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Monday, August 04, 2008

What Is Really Going On In Kenyan Politics?

Is history about to repeat itself?

Regular readers of Kumekucha are well aware of the fact that weeks ago our columnists here started sounding off Kenyans on the desperate power struggle unfolding around the president.

It is only in the last week or so that this has clearly come out into the open as justice minister Martha Karua has made her intentions to run for the presidency in 2012 very clear.


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Indeed it is as if the country is back to 1976 and the infamous change-the-constitution move which was designed to stop the then Vice President Daniel arap Moi from automatically ascending into power in an acting capacity, in the event of the death of President Kenyatta. Clearly politicians at the time who were privy to information on the president’s health knew very well of the strokes Kenyatta had suffered and the fact that he usually drifted in and out of comas. It was really just a matter of time before he passed on.

So naturally a very intense no holds barred power struggle around President Kenyatta started. Ironically it was this infighting that ended up handing over the presidency to Daniel arap Moi on a silver platter. The question political analysts are pondering is, is history about to repeat itself?

For months now, right before the general election, this blogger has been receiving information from many different sources to the effect that all is not well with the duly elected president’s health. Apparently he is constantly on medication and has to receive several jabs before he can make any public appearance. Now some very alarming reports have started trickling in (which this writer is yet to verify from independent sources) to the effect that the president is suffering from an incurable disease that affects memory and the mind. In any case, any close observer of the president who knows him well will be able to tell you right away that the president is not the same man and all is surely not well.

However the clearest sign to date that there is something very wrong somewhere has been the behaviour of politicians, especially those within the PNU fold. Just watching them will convince you that surely there will be a general election in the country much sooner than 2012.

Then there is the considerable pressure that is now being suffered by a politician who has no track record for soaking in any pressure. And that is Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka. It is no accident that members of his own party—ODM-K have intensified plans for a coup within the party that is designed to throw him out. There are even reports from some quarters that a major cabinet re-shuffle is looming which will see Kalonzo dropped from the Vice presidency in favor of Kibaki’s favored heir.

Ironically in 1976 many people waited for just such a cabinet re-shuffle to drop the then vice president, Daniel arap Moi. But, alas, it never came and the then Vice president survived to ascend to the presidency. Are we about to see history repeating itself?

Some political analysts point to the fact that there is a very huge and colossal difference between Daniel arap Moi in 1976-78 and Kalonzo Musyoka 2006-2008. Moi had a solid grassroots backing especially on his home turf in the Rift valley. Kalonzo Musyoka has serious political problems in how own backyard where election results clearly showed that he does not have any solid backing in Ukambani. In fact the Vice President performed dismally in Ukambani considering the fact that he was a presidential candidate from the community. If one takes into account the fact that there were much fewer registered voters in 1997 when Charity Ngilu stood for the presidency, it is obvious she faired much better in Ukambani than Kalonzo did last December.

ODM supporters are quick to rubbish the rapid developments taking place within PNU that generally spell doom for the party and in recent days even the Prime Minister himself seems to have moved into campaign mode and revisited the controversial issue of a stolen election emphasizing the fact that his party would still win the presidency it was cheated out of come the next elections. He has however been quick to emphasize that the grand coalition government will run its’ full course.

In the midst of all this political storms and realignments a ticking time bomb has been totally ignored. Various factors including steeply rising fuel prices have put the ordinary man under considerable pressure in their ability to put food on the table, let alone cover other basic costs like house rent. Some experts believe that food riots in the country are not very far off.

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Enyambu said...

What I'll never understand, is why the Grand Coalition should rule Kenya until 2012. Kibaki lost, yet he is president. Mr Kalooser was openly rejected by Kenyans, yet he is a heart-beat away from the presidency. Why not just go for a new constitution and strengthening of the relevant insititutions, and THEN, hold a new presidential election. I just don't know why a facking loser should lord it over us, when it is possible to tip him to insanity with our votes!

Sad Kenyan said...

Enyambu, I understand your sentiments. But in case of elections before 2012, Mr Molasses will most probably win. I suggest we wait it out until 2012, and hope that some new fresh face not tainted with corruption can save us from this infamy. We Kenyans are in a catch-22. There is nowhere to run. Right now there are these three criminals willing to do anything to control the house of corruption (State House). Let's wait it out folks.

Phil said...


When I say these are the kind posts we want to read, I know I am talking for many a Kenyan.

Should the president resign, die or be declared unfit to hold that office, the VeeP automatically takes over for a period of three-months before we go for elections.

Three-months, with the current constitution, is enough for any 'passing cloud' to consolidate and become a permanent hailstorm.

