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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Was Otieno Kajwang Just Too Delighted To Be A Cabinet Minister?

Anybody who listened to ODM MP for Mbita Otieno Kajwang telling the press about events surrounding his recent appointment as immigration minister in the overcrowded grand coalition cabinet, would have been left deeply disgusted, whatever side of the political divide they belong.

The man is a major embarrassment to his party and party leader, let alone the good long suffering constituents of Mbita who were very determined to get rid of the man this time. But somehow he was bailed out by Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The value of people like James Orengo I would understand. But what exactly is the value of Otieno Kajwang to ODM and Raila, apart from being able to sing Bado Mapambano quite well? Many have forgotten that this man stole client’s money and was struck off the lawyer’s roll meaning that he can no longer practice law in Kenya. Is that the kind of character you would feel comfortable with in such a powerful public position? In fact my latest raw notes reveals what his aides were up to even before his appointment.

Watching Kajwang’s recent antics in full view of the press also proves to anybody who previously doubted that a cabinet appointment does not help the ordinary folk of Kenya, rather it is more of a valued personal reward to any politician.

Hon Kajwang could not hide his joy and was bursting out in loud laughter every few seconds even as the cameras rolled.

The monologue with the press went something like this;

“When we received the news I was with my wife. We were in the bedroom (loud laughter from the shocked press and himself).

We did not know whether I would be appointed or not and we were lying low just in case, watching.

We did a jig [with his wife in the bedroom]

The new minister for immigration then went to the phone and called some junior officer in full view of the press.

“Hello this is honorable Kajwang….

This is Honorable Otieno Kajwang your new minister here. I just wanted to confirm that you are on duty working.”

He again laughed loudly and in glee before settling on his swivel chair and swinging from side to side like a kid that has just been given a new toy.

Honestly I almost threw up.

Adulterous boss taught a lesson


Taabu said...

Apt comical releif in the din of political madness.

Phil said...

Chris, I trully hope you are OK this weekend. I am taken aback by your post.

I do not know what gives you reasons to launch such an unwarranted scathing on Otieno Kajwang, the MP for Mbita and now your Immigration Minister. I mean, can you point out which lawyer MP is cleaner than OJ?

How many lawyers have 'stolen' client money, including the infamous prison officers payoff, and still practice to this day, just because of their ethnic origin? Chris, your own kinsman Kalonzo Musyoka set the trend in legal circles when he literary grabbed some piece of land from the possession of a hapless citizen. He is now your imposed VP and despite of a still-born miracle, I have not seen you speak with so much passion against this daylight conman. (Maanzo said that!).

LSK's politics, nepotism and tribalism is well known and the activities of the council that decides who is struck off the lawyers roll is the most biased of all professional bodies! Please give us a break Chris, Otieno Kajwang, a Homabay High School Old Boy, fully deserves to be in cabinet. He is a Kenyan, he is qualified and he does not have a criminal background like you-know-who.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Chris... give the poor man a break. This is a guy who has beenn in the opposition practically his whole political carrier(missed out when NDP joined Kanu too!). Its no secret that politics is about ascending to power, and it makes sense, coz only then can one implement whatever ideas you may have. Remember the arguments that were used against RAO by Party of No Use agents that he would fit a better role in the oppossition than Prezzo? Well, its tempting to think the same of Kajwang. The chap has quite some ideas(ever listened to him in parliament or on crossfire?) and some zeal too. And, as he says, bado mapambano...

Anonymous said...


I do not believe that this was a wise post for you because you bent to low to assassinate the character of the person in the name of Hon. Otieno Kajwang'. Where exactly did you get the notion that Hon. Kajwang' was bailed out by RAO? Personally I think you overstretched your imagination in this piece and tried to exercise an "holier than thou" attitude, a problem that we are trying to distance ourselves from as Kenyans. If you recall the wave of nomination politics that swept across the Luo Nyanza last year, a number of former Mps were red carded, however, Hon. Kajwang' survived this wave and if my memory is serving me right you may be the first person to have come up with allegations to the effect that he was propped up by RAO and got nominated. Of course none of these happened this time as much as we may be inclined to use the past to justify the present. I wonder where your facts on this matter came from given the that you do not participate in any elective politics in Mbita constituency? I am just a little curious about what made you feel nauseated watching the poor guy on television?

