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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kibaki, The Prime Thief in the Grand Regency “Sale” Now Wants To Waste Tax Payers Money With A Commission of Inquiry

Latest Press reports indicate that the duly-elected President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E Mwai Kibaki, and only Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya, CGH, has in his wisdom appointed a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the “sale” of the Goldenberg-linked Grand Regency Hotel – which led to the resignation of his disgraced former Finance Minister and personal friend Amos Kimunya.

The three-man probe team led by Justice (retired) Majid Cockar has Mr Charles Kirui and Mr Kathurima M’Inoti as members has been tasked to unearth the “truth” regarding the “sale” of the hotel.

Apart from Kimunya, the probe team is likely to investigate Central Bank Governor Njuguna Ndung’u and National Security Intelligence Service director Michael Gichangi who played key roles in the high-stakes drama surrounding the stinking deal.

This is the height of Kibaki’s arrogance. What will the Cockar team investigate? Isn’t this a straightforward matter the CID can investigate if there is political will? Even a layman could unravel the mystery if he is allowed to go to Treasury and CBK and access the relevant documents regarding the shoddy transactions!

Isn’t this a well-calculated scheme by Kibaki to buy time, use the judicial commission to cover himself and the real truth and cleanse Kimunya? What do these commissions achieve? Aren’t they mere circus to buy time, cover the truth and gulp the hard-earned tax-payers cash? Kibaki has either gone crazy or we Kenyans are too daft to comprehend anything!

Will Kibaki appear before the Cockar team since he is the principal suspect in the Grand Regency saga? Kenyans should rise up for they are being taken for a ride. Now that a judicial commission is in place, nobody can comment about the theft of the hotel in public without risking being cited for contempt of court. What a clever Kibaki!

As I have argued before in regard to the Grand Regency, our MPs and leading media houses have been tying to outdo each other to be seen to be shedding light (or is it more tears) yet they add little value to the debate or are ignorant to the truth and genesis behind the “selling” of the prestigious hotel.

What the MPs and the leading media houses (which are either owned or under the firm grip of Kikuyu managers and editors) are doing is flying the foot soldiers who foolishly acted on illegal orders to please their masters yet

the main thief in the Grand Regency sits pretty tight in State House in his characteristic gesture of hear no evil and see no evil.

Is there a conspiracy amongst the MPs and media houses to sit on the truth or are they afraid of spilling the beans or are they too incompetent to do a little bit of research and inform Kenyans the truth behind the infamous “sale” of the hotel.

As I have reported in this blog (Lands Minister James Orengo is now basking in the glory of being the whistle-blower in the Grand Regency theft yet Kumekucha was the first to expose Kibaki’s dirty hands in respect to the hotel “sale”), the plot to “sell” the hotel was sealed by President Kibaki himself when he made a three-day visit to Libya between June 4 and 6, 2007, to beg cash for his presidential re-election.

President Gaddafi didn’t disappoint the Kenyan beggar. In his generosity, he promised to give the man from Othaya a few millions to fund his PNU campaigns. But as the Swahili saying goes, mkono mtupu haulambwi, President Gaddafi is not a charitable organisation. He laid his demands on the table if he was to help the beggar.

A beggar has no choice. So, President Gaddafi looked for the best portion in the Kenyan beef which he asked the beggar to chop a delicious steak for him. President Gaddafi’s appetite for the Kenyan beef was in six key lucrative properties which he asked his beggar to chop for him. Grand Regency Hotel – which was then the private property of the Goldenberg thief Kamlesh Pattni – was part of the six properties.

And since none of the properties belonged to him, the beggar had no hesitation to give in to the request in exchange of the cash he needed badly. It’s like a man asking you to link him to girl he badly wanted. If you have no interest in her, you would do anything in your power to broker the meeting. But if you had any stake in her, you would take off when such demands were placed on your table. There is no pain trading off what is not yours.

President Gaddafi is a clever man. He could not trust his beggar who has a history of breaking promises – both official and unofficial. He made sure the deal was sealed between the two Governments – but there was no mention of the bribe he offered the beggar to fund his PNU campaign.

A dispatch from the Presidential Press Service (PPS) to KBC and all the other mainstream media houses plus a posting on the website of Dr Alfred Mutua’s Office of Public Communications clearly stated in back and white that Kibaki and Libya’s President Muammar Gaddafi had signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Titled "Agreement on Promotion Guarantee and Protection On Investment".

Under the MoU, President Kibaki committed Kenya into granting an exclusive trade pact to Libya, making Tripoli "most favoured nation" status - making it possible for Libyan companies to start at an advantage over investors when competing for lucrative contracts. The Grand Regency Hotel was as among the six projects that the Libyans had expressed interest in the Mou.

The MoU was signed by Kenya's then Minister for Trade, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, and Dr Ali Elisaue, Secretary General of Libya's General People's Committee for the Economy and Investment. The document was endorsed by Presidents Kibaki and Gaddafi.

Although the PPS dispatch stated categorically what Kibaki had offered Libya, it was silent on what Kenya was to receive or benefit in exchange. Why and it was a mutual deal to benefit the two countries? Of course Kibaki had pocketed millions for his campaign and that could not be made official! For the doubting Thomases, this confidential information was given to Kumekucha by two members of Kibaki’s inner circle privy to the Libya deal and the Grand Regency saga.

What the busy-body MPs and journalists should be trying to do is shed more light on the secret MoU, the content and how it was going to affect Kenyans and not feed Kenyans with empty and hollow debate – which has taken an ethnic dimension. They should have told us by now what was in the MoU and demanded its revocation. The MoU served Kibaki’s personal interests and not those of Kenyans. PNU campaigns were the personal affairs of the party and Kibaki himself and not Kenyans.

According to our confidential sources, Kimunya and Co were acting on the wishes of their master. How stupid they are acting on illegal orders just to please your master. Poor Kimunya chose to bite the bullet and ruin his illustrious career, his name and reputation for the sake of Kenya’s Thief Number One.

To me, Kimunya and his arrogance is not the big issue here. We should direct all our energies on the main thief. And what an irony! The prime thief in the Grand Regency is reported to be forming a team to investigate the theft. Poor Kenyans! Your duly-elected President is a man of wisdom. He has the interests of Kenyans at heart and we should all offer him our total support to lead Kenya into an industrious nation by 2030!

In fact, we should amend the Constitution to remove the two-five year tenure that bars him from vying for president in 2012. We should make the duly-elected H.E Mwai Kibaki the President for Life for the Republic of Kenya. Kenya will overtake the US economy in 2020 under Kibaki’s leadership.

Kibaki should stop beating about the bush and fooling Kenyans, we know the truth about the “sale” of Grand Regency!


Anonymous said...

You are just jeasoulsy of Kibaki and that he is Kikuyu.
Raila asindwe Kabisa!!!jinga yeye!

Anonymous said...