I am praying that nothing of the sort happens to Kibaki because I really doubt if brokers will allow Kalonzo to tawala even for a week.

Incidentally, the events you describe in your post and the fact that this is the DREADED month of August plus that we are living in the land of unresolved political assassinations and that a major cabinet reshuffle is looming - I am not ruling ANYTHING out....

Anonymous said...

I don't think Kalonzo performance in his ukambani backyard was dismal as you put it. Please recheck your figures, it is actually Ngilu who was beaten by Moi in 1997 in Ukambani.

The 2012 succession is totally different from the 1976-8. Today the VP can only be acting president for 90 days before a general election is held, in 1978 the president was not elected by Kenyans as there was no competitive politics.The change constitution spearheaded by the Kiambu mafia was to stop the VP from taking over the presidency. The game is totally different now given the VP or anyone else interested in the top seat has to face the electorate

My thinking is that what is happening is a all about who is going to control central province votes among Uhuru, Karua and Saitoti. The people of central province are well aware that they cannot produce a Kibaki successor but they can determine who going to win in 2012 by providing the swing vote.

Anonymous said...

For those who missed chris raw notes on how Raila acquired his wealth, let me paste for you;

'Mr. Molasses Raila first break came after his father died when, in exchange for NDP cooperating with KANU, he got the molasses factory and all the govt surrounding it for a song (Moi personally signed off the land deal). Then he sold NDP and received the cheque in Germany personally from the hands of Moi witnessed by Biwoti who had travelled to Germany via Japan. Kulei stood by calling the bank to authorise the clearance of the cheque. Finally, to top it all, he used his position as the Minister of Energy after Biwoti in Moi govt to do the legendary the oil/energy contracts which will ensure that his offsprings (to the fourth generation) will be strutting town with a billion or two in their individual accounts. Since then Kenya has never known any stability in its energy sector. When Minister Ochillo was posted to that ministry in January 2003, he first assignment from Mr. Molasses was to make the evidence disappear. For nearly six months, trusted aides would work cleaning the files untill midnight. And the buidings built on road reserves in Kisumu, that is a story for another day ...

That, folks, is a tiny window into the life Mr Molasses Raila, the "messsiah," some Kenyans have been waiting for to take them to the promised. Unless ODMites quit their human worship, then poverty, ignorance, and suicidal despair will be their middle names!!!!!!'

quoted from chris raw notes..


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Your pro-ODM bias is well known, no surprises there. Having a blinkered anti-Kalonzo view is therefore no surprise either. However, as someone said, if those mavericks Kiema and Charles Kilonzo were to call an anti Kalonzo meeting in Ukambani, would even 5 people attend?
You do not seem to realize that Raila's support has already reached critical mass, and that this support was at it's peak in December, 2007. If elections were to be held today and he was running against Kalonzo, Raila cannot get the same number of votes. A lot of Kalenjins, Kisiis, Mijikendas and Somalis who voted for Raila will vote for Kalonzo. In addition to the massive GEMA, Bukusu and Kamba votes already in his basket, Kalonzo is already in pole position to clinch the Presidency.
Raila will effectively only have Luo, Greater Kakamega and Busia Luhya votes plus 55 - 60% of Kalenjin votes and half the Mijikenda votes. That will not be enough to win the Presidency.

Anonymous said...


Please do not forget that Gema votes will be divided between all the presidential wannabes. we all know who okuyus will vote for if kalonzo and karua are both on the ballot don't we?
This by the way is no a competition between kalonzo and Raila - they are just not in the same league.
Kalonzo belongs to division 2 or 3 league (grass) let him go boss kina kukubo and Nazlin he might have better luck.
For those hoping for a disintegration of Raila support - dream on. You think ODMs are foolish. They know propping kalonzo or anyone is just a ploy by MKM to rule through the backdoor as they continue with their thieving ways. In fact Okuyus are spoiling kalonzos little chances of getting his usual 7% support intact, who will he con that he is mr clean when he is busy supporting deception and fraud? NO MORE OKUYUS or their cronies please.

Anonymous said...

Please do not forget that Gema votes will be divided between all the presidential wannabes. we all know who okuyus will vote for if kalonzo and karua are both on the ballot don't we?
This by the way is no a competition between kalonzo and Raila - they are just not in the same league.
Kalonzo belongs to division 2 or 3 league (grass) let him go boss kina kukubo and Nazlin he might have better luck.
For those hoping for a disintegration of Raila support - dream on. You think ODMs are foolish. They know propping kalonzo or anyone is just a ploy by MKM to rule through the backdoor as they continue with their thieving ways. In fact Okuyus are spoiling kalonzos little chances of getting his usual 7% support intact, who will he con that he is mr clean when he is busy supporting deception and fraud? NO MORE OKUYUS or their cronies please.

