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Monday, July 07, 2008

Time To Pull The Nuclear Option?

Fellow Countrymen,

In the hallowed halls of the United States Senate, the nuclear option is pulled by a side that feels strongly about an issue on which it's about to lose. In the estimation of the senators who employ this tactic, the passage of a certain bill, or confirmation of a man/woman to a position of influence, would so irreparably harm their constituents to the point where they feel it's absolutely critical to tie up the Senate's business until their fears and other pertinent issues are addressed. That's what the Democrats did to stall the nomination of judges they considered controversial to the United States Supreme Court.

I bring up this concept of the nuclear option because I think we are fast approaching the point where it will need to be pulled in the Kenyan Parliament. It's indeed encouraging that our Members of Parliament are discovering the enormous power they retain to slow down the Executive branch. You watched with satisfaction as one of the most powerful members of the Kibaki Cabinet was reminded that the laws of our nation apply to all, not just to the small man. And you've watched the increasing assertiveness of that body, especially given the impressive credentials that most members bring to the table. Gone are the days of Chotara, Nassir and Mwenje. These are the days of men and women who understand that there is honor in being principled.

Kenyans are aware that when the coalition government was put together, there was no clause that bound the parties to stick together even in the face of massive corruption and blatant impunity. Indeed, were such a clause to have been slipped in there, we would have been glad to demonstrate our maturity by kicking it out.

At this juncture, we find ourselves at a point where the nuclear option is becoming a relevant tool in dealing with our out-of-touch president, and the men who prop up his administration. In Kenya the way to pull the plug is to marshall enough votes to pass a vote of no confidence in the president, just like it was done with Kimunya. By my count, it's beginning to look like the votes are there. Many MPs who fought like crazy to keep Kibaki in power are slowly realizing that they made a huge mistake. And they sense that the way to make atonement is to do something dramatic.

That's where the nuclear option comes in.

What Comes Next?

When this option is pulled, we must all understand that it will mark the end of a presidency. That being the case, I want to count on the fact that our leaders have not been sitting on their laurels, forgetting that the fight to deliver the nation from the shackles of recklessness and impunity has not been won. Luckily, our leaders have not been asleep. Indeed, it is comforting to know that when the nuclear option is pulled, there will be an immediate power structure to fill the vacuum and deal decisively with any elements that may seek to capitalize on the transition period to cause despondency in the country.

The march to push Kenya to the next level of greatness is ongoing. We have the brains and the wealth to make our nation the leader in medical and technological innovation, we have the capability to push forward the rural electrification program and make clean water available to our mothers and fathers in the villages across Kenya. But as the events of the past six months have amply demonstrated, these noble goals can't be realized as long as we are embroiled in sorting out the shenanigans of men like Kimunya, Kibaki and the crazies who support them.

Can Kenya Work Together?

You may have heard from pessimists that our nation is hopelessly divided. That we see ourselves as Luo, Kikiyu, Kalenjin, Luhya... If that's true, it's because of the retrogressive politics entrenched by the lack of vision of our three presidents. But yes, Kenya can and is ready to work together. The nation is praying for a leader who will transcend the parochialism of tribe and see in the pleading faces of Kenya's children a desire for effective, fatherly leadership. A leadership that will make Cerelac and milk available to the infants, uniform and books to the school-going kids, mentoring programs for adolescents and livable wages for men and women across the land.

It's my firm belief that when the nuclear option is pulled and the Prime Minister is put in charge of ushering in a representative constitution and proper elections held, we will have laid the foundation for a sustainable democracy that won't need the repeated nudging of external powers. We can't continue to be the white man's burden forever, can we? It starts by doing things right.

The first step, the nuclear option. A vote of no confidence.

For Love of Country,

Guest post by Sam O. Okello


Anonymous said...

Sam - I suggest you stop being a burden to the white men yourself and go back to Kenya, live in Kibera and then you can talk. Having lived as a white man's burden in the States has softened your brains and is letting you usher empty words which are not feeding those starving masses in Kenya. If you are really interested to change things, leave your milk-and-honey country and try to live amongst your own countrymen. For the love of the motherland, do it.

Anonymous said...

What does where Sam lives have to do with this excellent analysis?

Methinks he has a better grasp of what is going on than u who is jeering from Kibera or nearby.


Anonymous said...


Please take a break from this hollow rhetoric. The things you write makes me doubt your sanity. From "Kibaki govt will not last five days," to "Raila cries at night for us so that we can sleep in peace," to now this, "systems being in place to usher Raila into power." And in between did you talk of free Celerac? What about "Molasses" Raila returning the Molasses plant to the rightful owners, the people of Kenya?

