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Friday, June 13, 2008

Yet Another Bus Hijacked on Nairobi Mombasa Road

Passengers on a TSS Express bus destined for Mombasa from Nairobi last night had a harrowing ordeal in the hands of at least 5 heavily armed gangsters who hijacked the bus at the Machakos junction.

The gangsters robbed passengers of cash and mobile phones before abandoning them stark naked in the bushes off the Nairobi Mombasa highway. The annual chilly weather usually experienced in June and July in the area has set in and this writer cringes to imagine being out there in the cold completely naked. Police were reluctant to release details but it is believed that some female passengers in the bus were also raped in the ordeal that lasted about 4 hours.

Interestingly buses destined for Mombasa from Nairobi are the ones that are much more frequently hijacked than those headed to Nairobi from Mombasa. Frequent travelers on the route told this writer that the reason is that people tend to carry a lot more cash going down to Mombasa for both leisure and business which is usually related to releasing goods from the Coastal port. However most tend to come back completely broke and short of cash after spending it all in Mombasa, which is popularly referred to as Mombasa Raha. This piece of information seems to be well known to the highway hijackers.

Read a chilling eyewitness account of another recent hijacking incident on the same highway.

Chris Kirubi Charged Over Uchumi

In a welcome move that is bound to send shockwaves right across the country, well known businessman Chris Kirubi was this morning charged in a Nairobi court with conspiracy to defraud Uchumi supermarkets.

The charge sheet says in part that Kirubi who holds directorship in various companies in the country sold a building belonging to Uchumi supermarkets along Aga Khan Walk and then leased the same building back to the same supermarket. He was charged along with a former managing director of Uchumi and a number of former directors as well.

Mr Kirubi denied the charges and was released on a cash bail.

What Happens To Sane People When They Go To Parliament?

Anybody who digs a little deeper into the personal lives of Kenyan legislators will be shocked at what they will find. Frequent sex with under-age prostitutes along Koinange street is just a tip of the iceberg. Interestingly I have passed on to Chris some rather shocking revelations (all confirmed by several independent sources) about the love lives of the two legislators who perished this week in an air crash and I have already been informed that the startling details have been included in this week's raw notes.


Anonymous said...

hey Daktari, you know i catch that bus and i heard about the previous eye witness one and i'm just horrified. kenya is not known to rape, what's happening? worse than congo, you know in congo they hijack vehicles for money but they don't rape. each of those buses should carry a gun, if i ever come back to kenya it will be with a gun, no way i'm going to take the risk walking around scott free without being armed. i'm interested in this detective thing, i may email you sometime in the future for some info if need be.

Anonymous said...

Oscar my man

am one of those that find it hard to chew gum and walk at the same time

its probably a new style for posting at kumekucha, but so far you manage to get three almost unrelated topics in one post and basically throw out the bone to a pack of hungry dogs (sorry bloggers, bad analogy))

e.g. this post has
- crime/insecurity the gangsters
- white collar crime/sleaze corruption in high places (hard working kenyan)
- udaku (this appears to be your favorite or at least it has featured twice in as many posts) the sex scandals of leaders

is it possible to split the topics up so that those of us that dont care much for udaku can respond to the other issues?

thanks and karibu

hierosolyma - am looking at that handle and confess have absolutely no idea what it means, could you shed some light, not necessary if you think its intrusive but mazee, i cant even pronounce it. help!


Vikii said...

I know very little about hijacks.

Blanket condemnation of any nature is not only wrong, it is unacceptable. A lot of the MPs we have are obviously wicked. some of them are probably those who should never have been born. That, however, doesn't mean each and every MP is a rogue person. That is why I don't understand the question, "What happens to sane people when they go to Parliament?"

Sex scandals and politicians is an issue across the globe. Some of America's greatest presidents; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Bill Clinton had extra marital affairs. Last year, a Liberian govt minister, Willis Knuckles, was busted having a great threesome with two women (one of them fat IMO).
My opinion is that if you are a married leader, then you need to uphold family values. If you are not married you can be excused but if you are married, your right to privacy is limited by the public's right to know. And the public has the right to be a pain in the ass if they want to.

Corruption? Kirubi should be made to answer for his corrupt deeds. The problem is that we have too much faith in a govt led by thieves, land grabbers,warlords and murderers. Expect nothing out of that.

Anonymous said...

Wewe Oscar, can you stop enticing people to subscribe to the raw notes. stop publicising the raw notes. If they will mean Chris puts a plate on the table, then there are better ways of you doing it. Stop the game.

Anonymous said...

What do will call this. Confusing, diversion or ignorance. I think Oscar, has a case to answer. Is it Oscar Obonyo or Another Oscar. WELCOME ABOARD for the time being.

Anonymous said...


i like this statement that i agree with

"Blanket condemnation of any nature is not only wrong, it is unacceptable. "

the problem is it is inconsistent with you

from a previous thread, you have the following

"..You guys didn't suprise me. I expected just that. In fact I expected more than that; I expected you to be stonning people for voting against your candidate. And for illusory rigging..."

"...This election was not about soothing your inflated egos...."

"...You have just proven to me, Hellen, that just like most in your fold, you are beyond the reach of any logical argument...."

Again, am not on your case, but pointing out that there appears to be a contradiction of sorts.


Anonymous said...

Can we STOP this crap. What has this do to with maendeleo?

Let us explore ways to lobby our representatives to give us what we need. If the current mps were doing there jobs like they should I think they should be paid more at least 1m each after tax. Taxing will not make them work any harder.

Lets focus on the doable.

This is a blame mentality that has not been proven to work.

