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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Will Amos Kimunya End Up In Jail?

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has quite a reputation. He’s the man who predicted that President Kibaki would never hand over power peacefully in the event that he was defeated in an election. He also predicted tribal chaos long before anybody saw it coming. Many prominent Kenyans (who knew better) rubbished those suggestions which were voiced as early as 2003 but in the end the man was proved correct. In fact one particular column of his in the Sunday Nation (published in 2003), which has been widely circulated on the web has proved to be extremely accurate as far as predictions go.

So these days when the man talks, everybody sits up and listens carefully.

Mr Ngunyi’s latest bombshell is that we have now heard the last of the Grand Regency sale controversy. Nothing more will come out of it, the political analyst says. And he has good reasons to back his views. It is simply this; the government has been accused of being corrupt, so do we seriously expect the same government to investigate itself and find itself guilty?

I respect Mr Ngunyi but this time round I do not quite agree with him.

My view is that historians will one day clearly identify the Kimunya censure debate as the turning point in Kenyan politics. The moment in history where the people started taking back their country.

I am also convinced that this is not the last we have heard of the Grand Regency scam. There are more earth-shaking events linked to the scandal that will follow.

For starters there is a very high possibility that former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya could easily find himself arraigned in court on criminal charges.

Unknown to most Kenyans is the fact that the current no holds-barred Kibaki sucession battle is at a very dangerous point where you cross the combatants at your own risk because the consequences could be fairly severe.

Perhaps the clearest indication that things are not what they seem to be was the public statement by one Martha Karua on the Grand Regency scam. The statement was made at around the time Kimunya had started drumming up disgusting tribal support to excuse and cover up his crimes and long string of lies, most of it recorded on national Television.

The no-nonsense Ms Karua who fears nothing said that people should not handle public property as if it were their personal property. And that those who have responsibilities of handling such property should be careful to follow the existing laws of the land.

There was no doubt whatsoever as to whom she was referring to. And if there was the slightest doubt, the actions of her arch rival in the Kibaki succession, one Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta just went further to confirm exactly what was happening. Uhuru who has never been known to be friendly to Kimunya before, hurriedly rushed to his side and started issuing public statements in his support.

Most Kenyans would pass out in shock if they knew the kind of money that the son of Jomo spent between 2003 and 2007 in the hope of succeeding President Kibaki after his first term. At one point of this circus, there was a room full of mzungus staring at many flickering TV screens at that smart Building called Chancery Towers opposite the Nairobi Pentecostal church, Valley road. Apparently they were carefully monitoring public opinion on their presidential candidate so as to advice accordingly on the next move. All that money went down the drain because what the mzungu experts did not know is that in Kenya politics does not quite work out like that.

But Uhuru’s ambitions are intact and he is still very determined to take over power from the man who gave him his name (Uhuru) when he was born in State House in 1964. The only stumbling block to his nomination were two stubborn characters who were moving at a speed he did not like one was Amos Kimunya who has now been taken care of. But the other is still at large. It is one Ms Martha Karua who strongly believes in her heart that the son of Jomo does not have “the balls” to be President of the republic of Kenya.

Now for Karua to send a clear message to her opponent there is the very high possibility that things could move fairly fast and Mr Kimunya may just find himself facing a judge on criminal charges. In many ways I feel pity for Mr Kimunya, mainly because of his political naivety which has already cost him so much and could cost him more. In this game, being the president’s friend and a close friend of those very close to him means absolutely nothing when push comes to shove. In fact it could turn out to be pretty dangerous when cover up operations take off. Because to protect those whose names State House does not want to ever come out in connection to the Grand Regency scandal, it may just be necessary to sacrifice poor Kimunya further.

Folks to sum it all up, there is some very dirty politics going on in the background.


Anonymous said...

Kimunya was desperate and has made everyone feel sorry for him, he has made himself THE VICTIM in the game of playing innocent.
The PNU brigade it seems dont want to be associated with the petty tribal politics the man was trying to play.He expected all Kikuyu MP's to back him!and now he is crying foul!
PNU are realizing nationalism and following Kimunya either way Whether the knife falls on the melon or the melon on the knife, the melon suffers.

Knoppix!® said...

