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Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Big Boys: Raila Enters Global Political Arena in Style

As V-P leads ministers in prematurely absolving ECK of electoral malpractices

The Big Boys:Nkurunziza, Mutharika, Mbeki, Schwab, Kufuor, Odinga
(WEF 04/06/2008) (Picture courtesy World Economic Forum)

In his first official trip abroad as Prime Minister, Raila is significantly representing Kenya at the World Economic Forum in Cape Town, South Africa where more than a dozen African leaders together with over 800 participants from 50 countries are participating in the 18th World Economic Forum on Africa. WEF is a prestigious global event which brings together senior government figures and high-level international business leaders in order to plan for a more integrated world and at the same time help both groups make connections which will boost investments.

That Raila Odinga is leading Kenya’s high powered delegation to WEF speaks volumes about the elevated status of Kenya’s statesman. His opening remarks at the conference clearly indicate the formal emergence of Raila in global politics. It also signifies a new chapter in Kenya’s dormant foreign affairs policy.

In a keynote speech at the opening plenary session yesterday, Raila was accorded a thunderous applause by conference delegates when he rebuked African leaders whom he accused of turning a blind eye to poor governance and disrespect of democracy. Said Raila: "The mediocrity with which Africa has been ruled is what is responsible for African underdevelopment."

To more applause, he also attacked Zimbabwe's government: "Still today, it is unfortunate that in an African country elections can be held and no results are announced for more than one month, and African leaders are silent about it. It would not happen in Europe."

These remarks were made in front of six African Heads of State including Thabo Mbeki of South Africa who many hold directly responsible for sustaining the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. No other African leader, even within the SADC, has ever told-off Mbeki to his face on his preferred and obviously unworkable method of ‘quiet-diplomacy’ while the majority of Zimbabwean citizens languish in poverty and widespread hunger. Read the news report on Raila's speech here.

Back in Kenya, in an even more politically significant development, the Nairobi Star daily newspaper published an interesting report today that said Raila is due to be reinvented when he shall be installed as a Kikuyu Elder in a ceremony to be held on July 20 at the famous Riringu Stadium a few miles from Mukuruwe wa Nyagathanga – the mythical home of the Kikuyu Adam and Eve – Gikuyu and Mumbi. The ceremony is being organized by a group of Kikuyu elders and politicians operating under the umbrella of economic inclined MEGA – a breakaway faction of the tribal inclined GEMA – which incidentally also held a meeting recently in a bid to reinvent itself.

The same day Raila was addressing the WEF conference, a group of cabinet ministers led by V-P Kalonzo Musyoka were making categorical and shocking remarks that not one single individual in the ECK will ever be charged in a court of law for events that led to the post election violence last December! Kalonzo insisted that ECK Commissioners did not commit any electoral malpractices and that Kivuitu and all his fellow commissioners would go ahead a serve their full terms.

While Raila is representing Kenya at economically beneficial event in SA, the PNU crowd are busy opening healed wounds and trying very hard to trigger ethnic divisions in Embakasi constituency in the name of campaigning for a PNU candidate.

What has shocked observers is that although the Kriegler commission has just begun its work, it seems Kenyans are being prepared in advance to accept that whatever the findings of the Kriegler team, its recommendations will not be acted upon. This was the Vice President of Kenya speaking without batting an eyelid.

The conduct of leaders in handling public affairs has never been under so much scrutiny. What has happened in this country since December 2007 has clearly built and fortified the image of Raila to an impregnable level and he is now a depiction of an accomplished African statesman who has shown great level of restraint, torelance and leadership at a time when Kalonzo, Uhuru, Karua and their henchmen are hell bent on driving this nation towards ruin. The principals of good governance that Raila spoke about at the WEF conference cannot be seen in the utterances of any of our local PNU leaders.

This is why I am today making a prediction that many will agree with. Barring an assassination, continental pundits, including yours trully, have already placed their bets that Raila will be Kenya’s next president and ODM will leave the Kalonzo/Uhuru/Karua axis trailing a distant second.

The next elections are scheduled for 2012 but may come as early as 2010 depending on the unity of the grand coalition government and also whether or not a new constitution passes the referendum test.

Have you placed your bet yet?


Anonymous said...

Phil...just keep wishing.

Anonymous said...

My My My bet is right where it belongs: RAO for PRESDENT (sic). Someone should teach these PNU guys a lesson

Anonymous said...

it's a dream purely because the election can always be rigged! Kenya's political players lack the credibility and goodwill required to nudge the country in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making a point- What is happening now with kalanzo musyoka is a scared hyena smelling a defeat- When did he go to any conference Kibaki or Kilonzo and received a thunderous applause?? sources say Martha Karua and Kalonzo Musyoka gave already made a deal for the next elections to derail Uhuru Kenyatta while he sleeps and gets drunk- they both call him the drunkard pathetic child who thinks or imagines that he will be served the Presidency on a sliver platter like before and they have both vowed not to allow it to happen even if it is Kibaki's last election promise to Uhuru - this is from a very close source to Kalonzo and Martha Karua-
Their plan is to keep destabilization the coalition this helps in effect that kibaki can not handle the grand coalition he signed on against karua's and Kalonzo's advise- this sources confirm that both will never forgive kibaki hense making sure Uhuru Kenyatta does not see the daylight of statehouse!!

can you imagine this pundits Martha Karua and kalonzo Musyoka are very sure of winning the next Presidency and the agreement in place is Kalonzo Musyoka president and Martha Karua Vice President - Martha said that she know's kenyans would not give her the Presidency vote but Kalonzo will sign her on as his VP and that my friends has already been signed in red Ink while Uhuru as they both say is asleep and getting stupidly drunk(they have no love lost for Uhuru this two individuals) let the truth be told. our sources has been privy to all this meetings and was shocked on the part of this two individuals plnning to distabalize the coalition to proof the point to their supporters that kibaki was wrong to sign on the coalition government - this is in other words underming kibaki while playing lip- service too him- like i said politics is a biatch and if we are not careful kenya will go back to the dark days we saw happen after the 27th December elections if Kalonzo musyoka and Martha Karua are left to have their way- pray for kenya my friends- The above is from a very very reliable source- just scared of the country going back to unrest.