What patriots have you suddenly found among our current MPs? The Orengo who is going around asking for 3 million bribes, or Otieno Kajuang' who is said to be opening off-shore accounts right and left?

After you have been an unredeemable Luo chauvinist laughing at the RV IDPs, now you suddenly realize that Kenyans should come together regardless of tribe to hoist Raila to power. Wow! What a convenient conversion. Try another kifunga macho. Kenyans have moved on from that cynical high sounding but hollow rhetoric.

Between now and your next post, please ask yourself whether you are naive or delusional. The answer to that question will help you understand where Kenya is and is likely to go in the future!!

Anonymous said...

Nahibi or whatever your real name is - it is easy to demonstrate disrespect or even arrogance in looking down on those living in Kibera. Do you believe they choose to live in such a misery? Have you ever been there? I guess not. Most of the people blogging here are living nice and safe in the diaspora. Earning the white man's money and once per day for maybe 10 minutes think about those poor countrymen in Kenya. That's why I suggested that Sam - and others - should go back to Kenya if they are really serious to change things. Preaching with hollow words from a far-away white-man's country is not helping anybody at home. It only helps to reduce ones guilt for having run away like the owner of this blog also did just a short while ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sam Okello, not again! Didn't we say you focuss on the things that you do best - writing political thrillers rather that commenting on real politic? Didn't we say that? Now go back and do that and stop soiling Kumekucha with fairy tales!

Phil said...


Last week I told guys here that ODM was now exploring a possible no confidence vote on Kibaki.

My opinion is that this no confidence vote should have been passed soon after the speaker was save us the sham that is the grand coalition government and even more importantly to spare us the BIG FRAUD that was Kibaki's victory last December.

As it is, the budget debate is now in serious jeopardy and parliamentary business will certainly be disrupted for as long as Kimunya stays in charge of Treasury.

Incidentally, I wonder why mainstream media are failing to highlight the fact that the Prime Minister was the first to formally write to KACC asking for more details on the GR Hotel saga and that requests on this letter were widely ignored in the two paragraph reply that came back. The PM also granted Kimunya a marathon two day audience at his office BEFORE deciding to form a cabinet probe sub-committee. Now it seems everyone has forgotten this.

The probe sub-committee was formed because KACC was being economical with facts and Kimunya failed to satisfy the Cabinet Finance Committee that the PM chairs. This meeting brought together both PNU and ODM ministers together with senior government officials who gathered at the PMs office for two f**cking days to listen to Kimunya skirting around the GR sale blabbing about a hogwash CV. No wonder parliament would take NONE of the bulls**t!

I am aware that the PM is giving the duly elected ample TIME to make up his mind on whether he shall retain Kimunya. A PM is not supposed to behave like an oppositon activist, right?

Meanwhile, as if in anticipation of a no confidence vote, PNU have embarked on intense lobbying amongst MPs from both sides. The LINE is that a no confidence vote on Kibaki means parliament disolves and ALL MPs go back to face the public in a fresh election. Not many MPs are willing to do this - considering most of them rigged themselves IN while others are have yet to pay high campaign period debts!

But then, ODM foresaw this even before the elections and the MPs themselves know what counter strategy the ODM is working on. With the support of the public, Kenya's friend's and MPs of the 10th parliament, the NUCLEAR OPTION is a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Sam, stop campaigning for the Washington DC ambassadorial post. It is not vacant plus the appointing authority is still Kibaki. You campaign is becoming desperate and unseemly.

Anonymous said...


How about withholding the MPs' salaries untill they debate and pass the budget? That will make them see the light, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

If you love your motherland and you worship your God - Raila, then I've no idea what you're still doing in the United States of America.

I hate my country. I hate the thieving politicians, so I am outside enjoying the fruits of the white man's labor.

Real agents of change are on the ground. Onyango Oloo is one of them. Moved away from Canada to join in the struggle while you lick white ass and shout for changes in Kenya. Go eat fish!

Phil said...

Anonymous@13:31AM said

...The Orengo who is going around asking for 3 million bribes,....

Juvenile politics. As if the rest of us do not read newspapers or listen to news.

For heaven sake, Orengo BLEW THE WHISTLE that resulted into a CABINET Committee recommending Kimunya and other's to step aside. Orengo's action, even more importantly, gave the parliament of this country IMPETUS to move a motion of no confidence on the disgraced finance minister. Talk of a thief pointing an accusing finger!

Why should Kimunya cry about not being defended by the PM in parliament yet he personally and secretly presided over this deal nearly 12 months ago?

Should we all not wait for Orengo's court case and we shall find out who is saying facts? Besides, havent you heard Mr. ADAN himself (a senior partner of the law firm in question) DENYING that Orengo demanded a bribe from them. Kimunya better prepare himself because he will pay millions in damages arising out of his defaming Orengo.

