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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trouble Coming In The Rift Valley Courtesy of Daniel Moi

I have never trusted Daniel arap Moi despite the fact that he was a much better president than Mwai “vote thief” Kibaki will ever be. Indeed historians are already re-writing the Moi chapter as they contrast it sharply with the chaotic blundering Kibaki “error” (and not era) which has completely lacked in any semblance of leadership.

But what really concerns me and should concern every Kenyan is the former president’s current political activities in the Rift Valley.

There is now a strong push to rebuild KANU and guess who the new party leader is? It is one Gideon Moi, the immediate former MP for Baringo Central and the former president’s favorite son.

Moi’s plan is really very simple. The idea is to get the vast majority of Kalenjins away from ODM and to rally behind one political party which in this case is KANU. It seems that the older Moi believes that he knows a thing or two about the Kalenjin that Raila Odinga and ODM may not be aware of. One of these “facts” is that the Kalenjins can change their minds in a flash. Especially if a little cash is used here and there to help a few opinion leaders see the sense. The old man is a great believer in “kirigits.” A kirigit is the cow in the herd that all other cows follow blindly and without asking too many questions.

The ultimate strategy is for the Kalenjin to form a coalition with the Mount Kenya tribes in 2012. Indeed it is not lost on the former president that it is highly unlikely that the house of Mumbi will field a presidential candidate in the next elections so soon after Mwai Kibaki. So what is most likely to happen is that the Mount Kenya tribes will be forced to rally behind a Gideon Moi presidency. Now which Kalenjin in their right mind would not want to support one of their own for the presidency?

Already the folks at ODM are feeling the heat of Daniel Moi’s frenzied activity in the Rift Valley and no man is feeling more “roasted” just now than William Ruto. It is said that he has been told in the face to organize for the freedom of post election violence suspects immediately or forget a future in politics anywhere in the Rift Valley.

So will Moi’s crazy plan work?

Actually the more pertinent question should be; will peace and the coalition hold in light of such frantic political activity of the tribal kind? The answer to that question has to be a firm NO.

Ironically the Moi plan is being packaged as a peace initiative for the Kalenjin and you will have heard leaders from the region making statements to the effect that they support the former president’s peace initiatives in the province.

This is really crazy because Moi and comoany seem to have completely ignored the raw wounds in the province that have been brought about by the post election troubles earlier this year.

In my view the most dangerous thing about the activities of the older Moi lies in the fact that the old man has lost it. Life and politics in Kenya has changed considerably and he can no longer play the game effectively. He should just go home and rest and forget the whole thing.

One big mistake Moi is making is that his plans do not factor in the coming famine and serious food shortages that the country is very likely to face. They also completely ignore the coming “class war” where ordinary folks will rise above tribal sentiments and face their real enemies. Namely those who have gotten very rich by stealing public funds and then rushing back to their communities for protection.

In fact Daniel Moi does not seem to be aware of the rapidly emerging political force in the Rift Valley that was most responsible for handing him and his team a resounding defeat in the last elections. I am talking about the relatively youthful voters who can never bite the same old baits that Moi used to rule Kenya for 24 uninterrupted years.

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M-Pesa said...

"..I have never trusted Daniel arap Moi despite the fact that he was a much better president than Mwai “vote thief” Kibaki will ever be..."

Millions of majority voters who voted for Kibaki from every corner of the country would disagree with you on that. In your lenses, Kibaki will always be a bad "vote thief" regardless of what he does since you had to flee the country for your self imposed exile in his tenure. And all along we all thought Chris was this brave fighter ready to die for what he believes in and for the sake of the motherland! Your self imposed exile is indeed an insult to those fighting here on our soil for a better Kenya and to the likes of Muge, JJ Kariuki, Pinto, Ouko, Mboya...Rudi Home!

Anonymous said...

Dont try to see so much in what a lonely old man is doing. You know the kaleos manage their leaders these days!!!! You go astray against the community's goals and you loose terribly. Ask yourself why so far Barngetuny has not started blowing the trumpet the way he always liked to.

But if Raila does not watch out with what he is doing,esp. in MAU, then he could hand Moi an opportunity to poison Kaleos against him. Why cant him leave the minister concerned handle the issue.Mau is too hot for Raila at the moment unless he has alternative land to give the kipsigis.Moi can also poison the masai against the Kaleos especially in the kilgoris and Mau issues..If i was THE PM i would let Mau sort itself out without being eager. This for sure is a set up and He will swallow it raw


Anonymous said...

We should give Moi thumb up for his effort in trying to restore peace in the country. He know Kenya under ODM and Raila Odinga is doomed to fail. So, RV people should heed to his call and stick to KANU.

