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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knowing Who Won The Elections Is Easier Than You Think

Is it that impossible to tell who won the 2007 general elections? Well Judge Kriegler thinks so. But is that the truth?

Last night the retired South African judge was interviewed on a live talk show on KTN. It was obvious from the call-ins that Kenyans are very angry at the judge for wasting our time and telling us nothing. Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi put it very well when he said the old Afrikaner man told us nothing that his (Ngunyi's) grandmother would not have told him. Incidentally Kriegler said on the show that he has not spend a single cent of the Kenyan tax payers money and that he has been paid by “other people.” Interestingly he did not mention who these other people are. Okay so he wasted somebody else’s money, but that still does not make us feel any better does it?

I can understand the anger that Kenyans feel. What really infuriates me is the lack of honesty in our people. Shortly after the “acrobatics” of last December 30th or thereabouts Kumekucha had a reporter on the ground in Naivasha and she clearly reported that people who had solidly voted PNU were saying that Kibaki had stolen the elections from the Jaruo. We reported that right here. Now just a few weeks later, those same people were swearing on their dead grandmothers and other ancestors) that Kibaki won. Eti fair and square. I still cringe when I see them in the media trying to keep a straight face and saying that Kibaki won. Even when all the evidence says otherwise.

This morning somebody told me that the wisdom of King Solomon can be used to easily discover who won the elections. I was amazed.

You remember the bible story about the two women who both claimed that the live baby was there child and that the dead one belonged to the other? Well earlier this year the same scenario was repeated in Kenya. As the country tottered on the edge of an abyss and as Kenyans and the international community discovered for the first time exactly what Emilio Stanley was about, there were a few interesting things that happened that people have now forgotten.

Even as the country neared shut-down, PNU and Kibaki were saying that they would not under ay circumstances cede key ministries to ODM and Raila. These ministries included the now famous ministry of “Grand Regency scandal” Finance, Foreign Affairs, Internal security and defence. In fact clearly Emilio did not seem to care less if the country shut down. At this point he was very much the woman in the Bible who was saying that it was okay of the child whom they were squabbling over was cut into two and each woman given her half. After all it was not her child. After all the presidency was NOT rightfully Kibakis. The real mother took the baby and handed her over to the other woman rather than see him die. In the same way Raila and ODM agreed to receive weaker and less powerful ministries (although they won the elections) rather than have the country fall apart. They handed the country to Kibaki even though it was NOT rightfully his. Sadly there was no King Solomon there to hand over the “baby” to the rightful owner.

So now you know who won the general elections. Case closed.

Now before the PNU brigade comes out spitting fire or the ODM die-hards come out celebrating. Let me emphasize that all that is now water under the bridge. In my opinion both Kibaki and Raila should now go home and the sooner the better for Kenya.

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Phil said...

Now this is Chris talking.

I agree with you not only was the election stolen, the robeery started way back before the election when Kibaki decided to nominated his personal lawyer to be ECK chairman.

I do not know why you choose to dismiss ODM and its leader, but Chris, I want to be patient. Give us time to conduct grassroot elections so we can get rid of KANU and PNU spies. Come January 2009, you will see and know what a political party is all about.

Watch this space.

Phil said...

I mean ECK Vice Chairman.

Anonymous said...


E-cop said...

Chris, the problem with analogies is that they are like coins with 2 sides-someone else will see heads while another sees tails and ends up disagreeing with you completely, but no one will ever know the truth?
in your comparison you say ODM is like the real mother took the baby and handed her over to the other woman rather than see him die. Well,ODM still stand accused and have not been acquited of orchestrating pre-meditated violence which they then unleashed and visited upon the same country that you claim PNU seemed to care less about if it shut down
For argument sake say PNU didn't win the election-wasn't their begruding cedding of some minitries not an attempt in their own small way to show they care for a country which would not be in their best interests to see shut down?
Chris the problem is bias, which allows no one to be objective and subsequently disqualifies everyone from knowing the truth about who won the elections
isn't the truth that the masters of electoral fraud on both sides of the political divide have spun their webs of deception so well that all we have left are smoke screens which hide behind them a gaping precipise which Kenya teetered over just a few months ago?who is ready to plunge us over its edge again?

Kwale said...

Chris, you are disappointment! Why re-visit old wounds?
Reciting that mantra "The Elections was stolen", you have just sent some people like Phil to cloud nine, they want to hear that! What justice have done them when you know all too well nothing can be done to reverse the results of 2007? Instead since you are the one who rule the roost here in KK, why don't you find some ways to move forward?

We all know the goose was cooked for ODM and quite unfairly to say, but it would be unwise to keep crying over spilled milk. For how long?! I don't like people who like to dwell in the past when the future is great.
We should embrace the Krigler's report recommendations, chalk it up to experience and move on.
Won't like to live in a prosperous nation where everyone is at peace with one another? Or you like to live with this aggro "kikuyu vs us" For goodness sake were are living in 21st century and people all around the world have learnt to live with other ethnic groups.

In just a nick of time, 2012 will be here, and if we are not careful we will face another catastrophic election.
All these jabbering and whining will just queer the pitch for our beautiful country and her long suffering citizens.

Ivy said...

Kwale reading your comments yesterday and today. I am perplexed......(yaani bila words) Tangaza msimamo!!!

Chris be careful who cheers you today for before the the day breaks...You get jeers

Anonymous said...

Kriegler is PNU conspiracy.

Msema kweli said...

I agree with Mutahi Ngunyi. Kriegler told us nothing new - our grandmothers could have told us more. One also wonders: How can he say the election was not rigged and at the same time say he doesn't know who won the election? I also agree with agree with Chris that IT IS RAILA WHO WON THE ELECTION and not Kibaki - This, I know, is a "red flag" that will get all the panua mongrels ejaculating all manner of insults and fraudulent claims... bring them on, they are not worth the "piece of paper" they are written on.

