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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hold off Kajwang: Power Brokers Plead With Kibaki

It is emerging that Kenya’s Ministry of State for Immigration & Registrations of Persons is earmarked for a split after ruffling sensitive feathers with deportation orders and smashing an international passport/visa printing syndicate.

The state ministry which falls under the Office of the Vice President & Minister for Home Affairs (Kalonzo Musyoka) was one of the ministries that was deeply involved in the Anglo-Leasing mega-scandal that threatened to bring down the government of President Mwai Kibaki. The same scandal resulted in John Githongo seeking political asylum in the UK while Finance Minister Daudi Mwiraria was forced to ‘step-aside’.

Following formation of the Grand Coalition Cabinet, one Hon Gerald Otieno Kajwang of ODM’s mapambano fame has found himself in charge of this ministry, well known for its corruption dens.

One of Kajwang’s first ministerial duties was to sign deportation papers for one Canobbio Pietro who claims to be a naturalized Kenyan after having lived in the country for the last 18 years. Canobbio, who Kajwang labeled an Italian fugitive, says he is a contractor with plenty of business interests in Malindi. He has since challenged the deportation in court winning a temporary reprieve allowing him to stay in Kenya up to early June.

Italians have a huge presence in Malindi and the town has been dubbed Italian Home Away From Home. Some of the Italian foreigners – who speak local languages fluently - even tried to venture into local politics during the last general election. Some have been accused of engaging in illegal businesses including child-sex tourism and hard drugs, but so far no one has been arraigned in court.

Secondly, even before the Canobbio’s case has been finalised, Kajwang’ was in the news again this week when he was reported to have declared a Mr Mohamed Sirat a prohibited immigrant, claiming that the Australian Embassy had confirmed to him that indeed Sirat was their citizen. It is not lost on political observers that Sirat is a member of the Vice President’s ODM-K party and has been challenging the election of Wajir South MP Abdirahman Ali Hassan. He is among some of the rich Somali businessmen coalescing in ODM-K and running 24 hour businesses in Eastleigh. One presidential candidate in last year's general election is on record having promised a 24 hour economy.

Biggest Scoop

Coming to the connection with Eastleigh, and in what is considered Kajwang’s biggest scoop so far, the immigration ministry busted an international passport and visa printing racket that was headquartered in Eastleigh (Nairobi) where, yet again, rich Somali businessmen are said to conduct illegal businesses including arms trade, human trafficking and modern day slavery. Western Embassies are said to have been shocked at the discovery of passport printing ring in Eastleigh right within the capital city 'without the knowledge of the NSIS'. The matter has far reaching implications because terrorist groups known to have cells in Kenya could easily have taken advantage of the Eastleigh immigration office to export terror merchants. The Al Qaida Comoran and Yemeni suspects who bombed the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1997 were found to be travelling on Kenyan passports!

Enter Kabuga!

More recently, it was widely reported in the local and international press, that a Kenyan court had ordered the freezing of property of one of the world’s most wanted Rwandan genocide suspects, Felicien Kabuga, who is known to travel in and out of Nairobi using several aliases including some on Kenyan diplomatic passports which Kajwang is reportedly said to have already cancelled and accordingly informed Interpol. Despite a US$5million bounty on his head, Kabuga is said to have escaped capture mostly due to his connections with power brokers within the Kenyan government. The ICC had issued an international arrest warrant for Kabuga in 1999. Rwandese Justice Minister Tharcisse Karugarama said his country welcomed the court's decision but said Kenya should do more to arrest Mr Kabuga. The Kenya Police, under the Internal Security Minister George Saitoti, is the one to effect the arrest. I am not suggesting anything but both Saitoti and current President Kibaki were ex-President Moi’s vice presidents for many years including the time that the Rwandan genocide took place. Why should Kenya shelter a genocide suspect?

Kajwang Fighting Back

It is therefore coming as a great surprise to Honourable Otieno Kajwang that his ‘hard-working’ ministry has been earmarked for split with the immigration docket set to be moved back to the Home Affairs ministry headed by none other than Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka - another of ex-Presidents Moi former long serving Foreign Affairs minister, in whose time Kabuga and a host of other international fugitives like Abdulla Ocalan found safe haven in Kenya.