LOL.............Waste of time and tax payers's money. Let the "duly elected" president give us the verdict of the Artur brothers otherwise that is just another file on the shelves.
Kimunya accused himself, fumbled infront of everyone and convicted himself....The jury the people of Kenya passed a verdict....GUILTY as charged...What else does he want?
I hope our Mps are listening and will traet that commission on inquiry with the contempt it deserves and while at it may the pressurize him to give us all the reports that he is withholding from the people of this gr8 nation, they are not his property as the commissioners are paid by the kenyan tax payers. If he is buying time...too bad coz he is dealing with a different generation, one that refused to let him go scot free after stealing from them.....It is all hogwash


Anonymous said...

Ati Kibaki is a thief, Kibaki is a respected economist and he has done us good more than anyone else will ever do to Kenya. Raila economic policies are based on 'it’s our time to eat'. God will never allow that kind of mentality.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22 - have you ever asked yourself that God could be looking at and listening to how you are using his name in vain? How I hope and pray to see his wrath directed to you as long as I live. Shame on you because people like are an embarrassment to the Kenyan society

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22....LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22, it's blasphemy to use Kibaki and God in the same sentence.

Heshima tafadhali.

Anonymous said...

Without sounding biased. No commision in Kenya has ever had teeth. From the Mwangale commission on JM. Njono inquiry - lately Goldenberg and Aturs. So what will make this one be the one to take action. It is a waste of money.
Regean - Butere, Kenya

Anonymous said...

Anon @8.32

Yes, God wrath will come upon all those who incited the murderous ODM thugs to go and burn innocent people alive in a church. God will not only visit the inciters but also all those who condone this act of wickedness. May God visit you with vengeance. Yes, including chris and all those who glorify violence here.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48, remember their were others who were burnt in a house in Naivasha....Why do you people always forget that?

Anonymous said...

Those that have been waiting for Kibaki's view on Mumunyagate must be terrible disappointed that the best that he could do was set up another'commision of inquiry', and listen to this...present findings after a MONTH!. Aii. Wakenya, do we look so stupid?

Again, did we expect anything diffreent from the main thief? He is doing what he knows best, buy time, receive the findings, shelve them and sneak Kimunya back to the cabinet. Sooo predicatble it bores one to tears.

The problem with Kibaki and company who have been stradling the Kenyan political landscape since the 20th century (...40 something years), is that they still think we are in the 60s.
Can someone please remind him that we are in the 21st century and progressive countries are now being led by people who were just a year old whwn he started his lucklustre political career. Hiyo economics ya 1960 something has been overtaken by global developments.

Back to the Mumunyagate saga. I thought RAILA had already set the standard.? Is it any wonder that Waki asked for an extension (said 3 months is not enough time)before even starting work?

Hi tabia of enriching some people through meaningless commisions of inquiry/probes/commitees must stop.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:22AM said...

Ati Kibaki is a thief, Kibaki is a respected economist and he has done us good more than anyone else will ever do to Kenya. Raila economic policies are based on 'it’s our time to eat'. God will never allow that kind of mentality.


Ati Kibaki is a respected economist? We are talking truth economists, right? Anon @8:22AM you are so funny it hurts lol.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48, how bout starting with the cause...THE MAIN THIEF IN STATEHOUSE who started the 'sinning spree'.

Killing is wrong, yes icluding those killed by Mungiki in Naivasha as well as those shoot to kill orders by the Mungiki police in Kisumu.

Wacha selective amnesia, we are also in mourning and should be united in condemning the MAIN THIEF WHO SEEMS TO HAVE NEGLECTED THE IDPs .(that is a story for another day).

Anonymous said...

well well

kimunya nust be some kind of 9th wonder of the world

we have PM probe committee, a parliamentary probe committee, a kibaki probe committee

what is missing is a VP probe committee to complete the top three circus.

but here is the fun, the first two probes already returned their recommendations which concurred.

but the genius is composition, following the my dad is bigger than yours script, we have Majid cockar ex CJ (bigger than wako and karua combined) also very tactful we do not want to bring Gicheru into this, not at this point

and of course this committee just like kivuitu already have a script and end result and so they will return the mother of all recommendations and lets not hold our breath, it will absolve kimumunya, gadaffi, kibaki, CBK, its current and future governors, all ex-presidents, any future corrupt ministers and all else from blame and return reasonable doubt therefore clean bill of health. however some clerk at Lands and/or finance is going to be hounded and chased to the worlds end.

Anonymous said...

I was reading all the comments here on the GR Saga. You people are really like children running to their mothers complaining that their toys have been stolen with only one question in mind: who had the idea first and who was more clever is covering up. Reading some comments here make me really understand how and why Kenya has reached the point of almost self-destruction. Most of you claim to be educated women and men. But when hitting the keyboards the only thing you have in mind is to insult others and trying to be superior to anybody else. Don't you understand that by doing this you only demonstrate your inferiority? The only positive thing is that this happens mainly on this blog which since months is supporting this stupidity and even calling for violence and most recently also for the death of certain people. Luckily there are other blogs which have started joining in bringing up ideas and positive ways how to end this madness.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.05

Give us the facts on how Kibaki stole the election now! It’s well over six months now but no-one has produced the evidence on how Kibaki stole the election. You just go by what you hear but when challenged to bring the facts, you don’t have an answer.

And if the election was stolen, what right do you have to go and take someone else life? Did that person steal the election?
What happened in Naivaisha would have not happened if ODM thugs did not start the killings. It was revenge at its sweetest. And the police would have not killed if you didn’t start the killings. The police were acting in the interest of state security. ODMers will drop one by one while others will suffer terrible misfortunes.


Anonymous said...


huh! say it in english.

Anonymous said...


You must be a disgrace if you are suggesting that we pass judgement without investigation. Remember it was Molasses Raila and his kangaroo committee who asked Kimunya to step aside to allow for an investigation. Kimunya steps aside and you say that is nothing; then the president appoints a judicial commission and you spit at that too. What do you want, really? You even suggest we send the regular cop to investigate the Treasury and Central Bank - that is the same cops you have made a career trashing. You say even the ordinary man can solve the problem. On top of that, you declare that the media, MPs and everybody else don't know what they are talking about. Finally, you proclaim that only you who understands the scandal because you were the "first" to "unearth" it.

Before you continue with your rampaging self-importance, stop and take a deep breath. Your arrogance is worse than Kimunya's because yours is fueled by ignorance.

The judicial commission was given one month to complete its work. That is not too long in the life of a nation. Let us wait for its report then demand action on the findings. If it says Kimunya should be hanged, let us hang him without mercy, if it says he is innocent then let us apologize to him.

In the meantime, remember that by calling people thieves so casually you are santizing thievery by taking shame out of that word.

P/S FYI Kikuyus control many things besides the media you obsess about - lately, they have finally eclipsed the Asians in the financial services sector. And they are enroute and on schedule to dominating two more national sectors which I will leave you to find out or as usual to imagine. Kikuyus do not need anybody's permission or advice to wake up early in the morning and go to work hard!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:18, you sound young, so let us just stop...before you do, go ask Kivutu who won the elections.

Rather than respond to your rather juvenile post can you please read the post by Anon 9:16.