Such stupidity,. No wonder you keep losing elections. Did they not tell you in management school that assumptions are the death knell of most ventures. Never assume anything. Nothing is given. okuyos can even vote for museveni, killing them is not a smart way of campaigning for their votes

Anonymous said...

Such stupidity,. No wonder you keep losing elections.

---- Raila won and even you know that. By the way, holding a different opinion does not make your opponent stupid.

Did they not tell you in management school that assumptions are the death knell of most ventures. Never assume anything. Nothing is given.

---- Does this only apply to ODM. What of all the assumptions by PNUs?

okuyos can even vote for museveni,

---- Take that to the birds.

killing them is not a smart way of campaigning for their votes

---- which okuyus are you referring to? the ones that are killed and dumped in forests?

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen

darling keep dreaming i'm sure you are one of those who said before the 2007 elections that a kihii can not rule you and you still keep repeating that:):) while posting and spinning all the propaganda you can

read my lips



Anonymous said...


""""---- which okuyus are you referring to? the ones that are killed and dumped in forests?"""""



Anonymous said...

Kumekucha has become so boring, so much caps and noise....

i am off to better blogs

Anonymous said...

anon 2:38


Spin all you want - propaganda on Raila and Molasses.
Facts are Raila bought the factory fair and square and that is what the Okuyu's can't see or understand that someone could actually buy a factory without corruption!!
they even were dared to take Raila to court in 2003-2004 and combed all the files to see how the transaction went down to pin corruption on Raila- but they found nothing - the files show the payments were done above board- and straight forward- and no corruption took place. The Mt. Kenya kibaki mafia have burned lights into the night trying to get anything ,something to charge Raila for this past 5 years but nada.

For all the frustrations and not being able to find any dirt on Raila and the Molasses factory they decided the best way too do it was to start and spin a propaganda campaign full of lies and innuendo's without any facts and before, during and after elections till to date looking at this post from PERFECT that is what the kibaki and his desperate PNU cronies have been doing- posting propaganda on Raila...

if kibaki had any facts -easy he would have taken Raila to the same courts he kibaki controls to be judged and sentenced to jail,,, but as we all know Raila and his luo cooperative bought the molasses plant fair and square, eat your hearts out central keep spinning your propaganda it won't wash

what is waiting for you and jail terms you thieving central province thugs is
1. Anglo leasing
2. Transcentury
3. Charter house
4. Grand Regency
5.all the Loans given to only central province crocks by NATIONAL BANK OF KENYA and they thought they could get away without paying the loans because kibaki assured them that(Fools
6. All the Loans kikuyu thugs took on land titles that they acquired illegally(even public toilets in Nairobi- have huge loans on them taken from NBK - they will pay kibaki the senile thieving thug won't be able to protect these thieving thugs from central.

Anonymous said...

anon6:11 AM

I didn't imagine you had the brains and the intelligence to understand the kumekucha blog??

get moving, you seem to fit in with the mashada and all those PNU kikuyu blogs- bye.....

Anonymous said...

What is happening in politics is this :

1. The lame duck is doing what he does best as his ministers continue with turf wars and the useless succession debate.

2. The people's president is working and literally running the show.

Kimi Raikkonen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 4.37, where did you get the idea that Karua will get any votes from GEMA? If she is seen to be going against the grain, she will be humiliated. Ask any honest Kikuyu what chances she has. The GEMA block will be as solid as ever in ONE direction, Kalonzos. So what if GEMA benefits from a Kalonzo Presidency? Why do you think they would be supporting him in the first place? For your info, they would both be going into an alliance for mutual benefit, not to be each others errand boys. It would be a Quid pro quo, scratch my back i scratch yours. Such ignorant imbecility. Jiponye Ujinga.
Raila's votes are not enough to win him the Presidency, even if his 2007 votes were solidly behind him, that is a fact. Where did you get the idea Kibaki lost? Do you live in Kenya?

Anon @ 5.54, i ain't your darling, neither am i gay. I am solid, straight, sweaty, hardcore porno material. I also cannot read your lips, i am a doggy style fan. Wanna try me?

Anonymous said...

Kimi said,

Ask any honest Kikuyu what chances she has.

-----Hallo, any honest Kikuyus out there? I have a burning question.