Phil said...

Quite true Chris.

While the rest of the country are struggling to find means of eliminating negative ethnicity in Kenya, Moi and company are busy using their ill-gotten wealth to strategise how his politically neophyte and equally corrupt son will be as close as possible, if not, Kenya's next president.

As a man who entrenched the deep political, social and economic disparities in Kenya, and is still enjoying an extremely generous pension courtesy of our taxes, Moi should be last person engaging in partisan politics.

ODM MPs who were just a few months ago fighting furious battles at Orange House to get the party's ticket for the general elections are now openly suggesting that they are 'weighing options' because they have sources of additional finance from Moi/Jirongo and Kenyatta axis while at the same time drawing hefty salaries on ODM ticket.

I strongly feel it would have been much better for Moi to offer well thought-out solutions to the myriad of problems facing the nation, perhaps by making good use of his Moi Africa Foundation to cultivate peaceful co-existence of ALL Kenya's ethnic communities.

The alliance that Moi is working on is a weak, selfish and amateurish attempt replicate ODM's PENTAGON by using Uhuru Kenyatta as PM to get the central Kenya votes while propping up a 'neutral' Kalonzo as President, Rift Valley's Gideon as VP, Western's Jirongo as DPM and probably one more unnamed individual from Coast or Nairobi.

What a failure! What an embarassment to this country! The 2005 referendum was defeated by the strength of the millions of young disillusioned voters. The same group were behind ODM's impressive run in the polls. The same youth will surely consign Moi, Kenyatta and Kibaki dynasties to their political graves come 2009 referendum! Perhaps it is time we asked: WHAT DOES MOI HAVE TO HIDE that he is hell bent on determining the destiny of this country by remote control?

What many people, including Chris here dont appreciate, is that unlike Moi who has just been masquerading as Kalenjin spokesman ever since the 1950s LEGCO days , both Raila and Ruto were installed and declared as Kalenjin elders at elaborate ceremonies in Eldoret and Nandi Hills last year. That Moi has over they years skipped this significant cultural rite should not surprise anyone who understands grassroot politics, especially in rural areas and it is one of the main reasons why the ODM enjoys fanatical support in Rift Valley. Raila was even christened Arap Mibei and Moi's three sons were rejected as MPs! On top of this ODM is offering practical long-term solutions like DEVOLUTION as a way of reducing inequality which is the main problem facing millions of Kenyans.

Therefore for me, this latest move by Moi is just but kicks of a dying horse. Pesa ya uizi itabakia hapa hapa duniani!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Kalenjin and honestly your article has totally missed the point. I don't know where you get your facts boss, but this article erodes your credibility. Totally unfounded

Anonymous said...

Chris, Kibaki is the best president Kenya has ever had. You just UK govt or any foreign govt. His only mistake is not allowing Raila have his way.

Anonymous said...

like i have said and i will repeatedly insist on what happened before before the elections results were called!!! why Moi flew in to meet kibaki at the same time and what happened in Eldoret church is connected!! it is only Moi that could have organized such horror

He was a political history after Ruto made sure his sons where even voted out of politics - so why are all the Kikuyu's calling for Ruto's blood for the the rift valley or rather Eldoret church?? without proof?? who os behind all this "MOI and his sons" and remember always the one who shouts loudest is always the guilty party!!

Moi is wasting his time- even the kalejins ans rift valley people (I"M from rift valley) have come to realize that he Moi was involved in a big way in what happened in Eldoret- a plan created by kibaki and him to destruct kenyans on the rigging of elections and the stay in power for kibaki!
They Moi and Kibaki had to come out with such a plan that would shock kenyans and international community so that ODM and Raila and Ruto would be looked upon as unfit to rule kenya!!-
AND THAT WAS THE EDORET CHURCH!!(kenyans are surprised that the culprits were never caught)why?? Only Moi being in the Rift valley is able to mobilize people to do what happened at eldoret church! people are forgetting what happened in Turbo!! Kipkaran!! Lumakanda- when Moi send people t o burn houses and property to chase them out of Nandi areas!! people where also burned in houses then??
Moi will be sorted out soon!! people in the Rift Valley Believe strongly that he had everything to do with the Burning of the church in Eldoret!!this happened immediately after Moi flew back by Helicopter to visit Kibaki at Statehouse just before 2 days before Kivuitu called out that kibaki won!!

And Uganda Museveni was involved in this plan to create unrest in kenya!! but guess what!! Kenyans said No and no!! Moi will answer for this charges people are already talking and sources say some people that took part in that part of unrest and were paid by Moi are already talking!! wait and see the truth will be out soon!!
Moi is a dead horse and He will be shut down.