Leta ingine. At some point we need to get off our arses and do something tangible, something more than payukaring over here on trival issues.

The best solution is called, GIVE THEM AN OFFER THEY CAN'T REFUSE.
Not as simple as it sounds.

We must find a way to educate the masses so that they can call their representatives to order. We must find a way to enable the mamamboga on the street understand how to pick a winner in an mp or a kajora.

Failure to do all the above and we shall cry here, insult, disect and analyse till we are toothless with age.

KK should even change its name to 'Workable solutions for a better kenya' Lets apply our minds to our real problems and quit this time wasting topics that do not bring any change to anyones lives.

Its this sort of majoring on minors that is reflected in out leaders. This country is in the dogs but it seems we rather gossip than grapple with the real issues.

Wakenya Amkeni kumekucha. Take you plough and lets head for the garden.

Let me lead by example I happen to know that the worldbank can sponser certain projects directly to individuals at least i knew of one such project in mombasa.

so why don't we run a competition right here on kumekucha on a viable project that can be run in kenya to create employment. We present the final three which are then criticed by KKs and then we can send someone to World Bank to get funding....How about that? better than just pigaring domo here.

Sir Alex

Vikii said...

UrXlnc, I dont need to prove any consistency to you. I will however explain each of those quotations.

"You guys....". YOU, like you probably know, is the second person pronoun. That means I am not talking about a third party but am addressing a person directly.
Now, three of Kumekucha's regular commentators, sorry, owners have been in the forefront crying foul and agitating for stone throwing whenever they lose elections. Those are the SPECIFIC people I was referring to. And the election was never about their egos, once again. They all 'coincidentally' belong to one political party.

Mrs. okello suggested I could be on the payroll of the PNU, a party I am not even a member of. She believes that my call on people to respect the decisions of voters is PROPAGANDA. That indeed romps her into the fold of those beyond the reach of logical argument. I, however' have no control over your understanding/interpretation of the word FOLD.I respect your attempt to point out my being consistently inconsistent though.

Anonymous said...


I believe you were they kind of guy we needed in this blog. We needed to get out of this tribal bashing and am great you are really changing the focus. The only problem is posting three threads in one - and thus hard to comment.

But am pretty sure, if this is the way to go - then kumekucha is re-branding. This is great and acceptable. At least to me.

Karibu Oscar,

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...


thanks for the clarification, won't go into the trivia (semantics/grammar) of it am sure we understand each other.


Anonymous said...

what i dont get about police force/security

hundreds of officers are poured out when there is a demonstration or political function. but in all incidences of crime the lackluster and lethargic response is mind numbing. typically if we follow recent incidences when its a high profile crime victim, the conclusion of the investigation is swift and often precedes or is within minutes of appearance of police on the scene (e.g bad weather, crime of passion and others). if its general raia then "no stones are going to be left unturned" and as we all know from then on and for the next 40 years we spend time trying to locate at least one stone to turn (the stones suddenly disappear in such a way that they cant be found as to be turned).

either we need more police, better equiped, more public participation or a healthy mix of all the above in curbing crime and making criminals pay for crime, right now citizens are paying dearly.


Anonymous said...

You claim here that the public has the right to did into the private people as soon as they are in public eyes. You may have referred by saying this to one Esther Passaris who has two children without being married (actually three but one died after being borne). But what about people like Jeff Koinange who as a married man started to have a love affair not only with Marianne Briner who could have been his mother and ended up in raping her. And not only her as some women also in Kenya have confirmed in the meantine because they have been infected by him with Herpes. A disease which cannot be cured and which was the reason why his wife could not conceive until both attended a clinic in SA to have a child 'in vitrio' as the medical expression describes this procedure.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:53

acha upuzi

Anonymous said...

Fact is that it was the article of the Kenyan Date Rape Journalist Jeff Koinange published here on Kumekucha which made JK loose his job because of the enormous amount of readers of this blog worldwide. This was confirmed by CNN and by JK himself. You see, Kumekucha has a longstanding experience to dig into the private life of people and Oscar is only following in Chris footsteps. Why blame him? He is only doing a job he has been asked to do.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans!! Most bloggers completely ignore the extremely serious issue of the bus hijack and continue rumbling about politics. The politicians are safe with their bodyguards, unless their helicopters fall, while we continue payukaring over them while being raped and maimed. We should look into the root cause of the rising crime, it all boils down to the rising gap between the rich and the poor.

Politicians take home obscene amounts of money while the majority are feeling the bite of the rising prices.

But this still doesnt explain the brutal habit of raping, killing or humiliating a victim instead of just stealing from him or her. Education is the key. The government has to do something about this rising crime level. Shooting to kill is stupid. They should arrest suspects and talk to them to know all the ways the guns get into the country and stop them. Policemen and politicians involved in crime should be severely punished. Forensic labs should be set up and a database of fingerprints of every adult should be set up to immediately identify suspects after a crime.

These are the things the govt should do and kenyans should push for instead of fighting and payukaring over politics and politicians who are only looking after themselves and their own.

Recently a lady was raped in mombasa old town by a tuktuk driver and his friends, something I had never heard of when I was growing up there. In a civilised country the case would have been highly publicised and a few suspects arrested for quetioning, even if it meant lining up all tuktuk drivers who fit the description and asking them their whereabouts and doing an identification parade. But nothing has happened so far.

We pay our leaders to guide and protect us, we should stop worshipping them and ask them to do their job. Kenyans should understand that WE pay these people, as we pay all civil servants in govt offices and all police men so that they serve and protect us. We should demand our rights!!

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