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Friday, October 31, 2008

the political class is walking on eggs

Far be it from me to condone impunity. We all know that what happened after the elections was one of the most devastating events to have occured in Kenya. In a perfect world, it would be wise and prudent to ferociously come after the men who orchestrated the mayhem that was visited on Kenyans. But this is not a perfect world. In deciding to walk away from the Waki findings, our elected leaders took only one thing into consideration...the impact of implementing the report.

There were two possible outcomes here:

1. By trying to implement this monster, the gentlemen who have been adversely mentioned in the report would not have taken it lying down. So what, you ask? Well, have you considered that these men are at the helm of tribal chieftaincies? Have you considered that as of now they retain the influence to destabilize major parties...and by extension the nation? That is a fact we can't just wish away. So if we come after these men we risk antagonizing whole communities and creating another round of ill feeling at a time when Kenya is evidently healing.

Let the healing prevail.

2. The other outcome would be that we drive the nails in the coffins of these guys and let nature take its course. If Kenya ignites afresh in an orgy of bloodletting, so be it. The problem with that thinking is that it undermines the peace we've worked hard to restore. I don't care what the U.S. and the German ambassadors say. What I know for sure is that when Kenya ignites, they'll send in American and German planes to whisk their nationals to safety. We don't have the luxury of listening to their misguided sermons. In anycase, when was the last time you heard ambassador Ogego tell the Americans how to run their affairs? And when was the last time you saw any of our ambassadors pretend to understand somebody's country better than the people who were born and bred there?

I detest the role these two men have played since the debacle that was our elections. I may disagree with Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka on other matters, but on this one I call on Kenyans to heed his advice...let's not open another can of worms foolishly. We must proudly take out matching orders from our understanding of our issues, our background and how they affect us. That's why we have brains.

Kudos to our leaders for calling this right!

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E-cop said...

Sam Okello,
hallo&welcome back
Secondly Sam "IMPACT" of implementing "Wakriegler" reports is EXACTLY the mood Kenyans are in that is what we want,so these dishonourable politicians are out-of-touch with the majority-the majority is the voice of God and we say no more rhetoric-no more empty platitudes-no more stereotype cliches

Sam, who is fooling who here and who is taking a ride on backs?how can you tell "us nobody won elections last year"(Kriegler), nobody will be prosecuted(reference to Waki), and move on (go back to life the way it was)McCavity the Cat vomiting on shoes stupid?so why did 1500 people die last year?what for?

Some human beings enjoy walking in the wilderness for 40 years it burns off calories, but some of us Israelites know it is a 4 Day journey walking in a straight line from Egypt to the promised land-why are politicians trying to play God they are not? mara Yes mara No-this is all EATE(entertainment at our expense)

no more empty calls for Hague express please Kibaki&Raila must come out now and offer unreserved apology to Kenyans for their shameful part in despicable acts last year that brought this country to the brink of civil war in its 45 year history
In the meantime, strip them off their honorary doctorates and give it to Kwale

Anonymous said...

The most stupid thing about our country is tribalism. We look at the tribe first before we can use our brains.

The truth of the matter is that both Kibaki and Raila played a big role in the slaughter innocent Kenyans. The two men should be topping the Waki list. The people who suffered were innocent and the poor. Kibaki and Raila have been enjoying their salaries and wealth in peace as ordinary Kenyans continue to suffer.

Regardless of what caused the violence, anyone who financed the killings or contributed to the killings of innocent Kenyans should answer charges of murder - regardless of their status in society.

It's ironical that Chris and ODM are now not listening to the "advice" of the US and German ambassadors. When the two ambassadors were saying things that was musical to the ears of ODM and Chris, they were good boys. Now that the reverse has happened, the two ambassadors are bad boys and they deserve any name.

Anybody - in ODM, PNU or whatever party or status one belongs to - who caused the slaughter of innocent Kenyans should face the law. We should not trivalise or cheapen the value for human lives to protect interests of politicians who ride on our backs to achieve their goals.

Take all the bastards to Hague. If Kenya burns, it will burn for all of us. Those who will remain will learn a lesson and learn to reason like civilised human beings and not as belonging to any tribe.

Anonymous said...

It can only take molasses betray to see Sam Okello resurfacing after going underground since the mandatory CUT was announced.

Jimmy Osiemo said...

Hallo Sam,
i agree with you partially.if you analyze what charity Ngilu said about Raila and Kibaki,then you may see the sober sense of a mother's feeling.Why excuse the at fish and fry the small fish?Then if they trash the Waki report,they should release all those who are languishing in jail,relating to election violence.
jimmy osiemo

Anonymous said...

Te he he he he hehe hhe heeheee

Sam Okello resurfaces after going under under the pressure of THE CUT bonanza. Guess what!! He comes back to tell us that Waki report should be trashed a day after ODM told molasses bluff on his flat oily bumpkin face.
Now KK has joined the choir of trashing Waki and has done a Saul Paul transformation!!! amazing...
so according to dimwit UNCUT okello, we ignore the 1500 KENYANS who DIED and move on to maintain PEACE AND TRANQUILITY that is now in Kenya. what hogwash! has peace all of a sudden become the absence of war?
should`nt we sacrificwe what Okello prefers to call tribal chiefs to eliminate the culture of impunity once and for all?
isn`t 1500 innocent lives a LESSON ENOUGH?
do we have to wait till 2012 to realise that we have conditioned politicians into creating violence TO BE REWARDED?
Okello please retreat back to the woodwork u emerged from lest the surgeon finds you at KK.

you have confirmed our worst fear that there hasd never been anything more than stinking omena BETWEEN YOUR EARS!!!

and that i have no apology for...molasses woeshipper and sympathiser!!!

Taabus Mistress

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

why don't you just shut up! you don't live in Kenya so you should be the last person to tell us how the country should go.