Thats why I called it juvenile and amaterish politics. Any smart politician knows what to say at a public rally and what to say in parliament! Obviously, emotions took over Kimunya's thinking.

I just wish to remind you a few facts. Orengo was elected to parliament when Kimunya was still in his diapers. Orengo is also a distinguished senior counsel who runs a highly successful law firm in this country. Unlike some of your greedy brethren who have been caught many times over with their hands in the public coffers, Orengo has impeccable public service credentials.

Anonymous said...

Phil - as much as I agree with the rest of your post, but declaring Orengo a man with impeccable public service credentials, is a joke. Which credentials are you talking about? He and Raila bribed people to get him elected to avoid another defeat as many times in the past on other party tickets. Orengo is since some time Raila's personal lawyer and having him receive his MP salary as well as having secured him another paid job in the sub-committees, saves Raila from having to pay him for his private legal advises. That is what it is all about: money. Let me add, this whole Grand Regency case could have been a perfect way to demonstrate Raila's seriousness going against fraud and corruption. But he and Orengo messed it up when they presented their findings after only 24 hours. This underlines the rumours that they knew all along what had happened but kept quiet for their own personal reasons (the Libyans financed also Raila and ODM and they did not want to endanger their contributions. And regarding the rumours that Orengo asked for a bribe: that's not the first time he did that. Go back to the Goldenberg and other cases, and you will find a lot of evidence. Also in these cases he announced to sue, but he never did. And after a lot of noise, he will also keep quiet this time. The man is guilty in many ways. That's a fact.

Kwale said...

Anon 1.51…Phil is having a tantalising glimpse of Raila as the president of Kenya through his bedroom window. He thinks and sleeps about him everyday. This man is seriously in love with RAO so much so he cannot think straight. It’s only yesterday he came up with an idea which made me laugh mpaka mbavu sikaniuma ati Karua is going to defect to ODM. Definitely a joke of the century!

Phil your obsession with RAO is driving you cuckoo. We seriously don’t want to lose you here. You see a cat has nine lives and for RAO to become president of Kenya he would need nine lives.
A Kikuyu elder number one, so eight more lives to go.

Anonymous said...

Chris - I do not want to join the others telling Sam Okello to keep quiet, but one question bothers me: Sam has started entertaining us with his stories here each and every week now. So why can he not post it directly like Phil, Taabu and others do? Why does he have to pass via you? And allow me another remark: the same posts appear regularly also in other blogs. Sam is sending them to each and everybody. Some publish them, some don't since they received so many protesting comments because here - contrary to Kumekucha where people clearly told him to stop this - he continues adding always the reference to his publishing firm including address and telephone no. - or maybe it's you who is deleting those references before publishing his posts and that's why they pass via you? -

Phil said...



Kwale and your ILK are you listening?

5th Estate said...

Amos " I`d rather die " Kimunya , sold , not sold , wacha bar talk. Ohhhh ! sold - good you brought this to the publics attention . Too good a deal to pass after it was " not sold " ohhhh !!! Sold by Gava to Gava , ohhhh ! sold to private arabs .

Some would call it poetry , others yuko "wera " and still others a Deer and now TWO deers caught in the headlights . I would just say pass the Kamba it would be nice for a change to finaly see a minister who is true to his words. We are literaly watching the first " Kenyan Harakiri "

He will fondly be remembered as the first finance minister who went a step further after his predecesor resigned and actually killed himself - His words not mine. " I`d rather die than resign "

The choir is singing LYNCHING as if the Treasury is personal property and the high priest has moved on "fish mongers" . The gists of the plan the usual - they are lesser beings who cannot be trusted to point at evil. I would suggest AMPUTATION - to prevent the CANCER spreading.

This is a very good start . Keep it simple, clean and focused.

Over to the tribals

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time the 10th Parliament pulls the Nuclear Option. Period.

Anonymous said...

Now that he has resigned, I'm sure he will say there is no reason to commit suicide - ama? Lakini a promise is a promise and Kenyans are waiting for the next breaking news - so and so found hanging on a rope in his backyard!

Anonymous said...

When is ODM going to fill the vacancies in the GCG left by the untimely deaths of Laboso and Kones? These panua characters should not be left to operate exclusively in these Ministries. I am sure they are using the opportunity to cover up major scandals! Na bado.

Anonymous said...


Saturday, Kimunya is going nowhere.
Monday night, Kimunya is going nowhere.
Then you call for the Nuclear Option and suddenly Kimunya is out.
And some people still think these guys don't read Kumekucha?

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