----Kimi your last statement just confirms the type of man you are. I am a babe and can tell a 'useless man'. Grow up boy!

Ajwang' said...


The sad fact for you is that Coast, Western, Rift Valley, Nyanza and North Eastern are STILL solidly ODM. And Krigler is dismantling thieving routes. And Karua is just about to confess. Kambas are well known for licking the authorities' ***, so they are irrelevant. Without fraud, Lesotho can not match Kenya.

Ajwang' said...


The sad fact for you is that Coast, Western, Rift Valley, Nyanza and North Eastern are STILL solidly ODM. And Krigler is dismantling thieving routes. And Karua is just about to confess. Kambas are well known for licking the authorities' ***, so they are irrelevant. Without fraud, Lesotho can not match Kenya.

Anonymous said...

anon7:34 AM

Kimi Raikkonen - we all can see you are a kikuyu slut(malaya) so what's new? no surprises there on your doggie style si you do both ways!!

Only a PNU fool with uncouth language can dare graze Kumekucha to post shiate like yours- go to mashada where kikuyu bloggers use filth like skunks you do not belong here.

second - Raila won the 2007 December elections fair and square - your thieving senile thug kibaki rigged himself in by ordering his government machinery the police to shoot and kill many innocent kenyans(while you were sucking kihii dick in the USA for the usual money yet you can't see a kihii ruling you? it is happening :) eat your heart out!- kikuyu prostitution has taken a different direction we all know most kikuyu guys abroad are guy selling their d... to the highest bidders- keep selling them since this time round your thieving thugs will have no chance of rigging and slaughtering innocent kenyans to saty in statehouse na nimesema

Ivy said...

"What is really going on in Kenyan politics is the title of the post". Can you keep it civil folks, some of us are under age and we really dont give a damn about your fantasies, or your styles they just dont put bucks in our pockets or feed us. If you have no comment on the post take a fifth ammendment and skip the comment box, you always dont have to comment, you will not be sued or we wont bite you, or better still no one will notice that you didn't comment. You just dont have to comment if you have nothing to say.

Adios usiku mwema

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know a better blog. This is becoming unbearable.

Anonymous said...

Kiraitu says it very well here.


ONLY ME ... OR ... NOTHING....

Vikii said...

This is a very interesting forum.

First, Mwai Kibaki cannot replace Kalonzo, never. Kalonzo saved him from a US/UK instigated political coup. He remains his most pivotal ally today.

Two, the President looks healthy to me. He may be sick in some people's minds, but has he not always been? Chris did tens of posts towards the end of last year saying how the President was dying from a stroke. Those bloggers accused of working for the NSIS (I think it was PKW or Derek, certainly not me) must have passsed this to the President's people prompting him to a 3.5 KM walk in Mombasa, just to silence these doomsayers. Last week, Chris alleged the President could not speak in public. Angered, the President in turn called Chris, and I quote, "Wewe ni bure kabisa. Mavi ya kuku wewe". That was in public, Chris, by the same President you keep calling incapacitated.

About Kalonzo's dismal performance in Ukambani, he got 92 % of the vote there and 13/17 seats. Ngilu got 60% and 8/17 seats. Nationally Ngilu got 400k votes and Kalonzo got 800k. You are not telling me the population of voters has doubled since 97, are you? Stay in denial till Jesus comes, brother.

Both Kiema and Charles are two members of our party that we like. They are entitled to their political opinions and we wish them luck (they surely need it) in all their political endevours. What we do not understand is their "resolve" to oust the Vice President from the Party leadership. There is no such position like 'Party Leader' in ODMK. Kalonzo Musyoka is not even an official of the party. He is an ordinary party member. Senior in government yes, but still an ordinary member. Now are they threatening to revoke his membership and expell him from the party? An easier thing for them to do would expelling themselves as members.

When elections finally come, we will enjoy them, definitely. We will certainly have a candidate be it Kalonzo, UK or even Martha (why not?). We will have a credible candidate and the other side of the world will also have theirs. We will compete and see who wins, who cries foul and arms his supporters with stones. Hakuna mahali tunaenda tuko papa hapa hapa. Kwani unafikiria tutaenda wapi?

To those fellows who keep telling us Raila Odinga won the elections, spare us that nonsense. He was not running fo Prime Minister, was he? If he had won the elections he would be President. He did not win, he is not winning and he will never win. It's simple.

Anonymous said...

from the government owned KBC

RAO is taking significant coverage
1. Is Kibakis health ok? The Spokesman is VERY silent although this is an issue that has taken a very prominent position on the ground
2.PNU succession issue-does it reflect on the Presidents Health? Why the urgency on Succession?
3. Photo sessions-Kibaki is being shown meeting delegates (sagana, statehouse). Can he stand a long public function? 22nd August may answer my question.