Anonymous said...

anon 9:20

kikuyus have eclipsed Asians

i remember in kenyatta's time, kikuyu's demonized luo's politically and asians on teh commerce front. whereas people said asians were hardworking and thinking of nothing but making a sale, kikuyus were talking of how asians were corrupt and anti-social, controlling the economy ad nauseum.

then in came moi who hammered the kikuyu's into shape and they could only silently moan in the background.

in comes kibaki and kikuyu swing back demonizing and convincing everybody they are the target and guess what, now they are hardworking, corrupt, anti-social, controlling the economy, hello!! something wrong with that picture i think. or perhaps the answer is right there staring us in the face.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus do not need anybody's permission or advice to wake up early in the morning and go to work hard!!!!

9:20 AM


Anonymous said...

oh dear now that they have woken up can we now talk about Kibaki's role in all the theft.

While at it let us not forget De la Rue and the others in the cooking pot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.31

Kenya is a Kikuyu Kingdom, they will rule over you forever and ever!

They will forever remain the dominant tribe of Kenya. If you don’t like it, go hang!

Anonymous said...

Dear ODMites,

Your broken record song of Kibaki stole the elections will never make it so.

The arrogant fact is Kenyans voted and Raila's followers (who were mainly murderers, arsonists, rapists, stone throwers, etc)were outnumbered by Kibaki's peace-loving followers (who were mainly men and women of faith, peasants, labourers, kiosk owners, students, pastoralists, etc).

The point is, you cannot glorify violence and expect the majority of Kenyans to allow you to lead this country. It is as simple as that and Raila and his worshipers should drill it into their heads!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The history always repeat itself- during late 60s there was violence and rioting almost everyday in Kibera by Luos against their Nubians slumlords. In the same decade there were sporadic riots in Kisumu. Even during the burial of Tom Mboya they had to riot.

No- where in history have you read kikuyu rioted, not even when JM Kariuki the beloved son was killed.
During Moi era, he tried to suppress the Kikuyus but they did not react but rather they put their head down and continued to prosper.

Anonymous said...

"Kibaki, The Prime Thief in the Grand Regency “Sale” Now Wants To Waste Tax Payers Money With A Commission of Inquiry"

ANON 9:39,9:39 AND 9:50. The above is the title of the thread.

Any comments?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:20, What do you have personally to show for it? That money that belongs to the Kibakis, Kenyattas, Michukis, Kimunyas is their personal money, I have never seen not even a penny of those billions being shared in Central by these so called folks. Last I checked, IDP's mostly Kikuyus are still languishing in camps despite central having the richest individuals in Kenya.

Sub-chief, if you are not part of that inner circle, I suggest you take a jembe and naulime shamba just like the rest of the average Kenyan folks. You probably will never meet or even come close to meeting and knowing these MKM as acquintances let alone friends if you know what the difference is between the two. Would they even let you in their offices let alone posh suburban home premised on the fact that you are kikuyu?

God blessed you with brains, what separates man and animal is the ability to reason, and I know you already know that, so start engaging that faculty.

So as they say, "tuliza boli."

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.26

No no no I am not young and by the way what does my age got to do with it. Kivuitu declared the person who won the election and the looser did not take it well.
We want the evidence how Kibaki stole the election. Your demigod Raila is a cold calculating liar who lied that he was cheated but we have challenged him on many occasion- we want evidence.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, I need my money BACK!

-Marianne Briner

Anonymous said...

Anon, 10:01 who are WE? Kikuyus ama PNU.

Any comment about this :

"Kibaki, The Prime Thief in the Grand Regency “Sale” Now Wants To Waste Tax Payers Money With A Commission of Inquiry"

Anonymous said...

I am always of the opinion that we are far from being a sanitized society as Kenyans. I don't know what people like anon 9:20 will say when the power slips out of the hands of people from their community under the current constitution and the new regime continues with similar absurdities as we see today. Will they be calling the new community with the executive power "hard working and controlling" the country's economy?
There is no doubt that with a power shift most of this so called gains our brothers from Mt. Kenya are touting will also shift in line with the new power dispensation. This is not something new because we saw it during Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki respectively. It will be no new wonder if we experience a new "hardworking and controlling" community with change of guard in State house under the new constitution.
The most honorable thing we can do as Kenyans is to clamor for a new constitution rather than waist our energies on vanities.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, I need my money BACK!

-Marianne Briner


You are just jeasoulsy of Kibaki and that he is Kikuyu.
Raila asindwe Kabisa!!!jinga yeye!

7:47 AM


"Kibaki, The Prime Thief in the Grand Regency “Sale” Now Wants To Waste Tax Payers Money With A Commission of Inquiry"

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:12 "WE" means the peace-loving majority of Kenyans. That obviously excludes Molasses Raila's followers especially the thug-types. Again, we demand from Molasses Raila's worshipers evidence showing that Kibaki stole the elections. We demand it now or forever stay mute!!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:01 as someone observed, your comments usually give away many things.

You sound rather cranky, did you miss your nap ama hujapata maziwa?

Anonymous said...

OK, 'WE' 10:21. What is your view on this:

"Kibaki, The Prime Thief in the Grand Regency “Sale” Now Wants To Waste Tax Payers Money With A Commission of Inquiry"

Anonymous said...

Without the GCG, imagine what would have happened, GR would have been a distant thought and Kimunya would still have been sitting pretty at the Treasury.

Majimboism is an idea whose time has come and we need to roll out the red carpet for it.

Anonymous said...

National News

Kimunya woes deepen
Updated on: Friday, July 11, 2008
Story by: By Edwin Mutai

IMMEDIATE former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya is headed for yet another political turmoil after an MP claimed yesterday that he irregularly committed the Government to guarantee private companies and individuals to borrow Sh20 billion from National Bank of Kenya (NBK).

This, Parliament heard, was in total contravention of legal advice given by Attorney General Amos Wako. Nambale MP Chris Okemo, who also chairs the parliamentary committee on Finance, Trade and Industry, now wants the government to issue a ministerial statement on the matter.

Okemo further stunned Parliament when he claimed that the former Minister undertook to repay the monies to the NBK through the Central Bank of Kenya. However, a cheque written to CBK by Treasury never reached NBK.

He claimed his committee had information and documentary evidence that NBK had loans amounting to Sh20 billion borrowed by some unnamed private individuals and companies from NBK.

The Nambale MP, himself a former Finance Minister, claimed Wako had advised Kimunya against guaranteeing the loans to the private individuals and companies. According to Okemo, Wako gave his opinion after the Ministry of Finance sought for it.

He said minister Kimunya last year undertook to repay the loans and wrote a cheque of Sh20 billion to Central Bank of Kenya. But the CBK cheque, Okemo added, went back to the government, meaning that NBK could have lost the money. He said the National Bank of Kenya went ahead to float a 20-year bond that is not guaranteed by anything.

He asked the Ministry of Finance to clarify how the government brought itself to foot debts borrowed by private companies and individuals who should be forced to repay the money.

The Nambale MP asked Finance assistant minister Oburu Oginga to explain when and how the government started re-paying loans on behalf of private companies and individuals purported to be guaranteed by it. Dr Oburu undertook to issue a comprehensive statement on the matter next Wednesday afternoon.

