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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sijui nafaa kusema?

There are few things I find more repulsive than people acting like helpless victims as a means to an end. If the expectation is that the person to whom all of the helplessness is displayed will show pity and react favourably to the whims and rants of 'the victim', it's quite the opposite with me. That, and the fact that nowhere in history have I seen people-individuals, races, or tribes-develop through hate or hate by any other name. At least not in far away Germany. Or closer to home Rwanda or even SA. Or at home in Nairobi, Naivasha, Nakuru, Likoni, Eldoret and Kisumu. Sijui niseme? I'll have to see what (re)action my politician advises me to take. In the mean time, good luck to the IDPs (I for internally and internationally, including intentionally). Especially the voluntary economic refugees out there.

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Anonymous said...


tho't you'd be the first announce, lucy kibaki aonekana as soon as mzee headed to japan (what was that tale about when the cat's away), concidence au nini? where are those story spinners to hit our low common sense with some superfluous escapade theory.

dear PKW your post sounds almost resigned, dont give up on kenyans, keep the faith, we shall overcome. despite the craziness, we are probably the first country to in africa to hit an all low and bounce right back up. true we may oscillate from bad to worse, and sometimes some really great times, but the fact is we bounced back really quick.



Anonymous said...

pkw sorry have to digress

good move by karua to at least have soe kind of plan in the works. whats missing are timeframes, key milestones and benchmarks. come on people (MPs), we need to move faster with all this.


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

UrXlnc,I'm waiting for my Muthoni comments to regulated :-)
Seriously though- when ever was her disappearance and subsequent reappearance of any significance to me?

Wangari is off to a good start.

Sayra said...

PKW, usijali, si lazima useme ... its useless at least for now.

Anonymous said...


Muthoni has been out of public eye becuase of "too much work" that came up after the general election.
She had to make sure that the half a million plus we are paying her is put into good use. What else?

PKW, it is time for our generation...But who are they? "Bado mapambano


Anonymous said...

hii post inasema nini? i dont understand anything at all.

Anonymous said...


this post in an indirect attack on Chris and his recent tribulations that some have dubbed here economic displacement rather than political asylum. Readin between the lines, yo cannot fail to see the sarcasm of it all.

those of us who run the K24s or the Citizens of this world have no reason to be on the run, after all they know which side of the bread is buttered!

Mcheku said...


I have seen the first lady. Ati she went to buy a weave? Si Chris asked hapa jana where she is, I guess they were waiting for him to ask. Coz everyone else here has been asking for months, only when he said it did she resurface, coincidence? Chris you must be using some magical juju!

Anonymous said...

Can we please stick to English not everyone understand Swahili that well.

Ssembonge said...

Online activities should not be taken very seriously. While the internet anonimity brings out the worst in people, in real life people are different.

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