By the way?? why has Lucy been staying in Uganda all this time??A Ugandan source at statehouse Uganda confirms- all this time Lucy kibaki has been staying with the Museveni family???? odd she just arrived in Nairobi from Uganda!!

If I were Moi!! and his sons I would watch my back!! that security he carries around will not help him soon!! Moi is a murderer and a traitor his sons included! and he better watch out!!

Anonymous said...


You are a blind fool? who voted for kibaki all over the country??? or are you saying how many voters did kibaki send the police to slaughter - because they refused to vote for him??? shameless kikuyu still insisting kibaki won?? that is why kenyans must and will make sure that elections is soon and this time you will all be banished to central lesotho unless you learn to live with other kenyans with respect!! if i were given a chance or if it was in my power i would force kikuyu's to stay in central lesotho and make sure they all receive treatment or counseling on how to stop stealing and beheading other kenyans!!! you m-pesa would high on this list!!you need help!

Anonymous said...


Just watch this Utube clip ( importantly the analyis by Caroline Elkins, the author of Britain's Gulag: The Brutal End of Empire in Kenya.
If you read some of her books you will never hate Kikuyus again. I highly recommend you read "Kikuyu (African People) History of 20th century" by Caroline Elkins.

You see people perish because of lack of knowledge, if you understand Kikuyus and the history of Kenya you would have no reason to hate them or anyone for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans know Moi and kibaki planned what happened in ELDORET church!!
already the people who were paid by moi to do it courtesy of him and kibaki are talking and mentioning how much they were paid!!
the only problem for Moi sources say the same people are now demanding more money!!or else they will come out to in public and say it - some journalist have been trying to convince them to come on air with the story and guess what he used educated with and some actually recorded the conversation between them and Moi plus sons telling them to go burn some kikuyu's and eldoret church happened!! the buck stops with Moi and Kibaki on this one!! people in the Rift valley have realized many of their relatives died in vain- and the two people who planned all this bloodbath are all over the place smiling and still have thier children and relatives alive while they help dig theres 6ft under!! Moi will pay dearly-
Have you seen how many body-guards he walks around with this days?? more than what he used to have after he left statehouse and this body guards were added after the elections? so what is he afraid of?? what did he do that now he is afraid of the Wanainchi in the Rift Valley?? I can answer that very clearly!!

did it have anything to do with Moi's trip to statehouse on the same day??? follow the dots and you will find the truth!!! it is glaring at you in the face - this are the people who planned the horror's kenyans saw and they must face charges no amnesty !!

Anonymous said...

anon5:57 AM
another fool now you are reading a one sided muzungu book written by the same people who colonized kenya- but I will remind you why kikuyu's are hated and maybe read this passage!! J.M karuiki said it all and he was killed by his own tribe!! stop being naive!! open your eyes!!

In late 1960, Kariuki relationship with Kenyatta became increasingly strained as Kariuki became increasingly vocal of Kenyatta's policy. Some of their disagreement were:

Government corruption.
The widening gap between rich and poor due to drought and the oil shock of 1973.
Deteriorating relations among East African Community members.
Unfair distribution of land: After independence, United Kingdom government gave Kenyatta government funds to buy back land from the white settlers and redistribute it back to the natives. However, the land was never redistributed, but most of it was handed over to Kenyatta's close friends. This was somehow similar to what happened in USSR early 90s.
In 1974, he was elected as Nyandarwa's Member of parliament and became an assistant minister in the Kenyatta government between 1974 and 1975. This was despite Kenyatta government pulling all strings at its disposal to avoid his re-election as his popularity threatened to overshadow the government of the day. He was last seen alive at the Hilton Hotel, accompanied by Kenyatta's bodyguard on March 2, 1975. Several days later, Kariuki's remains were found by a Maasai herdsman, Musaita ole Tunda, in a thicket in the Ngong Hills. His fingers had been chopped off and eyes gouged out.

Anonymous said...

anon5:57 AM
Instead of reading books written by Muzungu's?? why not read the truth from J.M Karuiki out kenya hero!!whom you greedy kikuyu's killed??

read!!!this is what J.M warned kenyatta would happen to kenya if he continued his greediness and it has come to pass through kibaki!!

JM constantly warned those that seemed to have acquired a new disease of ‘grabbing’ thousands of acres of land while the majority of Kenyans remained landless.

“This is greed,” he thundered in Parliament in March 1974, one year before he was assassinated.

“It is this greed that will put this country into chaos. Let me state here that this greedy attitude among the leaders is going to ruin this country.”

JM specifically warned privileged elites from Central Province who were taking advantage of their positions to buy up land cheaply from other communities.

