go scot free is if he kills the wintenesses like kibaki killed the other mungiki and his recent confidence may be a hint that he has gone and done so........
I believe other central figures fingered will come together and quitely execute the would be witnesess.....the other tribes are not barbaric enough to do that so thats what they are counting on.....
My take is that someone wants to creat sideshows that will stop us from getting a new constitution because that will interfear with their stealing and looting that is currently going on....
This is the chance to get things done right but some goons are going to open wounds that will creat chaos....I really don't see this working if we do not start by hitting on who stole the election, that should be our first port of call, then we can deal with the aftermath......Waki is a red herring that has no benefit to anyone. LETS GET THE CONSTITUTION first then deal with this Waki shit later...or leave it to ICC no kenyan involvement.
Kibs should just vacate office to the real onwer and he knows that the sooner the we can have our country back we have a lot of work to do.

Sir Alex

e-change said...

you kenyans what is wrong with you and what do you want now?
Yesterday talking about a Kenyan Obama(how ironic it should be an Obama Kenyan) today refusing to see see Kibaki is the best president Kenya ever had?

don't you see Kibaki is the african version of American Obama but 50 years from now? taking the country in the right direction, economy etc(See Kwale@4:39a.m.)

i agree with Kwale its not Kenyatta, not Moi but Kibaki the best a man can get. He is even calling for implementing the Waki report "tempered with forgiveness" plus don't forget it was under his administration that YOTE YAWEZEKANA was coined
Janes Jackson once sung a song "you don't know what you've got till its gone" i think one day we shall all agree with Kwale that Kibaki IS the best president Kenya ever had

Ivy said...


Reading your comments: Iam pertubed....Kwale i would excuse, You? I have gone to sleep.

What did they do to e-cop...Want me to say abomination broda like those nollywood movies?

Anonymous said...

What is the benefit of finding out the best president kenya has ever had?
We have had such useless presidents that best is not word we want to use maybe more of least distructive...the all score so poorly that making a difference is notw orth anyones time..except that kibaki has out done them all....because we expected so much from him.......

Sir Alex

Joe said...


I thought this kind of talk was gone from KK for good! Very disappointed!
Let me just say i enjoyed the two days when sanity prevailed. At this rate, we will never agree on anything!

e-change said...

Ivy daughter of Samia,
Kibaki is indeed the best president we've ever had-inspite of many things going wrong under his administration, no strong leadership from the man himself, and poor recovery from a life-threatening stroke in 2002 there has not been a president before who was more qualified for the job

I call a spade a spade but just in case its a big spoon let me ask again:-if not Kibaki then who is the best president Kenya has ever had?

e-change said...

Sir Alex
you're right-i've come to think of it again and i agree Kenya has never had a "best president ever"
i have changed my mind

Anonymous said...

Joe said Folks,

I thought this kind of talk was gone from KK for good! Very disappointed!

It was just a thought. Dont worry

Anonymous said...

Through his conduct, intellect and temperament, Kalonzo is certified as our Obama - our biblical Joshua.
While Kibaki was our Moses delivering us from the Egypt of Moi, in 2012, Kalonzo is destined to be our Joshua taking us to the promised land where corruption and tribalism is vanguished for ever!!

Kalonzo has never stolen any public molasses factory or called anybody "adui" and his message of peace and development is inspiring and transformational.

When 2012 comes, let us seize the moment and cross over to Canaan with Kalonzo!!

Anonymous said...


As long as Taabu, our Kumekucha madman, continues to post here his tribal diarrhea, the Kumekucha community shall never know peace. And that is sad, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

How did Madman Taabu get so much power over Kumekuchans that he posts his armageddon thoughts and Kumekuchans begin to knock their heads against each other?

Anonymous said...

Everybody beware,

Sam Okello and Taabu's posts are primarily aimed at driving Kumekucha traffic up. They know that nothing drives people's passions more that negative tribal and delusional posts.

The problem is that we play along.

Anonymous said...

my brother e-change

i see where you are trying to go but even you are fighting real hard to convince yourself. not on your case but otherwise what does this stamement suggest

inspite of many things going wrong under his administration, no strong leadership from the man himself,

and then fumbling for a reason

and poor recovery from a life-threatening stroke in 2002

sir alex pretty much has it right, kenyans have been subjected to poor leadership and moderate to extreme abuses including premeditated/deliberate marginalisation, skewed/prejudiced resource allocations, rampant corruption etc.

talking of a best president under these circumstances is like asking a victim of frequent night raiders or thugs, which of the raiders s/he preferred, sheessh, i'd rather not be raided at all, duh!

Joe, the disappointment happens and will probably continue until justice is served fully to all. I believe thats when the bitterness will start to wear off. but we should still move on to pursue a better kenya for all.


dr murinho said...

I have been reading this blog now for the last two weeks, and I am amazed by the level of delusion shown by many people in this site. It is very scary to think how many mad people could be in Kenya.