National Bank of Kenya has had a long history of bad debts, dating back to 1980s. At one time, Simeon Nyachae ran into trouble when he publicly published names of high profile individuals that owed the bank billions of shillings that they were unwilling to repay. This culminated into his sacking as Finance minister.

If substantiated, Okemo’s claims are likely to complicate Kimunya’s political fortunes, coming barely two days after he bowed to pressure to step aside to pave way for investigations into his role in the controversial sale of the five star Grand Regency hotel.

The allegations were also made on a day when President Mwai Kibaki appointed a commission of Inquiry to investigate him, Central Bank of Kenya (CBK governor Prof Njuguna Njuguna Ndungu and CBK Secretary Kenneth Kaunda Abuga over the hotel.

The Commission of Inquiry, to be headed by retired Justice Majid Cockar, has a 30- day deadline within which it must report its findings and recommendations, as well as propose legal and administrative measures to prevent similar shadowy transactions.

Justice Cockar will be assisted by Commissioners Charles Kirui and Kathurima M’Inoti. The Secretary to the Commission is Anthony Oteng’o Ombwayo, while Wilfred Nyamu Mati is its counsel. The appointments take effect immediately.

The Commission will also probe the input of the Director General of the National Security Intelligence Service Major General Michael Gichangi, Lands Commissioner Zablon Mabea, businessman Kamlesh Pattni, and directors of the Libyan Arab African Investments Company.

Kimunya’s whirlwind troubles began two weeks ago when Lands Minister James Orengo claimed the hotel had been sold under secrecy to a Libyan firm. The Minister, who had earlier denied the sale of the hotel, came out the next day describing the transaction as "the best deal ever".

He was then to brace a spirited political storm from both his friends and foes, who called for his resignation over the alleged sale of the hotel at Sh2. 9 billion.

Incensed by the circumstances surrounding the sale of the hotel, Prime Minister Raila Odinga summoned a Cabinet sub-committee that moved a step further to establish a probe committee on the transaction headed by Attorney General Amos Wako.

The report into the secretive sale of the luxury Nairobi hotel recommended the Kimunya and Prof Ndung’u step down to allow a full investigation into the "fraudulent" transaction.

Anti-graft watchdogs and some ministers slammed the sale of the hotel to a group of investors, including Kenyans and Libyans, as the latest example of high-level corruption in President Kibaki’s government.

But Kimunya, who said the hotel went for Sh2.9 billion , insisted that "my hands are totally clean". But critics say he sold the government asset in secret at a knockdown price.

The dispute has also deepened tensions in factions of the country’s already fragile coalition government, trying to keep peace after a bloody post-election dispute earlier in the year. Kimunya, 46, has run the finance Ministry since 2006.

Despite his relative youth, Kimunya is believed to be a part of President Kibaki’s inner circle of aides from Central province derided by foes as the "Mount Kenya Mafia" due to their origins in Central Kenya around the nation’s largest mountain.

Kimunya’s predecessor, David Mwiraria, resigned after critics including media and politicians implicated him in a fictitious passport printing scam known as Anglo-leasing that skimmed some Sh6. 7 billion ( $200) million in bogus procurement contracts.

Until the hotel saga, Kimunya was generally well-regarded by local markets and foreign investors as a steady hand who maintained the economic growth Kenya has enjoyed since Kibaki took over in late 2002.

5th Estate said...


One major crime - after 24 hours investigation by committee the verdict was in " i`d rather die” was out . What would be the next logical step? Ding ding ding ! Law Enforcement. There are mechanisms to defend yourself through law enforcement.

Finance Committee has been investigating this and will finish its work in two weeks, the Police has been tasked to investigate the same crime by the AG.

Then all of a sudden slow foot realises this does not look good and comes up with yet another commission. Ooooooooh ! Show me any of his commissions which has given results. The funny thing is that there are a multitude of commissions and investigations going on in our country at the moment - I have even lost count – maybe that’s the idea and guess what is the common denominator in all of these ? HE is right in the middle of all.

Back to the future - Finance Committee will be blocked from access of the remaining relevant documents and people, reason? the " cock-up " commission is sitting. The CID investigation will put on ice, reason? you guessed right again , the " cock-up " commission and in the mean time there is a lot of shredding going on - ONE MONTH ! Verdic “ we could not find anything “ LOL. The chief sleuth in the meantime is given orders to come up with something quick before the jaruos take over the country. The " ngorokos " are also being put on standby in case wanainchi decides to kaa ngumu.

Thank G we have a parliament that has decided to show some backbone. YOU are the representatives of the people, you have shown executive power is derived from the people and it has to flow upwards through YOU. Do the right thing.

The commissions appointed by private decree not mentioning by name all the MAIN USUAL SUSPECTS should be treated as such - trash. The players are known and should be identified as such. The Finance Committee must have all the access it requires and its findings made public through parliament as soon as they are available in two weeks.

It would be a tragedy for this parliament that started with such positive vigour, determination and strength ending up waiting for the verdict of yet ANOTHER commission. I know you have read through this tactic to muzzle debate and action. Does your collective judgement count for nothing?

You have already made decisions that need to be followed up. Late comers should not be allowed to muddy the fountain of truth.

You do not need more than 24 hours to identify a Sukari Nguru thief who has the brown residue all over his teeth and smiling right back at you. With all the backlog of graft and impunity cases pending to be dealt with what is your choice? 24 hours or wait for HE to wake up from slumber and appoint a cock-up commission on a case by case basis after deliberating with members of his tribe. What a joke. No more “cock-up’s “ You know the will of the people, do your job, earn your million and feel good about it.

Haya ma tribal’s come out of hiding.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23

I was not brought up to call people thieves without clear and convincing evidence, so I can not in good conscience comment on the part referring to Kibaki as "The Prime Thief in the Grand Regency 'Sale.'" As to the part refering to the Commission as a waste of tax payers' money, I totally disagree. I support the investigation and wholeheartedly join other patriotic Kenyans who seek to get to the bottom of this disgracing scandal. In the meantime I refuse to join the stone throwers in subjecting others to mob justice without due process. I refuse to practice that barbaric type of justice in this day and age.

Between now and the submission of the Commission's report I will not engage you further in this matter.

Thank you.

Marianne Briner said...

To all the 'Anons' aka Hellen Okello aka Sam Okello posting here in pretending it's me.

I know it is useless to ask you to stop this nonsense.

So once and for all: Sam Okello can keep the money he owes me since it is obvious that he desperately needs it.

I have checked with the American Publisher XLibris and got all the exact figures of the sales of his books including the ones of the Shining Star.

I was surprised and even shocked when I got the extremely low figures of the royalties they have paid him during the past years and I can therefore confirm that Sam Okello and his family really need the money he owes me to be able to try to feed his family.

That's what the big-mouth Sam Okello tries to hide: he is broke - this is also the reason why he still is posting here and in all the other blogs: It's the only way to have his name known to a wider public and to maybe attract the attention of eventual buyers of his books. 'Books which keep you awake through the night' - I would propose he changes this slogan to 'Books which help you fall asleep'.