“They have even gone as far as Maasailand, saying that they are doing an experiment whereas the whole Masailand has been taken by those greedy people.”

His insight into the creeping inequality in the country acquired a prophetic tone when he warned that if we were not careful, the Kenya would become a country on “ten millionaires and ten million beggars”.

Surrounded by rogues

JM foresaw the danger of ignoring the youth even before formal independence was granted to Kenya.

“If we forget these people (the youth)”, he told Parliament on November 14, 1963, “we will find ourselves surrounded by rogues who are rogues not because they want to become rogues but because they are hungry and this leads them into temptation… The Government should take action immediately before the situation goes from bad to worse.”

He called for a national assistance scheme for the widows and orphans of those who had been killed in the war of Independence and affirmative action for people living with disabilities. He condemned corruption and proposed that no minister or assistant minister should be allowed to sit on any board of a private company because this would lead to a conflict of interests.

On freedom, JM reminded us that political independence was not an end in itself.

J.M Karuiki condemned dictatorship pointing out that emergent African leadership had perverted democracy to mean “Government by a few for a few on behalf of many, whether the many like it or not.”

Kenya is a country of forgetting and moving on. We ignore injustice after injustice until a crisis such as the one we are struggling to recover from catches up with


Anonymous said...

Anon @621 & 6.31

You may also want to note, at the time of his death, JM Kariuki was a millionaire. It is not clear how he amassed his fortune so quickly without somehow engaging on the same vice he was very critical of.

Bring on another one.

Anonymous said...


It's important for you to look at the state of the Kalenjin people. The Moi's no longer have a pulse with these great people. For decade’s majority of the Kalenjin tribes were oppressed by Moi's gang and contrarily to what most of the country knows not all Kalenjin’s prevailed during Moi's era. In fact some of the tribe’s i.e. The Kipsigis and Nandi's suffered major. They lost land, educational prevalence, opportunity amongst other things.

Gideon will try to rebuild his statue in the community… however with no avail. Years down, history will echo “the Moi’s who ruled” The fact is after the last elections; the Kalenjin people showed their might as a people …. They voted as a block and yet at the same time expelled “baggage” (Moi’s, Biwott etc). They truly voted for their interests and not their told upon interest.

The sad reality is that Kenyan’s feel that Moi is more of a hero than Kibaki…..The way I look at it is Moi shot Kenyan’s on the left hand and Kibaki shot Kenyan’s on the right hand. How do you measure what hand was more important? Who did less harm? If you have an answer that can satisfy both left and right handed Kenyan’s then you’ll be just to say Kibaki is worse than Moi.

I cry for Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Moi misruled Kenya for 24 years and yet the anger and resentment was never escalated to the levels that we so witness currently. Ki-fuck-i has only ruled for 5 1/2 years and the country known as Kenya was about to join the ranks of failed states, which is still debatable depending on which side of the divide one stands. I'd take a "goat herder" to be my president any day of the week than a so-called Makerere & London School of Economics Grad. Did he truly get the essence at these esteemed institutions? The wrongs that have been perpetrated on Kenyans will be redressed. It may take ten, twenty or fifty years, but rest assured they will be redressed.

Kipkuny Kokumngueny said...

Boss We dont follow our leaders blindly the way you want to suggest with your "Kirgit Theory".If it was so Moi coould still be the RV kingpin .We were against against Moi before it become fashion .By the way Kibaki alots of votes from RV compare to Moi's project in 2002.

Anonymous said...

moi is like that dirty old man who use to one time teach in local primo and was mzee wa muta,he still thinks he know everyhting and everyone know him, he has mistaken the heshima kwa mzee for fear and submit ion, moi should open his eye, kales are worse of now than in 1978. And its kales paying for the sins of nyayo his cronies and son. Next time not only will house burn but him

Anonymous said...


Having read your previous comment from the previous post, I would say Kenya needs people like you who are well balanced when it comes to the issues of ethnicity.
You sound like a modern day young man who sees tribalism in the ugly side unlike Chris or Mrembo.
I know I will be asking too much from Chris, since he represent an older generation that see Kikuyus as the hindrance to their promised land. And just like the children of Israel in the wilderness, there is no short-cut to the promise land. You cannot flee your own country and fight for freedom when you are in self-imposed exile in a foreign land.

Knoppix!® said...

Its unthinkable the lengths Moi can go to prove himself.One think i like about Moi is that he had shame.In other words he never wanted to do things that would make his subjects get upset openly.Put diffrently Moi alikuwa na aibu.Kibaki on the other hand is shameless.He does reckless undertakings and never feels ashamed in any way.Moi could hide his misdeeds to a pretty good level.So we can say yes Moi was a better president.

