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Thursday, May 08, 2008

IDPs Doing Commerce With Their Misery

It came as no surprise to see IDPs camping in Nakuru showground demanding compensation as a prerequisite to returning their homes. And why not? This lot are well aware they are in safe company. They are merely joining in the grand rape of Kenyans secure in the knowledge that IMPUNITY and DECEPTION are two vices that define the present regime as personified by the THIEF-IN-CHIEF. At least the IDPs are honest by not pulling wool over our faces in their being readiness to sell their soul to the highest bidder.
See also; Shocking link between quick Grand Regency sale to Libyans and elections 2007

Deception disguised as commerce is a sure recipe to communal friction and even war. Morality is an alien virtue to a people singularly and uniquely defined by their shamelessness to auction their hearts for the right pieces of silver. Just join the DECEPTIVE dots and you won’t fail to see why other Kenyans are in no mood to entertain a cohort hell bent on making hay at the rumours of sun’s rays.

Truth has an uncanny tendency to taste stale to scoundrels and liars. They readily denigrate this time-tested virtue as sounding like a stuck record. Fortunately TRUTH NEVER MUTATE. Instead it dutifully turns bounces back to hit the faces of the few who have traces of element of shame. Pursuit of wealth at whatever cost while ridding roughshod on the backs of others makes THIEVES shamelessly brand their victims as lesser bread of entrepreneurs. The calculative lot will promptly brand any genuine complaints directed at them as noise from lazy and jealous masses. No wonder they had no qualms tagging a whole country not sharing their deceptive ways as practitioners of DOMO theatrics.

By resorting to bandage solutions, Kibaki and PNU are simply caving in to immense pressure to settle their voting block. Meanwhile they remain oblivious of the fact that there are unwittingly postponing a problem instead of confronting it head on. The power of the gun may succeed in intimidating a people but it cannot cultivate peace needed to co-exist. The 30 or so police stations will soon be host to hungry policemen cutting a deplorable picture of starving hoard of cops. To this abrasive gang the sight of policemen guarding grass at Uhuru Park for weeks on end was not embarrassing enough. All the choreographed and forced resettlement is one poison that is assured to generate more hate, anger, resentment and bitterness.

Killing spouse for insurance cover
The unpleasant truth remains the fact that SETTLER and HOST communities is an idea that can only be wished away by fools. Hon James Orengo told it as it is without blinkers or sugar coating it. His call only amplified the general feeling in the wider Rift Valley. Predictably he was condemned by those who would wish to have the cancer mutate on its own as it slowly kills the patient by instalment without any diagnosis. The willing-buyer willing-seller banter is an old song bereft of any danceable lyrics.

The IDPs stake on compensation is akin to a spouse readiness to kill his/her partner with the eye singularly trained on insurance cover. Kenyans have been serially taken to these murderous rides before. But not any more and selective application of the law won’t wash this time round. The cure lies in accepting the fact that Kenya belongs to all Kenyans and no single community can lord over others. The medication is EQUITABLE distribution of our resources.

Those who derive pleasure in BANDAGE solutions will readily and predictably reduce this truism to ethnic bashing. But refusing to measure up and instead reducing a challenge to your lower level and consequently beat it by experience is the epitome of reverse logic. Indulge and bring it on.

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Daniel Waweru said...

Welcome back.

TRUTH NEVER MUTATE, indeed. I, for one, have missed your brand of pure ethnic hatred, ill-disguised as it is by your unusual grammar and orthography, and your calls for 'EQUITABLE distribution of resources.'

I'll have a substantive reply later tonight on Kenyaimagine to yours and Orengo's guff. (not that you deserve one)

Anonymous said...

ati Taabu alienda kusaidia Ronaldo kwa problems zake-amepatikana wachana na huyo

Anonymous said...

What has happened to the other IDKs in Isiolo from a previous conflict circa 2005 and many others in other regions. Arent these other IDKs worthy of resettling back to their homes or not? What of those who left Central province?

Just wondering

Taabu, good to have you back


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why those people in the photo are waving in the air?
This is a sincere question.

KenyaLuv said...

One wonders why there isn't the same level of envy and hatred towards Indians yet they are many times more richer, and been involved in more corrupt deals than Kikuyus. Black on black hatred is easier I guess.

cicero said...