I beesech you Sam Okello shut up!!! Your are useless!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

What a daft idea, that we should continue wallowing in the muddy sewage of tribal politics while shackled to the whims of Okello's vaunted tribal chieftains, when it is clear that WE HAVE A CHOICE not to do so. Mister, you are giving these so called chieftains more clout than they deserve, and the rope to hang you with at the same time.
If implementation of the Waki report may provoke fresh bloodletting, have you considered that non implementation will be making the possibility of worse violence in the run up to 2012 far more likely, and thereby opening the door to a military coup? You can be sure that if the politicians get away with it this time, they will start to secretly re-arm, not with arrows and rungus but with guns, in preparation for much bloodier war.
If the Army takes over thereof, will those fellows, if they are caught, not be hanged or face firing squads, including any who try to resist in support of them? We all know what Armies in Africa are capable of.
Kenyans really need to realize that this is the moment of truth. Either have the courage to make the right decision, or be cowardly and foolish and make the wrong one, and live to regret it for the rest of our lives.

dr murinho said...

If there is anyone who suffers from acute form of delusion, it is Sam Okello. He possesses the highest level of Delusional disorder an illness characterized by the presence of nonbizarre delusions in the absence of other mood or psychotic symptoms. Delusion is defined as false beliefs based on incorrect inference about external reality that persist despite the evidence to the contrary and these beliefs are not ordinarily accepted by other members of the person's culture or subculture.

In contrast, bizarre delusions, which represent the manifestations of more severe types of psychotic illnesses (eg, schizophrenia) "are clearly implausible, not understandable, and not derived from ordinary life experiences"

Because of poor insight into their pathological experiences, patients with delusional disorder may rarely seek psychiatric help and often may present to priests, surgeons, dermatologists, policemen, and lawyers rather than psychiatrists.

Sam Okello, delusion is a mental illness and I urge you to seek professional help urgently.

Otherwise you will continue to post unwarranted articles like this one.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

Anonymous said...

Its abt tyme KK started paying Dr Murinho for his very useful professional insights and advice.

okello, pls seek help!!

ajwang' said...


It is sad but you are right. We the middle class do not have a stake in this whole matter - because we can do NOTHING about it.

Kibaki stole, he is still the president. PNU plotted to rig elections, nothing has happended to them. They then arranged to shoot the few brave ODM supporters who dared challenge the robbery, nothing happnesdto them. I mean we can not even force Kivuitu to resign!!!

The people who really matter are the ones who butchered each other, either because they were robbed of land or electoral victory or in retaliation of the above. And a majority of them, especially in Rift Valley and Nyanza are willing to have by-gones be by-gones. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

I see okello,

So at least we now know its ok to kill people from other tribes in your area during election time

Good lesson for 2012

Anonymous said...


can u for once blubber something intelligent?
we understand intelligence is not something all of us are gifted with but your lack of even basic analytical skill is not only puzzling but really sad....
u choose to see things through what politicians have fed you, you choose to be brainwashed into a 'Kasuku' of sorts. so the IDP's are willing to forgive and move on staying in camps?
the dead innocent children and women burnt in eldoret are willing to forgive and rest in their unmarked graves?
pray, and pray very hard that your family does not go through such tragedy soon coz u shall surely remember your silly words

M-Pesa said...

What the F#%&# is the international community waiting for? Time to slap a travel ban on Ruto and co and seize their assets Kabuga style! As Kwendo Opanga rightly pointed out last week, "we have gangsters in the cabinet!" and there's no escaping that cold fact. Time is running out for those in Waki's list of evil doers so Ruto and co, saddle your horses and get out of town! Kenya will definately smell sweeters in the event of your demise.

"In the Event of My Demise!"

In the event of my Demise
when my heart can beat no more
I Hope I Die For A Principle
or A Belief that I had Lived 4
I will die Before My Time
Because I feel the shadow's Depth
so much I wanted 2 accomplish
before I reached my Death
I have come 2 grips with the possibility
and wiped the last tear from My eyes
I Loved All who were Positive
In the event of my Demise

Tupac Shakur

Anonymous said...

its almost the hour for the ODM lunatic to start his insults (you will hear words like shiate, Rucy..etc..)

parental guidance for underaged and doctors attention for diabetic patients reading comments in this site after now is strongly advised!!!

Taabus Mistress

Bobie, Bristol said...

Is this guy Sam nuts! N V T S Nuts!

I mean, is it even remotely possible that Sam Okello is now flip-flopping just because Raila is busying himself in limbo land. It shudders to even fathom! Waki has simply exposed what we have known all along; spare the rod and spoil the child... the Kenyan elite may feel they are at a crossroad right now but I am sure the ordinary Kenyan would like to see nothing more but justice metered out accordingly, judiciously and pervasively for this is a once-in-a-lifetime, unique opportunity to right many insurmountable wrongs and to ultimately purge impunity and injustice from our nascent democracy. Its only by doing this that we shall one day have a veritable Kenya that many of us imagine but currently remains an elusive dream

Kudos Waki

Ngunyi Ngunjiri said...

This is the daftest argument i have heard in a long time. I can confidently say that it is not surprising that it comes from none other than Sam Okello. The consequences of sweeping the deaths of over 1500 people and the displacement of a far greater number of people are more catastrophic than implementation of the Waki Report.

As Kimi aptly put it, if these idiots get away with this now, then January will look like child's play compared to 2012. Waht is to stop me, probably in 2022, to put up a decent contest for the presidency, arm a militia and go around hacking the innocent public, as a means to attaining and sharing political power???

We cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT afford the opportunity cost of 'tampering justice with forgiveness'. It will be tatamount to entrenching IMPUNITY. We might as well declare 2012 the year of bloodshed.

The saddest thing about the grave stance our idiotic politicians have taken is that we will all suffer. Is it not funny that none of these politicians lost someone in the chaos? While Kamau, Kibet and Onyango were busy looting and hacking each other to death, these idiots were safely enjoying the retreat of their palatial homes with round-the-clock security while we were living in fear of attacks from our neighbours. Then they have the audacity to attempt to derail justice for the sake of 'national healing'? National Healing my foot! No justice, no peace! Plain and simple. Those who plotted and carried out monstrous actions on their fellow countrymen have to pay for their sins.

Luckily, Justice Waki had the foresight to plan on how to deal with these idiots, and for that bold action, he displayed courage and patriotism some of these politicians ought to emulate. There is light at the end of the tunnel, the Hague Express beckons!!

JEFF said...


I have always advocated that the Waki report be implemented in full. I know what the policians are afraid of is the political cost. But they have chosen to ignore public sentiment which is for the implementation of the report.

In my view it is better to prosecute the perpetrators now and deal with the consequences, rather than waiting for 2012 and have our country burried for ever. Surely we can deal with a breakup of ODM/PNU or even the GCG. The good thing is that the normal wanamchi will be winners, not the politicians this time around.