Sources informed this blogger that because the NARA peace accord prohibits President Kibaki from sacking or re-shuffling ministers without first obtaining consent from Prime Minister Raila Odinga, PNU/ODM-K insiders have advised the president to hive off sensitive departments from independent ODM ministers before they unearth what they called explosive dossier going back to the Moi and Kenyatta errors (no typo here).

As Kajwang discusses his tribulations with Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Kenyans will remember that portfolio balance nearly resulted into the collapse of the Annan peace talks and even when they agreed to form cabinet, ODM came out of the process seriously short-changed. It now seems like PNU/ODM-K are planning to engage in a portfolio shuffling game so as to frustrate the work of ODM in government.

It remains to be seen if Raila Odinga will allow this to happen. What is coming out however is that there are power barons in Kenya who dictate the government operations by remote control and whose connections run deep into the corridors of power.

Watch this space: The powerful individual(s) who have been uncomfortable with the stories published in Kumekucha will be soon exposed – with irrefutable proof!

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Anonymous said...

This my fellow countrymen is what kenyans want to hear its called service delivery. whatever happens kajwang has proved that he is there to do the job where are the nay sayers who where preoccupied with his initial excitement oh how we love to major on minors.
How many mnisters have been there before? What did they do? Orengo is busy opening up a can of warms and RAO is touching sensitive issues that nobody wanted to handle before.....thats leadership not anglo fleecing and rabbit from a hat 6% GDP of emelio circus.
Now the same forces of emelio want to strungle those that are performing. I remember one supporter of Kibz was asking me what was wrong with kibz and why did we want him out.....Now the truth is coming out Kibz only seemed to have accomplished something since his predecessor one mo1 had us at the extreme bottom. There was only up to go.
What are pnu ministers diong so far lets compare and contrast.....One ongeri presided over topping up.....

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

OMG! I wonder what Kenyans like me can do to stop the iminent evil. Phil, any thoughts on what role a peace loving professional Kenyan can play? I just cant sit and wait/watch anymore. I gotta do something.

And vigilance wont help, since even the vote was stolen as we all watched. We need to take it further.


Anonymous said...

I will digress a bit....In this blog i have heard people say Kibs was better than Moi etc. Whoever made Moi a standard....Moi never had we were not looking for a better moi we were looking for one who was going to ensure that Kenya received its potential. We can do better than 7% economic growth and 26% infaltin rate. When Kibaki was elected it was for him to ensure service delivery to the people and equitable distribution of resources...Kibaki comes in and ensures that distribution of resources is skewed. Inflation skyrockets and getting a passport and ID was a priviledge and not a right. I know many Nairobians who opted to go get their passports in Kisumu coz the process was not as tedious as it was in Nyayo House and the issue of TKK yaani you must part with over 30K to get a passport and the ID you must go to is it the DC's office like 10 times na hapo pia ni matusi and meeting some arrogant fellows mpaka you wonder if schools had been closed...I went to westlands to pick my ID, and just the mere fact that their were asians i was put on hold for like 2 hours so it was only the wahindi's who were being admitted in the office and just coz i was waving some imaginary car keys i was allowed in....To cut the story short i ws told to come the other week...and the next week became a month until a friend took it for me just in time for the 2007 elections.That is Kenya for you and apparently the few who want to change are kanyagiwad.
Phil i am thinking if these guys will do that, it is high time we like minded guys who blog here can do something like sensitize other kenyans to put a stop to this nonsense and i wish Ababu Namwaba and his opposition members will rise up against this injustice to the people of Kenya then just maybe we will take the bunch seriously.
I have never seen a country where foreigners are treated better than the citizens ...It is only in Kenya


Anonymous said...

By the way, Sir Alex you forgot to mention William Samoei Ruto...That man deserves a bouquet, keep on keeping on.
You asked abt PNU Ministers, If i were Kibaki i would have replaced Wetangula ASAP. (Worst ministry and he just can't keep his mouth shut)Mutula wants 341B yes Billion to build up Nairobi, i wonder how he came up with that figure...what was the criteria? Mwakwere is sleeping on the job. A whole country experiences a blackout for about 3 hours and iam yet to hear the reason why and dont tell me it was one of the power stations, i mean there are people drawing salaries just to ensure that things were working well and monitoring was being carried out...I guess if it was another country someone would have gone home by now...Do you know how much money was lost ...Lucy Kibaki absconded work, i have a right to know coz my moeny is what she earns at the end of the day...Apart from Michuki i am yet to see some services delivered to the people of this gr8 nation

I also need to see the work of Otuoma, Elmi


Bobie Bristol said...