I doubt Kimunya will be hauled to the courts.Intrestingly yes he could be taken to court as a sacrifice but that would to cheat you and i about how this Government is serious on fighting graft.

But if they genuinely haul him to court he will be forced to vomit the big names that statehouse doesn't want spoken out and i doubt state house wants that happening.During some regimes time i think Kimunya would be long dead Mboya style but God Forbid.

So my take is,we are unlikely to see the rogue imbecile in the corridors of Justice given what he has in his shreds!

Anonymous said...

Uhuru is a rich, spoilt kid who doesn't even know how a matatu looks inside or where River Road is. Most Kenyans have absolutely nothing in common with him only for the fact that we tend to breathe the same Kenyan oxygen.

Kenyan political game is so expensive that the likes of Martha and Kalonzo are considered extremely poor. Uhuru happens to be stinking rich with many prime assets under his name or that of his family. We can be correct if we point that his many bank accounts, locally and abroad are stashed with billions and billions of shillings. But most of his wealth is tarnished since it's ill gotten from the sweat of peasants thanks to his dad.

As I have said many times I have nothing but respect and admiration for anyone from humble background who rises to the top through their own hard work and without any benefits of corruption.

Kenyans should not be duped or swayed by exclusive clubs of multi millionaires like Uhuru whose warped mind deceives him that he's next in line to the throne, watu wapende wasipende.

The kid is ready to flex his huge financial might and decimate sons and daughters of peasants like Martha whatever the cost. It's for us Kenyans to decide our destiny and kick out those who believe that just by their financial clout, only their asses are good enough for the throne.


Nbi Kenya

Anonymous said...

Raila juu, Kibaki chini.



Nbi Kenya

Anonymous said...

Bwana Chris,

You are overrating Martha Karua in the Gema political set-up. If the boss removed her from Justice as it might happen later, her house of cards will come tumbling down faster than she can spell her name!

Karua's main weakness is lack of tact, and as a consequence she does not know the difference between being smart brave and being foolhardy. For example, she recently said she does not need anybody's blessing (including Kibaki's) to put her name on the 2012 presidential ballot. That is true, but a tactiful politician would not have included the president's name in that kind of bravado talk. By declaring her presidential ambition with that type of dismissive talk, she has exposed herself just too early.

In Gemaland she started off the year on a high note - valiantly fighting for Kibaki and by extension was seen to fight for the community when many men were hiding behind her skirts. She should have spent a year or so consolidating those early gains. Instead, she has started what is essentially a marathon with a sprint, just because she is mad for not being made DPM. Well, has she ever heard of "burn-out?!"

By March, she was even being equated to the legendary Murang'a leader, Wangu wa Makeri. But she needs to read carefully why Wangu lost her immense power and why it has been difficulty for a Kikuyu woman since Wangu to emmerge as a paramount leader despite being hardworking women in all other aspects of life. Even if she is too busy dreaming of State House, she can afford to get a good dictionary and check the meaning of "FOOLHARDINESS" and do whatever it takes to avoid that trait.

She has a right to tangle with Uhuru or Kimunya if they happen to stand in the way of her political dreams. But she should not be seen as if she is joining the "enemies" of the community to beat up on some homeboys. If she is perceived that way, she may not be elected even as an MP next time. That is the ugly nature of politics in Kenya. Already her opponents are beginning to spread the rumour that she is being sponsored by Raila to divide the vote. And that is for a start.

Anonymous said...


That is a big dream, Kimunya will be nowhere near Kamiti, even if it is visiting...
I was just thinking today that Kimunya and Uhuru should be put in kamiti for only 3 months na kazi ngumu. By the time Uhuru will be out he will be straightened..."Asiyefunzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu. Uhuru is a picture of one who was badly brought up. He is arrogant and disrespectful so is Kimunya. I am just imagining the kind of Kenya we will have in the next few years, if the leadership we have is the calibre of Uhuru and his ilk. Who will deliver kenya from these cerelac and nan babies?
We are in a big dilemma and may God help us.

My prayer is Kalonzo will realize soon enough that he is being used and once he has outlived his usefulness he will be dumped we have many like him in the archives....I concur with Ahmednassir Kalonzo is one without any known principles, he has no ideology or anything he believes in. GR saga wanted people to take a stand but as usual he was still lukewarm...hapa na pale...Or was he thinking he was going to loose some votes? The person he is trying to defend is also gunning to be a president...LOL I thought some people in this blog told us that he already has 5.8 million votes....Atangoja

Knoppix i hear you....So what is the offer, terms and conditions?