What we need now are nationalists who would be prepared to stand with the common man, risk their political careers to salvage our conntry from tribal chauvinists.

We definitely need more men, like Martha Karua.

Sam Okello said...


What's up, man. Tell everybody I'm okay. It's sweet over here.

Now, you guys seem to believe that Waki has done something extraordinary here. Not so. All he has done is come up with a hearsay-based report that can only serve to inflame passions and drive us back to January 2008. That's not progress, that's a backtrack.

I've never been one to condon wrongdoing, but I know that when the fires start burning, it will be the weakest among us who get hurt. I DETEST THAT.

Incidentally, just listen to your vitriol as you respond to my post. Are ya'll after justice or revenge, or do those mean one and the same thing to you?

One more time, the U.S. ambassador and his German sidekick must let Kenyans run their own affairs. We know where we've come from, and we know where we want to go. We don't need to be told how to get there. Period.

JEFF said...

On another note.
A lesson for ODM diehards...

Isn't it a confusing situation to be an ODM supporter at this point in time? They are definitely at cross-roads! The question they have to deal with is whether to support Raila or their other leaders on the Waki issue. Imagine one year is not even over and they see a headline reading "ODM Leaders Defy Raila". What to do! No wonder we can enjoy some unusual calmnes here.

Just like the rest of us, ODM supporters (the sychophant variety) are just wisening up to the kind of leaders they have been willing to kill for.....

What we need to take cognisance always is that thare are only two tribes in Kenya, you and me class on one hand and the political class on the other. The latter uses the former to maintain status quo.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, what you need is psychiatric help!! You have nothing of a value to add to our already messed up society.
Stay in US and keep out of our business. It's kenya's problems and we will solve our kenyan problems without your help!
Leave us alone!!!

Sam Okello said...


This is the best time to be an ODMer. We are showing the world that we have brains to think for ourselves and see what's best for Kenya. No, those guys are not defying Raila. As usual, our lazy investigative journalists will learn the truth too late. I'll leave it at that.

Isn't politics a sweeet game?

Taabu said...

Welcome back. And what a take you have for us bro? Well, thanks but no thanks. You have bought into sweete scented fear of the unknown. Yours is typical Kenyan so-called middel class syndron-DON'T STROKE THE FIRES. Well that paradise belongs to the faint hearted.

The only way to heal Kenya for good is to IMPLIMENT Waki's report. All else amounts to bandagging the festering wound and we will soon collective succumb to SEPTIC SHOCK.

Are we to be eternally held hostage to CHEAP TRIBAL bondage and chieftains? We fear bloodletting only to let it trickle in droplets every 5 years.

Leadership is confronting challenge head on. Giving sermons is often cheap and free. But we know preacher's strength lies in his/her ability to expertly PREY into the insecurity of the flock.

Only one way-WAKI REPORT implemented in toto. Nothing more nothing else. The politicians are selfishly covering their bare bottoms at our expense. Look around you and see that anytime they agree it is to protect their selfish interests.

More bandages or the painful surgery? You choose. No middel ground.

Ivy said...

Precisely Sam Okello

Leave ODM and support what?

Let me ask a qn by taking Ruto and his ilk to the hague, what guarantee do you people have that Kenya will be safe. Looking at what those guys did in Dec -Jan, who says that we will be a safe haven. One guy joked and told us just the previous week, that by touching Ruto, then whatever happened in January was just but a rehearsal. I fear for this nation and yes let me be a coward on this one and be on Kaloozer's side. (prosecute all or none at all)

And those Mps from central who were demanding that Kibaki be given the envelope.....He is given as who? or was it set a thief to catch a thief.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sam Okello said...

Hi taabu,

I've seen enough in my lifetime to beleive that we must take care of our own. For the poor Kenyan, most of whom are still stuck in grinding poverty and are at the IDP camps, the talk of arrest Ruto, arrest Uhuru, arrest Saitoti is very scary. They know what will follow those arrests.

Spare me the Let's-do-it-by-the-book nonsense. The book is there as a guide. When it's recommendations fly in the face of the greater good, we must use our common sense. Right now common sense tells me that calling for arrests is ill advised.

Incidentally, I believe there will be no repeat of the fracas of 2008 in Kenya. We've all learnt a lesson. Let that lesson be the guiding light as we walk bravely toward 2012.

Kenya will be just fine!

Edward said...


Last week i told you there is only two sides MURDERERS and KENYANS.You chose to engage in pointless intellectual discourse.Well i guess now you are seeing the bullshit we are been served by these MURDERERS masquerading as leaders.Yes question is are you brave enough to walk the talk???


Guess you are happy that the MURDERERS side has won and the TRUTH is been buried for now,but remember that whether dead or alive all those with blood on their hands will pay1And you can take that to the bank!As for quoting Ngilu,the less said about that political empty head the better.


Now that your "hero" cum "messiah" has picked the MURDERERS side what say you??I notice you are deathly quiet.It must be traumatizing to see your messiah unravel to be seen as who he has always been-a mere Kenyan unreliable politician!

@All Kenyans,
Now that the political class have united to protect the MURDERERS,what do we as KENYANS do?
Can we open our eyes to the LIES and do something about it??Or do we chose to be caught up in the tribe,party nonsense??Can you believe Ruto,Mutua,Kibaki,Raila,Kalonzo,and all these so-called sworn enemies suddenly singing the same tune?
Yes we are all FOOLS and it is time we freed ourselves from these MURDERERS and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


b-carotene said...

Sam Okello’s contention is not as unsound as others here are making it out to be. Though he for some reason overlooked the mass forgiveness rallies at Uhuru Park, of which he was an ardent subscriber a while ago, he has at least attempted to weigh two contrasting scenarios.

While we need to think of the future, I don’t think Kenya’s future can or should be reduced to a pessimistic rendition of the next round of elections as likely to unleash an even greater orgy of violence. That is absolutely narrow minded, grossly inaccurate—as if people don’t learn! In fact fear mongering at its best.

I think the trade-off (apologies for such an insensitive word where people lost lives and property) for Kenya is between two things. One, gunning for retribution now regardless of immediate consequences, and two, taking a moment to think soberly and dispassionately about what we can do to make living together sane, safe and secure, even though we don’t necessarily like each other. These ideally should not be trade offs but phases of one process, but given our context and recent strife and even more recent reactions to Waki and Kriegler reports, they appear mutually exclusive in practice.