This is ridiculous! People whose families were murdered and property destroyed are now thieves for expecting compensation?

And you somehow cleverly attempt to make your readers think that the poor Rift Valley kikuyus are somehow in cohorts with Kibaki and the power elites, knowing very well these are the very same people who suffered the most under 24 long years of Nyayo misleadership and now Kibaki's misadventure.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Taabu Welcome back. I see you left Kalucy behind. Kumbe some pessimism is an important ingredient for the Kumekucha ecosystem. I missed you loads.

Knoppix kwani haukulipa power juzi?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

"The unpleasant truth remains the fact that SETTLER and HOST communities is an idea that can only be wished away by fools."

The only fool here is you and those others with similar 25 watt thinking who imagine there is such a thing as host and settler communities. If you are to follow that line of reasoning, then the only truly indigenous people anywhere in Kenya would be Ogieks. All others are settlers who came to live in their present abodes at one time or another, including Kalenjins in the Rift Valley. That is indeed why you have maasai place names like Eldoret(eldore in maasai), Uasin Gishu, Elgon, Nakuru, Molo etc. Your Luo brothers are just the spearhead of a caravan of Nilotes from the Sudan travelling South like locusts, the tail enders being the Langi and Acholi of Uganda.
If you have a such a painful hard-on for Kikuyu settlers, why have you ignored the Wazungu who lay claim to ten times the land owned by Kikuyus? Are they too sexy for you or you simply just admire them too much? You guys suffer from such a severe case of inferiority complex it manifests itself in either slavish need for acceptance by Mzungus or evil and bitter hatred for Kikuyus, and that is precisely what Orengo exemplifies. Have you heard him mention that there are wazungus too who own 200000 acres of land each in the RV and don't use it but are holding it for speculative purposes?

Knoppix! said...

Welcome Back Taabu,
I had made a clarion call for a search of you to commence!But good you are back we were worried but that was a villainish stunt!You dont dissappear just like that given the scary IDP,Homecomings,PL,UEFA tension in the air.I hope you wont pull it again and you will be courteous enough to give us a post-restante!Lol just Kidding!

Wanjiku hehehehe you can imagine going without power from 8-6!Pretty frusturating!

Back to the new carrier "IDP-Commerce"!I saw in utter frusturation how guys who had woken up from the comfort of sleeping with their wives and enjoying the warmth of their families register as being internally displaced.

They went ahead and gave details of the massive destruction of their huge investiments and the names and details we handed to whoever that cared about IDPs.That aside unconfirmed but seemingly true reports were in the media about how members of a certain community had collected huge sums of money to help the IDPs from their community settle and allegedly give them protection!I am not sure what became of that money that ran into tens of millions as at then.

Methinks such money should have gone into resettlement of the subject but again show me your friend i will tell you your character.

I have heard of people who moved to the showgrounds and such to seek help disguised.We had cases of some teenange girls who moved into hte showground to do camera business.By camera which am told is a term used my mitumba dealers to select the very best among many outfits.So the clothes we donated to IDPs they would select the best and get them back to town for sale.We all know who this are!The redcross staff are not equally what we expect of them.They too were and have been seen carting away petty stuff like matresses and charcoal!Again we all know who this are save for some elements among them namely who come from communities that are known to beg for freebies!

My point is this,those we are seeing clutching their feet on the ground like a goat that is being taken for slaughter might not be genuine IDPs after all!Those calling for compesation are not all genuine.Most if not all of the genuine IDPs have since moved ground and are starting anew!

This GOK did and still is handling the IDP issue in a lackadaiskal manner!We needed counsellors there but i doubt they came forth.We needed fulltime medical tents but i doubt the frequency if any!This patchy approach wont help.The agents of the explosive displacements are being wished away!The loyal voters are frusturated and are asking for compesation through blackmail and forgeries!

So my take is not all IDPs are IDps after all!

Anonymous said...

Why are you people surprised? I am not that is Kenya and kenyans for you....You have heard so many times of children killing their parents, brother killing his brother for what? A PIECE OF LAND!!!! Otieno Kajwang has to convince me that Kenya is indeed not a Banana republic.
Orengo issue it is plain and simple "truth hurts" if you can't stomach it is as easy as I,2,3,....VOMIT

Knoopix, kumbe ni stima haukulipa? I thought it was rationing....Kwani you never went to science congress? there was this boy who akishad his computer using a candle....And i thought you are technology compliant!!!