I have always insisted that Kibaki is a very poor, mediocre and pumbavu leader. Kenya deserves much better that him.The following is an article by Koigi Wa Wamwere that appeared in the papers on Sunday 14th that clearly aggrees with what I have always thought:

Kibaki’s five cardinal sins and how history will judge him harshly

Published on Sunday 14th

By Koigi Wa Wamwere

When leaders hoist themselves to the highest perch of power – the Presidency – they expose themselves to public scrutiny and judgement. When Kenyans fail to acknowledge their leaders’ failures, they do so at their own peril and pay dearly for the services those leaders fail to deliver.

What then will history say about President Kibaki? It will not say he was a great leader. It will say he had five cardinal failures.

Kibaki’s supporters have always denied his cardinal sin of cowardice but posterity will judge him most harshly for his recent criminal failure to protect thousands of Kenyans who were killed and displaced in the worst ethnic fighting in our history.

Kibaki is guilty because Government intelligence services informed him of who was planning war, where and against who but did nothing to protect innocent Kenyans who ended up dead or displaced. For his omission, he is as guilty of war as its perpetrators.

Kibaki’s second cardinal sin is that throughout his life, he has never fought for the freedom he has never hesitated to enjoy. Indeed, posterity will remember him most for equating fighting dictatorship with the madness of felling a fig tree with a razor blade.

But fighting for freedom means sacrificing and Kibaki has never sacrificed for any cause, person or even self. Despite his lack of gratitude, others have always sacrificed for him.

Kibaki’s third cardinal sin is his failure to acknowledge, thank and compensate freedom fighters or even those who have fought and sacrificed for him. Like one who has never heard that when a cow suffers injury in the pastures, it drags itself home for assistance, when freedom fighters and their families turn to him for acknowledgement and support, he looks the other way.

Without being taken to court, Kibaki’s government has refused to acknowledge, thank, compensate and apologise to freedom fighters for all the pain and ruin they suffered with their families.

By failing to compensate freedom fighters, Kibaki’s fourth cardinal sin has been perpetuation of past injustices like corruption and ruin of freedom fighters. Mau Mau freedom fighters who lost land remain landless.

Fighters for second liberation who lost their jobs and incomes remain destitute, hungry and sick. The State will pay them neither compensation nor pensions. Even their children lack employment because their parents could not educate them from graves or prisons.

The fifth cardinal sin of Kibaki comes to mind when you read about Italy’s recent paying Libya $5 billion for colonialism or Germany’s earlier compensation to Jews for holocaust.

Unlike Gaddafi, Kibaki has failed to stand up to Britain for Kenya and demand both apology and compensation for colonialism, Mau Mau brutalities and wars of colonial conquest. Instead, like Kenyatta and Moi before him, Kibaki bows to Britain as if by colonising and robbing us, she did us a favour.

But many Kenyans share Kibaki’s guilt. We - this "we" refers to the panua mongrels - supported and voted for his presidency, despite our clear knowledge of his weaknesses. Kenya must never fail with another leader the way it failed with Kibaki and Moi.

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Koigi you have opened your eyes and seen the truth. Educate your fellow "blind" tribesmen and women and deliver them from their self imposed blindness of ignorance and irrational hatred of anything that represents or stands for the truth.

Anonymous said...

In makinghis 'judgement', Kriegler and his paymasters feared the effect of announing the truth when 'we have returned to relative peace'. So, I wasn't entirely surprised.

Okay, suppose he said the truth, would Kibaki have to vacate SH? I think this was all a face saving move, deep down they knew announcing the true winner would create more tension and suspicion and God forbid take us back to the events of January.

Let the sloth enjoy SH - he doesn't really care about his illegitimacy as long as the Mwatela's are shoved aside for the looting to continue unchecked.

Anonymous said...

Before we rush and judge Kriegler's report, let's ask ourselves what is the best verdict for this country at this moment:
a) That yes, the election was rigged?
b) That no, the election was not rigged and that Kibaki won the elections?
c)The election was not rigged,but because of incompetence etc, we cannot tell who actually won?
Verdict A would result in a reenactment of what happened in January this year: demos, killings, demands of Kibaki to leave state house and more people would die.
Verdict B would mean again demos, killings and demands that ODM leave the coalition and if this happens, there will be more clashes.
Verdict C is what Kriegler gave us. In as much as it doesn't tell us much we dont know, it steers clear of any controversial outcomes and people as much as you all want your opinions to be vindicated, this is the best verdict. It ensures the fragile coalition stays put and kenyans move on with their lives. It allows us to heal.
SO maybe we should all be lauding the efforts of the pensioner from SA who has given us time for our emotions to cool down so that we can start leaning to coexist again and build our country to what it once was.


Anonymous said...

Is it true chris was thrown out by the okellos and now has returned back to Kenya.

Kwale said...

Anon 4.09,
I agree!
Krieglier's report is the best possible verdict for Kenya. It does not leave acrimony or any room for manoeuvre. It's divine!! And that's what Kenya need right now. Thank you judge Kriegler, I nominate you for Nobel Peace Prize Award!

Vikii said...

So according to Phil everyone who disagrees with Raila Odinga is either a Moi or PNU mole? Yours are called delusions of grandeur. We will definitely be here in January.

P.S Is that chronic? What pot do you, fellows smoke? I wold love to try that shit.

Anonymous said...

Msema Kweli @ 2.56 AM,

I also totally share your sentiments... Kriegler, or whatever he calls himself, is now giving us completely paradoxical and contradicting statements: He is telling us on one hand that ECK should be overhauled, while on the other hand that ECK committed no crime. Then why the hell is the commission being overhauled if indeed it committed no mass murders? F**k you Kihara Muttu!

Shame on Kriegler and whoever paid him! Go back to where you were picked up from. Bullshit.

Rafiki said...