Anonymous said...

Anon5.35, Raila Odinga will never be the president of republic of Kenya! PM is the closet he will ever get to the presidency.
The next president will be Kalonzo Musyoka.

Anonymous said...


Good work. But big words and performance/results are not necessarily related. We are yet to see anything other that hero worship. Can we wait for 2012 or 2010, whichever is the case?


Anonymous said...

Very incisive, Phil. The forces of good in Kenya, from our brothers and sisters in Central Province down to the NEP and back to the Coast, are forming and ready to work with a team that will wrestle the nation we all love from the cartel that's subjected us to impunity and mediocre leadership since independence.

Friends, when the time comes, don't be caught asleep!

Sam Okello

Phil said...

More Updates

Kenyan PM Condemns Mugabe

Here's another on how and why Raila is outdoing Mbeki

Africa: Odinga Tackles Continent's Leaders

Here's a 'mere ceremonial' Prime Minister outdoing respected and long serving heads of state at a neutral international platform that has nothing to do with the usual ethnic and narrow political party interests in Kenya.

Need I say more?

A Kisumu resident was last night being interviewed about Obama's victory. He said kama huyu Obama anaeza shinda na ashikane na CHUNY PINY, basi hii dunia haita kuwa na shida tena. I shall not bother to translate the Swahili but I was informed 'Chuny Piny' is dholuo and roughly translates Heart of the Country, ie RAO.

Call it hero worship or whatever, I agree with this Kisumu resident entirely. And the links provided above and in the post proves this viewer right!

Kwale said...

Phil, I can see you are infatuated by RAO. It’s evident now that you are in fact suffering from delirium of those people living in a cloud-cuckoo-land. Only a mug (fool) can believe anything written from Nairobi star. The paper is crappy filled tacky naffy stories meant to create heat with no light.
With schism already within the ODM ranks, you should know its inevitable the symbiotic relationship within ODM is not going to last. ODM is undoubtedly a party of tackiness par excellence with no nebulous ideas. The worst party ever in Kenya living memory.

As for RAO, we've all heard the saying that ‘a cat has nine lives’; it will indeed take nine lives for Raila Odinga to be the next president of Republic of Kenya.

But all the same, its good to dream.

Anonymous said...

Chris and your ilk,
Your obsession and cheap fanaticism with Raila stinks. Is Raila a semi-god? During Moi’s one-party state, your skills could have come in handy. Moi loved empty-headed cheerleaders like you; cheering for the sake of it without any weighing the merits. What’s so special with Raila attending an African leaders’ summit and being photographed with African presidents? Don’t you think your hollow sing-praises expose your inferiority complex and that of the man you are seeking to hero-worship.

If we abhorred empty praise singing during Moi’s days, we still abhor it today. Let Raila and other leaders be judged by their deeds and actions and not so cheap hero-worshiping even when they go wrong. You are today’s Kariuki Chotara and Shariff Nassir who defended and sang praises for Moi even when he made a fool of himself in public. Grow up and be yourselves and stop aping Raila like a god. Raila is busy feeding his family while you go hungry spending sleepless nights worrying about him.

Anonymous said...

Once they said RAO was unelectable, and that they had miracles.....ya where are they? Now some are saying he will never be president....We have had two kuyo presidents what have they done? Fucked up the country...thats what....wacheni uwivu..... We are building the nation they are schememing for 2012 always out of sync with the people. lets not bother about them we give them too much credit. Kifucky is the pris-dent so what? The only thing he has done so far is top up marks for kuyo retards so they can catch up with the rest of us. This same thief was ruling kenya for the past 5yrs all we saw was theft....and incompetence.....a.k.a laidback leadership. Photo Op with transparency int. mchana while usiku anglo fleecing no amount of mudslinging of RAO will undo what the thief did he screwed his term he was given the chance by RAO himself, the pnua haters are busy can't wait for 2012 they have nothing to do with an even playing field they want it tilted to their favour...GROW UP..kenya is marching forward..lick your wounds like the Clintons. kalooser should go shag karua if they can't find time to have a decent development record.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best posts I've seen here, including the bold move by Raila at such a high meeting, but then the post had to relapse into the lowest common denominator of ODMism, instead of analyzing the real implications of that boldness. Pity.

Anonymous said...

Raila will not only be the next president of Kenya but he is currently the de-facto President, recognized both locally and Internationally. Raila won the elections square and clear and the thief-in-chief is just warming the seat for him. The good thing about all this is that it gives all and sundry a chance to clearly see who the true kenyan leader is

Anonymous said...


You didn't tell us why Raila finds it necessary to struggle so hard to be installed a tribal elder of each and every village? Why does he crave so much about tribal validation? Why can't he just sell his program for a better Kenya instead and let the chips fall where they may? Do the youth of today really care who wears the monkey-skin head-gear of their sub-location?

My friends from the Slopes tell me that they can't remember such a ceremony being held in recent memory and that somebody somewhere will be fooling somebody else at Ruring'u Stadium. They say that type of ceremony is as outdated in the region as wife inheritance. Also, they tell me that Ruring'u and Mukurwe Wanyagathanga are far apart, one is in Nyeri and the other is in Murang'a.

For me, I doubt that is the way ODM will penetrate Mt. Kenya vote. It is not a ceremony those people take seriously. Plus MEGA guys are the same people whom Raila castigated four years ago as forming the organisation for the sole purpose of economic take-over of the country by one community.

Vikii said...

Give credit where it is due; Phil is an avowed youthwinger of Raila's and he has that right.

That said, I honestly find you very excitable. According to you, Raila addressing a regional economic forum is something out of this world, don't you? He is only doing what has been done by so many other Kenyans before. Ati Raila upstaging Mbeki? Give me a fucking break. I am not a fan of Mbeki's and never will, but trying to bring him down to the level of a Kenyan messenger and believing your own words is the height of delusion. These are two individuals that play in different leagues and we need to view them as such.