Yes Chris, its all true;

Raila's charisma is rivalled only by that of a Potato!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering...Does a potato have charisma, and if so are they those of Kapsabet or Muranga?


Anonymous said...

It's good to know that you noted my previous comment I left yesterday about a success story of Kikuyus living in UK. The story was not in any way exaggerated for the effect but it was a fact. Just Google ‘Gabriel Rwamba’ from your computer. His success was also reported by Daily Nation back in 2003.
I have noticed you said you live in the RV, so you may also know a place called Molo. During early 1990 ethnic clashes in the RV, many Kikuyus fled and sought refugee in UK. One of them happens to be a good friend of mine who lost everything including his father during those clashes.
Today this gentleman owns a successful business in a very smart and exclusive address in King Road, Chelsea. If you are familiar with UK, Chelsea neighborhood is one of the most expensive and most desirable places to live in UK.
And the story is repeated throughout Kenyan Diaspora in UK. In fact according to the recent Ethnic Business Community of UK, Kenyans have overtaken the Nigerian and Ghanaians as the most business minded people. Today they are in the same league as the Indian and Chinese immigrant communities with business investments in UK.
As I write to you, I am not a Kikuyu but I consider myself as 100% Kenyan with a Kenyan wife (Kikuyu) even though my Grandparent came from India in the early part of the century. I think Kikuyus are just being picked on, for no apparent reason other than they are more industrious than any other ethnic group in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

We can now clearly see the difference between "kazi iendelee" (business as usual ) as opossed to "kazi ianze sasa"(real change) , for those who dont know we have two governments , pnu ministers do not respect the PM and so the ODM should have no obligation to accompany kibaki anywhere , kazi ianze sasa!

Anonymous said...

ODM should resign from these corrupt PNU gov and seek fresh votes in national elections in 2 yrs.

Kibaki has nothing good for Kenya

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:31: Continue sleeping When you wake up, let us know...I guess you will be more sober...Tata


Anonymous said...

Thanks ivy for reminding me of Ruto he is even in central, service to all , utumishi kwa wote farmers talking fertelizer mengine staff that is not glamourus like a 24hr nairobery but essential that meets the needs of the people ......What kenyans need is less government. while kaloozer and other idlers are thinking of a trick to win 2012 huku tribal math huku bantu nilot...what crap... 2012 will be about service delivery not tribal math.we don't need anyone trying to shepard us, just give us the space kenyans will do wonders for you.......that namwamba lot should start by exposing theft and luck of service delivery they should give us the people of kenya an offer we can't refuse by showing what they can do then we will ensure they have that coveted position of opposition whatever they should dialogue with wanaacnhi not parliament or the speaker.....

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Go KAJWANG Go! Panua ministers should emulate KAJWANG and get serious with real positive constructive work within their ministerial dockets. We are tired of their pumbavu performance.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Ivy haki Watengula! The guy needs some refresher course in Public Relations! He has no clue whatsoever about Diplospeak.

Ruto on the other hand seems to have rolled up his sleeves and gotten down to work.

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex i agree with you, as more people continue niloting and bantuing here...HAve they ever asked themselves where the cushites are/ The asians/wazungu or are they too insignificant.....Wake up people and smell the coffee...whatever party you are in you jamaas have seen the work done by the Rutos of Kenya...If you voted Kibs because of service delivery you have seen it right before your eyes and it is less than 2 months but open any paper editorial page..Caption "Kudos Ruto" so ma haters just keep off...Let work begin now that is what i want "SERVICE" Irrespective from where it is coming from.


Knoppix!® said...

Gerald Otieno Kajwang.One thing is very clear from the weekend entertainment about Sirat.Impunity is what was at play.That is the one thing that is feeding on us thanks to the largely mistyped consitution.