Like Honorable Dr. Kalonzo, I would encourage Kenyans to look back at this year—consider the many efforts at different places by many local level actors, including the IDPS themselves, some MPs, churches etc have been doing at rebuilding peace, resettling the IDPs, cultivating shared understandings and so on. These tiny efforts, often invisible to many of us are crucial, yet extremely fragile. Would the focus on punishement and retribution at this time augur well for or strengthen these efforts? What do people on the ground who are trying to rebuild themselves and their lives really think? That is a voice that we need to hear a little more and get a better sense of the cost of narrowing our focus on retribution.

Now the focus on retribution may well be justified by a need to avoid impunity in the future. However, avoiding impunity is not just ONLY about punishing individuals, but rather ALSO about creating an environment where impunity is difficult, if not impossible. So, I would like to suggest, at the risk of having my head bitten off by friends, well wishers and enemies, that we look at the bigger picture and figure out what kinds of institutions, rules and norms do we need to foster accountability amongst actors-- those in different positions of authority , those not in authority, etc and very importantly, how do we ENFORCE accountability? What kinds of processes are an absolute must to prevent what we saw in January/Feb 08? The Kriegler and Waki commissions have made some other rather useful recommendations—I would go ahead and get those implemented as they offer rather sound safeguards.

Because politicians have colluded and trashed a report whose evidentiary basis is increasingly acknowledged as shaky at best, I would not waste my time fighting them. What I would keep fighting for is a means by which people can live together without necessarily slitting each other’s throats at the slightest. Let the evil ‘civil’ society, for once, use its time wisely, and pressure for constitutional, land and electoral reforms and other reforms of law enforcement organizations suggested by Kriegler.

In any case the envelope of 10 is somewhere safe.

Taabu said...

I hear you LOUD and CLEAR bro. The courses we take may be different but the objective remains the same-GOOD FOR KENYA, ama?

You know very well when people resort to the LIVING LONG ENOUGH mantra. need I say more?

Ivy said...


So what are you proposing to do? You see you can only write as much.

I dont remeber quoting Ngilu anywhere.

Anonymous said...

When Kibaki hinted for amnesty a week ago you did not come here in support of your deity molasses has been forced to the corner by Gen ruto,you comeout of your hideout to lecture us into this kind of nonsense. get the drift! you maybe old but you have not learnt anything in life. btw, age is just a number and we don't need you here!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, for the very first time, i can agree with you in total. I can't believe it is you writing this. Anyway, good for you that you can also be positively objective.
Tell Sam that prosecuting Ruto is not equal to persecuting Kalenjins and prosecuting Uhuru is not equal to persecuting Kikuyus, and the only way to demonstrate that fact is by putting these guys in the dock and letting them invoke tribal protection and see how far they get. We will see how Kenya will come apart because less than 200 guys have been put on their defence.
What Sam is essentially getting excited about is the morbid prospect of watching tribal competition and warfare being conducted in our names from the safety of his overseas home. That is what he calls "politics", something like watching bare knuckle boxing without referees and where anything goes including being castrated courtesy of an opponents mandible. He is going to be very disappointed.
As i speak now, plans are afoot to march on parliament to demand the implementation of the Waki report, and thousands, if not millions, from all shades of political opinion whether ODM or PNU or ODM-K, are joining in and coming together to take on these parasites called MPs. Kenya will never be the same again once THE PEOPLE assert their rights. It could be the beginning of a true revolution, sort of like a "storming of the bastille", and the politicians will have no one to blame but themselves.

JEFF said...


What happened to "TRUTH"?
Which truth should we have, and which should be burried? Tick below.

We want to know who won the elections.(Yes/No)

We want to know who funded post-election violence.(Yes/No)

We want to know who killed (fill name).....(Yes/No)

Incidentally, for your argument to hold, all your answers must be the same. You see the paradox?

Instead of our politicians and Sam trashing the report, why can't the prepare their arguments and present them before the to-be appointed prosecutor?

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us what happened between you and chris. we have heard all kind of rumours that you fell-out with "our" chris becoz of your extreme molasses worship. Chris had to runaway from you and his now safely back in Kenya. can you enlighten us more.

Taabu said...

We don't have to agree all the time. Infact doing so would amount to .........

That said, this fear of the unknown must be banished from our minds. Cheap talk about REALPOLIK won't wash.

We must start knoww to build a Kenyan dream. Otherwise now with no structure we are a sleepless nation in need of a bed.

PS: Ivy Hull wako lost the wings by foolishly flying next to the sun oblivious of the wax. As it huttles to kiss the pavement kesho Berba na CR (back to what he knows best) na wao. Ole wao pretenders to the throne. You see we have clubs and just one institution. Jijazie.

E-cop said...

You have partaken of politician poison chalice i.e. DOUBLE TALK full of double entendres-you seem to juggle live livers

i hope you didn't mean "Kenya will be just fine" with or without implementing Wakriegler?
Sam where was this "greater good" in Dec and Jan-March?where was "common sense"don't be oblivious to the present for the sake of the future- 5 years down the road its same script same actors same play and same "lessons learnt" afresh

You only don't change at your own peril-our history is replete with "lessons learnt" that failed to "be the guiding light" here we are 2008-this is round 2 by the way
Round 3 any takers out there?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

B-Carotene, if a crime has been committed, it must be accounted for, and there is no better time to do that than by making an example of the suspects in the Waki report. That is the first step in curbing the impunity and arrogance of the political elite. That is what has destroyed this country. Impunity and arrogance in Kenya goes as far as the politician who jumps the Bank queue ahead of others without so much as a pip from others who have been in line for hours. That is the kind of disrespect for others that compels impunity to be taken a notch higher to steal public funds, to lie to the public and eventually to kill WITHOUT REMORSE and WITHOUT BEING HELD TO ACCOUNT. This behavior MUST be brought to an end once and for all. It is very, very important that the ordinary person in the street sees for himself that politicians are just people like you or me and not giants with extraordinary capabilities and that they can be held to account for their actions. The idea of giving them the benefit of the doubt once more and then they go and the same things again is just not wise at all.
The evidence in the Waki report by the way is only a basis for conducting an investigation and for gathering concrete evidence to prosecute. The special tribunal, unlike the ICC, is not a trial but an investigation pending prosecution. Though the suspects will first have to leave public office, they will still be free men until they are prosecuted and convicted or cleared. If this is then the case, why are the politicians opposing it except to show the rest of us that they are too special and cannot be questioned for their actions?