"What shocked observers is that although the Kriegler commission has just begun its work, it seems Kenyans are being prepared in advance to accept that whatever the findings of the Kriegler team, its recommendations will not be acted upon. This was the Vice President of Kenya speaking without batting an eyelid."
This is trash and you know it. Raila was campaigning in Embakasi a couple days ago and he was leading the chorus 'prosecute kivuitu and the police commissioner'. If we need to wait for the conlusions and recommendations of the Kriegler team before deciding on the fate of the ECK, then he should have shut his mouth as well! If he has the right to give his little opinions, everybody including Kalonzo and Karua, has.

So Raila is the next President of Kenya, especially after being installed as a Kikuyu elder? Interesting.I choose not to engage in daydreams, bets or wishes. I will wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Phil, how low and daft can idol-worship and psycopancy go??? How many meetings did illiterate MOi attend and address while he was the president of Kenya. What is this rubbish Chris is advocating here. IT is very low. In fact it is a show of penuty on the part of the inteligence of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Upto now Raila did not lead anything except throwing some homecoming parties and making some speeches. I did not see or hear him take over the lead at all. He announced to meet the Mungikis - silence about that now. I heard him promising to visit Kibera and make sure the IDP's were going home safely - he neither went to Kibera yet nor did he go to the camps. I think he is too busy furnishing his new office, buying his new car, employing more security details (South Africans since like Biwott he does not trust the ones in Kenya) and making sure that his private business is more fourishing, just in case. In other words, he is busy like all of us to feed his family. Only difference, where we live on Ugali and water, he lives on Kaviar and Champagne. And if it is true that he accepts to become a Kikuyu Elder, it only demonstrates which is the most important tribe in all Kenya. What a shame for all Luos to see him decorated as a Kikuyu. If he really goes through this ceremony, he underlines that ruling Kenya means, you have to become a Kikuyu Elder. I hope he realizes that this would be the biggest mistake he could ever make.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Anon 8:23

Phil this is an excellent post, and very bold of RAO but we need to move on from the attitude we've been stuck in of any gain made by other side is rubbed in the face of the rival. Its a little juvenile and we really need to move on. Phil/Chris and others can someone touch on the real economic outlook (inflation, potential food shortage/famine, global recession and its impact on kenyans etc) i think there's some hard times ahead and people need to be educated/informed so as to discuss mitigating steps to be taken.


. Despite his experience in politics we still have to acknowledge that he has usually been denied full access to state resources and even now is still trying to ensure more access. This means that

Phil said...

You can spot them a mile off!

Good-for-nothing PANUaist. Mezeni wembe fala hizi.

Not a single comment to support Raila's gallant efforts in highlighting the plight of our Zimbabwean brothers at an international forum, and even more sadly ignoring the simple fact that a whole generation has been wasted in Africa to the point colonised Africa were living a much better life than the current so called independent and sovereign Africa! And when a Kenyan comes along to point out these inadequacies - he is branded a dreamer.

Africans will always be Africans!

Anonymous said...

Phil ... Raila may be installed the tribal elder of this or that, but it will not cut it with the Kikuyus. (Don't forget he is already entangled with Mungiki in search of the same elusive GEMA vote). Unlike Kalonzo who is taking the Kikuyu vote for granted, it is admirable that Raila has realized that he will need Kikuyu vote to ever become president. However, if Raila realistically wants to be president of this country he should call a rally at Uhuru Park and withdraw unconditionally the "kabila adui yetu" statement he made last year in reference to the Kikuyus. He must then apologize to all Kenyans for having uttered that divisive statement which almost led to genocide. Such a gesture would show him as a statesman who recognizes and acknowledges when he wrongs others, and who also learns from his mistakes. By his current endevours, he is trying to enter the House of Mumbi by crawling through the short grass of MEGA (as he tried last year through Njonjo). The home owners can spot him from a distance. He needs to come through the main gate otherwise he risks being treated as an interloper, or worse, as a chicken thief.

Anonymous said...

Central kikuyu mafia can shout all they can and throw tantrums like small kids!! the fact remains kibaki rigged election!! fact is kibaki ands his cronies have looted kenya dry and another fact is Raila handed kibaki the presidency in 2002 on a golden platter in fact when he traveled to central othaya with kibaki- people stop the convoy every step in central calling Raila `hero`hero` yee those kikuyu`s with short memories:) b

but guess what he come back in 27th December 2007 and won the elections hands down!! kenyans and the world knows that is a fact!!Kibaki and his goons went on a killing spree on Odm supporter before the elections and after and this attacks were masterminded during the famous dinner at kibaki`s resident on both occasion when he met the mungiki gang leaders!!

AND PASS THIS MESSAGE TO THE CENTRAL KIKUYU THUGS- IF YOU CAN`T STAND RAILA`S PRESIDENCY!! GO BACK TO CENTRAL LESOTHO AND STAY THERE!! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN THE ABOVE PROVINCES!!(actually our provinces will be safer and all the tribes in this provinces enjoy co-habiting with each other)

Vikii said...

What a flawed arguist you are, Phil! Tumekuwa mafala kwa sababu ya kudinda kukujoin kwa hizi sala zako. Jameni tumuabudu Mungu mtakatifu katika roho na pia mwili.

Kama mimi ni fala, basi wewe ni nini?
In fact wewe ndio utameza wembe. Umekuwa ukimeza for some time already.

Anonymous said...

anon9:55 AM

Did you sincerely expect any better from Pnu kikuyu gang!! you will wait for ever!! kikuyu`s are known to be the most ungracious and jealous human beings and that is why they can never accept any other tribe in Kenya to claim glory!! but soon they will be put in their place - watch and wait- they will be forced to live according to other tribes rules or stay in central and co-habit among their own tribesmen!! don`t get me wrong no other tribe in kenya will feel the loss!! they are a burden on other tribes!! land -thieving- mungiki!! e.t.c who needs them!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Kwale said...

Anon 8.50…Kenya at present is like France, where Legislative powers are vested in both the government and the National Assembly. Both countries are unitary semi-presidential republics, meaning the executive powers have two leaders: the President of the Republic, who is elected directly by universal adult suffrage for a 5-year term and is the Head of State, and the Government led by the Prime Minister.
In France, the Prime Minister is ultimately responsible for governmental policy; he or she is generally blamed for the government's failings. As a consequence, the popularity of a PM may start high, and then plummet, depending on circumstances. While some consider the position of Prime Minister as establishing political stature for a presidential bid, it is also arguably a very dangerous position because of the possibilities of unpopularity.