On the other side Moi is party to the mess that is Kenya.I find pretty hard to forgive him over so many injustices real or percieved.

If consolidating the RV folks is his pet project then let him enjoy himself.I know he wants to get back at Ruto.He tried RAO and he Got his answer.How i wish most Mps were razorsharp like Ruto.But for all i care,and Phil like we had said before there is alot of infiltration coz guys are broke so they have been jumping to the dirty man being dished out allegedly by UK& Cohorts.

Come election time they will be by RAOs side smiling subserviently.So yes indeed Moi can use that very loophole and infiltrate RV.

But wait a moment,many a voter who are youthful still have a soft spot for RAO and indeed the ODM fraternity.Some wish elections were like tommorrow.I saw some scenario in last year in Kisii where all the Youthful guys coerced their undecided parents to vote ODM.Some however went on to Vote Kibaki.But am told the Votes that RAO got in the Kisii Nyanza was from hugely the young voters.Come to rift-valley where i am resident,the same could be replayed and i doubt the guys have time for Mois antics.Most of them have moved on and are watching how things play out.

SO my take is let Moi enjoy himself as it can be boring when one's grand kids are holed up at Brookhouse school so one gets bored and such projects like his can become handy.

HLumiti said...

So where will the trouble be coming from if the “old man has lost it” and “can no longer play the game effectively”? His dependable kirgit was eaten for supper on 27 December and the herd scattered to the four winds. Meanwhile his favorite, Man Giddy, is sauntering around with the usual hangers on in a delusional attempt at organization when you and I know that he is as clueless as the spoilt brat that he is.

Moi has spent virtually all his adult life with a frenetic schedule in the limelight and is probably finding it unbearable to lie low in retirement. Having straddled the Kenya political landscape like a colossus, he refuses to fade into oblivion quietly and is now simply trying to be relevant in the neighborhood.

As you point out, the old man’s supposedly nefarious schemes are likely to come to naught so I’d rather we left him to his own devices instead of crediting him with dubious cleverness and giving him undue attention.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I posted a comment asking if someone can explain to me if Kikuyus are thieves and crooks, then how come they seem to make it everywhere they go.

To all you Kikuyu haters, please read below one of many success stories of our industrious Kikuyus who fled the country during Moi era and are making it big in UK.

“Gabriel Rwamba went from having no money to owning several recruitment agencies in the UK. A a self-made millionaire with over 8,000 employees in his firm, his company, Eulink Recruitment Company recruits temporary workers for the social and healthcare industry. It has several branches, and an annual turnover in excess of £8 million. Born in Othaya, Nyeri, Rwamba attended Kagumo and Alliance high schools. He studied economics at the University of Nairobi and obtained a Masters degree in finance from Thames Valley University, London, in the course of his entrepreneurial adventures.
Recently, Rwamba teamed up with Steven Kimemia, a former schoolmate at Alliance High School, to launch EaseMove Estates Agency, a venture that is taking the property market in northwest England by storm. EaseMove Estates deals with property sales, renting, conveyancing and mortgaging. EaseMove Estates is currently negotiating with Spanish and American property developers to facilitate the acquisition by Kenyans of holiday homes in Spain and Florida”.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:32 "Because empty debes make the most noise." The need to justify their self worth against the grain of preception from others.

Other see no need to justify or chest thump their successes from roof-tops or mountain tops. Let it be self-evident. Like your brethren from the slopes tend to liken themselves to the Jews, you do not see Jewish people shouting from the Empire State Building or the Sears Tower the milestones and achievements that they have made in academia, business etc.

Anonymous said...


Stop shooting blanks with your posts.

The HOMU (House of Mumbi) has decided that Kalonzo will be the president unless he makes a serious mistake between now and the next elections; and Uhuru will be the PM. Only the VP position is open and for now it is for the Miji Kenda to take. But sober minds from the Business/Golfing sector are putting a strong case for the VP to go to a Nilote preferably from the Kalenjins. Hence, the newly minted amiable Ruto flashing his smile in Othaya and Meru. No serious HOMU boy/girl is talking of Gideon Moi. And certainly, RAO is out of the equation. But as it has been said, a week in politics is an eternity, things could change rapidly with new alliances cropping up like mushrooms. What is almost certain is that HOMU will not present a presidential candidate and whoever they will back will be our next president without a doubt!!

Letting VP go to the Kalenjins raises questions because of the baggages Ruto or Gideon would bring. Ruto's alleged involvement in the post-elections mayhem is quite difficult to overcome in the minds of many in Gemaland. But that could change if the IDPs are successfully resettled and a peaceful understanding reached between the two communities. With Gideon, he is unknown politically; he has never tried to network even with the sons of the rich from this region with the exception of Uhuru. Kirwa would have been considered ideal had he been reelected.

