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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tearing Kenya Apart to New Heights

Kenya must probably be the most tear-resistant country on planet Earth. This is one country teaming with competing egos at her helm. The political combatants are in permanent state of electioneering and their selfish vibes amount to nothing but thinly veiled bravado meant to serve sectarian interests. Grandiose slogans are our forte and we never run short of high sounding programs which are crafted purposely not to be implemented.

The Grand Coalition Government was an estranged relationship even before the nuptials were exchanged. Look at how the partners are busy pleasing pursuing their individual interest at the expense of the common good on which the truce was singularly premised. ODM is busy retracing its steps after rediscovering that the detour was a road to political nowhere. Everywhere the political drums are beating and the tempo increases with every passing day.

Whoever said that a president serving his final term is a lame duck couldn’t have been more right. By attempting to politically re-invent himself in leading an active political party, Kibaki has exposed his soft underbelly and his hitherto gate keepers know it better. They have bared their fangs by latently challenging the emperor to his own throne while alive. His apologists may try all they wish to craft opaque theories in justifying Emilio’s astuteness but the political players no a thing or two about the guy at very close range and they appear bent on exploiting it for their political future.

We are a country at crossroads and acutely lacking in imaginative leadership. The v2030 must have been a clever ploy to celebrate somebody’s 100th birthday in advance. Otherwise how do you explain an uncreative program pegged on a trickle down economics learnt in the first half of last Century? Let us be honest with ourselves people. All the political posturing and heat are simply reverberations of inept leadership singularly defined by FRAUD and DECEPTION. The resulting mess is now compounded by schemes to protect status quo after Kibaki’s political demise. To think otherwise is to engage in massaging of obtuse egos. Well, it is not a crime but the price is enormous to self and country.


Anonymous said...

Uhuru Kenyatta on HardTalk: Part 1kenyanentrepreneur on Aug 3rd 2008

What a pathetic performance by Stephen Sarkur of hardtalk. I’m glad Uhuru Kenyatta corrected him when he said the following: “that the greatest violence was perpetrated by the Mungiki militia†! WTF? half a million Kikuyu’s were displaced from their homes in two days and this idiot Sarkur (or whatever the hell his name is) has the audacity to make this false statement?

Raila has really managed to fool these BBC reporters. It’s too bad they don’t speak Swahili and can’t understand what is said in Kenya’s rural areas when Raila is speaking to the masses (hint: like telling the kalenjins that Kisii’s were their “friends…nbsp; and therefore should not be harmed). Hey Sarkur? do you remember that????

Uhuru Kenyatta on Hardtalk: Part 2kenyanentrepreneur on Aug 3rd 2008

Uhuru gets tripped up here when he is asked about his family’s massive land holdings (how can you defend theft?). He gets tripped up again when he is asked about Mugabe. How can you defend Mugabe?

Uhuru says land reform is not about a person. I don’t know what he meant by that. In Kenya, the land was stolen by specific people, so it is about them.

Uhuru Kenyatta on Hardtalk: Part 3kenyanentrepreneur on Aug 3rd 2008

Uhuru getting tripped up again. He is asked about the exorbitant salaries that ministers and MP’s are making. He responds by saying that parliamentarians enacted it. So what? it’s still exorbitant. Uhuru then says it’s wrong that they are making that much, but goes on to try and defend it by saying that the government wanted to tax them and if they were in fact taxed, their salaries would not be that much. What? I don’t think so. Those salaries are exorbitant with or without taxes.

If Uhuru Kenyatta is going to keep giving these interviews, he is going to have to prepare better answers for the corruption questions that pertain to his family that will continue to plague him for the rest of his career. People don’t respect stolen, inherited wealth - (Actually, they don’t respect inherited wealth generally. So when it’s stolen, it just makes you look even worse). It’s like when I look at the Forbes list of the world’s richest people. I just gloss over the people who have inherited their wealth. They don’t count as much as those people who’ve made it on their own.

Anonymous said...

mambo bado ...



Anonymous said...


Haven't we seen them all. Didn't we, not too long ago have a vision : 'water for all by 2000' What happened?

Why does the so called v2030, sound so PNUish, MKMish. I do not for a moment trust these people(mafia). To them, this is another multi-billion business opportunity and they will not hesitate to milk us dry.

It's launch bore a striking resemblance to the PNU functions before the elections, and even its timing just like Safaricom IPO, was highly suspect.

Who were those visionary leaders that were busy planning when no one knew the direction our country was heading to at the beginning of the year?