We are in for a snap election soon

Anonymous said...

In Kenya yote yawezekana, kaloozer who was rejected by Kenyans is now second in line to the big seat.
This guy promised miracles, my brother that what you will get, miracles the he will wipe ODM and raila out .Kibaki is soon be hit with a stroke and who takes over VP kaloozer, Ukambani uchawi is working, it woke on Lucy that madness just taken over he brains. My Kenyan bros, did kaloozer loose a close relative in the last two years, then bones of the decide bones have been used to make very strong dawa.

Egnubo said...

Did any of you read through the Sunday Standard yesterday talking about the former mp of Winam, and it states very clearly the reason why Kenyatta and Oginga Odinga parted ways (also the reason why this Winam mp parted ways with Oginga): that Oginga saw that Kenyatta was betraying the agreement on the resettlement of Mau Mau veterans and all those whose lands had been taken up by the white settlers.

So if you really want to know what is really going on in Kenyan politics, you will have to consider the fact that we are where we are today mainly because of the deceptive ways of Onyatto on land issues which then triggered many other issues...

Anonymous said...

Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka WILL be the next president of Kenya, upende ama usipende.

Mama Mjeri

Anonymous said...



Waititu graft case begins

NAIROBI, August 4 - A Nairobi court has been told how an accomplice of the Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu attempted to bribe a Kenya-Anti Corruption Commission investigator to drop a case against the legislator.

Fred Lolkurum told Senior Principal Magistrate, Cecilia Githua, on Monday that he was approached by an accomplice of Waititu’s, Jason Mwolia, who persuaded him to abandon investigations into corruption allegations against the politician, who was the Deputy Nairobi Mayor then.

“He came to me and asked to know the particulars of the case. He told me that he wanted to know if it was possible to stop the investigations because his friend was intending to vie for a parliamentary seat.”

Lolkurum claimed that he then informed his superiors, who organised an operation on April 4, 2007 in which he met Mwolia and recorded their conversations, which were then brought to court as evidence.

Mwolia allegedly asked to meet him at a city restaurant, which he obliged, but went in the company of three other anti graft officers Thomas Tirop, Victor Mugambi and Zachary Mwangi, who are also listed as witnesses.

He confirmed to the court that he was given an envelope containing Sh100,000 for the said reason.

The investigator, based at the Preliminary Investigations Division, informed the court that he was allocated the case by his superiors following allegations that Waititu was using his position to influence a tendering process at City Hall.

Lolkurum claimed that the Commission had received information that Waititu had awarded a garbage collection tender to Bulk Refuse Removal Company Limited, which the investigator said was registered in the names of the MP’s children.

Waititu is charged with attempting to bribe the graft official in February last year so as to forestall graft investigations.

Anonymous said...

If the lame duck won 'fair and square' why did he not confidently constitute a full cabinet? Need I remind anyone about all the things he did that a true winner wouldn't do?
Anyway, let duckie enjoy the lawns of statehouse as the people's president wields real power - in the court of public opinion.

Anonymous said...

Mama Mjeri

ANON10:53 AM try forcing him down kenyans throats he will be chewed and swallowed 6ft under...

Now you are sounding like kibaki before he rigged and slaughtered innocent kenyans to stay in statehouse by force??

is Kalonzo Musyoka planning the same mungiki/kamba genocide??

tell him to try this time we are sure ready for this thieving hooligans....

Anonymous said...


Tulia boli. If anything happens to Kibaki, (and God forbid), our beloved VP Kalonzo is there aendeze kazi. Do not lose sleep, Kenya is in good hands. Do not fear either, Molasses Raila will never be allowed again to unlease his murdering and raping followers on innocent Kenyans again! Never Again, Chris! That has been taken care of!!!

Anonymous said...

PM to spearhead public/private sector talks
Written By:Mac Kemoli , Posted: Mon, Aug 04, 2008

Has duckie earned his keep today today?

What about our very own DR wiper?

Anonymous said...

Those Kalonzo haters who write nonsense about him should take note of the following:

1. Kalonzo has been in politics longer than Raila and yet he doesn't have a molasses background.

2. Kalonzo has always preached peace and coexistence. As a result his followers have conducted themselves in a civilized manner; they have never raped or killed anybody on Kalonzo's behalf.

Would anybody say the same about Raila??

Anonymous said...

Raila, like his father, is a tragic fellow. Like his father, he is condemned to pushing the political boulder uphill for life without ever reaching the mountain top.