Sometime it is worth spending some of your valuable time verifying your facts before you pen them down, for it is the credibility of your pen that is keeping this blog going strong.

Lastly, I would also urge you to let Hon. Kajwang' celebrate his appointment as the Minister for Immigration. The guy has a right to celebrate it in any way he chooses to. Our only concern should be on how he runs the ministry full stop.

Anonymous said...

JJJ syndrome. And y'all aint seen nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

What is this? Is this the hardwork we are supposed to be envious about? We need a new direction as a country if we are to move forward. Check out this article.

Taabu said...

Well, the entertainment is over and so do the relief. Chris you OWE Phil an explanation because it appears BOXER is more equal than other animals in the kraal. Let Gerald (Auma's bro) ccelebrate.

Phil you have to understand Chris' CONFLICT of INTEREST (or is it loyalty/mentorship/herosim) to Mbita. He owes his loyalty that close scrutiny ad you recal he VOWED OJ will never see bunge again.

Well, the same LSK's council is typical of the rot in any institution in Kenya. People SELECTIVELY refer to it to advacne what they fancy and soil what they don't. All the same TWO WRONGS never made a right just like you cannot claim to be A PRIVATE person who loothes public while earning 2m for being CEO.

@Phil OJ's almamata reada TO THE UTTERMOST and he must strive to measure to it or shut up.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:51

thanks for the heads up

am actively pursuing more exposure of such leads. we are sick and tired of leadership that continues to abuse and degrade the values of our institutions.

Anonymous said...


probably time for you to revamp the initiative for better leadership

we are stuck in gear 1, yet we have opportunity to create better governance and move from our own backyard to our immediate neighbours and start doing a lot more

stories like this one below need african intervention but there is no single african country able to do this because all of us are stuck in gear 1 occasionally moving back to neutral and reverse. anytime we are in neutral or gear one, there is so much excitement ati sijui 6% economic growth sijui nini.

sample of african problems the story itself is sad, but the tragedy is the very last statement.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Chris, what tribe has not stolen? Tribal stereotypes aside-read the word stereotypes again before you react- it's 'our' time to eat.

OJ is just one of the 'kids' who have been rewarded for their loyalty (of questionable value) and can't hide his joy. Whoever thought the others are in it for us,...I want what you are smoking.

More comic relief in seeing the 'losers' forming the grand opposition. Hmm,so much for for the love of country and the poor citizens. Na bado homecoming parties, mtado?

Anonymous said...


i think you are deliberately side-stepping the general plan. as a true ODMer i believe that status quo is too entrenched in conducting business in a certain manner that change will literaly have then bend over backwards and snap their backs as their heads get stuffed into their sorry behinds.

phase 1 is to start the purge of these dunderhoods and loosen the grip from institutions. granted a few dunderheads will be transitional leaders but thats ok as long as the deathly stranglehold that the executive (president, PM, and cabinet) have over institutions is slowly but gradually reduced. look at that instance of Prf Wanjohi hanging on just because he is Kibaki's buddy.
true democracy is not an overnight passage of events that we will suddenly wake up into the next morning, but a long and arduous chain of values and events leading to long term sustainable development and social balances.

those expecting raila miracles just because he's PM or ODM in govt were not on the ODM bandwagon in the firstplace but PNU naysayers.

we can continue to take advantage of the opportunity to castigate and expose corrupt practices of leaders be they PNU or ODM. As for how the leaders conduct their business, theres nothing we can do about that, because if thats how they learnt from their upbringing then thats whom they are and indeed even us thats whom we are. so lets not be too quick to cast that first stone lest others take boulders to cast on us. this current leadership is transitional and we should exploit all methods to strengthen public institutions to stand up against undue influence of the parliament, then move on to ensure we have better handle on these "bad" boys and girls of the august house.

HLumiti said...