We all lost the elections, and if we don't start being more committed and start developing ourselves and our nation, we will continue losing elections.

By the way, why are we not showing a single bit of gratitude to Kofi Annan? Nobody was even there to receive him at the airport. We have not even given him a cow. When can we actually celebrate this guy?

Vikii said...

So what did you guys really expect? Kriegler to come and coronate Raila odinga as President? May be it is me but there is something that never adds up in my trying to understand you.

Msema kweli said...

Vikii said:

"So what did you guys really expect? Kriegler to come and coronate Raila odinga as President? May be it is me but there is something that never adds up in my trying to understand you. 4:38 AM"

Vikii, you cannot understand others if first you do not understand yourself. Understand yourself first, then you will be able to understand others.

Anonymous said...


Your evidence that the elction was stolen is that a reporter told you that some people in naivasha said so!?

Again how could Kriegler declare a winner/loser without recounting the votes? Or did he recount them? May be I missed that.

Kwale said...

Vikii@ 4.38,
You wonder why I call them dick-heads?

JEFF said...


The same old book you are quoting states somewhere that kings are chosen by God. Let us accept to live with the one given unto us, whether we like him or not. Your preferred person's time will come, if it comes.

Msema kweli said...

Jeff, God did not give us Kibaki. Kibaki STOLE THE POSITION OF THE PRESIDENCY! He is handling STOLEN GOODS.

When a thief attacks you at your home/house and robs you of your property, nobody can claim that God gave that thief that property that he has STOLEN!

I know you and your fellow panua mongrels do not like hearing this, but I shall repeat it: KIBAKT STOLE THE ELECTIONS OF DEC '07

Kwale said...

Msema Kweli, (uongo)

You are one of the most distorted bastards I ever come across!

"…When a thief attacks you at your home/house and robs you of your property, nobody can claim that God gave that thief that property that he has STOLEN!.."

I will be it this way for you, if a thief attack you at your home and robs your property what do you do?

Take him to court for Christ sake!!

I told you the other day if indeed Kibaki stole the election, then he did a fantastic job! You will live with it for the rest of your life!!!

Ajwang' said...


From past postings I gather you are Mkamba. So I can understand why you can not understand 'us'. My experience is that even in the rare occasions when God actually gives a Kao brains, their generous portion of cowardice and ***-licking simply can not allow them to utilize that organ.

Anonymous said...

BASTARD!!! - calling someone this is an insult. Kwale if you are one, don't imagine everyone is.

Kwale said...

Anon 6.39,
He we go again! BASTARD is an insult. Ha ha… In my world bastard means unpleasant person which can be used either humorously or offensively. I think I have to give up blogging on this site; everyone here is so uptight, I don't know when these people will learn to live. honestly
By the way, why are you not complaining about dickhead which is more offensive than bastard?


Kwale, cool down bwana. I expected the insults... Well they mean absolutely nothing, the day someone of your irrational and demented nature starts praising me is the day I shall really really start getting worried. As of now your insults only confirm to me that I am on the right track.

Ati take things to court? These dens of massive corruption and upside down application of the law? These courts that absolved Saitoti of involment in the Goldenberg scam? No Way!!

You said:

"I told you the other day if indeed Kibaki stole the election, then he did a fantastic job!"

Here you go again just confirming - although you have tried to be "clever" with your language - that indeed Kibaki STOLE THE ELECTIONS - although I Know you will try, like the last time, try to engage in "crafty" & "fraudulent" semantics and claim that you never said that Kibaki STOLE THE ELECTIONS. We all - and this includes you - know that he STOLE THE ELECTIONS. Another thing, Kwale, SIKU ZA MWIZI NI 40. The 40th day is coming. We will know it has arrived when you and the rest of the panua mongrels start crying and screaming and saying things like: NGAI FAFA!! MWATHANI!!! UUUUUUUIIIIIII!!!! TUNAMALIZWA!!!! WE ARE BEING FINISHED!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Molasses lost fair and square and that is why he is not the president despite his folllowers raping and murdering others. Now you know why Solomon would not give him the child. So shut up and work hard so that you can win fair and square next time!!

Anonymous said...

Annon 7:32 AM, That is a most Pumbavu and distorted piece of advice. It can only come from a panua mongrel - as msema kweli likes refering to you pieces of shit.

Kwale said...

Msema Ukweli (Uongo),

How old are you? You sound like a miserable grumpy old man who had rough beatings in life. Take my advise, for the remaining part of your life, try and enjoy, I mean do things that will make you feel good, like if you are not married find yourself a nice young girl and let her refresh you, or even if you are married, polygamous is accepted by many African cultures so I don't think it will be a big deal to anyone but try and enjoy yourself.
Life is too short brother!
If you continue to wait for the 40 days of Kibaki to be caught, men you will die miserable. It's already more than 100 days since he was sworn in for the second term and he doesn't look like he got any cares in the world about how you think about him.

So heed my plea, enjoy life, you will never have another chance.

JEFF said...

Msema Kweli 5:49

All am asking is aren't we better off with Kibaki as president? If you have two kids and one demands for things causing all kinds of havoc in the house while the other politely asks, who are you likely to give?

Papi said...

Folks, Kriegler prefers to be on the middle ground. He knows too well that pointing out specifically who won the elections and who stole will only open the wounds. See, either way the very fragile GNU and sense of the country recovering from the brink of collapse will be rocked by either pronunciation. True, what the Afrikener is saying is what everyone has known all along, but he is giving the country an opportunity to rally behind this report and reform key institutions. Remember even to Anan, knowing who won the elections is not necessary, the harm was done and its time to remedy the situation.

In as much as I know the truth is out there, and everybody knows who stole this election, under the present circumstances the GNU is the best way to put the country back on track.