I hope, this comment will help Hellen and Sam Okello to understand that in meddling with my name they are not helping to improve their financial situation. On the contrary, they only make fools out of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Okay let me add my 2 cents before the tribals are unleashed.

Mzee Kibaki, I know your people read this blog and others to gauge the feeling of wenye nchi.

I am happy that you have finally responded even though we are sick and tired of these meaningless, expensive commissions, which, going by past experiencece seem to be your way of cooling things down.

Next time could you try to make snappy decisions lest we all burn as you take your sweet time. I realize that sometimes we make decisions that are not the best, but dealing with problems as they arise out of such decisions is the reason I believe you 'fought' for a second term, and the reason you are in state house.

With all due respect, I believe a one month timeline is too long a time to keep everyone in limbo. Please also be informed that it is not business as usual and any thoughts of shelving the findings will just not wash.

I am not a politician but I need to point out that Hon Raila gave 'his commitee' a 24 hour deadline.

I know retired judge Cocker is no spring chicken, but a MONTH is over-stretching it. I believe he can present his findings within a week or to cut him some slack due to his age - 2 weeks.

Also, since we have heard that you and Gadddafi are the... MAIN GUYS, I'm curious to know what the findings will be.

Mutua (PNU SPOKESMAN) also said Kimunya's stepping down was a temporary measure. Does it mean that he is already absolved? and that Cocker's is only a waste of time?

Personally I don't think highly of you and you very well know that more than half the voters share this sentiment. Kindly use Mumunyagate scandal as the perfect opportunity to earn back some respect.

Vikii said...

What makes Mwai Kibaki or even Kimunya a thief? What exactly have they stolen? Are we freaking robots or what? Abdul Majjid Cockar is a judge with a reputation. What's wrong with letting him lead the inquiry?

If Kibaki ordered the police to investigate this saga, this blog and the mainstream media would be full with lectures on how partisan and incompetent the Kenyan police force is. The Kenya Anti Corruption Commission is already caught up in the "scandal" and this together with their history of irrelevance disqualifies them from investigating anything. If the President appointed chris and his fellow laymen, the story would now be how lightly the President takes the matter. What should President Kibaki have done? I mean, what is it that he did wrong?

Let us be a little intelligent please.

Anonymous said...


thanks for resurfacing

Cockar is a judge with a reputation

Wako is an AG with a reputation

Orengo is a Lawyer/Minister/Politician with a reputation

Ringera is a Judge/Director with a reputation

and so many more others

Kibaki is pretending to take control of matters, thats a style so stale already

matters went out of control kitambo, this is called damage control

only thing/string keeping the balance is the flawed constitution giving him enormous powers, otherwise as we speak, we would have stoned him and buried him already.

what you are witnessing here is a very controlled and mature mob justice lynch team of which am happy to be one of. if we were not, we would have started with you for getting in the way

in the meantime please cook up some more juicy comebacks

Mcheku said...

Chris, today I have laughed sanaa!I agree we should amend that constitution to make the thief in chief a president for life! We shall overtake America and the whole continent of Europe under his 'able' 'hard-working' 'commission-forming' 'sleep-till-you-cant sleep-no-more' 'scandalous' type of leadership. Lol!

Vikii said...

11.42, I still do not understand what you are talking about. I respect your right to excitement and rampaging. Go ahead and start lynching me. Before you do that, please tell me what the President should have done. Tell me what he stole. You guys are just shouting the President should not have appointed a commission. Fine, we know what he should NOT have done, now what should he have done?

Anonymous said...

Abdul Majjid Cockar is a judge with a reputation. What's wrong with letting him lead the inquiry?


What should President Kibaki have done?


Let us be a little intelligent please.


Anonymous said...

What should President Kibaki have done? I mean, what is it that he did wrong?

Vikki yawa !

What he should have done is strenthen those processes that were already in motion and done half the job while he was asleep. Not start new ones as if nothing has happened

Anonymous said...

Vikii is back delusional as always from his muratina den. Please do us a favor and retreat from whence you came.

Anonymous said...

Is the cock-up commission half PANUA and half ODM-K, oooooh sorry!half ODM ?

Anonymous said...

The thief has woken up and realized that Raila has already done all that there is to be done.

What does he do? Exactly what everyone predicated.

D***** the constitution that vests so much powers in the presidency. Please let us not relent in demanding for a new constitution. I can't stand this guy anymore.

Mr Kibaki, I hear that you are a celebrated economist - sir with all due respect, what you have done is what my little knowledge tells me is WASTEFUL DUPLICATION OF RESOURCES/FUNCTIONS.

After all, you had started acting on Raila's committee recommendations that Kimunya step aside, why not go the whole nine yards? Why are Ringera and Gichangi and the other thieves still in office?

Oh dear what other skeletons are in the closet? Now, what is this about 20 billion and NBK?

Vikii said...

A very interesting perspective on governance.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:14 PM, I think you mean a celebrated truth economist.

Anonymous said...

vikii thanks for asking

first of, no am not against his appoint a commission/committee/investigators

but here is the play of events

May 2008 - his statement that Ministers suspected of corruption or impropriety must step down

according to information in public domain

april 2008 - deal to dispose GR is finalised pending paperwork

april 2008 - kimunya denies GR sold

june 2008 - severe agitation after kimunya lies (sold not sold) exposed

june/july 2008 - PM appoints probe committee

june/july 2008 - Parliament agitates and eventually pass vote of no confidence

july 2008 - PM appoints Probe Team rapid response

June/July 2008 - Parliamentary Account Committee investigating the same - Speaker advises two week turnaround period

July 2008 - Kimunya Resigns/ steps aside/ packs/ temporarily leaves office/ is on leave (I still do not understand what he did exactly coz we are told its temporary and is not being replaced)

July 2008 - Kibaki appoints committe/commission to probe affairs, 1 month turn around period

If you dont get it, the fire started burning the house in April. By the time Kimunya resigned, the fire had destroyed everything, thats when kibaki started recruting the fire fighters and mobilizing the equipment, he is yet to send them out to put out the fire.

That vikii sir, is my problem, too little, way too late

am not shouting, am cooly telling you, the man should not be running the affairs of this great country

those with specific dates please fill in the blanks, am just an oversight manager in this process


Anonymous said...

The secret "clause" with Equity Bank must be made public ..... another bank is on dodgy feet, its just a matter of when we will see another financial collapse. Kazi iendele.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:32 thanks for the suggestion.

How about, a truth and justice celebrated economist.

Vikki,isn't that a befitting title?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Your criticism of Kibaki is shallow, spiteful, malicious, ignorant and silly. What kind of investigation did you expect him to undertake? If he had appointed the CID as you claim, would you have accepted the decision or you would have found something to whine about? Or you think the Parliamentary one led by Okemo, the original signatory for Anglo leasing, is more impartial and patriotic? The one appointed by Raila to probe Kimunya was just as arrogantly biased, what with Orengo, Kimunya's main accuser, seating in it? Has it occurred to your lazy brain that Cockar is far more qualified as an untainted Judge to carry out the investigation?
You need to get off your tribal bigotry and hatred for Kibaki and by extension, the ill-disguised hatred for Kikuyus. It is hopelessly futile.
The fact of the matter is that your hero Raila had set in motion the process for an attempted civilian coup only to realize the President has too much power. His probe committee has suddenly no relevance or substance and it has been as quickly forgotten as fast as it came about. In the greater scheme of things in the power game, Raila in practice is just a lightweight.