An equally difficulty problem arises when the HOMU boys/girls look at the Luhyas. Luhyas occupy a soft spot in these peoples' hearts, close to the one occupied by the Akamba. But whom can they work with - Kituyi fell by the wayside, Mudavadi is married elsewhere, and Kombo is dependable but has no leadership abilities.

So, the issue of one of the top positions (especially the VP) going to the RV can not be ruled out. At least, not according to the designs of the HOMU opinion leaders.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.16am
Facing a problem head on is the stuff that true leadership is made of ,Raila unlike "you know who" is not a coward who buries their head in the sand and assume things will fix themselves , that is the reason people voted for R in unprecedented numbers because he is the kind of leader who takes the bull by its horn , kama mbaya mbaya,can you imagine a rugby player who is not willing to charge forward what good is he to his team??

Anonymous said...

What bwana moi is doing is courting the kales to troop back to kanu , he is telling them you supported ODM in 07 what did you get , your kids are in jail and the people they foght for are flying in jets and helis ,they are like the prodigal sons of moi.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06

after just having talked about the ugly side of tribalism, in comes anon 10:36

over to you

Anonymous said...

first litmus test

will Embakassi ODM candidate win overwhelmingly demonstrating that the youth (read kenya youth alliance) are serious about support for RAO/ODM? Lets see how that unfolds

Kimi Raikkonen said...

You really are a political greenhorn. There is no way Kikuyus can elect a fellow like Gideon Moi President, and especially not after what they saw under his father for 24 years. How stupid do you think they are? The man is not a leader and never will be. The Man for President is Kalonzo with Uhuru Prime Minister, Coastal Mijikenda VP, and Kisii and RV Kaleo DPM in 2012.
Put it this way, if it was not for his father WHO would Gideon Moi be? Answer: a NOBODY.

Anonymous said...

Did someone tell us that ROOCEY KIBAKI is in Karen Hospital under LOCK and KEY after injuring her SON? Hello


Anonymous said...

this is our GSU, police and army,-as-bandits-kill-10.html

when they are supposed to defend kenyans against armed invasion, they cow away in fear, but when its against unarmed citizens, they come out in full combat gear torturing and harassing even women and children

have our forces turned cowardly? i dont think so, but somebody somewhere is mis-directing our forces,

Anonymous said...

Munyes is just reaping what he sow , there are many more to come.

Anonymous said...

anon9:32 AM
you are so pathetic is that all you can post on here?? and what exactly is his back ground?? you may have give the feds an easy target- he will be soon explaining where he got his money like the kikuyu guy with the closed down college:)- so now you think one example of a kikuyu guy is all you have to show for kikuyu hard work?? you see other tribes do not waste time showing of their wealth and believe me they are more wealthy no-kikuyu's abroad than you can ever imagine but do they say??? nope it is hard earned riches not stolen - they know their worth!! so why show off!! Rwamba you say?? if he teamed up with Steven kimemia then i can guess where this fellows got their millions- kimemia(kenyatta times made lots of money we all know - so which hard work did his old man do than free hand outs from mzee kenyatta to enable his children a cushy life??

Follow the money from the guy in Nyeri and look at who are the shareholders in his companies and you will not be surprised to find people like David kibaki!! chris Muraguri and other shady characters involved in shady deals using money stolen by their godfather Emilio kibaki!! I'm sure if the Feds look closely they might just help the kenyans people to recover their lost money(part of transcentury and charter house money is involved with this Rwamba guy!!

Thanks for telling us where the kenya's lost millions are hidden:):)keep showing off !!

Anonymous said...

when the cat is away the mouse can play. Kibs is out of the country and that is why 'roocey is running roose'.

Anonymous said...

anon7:04 AM
what a sorry spiteful kikuyu human being that you are!!I have yet to see anywhere in any document or report ever in Kenya that J.M Karuiki was a thieve and a thug and he stole money?? show me!! J.M was a business man and hard working- he would spite on you from his grave you sicko kikuyu!! no wonder you kikuyu's can sell your own mothers!!

Post here where it says any report that J.M karuiki stole you gunia!! no wonder people can see through you kikuyu's you are so cheap- look at how kibaki has executed young men in the name of power and being president taking law in his own hands and just by a click of a finger kibaki takes away peoples life's!!(his own tribe) what a hearttless murderer kibaki is!! shame on him and you blind fools that worship him when he is killing off your own youth and the rest of kenya youths by a nod of his head to saitoti endea maliza awa jura i hear that is what he refers now to the youth!!!! Kibaki does not deserve his life when he takes away other peoples so easily!!