I am sure you don’t need a reminder of this; on 28th February 2008, President Mwai Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga signed an agreement on the formation of a coalition government in which Mr. Odinga would become Prime Minister. Under the deal, the President would remain as the head of state while the PM would be the head of govt. He accepted it and signed it. So, I don’t know where this fascination with RAO as the president de-facto is coming from. Just because he was photographed with world leaders at World Economic Forum does not make him the president of Republic of Kenya. Even Fran├žois Fillon, the French Prime minister is seen around the world attending meetings and the French people don’t make a fuss it.

Anonymous said...

Phil - stop complaining that nobody recognizes Raila's gallant gesture regarding Zimbabwe. The silence about it is based on the fact that it is nothing more than just that, a gesture. There is something more true observers will not forget (although all ODM worshippers continue trying to push it under the carpet) and this is the fact that Raila was part for quite some time and especially during the most surpressing years of the Moi-Administration and never ever opened his mouth to critisize the bad system. Although he had spent years behind bars, he never ever doubted Moi's dictatorship of ruling. Why? Because Moi gave him the chance to make a fortune - to lead the Odinga clan from bankrupcy to becoming millionaires - and to the admiration of all Luos that their son of the lake is so clever. People have also not forgotten that he supported Kibaki with the same aim as before: to increase his fortune. And again to the even inceased adimiration of his blind followers. You call him a Messias? I would call him a realistic politician and one of the kind only Africa can produce: riding on the hopes of desperate people feeding them with false promises. Because also Raila knows very well that he had delivered promises, promises he will never be able to keep, but he is clever enough to know what people want to hear. For many - especially for the youth - he is a symbol for everything they could dream of knowing that they have no chance to ever achieve it, not in a million years. And that's why they put him on a pedestal - a modern African Messias, one only a country down on its knees by a corrupt government could produce.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the article Phil. I agree with others that speeches alone are not enough to measure a person for the Presidency, but for all you Kaloozer sympathizers between Prime Minister Odinga and Kibaki's adopted son kaloozer who has done more, what exactly has kaloozer done to expand democratic space in this country, did he not vote against multi-party politics in Kenya when he was still Moi's son? Please just because ignorance is bliss does not mean you have to sing about through foolish praise for coward leaders, even Karua is stronger leader than this boy, I don't agree with her politics but she stands firm, kaloozer looks for miracles!!

Anonymous said...

RAO being made a Kikuyu elder for votes ... heeeheeheheee! Last time I heard, he had married his son (Fidel) to a Kikuyu lady for the same votes .... heeeeheeheee! That is called Facing Mt. kenya and sucking up to the votes that matter in Kenya. Poor Raila has to go through all this. It is not fair, but again who said that this world is fair to those who sell their souls for votes .... heeeeheehee!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Phil umeshasikia " Kutangulia sio kufika" ? Ask Kalonzo about it when he was still originally in ODM, further more ask RAO about it when he vied for presidency in 97?

Vikii said...

Kwale, with all due respect the leader (head) of both the Kenyan government and the Kenyan state is Mwai Kibaki, the president. Just for the record.

Anonymous said...

If Raila is stooping that low to become a Kikuyu Elder and at the same time claiming that one of the real Kikuyu Elders (Kibaki) stole his Presidency, it only shows that Raila is willing to sell his soul to the devil. Or has already sold it when first claiming to be cheated by Kibaki and then signing the peace deal to become Kibaki's Prime Minister. Because that's what this position means: Kibaki is the Head of State and Raila is his Prime Minister. That's what I would call an African dance around the golden calv. And all ODM followers can scream until they are hoarse, fact is and will remain that Raila has left all of you behind when he signed that deal. He gives a "sh.." about what some small people in this blog and around Kenya think. He is playing in the Premier League and all of you are expected to applaud, nothing else. So stop whining here and trying to blame the Kikuyus, GEMA and the rest of the Mount Kenya Region for your misery. Look at Raila, he is moving on enjoying his good life. Do you really believe that he has some sleepless nights thinking of the plight of all those poor people who because of him have lost their lives and/or their properties? Are you really so dumb to believe this?

Anonymous said... who is extremely ignorant of facts.
He does not NEED them.

oh yea 10:33...hmmmmm obviously you did not impress anyone, hehehehehe!!

Sayra said...

Am very proud of Raila for the speech he made in SA. Its time someone bold enough stood up to these african MF (or rather the so called political leaders) who think they are the 1st class citizens in africa while the rest are 2nd or 3rd class depending on where their loyalty is.

We are always trying to lay the blame else where but its time we start looking at ourselves for the mistakes we have made and/or our contributions to the mistakes in this beautiful continent of ours.

However, I wont bet by just hearing a nice bold speech ... even Moi had some really nice speeches that used to excite me then. I will wait and see and watch, as i do what i can in my kidogo influence.


Vikii niaje. Am glad ur back!

Anonymous said...

I for one am for unity but I do not think Prime Minister Odinga necessarily needs Kikuyus he didn't in 2007 and he won, they vis a vis kibki and co then stole the votes of the people. So lets not fool ourselves, although I would say many, dare I say the majority of Luos voted for Raila because he is also luo, they nonetheless voted for the most progressive candidate in 2007. In the same vain I would say that that the people from the many other tribes who voted in solidarity with their luo brethren did so because they knew then like thy know now that he is the best candidate. Because he Raila is progressive he is now reaching out to the kikuyu. As we all know we Kenyans we all love our native sons, but I can see Raila campaigning in central province regardless of the response he gets because he is no coward. On the other hand I cannot see a thief like Kibaki doing so without Raila, nor could I see a coward like Kalonzo doing so without a mircale crowd accompanying him. Again I must state that I am not a fan of Karua, but I give credit where credit is due and I can see as I already have this lady doing just. I think as Speaker Marende further enhances democratic space in parliament through televised coverage and more Kenyans are able to see what our politicians are about, you will see that someone who voted against the laws the allowed him to participate and later finish a distant third in 2007 elections could not be serious contender amongst educated Kenyan voters.