Kwale said...

Kimunya will never be prosecuted and prosecuted for what?
What has he done, he said he is stepping aside to allow investigations and he will be proven innocent. So, let’s wait for that first before we can start talking about going to the nick (jail).

As for his successor I think Peter Kenneth can do a good job.

PS: Somebody here wanted to see Ukraine and the Orange movement.
Well, like I said before the orange revolution as died now in Ukraine, but I have managed to get a Utube video on how it was only 3 years ago.

But they are not singing Orange these days anymore!

Taabu said...

If only your dream was true then we would lose any sleep. Unfortunately Kimunya is not going anywhere. The king has presided over the funeral and that is the much it can go lest he lifts the lid. Ruling by slumber conitinues.

As for Martha she is busy cocoking herself and will be soon ready on the table. She is up against a very tough opponent-not poliotically but mbeca. Where she comes from money rules and her cleverly crafted plot to through sulk after missing DPM will be a cropper.

Please live Kalonzo alone to open churches and attend funerals. We need miracles and while at it can't you see the is the only HONEST person on service delivery who spreads and begs for a ticket while castigating premature campaign on the same breath. Watch out where you live because as Ahmednassir will tell you petrol bombs may come your way.

Pleease report on the progress ya comittte and if not can you please show cause why.........

Anonymous said...

The more things change the more they stay the same....fools don't know when to stop unless tand until they are stopped..... Karua does not know what she has coming she sould consult kalooser.....I wonder where all this talk of 2012 comes from. Karua? Uhuru? Kalonzo? Seriously which kenya? These are people on the coattails of kibz once he is gone they become raia.

This lot is so oblivious to the reality on the ground like their friend mumunya they think life just goes on Obladi blada. They have no clue that the ground has shifted underneath.

From central Koigi or Maathai, has a better chance that karua any day, Karua and the lot are only tolerated cause of proximity to duely elected and thats why they are his strongest appologists the other guys know they don't need him cause they have enough clout on their own.

Seems to me that since ODM as more or less decided the 21012 candidate there is such a big leadership gap that the nxt best thing is a Karua..very sad indeed kenyans we can do better than that. these are not those days when a politician had to stea to make some decent money. More kenyans should join the fray and provide alternatives.....the current list potrays kenya badly....ODM may have to lend PNU some credible people so that we have a decent contest....come 2012.
Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Taabu, here "@Ivy,
Please live Kalonzo alone " you mean LEAVE, don't you?

Anonymous said...

KIMUNYA HAENDI KOKOTE. I tell you this (and you can be sure I know what I am saying!).

Anonymous said...

It is time for Otieno Kajuang' to come out clean. Two days ago I wrote here that Kajuang was said to have hired a mzungu to open a couple of secret off-shire accounts. As usual, ODMers were up in arms saying naively that corruption is a PNU thing. Well, he may have to step aside to allow investigations into the millions that have flowed into those accounts as a result of him auctioning our national documents to foreigners.

And that is not enough, there are more mega-deals in two ministries headed by ODM. It appears ODMers hit the ground running. One deal involves a company that was hurriedly "incorporated" in the US last month using PO Box instead of using Street address as required by the law of the state of incorporation.

When the public finally realize that they were conned and sold an empty dream by ODM there will be chaos in this country.

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex

I hear you, and where have you been or you decided to go anon way


Anonymous said...

Sema ivy
was dealing with some guys stupidity that led to un unfortunate death of a close friend lakini I'm back
aluta continua.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:15
unlike Panuers we ODMers will not condone any corruption. If Kajwang is guilty....Wembe ni ule ule. He must resign there is no way out and while at it i think James Rege can make a good minister, i have heard him and he has the potential to bring the much needed change that this country is desperately in need of


Anonymous said...

Sir Alex

Pole na karibu...You know this blog needs your kind.....Firm si wa kuregarega hapa na pale


Anonymous said...