Anonymous said...


good question about gideon

and i also add

if it wasnt for his father and if it wasnt for moi, who would uhuru be, not just a nobody, but a drunk in that pub down river road


Anonymous said...

anon8:06 AM
go read your facts the jews - Hitler-Vatican connection - Britain- America connections and what really happened and who were this Jews!! educated yourself more before using that analysis of the Jews here!! I think the world today has become more informed with plenty of documentation on what really happened and which Jews were gassed than just going for the same old story!! read read!! knowledge is power and with the internet today and the information posted on by very brilliant people the truth is trickling down to the mass around the world-

I do not expect you next time to post here the bible story when we all know with all the information coming out that is was a doctored document by some selfish class of people through generations to control the mass and there after the world!! ask yourself who or which organization or self government is the riches in the world?? the Vatican and what do they preach?? so why do they still collect money from the power?? (church collections) and why don't they fed the worlds hungry people?? they can afford it with a blink of an eye- so I ask how Christian can they be?? hogwash!! it is just logic if you allow yourself not to be stack up and blind!!
It is just like saying Christopher Columbus or which ever white guy discovered africa?? so where were the africans?? invisible?? did they exist on that planet or not?? and what was their religion before the bible was forced on them??
if this white guy discovered africa?? then who discovered Europe or north America? so where did this whites come from?? I do not expect ever to see school books in Africa still lamenting how africa was discovered like Africans did not exist before!!
remember the first human beings originated from Africa?? so how come Africa was being discovered when life began in Africa?? isn't the white man distorting information to be superior??

Anonymous said...

Now that Lucy has appeared some people have the audacity to question us....How come they never refuted the assertions when Kalucy was perceived to hae been raptured....Give us a break, wont you?


Anonymous said...

Sorry i meant wasn't she looking funny, with fat cheekbones...Pls who is fooling who? A woman disappears for 5 months and comes out to go buy a weave, kwani? Where was she? as a blogger wondered how come she comes out when the hubby is away.....Paka akitoka panya hutawala (but with Muthoni i am wondering who the paka is?)
Derek pls give us your thoughts now that you seems to know so much...WHERE WAS SHE?


Knoppix!® said...

Anon 9:32.
It is good you have taken the initiative to demonstrate how hardworking Kyuks can be.You also went ahead and indeed gave citations.Which is a good thing all together.In your wisdom it could also be said that is one very intelligent Kenyan who has cut a niche for himself and his family.The same (read sucess) cannot be said of his fellow kinsmen or tribesmen if you like.They are and most likely way much poorer than him.So his sucess cannot be credited to several other kikuyus as his is a personal sucess story.Never mind many a reader of this blog could find your elaboration as a fake or fiction as it were.

I said it before,the best way to rest the resentment of kikuyus is by handling each individually and not en masse.Coz if we handled all Kikuyus in mass we shall have done dis service to the likes of Githongo and Maina Kiai.You might also be aware that not many kikuyus have roses for a one Mr. Maina Kiai.They view him as an enemy.Reasons are as good as you and i can guess.The same could also pass for Githongo.So wacha this thing of using one sucessful guy to credit everyone, but use individual cases and experiences to gauge the whole thing.Look at one Wangari maathai and give us your Take.I will also be kind to inform you that i failed and quit all my undertakings in college as a student in ethnography, because i disagreed with what the books i read said about ethnicity,this was when i was a student in ethnography.

On another note it is absurd for you to raise the ethnicity thing here when we are talking about a Mr. Moi on this particulate post.If you are decent like you sound stick with the topic at hand.Respect for format is a very rewarding course.

Elsewhere,Moi to me is wasting his time,and as far as 2012 is concerned,wether Gema supports this or that person doesnt matter as their preference is a loud secret.So wether they side with X or Y doesnt matter long as the rest are intact.The rest of the voters have their votes secure for whom they want installed.The 2012 elections despite the desperate attempts of Moi and Sons will be much the same as 2007 save for afew changes.We still owe someone a favour and who that person is,your guess is as good as mine.

To prove my point,the coming by-elections are a pointer as to who is really the leader of the fatigued Kenyan masses.

Finally Chris if by any chance you dne with the ODM fraternity at Pentagon Hse,send word to Muthoni Esther not to present herself as desperate in the interviews she accords the press.She sounds too desperate to win and merely culpable.I have had the chance to deal with her before atleast not personally and she sounds bullish adn we should see the same in her politics.Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

anon11:00 PM
Ivy rucy was in Uganda being hosted by Museveni and wife(she was out of control here in kenya) source Uganda statehouse employee!!Museveni now baby sits kibaki's wife:) how low can this Museveni guy go?? first he sends troops to finish innocent kenyans-to show support for Kibaki and now he is even changing Rucy's daipers?? I guess he Museveni really has to show his love for the thieving 71 year old kibaki- maybe they should exchange wifes:):)

Anonymous said...