Phil said...
Kenyan PM describes Mugabe as a dictator

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga described President Robert Mugabe as a dictator on Thursday in one of the harshest attacks on the Zimbabwean ruler by another African leader.

Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai defeated Mugabe in a March election but failed to win the required majority to avoid a run-off. Tsvangirai's MDC party says it won the poll and is taking part in the June 27 ballot under protest.

"I have advised Morgan Tsvangirai to accept to participate in the run-off, which has been called because dictators know no boundaries," Odinga told a news conference at the World Economic Forum for Africa in Cape Town.

Odinga disputed the victory of Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki in an election in December, prompting deadly clashes, but the former opposition leader then agreed to a power-sharing deal.

Odinga said Tsvangirai's decision to campaign in the run-off would show "how far Mugabe and his cronies are willing to go."

Zimbabwe's opposition has said it fears that Mugabe's officials will rig the results of the run-off to extend his 28-year rule, as they are accused of doing in past elections.

"As a pan-Africanist, I think that I would be failing in my duty if I did not point out that what is happening in Zimbabwe is a big embarrassment to the entire continent of Africa," Odinga added.

"We cannot be speaking about democracy and democratization of the continent when we condone what is happening in Zimbabwe."

It is rare for African leaders to publicly criticize Mugabe, who is still seen as a hero by millions on the continent for fighting to end British rule in Zimbabwe in 1980 and for supporting other anti-colonial struggles.

South African President Thabo Mbeki has been among those criticized for taking too soft a line on Mugabe's government, which has presided over an economic meltdown marked by inflation over 165,000 percent and chronic food shortages.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

What a laugh. Raila and Mbeki are hardly in the same league mister, and the big boys do not attend the WEF and feel hot. The big boys attend the exclusive G8 meeting of world economic powers, to which Mbeki along with the leaders of India, Brazil and China are regularly invited. The day Raila is invited to that, then we will agree he has come of age. Otherwise, other Kenyans have already preceded Raila and addressed the WEF Plenary before. Ayisi Makatiani of Africa Online fame(he was the first Kenyan invitee ever and was even interviewed by Richard Quest on CNN), Titus Naikuni, Chris Kirubi and Manu Chandaria have already been there and done that, and they were invited there on their own merit not as Govt reps, as Raila obviously is. So please cool your jets before you implode. Raila has a loooong way to go before he can be called a shooting star.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with his judgement regarding Mugabe, Raila is not the only one who has condemned what is happening in Zimbabwe. He is neither the first nor will he be the last. But coming from his mouth it is not regarded as important enough to even listen to. Reason: Raila supported Moi during the last dark years of his rule, he supported Kibaki knowing that the would just continue would Moi started and he accepted now to become Kibaki's servant (under the embrella of a hollow and empty Prime Minister poste - a position which is not even existing in the Constitution of Kenya but only on some papers written with the help of Kofi Annan. So what is this whole screaming about leading Kenya about? Raila is where he is because some Kikuyus have decided so. Like it or not but Raila has become the obedient servant of the socalled Mt. Kenya Mafia. And willingly for his own personal reasons not for the sake of Kenya. He has left the Lake a long time ago. Just remember how happy he was when his son got married into the highest Kikuyu circles and how proud Ida was walking next to Mama Ngina when she was attending the wedding ceremony - Kikuyu style.

Anonymous said...

Since Obama's name keeps in triggering on this blog and certain people claim to own him, I am surprised to see that none of you ever mentioned that his father was already married to a Luo when he proposed to Obama's mother who did not know anything about his Kenyan wife. That's why their marriage in the States was then not even recognized and his mother left his father when Obama was only six months old, although their legal separation was then declared some time after. That's also the reason why Obama had no contact to his father who tried to defend himself when he visited him in Hawai years later. But their relationship continued a difficult and even very cold one because Obama - being a Christian - could not understand how and why his father had cheated his mother. Obama's father continued living with his Kenyan wife (Obama has seven half brothers and sisters). So much to that. He is American and always felt like that. A very proud one too.

Anonymous said...

You heard what kalooser said , kivuitu to stay till his term ends! that means until december 2012 , another kivuitu mathmatics in 2012 and Kalonzo will be commander in chief.
God help kenya from the three heade monster known as GEMA , it is there in the book of revelations that a 3 heade serpent will cometh, this is it people pray hard for kenya

Anonymous said...


when a rabid okuyu kabilanist spews hate mixed with lies, you dont just laugh, you cry for him.

where has he been??? does he not know we changed the katiba to allow for a PM and then enacted a constitutional act of bunge to have a coalition govt?

does he forget that in april 2008 our parliamentarians went to bunge and in 2 sitting passed the laws?

ujinga ya mkikuyu kabilanist si ya ku chekea. muonee huruma sana.

its not mistake yetu that hakuna seed hata moja ya agikuyu imezaa kitu ya maana inje ya kenya.

siyo makosa yetu. aulize babake na mamake. maybe ni vile wanalala usiku. wakule samaki kwanza. :-)

Anonymous said...

GEMAA must be contained by all means ati they want to make martha karua deputy president then kibaki will exit slowly and enter karua , why in the hell would we need a deputy president yet we already have a vp and a pm , this is plain ridiculous i dont know yaani hawa watu si watu , they write a 33pg report only to sneak in one clause that is major and the rest is the usual rhetoric, washindwe kabisa.I thought ODM had representatives in that panel.

Anonymous said...

What is going on in Kilgoris? Why do the Kipsigis want to dominate through ODM the local Maasai people? Why is ODM imposing an "outsider" parliamentary candidate on the Maa people? How do you explain the Maasai exodus out of ODM to go and support the PNU candidate? It is not lost on the Maasai people that the Kalenjins were settled on Maasiland (Trans Mara & Mau Forest in Narok) by Moi by force. And now these "foreigners" are being imposed as leaders on the Maasai by RAO/ODM!! These neo-colonialism on Maasai by other Kenyans must come to and end. RAO must understand that Kilgoris is not Ugenya where he imposed Orengo after he was floored by the indomitable Steve Mwanga. Please, somebody stop RAO before he becomes another Robert Mugabe.