See, even the Raila that I had so much hope in is already appearing to be heading in the wrong directions. He says nothing when Mwatela is on the frying pan, has vehemently opposed the creation of an official opposition (himself is a creature of the opposition), and in appointing ministers to his half of the cabinet. recycles oldies and tainted politicians like Ole Ntimama, a person who has even clearly said he is ready to leave politics.

I shudder, what would have happened had he been the prezzo?

Raila needs to use the PM to showcase his true leadership abilities which will propel him to state house come 2012, after we put in place, a new constitution, reform the judiciary and ECK and other institutions.



You are trying to tell us that 1 + 1 = 3 Impossible!

Of these "two kids" you refer to, who has been causing and spearheading havoc within this our house called Kenya since 1963. Just in case you are not clear on this, I am talking about the havoc of: CORRUPTION, LOOTING OF TAXPAYERS MONEY, POOR, MEDIOCRE AND PUMBAVU GOVERNANCE & LEADERSHIP; BETRAYAL OF THE COUNTRY'S POTENTIAL GREATNESS IN ALMOST EVERY FIELD AND THE CONTINOUS WALLOWING IN MEDIOCRITY IN EVERY FIELD?

To answer you in short It is this kid called Kibaki and his fellow ilk who have brought this country to it's current pumbavu status.

What Raila has been saying all along is that this path that Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki have been taking Kenya is not the right one. And for having good intentions for this country and speaking the truth he ends up being persecuted (detention etc).

This pumbavu culture of adoring mediocrity and abhoring excellence is still with us. Look at what this kid called Kibaki and his fellow goons have done to the very capable, honest and non-corrupt Mrs Mwatela... They got rid of her so that they could continue with the looting and stealng.

Jeff, 1 + 1 is not equal to 3

Vikii said...

ajwang, Yes I am Mkamba--- from Kitui nzini. How about that? Now, what has your being jaluo got to do with what you "think"? Is it the reason I can't understand any one of you guys? Being too Jaluoish?

Vikii said...

Msema Ukweli what makes you think writing in bold makes whatever you are saying clearer? You are just shouting, brother.

JEFF said...

Msema kweli,

You mean the end justifies the means?

JEFF said...

Msema kweli,

We agree on one thing though. That the corrupt regimes have to be done away with. But where we differ is where you wrongly think the solution lies. It's not definitely with your preffered leader. Just ask yourself these questions and you will see what i mean. Like i would ask every other fabulously wealthy kenyan, how did he get his wealth? What happened to the Nyanza Thrift company (am not sure of the name), how come he gained control of the mollasses plant after KANU/NDP merger? What are the identities of his partners in the energy company? What benefits (especially from libya) did he get for his company when he was energy minister? Who funded the ODM campaigns? Why is he uncomfortable with criticisms from within ODM? Why is he silent on Mwatela issue? What happened to NSSF issue?.....Do you think he can pass the 50% mark?


That's exactly what am saying.

Taabu said...

You can disagree with Vikii respectfully without resorting to that predestrian level of insult. Please lead by example in being civil and no need for vilage stereotypes, we don't need them here, will you?

Anonymous said...

Haiya! Taabu is defending Vikii, GHAI FAFA MWATHANI UUUUUUUI.... the world is coming to an end!!!

Anonymous said...

Kwale dickhead, give everyone a break.

Anonymous said...


You guys need to tell off this vikii idiot just as you do others. This is one feel-good-know-it all goon who thinks he can lord it over everyone. well vikii, you can try that with your fellow kambas.

I found this rather insulting:

....ajwang, Yes I am Mkamba--- from Kitui nzini. How about that? Now, what has your being jaluo got to do with what you "think"? Is it the reason I can't understand any one of you guys? Being too Jaluoish?


Kimi Raikkonen said...

The immaturity in Chris's post is all too self evident. For one, he does not have a SINGLE logical fact, just partisan jabbering, yapping and yelping eti Raila won the election, yet NOT ONCE has he demonstrated irrefutable, educated evidence that he can PROVE IT. All he has shown is cheap bar talk.
Ultimately, it just amounts to sado-masochistic self flagellation in a herculean effort to feel great pain, which he succeeds in doing, and carries along other obsessive ODM whiners to perverts bliss. Well, enjoy it while you can before you grow to become bitter, frustrated, cantankerous, horny old geezers.

Vikii said...

11.37,whom do I think I am? Well, I'm Vikii, the one and only. I am many things, but I am no idiot, believe you me.

Now do I think you are an idiot? Oh yeah. Virtually everybody in your party is. You guys dont think, you are all morons. Perhaps the only exception is Urxlnc and another Luhya guy I met in Nairobi last week. Everyone else right from the party leader to the saliva-oozing hood in Kisumu is. And I am positive about that.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, you think Urxlnc is great, the greatest asshole there is. he is just as obbsessed with RAO ass as the rest of them. Maybe he tried to be nice but hate that boy.

Anonymous said...

Kimi, the master of dick-ionary. what is that jabbering all about?

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you need to re-read your last comment, then you will begin to understand what a good-for-nothing fool you are. The more you write on kk, the more your foolishness is exposed.

And please, leave URXlnc out of this you are not in his league. You can continue being the 'king' of the 'nyasi league' as the other idiots cheer you on.

You feel me?

Anonymous said...

Vikii,Urxlnc kihii uurrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Taabu said...

BB here. Ever hard of higgledy poem? Well, I hope you have and if you haven't it amounts to a warning of the futility of escaping flies on the very road they patronize. You can do better than that and you know, don't you?

E-cop said...

its lunacy for some people to comment that Chris has no evidence Rao won the elections-do you yourself have any evidence that Rao did or did not win the election-or for that matter that Kibaki won or didn't win?
other than your gut feeling please don't use the excuse that the winner is now in StateHouse-Kriegler has told us there was no winner or loser so what do you know that Kriegler doesn't and please share it with all 34 million of us don't hide here in Kumekucha e-pseudonyms and e-arrogance
this is the fallacy of reasoning by comparison-very childish with all bravado and even false e-support but standing on thin air with nothing to show for all the swager

Anonymous said...