Anonymous said...

Why not try preaching co-existence in his own party for starters, then head to the IDPs and extoll the virtues of co-existence with their 'hostile neighbors'. I think his services are needed there. Don't you agree this is more noble than the usual galivating from one homecoming party to another trying to sell himself to (listen to this) his own people and okuyus.

Anonymous said...

okay the post is not about 'DR' Kalonzo.

By going back and forth about him, you give him more credit than he deserves.

Kenyan politics, hey aren't we supposed to be on a healing path? Apart from Raila, are any of the top guys making any effort?

Apart from wooing overseas visitors, Raila has been to virtually all provinces in the four months he has been in office- Not to forget attending to other national issues.

There is still a lot of suspicion and hatred and the comments on this blog are a true reflection of the situation on the ground. Things may get better if our leaders are seen to be tolerating one another ie visiting different parts of the country - preferably together.

If the president is indisposed, why can't Kalonzo hit the road and preach peace instead of engaging in useless succession wars. After all isn't he assured of gema votes?

UrXlnc said...

without taking the lid of the rather heated debate going on above

is there anyone that really has information on the IDP situation, if only 20,000 are still in camps out of 200,000 I.e 10% awaiting resettlement why is this minister still requesting 28b out of the 31b (i.e 90%) and yet according to this then 90% of the IDPs were settled with 10%. Why cant these guys give a straight account. so far we still hear a lot of rumors/discontent by IDPs that they have not been assisted enough or provided adequate resources for the resettlement exercise. Oscar or whoever is on the ground, how hard would it be to carry out a comprehensive investigative report to determine whats going on with the IDP resettlement? I think these kenyans are silently bearing the brunt of a bad situation and will soon be forgotten and yet funds earmarked (31b)some of which has already been collected possibly diverted.

as for the above topic, i think i prefer these guys to politic all they want all year round rather than have them interfering day in day out with running of public service and messing and/or corrupting service delivery. Sadly for now there is no way to separate their affairs from public service delivery

sales said...

From what I know, to be president in Kenya you need to have the majority of the votes cast in addition to having 25 % from atleast 5 provinces. Lets go over these 50 cents maths. If Kalonzo is propped up by PNU, then he will get majority GEMA votes and Ukambani. He will not set an eye on: Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley, Coast, North Eastern. He may get some votes in nairobi, enough for him to beat the 25% rule. So he gets what is needed in only 3 provinces. Rememeber, Kenyans are now awake and no amount of rigging will ever take place....weka macho. Kalonzo will never be president. Raila only need to mantain his ODM and his leutenants to get even more than what he got in 2007.

UrXlnc said...


Moi did that math repeatedly and that math was played out in 2007, they have very astute statisticians at their beck and call

remember the trick is that it is not 25% of registered voters, but 25% of votes cast (not sure whether its valid votes or just votes cast).

thats where mistakes are made repeatedly. i.e do the math in reverse, first candidate consolidates total support numbers or target, and then next looks for hostile provinces and determines e.g if candidate is assured of 25,000 votes in a province then limit votes cast to 100,000, it doesn't matter whether the opponent(s) take the remaining 75,000 (leaves the populace shouting and rolling all over with glee)

Anonymous said...

Where is Kwale?

Anonymous said...

For those whining about mollases plant , i have one question for your jelous asses , would you rather the plant was another dead nyayo project that wrecked millions and were still born or is it better that someone bought it and turned it around to create employment and pay taxes , which option is good for the country?, you claim to have have high business acumen but you reason like pre historic men.Where is nyayo bus , nyayo tea zones , nyayo car,and many more white elephant projects, if the leadership then had vision like Raila's, such projects would have been left to business people who know how to spell the word PROFIT and not to civil servants who only know how to use wealth but nothing about creating it.I was watching tv and was shocked to see the plant that spinned the nyayo one is dead with all those cars lying there never been driven for decades , wouldn't it make more sense to auction it and allow investors to turn it around and sell those cars to taxi owners and continue with profitable production , AFRCANS you need to change your thinking.

Anonymous said...

urxInc, I fully share in your misgivings about the IDP situation because I didn't also understand the direction taken by the special programmes minister. As a way forward , the minister needs to account for what has been achieved in terms of the number of IDPs resettled, how many are still in camps, and what they still need to support them to start some form of normal life in their farms.
My fear is that such a blanket request may just be another cash-cow with a continuous disregard for the plight of these IDPs. If there is anything our leaders yet to learn then it is accountability!

Anonymous said...