Ivy said...

So e-cop

Enough of rhetoric already. What do you propose to do?

E-cop said...

Kibaki&Raila must come out now and offer unreserved apology to Kenyans for their shameful part in despicable acts last year that brought this country to the brink of civil war in its 45 year history
Strip them off their honorary doctorates, and then we can all move on since.....
whether i rhetoric or not nothing is going to happen anyway right?my 2cents before i self-destruct

Taabu said...

Sovereignity is a tattered rob for scoundrels. Now you can see the wisdom in Waki's envolope handed to Annan. With the forgiveness and amnesty talk your guess is as good as mine if it was handed locally.

Impunity is a mongrel that must be fought and liquidated at whatever cost, ama?

E-cop said...

By come out i meant step down, bow out and resign gracefully
This country has a VP(loathed), and 2 Deputy PMs who can safely transition the government over the next 4 years into writing a new constitution and the next elections
release from prison all PEV suspects. let the bumpkin and Obaks go home and leave this country standing in one piece they've done enough good and damage in equal amounts already

Sam Okello said...


This is the time for all of us to be sober. The bitterness in Kenya is still palpable. The calm you see is very shallow indeed. I refuse to buy into the thinking that there's only one course of action. Waki has done his work and we thank him...but we reject his carelessness in not anticipating the potential landmines in his eventual report. For the sake of this nation, let's sober up and protect the little gains we've made since January.

There must be other ways to punish these guys without jeopardizing our security. That's my stand.

b-carotene said...

Kimi you said:
"It is very, very important that the ordinary person in the street sees for himself that politicians are just people like you or me and not giants with extraordinary capabilities and that they can be held to account for their actions."

I said:
"What I would keep fighting for is a means by which people can live together without necessarily slitting each other’s throats at the slightest."

Kimi. Seems like we're both sort of agreed on the basics--that in the end, this is all about the ordinary folks out there. But let’s not be shallow about it. While focusing on the big men is appealing morally and instrumentally, and visible too, we should never forget that those big men do not exist within a vacuum. Those ordinary folks you so confidently refer to may actually see it differently--that their son is being persecuted, indeed even on their behalf. The big man would not hesitate to reinforce that thought, and we all know that. We may want to make examples of them as part of an accountability process, very good, very crisp and straightforward on its face. My suggestion is not half as crisp and simple as yours, and that's just because the world around us and the issues that motivate people to act are somewhat messy.

I would rather focus on the institutions--to build and enforce accountability and to foster conciliation--as opposed to dwelling on a one-off act of accountability, which can be interpreted in multiple ways, further jeopardize a most fragile situation and which very importantly still leaves you wanting of the basics, leaving you exposed to the risk of another malevolent big man rising off the ashes and repeating the same.

And then Kimi, which crimes should be accounted for? Those of January/Feb 08 and of 07? How about those of earlier—97, 92? Are they not crimes too? Or are they lesser? Were people not killed as well? Do we get to pick and choose who is made an example of in our efforts to pluck impunity??

There is a problem of a somewhat vicious infinite regress here that no one is paying attention to in all their conversations.

Edward said...

"Murder must be called by its proper name: Murder is Murder; political or ideological motives do not change its nature…….. The massacre of men and women, whatever their race, age or position, must be called but its proper name. Torture must be called by its proper name; and, with the appropriate qualifications, so must all other forms of oppression and exploitation of man by man, of man by state, of one people by another people" — Pope John Paul II - 1980


Yes there has to be a what next,for me i am thinking of starting on line petition.Then all off us with internet can pile pressure on these MUREDERERS.
Then on the mwananchi wa kawaida side how about starting a ribbon campaign with those supporting KENYANS wearing black ribbons to mourn for those who were massacred and to separate us from these MURDERERS masquerading as leaders?Just my suggestions..


NO!NO!NO!Just because your "hero" has picked the MURDERERS side you are here trying to plead forgiveness??no!no!no!
It is better if you take Phils's style and go quiet.Because even all the Kenyans who were ODM damu are shocked by how Raila has picked to be on the MURDERERS side and decided to trash the Waki Report.He has joined in an unholy alliance with Kibaki,Ruto etc to protect MURDERERS but this time Kenyans have wisened up!

I support the full implementation of the Waki Report and if we are going to go back to Jan let it be so but we have to lance the boil and yes the first step is to rid Kenya of ALL these MURDERERS masquerading as leaders.

I have said it before,Kenya has an abundance of politicians/noise-makers and a scarcity of LEADERS.

Where is our Obama?Change we can all believe in is what Kenya needs!


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, impunity must be dealt with NOW, no question. Nothing else matters.

Sam Okello, how is prosecuting Ruto, Uhuru and others going to jeopardize our security? Our security will only be jeopardized if the same politicians are allowed to make tribalistic appeals to their respective people to take up arms AND the people accept it with the security services doing nothing.
The collective chance for 36 million people at living a civilized existence for JUST ONCE cannot be held to ransom against the interests of and by the whims of a few hundred untrustworthy fellows called politicians. These people have held the rest of us to ransom SINCE INDEPENDENCE and their time is up. Their interests cannot be more important than the interests of the majority, especially when the majority become cannon fodder for fighting their personal battles, NO WAY. TIME IS UP!
Obviously, you believe that the status quo can be maintained through the usual backroom deals, but i am telling you that things are very soon going to be elephant so just sit back and cheat yourself that the politicians can handle this one. People on the ground are very, very angry and are just waiting for leadership to storm parliament and even State House. Wait, watch and learn.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

B-Carotene, there must a starting point, and that point is the Waki report for the simple reason that we have the politicians where we want them. There must be no let up in the pressure to have it implemented. If you start going back to 1992 and so on, you will simply muddy the waters and that is what politicians love. The last thing we need now is confusion, the politicians oxygen.
If the current politicians are made an example of, then others will think twice. Even setting up institutions cannot be a solution until we deal with the current political class and who must be made to respect us because if they don't respect us, how will they respect institutions? Nope, we implement Waki first and take from there.
And so what if some of the ordinary folk think their son is being persecuted, we still go ahead and deal with the consequences NOW rather than wait to deal with far more serious problems in 2012.