The problem with Kajwang’s display of juvenile excitement is that it cements the image he has cultivated over the years as a buffoon. His roles have hitherto been those of foot-soldier, rabble rouser, comic relief. Not quite the fellow for serious assignments. It’s hard to fathom what RAO is trying to re-invent in the man, but then, RAO amesema Kajwang tosha. May be he actually does have some useful talent.

Anonymous said...

Chris, i know you're a grandfather now but in your heyday i'm sure you used to sing a round chorus or two-how about San Fan Thomas "Nelson Mandela" or indeed Kanda Bongoman "inde mami"-and i'm sure when you got married you hid with Mrs.KK when the inlaws came for meals-does that mean you won't make a good public servant and politician if given the chance one day in a KANU government?
Please let us divorse personality from professionalism-Chris personally i like to burst into laughter whenever i get the chance even when i am sad, but i assure you my laughing does not mean i am a bad worker. let us judge "laughing kajwang" the happiest man in Kenya by the rapid results he delivers in immigration
Or would you rather that he be somber and sad like Ole Kaparo all the time?how about Bill "lying low envelopes"
laughter is not a judge of a man but his character and results.

Mkenya Damu said...

Chris ,
Cut the guy some slack , the cabinet is just a mirror reflection of the society , so jut like every market is entitled to its wag or clown if you will, so does the cabinet.Raila is not a fool to have this guy in his team, their he must have some better sides to him. lets not judge him purely on his negatives.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I'm not privy to the general plan, anonymous. But if it'll accomplish the most good for most Kenyans, I (really?) don't care who is at the driver's seat. I understand we will not be the Kenya we envision in 2030 overnight,but surely, there is nothing we can do about it? For one, do you really think defending someone-that is doing something!- because they share your political affiliation (in most cases its the tribe thing, cousin tribe,even-GEMA, KAMATUSA) accomplishes that much, even with overwhelming evidence that they have done 'wrong'? How is that different from PNU rigged, so did ODM? In ODM circles, mainly I'm still to understand why something is valid when RAO thinks it is? Hebu tafuta that youtube clip where Loius Otieno was grilling RAO, and you might understand what I'm trying to say.

We have hardly done anything but vote in all these years, am not sure that has done us any good. I think we can at the very least demand accountability from these people we put and pay to remain in office. It's about time.

And yes, a little display of emotional maturity will do no harm.

Taabu said...


When were you ordained as the E-NUPTIAL PASTOR? Or are you playing Njue on Chris? Wewe wacha being nostalic about yourpast here. Ati Inde moni (not mami as you claim). Kwani Sam Fani Thomas alikula nini yako? You owe Chris a kingsize apology for E-SLUNDER, otherwise.....

Chicity said...

I'm most concern about how he does his job. I look forward to hearing about the results of the changes he's proposed. At the end of the day, if he streamlines operations that ensure improved service delivery, i.e. customer service, cuts wait times for those who need passports, IDs, etc., he'll have done his job. There's no etiquette in Kenyan politics so let's stop acting like this is the first display of "conduct unbecoming of a politician" in Kenya.....that's not to say that I endorse his behavior. I'm just focused on the forest instead of obsessing on the trees.

Chicity said...

Oops..."most concerned"

Anonymous said...

Otieno Kajwang, the MP for Mbita is a clean Man.

Ask him what he ate yesterday he will tell you, he never shy from the truth and as far as i know him he is straight and focused.

All the fake Asians, Indians, Arabs,Sudanese,Somalians,Ugandans, Italians and British subjects cum Indians who have in the past corrupted, raped and abused our generosity for issuing "Kenyan Passports" are in for a ride.

That`s the reason, Canada, Britain, Australia kicked Kenya out of "No Visa Regulation" and imagine we are still under the commonwealth.

These guys are all smart ass, what they do is use, wet it and dump. You know what i mean.

Time is now.

You can never play games with Hon. Otieno Kajwang.

Anonymous said...

Otieno Kajwang is an IDIOT!! Really found him SILLY. He could have talked about the things he intends to do at the Ministry, perhaps a scheduled meeting with department heads to get briefing on ongoing projects then take afew questions from the Press.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5.53 PM
Have you just woken up from alusination.