People of the Republic [that was once known as Kenya before it went 400% tribal]

Kibaki's epitaph shall read
Non pote non sapere qui se stultum intellegit Syrus, Maxims

Only hell knows what kind of epitaph will be inscribed on Mugabe's gravestone when Mother Nature takes its course for the timely salvation/liberation of Zimbabwe and it's people.

My goodness, where's Mighty Kuku Zabanga Mobutu's gravestone? Does anyone know what type of epitaph was sketched on it in a hurry when his decaying body was dumped in the 'poor's man field'?

b real said...

some good investigative reporting will most probably reveal that kriegler took his orders & pay from the third member of the coalition govt -- the united states

funny that kriegler tells KTN that the ECK's problem was "bad training, bad systems", making it the scapegoat -- though he does also take the low road & try to apportion blame on the victims as well (the kenyan polity 'more or less getting what they deserved' due to neglect of institutional flaws) -- yet no mention at all of the u.s. role in keeping the ECK alive after 2000 & providing millions to support it & train its staff right through the end of 2007

as i pointed out in a january article exploring u.s. influence in the kenyan elections, it's no secret that the u.s. state department, USAID, and other 'democracy promotion' agencies, most specifically the IRI, were "actively involved in preparations surrounding the 2007 Kenyan elections"

kriegler's commission was anything but "independent"

what he told kibaki & odinga -- "Even if you wanted a re-tallying of the results, still you won’t have sorted out the mess. It would have been impossible to tell who won or who lost between the two of you. The decision to work together was the best for this country" -- was no different than the talking points delivered by frazer, ranneberger, and eventually annan as they protected the fraudulent outcome

the standard reported on friday that ranneberger said the US expects a swift implementation of the recommendations of the Kriegler and Waki commissions

those are orders, direct from the third member of your ruling coalition

and raila appears, by all accounts, to be okay w/ that, allowing himself to be "reformed" by ranneberger et al holding out the carrot of the powerful office of presidency in 012, so long as he proves he will be subordinate & in service to (super)power

as salim lone told the standard last week, foreign 'diplomats' "saw Raila as an activist, an oppositionist not ready to be president" whereas Foreign diplomats, he said, knew about the corruption in President Kibaki’s regime and the polarisation of the country. But they still believed he could provide continuity and they thought him more predictable.

press kriegler on the u.s. role & you'll get closer to figuring out what needs to be done to actually get democratic accountability for kenyans

ironically, ranneberger, in that standard article, was correct in saying that "The country is at a turning point. If it does not learn from what happened it will go in the wrong direction."

or continue in that wrong direction & still let the u.s. & gatekeeper politicians continue to run your country like that

b real said...

section 5.9 of the consolidated final report does pay lip service to the role of USAID, IFES, NDI, and IRI, among others. this is one area to expand upon - i have yet to see any mention of this in coverage of kriegler's public comments

b-carotene said...

GREAT point. What was the expectation among the fanatics?
Now, what will they do? Hack Kriegler to death?

Anonymous said...

Evidence that Raila won;
A: 1200 kikuyus were killed in his name and
B: Chris heard some rumour of kikuyu women saying raila had won in a market place after the elections
C: ODM stasticians showed clearly raila beat kibaki by 200,000 votes
D: opinion polls predicted a raila win

....i can go on renumerating the crap from ODM morons and their masters. but its all load of trash not expected from a 3rd grader.
but dickheads like phil, taabu, okello and the other railafanatics dream abt such hoping that if you repeat a lie many times it becomes a truth.
can someone tell me why i smell omena in KK???

Anonymous said...

All missiles are now firing @ Raila, and I sincerely don't understand why.

So if Raila is silent on the Mwatela issue as some people are trying to put it, who fired her in the first place? Shouldn't this be the person to be asked to give an explanation? Why Raila?

I think someone is trying to make Raila's patience to run out, but hell no! Whoever is trying this is going to wait till the cows come home. I tell you the PM is going to pull a first one that is going to leave the Muthauras of this world with their pants still down. I hope Kwale, Vikii, m-pesa and their ilk are listening. You're in for a rude shock, fellas.

UrXlnc said...

b-real thanks for the links to that report, we've been waiting for it.

anon 2:26, vikii thanks for the kind words. side note i do not think anyone either in ODM or PNU is as brainless as we try to insinuate here. we all have our strong opinions and may not have the same style or appeal to express ourselves. thats waht makes us uniquely human i guess.

back to that report, having taken a quick overview it reads more like a SWOT analysis/exercise of ECK services and organization which is a far cry from the forensic audit that was my expectation (as always hindsight vision being 20/20 it appears that this was not even the thrust of the commission). evidently the kriegler commission was conducting a process improvement exercise for ECK (the sort of annual thing you expect of successful organizations) while many of us were waiting to collar criminals and frog march them to uhuru park for a public flogging (figuratively speaking). what an anti-climax.

am not even sure how these chaps with just about 6 months insight into kenyan electoral matters can more accurately pinpoint the failures of the system when the experts with insider details such as Kivuitu and Gabriel Mukele who have for years been singing about the flaws and loopholes in the system that could be manipulated by unscrupulous players (read politicians). Kivuitu may or may not have made some grave mistakes in 2007 (i think he could have done a better job) but if we can put that aside for a moment, he has consistently along with the other (retired) commissioners pointed out what they consider significant flaws in the electoral process and they've done this for a long time now. i dont quite see why or how the kriegler 6 month blitz can be more comprehensive than what these guys who've been on the job for 5 years or more have seen.

admittedly a number of the recommendations resonate with me/some of us but if we step back a little and reflect on past events perhaps we may find the solutions have always been staring us in the face all this time.

i hope when the PM and kibaki put their heads together they will take a deep look at the issues raised previously by the long serving ECK commissioners and evaluate these alongside the kriegler recommendations even as they (i hope) present a roadmap to restore integrity into the electoral process/system.

am still amazed that kriegler bought that incredulous yarn about returning officers unable to perform simple arithmetic additions. with the resources at their disposal (staff, computers, calculators etc) its absurd that there were such errors repeatedly, one wonders whether these guys ever make such "honest" mistakes when drawing or depositing cash in the bank, clearly if they cannot compute sums it should apply everywhere, but i digress.

ajwang' said...