Wanjiku kwani leo hakuna udaku?

Anonymous said...

Oh i forgot the other one is daughters rivalling their own mothers...What do you call that?


BP ONE said...

Kwanza Karibu nyumbani, ya bili.. We missed you a lot huku Domo chat room.
If only Kenyans could just understand and agree with the above sentence... automatically the resources could be shared fairly and I am sure all our problems would be solved...However My big Question is: HOW DO WE TEACH THE KENYAN PEOPLE IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR PARTY AND ETHNIC AFFILIATION THAT THE CURE TO OUR PROBLEMS IS ACCEPTING EACH OTHER AS EQUALS ?.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, is this all you had disappeared from Kumekucha to go research and write? Yes, Kenya is for all and that includes RV.

Those who sell their land to go drink pombe or marry a second wife cannot be allowed to turn around and chase the buyers away. That would be allowing barbaric impunity. I repeat: as long as these people keep selling their land and calling it "historical injustice," then they have to live with the consequences. And the consequences are not all bad. There is much for the locals to learn from the "foreigners" including how to start small businesses instead of waiting for "equitable distribution of resources." If they wait for Raila to share his Hummer with them, they will be lost.

I suggest that instead of TAABU wasting time spewing tribal rants in blogs, he spend more time in Mogotio educating his people on how to adjust to the brave new world of global capital. Whether they want it or not the world will never go back to tribal cocoons. That world belongs to the cavemen of years gone-by.

I know it hurts for tribal purists to see the IDPs going back to their homes. Whether the resettlement of these IDPs is successful or not, it is but a small chapter in the long struggle between the progressive forces of integrated nationhood and the retrogressive forces of negative ethnocentricity. These retrogressive forces were once represented by Hitler in Germany and by Hutu leaders in Rwanda. It is to that past that TAABU wants us to return. But he needs to remember that those forces were at every instance defeated by the forces of good. The same shall come to pass in Kenya: every Kenyan shall live and own property in peace wherever he chooses. One can choose to hang around his neighbourhood with a poisoned arrow in his hands moaning about the "foreigner" owning the kiosk at the corner of the street, or can choose to adapt to the changing circumstances.

So TAABU, you can spew all the tribal hatred you have, just like Hitler before you, but you cannot hold back the tide of history, not even with the poisoned arrows of your brothers!!!

Daniel Waweru said...


As promised, Kenyaimagine has put up the beginnings of a proper reply to the rubbish you're spewing.

M-Pesa said...

Welcome back Professor of Hate.

I don't see why so many bloggers are shocked with your tribal rants since some things just never change. It would be ideal if you directed your tirade at ODM's mass murderers who financed and ochestred the near genecocide whereby over one thousand peasants where hacked to death while others were burnt alive.

Who can forget screaming kids being tossed back in the flaming inferno of an Eldoret church that was blazing like hell?

Without these warlords, there would never have been IDPs in the first place. You can catch them in Raila's homecoming bash tomorrow fronting like role models while deep inside they are nothing but epitome of evil.

Senior "Kabugas" from ODM are now serving in government clad in expensive suits and swimming in our taxes hopefully before the law catches up with them soon. Woe unto them we have a weak and aloof president!

These are the culprit whom you should direct your raw anger not the IDPs who are perhaps milking the system just like their leaders. Why kick a man who is already down except to release your deep seated tribal tensions?


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to ask this, but what is kenyaimagine? Just wondering...So it is the authority...Taabu relax, bring another one

Knoppix! said...

ATT:Daniel Waweru!

I have made a perusal of the reply you apparently made to Taabu's post and however wordy it is i managed to grasp a thing or two about what your point is.

I do not in anyway intend to appear to support Taabu or any other person for that matter.

You given a couple of refrences some of which i have chanced upon and others not.Some are however misleading as it were and clearly sound to have been written by someone whom was conducting what M/s Mugira (one of my lecturers) told me to be ARM CHAIR research.