It appears that the glue that held together the various tribal interests in ODM was hatred for the Kikuyus, and that glue seems to be coming off!! This time RAO must find a better glue to bind all of us in ODM. My suggestion is that he should start by being fair to all the tribes that form ODM!!! For example, the positions of the Party Leader and the Secretary General of ODM should not be held by people from a certain bossy community.

Anonymous said...


I agree 100% with what RAO said about mugabe. However, as you say mwafrika atabaki mwafrika and that includes RAO. RAO can talk the way he talks because he has not yet joined the "real" club of African leaders. If he is elected president he will within no time become a "real" african leader, including rigging himself back to power. Trust me, this metamorphosis is a given for all african leaders who come to power with democratic crededials.

About RAO and Obama, is Kalonzo not the closest we have to Obama? "Fluent" and "elagant" are Obama's biggest selling points. Am sure you agree it would be a stretch to apply these qualities to RAO. And am Kamba!

Did Rao win the last election? Well, those of us in disciplines that demand evidence before reaching conclusions would not agree. Even the Americans with all their resources said they could not tell who won. Again it is an assertion that has to be proved with evidence. When odm tried to prove it in a newspaper advert, they claimed that Kibs got 48, 000 votes in juja which has over 160,000 registered voters!

Who will Ukuyos support for prezi? It will be the person they think best protects their interests. Love or hatred will have nothing to do with it. Since i cannot foretell the future i dont know who it will be. But i think they will decide the election. Explains Rao's preoccupation with them. My two bit advice to him is ofcourse that he should be careful not to annoy the tribes that voted for him last time, especially the kaleos who have a pathological hatred for kikuyus.


Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans let us not resort to insults just coz you don't agree with a blogger's comments.
It is just unlike us....I would excuse such behavior in my grandma's generation.
I repeat again it shows how stupid we all are are...Who lied to you that your comments will be juicy if only you add some tribal sentiments and insults.....Vikii how can you define a fala in simple terms? And dont say Phil started it...2 wrongs dont make a right.
Let us learn to give credit where it is due.....Raila did something that none of the african leaders did...We had an AU summit and no leader including Kibaki raised the issue of Zimbabwe.....So what was wrong with Raila raising it...Is it that Mugabe is Indispensable or just the fact that birds of the same feather flock together.

From some of you yes ...You i would expect us to give suggestions on how we might pull through the crisis that is facing us right now...31% inflation, this was only experienced in Kenya in 1994....we have our own brothers who can't afford the cost of living and yet we are busy yapping about 2012....Who has the guarantee that you will even be there.
Anon 9:36....Raila has been to Kibera.

Let us GROW UP and i rest my case!!


Anonymous said...

Raila was in representing H.E the President and leading the kenyan delegation the same way that Ruto is in Rome leading the delegation and representing the President to the Food crisis talks, so it is either a lack of understanding of protocol or meerly propoganda to suggest or insinuate otherwise. And if taking a photo with other heads of states makes one a big boy as you say or elevates you to their level then the group photo in Rome comprised of many more world leaders so does that make Ruto an even bigger boy. Similarly there are several examples of other kenyan leaders leading other kenyan delegations to other numerous conferences so there is nothing new, and by representing some one does not mean that you become that person. Furthermore, although Raila is entitled to have his opinion and one should support that his comments and statements actually made him look rather silly and stupid in the eyes of most people and especially most government officials who saw it as nothing other than a cheap publicity attempt and he was told so afterwards by President Kufor of Ghana who pointed out that it was not so long ago that those same african leaders he is rebuking namely chair of the AU who is the president of Tanzania and others were in Kenya finding a solution to the post election chaos. Furthermore, there is a government policy on Zimbabwe there is an AU policy on Zimbabwe and his comment that such a thing 'would not happen in Europe or the west' was both ill advised and served to paint him as a puppet of the west.
By making such statements it also shows his own weakness since if he feels so strongly on the matter than he should be able to direct his country's policy on the matter to reflect this opinion, why then do we still have an embassy and ambassador accredited to the Government of Mugabe, why has he not been recalled, why has the Government of Kenya not released a statement expressing the same sentiments that he chose to express in SA. Therefore, the bottom line is that if you are speaking on behalf of the Government and People of Kenya it is both an insult and dictatorial to subject them to your own opinion, he should know better and reserve his own opinions for himself. In short RAO should weigh his words carefully and not play to the gallery as such actions have a nasty way of coing back to haunt you. So although I agree with the comments he made it is a case of wrong time and place. And it would be better if got the Government to change its policy and push for other countries to do the same through the AU, since silent diplomacy can probably achieve more than overt grandstanding. But if he feels so strongly than his first task should be to demand the immediate recall of the Ambassador in Zimbabwe

Anonymous said...

I continue to pause the same challenge to my kuyo friends where is your development record in central?

All your doing is trying to find fault with those trying to make a difference and being cry babies purpoting that the rest of kenya hates you, we are not against you we are to busy for that, we are just for ourselves.

Our paths only meet whe we find you in our grannaries stealing our national wealth otherwise we would never take notice of you.....try going to central lesotho and see if anyone will follow you.

Nation is not happy with Orengo touching on land issue......kibz meddling with the same. Nxt they will be hounding ruto and kajwang.....

You have your ministers what are they doing?

For the record nobody wants anything from you just leave us the hell alone and go to your central heaven.

Your Obsession with fault finding RAO is childish.

Sor far this is a free country you have the freedom to develop, use your hardwork ethic and develop central nobody is stopping you from doing that certainly not RAO.......why do you want him out so badly? Is it becaue he is preventing you from looting? Certainly he is not preventing you from self actualising in anyway. Whats your beef with him.......your behaviour is suspect.

I think comparisons of RAO and Mbeki is silly and flawed Mbeki inherited a rich country he did little to develop, RAO on the other hand has inherited a shit hole created by 45yr of kuyo bad influence thats why Mbeki is on another league but I think that the only fair comparison of leaders is what they have done for their people and how in tune they are with the pulse of their respective that Mbeki is nowhere near RAO currently the question in SA is When Mbeki must go, everyone wants him out black and white....RAO is the darling of the progressive kenyans and I'm happy to note that that is a majority of kenyans as the referundum and the elections proved. I man is judged by the kind of family he has raised and a leader by the regard his people have on him and not how many nuclear war heads they have otherwise Bush would be the best president on earth.