I hope i will see the same zeal i see in Luos when perfoming duty,be it a blacksmith or a Ps luos have displayed some enviable zeal to deliver when the onus is on them.

I wonder on whose orders Sirat was being deported but the timing is awful.We cant very hastly put kajwang off the blame because why did he sign the deportation orders when the victim had a pending petition case that was at a very crucial stage.Much as we might want to hail Kajwang it might end up that he was in connivance to frusturate Sirat.

But in all fairness i hope he was within law and acted properly.The kabuga rubbish has been with us for a pretty long time and its time he was delivered where he belongs.

As for Wetangula i hope he learns from Kituyi the former elegant Minister for trade.He fervently supported and shielded the shenanigans of the government but after losing no one cared to give him an umbrella.Wetangula is not an example i would tell my kid to emulate if they join a law school.He is an embarrassment.if anyone close to him reads this blog he should tell him that Kibaki should never be defended at all costs.Ask Kiraitu and Murungaru or even Mwiraria.

I will exit briefly.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo and kibaki will get nowhere and if they try to remove the any sensitive docket from immigrations that will be the end of the coalition government!! kajwang in his short time in the office has cracked whip which pnu and it's police force were just sharing all the gains from the passport forgeries e.t.c- nobody can convince me that this was going on under even michuki!! he must have been receiving a kick back from this racket - no wonder people like Livondo could fly abroad on forged passports- by the way how did he fill his visa or pass the tests to fly to the USA and Britain when he can't even read English this Livondo guy?? this is how him and his Mt. kenya partners were doing heavy duty drug trafficking using forged passports to go and make deals with the drug borons in other countries - I ask the Feds an d Scott land yard to follow the money and the forged passports heavy duty screening from people in kenya and they will not be disappointed Stanley Livondo will be high on the list carrying many forged passports i hear he has like 5 different passports!!sources say!!


Anonymous said...

There are this people who keep talking about how well the Kikuyus are doing in the UK. I live here and Iam friends to some of this soo called successful Kikuyus. Iam not gonna narrate all the troubles they go through in planning and executing all mannaers of Ideas (magendo) translate that in English and I have to say Iam not proud of them. Let me live clean and happy but still Iam proud to be Kenyan.

Anonymous said...

very well put by Sir Alex, Ivy, Knoppix, gentleman and others

Thank you for the expose Phil. Exactly what we hoped for in terms of service delivery, albeit in little doses due to stifling by KANU, PNU derelicts. Clearly demonstrates what we've been saying all along that PNU mediocrity "out-shines" KANU ineptitude, but is no way near the league of progressive ODM performance benchmarking

Lets not get surprised when kibaki actually hives off the departments, thats what he's exactly going to do. also known as deja vu, if you recall events leading to the orange/banana fallout preceded by Githongo's self exile.


Anonymous said...




Mrembo said...

Am disgusted by PNU/ ODM-K alliance. am from Othaya and i must say am ashamed to be related to these power hungry monsters. i want a brighter future for my child and i want kenya to be better. can we rise up and vote out these fools come 2012. we have not even started proper work and they are already grunting about succession. SHAME ON YOU KALONZO & CO. FOR BEING SELFISH. RAILA & KAJWANG & CO. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. DONT GIVE UP. THERE R PEOPLE PRAYING AND CHEERING YOU ON.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.35
Liar Liar !!

Anonymous said...

Good investigative journalism would have revealed that Kabuga's point man, protector, shelter and front in Kenya is none other than ODM's Zakayo Cheruiyot, this is fact that has been stated by the US State Department and through diplomatic channels over the years. It is time to arrest and charge Zakayo with harboring and aiding a international fugitive who is wanted for the murders of over 800,000 innocent Rwandese citizens.

Zakayo Cheruiyot, a former civil service chief and one of Mr Moi's closest advisers, was last month accused by America of harbouring Mr Kabuga.

"Our information indicates that this individual, Mr Cheruiyot, has used the government infrastructure to maintain the fugitive status of Mr Kabuga," said America's special ambassador for war crimes, Pierre-Richard Prosper.

"In the last few months information has really come in pretty concretely and focused on Cheruiyot and his apparatus."

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