Kikuyu's can really be bought- ask Maina Kiai how much he was paid to right a baised report? I hear a girlfriend or a friend of his is talking loudly how kiai after amking a deal with some PNU mt. kenya elite mentioned that he was leaving Kenya for greener pastures and he now can afford to leave a good life out there?? and the lady wondered where the hell maina kiai got rich so suddenly!!
and when she read the report he wrote on who caused more violence in Kenya- she was shocked and new immediately where the riches had arrived from like Kalonzo musyoka's miracle!! kiai will not be forgotten and guess what kenyans know the truth-
is Miana kiai trying to tell kenyans that the police ordered by kibaki to kill kenyans had the right?? since the police are the people who killed more kenyans- so where are they in the report?? where are his brothers the mungiki's in the report when both Naivahasha and nakuru reported most deaths-
Maina kiai should know that no matter where he runs to with bribed money - we will wait for him to surface again in Kenya !! it may take us years to settle the pain in our souls for our dead relatives and friends - as for maina Kiai human rights chairman I spit on your- because you are indeed a poor excuse of a human being- Mungiki should have done away with you then- you are not woth the soil you step on in kenya !! the dead will spit on you and you will remember the money you accepted so as to write a false report!! in favour of kibaki's murderers government!! even shame is not with your sorry ugly face!! one day you will face it!! you can smile with the musungu's all you like and wipe kibaki's ass!! but guess what Maina Kiai we know who planned and murdered our children in order to stay in Power and his name is Emilio Kibaki and his Mt Kenya mafia!!
You can be bribed and right hundreds and hundreds of reports but guess what you can never change the facts on ground and most kenyans maina Kiai know the facts!! enjoy the blood money while it last- i will wait for you in kenya and for sure if i ever meet you expect spit on your face you useless human being!! kikuyu's will never change!! make sure you take your bus to central Lesotho !! I know you are leaving in July for greener pastures abroad like your woman friend said may you be followed by the dead 6ft under in kenya and may you have night mare and voices of the dead that you have just shown that their life's were worthless!! you piece of human waste- actually that came from your woman friend that is what she called you!!

Anonymous said...

Chris post my thread on Maina Kiai please those are facts from a very close friend of his!! and you can check for yourself!!

Anonymous said...

KANU IS JUST ANOTHER TRIBAL POLITICAL PARTY, leaving ODM as th only serious political representation of all Kenyans.

The new constituition should prevent tribal set-ups from joining Bunge. We should introduce a hurdle of 10%. Only national parties with 10% of all national votes are legible to enter parliament.

Kenyans, let's do away with tribal politics. Let's forget the tribal parties like Kenda, ODM-Kenya(Kamba), Ford-K(Luhya), Ford-P (Kisii), Ford-A(Muranga), Narc-K(Kikuyu), DP(Mt Kenya), etc.

Political maturity means national stability. And this will start with abolishing ALL tribal parties.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

anon @ 5.41. It is true that Uhuru would also have been a nobody without his father's name and without Moi holdind his hand. However, the fact is that he is now his own man and has proved it. Moreover, he has a very significant and important following directly loyal to him amongst Kikuyu youths, the largest voting block in GEMA. It is a following only a fool would dismiss.
You cannot say the same for Gideon Moi. Even if he was to come out of his fathers shadow, he could never make a better politician than Ruto, who holds sway amongst ordinary Kalenjin youth. Between Ruto and Gideon, who do you think has more charisma and intelligence? Gideon comes across as a snobbish, arrogant dunderhead incapable of making wise decisions at the most basic level. In politics, perception is everything. Do you recall Gideon talking to Tugen peasants in accented English instead of in Swahili? Have you ever seen a funnier sight? He could have at least pretended to speak to them in Tugen! However, i doubt that he even knows THAT language.
On the other hand, Uhuru cannot only speak fluent Kikuyu to his base supporters, but is very much at home speaking sheng to unemployed youths in Dandora, or Dandosh as they would say.
Uhuru is also very popular at the Coast amongst the youth there. If you don't believe me, ask any of them that you know.
With regard to his drinking, so what if he does? Who does not drink? As long as Uhuru doesn't stagger onto the public stage drunk up to his gills, i am cool with it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have been paid by PNU and the Mt Kenya mafia to write such drivel on Maina Kiai. It certainly looks like it! why don't you direct your hate speech to the real culprits.. your friends.. instead of foaming in the mouth against the rare hero in the country!

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