Having a vision is well and good. I think it's certainly one way to keep us all focused on a good cause. However, it's imperative that the common man be informed as well as involved as much as possible.

Sadly, we have a long way to go, but for how long are the majority willing to sit at the foot of the table waiting for the crumbs?

Vikii said...

Nyinyi wote huvuta ngwai. Na hiyo ni ukweli.

Anonymous said...

Hate or like Steve Sarkur, the man did not make any false statements, he just reiterated what so many people already know about the dark political, economic and ethnic shadows that continue to hover all over Kenya.

In the meantime, Uhuru and the rest of Kenyatta family will and must surrender most of the looted parcels of land that were left behind by their father, so that the unfortunate IDPs can be resettled ASAP.

Otherwise, I wonder why Uhuru still loves to respond to issues as if he were still a form two student from some backwater school. Folks who were educated at St. Mary's (Austin) are well spoken and polished in many ways than Uhuru with his pathetic trademark of rantings and ravings whenever he fails to muster substance in his responses to people like Stephen Sarkur.

The BBC clip speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Molasses Hon. Raila admits Kisumu takes HIV AIDs trophy and advices his fellow luos;

He said the recently released HIV and Aids prevalence report had put Nyanza on top. He appealed to the residents to take necessary precautions to reduce infections. Among the recommendations he made was male circumcision (he he he he) (

so kina chris, taabu, kalamali...endeni mkatwe like ua god has commanded you.

Anonymous said...

For those who missed chris raw notes on how Raila acquired his wealth, let me paste for you;

'Mr. Molasses Raila first break came after his father died when, in exchange for NDP cooperating with KANU, he got the molasses factory and all the govt surrounding it for a song (Moi personally signed off the land deal). Then he sold NDP and received the cheque in Germany personally from the hands of Moi witnessed by Biwoti who had travelled to Germany via Japan. Kulei stood by calling the bank to authorise the clearance of the cheque. Finally, to top it all, he used his position as the Minister of Energy after Biwoti in Moi govt to do the legendary the oil/energy contracts which will ensure that his offsprings (to the fourth generation) will be strutting town with a billion or two in their individual accounts. Since then Kenya has never known any stability in its energy sector. When Minister Ochillo was posted to that ministry in January 2003, he first assignment from Mr. Molasses was to make the evidence disappear. For nearly six months, trusted aides would work cleaning the files untill midnight. And the buidings built on road reserves in Kisumu, that is a story for another day ...

That, folks, is a tiny window into the life Mr Molasses Raila, the "messsiah," some Kenyans have been waiting for to take them to the promised. Unless ODMites quit their human worship, then poverty, ignorance, and suicidal despair will be their middle names!!!!!!'

quoted from chris raw notes..


Anonymous said...

Vision 2030 is the next best alternative (sad excuse and biggest joke) for any 'wise' politician and civil servants born before 1970. Most of the current crop of politicians and deadwood civil servants will be six feet under by the time 2030 comes knocking at Kenya's door steps.

Who remembers what the leader of the UAE said when he was asked "why are you developing your nation at such a fast rate?".

His reponse was simple, "I want the people of the UAE to have a better quality of life, better business districts, health care facilities, homes, and schools, right now without having to wait for the same by 2010 or 2015. Now is the time to enable them to better their lives by developing the infrastructure of the whole nation."

Kenya's Vision 2030 is very much equivalent to the following scenario:

Q: Mr. Muzunguko wa Muviringo, when are you going to payback the KSh.500,000 I loaned in June of 1993?

ANS:Trust me, I will pay you back in full on June 3rd, 2030 plus a fourty percent interest to cover all the troubles and frustrations that I have put you through since June 3rd, 1993.

Ati Vision 2030? My fellow Kenyans, let's keep on dreaming for a long long long time.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Once again, the Grand Sibuor from Bondo demonstrates WHAT A SLIMY CHARACTER HE IS.
His strong denials that he did not say ODM will still claim its "stolen election victory" are so hypocritical, impotent and just so typical. In a moment of mindless excitement before his fanatical fundamentalist supporters of Luo nationalism on Saturday, he did utter those words, inadvertently letting the cat out of the bag that HE SIMPLY CAN'T BE TRUSTED, he can never make a deal that he won't break in a nanosecond, and that he holds extremely bitter grudges against the Mt Kenya communities, "these people" as he arrogantly, contemptuously and derisively referred to them.
It is said that the tongue is a small organ capable of extreme devastation. In one moment of madness, Raila has effectively reinforced the perception that he is insanely obsessed with power for its own sake to the exclusion of everything else. The denials he is making are a belated realization that he overplayed his conning game, as exemplified by his recent posturing as a reasonable and moderate politician. All that effort has effectively been wasted in an instant.
The stolen victory remark is also a sign of desperation due to another realization that he has a real fight on his hands against Kalonzo in 2012, that the GEMA communities are resolved to support Kalonzo to a man and will not support Raila inspite of Njonjo's or Kuguru's best efforts, and that the Grand Sibour's ODM house is not as steady as he would pretend it to be.
If there is one person therefore capable of tearing Kenya apart, it is this arrogant buffoon and his insatiable lust and greed for power.