And for the final word: Kambas are yet to earn their place in the world of bravery. Be it in trade unions, civil rights movements or real war. They use all their energy to support status quo! Useless kabisa. May be all the centuries of inferiority complex to Kikuyus and the hunger are to blame. That view may be 'villagish' or 'jaluoish', but it is based on 'my' experience. I am hoping it will chnage soon though. Thank God Merus are now starting to smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...


let me renumerate what jaluos have gained for their bravery.....

1. Slums..go to Kisumu Slum City, go to Kibera...
2. Lord Messianic Molassis Raila who you killed for maybe is a benefit. with a PM post i guess you are enjoying the opulence angalau through osmosis..puuh!!!
3. sheep like politicians following the molasses wave at the detriment of your financial growth.
4. molasses plant which was handed to luo god by Moi after selling Nyanza Democratic Party
5. 2nd hand Hummer which i guess sorted out your transport problems
6. HIV/ that u refused the cut gospel as told by messiah molasses

Vikii said...

12.20, many thanks for making the case against the herd mentality and its resultant affliction by poverty and defeatism as only YOU could. The unprecedented levels of HIV prevalence were also worth a mention and you did not disappoint.

But when you think about it friend, that is why we blog; to draw the attention of these cretins to the unnecessary load on their shoulders.

Anyway, once again thanks. I appreciate it because, quite honestly, I couldn't enumerate all what is wrong with them.

Ajwang' said...


You will struggle understanding this fact: Raila follows Luos. Luos do not follow Raila.

But I agree with you, for our bravery (also known as siasa mbaya) we have received marginalisation.

Your thinking is not new. Remember Mutongoria Johnstone Kamau asked Kaggia: 'What have you done for yourself??!?' The good news is: more and more Kenyans (actually all except 1 tribe and a half) have now seen the light are voting for their rights rather than settle for handouts. Wamechanuka. Lesotho better watch out!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.20 AM, Can you please speak in English for a moment? Your sentiments can sound a lot better than that.

And Vikii @ 12.45 AM, rewind yourself to mid-late 1990s, hunger ravaged Ukambani, women languished in poverty and the entire Ukambani human race was almost wiped out. You would be so naive not to recall that. Ukambani women sought refuge in the name of marriage in Nyanza, and especially in Siaya District. And they were accepted with both hands!

And you still talk about poverty in Nyanza... I wouldn't believe this, especially coming from a Kamba. Talk of biting the hands that feed you!

And Vikii, please tell me which is more despicable in moral terms: is it the poverty and HIV/AIDS prevalence or incest, sodomy and rape? Abomination!!!

Anonymous said...

SOMETIMES I REALLY THINK THAT WE KENYANS ARE STUPID!!!!! The fact that some people can cry that Kriegler never announced the “true winner” astonishes me. So then what if he said that Raila won… then what?? Are you really naive enough to think that PNU will acknowledge this report and it will only re-start strife and anger among the supporters or of both parties that nearly brought this country to civil war (as still many try to deny!!). This report was supposed to be constructive not destructive and was supposed to create solutions for the future rather than dwell in fulfilling past beliefs. Kumekucha you guys are disappointing… why stir these same old questions? Who won?? Who won??? I hope that you will try be productive and push for blogs that stir positive ideas for the future so that we will not be in the same place come 2012!!

Anonymous said...

Anön @2.05 be specific dont give us that general mental ejaculation. How many Kambas have ya assisted personaly during those droughts that seem so entrenched btw ya ears. Ave bin in nyanza 4 ten yrs n ya guys have nothing that makes prouder than Kambas. Just look @ the poverty index.

UrXlnc said...

how more pathetic does it get

the amount spent on these commission vs the real (published) outcomes vs the expectations just do not match up.

for those amounts of cash we should get better. i bet less than half of that amount of cash could have been better spent on ECK prior to the elections in preventative measure to enhance efficiency and could have saved many lives.

UrXlnc said...

while still on ECK

take a look at this article form the Daily Nation archives

guys, kenya as a nation has been through this circus before, we need to swallow our pride, lay aside our bloated egos and work with each other to resolve our messes.

Anonymous said...

and what does michuki say about donor aid/funds

Anonymous said...

God bless judge Kriegler!

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.05
Poverty index is misleading. In Nyanza, every jobless youth has a shamba on which to grow cassava.

If you dont have a shamba you become a prostitute, a robber or a mungiki.

In which province do sons exhume parents because of poverty?

That why Orengo is fighting hard to help these poor Kenyans.

Adhiambo Sianda

Tom said...

How much evidence do ODMers need that they lost the election? From Kipkemoi Arap Kirui being discredited and failing to appear at the Kriegler commission to Kreigler stating that the claim of rigging at KICC could not be sustained. Uhuru summed it up nicely.
The black man is truly cursed and inferior.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

From Krieglers own mouth:

"...Prior to his arrival, he said, he was convinced that PNU had stolen the polls with help of ECK.

"I was convinced that the presidential election had been stolen by corrupt people in the ECK at the national tallying centre. I did a lot of reading, including International Crisis Group and media reports which convinced me that the election was stolen," said the judge.

As he left the country after handing over his report to Chairman of the Panel of Eminent African Persons Kofi Annan, on Thursday, he said he had been disabused of this preconception."

and also:

"...Kriegler held onto his conclusion that it was impossible to determine whom between Kibaki and Raila won the presidential poll.