Do you know the history of James Rege? Please! Please! don't be carried away by the way the guy talks. Just scratch below the surface.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with opening an offshore account per see i may have one and I'n not a politician or a thief....Africa has not proved a nice place to invest unless your ready to protect your investment, by use of the gun or political influnce I will not claim to know why Kajwang has opened one. Anon @2:15 pls provide evidence or agrument to prove that kajwang has done just what you claim. As far as I Know the office allows him discreation to grant those papers, well that puts him in a position of power and some ppl may want to 'reward' him for helping them....Its unfortunate but such position exist under kenyan law rather work towards changing that law, than making kajwang the bad guy.

But overall it seems nothing but a childish attempt at descrediting ODM cause it seem that PNU ministers are only making headlines for the same wrong reasons(Theft).

Take out the ODM/PNU ministers individually, stop this attempt to paint the whole team bad its cheap politics.

Sir Alex

Kenyan Revelations said...

and minister number three is......
Minister overrules experts’ word on work permits

Updated 0 12 hours, 48 minutes ago

By Andrew Teyie

Immigration minister Otieno Kajwang’ has ignored technical advise and opened the doors to members of a controversial sect, The Standard can reveal.

In decisions that could put another member of the Grand Coalition Cabinet on the spot, the minister’s actions appear to reflect indiscriminate use of discretion.

Against the advise of his Permanent Secretary, Mr Emmanuel Kisombe and the Director of Immigration Services (DIS), Mr Joseph Ndathi, the minister gave passage to eight members of the controversial Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

On the minister’s orders Andrew Barney, Jordan Casey, Canton Hutchison, Basil Khuzwayo, Michael Papworth, Solly Sibiya, Jordan Skidmore and Clayton Whiting — all members of the Latter Day Saints — were eventually allowed entry.

Mr Ndathi, the DIS, remarked exasperatedly after the minister ignored his counsel and directed that the papers be processed: "The minister has ruled despite my technical advise that these permits should not be approved."

"These permits have delayed inordinately even after I directed that they be issued. Can they be released today!" Kajwang’, had earlier ordered the DIS.

Documents in our possession show 17 members of the sect had initially applied to enter the country. The DIS had cleared 10 members of the sect but barred the seven.

His terse comment when reached on the telephone yesterday was: "I am the minister in charge and the buck stops with me. Nobody can purport to teach me what to do."

Foreigners given work permits

The minister has also approved work permits and ordered the issuance of citizenships ignoring the professional opinion of technical staff.

Mr Kajwang’ has also approved 15 work permits and 15 citizenships for foreigners, mostly Asians.

Ordinarily, the minister is expected to rely on the advise and guidance of the PS and DIS in carrying out this important exercise.

In one case of an immigrant seeking a work permit, the minister told off the PS and DIS and ruled: "I have read the advice. I, however, direct that the permit be given for two years."

The professional opinion of both the PS and DIS was that the particular job for, which was being sought by the foreigner, could be done by locals.

"He is a BSc and BCom degree holder. He is employed by a retail store. These are jobs that should be preserved for Kenyans," Ndathi wrote. On his part the PS concurred: "Agreed, this job can be done by Kenyans."

But five days later, the minister shoved aside the recommendations and ordered that the foreigner be issued with a two-year permit.

The Economic Survey puts unemployment rate in the country at 65 per cent, one of the highest in the world. The National Rainbow Coalition’s pledge to create 500,000 jobs between 2003 and 2007 was largely unmet. Thousands of qualified Kenyan youths remain jobless.

Veto powers

Drawing from the veto powers vested on him by the Immigration Act, Mr Kajwang’ as late as last week refused to take the advice of technical staff.

According to the Immigration Act, Chapter 172 Section 10, all Immigration officers draw their power from the minister.

It states, among other things that "there shall be such number of Immigration officers as may be necessary for the purpose of this Act. In the performance of their functions under this Act, Immigration officers shall act in accordance with such instructions as may be given by the minister".

Overlooking the comments of Mr Ndathi, who refused to grant a foreign businessman a Class H work permit, the minister went ahead and sanctioned the application.

In a letter dated June 3, Ndathi states: "The applicant submitted an application for class H entry permit on August 16, 2006. The applicant did not meet the minimum capital requirement provided by the law, consequently the rejection should be upheld."