Its a fact before our tribes settled where they are known to be,there was a lot of movement from this point to the other.Intermarriages took place.Infact there is a rumour that we dont have pure kikuyus because most kikuyu men were killed and being no sirers at hand the the kikuyu women resorted to the only available men from other tribes namely luos and maasais,but the again that is just that a rumour.

In the world standards today Mau Mau would have been labelled a terrorist group.Its true they brought about independence while others chose to cohort with the colonialist.

I am not a land expert by any chance and neither am i a historian but am an expert in a diffrent disciplene all together. but given by your post you definetly are in that pool and its clearly evident through the citations you have put forth.So you would spare my ignorance on this or the other issue.

If it were possible you should strike out the name of one Simeon Nyachae as he serves a good example among the worst faces about the Kenya land history as it reminds very harrowing incidents.Its okay you used his name to show how good neighbours should live or ought to have lived when circumstances changed.

Coming back to Orengo's remarks.On the face of it,the remarks were not really good for anyone's ears given the current inuendos facing IDKs.Face value aside,you could agree that everyone including Kibaki is avoiding the discussion and an open one for that matter about the causes of the displacements in the first place preffering instead some patchy trajectory,which entails loading mothers and children onto army lorries and dumping them at the trading centres whereas some lived as far as twenty Kms away from the centre without a shilling to start off with!I dont think you would like the same for your mother with a toddler or would you.

Orengo went ahead and stated " If you want others to open up to you, open yourself up to others" I wouldnt mind if you explained want your construal of that statement.Orengo in my view which is not anywhere near academics just that of a lay man was doing the powers that be a favour to trigger them to open up and discuss the issue aloud.Its like he was giving them impetus.

Its common knowledge central province is closed to other communities whilst the communities that live in central made and still are making inroads to other provinces and the RVP being the hotcake.I have no tabulation about huge farmland that are in CP and i cant fathom for a fact how we ended up having so many refugees from CP getting into other areas as a result of the colonial displacement.Naivasha for instance and to some extent upwards till Mbaruku is owned by Delamere and some other Wazungus.But the huge number of the populace is Kikuyu.

Let me not give citations that might bore you.The way i see it,the inhabitants of RVP feel like their rights were transgressed and their leaders unfortunately or fortunately digg the same transgressions.So remotely Jim Aggrey Bob orengo could have been asking how come we dint have sooo many IDPs moving from CP like we had from RVP to CP.

Finally if indeed like you sound,a clear minded person,you'd agree alot of suspicion takes the best of anyone dealing with a Kikuyu.So much so that the RVPs felt shortchanged with the Kenyatta presidency and the Kibakis.So such actions indeed were expected however inhuman and cruel they were.By any standard i wouldn't legitimise them being a victim.And on the other hand its not Only Kikuyus who are IDPs,we have some luhyas,kisiis,luos and Kalenjins as well.

Much of your article if not all gives leverage to Kikuyu IDps only and for a clear minded chap like you say or appear to be should not have overlooked that.

To wind up i always ask myself this question over and over again,"Is it Possible all the displaced actually grabbed the land or are mere victims of circumstances?"The answer that keeps coming back is no!!!! So that being as it may,How do we as Kenyans ensure the legitimate Kikuyus,Kisiis etc land owners get redress either in law or otherwise??? I guess thats why every person is calling for the Land Issue be sorted out amicably openly and the respective verdicts be respected without any community grumbling with the usual line that,Oh our tribe is being targeted or this was planned and so on and forth.Waweru i could be wrong on this or that kindly correct me soberly!!!

On a lighter note,Can the site crew of put aboard other no kikuyu contributors to ensure intergration and cohesion as it were!I now beg to leave! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Goodness Taabu why do some people have the audacity of reading your spewing hatred...Daniel Waweru you already know Taabu very well, why don't you just ignore his comments or posts and you will leave much longer rather than screaming at him, you will grow wrinkles at a very tender age....Sample this if you keep on answering Taabu anytime he writes something...DOnt you think you will be wasting too much time i mean Taabu is a writer...and a good one at it thought his writtings has so much satire....Just a piece of advise and please dont spew hatred on me.