Anonymous said...

a truth and justice maverick monetary economist. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Anonymous said...


Raila in practice is just a lightweight.

1:16 PM


« It’s Time For Kimunya To “Take The Fifth”
Kenya’s Darkest Hour. Impunity Entrenches Itself Into The Constitution Of Kenya. Why Is There Deafening Silence On Section 56B? Is There A Conspiracy To Cover Up?
Jul 10th, 2008 by Mars Group

Kenya’s Darkest Hour. Impunity entrenches itself into the Constitution of Kenya. Why is there deafening silence on Section 56B? Is there a conspiracy to cover up?

Section 56B of the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Act which allows the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission to enter into out of court Settlements with corruption suspects for both civil and criminal Proceedings are illegal. Parliament said NO to Section 56B of the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Act on September 13th 2007 and the proposed S.56B was deleted.

Chapter III of the Constitution (Section 30-59) vests all national legislative power in the institution of Parliament. We quote Section 30

“The Legislative power of the Republic shall vest in the Parliament of Kenya which shall consist of the President and the National Assembly.”

Only Parliament has the Authority under our Constitution to enact Law. NO ONE ELSE in Kenya has this authority. Since Parliament on 13th September 2007 deleted the proposed S.56B of the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Act, How does it end up in our laws?. Who put it there and Why? This act is unconstitutional and Criminal. Why is Parliament silent on this? Why is the Government silent on this?.

The use of an ILLEGAL law in the Grand Regency Scandal:

(1)The Pattni Grand Regency Hotel Settlement was pursuant to the illegal Section 56B of the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Act (April 9th 2008):

(2) The Memorandum of the President refused to enact amnesty for grand Corruption on (September 27th 2007): The memorandum shows that after section 56B was deleted by Parliament on September 13th 2007, the President did not ask for it to be reconsidered – even though he asked for reconsideration by Parliament of several other proposed amendments including e.g. section 56A

(3) The Hansard of the Kenya Parliament (September 13th 2007) shows the deletion of Section 56B at page 3929: There was a full debate attended by the Attorney General and the Minister for Justice and Parliament voted to delete the S.56B amendment. The deletion is the last mention of Section 56B in the Hansard of Parliament to-date.

(4) Order Paper of the Parliament of Kenya - Notice of Motion to delete Section 56B (August 30th 2007): shows that the Committee on the Administration of Justice recommended the deletion of the proposed section 56B. The Chairman was Hon. Paul Muite and its members included the current Speaker Hon. Kenneth Marende. Other members who will certainly recollect what transpired in Parliament in relation to section 56B include, Hon. Cheboi and Hon. Njoki Ndungu.

(5) Statement by the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission following the deletion of section 56B by Parliament (September 18th 2007): shows that the KACC was aware that Parliament had deleted section 56B.

(6) Statement of the President on Goldenberg Commission Report (February 2006):shows that the President has stated his personal commitment to unravel the Goldenberg scam and other Grand Corruption scandals including Anglo Leasing

(7) Parliament order paper 13th September 2007: shows that Parliament considered the deletion of section 56B on 13th September 2007

(8) Kenya Gazette Statute law Miscellaneous Amendments Act 2007:shows that section 56B despite having been deleted by Parliament on September 13th 2007 was published in the Kenya Gazette as having received Presidential Assent. Its commencement date is stated as being October 15th 2007. The question is how was it inserted; by whom; and why?

The first beneficiary of an out of court settlement under this illegal section 56B is Kamlesh Pattni the architect of the Goldenberg financial fraud. The settlement signed by Fatuma Sichale, KACC’s Assistant Director, entailed the abandonment of all claims by the Central Bank of Kenya against Kamlesh Pattni in return for the surrender to the KACC of the Grand Regency Hotel. The hotel was subsequently turned over to the Central Bank which has since sold it in controversial circumstances that are under investigation.

The genesis of the stepping aside of the former Minister of Finance is the illegal section 56B of the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Act. It therefore should become an aspect of the investigations into the Grand Regency Hotel transactions.

Why would the Government of Kenya and Parliament be silent on an Illegal Law that creates a loophole to immediately revert to the position before the use of the illegal law and thus safeguard the public interest in the Grand Regency hotel?

Has Parliament abdicated its role and duty of making Law through legislation to the Executive?. How will Parliament investigate the Grand Regency Saga if it cannot even spot the fact that the law used in this transaction was not enacted by Parliament?

These are very serious allegations. Serious because the silence can be construed to be a cover up by Parliament and the Executive to allow our Constitution to be abused with Impunity. The people of Kenya demand an immediate clarification and proof on the legality of S.56B, failure to which the people of Kenya will have reached their Darkest Hour; Where Impunity entrenches itself into our Constitution. Imagine what could happen if the same thing happened to the National Accord and Reconciliation Act? Is it not possible that an illegal Amendment to the National Accord and Reconciliation Act could find its way into our laws? The message to the Government and Parliament is that it is time to be serious.

Way Forward

The Attorney General is hereby put on notice that should he not delete section 56B of the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Act, using his powers under the Revision of Laws Act, he will be subject of a petition to Parliament recommending the constitution of a tribunal to consider the question of immediately removing Amos Wako as Attorney General of the Republic of Kenya, for willful negligence in a matter of such great public importance. This illegal law is the embodiment of impunity which is the bedrock of a system which prefers the interests of looters of public funds over the rights of poor Kenyans. It is sad to read the Hansard of Parliament, and also ironic, and to find that both the Attorney General and the Minister for Justice claimed to speak for the people, yet their subsequent complicity in the making of this illegal law has spawned the greatest corruption scandal of the Grand Coalition Government era, the Motion of Censure of the Minister for Finance and his subsequent resignation, the recommended removal from office of the Director of the National Security Intelligence Service, and the disgrace of the Central Bank governor.

The Media is the people’s watchdog. The media must demand Accountability from Parliament and the Government on behalf of the people of Kenya.

Mwalimu Mati

Anonymous said...

" In the greater scheme of things in the power game, Raila in practice is just a lightweight "

Thats what its all about in a nutshell, others see it as power games and others are starving, unemployed ,living in shack becouse of these power games. We need to make these surogates start thinking about the Kenyan collective good. Keep on talking. Keep it here

Anonymous said...

haaa, even better

a truth and justice maverick monetary and FISCAL economist. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

1:19 PM

Vikii said...

UrXlnc, so did the President say he will ask any member of his cabinet adversely mentioned to step aside and allow for unhindered investigations? Did he ask Kimunya to step aside or did he not? Is kimunya GUILTY according to you? who passed that judgement?

You see,UrXlnc, we will have to adopt a new order, One guided by the rule of law. A system that gives every citizen of kenya the feeling that they live in a country governed by laws and not stray mobs. We will have to, and I invite you as a sensible citizen, to join me in this fight. A fight for redeeming kenya from the hands of bullies.