According to the letter to Kajwang’, the applicant had low capital (Sh1,090,667). The minimum capital for any investor provided by the investment promotion Act, 2004 is US$100,000(approximately Sh6.2 million).

"I have seen your advise, but I have directed that the work permit be granted," the minister lashed back, utterly disregarding the advise set in law under the Investment Promotion Act, 2004.

In another case, involving an Ethiopian woman seeking Kenyan citizenship, the minister directs the DIS to process her papers by merely stating he is satisfied the lady is entitled to a Kenyan citizenship.

"I have read the application of Elizabeth Tadile Abe and the attached documents. I am satisfied that she is entitled to Kenyan citizenship. Urgently process the necessary documentation for my signature," Kajwang’ directed.

Taabu said...

You are RIGHT, Kajwang abebe mzigo yake. The MPs have smelt blood and his head may be the next on the chopping block. We don't care nor defend scoundrels. If he missuses his office WEMBE NI ULE ULE WA KIMUNYA.

Ivy please rigging. Hope you are not sending a delegation Orange Hse to canvass for Eng Rege. He has a right but let him earn the post if Kajwang screws up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:32....Apparently Yes i do and i am not shouting or blowing my own trumphet. I have heard him in so many ICT forums and i have seen the work that he has done and i know if he is given an opportunity he will work for this country.... In summary He was a PS and i dont remember him being caught with his pants down... Do you want me to go on? Coz i definately will....I am wondering why ODM passed him


Anonymous said...

Yes, Peter Kenneth to succeed Kimunya!

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Kwale, I have a better one for you;

Anonymous said...

The MP for Ikolomani Dr, Khalwale, "the sickly one" a.k.a. "The Bull Fighter of Ikolomani" and his colleagues in Parliament may think that they have vanquished the "Prince of Impunity". But according to lawyer, Paul Mwangi, (see article here there are other "princes and noblemen of impunity" that should also be dealt with.

True, but what about the "King" himself? If there is a Prince, there must also be a King that sired the Prince. If you vanguish the princes and noblemen and leave the King untouched, the King will sire more princes and noblemen in due time and then it will be business as usual. Thus the so called grand crusade against grand impunity is futile. The question remains: Is there anyone with balls among these so called crusaders against impunity to "Bell the Cat"? I think it is all just "hot air" if they can't rope in the King. Ama? Lakini sio kwa ubaya!

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:46

How silly Your not Sir Alex.

The real

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

If these guys have a case against kajwang let them also use the laid down procedures and not the press, this to me this seems like an admisinstrative problem.....a junior disagress with the minister on a matter,... they can find a way to resolve it.

If on the other hand kajwang is found accepting money/favours for the same then that is a different issue...let the same vigilance and attention to detail be carried right across the board irrespective of part affiliations at the same time lets have credible this case for example if the ministers opinion did not matter then they did not have to seek it once they did then they are obligated to obey his directive and contest it elswhere.

Typical PNU operation major on permit, citizenship.....seriously we have better things to worry about kenyans in the disapora are crying that this whole work permit thing is hurting we are busy making it difficult for others to work hypocritical.

Sir Alex

Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. (Minus Opportunity) Nanga, MP. said...

Hello, Chris. I always love your posts and the reactions from bloggers here are just funny. I know of so many of your posts that have been rubbished but of which have come true.

As for Kajwang, I will not defend him. But with the little info I have, I think the guy was just exercising his powers as a minister. The "Experts" ADVICED him but he took his own decision. That is allowed and that is why he's the minister while the Experts are just that; Experts. Anyway, as Ivy says, akipatikana, akwende mwenyewe and let him not try to tell us that, "Nikienda, ni nyinyi wana ODM munamalizwa"!

Back to the post. Chris, I do not buy the Nation, but since Mutahi Ngunyi guy came back, (My apologies to Standard), I have switched sides, but only on Sundays. That guys is just too bright to have associated with PNU "think" tank (Remember Dec, he was PNU's advisor - Romours). He belongs elsewhere, say ODM.

As for Kimunya and the GR, of course we want some blood. The question is; will we get it? Never!! Chris you know that political prosecutions go nowhere. So in hailing Karua as the person who'll prosecute Kimunya, you are terribly wrong. If Kimunya is hauled to court strictly because of the GR case, we might see some "blood". But if it is because of the succession 2012, forget it. But is it possible to detatch politics from a politician?