Kwale said...

Folks, rejection of Waki's report could be a blessing in disguise.
Setting up a local tribunal is waste of taxpayers' money. It will amount to nothing. Let ICC take over.
ICC is a competent organization, July of this year they managed to capture Radovan Karadzic after 13 years on run, and another war criminal fugitive Ratko Mladic reported to have committed suicide.

The truth will set us free. Kenya will only become free if we allow justice to be our shield and defence. These talks of amnesty and forgiveness are just cheap "primitive communism" that must be rejected and let those indictmented with crimes against humanity face the music.

Kwale said...

Sam, I highly recommend you read this book, it would be very useful to understand "things"

"Yugoslavia's Disintegration and the Struggle for Truth"

The ethnic violence in Yugoslavia only ended when the multiethnic Yugoslav Partisans took over the country at the end of the war and banned impunity from being publicly promoted. Overall relative peace was retained after those leaders who incited ethnic violence were randomly arrested while other were executed by Yugoslav Partsians.

What happened in Kenya is not a laughing matter neither is something to push aside and 'move on'. People can only move on if justice is served.

Anonymous said...


I never thought I would live to see a day that I would agree with you wholly!!

Whether we belong to different tribes or parties we got to start somewhere to unite and clean up our country. Waki's Report (& envelope) is a good starting point. We got to find a higher purpose to live for than fighting for these tribal chieftains.

I hear there were people who used to say that Kenya could not survive without Kenyatta. Later, others said the same about Moi and Kenya. Today, Okello tells us that the earth will swallow us if we touch the reigning chieftains (Uhuru & Ruto).

Let us touch these gods and if Kenya unravels, maybe it was not supposed to be a country to start with.

b-carotene said...

I really don’t think you have the politicians where you want them, otherwise there wouldn’t be this level of passion, debate and excitement—it would be a done deal. Rest assured that a one-off act of retribution will not buy ordinary folk any respect from the political class, especially if its a solution that is imposed and enforced from the outside.

What might actually buy respect, and which I think is the substantive thing that all Kenyans of sound mind should be hankering for, is power shifting BACK to them, and them controlling decision making/prioritizing of what’s important to them, independently of the sleazy politicians.

I think we should hurry(!) to work on a new constitution and refuse to be side-tracked, especially when you see that the Grand Coalition is coming together in a rather hard position around this issue. Perhaps together with your foreign masters you can force them to do what you want. I wouldnt, I would use this window of opportunity to get them to do other things, knowing full well that there is an ICC option eventually. You know, it really beats me why Kenyans like fighting hard as opposed to fighting smart!?

I do not think that apprehending/executing and so on, the named politicians NOW will make Kenya in 2012 safer and less likely to implode. That is utter nonsense. I will repeat, the perpetrators do not exist in a vacuum. I think if we start implementing some of the reforms suggested by kriegler and by waki (eg on strengthening law enforcement), NOW, then we have chances of having at least some tools at our disposal to survive/deal with whatever ominous event you guys seem to prophesy for 2012. Indeed, as it stands now, and as your hero Waki has suggested, you are incapable of dealing with the consequences of an implosion without scampering to your foreign masters for salvation. It helps to think things through, s-l-o-w-l-y, carefully, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Kimi and Taabu,

Well said. There must be a starting point. And there must a generation starts. The starting point has presented itself to our generation and seize the moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you treat the ethnic cleansing of 07/08 as discrete and separate from earlier ones? That's how you deal with impunity? Chopping off branches, not the roots? No wonder your prognosis of 2012 is rather gloomy.

Anonymous said...
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UrXlnc said...

am a little confused

ODM and PNU MPs have already met in their different spheres of influence and trashed the Waki report

so what exactly is the purpose of this report being tabled in parliament? is a formality? or is it because they want to officially hammer the last nail in the coffin and bury this report for good?

perhaps its time for a bright politician to stand out from the crowd.

lets see sifting thru the young turks of yesteryear ... still not yet too badly tainted ... Gitobu Imanyara, where are you?

Anonymous said...

We all know that Raila Odinga fought vigorously to have the Waki report implemented. However, his efforts were thwarted within ODM and the larger political fraternity. If he was a dictator as some claim, the democracy that has seen the rejection of the Waki report would not have prevailed. But alas, Raila is not a dictator.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Bumpkin is the epitome of democracy, if not democracy itself.

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree with Sam on this issue. Kenya is currently losing millions of tax payers' money towards the enactment of the so called commissions. How do we justify or account for this monies if we cannot implement the findings of these commissions?

I don't care what everybody says, but I think ODM is wrong on this one. The only reason people voted for and even died for ODM is because they believed that ODM was the right party to bring the necessary reforms to keep the country moving forward but I guess we were all wrong.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

B-carotene, you will not change my mind through making snide comments, neither will i change yours. I can see where this is leading to and i do not want to get into the habit of answering insults in kind, calling me a puppet of foreign masters for instance. If that is the only way you can make your point and hope to persuade me to your point of view, you are hopelessly mistaken.
Like i said, i will not change my mind nor my opinion that we need to deal with these politicans now, and the Waki report IS the starting point.
You say we should hurry in making a new constitution as a possible solution, yet the very same politicians will be the ones seeking to control it and your input will be just so much trash in their eyes. You are therefore being naive if you think we can change this country while maintaining the status quo. The moment you involve politicians significantly in such a process you are fried as they will ALWAYS want to control it. THAT is what happened at Bomas!
How is a solution also being imposed from outside? Can you show me where i said or implied that? You must have a very low opinion of Kenyans to think that when they agitate for their rights, their views are being imposed from outside. The peace we have now WAS imposed from outside anyway, BECAUSE THE SAME politicians would not do the right thing!! How then do you mock people like Koffi Annan or even Waki for their efforts? In any case, if Annan has helped us to corner these people, what is wrong with that? I truly will never understand your way of thinking, slowly and carefully like you do.

Anonymous said...