Otieno Kajwang had a lenghty "Lie coverage in his new office of immigration and this what he said.

Mapambanu mbado iko.

He spoke in parables if you know what parables are.

He is Lean, genuine and issue minded than a lot of dorks in Kenya. when it comes to fingering others, Men, like the way the British, Americans, Italians do, he pauses, before you put your finger in his ass "corruption" He does not believe that corruption is the only things can get done. Idians, British, Americans are very corrupt at a very high level unlike in Africa where people go and give chai$0.10 for a passport. and get away with it.

It`s just a matter of of "wait and see"

Ja'Uyoma said...

Chris...come on...sit down and re-write this piece or place it under 'satire' but dont come here and make a bad pitch.I am not taking a swing at it!!

Anonymous said...

Chris?? waaow!!only clients money?? that ofcourse is terrible- now give has the details on the Mt. Kenya Anglo Leasing Mafia and do not forget to tell us who is behind the sale of the Grand Regency to the Libyans- you have been very quiet on these two topic's I wonder why?? I thought you had a source in PNU??

Kajwangs case does not even light a candle to the billions the Mt kenya Mafia has looted from kenyans - go figure why you want to pick on him to scandals him and while you are at it?? what is the connection between Uhuru Kenyatta and Mungiki?? I have not yet seen you mention it here?
Even though Uhuru's assistant recently was caught taking bribes from the councilpersons for registrations was it about 300,000??? or?? but you rather go dig in the trenches for a story? right?? be real chris!!! wacha ubaguzi!

Anonymous said...

yap Chris there are plenty of fresh corruption stories yet you had to go dig in the trenches!! who is your pay master?? PNU??? I think it is about time your blog started reporting the real corruption not trying to tarnish peoples name- if was de-listed from the law society? and told to pay back his fines?? did you check whether he refused? or paid??? back??? or you are just here to drag dirt on individuals you are asked to post here by PNU so that the world can read!!

yes like anon7:20 PM has said give us the dug up dirt on Uhuru Kenyatta(I have not seen that yet) not stories but dirt and martha karua one was pathetic try- no dirt -you even forgot to mention her affair with Father wamagoundo?? so what's up Chris?? now your blog is pay up dirt time and mostly the ODM members get the worst write ups? go back and check your posts and compare!!!

Chrisogonas said...

he hee.. well, OJ may have appeared boyish or hyper-excited, or you may have some personal reasons to launch a hard one against him, but I don't think his behavior warranted an attack from you; it is none of your business. Besides, it is better to point out without exposing your inexplicable hatred for Kajwang'. He may have been exposed as having taken client money but which lawyer is clean? c'mon, boy... grow up!

Anonymous said...

na kweli Chris is posting more dirt on ODM -every time i come back on this blog it is either Raila or Ruto then a pause a lukewarm story on Karua than bang again a nasty piece on ODM it seems like your PNU source is doing a good job of giving you nasty material- I think you should stop tarnishing peoples names on here??

and by the way what dirty secrets does chris have in his closet?? let be on here to promote kenyans and look at critical issues like The Grand Regency?? or has your PNU source told you not to post it on here?? Chris sometimes i wonder when you post certain material here it is very calculated!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Otieno Kajwang is an IDIOT!!

Right^^^ that is why you are behind your key board whining and he is a minister- the only idiot i can see here is you!!

Anonymous said...

oops!!Chris is at it again? what about Kajwang?? name me a clean lawyer in Kenya and let us start from

The Lawyers of The Grand Regency
Martha karua
Mutula Kalonza
and Wako

give as a post on here what they did with the Libyans to sell grand Regency for a miserly price of only 1.6M and who authorized them?? isn't being crocks?? Kenyans want to know the truth!! so Chris give us some dirt on this 4 lawyers!!

Anonymous said...

To the Anon who said he should have spent the time stating what he plans to do:

1. He issued a cell phone number through which the public can send complaints.

2. Officers must now disclose their names to the public when they serve them.

Check youtube for a clip.