Vikii said...


Ivy said...


What was your post again?

Let me digress too, i am a disappointed Kenyan today after RAO denied the comments he made on Saturday....That was the plain truth ama? ODM will live to fight another dai, si that is a FACT kwani what is wrong with that? Hata yeye i think we will take him to the same class with UK for some PR lessons.

Anon 9:56 your comment " Otherwise, I wonder why Uhuru still loves to respond to issues as if he were still a form two student from some backwater school. Folks who were educated at St. Mary's (Austin) are well spoken and polished in many ways than Uhuru" I thought so too!!!

I am a disappointed Kenyan when i hear comments like UK for president, vp, PM por even councillor? Surelly what has this man done to warrant any position in this country. Just coz he was Jomo' s son. my foot, give us a break as the PS for lands said Jomo brought more pain and heartache to this nation, and we are still paying for his deeds and misdeeds. I always dont agree with Martha but watching her y'day on KTN News i was so impressed, Taabu aliuliza hao wanaume walikuwa wapi? I ask again walikuwa wapi? I have always said that Martha is the only man in PNU and she confirmed that!!!

Ivy said...

Sorry but again i was disappointed, She wants to rule and not lead? Aliota alikuwa anatawala Kenya, sio kuongoza? Kenyan is in dire nead of a statesman leader, rulers we have plenty

Ajwang' said...

My dad was at the funeral and was shocked to see how Standard reported that matter. According o him: Raila said ODM is not number 2 in the government. He also said everybody knows what happened and that there wil be a replay in 2012, so supporters should just be patient. He has not denied it. He has just said that the way it was reported was meant to make it sensational. He did not say he will fight till 21012! We wonder what the Standard's agenda is now. Anyway, ODM suporters got the message.

Anonymous said...


molasses raila was not misquotted, he just saw the crowd of hungry luo followers (by the way hope they heed his advice on HIV prevention) and started the ODM domodomo anthem...why should your messiah play politics in a burial? was respecting the dead not more honourable? just the usual biggotry in ODM ranks.

please ivy, stop reporting late to work and then posting sleepy comments. fanya kazi kwanza.

Anonymous said...

I happened to have bumped onto this blog by accident, to my amazement majority of the post are hilarious, ambiguous and full of vitriol offering no solution at all to malady in our midst. We spend valuable time as has been done by our politicians/bureaucrats talking about symptoms that has beleaguered this nation for over 4 decades than looking at interventions.
1. If you are the doyens of middle class morality, for how long will you guys stop sparking you poorly constructed points with tribal hate/leanings?
2. What time, assuming that majority are in some form of employment do you contribute for meaningful change in this country. Have you ever asked yourselves that although politicians are largely to blame , we also have a major role to play in building the nation; enveloping mindsets for a Kenya not a tribe?
3. If the lot in this blog are examples to follow then we are reinventing /recycling the same crop of leaders as has been witnessed in the past
4. Appreciate the diversity,rich culture of our nation and use it build a positive attitude, cohesion that is inclusive
5. Vindictiveness, blame game, ricocheting court jester attitude that are semblance of market places will not change anything for Kenya or us. In this scenario everyone is gullible but if/whenever used the model of our body parts without which we cannot function properly, then equally every individual no matter how poor, small, different has a role in this lovely country

In conclusion , have we ever asked ourselves why we are dreamers/halucinators, reactive not proactive and strategic in our thought? oooh kids are rioting ,inflation is high? Kibaki is sick? Raila is power hungry. The answer is short and clear, we are idle and love conspiracy theory nothing happens unless it is triggered by want to blame for our woe!!!!

Taabu said...

@Anon 9.19,
Thanks for your incisive remarks. You are very articulate but if only you would match that with some etiqutte and TALK TO us and not AT US. You know people don't ahte teachers for nothing. You message is succint but obtusely CONDENSECING. Well to Kumekucha though, it is a long road and we have been to what you imagine is unbeaten path.

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