When I say mad, I mean madness varies in different degrees, from mild delirium to fully blown schizophrenia. What I have seen here is simply delusion. However, there are at least 11 types of delusions in psychotic disorders, which are all form of mental illness but they all have the same characteristic.

A delusion is a belief that is clearly false and that indicates an abnormality in the affected person's content of thought. The false belief is not accounted for by the person's cultural or religious background or his or her level of intelligence. The key feature of a delusion is the degree to which the person is convinced that the belief is true. A person with a delusion will hold firmly to the belief regardless of evidence to the contrary. Delusions can be difficult to distinguish from overvalued ideas, which are unreasonable ideas that a person holds, but the affected person has at least some level of doubt as to its truthfulness. A person with a delusion is absolutely convinced that the delusion is real.

However, I must commend people like e-change, joe, ed, et al and particularly Kwale who have shown a high level of mental strength which would score highly within the paradigms of cognitive psychology. Cognitive psychology is a branch of psychology that investigates internal mental processes such as problem solving, memory, and positive outlook of things and life in general.

Sir alex on the other side, is probably one of the highly delusional being in this blog. His statement that he will only move on when he know who won election is baffling. Should you Sir Alex or anyone require help, there is help available.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

Anonymous said...


kenyans are not the only ones expecting more sufuria's of ugali on their tables when a favorite son is in charge

we just have different ways of asking for it.


Anonymous said...

11/13/08 2:34 AM
Only a kikuyu fool can even imagine that Obama is interested with what a thieving rigging individual in statehouse has to say:):)
Obama already had a personal chat with his cousin Raila the day he won the elections:):) I bet it makes Kibaki the goon sick in his stomach...

Kibaki's days are numbered:) trust me... Hague he will face.... he is not the elected president by Kenyans he rigged his way to statehouse and nobody takes him seriously let alone kenyans...
only central Lesotho kenya still lick his..... poleni sana...

no chance with Obama even if kibaki licks his boots... Obama does not engage with Murderers like Kibaki...

Anonymous said...

Kwale 4:39 AM

I understand you being in California that you didn't vote for Obama but put on you vote "kibaki" forgetting that the elections were in the USA and not Kenya no rigging:)

Anonymous said...

I've been puzzled by some of the recent change of heart and os decided to dig in the archives to review highlights of Obama's visit to kenya

although some of these clips and many others were meant to disparage Obama and/or RAO, its very interesting indeed how events have turned out

i think there are a lot of people peddling lies but thanks to electronic media we can always replay history at will.

I hope this gives us all renewed interest in doing whats right all the time. at this time it was not even clear that Obama would win the primaries otherwise I cant see how Mutua could have talked the way he did.


witch said...

I am a witch. anyone dare insult another person or tribe in this site i will put a vodoo curse on you.
do you hear me Taabu? i am a witch. watch out.

Anonymous said...


No peddling on lies here. Raila is a dictator a notorious known controversial figure.

papa plus said...

Yo, you get your facts from Fox News? I'd strongly encourage you to balance it out with other sources.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:13

i looked at those videos too

but you lost me a little and continue to be puzzled by many other aspects of our strange leadership

when obama calls on leadership during his campaigns lets call this the trials period its said he was calling on opposition)

when obama calls on leadership as a president its said he was talking to kibaki

when govt protects Mau forest its said its a kibaki govt protecting its resources

when govt evicts those settled in Mau forest, its said that Odinga is rocking his RV supporters

when odinga and fellows from Nyanza celebrate "their son" its called ...

when kibaki celebrates Obama, .. its said ...

that story, sir/ma'am although its getting rather old continues to baffle me to no end.

my point about those videos is that many of our leaders are not honest and unfortunately the dishonest leaders make every other potential upright leader also appear dishonest.

lets bring out all those videos and statements made by the leaders themselves and not just only the interpretations of the media bring all of them out, lets see for ourselves.

one clip that i'd like to see is the "adui yetu" clip i've read on kk for so long but never seen, anyone that has that link please post, i might have missed it if it was posted earlier, but it seems to be the rallying point for anti-RAO sentiments and ili iwe funzo to leaders, can we have it out here. also lets bring out the clips when PNU started out on its campaigns and rather deragoratory remarks were made then.

lets kill this evil spirit once and for all, bring out all those negative speech campaigns, lets identify what so irked and rankled a population to bring about such intense animosity. lets analyse and break them down bit by bit, then use our collective knowledge to help build the bridges

this situation should not be the order of the day and we have to make the effort to lift ourselves by the bootstraps out of this mess. Its not right that mothers have to get this desperate for the sake of their families. its not right that ordinary folks cannot get a meal or be guaranteed security. its not right that a village suddenly finds favor when for 45 years it was never heard of.


b-carotene said...

So we're back to basics, predictably, Kumekucha does not disappoint.
Here's some wise words from Kwale's postings yesterday:
"Constitutional government is nothing but words on paper unless its principles are alive in the souls of the people. "
HABITS OF THE HEART (and of the mind), no? Go figure.
Very well said, Kwale!

Anonymous said...