ANON@1.50 - you have hit the nail on the head. my beef with these people who keep talking about molasses plant is that almost 99.9% of all of them have no idea how the molasses plant looked like before it was revived. They may be seeing the way it is today and conclude that the current owners do not deserve it. I always read threads from this group here but I have always been listened to them yapping about how ONLY okuyo knows how to run a business. If anybody wants to show that they are good at running businesses, then I think someone who is capable of going out of his/her way to revive the dead Pioneer nyayo car or the defunct Nyayo bus service or any other formerly govt owned operation that went under would show us how good they are running a business! Kenyans need jobs but it only takes efforts as those displayed people behind the revival of the molasses plant to avail those jobs to those who do not have them. People should desist from playing unnecessary politics and yet they themselves do not even own an egg-laying hen! Dig deeper into the history of Molasses plant (not the politics) and you will know that those who revived it deserve some accolade rather than being cast in bad light.

Anonymous said...

How in the world did they even arrive at the 31 billion budget? In my view, some people somewhere saw this as an opportunity to make a killing out of a bad situation. Probably the thinking was that donors would blindly pour money into the pit that has now become the IDP resettlement fund. Meanwhile, we have created more slums as the IDPs too scared to return to their homes continue languishing in inhuman conditions.
Meanwhile, the politicians who caused all the problems carry on as if nothing ever happened.

Anonymous said...

anon11:33 AM



Anonymous said...

ANON11:45 AM

yes Kalonzo musyoka the thieve and snitch hiding behind religion has been in politics longer than Raila thanks for reminding us kalonzo worked for Moi and he sucked Moi's ass while stealing from government coffers while snitching on other members of parliament and had them sacked!
here he is again using gods name and claiming miracles
kalonzo musyoka is the DEVIL incarnation- look closely you will find a background of human sacrifices in his backyard I'm told
bure kabisa kalonzo ni malalya of parliament sniffing everyone that he can suck up to.

Anonymous said...

It's not about Raila gentile but his ability to lead the nation that's in question. Why does he so lustfully want to be the president? This alone is why most people wonder his motives. Bring on Tuju and you will realise it's not about tribe or gentile but the likeability factor that matters. We just don't like Raila!!!!

Mama Njeri

Anonymous said...

Mama Njeri, what is wrong with Raila wanting to be Kenya's president? I thought every Kenyan has a right to aspire to be the country's president! What is wrong with your line of thought is you intention to purport to be telling others whom to chose which is no democracy to me. In a democratic arena every player has a right to support their candidate of choice. If you want Tuju, please go ahead and ask him to run in 2012 but for those who still want to have Raila as their presidential candidate in 2012 it is their right and under no circumstance are you going to dictate whom they are going to choose. Please try keep off other peoples constitutional rights.

Vikii said...

I also wish people would keep off my constitutional and democratic right to back Kalonzo Musyoka for president and vote for him. Hiyo tu! Because I am going to do it anyway.

Anonymous said...

mama njeri,

you said;

It's not about Raila gentile but his ability to lead the nation that's in question.

----are you still stuck in the kihii and Raila is unelectable syndrome? By the way what is the meaning of gentile in this context?

We just don't like Raila!!!!

----who are 'we'?

Why does he so lustfully want to be the president?

----- what defines Raila's desire to lead as lust? and what makes it different from say uhuru's, kalonzo's kibaki's or karua's?

Anonymous said...

Mama Njeri

2:51 PM



Anonymous said...


keep your malaya kalonzo muysoka who prostitutes for any person Moi, Julia Odhiambo and now Kibaki- to yourself the guy is a known prostitute using gods name in vain while he practices devil worshiping and human sacrificing kenyans are not fools- a devil like Kalonzo Musyoka will only smell the corridors of statehouse-

Kimi Raikkonen said...

As someone has so eloquently pointed out, Raila is indeed a tragic figure. Like Sisyphus, he will continue pushing a boulder uphill until he dies of old age, or the boulder turns on him and crushes him.
The events of early this year reinforced the conviction that Raila is simply a dictatorial buffoon without any ideas on how to lead. Remember the "how could he stop his supporters from being killed after being raped without anesthetic?" remark, only to change his mind and sit down to talk after belatedly realizing the futility of making his people cannon fodder for both the Police and the revenge mobs of Nakuru and Naivasha? The initial inciting statements from this fellow were NOT the mark of a leader, but of a callous and selfish, thoughtless agitator.
That is why all reasonable Kenyans will rally to Kalonzo in 2012 because they want peace and stability. It does not matter how much development Raila can or cannot bring, Kenyans do not trust him, period. A majority of 55% of them said so in December, 2007.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo cannot be president because he represents the old era of moi corruption. he is a kanu damu.