"Everybody cooked results. Everybody across the board from Lake Victoria to the Indian Ocean cooked...""

That about sums it up conclusively.
Who will the International community now believe, Raila's lies or a report backed up by none other than Koffi Annan? The ignorant, thuggish bellowing by the boorish ODM mob must now come to an end as they have very few civilized options left except to bow down to Kibaki.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

What went wrong according to the Kriegler report. ODM bonzos pay attention:

1.The voter register
The voter register, which has been updated from time to time since 1997, is materially defective in three respects that in themselves already impair the integrity of the election results:
(i) Registered voters represent only 71% of the voting age population of Kenya.
(ii) The register probably includes the names of some 1.2 million deceased persons.
(iii) Women and voters between 18 and 30 years of age are significantly under-registered. Furthermore, members of certain marginalised communities encounter difficulties in obtaining their national identity cards, a pre-requisite for registration as a voter.

2. Delimitation
The gross disparity in the voting populations of Kenya's constituencies breaches the fundamental equality principle of democracy, which is clearly articulated and enshrined in section 42(3) of the Constitution of Kenya, namely one person, one vote. This long-standing discrimination in itself impairs the integrity of the electoral
process, mainly, but not only, in relation to parliamentary elections.

3. Fraud
Numerous implausibly high turnout figures reported in the strongholds of both main political parties evidence extensive perversion of polling, probably ballot-stuffing, organised impersonation of absent voters, vote buying and/or bribery. This inference is supported by numerous eyewitness accounts given to IREC of various forms of manipulation as well as election observers' observation reports and ECK submissions Indeed, vote-buying and ballot-stuffing appear to be such extensive and universally condoned practices in Kenyan elections that the question can rightly be asked whether genuinely free and fair elections are at all possible.

4. Permitted irregularities
A likely facilitator and catalyst for ballot-stuffing (of which
effect the political parties and the ECK could hardly have been unaware) was the indulgence granted by the ECK shortly before the elections for "black books" (in which the names of voters had been entered at the time of registration) to be used in certain circumstances and for double registrants to be allowed to vote, contrary to previous

5.Exclusive strongholds
A further contributor and facilitator for manipulation at polling stations is the disturbing feature that in many instances (in the strongholds of both main
political parties) effectively only the majority party was represented during polling and
counting. The alert self-interest of competitors is all but indispensable for honest
elections and it is a matter for serious concern that this safeguard was absent in many instances.

6. Defective planning
The system of tallying, recording, transcribing, transmitting and
announcing results was conceptually defective and poorly executed. The ECK had long
since been aware of the need to revise the system fundamentally by introducing readily available information and communications technology. Its failure to do so was grossly remiss and contributed to the climate of tension, suspicion and rumour in which the
violence erupted.

7.Electoral system
The first-past-the-post electoral system carried over from colonial days, with its potential for distortion, real or perceived, compounded the problems caused by
the originally gerrymandered, outdated and grossly skewed constituency delimitation
pattern. In particular the circumstance that the ODM, which did not scatter its support in
the parliamentary contests, beat the PNU and its motley array of allies constituted proof
positive of rigging for many observers unfamiliar with the vagaries of the first-past-the-post system, the more so where constituency sizes differ materially.

8. Delays
The gross disparity in constituency sizes also contributed to defects and delays in tallying, recording, transcribing and transmitting results (having moreover to be done by outdated methods) in the large constituencies, which defects and delays also contributed materially to the explosive political climate which then built up as the country awaited the transmission and announcement of results.

The conduct of the 2007 elections was so materially defective that it is impossible ­ for IREC or anyone else ­ to establish true or reliable results for the presidential and parliamentary elections. IREC has, however, established by means of
statistical analysis of a sample of constituencies that innumerable elementary mistakes in tallying and/or transcribing results as well as patent mistakes of omission, duplication and
confusion were made.

10. Integrity of result
Therefore, although there is room for honest disagreement as to whether there was rigging of the presidential results announced by the ECK, the answer is irrelevant, as (i) the process was undetectably perverted at the polling stage, and (ii) the
recorded and reported results are so inaccurate as to render any reasonably accurate, reliable and convincing conclusion impossible.
Law enforcement and dispute resolution The system of electoral law enforcement and dispute resolution are conceptually defective and were executed poorly if at all by the ECK and the ordinary law-enforcement agencies of government.

11. Communication
There was no effective communication between the ECK and political parties, observers, the media or the public, particularly regarding the national tally centre, the lack of transparency resulting in misconceptions, suspicion, rumour and anger.

12. The ECK The manner of appointment of commissioners and the structure, composition and management system of the ECK are materially defective, resulting in such a serious loss of independence, capacity and functional efficiency as to warrant replacing or at least radically transforming it.

13. Constitutional and legal framework
Although Kenya has a legal framework for the
conduct of elections, material defects in the framework combined with a culture of lawlessness at election time bring into question the capacity of the law to provide a sufficient framework for political competition.

14. Wider responsibility
Though the ECK is primarily responsible for the flaws in the 2007 general elections, Kenyan society has long condoned, if not actively connived at, perversion of the electoral process.

15. Long-term commitment
This culture of electoral lawlessness has developed over many years and cannot be reversed without a concerted, non-partisan commitment to electoral integrity on the part of political leaders, which commitment will need to be sustained and monitored over time.

ODM, time to see the light, before lights out. If you have a dispute with Kriegler, confront him on his assertions as in the report and not by calling him names or by having a "Moses come down from the mountain with the tablets" mentality, as Chris so often does. Pay attention particularly to points 1 through to 8 as above, and hope that you can finally experience a eureka moment.

Anonymous said...

While reading this article I thought the 'proof' would have been what balal said initially refering to the same solomon anaolgy....every PNUer did not want a recount, basic logic tells you that you have something to hide if you only want something counted once.

