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Friday, May 09, 2008

Kibaki's Impending Billion Shilling IDP Resettlement Crisis.

Kibaki has been telling us that his government has set aside billions upon billions of Kenyan shillings for the purposes of resettling IDPs. Fat checks will be distributed to a segment of our population who were suddenly and violently impoverished in the aftermath of a stolen election, jealousy, historical injustices, land issues, war mongering etc. The recipients of these monies may use it to rebuild their lives, homes and businesses.

Any astute Kenyan citizen privy to the daily unending struggles being relived in IDP camps must agree that it is indeed prudent to financially assist our fellow brothers and sisters achieve some kind of pre-election normalcy. It is such welfare programs that identify progressive governments. It is in fact the duty of any government to ensure and protect the sanctity and continuity of life after natural and man-made calamities. All humane taxpayers must support and approve the endeavor to save our little innocent girls from the rape and mayhem associated with life in the IDP camps scattered all over the country.

Now back to Kenya. Sadly, most of us are currently preoccupied with arguments of whether or not IDPs should be welcomed back to their homes without local consultations. What of the sanctity of title deeds? Historical injustices? So who are IDKs? Constant security? These are all important questions that must be debated, however, we are neglecting the one billion dollar question that is bound to alienate our displaced folks to perpetuity.

The way I see it, while land and death are extremely emotional issues, neither is more explosive than money. Yes folks, money is the common denominator. We may have a government with progressive ideas but I wonder how progressive the minds of it's citizens really are. A time is coming when the fat checks will start trickling down to the freshly resettled neighbors. Now we all agree that 99.9% of the IDPs are GEMA related. Even if the other 0.1% got double doses of IDP cash, the perception among other Kenyans is obvious.

My intention is not to excite emotions, rather it is to prepare you for the coming years of increased resentment. Stories of how Kibaki stole the elections with intentions of pumping billions upon billions of taxpayer monies to Kikuyus will never end….especially if this money is used wisely to further increase the domination of the economy. People will easily forget the burning of citizen in churches and instead dwell on the brand new shiny mabati roofs spotting the Rift Valley scenery. For understandable security reasons, tribal gated communities may even prop up in some areas. Of course there are other underlying issues, such as why the money should go through Equity Bank or who will steal what at what time.

Picture this: For assorted reasons, Kiptanui violently evicts his neighbor Kamau, taking over his partially burnt house and land. A couple of months down the line, Kiptanui is arrested and jailed as Kamau is resettled and given enough money to put up a semi permanent home with shiny mabati roofs. The remaining cash is used to educate Kamau's children and possibly start a prosperous matatu business. In the meantime, the Mungiki leader is released as Kiptanui continues to rot in prison. While in prison, Kiptanui's wife secures a housemaid job in Kamau's prosperous household. Here, she is made to eat while seated on the kitchen floor as she's reminded of the evils of her husband and the fact that her kids cannot afford education. Time goes by and the police believe that Kiptanui has learnt his lesson. He's then released. A few weeks later Kiptanui and Kamau meet at the market and in the spirit of coalition, they hug and pretend to forget past injustices. It's obvious that Kiptanui is twenty times worse off financially while Kamau, despite loosing a few relatives, is ten times richer. Naturally, as Kiptanui sits on a stool under his leaky grass thatched hut, he sharpens his arrows in readiness for the next opportunity. This time, he'll take over a mabati roofed house. Kamau on the other hand keeps vigil armed with an arsenal of the best firearms money can buy. Having been given a second chance at life, he's well aware a third one will never come.

Now multiply that story by about a million times. Is it possible to permanently appease both Kamau and Kiptanui? Is Kibaki (and Raila) expected to provide guidance and can he do so with gusto?

It's my sincere hope that we choose the progressive way and allow our friends to be resettled in peace.

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Taabu said...