M-Pesa ...Why don't you stop paying tax....Goodness why am i doing this? And again the GoK doesn't really need your money that much, that if you don't pay they will die or they will not be able to fulfil their obligations to its citizens not that they do that anyway but you need this govt more and trust me i bet the 80% you pay goes to One William Samoei Ruto's pocket imagine and mark you he doesn't notice that you have paid him coz he has already built an empire for himself....Utado?


Anonymous said...

What is your problem Taabu, you decided to go AWOL and now you have decided re-emerge from your beaver hole with fangs sharpened to spew tribal hatred.
Just for a re-cap, while you are away we have been trying to come up with new ideas and new laws that will help this country moved forward. And we have all agreed unanimously that the problems we have in this country can only be remedied if we:

1. Encourage community dialogues on aggrieved matters like land issues, wealth disparity etc by enlisting the support of human rights and community organizations to work together in dealing with these matters.

2. We should all respect the differences in our country. While you should be proud of your ethnic origin and culture, that does not mean you can disrespect or feel superior or inferior to another group.

3 We should all act as a role model to others. Children and people around you respond to how you deal with people from other ethnic backgrounds. Treating others fairly sends the message that no one should be treated differently because of their ethnicity.

If you are looking forward to live in a divided nation, sorry mate I am out of it. As a matter of fact I also hold a foreign passport on top of my Kenyan one.


Fave said...

Welcome back. When you do your disappearing acts inform both your friends, and most importantly your nemesis such as Daniel Waweru, Kwale and m-pesa where you be heading.
The latter three characters spend more time wondering where you were than contributing to the blogs. I guess they are gluttons for punishment. But again, some one said, keep you friends close keep you enemies even closer. Talking of lost people, where is PKW?

Mambo ya IDP ni magumu kutatua. I will provide a more extensive statement from the Fave office later or even never.
But, as I said, Kenya is like a vehicle that has never gone in for service and regular checkups and oil changes. We have now broken down in the middle of the night, on a remote road in a raging storm. Every component of the car does does not work,all the warning lights are flashing! we can not call for help because we did not pay our cellphone bill. But worst of all as someone said, the driver is drunk!

Anonymous said...

KIMI whateverrr, yours is one of twisted logical. Kikuyu this, Kikuyu that. People do not hate them but what they stand for as a community. Tell me in what other community in Kenya do you hear of prevalent cases of siblings or family members killing each other because of money/wealth? What other community has worse moral fortitude that your brethren? There is MUCH MORE to life than MONEY. No other community exemplifies this LUST more than, need I say more.

Anonymous said...

Funny. Taabu has been lost for just a few days and he was missed so much. What about PKW? only 1 person is missing her?

Anonymous said...

SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THIS MAN!!! Kenya's CARDINAL TRIBALIST John Njue is at it again, this time leading a platoon of fellow LESOTHIANS clad in priestly robes calling for the release of the lawfully convicted criminal and leader of the savage Mungiki simply on the basis of tribe. The "holy" catholic church in kenya has officially been infiltrated by Mungiki. GOD HELP US!

cicero said...

anon 6.03 summed up what really lies behind the veil of "historical injustices" by saying:

"People do not hate them but what they stand for as a community. Tell me in what other community in Kenya do you hear of prevalent cases of siblings or family members killing each other because of money/wealth? What other community has worse moral fortitude that your brethren? There is MUCH MORE to life than MONEY."

Its not really about LAND, then. It is not about being a Kikuyu in Rift Valley subsisting on an acre of land but about being Kikuyu in the first place. Because our crime is this inherent lack of "moral fortitude" for which we pay with our lives.

Of course that explains why Baraton and Moi universities were raided. There was no hope of recovering land in a dormitory...but a few people deficient of "moral fortitude" could be purged.

Historical injustices? Do you know the orifice where your fecal material exits? You can shove that in there.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody stop these meaningless alien names in Kenya i.e Lesotho, Pentagon, Orange movement, Taliban, Baghdad boys to name but a few.
They don’t mean anything to Kenya or Kenyan society. It only fools who can use those terminologies. Where is our pride? Why can’t we be like the Asian society, they stick to their culture, hardly would you hear a foreign name used in their society let alone the govt.
For the last 4 months, I have watched foreign media one after the other ridicule those names.

cicero said...