Don't believe what you see of Gitobu Imanyara. I believe he is corrupt but he has always lacked an opportunity to showcase that side of him. For example, when he did not have a house in Nairobi, Kenneth Matiba assisted him with money for downpayment. But Matiba didn't insist on a written agreement, after all Gitobu was a comrade in the struggle. When the time came to ask for his money, Gitobu told him to go to court. There was a big fallout.

When he is around don't expose your loose change!!!!

UrXlnc said...

anon 12:54


thank you

some of those finer details are not exactly in the public domain. am afraid that scenario easily replicates itself across many of our leaders and many of us.

we do need to find a way to give the mwananchi more clout in dealing with national issues and MPs. its unfortunate that we are helpless for 5 years and can only make this decision on a single day, actually on an individual basis its just a matter of minutes with that ballot paper. its unbelievable the horrendous mistakes made electing these folks or abetting their manipulation of nominations/elections.

Anonymous said...

kimi, b-carotene is a confused and disturbed soul. refer him to dr murinho. he say one thing and the next minute he retract back to delusional thinking.

UrXlnc said...

height of hypocrisy

the fact that so many MPs are not sure whether their names feature on the list is quite telling

but even more absurd. these are the people entrusted to plan way ahead for the country even through uncertainty as well as times and events that they may not necessarily be party to and come up with long term goals and objectives but as evident here in this staddy 4 reasoning, if they cant see/touch/perceive it, they haven't got a clue

that should be a clear sign that MPs finally admit they are completely inept and can only reason in terms of whats in it for them and/or how does it hurt them. what a load of rubbish.

on to the hague please

UrXlnc said...

i just wonder, what if it turns out that the Waki list contains only some "dispensable mps" + other non mps and foot-soldiers (nobodies)

or better still, what if parliament can doctor the report to throw in a couple of guys needed to settle scores

will there suddenly be a mad rush by parliament to hang the suspects?

Anonymous said...

It is absolute maddness to watch a woman (Ngilu) say and justify rape roberry and murder to mass action and fight for politician. If these crooks and criminals were fight for their "principles" show me evidence where they were told to rape or hack their neighbours because of the elections. Kwani these supporters don't have brains. If i tell u today to hack or rape someone on my behalf would u do that no matter what the reason is. for a plain sane man that is criminal. let us deal with the criminals the incitors but if it was retailatory that is comprensible but not just for some request. Lesotho pple fought the mzunugs so those kaleos will be just a rehersal ..real wariors ended after the invention of gun powder. I dare rift valley to another duel even soon ..watakiona cha mtema kuni.

papa plus said...

ha ha now ODM decided to reject the report. What shall PNU declare?

This is the problem of doing things in dealed envelops. It should have been out in the open for all to see. Anyway, to more important matters; Obama is on the verge of making history. let's see here how the tuesday nevember 4th grave yard shift election count list is going...

champaign? check.
ice? check.
beer? check.
wine? check.
18 years aged glenfiddich scotch? check.
nyama for chomaring? check.
kachumbari? will get that tuesday a.m

haiya, seems to be coming along sambamba

Anonymous said...

ngilu is just doing a chameleon on the Waki report...the if not all none is presecuted argument is one intended to through us into a finger pointing contest. the lady from kitui seems to forget in her new all important aura that its not chicken that were slaughtered but human beings with ambitions, families and relatives. she speaks like one who thinks that she is indispensable.....poor kitui constituents...

b real said...

investigative reporter blogging at the united nations for inner city press reports today

UNITED NATIONS, October 31 -- As a resolution "toward an arms trade treaty" passed at the UN with only the U.S. and Zimbabwe voting against it, the planned destination of the tanks hijacked in their Ukrainian ship off the coast of Somalia became more clear. Two African Ambassador to the UN tell Inner City Press that the tanks were meant for South Sudan, that not Kibaki but Odinga is aware of and even involved in this stealth weapons flow.

any ideas here on how legit these accusations are?

papa plus said...

If Kibaki isn't aware of this deal, then it's a testament of how detached he is and literally asleep at the switch. The treasury would have to underwrite such a huge expense. Ministry of finance is currently under PNU thusly the rpesident should know about it.

Anonymous said...

Which tribes will defend a leader that plans and sponsors mass murder?
How can we "live with ourselves" as a nation that would tell the world that we forgave sponsors of murder and violence because their tribes would riot?
What shall we bequeath to a posterity that might question our commitment to: "Justice Be Our Shield and Defender"? Which type of criminals should we arraign and which shall we pardon because they are more equal than others? Who is sacred (and who is not)before the law?
I suppose this is how we have earned the dubious distinction of being the nation with the largest number of official and political corruption culprits bestriding our political landscape as leaders. In short, they can steal, murder, maim and rape with impunity!!!
In case it escaped your attention and good judgment, a Kenyan lost an entire family that was locked up and torched inside their home in Naivasha, two wives and nine children (everything he lived for). Inside a church in Kiambaa, Eldoret, innocent Kenyans lost their lives while sheltering from murderous violence. They did not benefit from the protection of the state in their hour of need. Talk about state collapse!
Meanwhile, some entitled Kenyans were holding a secret meeting at, of all the places, State House, Nairobi, the president's official residence, to plan the most nefarious act in the history of Kenya.
And now we are quick to suggest that Kenya's stability is at risk should the report be implemented? What a flawed argument!
By the way, those foreign diplomats commenting on the PEV situation not only hold the purse strings from which many of our needs are funded, including flawed elections, peace negotiations and state house expenditures. They know a lot more about security and the sanctity of life than we do and are revolted by what took place in Kenya in December-January 2007/08.
Before anyone pontificates about amnesty and before preaching caution about the implementation of the Waki report, they ought to think very deeply about ignominious events following the presidential elections,the experiences, plight and destiny of Kenyans, the flawed conduct of the political process and what these mean for our collective future.
No individuals should be allowed to get away with unacceptable actions just because they are tribal chieftains. Justice should not be compromised at the altar of political expediency.
For those who still believe in the Alpha and Omega that is Kenya's political leadership, be reminded that this file will not close just because of the Grand Coalition's say-so. If I understand the 21st Century global justice paradigm well, the world community that applauded the arraignment of the likes of Slobodan Milosevic before the international tribunal will not countenance the double standards Kenya might be marketing. The international community, in an act of magnanimity,salvaged Kenya from the jaws of chaotic collapse. Let us not stretch our luck

Anonymous said...

yes hague xpress wapende impunity to anyone whether panua ama domodomo...wote kwisha we neeed a new crop of leader who will campgain on issues(no those Ruto keeps on saying) but fast paced forward thinking civilized ideas. An we are not short of clean politicians in RV, Nyanza Mandera Bura or wherever . To hell with the Kanu ...Kanu ya kibaki Kanu ya Ruto Kanu ya Uhru..all these KAnu politicians are just useless.