Kimunya only needs to align himself to the right people. This would mean he postpones his Dream (I call it Nightmare coz it will never happen) of becoming the CEO of this country. He should attend Martha's rallies and drum up support for her. You will see what will happen. As for Uhuru and Saitoti, these guys should just quit it. It will not happen! Kalonzo should remain so that he learns his lesson come the next elections. Let him enjoy the warmth of PNU but when the crux comes, atabaki na another ODM Kenya after ODM walked out.

That's enough for now. Sasa PNU boys, bring on the insults. I am waiting!

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex @ 2:57...Taabu says you ignore such characters....If you answer you will be wasting your precious time...Ignore him/her he/she will disappear the same way he appeared.

Taabu i am not rigging...It is the plain truth.


Anonymous said...

When diagnosing a disease you don't treat the symptoms and think its done.
Poor Kenyans still don't see yet they are awake.
The hotel was sold last year to finance the PNU campaign.What we are seeing now is the "paper work".
Juma the lawyer pictured in the Orengo document clearly stated his denial by saying: "When I was chasing my debt with the government, Alex Mureithi Kibaki(now deceased) approached me with an offer linked to the hotel which I declined ......"
If that Narc activist was involved then who was he fronting for?
How come none of the PNU hardliners supported Kimunya on the floor of the house?
If Kimunya is sacrificed will he spill the beans?
Let's see who replaces him - the answer will be therein.

Dj Rik.

Anonymous said...

The witch hunt has started.

Let us finish the job at hand instead of going into circles. CBK cannot be run by private decree, hiyo ni mali ya uma si ya watu kadha.

Taabu said...

Kimunyabug is hitting Asia too ( No sacred cows as much the king thinks otherwise.

Kwale said...

Anon 2.53… I know there are many videos on Youtube about the Orange revolution in Ukraine but my whole purpose of it all is to show the ODMers you can demonstrate peacefully and still get what you want. Did you see anyone on those videos carrying a machete or anyone torching a building or a vehicle? Did you see people crying, or anyone with a bloody face or even police chasing rioters? No, they were happy crowd demonstrating for their rights - stolen election. And guess what, they got what they wanted.
What happened after that is another story.

Shame on you, you primitive ODMers who went on killing spree because of ‘stolen election’ and you still didn’t get it. How sad and humiliating is that!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Kwale acha usenge!

I can ask you the same; did you see any military police tear gassing the demonstrators? Did you see any police firing live rounds at youth?

You have exhausted that particular talking point from Mutua the village witch doctor. Call him up and get the latest talking points memo and run with those.

Taabu said...

Kwale is right and I think you misunderstand his stand point. Kwale is so disppointed with the revolution that never was so much so that he would rather KIEV anytime and avoid NBO like a plague. Ole wenu hamna paspoti mbili.

Kwale said...

I have just finished watching Major Gen Ali on Utube video giving evidence to the commission set up to probe post election violence, and he said adamantly the police actions were justified and he would to it again if it’s repeated again.

Here is the video;

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You guy (KWALE), what was the post again.

If Ali is justified in shooting to kill, let me ask you what did that 13 year old boy do that made Ali boys shoot him......Go tell that to the mother of that boy? Do you know what it is that you are saying...Enyewe common sense is not common.


Mcheku said...

Chris, I honestly dont believe that Kimunya will face any sort of criminal must be lving in your own world if you think this would happen.

There is the small obvious matter of protecting the presidents 'interests' and for that reason, nobody will touch Kimunya! It's like Kibaki prosecuting himself which we all know he Mutahi Ngunyi is right, that resignation is the last we have heard of the Grand Regency scam, Martha Karua and her cronies may blow hot air for a while but in the end they will keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon 4:39, that is the only music that Kwale dances too, ask him another one he will be blank. I can't forget the day an anonymous jamaa asked him for a blue print for langata/kibera constituency...He gave some 14 points or were they 8 and it was rural this, rural that i was left wondering if Kibera had changed. ...As Taabu says that is the problem of being a diasporian...Better have 2 passports...How i pray that, that is not the kind of ignorance these kenyans in daispora display...LOL


Kwale said...