UrXlnc, i am in total agreeement with you that Kibaki is unfit to lead kenya. The only difference is that the beef you have with him is his refusal to embrace the jungle law. My beef with him is that he has been too often intimidated by the proponents of the jungle law, that breed of crooks that should never be given state power, the group that believes they should be prosecutor, judge and jury. in short, kibaki has proven, at least to me that he is too keen to please lynch-happy politicians.

That said, I am having a good time with my WING WALKER (Amber ale). It's a bad-ass drink, dont you think?

By the way, what's your take on Otieno kajwang's alleged shenanigans?


Anonymous said...


We need to make these surogates start thinking about the Kenyan collective good. Keep on talking.

Vikii said...

Anony 1.19, I am not a member of the PNU think tank if such a think tank exists. I am not even a member of that Party. I can never allow myself to be a member of that party.

That said, your article is too long for me to comprehend. I did not read it and so i cannot give you my views. As for the author, Mwalimu Mati, I love him.

Anonymous said...

1:26 PM a good one LOL

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner, leave sam okello out of your bullshit. I say this and i will say it again. keep it up and your address in Spain and Switzerlland will be publshed.

Anonymous said...

This woman, Marianne Briner Mattern was the same one threatening Chris of Kumekucha. This same woman caused Jeff Koinange his job at CNN. This same woman plagiarized Sam Okello's book. This same woman threatened Mutula Kilonzo. This same woman slept with Biwott. This same woman slept with Moi. This same woman. Do I have to add anything? Her credibility zero.

Anonymous said...

Now it has been confirmed. RAO won the elections.The thief Kifaki stole the votes, signed the scandal deal with the Grand Regency and Anglo- leasing.

Can Kenyans still tolerate this useless Kifaki to be their leader.

Anonymous said...

Now these PANUAs who kept blaming Raila, Ruto et al for the PEV, you now know where the blame squarely lies. Even Kivuitu knows RAO won the elections. But a thief is a thief, this GCG will not last until 2012.

Anonymous said...


Great comments,

Read mine as thoroughly as a i read yours, I do not impute anything you have not said and request you do the same

at no time have i asked kibaki to embrace jungle law. at no time have i asked anyone to institute jungle law.

i have said, there was a reasonable window of opportunity in this case (just as in many others before this and lord forbid many more, before he finally exits) to act as any good manager should. that did not happen and that vacuum created just as before gave rise to the various events that have since taken place some of these you refer to as jungle law. you would need to point out to me the specific ones you call jungle law. on my part there are two events that pass civility test, the vote of no confidence by parliament (these are elected representatives from all over kenya, mandated by the constituents to use their services in the highest law making organ of the government of the day known as parliament). What they did the method used and many other questions may be reasonable or unpleasant depending on your side of the bread but that is what happened and Kimunya and kibaki are members of this body too, so either they respect it or they do not. if they do then they need to move along with it, and if not, they have no business being in it at all.

the 2nd is the probe committee constituted by the PM who again is mandated to supervise the functions of the government and ministers. like it or not thats what he did and in both instances recommendations were made.

the closest to jungle law is the public opinion expressed through demonstrations and blogs like these, which well, thats up to you. the other jungle law as far as am concerned is kimunya sprinting back to muci and mobilising tribal acrimony

sitting pretty waiting for a monumental crisis to actually boil over and explode then act as if its only child play is perplexing to say the least and grossly irresponsible. this is not about a clerk reporting late for work and facing interdiction or suspension, its about the Ministry of Finance and the affairs of government etc.

I am sure you understand all that am saying.

Kajwang's issue is equally interesting and would like to follow it closely. i do not need to draw in parallels, this is not staddy 4 we are grown ups, wrong is wrong. lets hear the details.

Meanwhile enjoy your wing walker bro, i know we are on the same page, dont let ego get the better of you. at the end of the day we need good governance


Anonymous said...

Now those of you who have been calling for "OH EVIDENCE, OH EVIDENCE..WHAT DID KIBAKI STEAL???"

Surely, he has stolen soooo many things but let us start from the most noticible. THE 2007 ELECTION!
A U.S independent poll...i can hear that "sovereignity" crap coming up...has presented a full, exhaustive report of the flaws in the 2007 election that has left no doubt that the looser was declared the winnner.
PNU sympathisers, as there is no possibility there can be supporters, hehehe. If you want the reports of the Independent Observers, who were seconded by ECK meaning there is no doubt about their neutrality & credibility. They have exhausted the flaws & joke of an election we had. ALL REPORTS, ACCESS THEM YOU HAVE INTERNET. ALL OF THEM concluded. The election did not meet the international standard & were deeply flawed.
"The final result DID NOT MEET THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE KENYANS" So what mandate does Kibaki have, that he is calling himself "president". KIBAKI STOLE THE ELECTION.

The greater concern for Panuer should be this;
Kriegler was asked if the evidence produced..which means he has evidence..reveals who rightfully won the election, will you reveal this to the Kenyans?

Anonymous said...

by the way, for those who do not understand why kibaki does not sack/fire ministers.

i have a theory, you may agree or you may not, but it in my view explains why ministers in the know are so confident.

this is I believe the only apology/excuse I can make for the poor leadership everything else is just that, poor bad leadership, corruption, nepotism, cronyism, tribalism and every other negative ism that you can throw into the pot.

time dial : rewind to cant remember which year Moi is King of Kenya and Kibaki is VP, play it a little, yes i know you are tempted to stop at the mugumo tree/razor episode but resist temptation and go past that. stop at when kibaki is demoted from VP to Minister for Health, at this point the man we are told becomes a notorious/perpetual drunk up to the time he breaks away to form DP

my take is, at his age at the time, he felt humiliated and out of empathy fo rthat situation probably resolved never to embarass/humiliate a cabinet minister if he ever got there.

fast forward back to reality, then in those days, yes there were crooks but many were reasonably respectable guys with well intentioned ideas for the country, but hey a quick buck here and there why not.

today, we have an over surplus of eager, hungry, wide-eyed educated collar smooth talking thieves with bottomless sinks for siphoning money and turbo charged steroid filled ideas of how to make that happen (nyaga brokers, goldenberg, anglo leasing, grand regency, equity bk, safaricon etc) with all the legally correct avenues and of course being accountants, the books will match perfectly, squeaky clean and their hands are absolutely clean. the only hope we have is for whistle blowers.

But that is just a theory, if however my theory is correct, can someone advise the fellow, we understand the honorable thing he's trying to do, but he's killing our us, our children, their children and many more.


As i said, thats my theory, you are welcome to bash it, dont forget to bring up your own.


Anonymous said...

UrXlnc - your contributions are as refreshing as ever.

Got me thinking, wouldn't it be a good idea to have the brilliant economist give just one press conference, and answer questions from journalists. Boy, won't the questions rain on him. I'm sure we would all benefit from his wisdom.

Huuu, just the thought of it....wacha tu. Wouldn't that be something?

Anonymous said...

Folks, a brilliant article by job(jukwaa).


That's the price of being stuck with mediocre leadership that's too preoccupied with looting.