Papi said...

Bullshit Sam, Bullcrap. Impunity must not be let to entrench. What will not deter such people form organizing another massacre!!!

Check this out.
Published on 30/10/2008
By Ruth Omondi

Politicians are at it again, disparaging findings they don’t like by yet another probe.

They claim lack of evidence, say the Waki Commission acted beyond its mandate, that its report is full of hearsay, that we should forge ahead, forget the past, offer amnesty, consider forgiveness … the list is endless.

Anyone who witnessed the rapes, killings and destruction during post-election violence doesn’t need the help of lawyers to interpret the Waki report or decide whether the perpetrators of such inhuman acts should be punished. We don’t need the help of a Kiraitu Murungi to see that blanket amnesty would deepen impunity. Or the help of a priest to know which acts are unforgivable, especially when so many lives were destroyed.

I am enraged politicians and their handlers can insult my intelligence by playing victim. The arguments by MPs Henry Kosgey and William Ruto are suspect. Those by Government spokesman Alfred Mutua are not funny.


Attorney General Amos Wako, it seems, who would rather have impunity entrenched than have Kenya drag its ‘good name’ through the mud at the International Criminal Court.

Kosgey and others should know we can see through their simplistic and redundant arguments.

People who came face to face with the violence, who are survivors and who know how it feels to have their dignity striped away by gangs, do not care what politicians think, whether Waki went beyond his mandate, whether he gathered sufficient evidence or whether he ‘cooked’ the findings. What we care about is that impunity, which has permeated to the core of society, is dealt with.

What people care about is that justice is done and seen to be done for the victims/survivors of post-election violence. Someone must be held to account for the crimes against humanity we witnessed.

—The writer is a communication consultant and editor working for an international development agency.

Anonymous said...

NewsFlash McCain USA Presidential hopeful sources say he employed Immigrants to work at his homes and ranch(they call them illegal aliens

What a blast:):)O

Anonymous said...

b real said...

I hear you.. but we all know what is going down.. first Obama's Auntie now Raila knows about the Sudan Arms?? Raila who was not in government in 2007 when the Army so to speak ordered the tanks..

even a grade 5 student in kenya can see the spin of lies.... coming from the USA trying to hit at obama's relatives

who are this UN ambassadors?? we all know it is the kenya Ambassador to Washington Peter Ogego who is peddling lies to hit at Obama and Raila....

Let them Post Proof in the Newspaper where Raila signed for the arms with Sudan now.... or shut up... yes I guess when Alfred Mutua was claiming that the Army bought the tanks early 2007 .. Raila was then the head of the army command .. then that makes Raila Odinga the President of kenya in 2007,,





Anonymous said...


It appears the palace coup d'etat by Ruto is complete. Raila and his forces are in disarray and in humiliating retreat. How did it come to happen that Raila misunderstood Kalenjin's support for love and obedience. Just before the elections last year Mutahi Ngunyi warned him that although the Kalenjins would vote for him enmass it was not because they believed in him but because they hated Kibaki more and wanted to get back at Kibaki - once they were done with Kibaki they would turn against him. Now it is either he toes their line or their is no ODM. Without the Kalenjins ODM is as dead as a dodo, and they know it. Therefore, the time has come for a Kalenjin to ascend to Party Deputy Leader of ODM - Flower Girl Mudavadi must returnto the sidelines and cheer.

In every confrontation between Raila and Ruto, Ruto has won so far:

1. Mau Forest: Raila said the squatters must leave by October, Ruto no untill they are fully compesated and alternative land given to them. So far October has come and gone.
2. Grand Opposition: Raila said not to grand opposition because it will weaken his position in govt. Ruto said grand opposition is good for democracy. Now the bills to establish the opposion are being prepared against Raila's loud misgivings.
3. Waki Report. Raila said implement it in full. Ruto said reject it in toto. ODM agrees with Ruto and chastices Raila and his sidekicks.

Now, with Ruto's world view controlling the party what is next for ODM?

Anonymous said...

And Raila's response to his defeat in ODM is to attend a high level church gathering in Kiambu. No wonder the Kaleos are accusing him of selling out to Kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

So my take on this Waki report... If it is to be implemented, we will not have a Prime Minister by the name Raila Odinga by that time, there will have been rebellion driven by Coast, RV MPs leading to confidence motion against the PM. Country will be in disarray and people will be asking to dump the Waki report and things go back to where htey are today... that will be everyone including the former PM. But it will be too late... I like it as it starts to purge the current plotical class

Kimi Raikkonen said...

For Raila, the problems in ODM are just the wages of making tribal alliances based on fickle and unsustainable ambitions, like power for its own sake and hate for one tribe for instance. What has happened was inevitable as Ruto and Raila are like oil and water. Incidentally, it is the same motivation which will do Ruto in because he now thinks he can use Kalenjins as bargaining chips unfettered.
What people do not seem to understand is that both Raila and Ruto are just positioning themselves to bargain with Kikuyus about power sharing arrangements in 2012 as Kikuyus may not have a Presidential candidate.

UrXlnc said...


you may not readily admit it but you have serious ethnic/tribal issues.

there's just no way for you to put across a point political or otherwise without a tribal inclination to it.

mzee majengo said...

whether they reject it or not I think they are just wasting their time.Infact they just enabled themselves book a Hague Express ticket!With the statement ODM made am starting to doubt some things...i voted for them,yes,but with this latest action am starting to doubt whether the election was really stolen or it was just a gimmick to get power by force?

Taabu said...

You have OUTDONE yourself. Please escape the mental slavery. You are playing EXTREME tribalism albeit in the reverse. Yours amounts to matured propaganda planted at infacy, please quit.

Ruto and RAO don't have to be bossom buddies on everything and you glee at the tension betrays reverse logic as far as objectivitry is concerned. There are village bigot and there are educated tribalist dolling ethnic epithets in marvelous prose. Take your pick.

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