Kalamari HOW DARE YOU SPOIL the party you LAZY soul? Kamau is the best enterpreneur planet earth ever hosted and your insinuation of handouts to him amounts to COMMUNAL insult. Let Kamau show Kip what it means to prosper even if it means transforming DECEPTION to a virtue.

We live in interesting times where all that matters is SHORT CUTS to prosperity. If you can manage to galvanize your lot behind you to sanitixe your stiinking ROT the better.

And why not collectively ride on the backs of Kenyan tax payers to feather the nests of your lot. Soon the RV floor will be a constalation of refecting SHINNY landscape thanks to the industrious Kenyans.

Quick FIX is our forte and bandage solutions is the surest means to faster growth. RV must be saved from itself lest it joins Burma in being beaten to pre-historic primitivity. Welcome to big brother politics and homeboy support exported to the rest of Kenya.

kalamari said...

Taabu, you are in fact the laziest of all lazy second class citizens. One may wonder why no Kenyan taxpayer billions were ever pumped into the Kibera slums…even if to simply dig a pit latrinet. I've heard that life in the IDP camps is almost as bad as life in Kibera.

Folks, most of us accept that IDPs must be compensated with billions. What of victims of clandestine poverty in Kibera? Is Raila to blame? Is this a matter of misrepresentation in parliament? What constituency is Mathare?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki will definitely steal billions and billions to distribute to the Kikuyus. This is another scandal bigger than Anglo and Goldenberg together.

RAO should watch this sly deal with suspicion.

Compensating the IDPs after they have returned to their homes is illegal. It is the Kalenjins who should be compensated.

Kibaki will soon tell you that there is 10% growth, because even the poorest Kikuyu will have got at least 1 million from treasury.

Kenyans, this is what is meant by: Kazi iendelee.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Kalamari just curious. what happens if Kitanui's son falls in love with and marries Kamau's daughter? And have some little Kipmaus? Let's trace the life of such a child and what life could possibly hold for him/her in future.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Kalamari just curious. what happens if Kitanui's son falls in love with and marries Kamau's daughter? And have some little Kipmaus? Let's trace the life of such a child and what life could possibly hold for him/her in future.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Kalamari just curious. what happens if Kitanui's son falls in love with and marries Kamau's daughter? And have some little Kipmaus? Let's trace the life of such a child and what life could possibly hold for him/her in future.

Anonymous said...


First, i have always taken your contributions positively most of the time, but you have here today just shows your tribal thinking. Its even made worse by your statement " loosing some few relatives" bro you think this is good enough? Have you ever mourned a sibling, a parent, a brother or sister etc. If you have not, i pray it doesnt happen to you, they cease just being close relatives. Am bitter, because this violence has disorganised my life. My life will never be the same again. Make fun because its me today, i would never like anyone including yourself, phil, taabu and the rest to go what most of us have gone through. All because of perception. Bro keep taking all this as a joke. Why do you lack compassion Bro. Could not finish the rest of the writeup after those bitter words. " just a few relatives, Kalamari eh

kalamari said...

Wanjiku Unlimited, If Kipmaus are born out of such a union, it will be progress for Kenya. The way forward is to nurture such relationships. It therefore important that everything we do today is focused on uniting rather than dividing.

Spending the billions is virtuous. What I'm worried about is the unavoidable perception. What should the government be doping today to limit the impending animosity, jealousy and resentment.

kalamari said...

Anon @ 1.01PM, I'm not insensitive to the loss of life. There's nothing tribal in what I'm saying. For the umpteenth time, my worry is the perception of such enormous funds going to primarily one community………..deservedly I must add.

Look, people have recently been chased from the RV based on what some agree was economic jealousy. So what happens under the perception that Kibaki is at it again?

Ideally, we should also be seeing increased government activity in areas addressing 'living togetherness'.

Anonymous said...


your article is very insightful and is the kind of progressive thinking kenyans need. i.e its not enough to just meet the need of today but to reflect on the true impact of our actions today, on a generation down the line.

what transpired in the past 4 months is exactly this scenario you have described i.e a few generations back, something happened, that turns out to have been deemed an injustice, so the question is, are we now going to repeat history by propagating yet another injustice.