Majimbo is what we need.

Ivy said...


Anonymous said...


i will give you a dose of your own advice. if you have nothing to say, take the 5th ammendment.

its not like someone is ticking a register of all ODM fanatics who comment every morning.

fanya kazi mami!!!

Vikii said...

They are telling me Morgan Freeman is in a critical condition. Let us all pray for him.

Ivy said...

Anon 11:01

Kwani you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Simple go back to bed and wake up on the right side of the bed. Did i say anything, and can't a young woman laugh anymore? and yes i am an ODM fanatic, is their another word that is worse than a fanatic, coz iam more than that.

Was someons supposed to be ticking the register? I thought so too, ama..

Relax...I am working, iam not paid for blogging, i earn every single cent for working and trust me no one has ever complained....LOL and i did it again LOL...Utado?

Knoppix!® said...

You mean the actor?I admire him too.Most of his works are pretty hilarious!Speedy recovery indeed!

Knoppix!® said...

Ivy vipi,
Leo uko trash mode ama just a usual vexation?Make sure it doesnt spoil your day!Kazi iendelee!

Anonymous said...

Anon @11:01

Don't be bothered by IVY's mournful laughter. Her heart has been frozen in time because she missed a chance to wear her orange kitenge to Molasses Raila's coronation at Uhuru Park. Hopefully, come 2012, she will have worked hard enough to afford a new kitenge because the (od)mites in the drawer are slowly turning the old kitenge grey like the hair on her head!!!

Ivy said...


Just realized that i have wasted my precious 2 minutes. Dont mind me. Once in a while like now i felt just being "on trash mode" as you have rightly put

Somebody somewhere is sleeping on the job, there are no new posts.
I hope you are syked for the 17th August...And the game begins.
On a side note, do you think Otieno Kajwang can teach the Londoners some manners they have just denied Sebastian a work permit to play for Liverpool....Kwani they dont know he is one of the best midfielders?

By the way how far did the Kajwang case go...Did i not say that Gerald is going no where i am also wondering the Ntimama watch imefika wapi? Any updates?

Knoppix!® said...

Sshhhh dont dare insinuate someone is sleepinbg on the job,they might ask you if you pay them to entertain you.

Am waiting for 17th and mapambano begins then everybody redefines where their favourite joints as in we draw the paralells every weekend.

As for Kajwang,alikula mbuzi ya nani?

Anonymous said...


Ka-mwizi Kajwang is still in town, still playing Russian roulette with our national documents, and fattening his off-shore account. Sijui Raila aliokota wapi some of these thugs and made them ministers, and yet ODM is teeming with talent.

Anonymous said...

Otieno Kajwang is not acting (thieving) alone. He is being "coordinated and surpervised" from somewhere. ODM needs money to fight the 2012 elections!!

Anonymous said...

Ivy says that, as a young woman, she should be allowed to laugh loudly, here at Kumekucha, no matter how carelessly. I agree, but an inner voice tells me that some laughter is reserved for K-street.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.35

Ati Raila is already the president of Kenya. What is it with you people you cannot even reason properly. Raila has totally brainwashed you into believing anything under the sun. Raila will never become the president of Kenya. PM is the highest office he will ever hold, so he better enjoy it now!

Anonymous said...


As some have commented in other posts, you come across as smart. But i have to ask as think Dawkins has asked: can one be smart and be a believer? You actually believe a prayer can save freeman's life? Medical prayers work? But am sorry for freeman. I like him. I hope the doctors and other medical staff to whom he has submitted himself will be able to do something.

Anonymous said...

It's not about Raila gentile but his ability to lead the nation that's in question. Why does he so lustfully want to be the president? This alone is why most people wonder his motives. Bring on Tuju and you will realise it's not about tribe or gentile but the likeability factor that matters. We just don't like Raila!!!!

Mama Njeri

2:51 PM


Never again will we go to the "dark days" of being invited to one's house and the gratitude is non-existent.

Sasa Mama Njeri enda upikie watoto eeisshh.

Vikii said...

6.16, you come across as a BELIEVER of Dawkins and his beliefs. I am just pointing that out.

trukenyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
trukenyan said...

I'm sorry folks, but any match towards 2012 is subject to the Constitution, as it will be constituted. Kenyan's will NOT go to the polls with the current Constitution intact unless we harbor the desire to witness Kenya fall apart, only this time, completely. We are NOT OUT OF THE WOODS!

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