Panuers are so desparate and afraid that RAO is outshining the thief, cause a while back they were preaching that we are all dirty and that RAO will not offer anything better than kibz. that is the lie they have sold to kenyans for a long time and its coming unstuck.....

As for Obama bieng don't stop being luo cause you luo father did not marry your mother....his mother is still your far we have only heard Obama's mother's version and not the fathers.... Its for Obama to choose to Identify with what he considers his roots and not for some luo haters to decide that.

Sir Alex

Vikii said...

Anon 11.42, long live thee. Ivy, if growing up gets me to where you are, I do not want to grow up.

Anonymous said...

good post Phil.

Kwale said...

Vikii, I always stand to be corrected. It's even better to know Kibaki holds all the executives power. Thanks my buddy.

PS Kimi Raikkonen: This weekend Montreal, and then Indianapolis there after. All McLaren favorite circuits. You dropped the points in Monte-Carlos last week and scored nil point. It’s all looking good for my son Lewis Hamilton. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Since PNUers can't do a darn thing right they are obsesesed with who has the biggest dick kinda arguments.....does it really matters who has executive powers this and executive powers that...

Another PNU red herring

.point is kifucky has had that(thanks to RAO) and used it to steal correction anglofleece and tribalise kenya.....did not condem bad governace like RAO did.... no international image to speak of.....pathetic local record

They claimed RAO is obessed with power but look who is tenously trying to prove that the thief has the biggest dick......Bully purile.

They say give a fool enough rope...

lets talk development lets talk nation building not illegal private wealth accumulation....uwizi another red herring....

PNU scores nil on national agenda......

They can't wait for 2012 thats when tribal thinking can stand a chance......

you have nothing to offer in peace YOU Have been EXPOSED!


What are you doing to unnite and build kenya? Nothing so leave.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Vikii...U r the last person i expected to grow up. And by the way what side am i ?

My growing up sentiments was meant for everyone and not specifically you. So spare me


Anonymous said...

I always tune in to this blog for propaganda. It is a tribal blog.Little substance. You can even igonre it for a year, it influences nothing and I can bet even next year, i shall be saying the same kind of stuff with a little bit of raw notes!!

Anonymous said...

Someone please shut Sir Alex up, he doesnt even qualify to be here where the standards are somewhat loose. I'm really surprised at this.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:42 AM - I could not have said it better. I also enjoy posting some comments here attacking Raila and ODM and then to read the reactions of his dumb followers, especially the outcry of the socalled learned and educated ones is making my day. They are not even intelligent enough to realize that for some of us this blog offers a perfect possibility to stir the soup, i.e. get them excited enough to sit down and write some elaborate comments because they feel they have to defend their Messias. This really proves how blind and deaf they have become. God save Kenya.

Anonymous said...

3:42 AM..YOU should take a long walk away from this blog, Sir Alex is here to stay.
You? remember to shut the door on your way out:)

Anonymous said...

You can take a villager from the village but its true taking the ''villageness'' out of him is not possible! Vikki is back as arrogant as usual and still obsessed with his pet subject RAO hatred. Whether you people like it or not RAO is the people's president and Kibaki we are just tolerating bocz we got tired of fighting. Kalonzo has even no face to show infornt of any sensible Kenyan anyamaze Kabisa! The good thing is that tunawangojea and this time round Karua na Kalonzo will only campaign up to total.. So let's see 2012. Ati Karua imagines she can be Kenya's president, which Kenya??
RAO is no coward and he speaks his mind, many pple prefer to murmur in the toilet( like you know who) Mugabe should be told off- Kwani ataupeleka wapi????

Anonymous said...

clarification to my post 4.04 AM -

the reference was meant for the first Anon 3:42 'I always tune into this blog for propaganda' and not to the one asking Sir Alex to leave this blog. On the contrary, I enjoy his comments. The same as I enjoy some of the others who fall into the trap laid out by some of us to get all the blind ODMers coming out of their holes feeling that they have to defend their hero and with that forgetting for some few minutes their own empty and hollow lives. Poor Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Some bloggers here remind me of bano or marbbles.......When you fire a shot and miss you claim, tryzex, if the second one mmisses too you claim mujaribus,unfortunatley in the version I played the third shot was the limit....but some clever guys would still invent a new rule.....For those who knew their bano they took aim once and split the other guys marbble in two.... crackings no paying.....They let the bano do the talking....
Your PNU propaganda is loosing its bite and now your pretending that it was just a game....This is not a primo playing field.......Inter house and all that crap we are trying to build a nation. Your the type of people who took inter house too seriously to the point you forgot that your in the same school......
interhouse like the tribe thing has its place but one must mature and realise that at the end of the day your students in the same school......
I think Panuers have taken inter-house too far. wake up and smell the coffe kenya needs to unite we are even being overtaken by Rwanda what a shame.
We forgive you for being childish some people take time to grow.....but we can't keep changing daipers you know... we have work to do a country to build so style up....just shut up and so your bit.

Sir Alex

Fave said...

I support RAO on putting Mugabe on the spot. It was a very simple question. ‘How can a nation's electoral outcome be withheld for months‘end because of the Hubris surrounding some octogenarian?’ It is shameful and disturbing that a man with one foot in the grave wants to take Zimbabwe down with him as he hurtles to his final destination; A fiery embrace his elder brother Lucifer- as they wait for our own dictator to join them. (For me it cannot be soon enough and I have always asked ‘where is a fatal stroke or a heart attack when a nation needs one?’ I can settle for a fall in the bathroom, anything will do for me!)
We know that other African leaders do not criticize Mugabe based on the very lame excuse that he is fighting colonialism. However, the reason they do not criticize Mugabe is far less altruistic and far more insidious; them, like Mugabe, are murderous louts, leaches and ticks sucking from the emaciated body of their citizenry. Criticizing Mugabe will be a kin to self admonishment.
It is imperative that RAO become the first African leader to call out Mugabe on his own game. I add, let it be on record that RAO did so. And, yes haters, go ahead and hate him so more.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll shut up and do my bit. First, here's a toothbrush and toothpaste for Sir Alex. Second, if you walk into the next room, you will find a surgeon standing next to a bed. Jump onto the bed, for the surgeon is there to transplant a real human brain to replace the pea that's yours/ODMs.
No need to thank me.
And did you hear the door? That was me.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:05 Get your facts straight, just don't go spewing your vetriol on the Obama family claiming to know. From a very reliable source.