Piss off Ivy! Did I say it or am I quoting Gen Ali? Don’t you understand what I write here or what?
Vache, esp├Ęce de salope!

Nice Weekend

Anonymous said...

Lol Kwale ....What was your point then? It was so so out of topic.meaning IRRELEVANT and by posting it, it meant you agree with him.

Definately I will enjoy my weekend....Have a gr8 one too....LOL


Anonymous said...

u r just so full of ur self importance I conclude but surely u cant keep mixing issues like this! so uhuru the only 1 to publicly back kikunya by going 2 kipipiri was the one kimunya was against?? and a kenyan minister in jail?? dream on

Anonymous said...

sometime in 2005 i read somewhere that Kimumunya is Kibaki's nephew. Recently I read that the man is cozy with Judy.

right now his head appears to be headed for the chopping block.

his first reaction to danger was to head back to a tribal cocoon and not make a national stance, i.e it was accepted that all he needed to do was show he's still popular with nyuba.

shows this man expects(expected) to inherit supremacy (royal blood). question is from whom? why? when? where would the other pretenders to the throne be?

starting from the last question, they will have none of that going to the first, his show of nyuba did not fly, so his only survival depends on his good graces with whomever is propping him up i.e reinstatement to cabinet (at whatever level) or relegate to back bench but away from public eye and (further prosecution/persecution, foresee the return of matibas famous technical appearance in parliament) or but this is highly unlikely he be cut loose completely and fed to the dogs. he still remains endeared to duly elected by some umbilical and so there'll be some cautious treading around him.

the pressure for the moment must once again come from parliament and the civic bodies for replacement. We know govt cannot operate fully without a finance minister and this stepping aside does not wash, once debate has been finalised in parliament Kimunya will step back (to coincide with a miraculous innocent verdict passed by the "correct" probe committee instituted by kibaki)

the man needs to be replaced now, alongside, replacements for the late Kones and Laboso

Kibaki will play musical chairs with these appointments but be on the lookout for the Muthaura blind-side moves who will squeeze in other appointments during the shuffle (civil service, PS, parastatals etc) these guys do not joke and take advantage of any opportunity when everyone is looking elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Kwale would you be so cross with Ivy if she was Ukranian?comfort yourself knowing she is Orange albeit kenyan
calm down bro, Ivy has beauty and brains no cellulite either.

Anonymous said...

back to my earlier point this is chess and typically a pawn for a pawn, a knight for a knight, etc

kimunya cornered or wounded, kajwang lined up. doesn't quite add up either our opponent has faltered is is rather desperate or kimunya is not vanquished.

or kimunya is a pawn (in the bigger scheme of things the power brokers have their eyes on a bigger prize just as we did not foresee their desperation to retain the presidency at all costs)

Anonymous said...

i tried to follow kwale's stance and finally realised that "mnazi wine" has seriously corroded his grey matter you ask one thing you get ukraine, you ask ukraine he goes to UK, UK he comes back to kenya. thats the reason the man needs two passports, we should get him at least three more. the man hops from topic to topic leaving no trail of where he's coming from or where he's going, but he has two passports guys, that must amount to something

Anonymous said...

Ivy you are a witch.
When the comments are a bit fidgety, you always say they are out of topic and irrelevant.
Your comment earlier on James Rege was it out of topic?

Freedom of expression Ivy.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

ok we've had, taabu imposter, ivy imposter, m-pesa imposter and now sir alex imposter is there any way for the real sir alex to stand up

sometime back derek/deroo flew off the handle for someone mishandling his handle, pun intended

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:55, the real one is known and anon 6:47 is definately not the one. Dont worry he will disappear the way he appeared

Anonymous said...

Anybody waiting for WAKO, ODINGA, RINGERA and ORENGO to resign for "the sale of GRH by Kimunya and mafia" is doing a tribal double standard.

Who sold the GRH and signed the papers for tranfer? Kimunya, the mafia in CBK, NSIS and Treasury.

Who told Parliament that they had not sold the hotel in April? Kimunya and associates

Who promised Parliament that GRH will not be sold outisde the law? Kimunya and associates

Who blew the whistle on the SECRET and ILLEGAL SALE? Orengo and Associates and Bunge

Who RETRACTED and TOLD Kenyans the GRH was sold last year? Kimunya and associates.