Ignore the naysayers bwana kalamari, that article is what real thinkers and planners need to be focusing on

I however find your comment (perhaps in anger about kibera slums uncalled for), I will not go into any detail here, but FYI kibera is not the largest or most deplorable slum in Kenya, if you need details get in touch with me


Taabu said...

You have terribly failed the answer Ciku's querry. Instead you have prescribed poisson for medication. Please fundraise for Kipmau's casket because his head will be left severed from the torso by Mungiki who will not wait to read the whole name on his ID but stop at KIP when orderd at Naivasha. It is that grim bro.

And you equally performed so bdly in attempting to explain yourself to Anon@1.01. Please don't play Dr. Njenga. Just direct patients to his Avenue Health Care clinic. Kumekucha may not be rich enough to hire him.

Sayra said...

A very sober article.

Its bad that we always think of now and never take just a minute to think of the consequences of our actions or suggestions.

But been a typical Kenyan why shld i care what happens 2 or 5 or 10 or 50yrs down the road as long as i manage to get or feel what i want NOW. Afterall tomorrow will take care of itself ... somehow, it always does.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the courage to write this beautiful and truthful article. Not many would take time to say it as you have! Others want us to paint blak and white go round the truth. Yea why is it that only Kikuyus are considered IDPs? Luos were killed in Naivasha, NAkuru, Kisumu, Eldoret! Several other tribes main Luos and Kalenjis were sent packing in Kikuyu habitted areas yet these guys are not IDPs.
There is a sorry of a Man who rod his bicycle from Nakuru to Kisumu over 200Km (on a bike - Thiringinyi as he called it)! Is this man regarded as an IDP?
There were several Luhyias who were attacked and sent packing back to ingo from RV and Central Provinces. Are they IDPs? And why is No one talking about them?
And what about the Sabots being displaced and maimed by Government's own forces - Army and Police? Are they too IDPs? Are there some blue blooeded Kenyans who are given special preverances? Why are Kikuyus getting preferential treatment here?

Abass said...

I will personally wait and see if this comes to pass. If it does, especially with rumours the Kikuyu ones got fatter cheques, then I believe there is more than one reason for Kenyans to harbour resentments to Kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

anon3:18 PM
let us be honest here- as long as Kenyans feel sidelined by they resettlement kitty that gives the kikuyu's more money than the others tribes that moved from central province back to their villages and the others that were displaced from [laces like Nakuru and naivasha then believe me kibaki and his goons are wasting their time- even Raila in the same breath the land issues are beyond any politician now!!it is in the hands of Kenyans and Kenyans and only Kenyans will react and you will see soon a chain of reactions!!

why is it that on all the national televisions we do not see other tribes being shown as idp's yet they are some in camps in other parts of the country?? my question is were this other tribes who suffered at the hands of the kikuyu's even get a tent or food or water?? who has taken care of all the idp's that were transported from central province?? how come in all the news there is no mention of them???
how do you think they are feeling now being side lined?? on ground there is a lot of grumbling and i sincerely doubt whether those IDP's you see being guarded by kikuyu police will last in their homes for long!!

people do you think kibaki will be in power for ever?? do you remember moi was their too?? if kibaki and the current government does not deal with the IDP issue fairly- then it is waste of time and money

and as for Kalamari's post a kalenjin will never allow a kikuyu to take over hsi land for good- remember theres one kikuyu against 5,000 kalejins in the Rift valley
Kiptanui may go to jail but there will be 4,999 kiptanui's to put kamau 6ft under on that same day they first kiptanui is sent to jail!! so Kalamari you did not think through your article well!! Rift Valley has it's owners and they are not ready to give it up that easily !didn't you learn from what happened in dec-jan- do you really believe that the police can stop the unrest next time it starts?? nope and by the way this time the kaleo are smart guns are in plenty in rigt valley - it is not only kikuyu's that can afford guns- you are dealing with farmers who can afford guns too in the rift valley - hey guns are cheap- somalis have brought them in very cheap!! so kikuyu's better tell kibaki to treat every IDP fairly or else they will soon end up in his Othaya back yard!!