Hmmm, I just noticed this very carefully chosen word in the title of this piece..."their" as in "their misery." How sad of you! Some of those in "misri" could have easily been your classmates or in-laws but the tribal dichotomy creates a divide as big as it was on the Red Sea when Moses made it waters part. He was leading the Isralites out of Misri, "their misery".

Moses! where art thou?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:23, I am just wondering is mungiki ....Kenyan

tnk said...

Reason why 2007 elections were unnecessary

the people we wanted out, somehow still worming their way back

luckily Moody Awori declined, but so far Madoka is back , and now Tuju and Kibwana, next it will be Njenga Karume and who knows who else

Remember Kibakis words, give me "clean MPs" to form a govt, and the people did, and now he is out fishing from the muddy rivers, all the rejects

Anonymous said...

This is article drips of desparate, shameful tribalism.

DO an article on the history of land settlement in RV to prove your bogus theory of RV 'ancestral land' belonging solely to the Kalenjin.

You and Orengo are wrong Waweru proved it on Kenyaimagine!
So you resort to tribalist innuendo about kikuyus....The OM playbook is very predictable. When in doubt blame Kikuyus.
Keep it up...I have resettled my own family in RV and rebuilt our businesses in Coast. You get mad we get money


Anonymous said...

Thaai keep on getting money...Gather for the poor to squander...I am waiting

Senator said...

Its TRUE that TRUTH will never mutate..the land problem in riftvalley will not solved by 30 police stations..we know how Kenyatta transfered large Kikuyu population to riftvalley without them paying a dime to Kalenjin land..

Secondly no one WHO IS NON-KIKUYU can start a business and suceed in Central Province and suceed and here we are always told that Kenya belongs to all..This must stop..If we cant do business in Central province let them not do business in riftvalley and I tell Vibokos are coming stay in riftvalley and practice tribalism..and refuse that the issue be amicably solved using state power..It wont WORK..

Come 2012 when Kikuyus exit from power for the next 100 years then you guys will relaize how hard life can be..better you solve the problem now..when there is time..

Kimi Raikkonen said...

anon @ 6.03, do you have a name for money in your language? If you do, then how is it possible there are none who lust after it, unless you are not human, and which would in turn not surprise me given your consistently irrational complaints that only Kikuyus lust after money? My point? If you do not have people in your tribe who do not lust after money, then you cannot possibly be human.

Anon @ 10.51, Kikuyus will NEVER exit from power, they are just too many, and too many of them have a lot of money. As Scarface said, firsta you getta the money, thena you getta the power, thena you getta the womans. THAT, my dear fellow, is another name for success.

Anonymous said...

a little education can go a long way

ethnic relations 101 for many of the blind prejudiced idiots.

Postive ethnicity 1 - identity
i am (please insert any or all of , maasai, luhya, kamba, kikuyu, meru, luo, borana, etc)

that defines my ethnicity, a positive since it identifies my cultural roots

negative ethnicity 1 - chauvinism/bigotry

i will run/trample all over you (meaning take over your business, kill you, chase you away, rob you blind etc) because i am ( please insert any or all of , maasai, luhya, kamba, kikuyu, meru, luo, borana, etc)

negative ethnicity 2 - stereotyping

that fellow or those guys over there are (insert idiots, smart, liars, crooks, mad, geniuses, kind, loving, mean, laggard etc) BECAUSE THEY ARE (please insert any or all of , maasai, luhya, kamba, kikuyu, meru, luo, borana, etc)

positive ethnicity 2 - sensitized/accomodating

that fellow or those guys over there are unlikely to participate in this event because the customs of (please insert any or all of , maasai, luhya, kamba, kikuyu, meru, luo, borana, etc) do not encourage such although, the more liberal of them are more tolerant, therefore lets find other events of methods for more common communal events


Anonymous said...

Another two-bit Kikuyu phobic disgusing his petty tribal hatred and insecurity in intelligent sounding language.

yes you do have company, orengo and all.

let me tell you, you did not create kyuks and you will not destroy them. We will still be here long after the wind scatters the dust of your bones all over the earth.

in the words of psalms 'He lays a table for me before the eyes of my enemies' will will prosper even as you wither in poverty and are consumed by your hate.

You know why? because we hate no one

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