Anonymous said...

6:36 AM, Surely is that the best response you could "sound" like a pre-unit child. Grow up!!!

Anonymous said...

not sure what nerve Sir Alex has touched but i am with you Sir Alex, its been a game for PNU first it was phantom economic progress, then phantom tribal acrimony where one group isolated itself from the rest and claimed it was victimised, then soon changed tact to a moribund bantu alliance, then dont know what else. so not its all been a joke. yet 1500 died, 500000 displaced, because someone is poking fun at leaders. hope everyone sees the morbid humor.


Anonymous said...

Going to Jo'burg to make a speech talking about the ill's of African leaders when you sat with the same tyrants on the same government does not make you a decent leader for Kenya.
If Raila is to be the next president, so be it, frankly, I never voted for him and never will because his ideology is about achieving equality by always blaming someone. But he better do some work and he has five years to prove that he isnt a hypocrite. For Kenya to move on, we cannot have Raila, Kibaki or any of these guys who know the loopholes in the political and social system inside out. Look at Europe for example for 600 years they fought, millions died, and it took 70 years for them to form a single economic market and learn the act of tolerance. After 6 months of throwing insults at each other saying that Raila entered in style is nothing but a lack of foresight.

Margaret Thatcher was hated but now she is celebrated as one of the best prime ministers UK ever had. Even though Kibaki is an incompetent politician at times, he is a brilliant economist, and his reforms decades ago and even recently have helped to steer Kenya in a steady direction. So whoever it is who is saying kuyo presidents have messed up, so has the kale one, and so has RAO who in my opinion has campaigned less for his constituents in Kibera than aid agencies. Shameless.

Anonymous said...

If RAO was a Kamau, he would now be busy sleeping, golfing and trading to become a multibillionare at the cost of rahia.

Agwambo on the other hand wants a Continent full of success, free of oppression and cleptomania, corruption and election stealing.

Arap Mibei keep it up. Fight to liberate Kenya and Africa from dark faced colonialists.

Anonymous said...

Eldoret youth are rotting in prisons, while Mungiki are free and killing people in Eldoret. Pastor beheaded Mungiki-style

Anonymous said...

which kamau's are these golfing and trading to become multibillionaires at the expense of others? And what gives you the right to condemn people who may actually make a living from it, in the same way other capitalist systems work in most places of the world? And arent there other so called 'kamau's', who may belong to other ethnic groups who golf and trade too? You are very shallow to say that.

Anonymous said...




Kalonzo alleges plot to smear his name in Kibaki succession
Updated on: Saturday, June 07, 2008
Story by: By Ben Mitukaa

VICE President Kalonzo Musyoka has alleged a plot to smear his name in the Kibaki succession debacle.He said some ministers, who he did not mention names, were undermining him in order to block his quest for the presidency in 2012.Kalonzo said some of the leaders had planted civic candidates in the impending by-elections in order to undermine his ODM-Kenya party.The VP however predicted of more political miracles before the next General Elections.

He said he did not need to be a tribal leader and warned those agitating for political supremacy in Ukambani to keep-off his name.Ukambani politics has split the community’s leaders into two factions, those supporting Kalonzo and those backing Water and Irrigation Minister Charity Kaluki Ngilu.The VP described President Mwai Kibaki as a true statesman and defended his move to join PNU saying it’s the first coalition government that saved the country from blood bath.

He was speaking in Kambu town-Kibwezi constituency yesterday during the home coming party of area MP Prof. Philip Kyalo Kaloki.Four MPs including Agriculture assistant minister Gideon Ndambuki, Kangundo MP who is also the government chief whip Johnstone Muthama, Victor Munyaka, Machakos Town.The legislators vowed to rally behind Kalonzo in his quest for presidency.

The VP in a reconciliatory approach welcomed the immediate former area MP Richard Kalembe Ndile to work with him. Kalonzo disclosed his plan to win over the former MP."I want him (Kalembe) to work with Kaloki, since leaders should stand by principle", he told his political nemesis who has since changed his political base to Nairobi’s Embakasi constituency where he seeking election during the June 11, by-elections.

The VP said he had no bad blood with any Kamba leaders and warned against dragging his name in dirty politics.


Kimi Raikkonen said...

What is the difference between Zimbabwe and Kibera? Raila should get his priorities right.
If Mugabe ever came to Kibera and saw the abject poverty and misery, and could also withstand the suffocating pong from the rotting omena and migongo wasi(mgongo wazi), he would wonder what Raila was getting his knickers all in a twist for. Kweli Nyani haoni...

Kwale, in Montreal, if it is dry, the game is up but if it is wet, you might have a chance. You saw our performance in practice on dry tyres yesterday? This year, Ferrari's speed is a sight to behold, even Lewis said so yesterday.

DawnKenya said...

If and when Raila becomes President, he will be the president of all Kenyans not just ODMers. Let's keep everything in perpective. When he spoke in South Africa he was speaking as a rep of Kenya for all Kenyans. Cheap political points being claimed and cashed in by ODMers or PNUers does not add anything to the development of our beloved Kenya. This endless campaigning is precisely what is holding Kenya back. ODM or PNU it does not matter. What matters is we roll up our sleeves and get to work. In all honesty, Raila is my MP and I am a Kikuyu and I find there is no conflict in my conscience about this. Likewise the success of early kenya was the fact that we all loved JM, loved Mboya et al not because they came from our tribes but because they were development minded and truly cared for us all. We have to go back to that point. Hatred and contempt will only polarize us which in turn will lead to paralysis which will then lead to great suffering for all Kenyans. RAO is shining in SA for all of us not just ODMers. Let's unite as one Kenya. When growing up my friends were a tribal rainbow. We learned a lot from each other and that's the perspective our generation will bring to this tired debate. Surely there is hope in our unity. There is only ONE LOVE.

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