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Kalamari unfortunately the current government under Kibaki will not do much to shield the Kikuyu from future attacks. If indeed it is true that they are being given fatter cheques than other tribes then the situation is very very sad and will only serve to worsen the resentment.

Kiptanui will get more and more bitter as time goes by. And the next wave of killings may not even be a wave as such. Kamau will just be walking home from the shops one evening and his killer will be hiding in a thicken near his home. Now multiply that by a few hundreds.

Out of topic kidogo - there must have been an error on blogger software last night. I posted my comment just once and here I see a list of 3!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, for trying to think about a difficult issue while at the same time showing some sensitivity to your fellow humankind. You have shown how a purely humanitarian effort can years later be distorted to suit the intentions of career hate-mongers.

What is equally important is that you have refused to take TAABU's bait and descend to his reptilian level. TAABU is mentally constipated with tribalism and his best efforts to turn Kumekucha into a platform of negative ethnicity will come to naught. The progressive members of Kumekucha community should not be worried about him because, as they say, no market place is complete without its resident crazy man.

Again, it is refreshing to read Kalamali's thoughts - thoughts of a man who is ready to think hard, creatively, and positively rather than walk the low road spewing tribal diatribes.

Anonymous said...


Just seen your response and i betn its in bad taste. All the rest of the commentaries are maturely put and a big step towards pacification. Yet for who you are, you advocate death.

Taabu - You are learned as your post show, but you are yet to graduate from the univeristy of life. Make Kenya a better place for your children, unforunately history sometimes is very foolish - it repeats itself and changes teh ball game. Today you may cheer, Kesho yaweza ikawa kilio. Leta maridhiano ndugu tangi kenya hii

Anonymous said...

I don’t agree with you figures, when you say that 99.9 % of IDPs are Kikuyus, There are the majority but Luyhias in and Kisiis in RV were not spared this animosity. Those people being resettled are not going to better than their neighbours in any way, they will only get money to rebuild their homes as shelter is a basic human need and get seeds and fertilisers to restart farming. I don’t know where you got the notion that they will have enough money to start matatu businees and live lavish lives.

It is obvious that those who planned and perpetrated the violence are not happy with the resettlement. For those who attacked and killed their neighbours they should be hanged if there is evidence. It is not about making them happy as they are criminals. Resentment towards Kiuks has been there for a long time and I don’t think there is anything we can do to change this.

Anonymous said...

Moi Stadium Kisumu 10 May 2008 10am Local Time

Sitting here in the hot sun of Kisumu Moi Stadium I have already met many people who spent the night here in great anticipation of Raila Odinga's thanksgiving that is already underway.

The stadium is full of people donning orange outfits, but the guests have not arrived yet, except some former MPs and cabinet minister Otieno Kajwang. Infact there is an equally large crowd at Kisumu airport waiting for Raila and some other dignitaries...I can see some larger than life paintings of Kofi Annan, Raila Odinga and George Bush....The pulsating beat of Onyi Papa JEY ohangla has been playing the whole morning, but the PM is only expected to deliver his speech at about 4pm Kenya time.

My view since arriving in Kisumu is that this weekend is an unofficial public holiday in Kisumu, most businesses are closed and all roads are leading to the stadium. Raila is due to meet elders and constituency representatives at the Tom Mboya Labour college, before making way to the stadium.

This is indeed a great day for the people of Nyanza.


salf said...

You guys amaze me. If you can blog, it mean you have basic education. If this is the level of your tribal thinking, I wonder how an uneducated tribal man thinks. Kalamari and Taaby style up and exercise your 'enterpreneural' whatever. You are free to do it in a free Kenya. Replace the name Kamau with yours! Style up!

salf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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