Anonymous said...

we are so poor our radio sang inde mami not inde MONI everytime KandaBomgoman sang his song
I know chris does not listen to anything that is not LES WANYIKA, the COMMADORES or indeed FADHILI WILLIAMS but wachana na San Fan Thomas wewe Taabu-the man owes Madiba millions in ROYALTY for Copyright

Anonymous said...

The circus has began..the clowns are in position. But as ususal...the ODM zombies are unable to see anything apart from their Prime Ministers's Raila said Kajwang Tosha? no wonder you languish in poverty.

Anyway he is not my prime minister and Jajwang is not my minister neither is that murderer Ruto. They are just people waiting kidogo be hauled to court for crimes aganist humanity

Anonymous said...

sorry anon 5.53 PM

I meant hallucination.
i beg your pardon.
My keyboard is a bit sticky.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything particulatly wrong with Kajwang's behaviour. I think we need to have people who are light-hearted and still perform when called upon. It is too soon to dismiss him based on that clip alone. Let's discuss Kajwang 6-8 months from now. It will be a better gauge on his ability as a minister.

Anonymous said...

anon9:15 PM

all kenyans and the whole world knows who the murders are before and after the elections
so let me remind you if you chose not to care so be it

kibaki shoot to kill order of innocent kenyans as the commander in chief
kibaki, Uhuru, michiki, saitoti, martha karua, karume and cronies- paid for the mungiki murderous gang after meeting them at the presidents residence to go commit genocide in nakuru and nairobi(by the way i understand mungiki has handed over proof to BBC, Maina kiai the coward who has never released it and now they have want to hand it to all kenyan through the committee that is investigating the saga!! so are you going to puke on here with shame when those facts are exposed??? you can keep licking will not help you- maybe you should go hide in central Lesotho or behind martha karua's skirt like all the rest are doing since now they are scared even to talk to mungiki and they expect Raila do do their dirty work for them-"he will not"" as for Ruto being a murderer that was posted in the ODM master plan we all read it so your propaganda will take you nowhere :) small the roses!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The circus has began..the clowns are in position. But as ususal...the ODM zombies are unable to see anything apart from their Prime Ministers's Raila said Kajwang Tosha? no wonder you languish in poverty.

Anyway he is not my prime minister and Jajwang is not my minister neither is that murderer Ruto. They are just people waiting kidogo be hauled to court for crimes aganist humanity

here i see a kikuyu thug who can't even face the mungiki labeling others murderers- pole sana the murderers are in your own back yard and they are called the mungiki foot soldiers of the kikuyu elite!!

it is time the mungiki dealt with some of your elite and just maybe some of you on here will shut up!! pay back time is here!!

Anonymous said...

man, umetia chumvi nyingi kwa hiyo stori about kajwang. are you referring to the clip on ntv news! you have totally exagerrated the story and taken it out of context. i know your blog is good sometimes and quite popular but please refrain from the childishness. how can you imply that just because a man is in a room with his wife they are busy having sex. kajwang simply said he was in his room with his wife watching the announcement! cmon man, please be objective and be fair to the man. I know you blog survives of these type of juicy stories but dont slander a man like that. you would not appreciate that done to you. be professional!

Anonymous said...

Chris, its called personality types! Up your tolerance.

Anonymous said...

by the way copy the ntv video and post it here so that everyone can see you exaggeration man. you should be disgusted in yourself. or did you hear about the clip from someone who heard it from someone else and by the time it got to you the whole story was distorted. this one mess of an article has caused me to rethink about all your other previous blog post. this shamely reporting is a dent on the future credibilty of your articles. dont feed the diaspora garbage. they get the same news you do.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:53 PM
maybe Chris(kumekucha) should watch it again to refresh his mind

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:15 PM
Yours is nothing in Kumekucha we dont recognize Obaki THE THIEF IN CHIEF, DULY SICK THUG as President of Kenya, he's prezzo of Lesotho Central!!! So youre in the wrong blog;)
As a resutlt, we're least concerned about your juvenile tantrums because Kenyans know Raila Amolo Odinga Is the GENUINE ELECTED PRESIDENT OF KENYA...& NOW PRIME MINISTER OF KENYA:):)

Anonymous said...