Those who sold GRH, whom did they tell before they sold it? Only themselves, their tribal associates and the President.

Who is responsible for the fraduluent sale? The mafia and its associates who delivered the deal.

Are the WITNESSES to a CRIME guilty? HELL NO!!!

Did WAKO sell the GHR? NO

Did ORENGO sell the GRH? NO

Did Ringera sell the GRH? NO. He even advised officially that it shouldnt.

Did PM sell the GRH? NO.

Did KIBAKI sell the GRH? Kimunya says yes he did in a negotiation with Libya.

So who sold GRH? Kimunya, Kibaki and their mafia associates.

Who is the suspect and accused? Kimunya and the mafia

Who is missing from action as usual? KIBAKI

Let the accused/suspects/thieves fall on their own filth. They should NOT drag un-intended witnesses with them.

Its unbelievable when people who should know better want the witnesses to face punishment for a crime that their TRIBAL MAFIA HERO performed.


Anonymous said...

The government official watch dogs have let kenyans down!! what are they making noise about when they are allowing the police in kenya to murder innocent kenyans left right and center-








Anonymous said...

Taabu, Ivy and all those with low knowledge, FYI If you have a EU passport you have the right to travel, live and work in all 27 EU member states. That’s why it’s called European Union. So if the guy (Kwale) got a EU passport, he can live anywhere in European Union, beside that you don’t need a visa to USA, Canada and most of the Far East countries (Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong).

Anonymous said...

Should Kimunya go to jail? Of course, If we follow the laws of the land - May they all rot in jail or hell whichever comes first.

Problem is, our notorious justice system is painfully unjust such that our jails are packed with chicken and vegetable thieves (if hunger pangs make one steal, is that a crime?)instead of the big time thieves currently calling the shots in our country.

Will he go to jail? Going by past experience, it's possible that this case will be swept under the carpet just like many others.

Did anyone ever imagine that the known GOLDENBERG thieves would be free and still firmly in governmennt. I feel nauseated when some PNUists mention Saitoti as a possible replacement for Kimunya! While Pattni has managed to rope in the 'clean ones' like Jebii Kilimo into his den such that there is no telling the diffrence between the thievs and the 'saints'.

On another note, those that have been waiting for Kibaki's view on Mumunyagate must be terrible disappointed that the best that he could do was set up another'commision of inquiry', and listen to this...present findings after a MONTH!- which we all know will be shelved promptly.

I thought RAILA had already set the standard.? Is it any wonder that Waki asked for an extension (said 3 months is not enough time)before even starting work? Hi tabia of enriching some people through meaningless commisions of inquiry/probes/commitees must stop.

Anonymous said...

Ati experts? Are they the same ones that recommended the provision of visas/citizenship/work permits for the ARTUR DEPUTY POLICE COMMISSIONERS?

This thing stinks of malice. PNU leta ingine.

Bring all the facts before spewing vomit and making idiots of yourselves (PNUists are you listening)? Did he braek any law?

What if the guy is married to a Kenyan citizen, shouldn't he be allowed to earn an honest living.

Not everyone does illegal things or steals to survive, you know.

Anonymous said...

WHY !WHY!! ARE KENYANS BEING BRUTALITY KILLED BY POLICE ADNS DUMPED IN NGONG FOREST AND MT. ELGON FOREST AND THE POLICE ARE GETTING AWAY WITH ALL THIS KILLINGS?/ CAN the Mp's who like shouting in parliment answer kenyans - where are they while our children are being slaughtered and bodies full of bullets?? and dumped in forests??

where are all the youths that they jailed? they they claim they have no idea where they are?? the world animals in the forests in kenya must be having a field day!!
Who voted for this MP's??

Kenyans and now they are queit on our children ?? let them tell us where our children are jailed or buried.....

Anonymous said...

anon 7:44

another expert on passports, i think we should open up our own immigration dept with these experts

duh! what was that all about, you are answering a question, what was the question and who asked it

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:30Am, they become "Kenyans" when they(read-Kikuyus) are being killed, but when "they" are stealing from the real Kenyans it is quite fine because the "others" are out to get them.

Please, give a break.

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