Secoundly PNU did not want a run off even Mugabe allowed for that, thats when I concluded that that election was stolen the rest is just noise.

Kreigler if I can repeat had no madate to decide who won and non other that PNU wanted that made clear before he stepped into this country now they claim the very same guy concluded that the election was not stolen....and some nitwits are running with it like crazies.

Basic Question How can Kreigler answer that kibaki did not rig the election if that was not the questin he was asked, obviously the guy was investigating the wrong thing...That guy must be incompetent unprofessional and unethical. He should stick to his brief and that was to find what was wrong with the system.

But then again these are panuers not know for reason, just hype and jingoism blind hate and greed.

Sir Alex

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Sir Alex, go through the Kriegler points i have made and debunk them one by one with facts, not teary, emotional rhetoric about hate and other manufactured stories about PNU putting terms to Kriegler before his commission sat and so on blah, blah... That is now a tired ODM tactic.

UrXlnc said...


your point No 9: and 10: state the process was defective or flawed.

in short there can not have been any way to ascertain who won

wouldnt the practical approach then be to annul the exercise and carry out fressh elections (having tackled the various issues raised in the other points that led to the grossly flawed process) to properly determine a president. if the process was flawed, then the outcome is unreliable as pointed out then a runoff or fresh election is necessary

we should not allow mediocrity to take root and expect highest standards from processes.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

UrXlnc, precisely! I could not have put it better myself.
The solution is not endlessly pointing of fingers but to effect a brand new electoral system and then have a fresh General Election. However, you and i know that having a new election soon is easier said than done as both PNU and ODM are interested in maintaining the status quo. Calling for an election now will be a waste of time and energy, and we should instead focus on the next election in 2012.
FIRST AND FOREMOST though, we MUST have a legitimate population Census. The current voter register is based on the 1989 Census where Kalenjins overtook Luos to supposedly become the third largest community, which was of course only in Moi's own fertile imagination. I even do not really believe that Luhyas are more than Luos even today.
This census will also form the basis of rectifying the gross disparities in voting populations as in No 2 above. It will address the issue of situations where areas with huge populations like Embakasi with 250,000 registered voters have the same weight as one Keiyo or a Sigor constituency with 20,000 voters. Constituencies in Nairobi, Central, Nyanza, Eastern, Rift Valley and Western provinces therefore need to be split in order to have as equal number of registered voters as possible, probably 50000 per constituency.

Secondly, the system must make provisions to ensure that all eligible youth 18 to 30 and women are registered to vote and it must do away with voters cards. A Personal ID should be enough to register.

The ECK must therefore be thoroughly modernized with state of the art technology at its disposal. Its officers must be of the highest calibre and the commissioners must be agreed to by all parties, given security of tenure and be answerable to no one except the Chief Justice. Also, it must have the power to command the police during election time in order to effect arrest of electoral offenders and stiff sentences must be meted out to culprits.

With reform of the ECK, points 4 to 15 will be addressed.

Anonymous said...

Urxlnc & Isn't it absolutely amazing that even with Kimi's TIRED, BACKWARD "POINTERS" he will never agree to the fact that a fresh election is indeed a necessity. The same ol' tired "we are healing, do not open old wounds" will certainly be the argument against a fresh election.

How do you know they stole the 2007 election; when Martha asks "what for" when responding to calls for a fresh election...Victors are always ready to prove yet again that indeed they are the victors, should there be any doubts of their victory.
Kimi can you confidently say your ready for a fresh election? since you're so sure you won?
P.S *Stick to the question*

Kwale said...


How can we have fresh election when the recommendations have not been implemented to stop another flawed election? Does it not cross your mind it will be another chaotic election if we are not use the same electoral process.
Beside that, elections are a costly business, worth billions of shillings, where is the money coming from?

Anonymous said...

kimi, anon, kwale

as i read through your comments i see we all share the same type of misgivings but varying degree in the specific detail and that is actually a good thing because it gives much needed breadth and depth to seeking solutions.

kimi, regarding redefinition of constituency boundaries, you raise some good points. it however needs more than population criteria, bear in mind that once enacted into law, some principles in the wrong hands morph into monsters that easily become burdens. constituency or any other administrative demarcation must put into consideration all the various factors with a premium based on best permutation that guarantees efficient service delivery to the public by government. the current Uhuru approach is about parliamentary ego and appears to have little to do with service delivery. its about getting enough MPs to control parliament.

i support any effort that puts the public needs first, but any effort by MPs to have more clout need to be curbed at infancy. once in the house these guys will just team up to feast on public funds.

the complete dynamics of service delivery to the constituents should be the determining factor in redrawing the boundaries and it may turn out that some regions may actually become more efficient through mergers while others through splits. how to make that into law can be stressful and i doubt a one size fits all approach would work. it would require long term drawn out procedures involving the constituents and not roadside declarations which is probably where we are headed.

other factors such as resources to sustain administrative burden, infrastructure, trade, development options must be considered. otherwise we run the risk of creating administrative shells that drain the meagre resources and create further avenues for mis-rule and elevated criminal gangs filling in the administrative gaps. all this because a group of MPs want to have more say.

we need to move to 21st century and evaluate other strengths, e.g a resource rich constituency providing 30% (audited/certified not fake) revenue to the govt should have more clout than one only providing 5% revenue irrespective of population and therefore they need to make have in some cases straight voting while in others a type of weighted voting system. this will encourage constituencies to perform and move away from handouts (look at the recent CDF/poverty fiasco). IMO constituencies generating more revenue need to be given more funds to develop faster and those seeking hand-outs given less, of course different kits need be devised for hand-outs and development so that all regions still benefit from government resources

we really have to wake up and start thinking ahead.

have to stop here or else this will run several pages long

but i think we all want whats best for kenya


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