...Oh yea 9:15 Pm..that Includes his bandits as well;):)

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:29 and 11:21 - I agree!

Anonymous said...

enyewe chris,

i have also watched the youtube clip link provided above and i dont think there's anything wrong with kajwang's behaviour....the man was just happy for goodness' sake!!

granted he took it a little bit over the top and acted a little goofy, but surely? people are different and we cant all be boring!!.....kajwang was just being himself. why do u want to take that away from him?

in any case, nobody ever defended raila aggressively as he did before and after the elections....and now his singing has borne him fruits...wacha afurahi!! hajala mbuzi ya mtu!!


Anonymous said...

looks like you have alot of time on your hand and no ideas how about doing a study of all the 40ministers, their chatrcter and siutability for their recent postings instead of picking on kajwang. The guy was not put ther to easthetically impress you. His job is to get you an id and passport in a timely manner. he even gave out his cell number to the press for u to send complaints regarding the same. Take him up on that. Hiyo ingine ni UDAku.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Well noted.The childish display infront of the cameras LEAVES ALOT TO BE DESIRED.
Kajwang has the village in him like they say.....An agama lizard in the village will always remain an agama in town!!!!!

Somebody ELSE SAID IF YOU EAT GROUNDNUTS AND YOU DONT FEEL ITS TASTINESS, THEN BLAME YOUR ROTTEN TEETH!the man wants to enjoy to the fullest...its the juniors that will be under siege!
We patient Kenyans will await OTIENO KAJWANGS perfomance contract!!!

Queen Elizabeth said...


Oh good heavens!! Consult your grammar references! How can someone be described as 'lean'? Or its because you heard ODM calling for a lean, clean cabinet? Poor ODM fanatic.


ISN'T IT FUNNY how each and evry subject discussed in this blog ends up in tribal polarizations? Chris was talking about how unofficial the minister presented himself to local and international media and concluded that the behaviour did not befit the noble office of Minister! Period!

It is totally beyond me to comprehend why some comments made against Kikuyus emanated from. I mean, who bewitched Kenyans. That every issue
shall be resolved by retreating to our tribal affiliations? SHAME ON YOU, all those who chose to resort to comments like

"Chris?? waaow!!only clients money?? that ofcourse is terrible- now give has the details on the Mt. Kenya Anglo Leasing Mafia and do not forget to tell us who is behind the sale of the Grand Regency to the Libyans- you have been very quiet on these two topic's I wonder why?? I thought you had a source in PNU??"

Gibberish, and again, intellectual immaturity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:05
u see the reason the attacks here end up becoming tribal and anti punua is cause the thread by chris is so irrelevant and unfairly selective that one has to wonder what the motive is. Given the background of what has been going on is possible that is just a hate campaign by panuers/ the swahili say afkufukuzae akwaambi enda.....people have detected mischievous coments that on the surface look like honest critism, there has been so much of that to a point where ODMers are sort of justified to read between the lines when a so called honest critical observation is made about its Mps. In other words PNU has not shown itself capable of motives that are altruistic in anything they do. so don't blame ppl for responding the way they do..once bitten twice shy...takes time to build a reputation....PNUers are just learning that the hard way.

Sir Alex

Fave said...

Totally Irrelevant my question, but, I ask it. 'Is anyone ever in the chat room?'

Knoppix! said...

lol,I have also made trips to that room but i only see some message saying guest was here and then am all alone despite the much hype someone was giving us here about the room being sizzling hot.Someone is not doing their work somewhere.

fave said...

True Knoppix,
I just see the evidence of some people having been on the site. But rarely get any one to chat with. On bad days I am disconnected.
Halafu, Cut the comic Kajwang some major slack, he is just excited.
I am still pissed however, at RAO for offering to negotiate with the criminals in mungiki. Negotiate on what? protection money? But, I, will not go down that road, given that all of you folks here seem to agree with RAO on that.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:05 AM
Gibberish, and again, intellectual immaturity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous fave said...