As neighbouring countries take a turn and set insightful visions while implementing foward-looking infrastructure plans, we are stuck with yesterday-dreamers who appear possessed with the nostalgia of wanton grabbing.

We are stuck with leadership that views government as a tool to enrich a select few.....through outright looting and hawking of non-priority government contracts.

Projects are undertaken not because they are a priority, or necessity....but because a foreign or Indian middleman has proposed a lucrative kickback. Thus silly justifications are made to authorize such unnecessary projects. 99% authorizations come from the office of the President (as Murungaru & Mwiraria confirmed) with the 1% remaining being okayed by the Finance Minister

For instance, the Navy Gunship proposal under the Anglo-Leasing contract.

Why did Kenya need a Sh 6 billion warship at that particular point in time (2003)? - which by the way turned out to be an old cruise ship, fitted with a gun, and painted to look new.

Can Kibaki surely account to Kenyans why this was a priority over roads or schools or hospitals?

or Sh 1 billion just to service 4 police helicopters

or Shs 6 billion to buy police vehicles which were NEVER delivered.

or Shs 4 billion to build a CID Forensic Lab which never was.

orShs 3 billion for prisons walkie talkies which were never delivered; Shs 12 billion for non existent police equipment;
and others for obsolete weather detectors, passport makers, non-existent and unnecessary postal equipment etc etc etc

a total of 18 contracts worth a whooping shs 56 billion.

Think of what Shs 56 billion can do for our dilapidated and insufficient infrastructure.

Even if not directed to development - think of what it could do to provision of services;

56.33 BILLION shillings can pay for an extra 10 TIMES the current CDF ALLOCATIONS, and 30 times the current YOUTH FUND ALLOCATION......and TWICE the amount requested to resettle IDPs and reconstruct all damaged properties and infrastructure.

And now as the last budget indicates, we are servicing these loans.....for the next 13 or so years we shall be coughing out about shs 8 billion annually to take care of these Anglo fleecers including the President....through service to the fictitious loans. That's IMPUNITY in capital letters.

Our children will be are straddled with more and more debt under these successive regimes that are; inept, visionless, greedy, shameless, and corrupt - thriving on impunity.

In Tanzania or Uganda, the mere mention of a minister in a scam results in immediate resignation...whether it is the VP, Finance Minister or whomever.......but in Kenya we are stuck with backwardness and primitive impunity.

Its no wonder nighbouring countries have moved over from the era of primitive accumulation of state largesse, into a new era of visionary planning, prudent implementation of priority projects that drive growth (such as infrastructure) and are offering stiff competition to seeping Kenya (forced into a nap and retardation by sleepy, greedy, geriatric looters).

Reforms are being resisted left and right,....and when they look almost certain to come, they are poisoned and adulterated to defeat the original purpose.....

Even when folks vote for change they are still given the status quo by sheer gun force......then look at this - another status quo robot is being lined up in Kalonzo Musyoka......simply sickening.

Anonymous said...


Military to spend Sh1.5b on 15 fighter jets

Updated 0 1 hour, 37 minutes ago

The Standard
By Ben Agina

The military will acquire 15 F-5 fighter jets from the Jordanian Government at a cost of Sh1.5 billion, The Standard has established.

The aircraft are expected in September in batches of four and three, every four months.

The jets are among those that were used in the 2003 US-led coalition of the Iraq invasion, which led to the deposing of Saddam Hussein.

The contract between the Royal Jordanian Air Force and the Kenyan Government will also include technical assistance and maintenance services.

These will include painting of the aircraft, installation of navigation and communication systems, dismantling aircraft, packing and delivery and supply of spare parts as requested.

Documents in our possession reveal that the Government intends to acquire 10 F-5E aircraft, three F-5EM Hudwac Modified Aircraft and two F-5Fs.


The Jordanian Government is also willing to train 16 technicians from Kenya at a cost of $346,000 (Sh23 million), covering only tuition and training related costs, on base accommodation, transport and meals.

Any other costs incurred by the trainees (including medical expenses) are to be borne by the Kenya Government. The total contract amounts to $15,291,503 (Sh1.024 billion).

Ten of the F-5Es go for $4.5 million (Sh301.5 million), three Hudwac Modified F-5EM $3.75 million (Sh251.2 million) and two F-5F $6.6 million (Sh442 million). Other items amounting to $95,503 (Sh6 million) categorised as CAD/PAD will also be supplied to Kenya Air Force.

Anonymous said...

ok reading the above two articles

would like to make the assumption that the information is correct, hopefully the bloggers can provide references so that we can follow up

two statements if anyone in the know can clarify


1.5B to PURCHASE 15 JET fighters

could someone help before the books/records are shredded?

Anonymous said...

in the meantime as the clock clicks into the remaining term of one duly electable elected

nice going prof PAN

we need to get things going right


this is one fellow (Gitobu) i have always found to be solid/upright guy

Marianne Briner said...

Hellen Okello - your threat to disclose my addresses comes a bit too late since as I told you already 2 months ago, I have moved. Not because I feel threatened by you or by anybody else, but because there is a new man in my life who has convinced me to move with him to his home-country. Have a good day.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Mwalimu Mati is just part of a not very intelligent and unsophisticated ODM fifth column. These NGOs know the ODM has the singular capacity to incite tribal chaos and since these NGOs thrive where there is chaos, they can survive and justify their existence to their Western donors. Without the donors, they become irrelevant, and then where will they get the color to buy the Range Rover Sport? In a word, a scratch my back i scratch yours deal. The NGOs dig up anything that smells of the slightest whiff of corruption and pass it on to the ODM, who ensure they keep it in the limelight and that political tension remains high through mass actions by proxies like Omutata and so on until 2012, ensuring no development focus is achieved, and of course blaming everything on the hated Kikuyu. So transparent.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello
You are shaming us Luos. If you took Marianne Brinners money - please give it to her. You have no right to shout out about Kimunya when you are taking people's money. Duok ni dhakono pesane mondo inwang' kwe.
And please dont post anything here Okello before you pay the lady her money. Chul gowi - please!

Concerned Luo

Msema Kweli said...

Remember when Moi was in power and how Kikuyu's used to complain that Moi was a corrupt man, a thief etc.

These people were not genuine in their complaints. The were actually feeling jealous of Moi and secretly admiring him and wishing that it was they who were in his position so that they can be doing what they are doing now (Stealing, fraud, deception etc)

And for you, the PANUA crowd: Kibaki is not a respected economist. HE IS A FRAUDSTER, A THIEF and the epitome of MAVI YA KUKU. He deos not add any positive value to Kenya in any way with his mediocre leadership.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Just as i had predicted, Kibaki was never going to appoint a new Finance Minister. I had said he would appoint either Michuki or Uhuru as acting Finance Minister and he has indeed appointed Michuki to act, pending the outcome of investigations.
Next prediction: If Kimunya is not found guilty, he will back at treasury, and ODM can eat their loathsome hearts out. So sorry for Oburu's hopes.
Poleni sana for suffering from that all consuming disease of jealousy and greed. Mungu atawaangalia mpone, msijali. Amini tu.

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