Well stated. Thanks.
..."Kenya is a country crying [out] and begging for HONEST leadership bereft of [systemic]cronyism and fraud. Kenya is yearning to be freed from the bondage of IMPUNITY". ... Thanks.

Qaanaag, GL.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Now it turns out 19 Rift Valley MPs had a secret meeting in State House with Kibaki. No wonder Raila is in a panic and throwing stones. The saga continues.

Ivy said...


After serious soul searching, and perusing the archives....I sadly agree with Sir Alex.....We have never had standards and that is why we have the audacity of saying Kibs has been the best president ever.

I would want to compare our presidents with the process of maintaining software...corrective, preventive, adaptive and perfective...Kenyatta started, Moi tried corrective and before we could blink an eye...kibaki perfected good scenario....Tribalism

Corruption was with Kenyatta, Moi adapted it and Kibaki perfected.

Sad but unfortunatley true, 2002 I expected too much from Kibaki but he shoved rubbish down my throat without apologies. If Kibs was good then why the heck did kenyans get fed up with him so fast? Only him and his cronies can answer that.

Still disappointed that when Obama was being born, Kibs was already serving the GoK, 47 years after they are both presidents of their respective countries.....Where did we go wrong? I am going to dream big coz atleast there is an audacity of hope.


Yes when you get the clip of the bondo bumpkin saying kabila adui yetu...the feeling is mutual i also crave to see it.

Ivy said...

Come to think of it folks when i watched newsline yesterday i would want to agree with a panelist who said that the violence was never about election......But injustices that have been meted against the people of this country just because some tribes were correctly inclined to fuata nyayo tune. We will have the 20 or so names shipped to the hague then what?

Who is going to be appeased because of the other things that the founding fathers did? Who is going to pay for the murders that have been committed against those who couldn't defend themselves. Once we start to see and think beyond Eldoret saga...Then i guess we will be ready to move on....injustices & atrocities have been committed against the people of this country....Who is going to stand up and be counted.
Evil has been done beyond PEV 2007, there was one in 1992, 1997, the JMs, RO, TM, GP etc their blood is also crying out for vengeance. People's land were taken and given to other people, we have squatters in this land yet a few people own a whole province.....SHAME....So who is going to go to the Hague on their behalf

b-carotene said...

Leaders, very sadly, dont come from Pluto. Wish they did, then all our (wild-est) expectations would at least be justified. Unfortunately they are drawn right from amongst our midst....

ps: guess people are now into the 'cover-my-arse' kind of game ;). good luck with frantic forays in youtubu!

Anonymous said...

If you can continue such tribal filled posts here how will Waki report, tribunals or even Hague help you? whenever you move your fingers over the keyboard all you want to type is hatred and suspicions. guys give us a break from your tribal tantrums. No wonder the 70% new Mps have jumped into the bandwagon of the thieving Mps of the last Augus House. Only God can Help Us from the future greedier leaders

e-change said...

i hear you loud and clear 'ma sista o'
For Kibaki to be the best means our standards are below rock bottom-our standards are so low that you crawl up to get to the BOTTOM-but how did we get like this?

anyway with all the rights to become what they want you would have thought that people who have constitutional rights to seek political office including the presidency would aspire to be the best presidents their countries have ever had but it seems they prefer to remain permanently in the ranks of the other 220 self-seekers

America lived to see the first BLACK president wuod Kogelo; will we live to see the BEST Kenyan president ever?YOTE YA....keep it to yourself stupid

Anonymous said...


kumekucha have really progressed since those early days when we only had a handful of readers.
I can see now we have a Psychologist and a Witch. Diversity kabisa! Keep it up!!

b-carotene said...

Anon 1:38 am:
What an apt observation, from psychologist to e-witch and everything in-between (including a copper), KK's diversity places it on the brink to be either the most powerful or crappiest blog. I hope the former, with a lot of massaging.
Here's some encouraging stuff for those attracted by KKs diversity:

"The Difference:
How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies"
Scott E. Page
The Difference reveals that progress and innovation may depend less on lone thinkers with enormous IQs than on diverse people working together and capitalizing on their individuality. Page shows how groups that display a range of perspectives outperform groups of like-minded experts. Diversity yields superior outcomes, and Page proves it using his own cutting-edge research. Moving beyond the politics that cloud standard debates about diversity, he explains why difference beats out homogeneity, whether you're talking about citizens in a democracy or scientists in the laboratory. He examines practical ways to apply diversity's logic to a host of problems, and along the way offers fascinating and surprising examples, from the redesign of the Chicago "El" to the truth about where we store our ketchup.

Page changes the way we understand diversity--how to harness its untapped potential, how to understand and avoid its traps, and how we can leverage our differences for the benefit of all.

Scott E. Page is Professor of Complex Systems, Political Science, and Economics at the University of Michigan and an external faculty member at the Santa Fe Institute. He is the coauthor of Complex Adaptive Systems (Princeton).

Anonymous said...

These comments are so full of idlers, so full of hatred. God help Kenya if this is a sample of what we are

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