LET ME ASK?? DID YOU HEAR ANY PNU MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT FROM CENTRAL PROVINCE COMMENT?? AFTER RAO SAID THAT?? WHY ARE THEY SILENT NOW YET THEY everybody in Kenya knows mungiki was their foot soldiers before, during and after elections?? why are they silent on this mungiki topic?? where is Martha Karua the PNU mouth piece shouting on media that Mungiki are not acceptable on the crimes they are still committing??? hey RAO ain't stupid to accept even a meeting with the mungiki women who knows whether they wan to blow him up? Iraq style- this people are not to be trusted especially when they send their women as a front!!
stop reading things into what RAO SAID!GIVE HIM A BREAK!

Anonymous said...

Have you read the NEWS PSs. What were you people writing here a week ago. Iko serikali na iko SISA. The PM's Office is not different from ODM Secretariate. The only one missing is SAlim Lone. Karoli Omondi, Isahakia and what mnore...THE BITTTER PILL... Amb. Muthaura is the Secretary to the Cabinet.

Kazi iendele...


Anonymous said...

the domo chatroom is active alright. Fave and Knoppix be there tomorrow 11.00 am. That's date.

Anonymous said...

hey fave,

please dont lump me with the rest of the bloggers here who think the mungiki criminals are a bunch to be negotiated with!! they are all a bunch of capital offenders who deserve to be in kamiti waiting for the gallows!! rao is definitely wrong on this one.

i am with you there!

fave said...

Thanks Mrembo,
At least some one here who is disappointed with the 'lets negotiate with mungiki' bandwagon.
They are nefarious good for nothing, peddlers, child molesters, rapists, and murderers. Talking to them is out of the question.
RAO is wrong on that call

tnk said...

looks like the list of PSs is out

Chris, would you have somewhere nearby brief profiles on these people that you could post?

Anonymous said...

Otieno Kajwang might have stolen a client's cash. Yes it is a crime and he has been punished for that.

But how many capital offenders in Kenya are walking around and have not been charged.

1)Kenyatta killed JM, Mboya, Pinto, very many people in Kisumu. was he charged? He stole the land Kenya bought from the settlers. Was he charged?

2)Moi stole billions. Has he been charged? He killed Ouko. has he been charged?

3) Kibaki stole billions as finance minister. He killed Mbai. Has he been charged? He stole elections and killed people in Kisumu, Nbi, Nakuru and Naivasha. He supported Mungiki. He stole billions thro Anglo-Leasing. Who has charged so far?

4)Kirauti stole billions thro Anglo-Leasing. He is Energy minister. Who has charged him?

5)Saitoti is a thief no 1. He stole billions thro Goldenberg. Who has charged him?

6)The total man became a multi-billionare within 4 yrs. He killed Ouko. Who has charged him?

The list is long, citing mainly the CP people.

OTIENO KAJWANG is a small timer compared to big killers from Central. Instead tell us how a mere DC like Michuki can get billions within a short time.

Anonymous said...

Kajwang's position should have been assigned to the Kipsigis. Haron Mwau and Oburu Odinga's positions too should have gone to appease other communities who were there with ODM in their hour of need.

Anonymous said...

So Kajwang stealing a dead man's money is okay??? Is that what you mean. Then you forget that Dalmas Otieno stole the contentiouis Kenya Railways Pension Fund and KPTC Funds. Right??? That money disappeared with his Thabiti Finance. Siri ni ya watu wawili!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh.......its his time!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans learn zero at school. They go to school to become rich.

Some go to school to learn how to steal and kill. Read the history about the freshly renamed Mukurweini school in Central Province. The school is a breeding ground for thugs.

Kenya should have states. It is already apparent that you can live peacefully in RV, Coast, Nyanza and Western than in Central Province.

Get civilized Kenyans. You are too much running after money.

Kenya Safaris said...

Lets see if this Kenyan will perform. He should have been given the tourism ministry although i have a strong belief in balala lets hope these guys get tourist coming once again for Kenya safaris and inflation going down. Life has become too expensive.

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