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Monday, April 21, 2008

Recent Nairobi Star Article That Mentioned Kumekucha

Kenyan bloggers: Digital activists or deadly propagandists?

By Grace Kerongo

Kenya’s Hitler! Exclusive: Secret plot for a coup! Military take over! No peace, no justice! Kill all the election thieves! Calling for a civil war! These were some of the many headlines on Kenyan blogs right after the elections last year. The period saw blogs segmenting into three major groups, the ODMer’s (die hard ODM supporters), the PNU bloggers and the impartial/ neutral bloggers – who were very rare.

I got in touch with the cream of the Kenyan bloggers and this is what they had to say.

You Missed This:

Of all the controversial blogs, Kumekucha takes the trophy. The blogger behind it couldn’t reveal his name or where he is based for security reasons, but only said, “I earn a living writing for other websites all over the world.”

He went ahead to explain what his blog is about.

“Since inception Kumekucha's main subject has been politics with a bias towards a reform agenda.”

He added, “We have been very fortunate to break numerous stories on Kumekucha. I say "we" because these days it is a team effort. I do it together with a team of dedicated writers spread all over the world on more than three continents.”
Some of their ‘scoops’ include the rape saga involving a famous Kenyan journalist.

“We were also the first to tell the world that Kalonzo Musyoka would be appointed Vice President. We also warned the world about the secret "bedroom swearing in" that was going to happen last year about six hours before it happened.”

He was quick to defend the blog against propaganda claims.

“I must admit that our big problem has been the comments (posted on the blog) from readers … some hate comments published in Kumekucha came from people who were upset, especially after the elections. But don't forget that with such a huge readership Kumekucha tends to mirror exactly what is going on the ground including what people are saying and feeling.”

He clarified that the team of writers (who post articles on the blog) comes from both sides of the political divide as well as very neutral persons who call themselves "horseless".”

At a time when blogs were segmented into two, pro-government and pro-opposition, Kumekucha was seen as staunchly ODM, a claim that was hotly denied.

“We are a pro-reform blog. We usually look like we are leaning towards the political party we think is most likely to deliver change. The truth is, we hold nobody's brief except that of the ordinary folk of Kenya, the voiceless masses if you like.”

The ride for the Kumekucha blogger has not being smooth. “I receive threats all the time. That is why I take my personal security very seriously.”

On being regulated he said, “Governments are eager to regulate blogs and web sites. In a few years I am sure there will be all sorts of laws. It is never safe to blog from within the borders of one's own country.”

Kenyan Diaspora Pro-democracy Movement:

Gerald Baraza is a student and Officer in charge of Special Projects at the Grand Valley State University in Michigan. He runs the blog

His was the first to post: “Kenya has a new President: Hon.Raila Amolo Odinga!”

He also claims that he predicted Kalonzo Musyoka’s move to join the government as VP days before Kalonzo accepted the appointment.

Baraza accepted that some bloggers spewed vitriol during the post election period.

“It is very true! Blogs were used to spread propaganda. Some of it is very cheap and misleading.”

As a staunch ODM supporter, Baraza was accused by his blog readers of “spreading hatred”. To this he said, “I stand for justice. I stand for democracy and I stand for the truth. Like any other peace-loving and law-abiding Kenyan, I only spoke out against the election malpractices and those who were behind them. I have a right as a Kenyan to express my opinion and that is what I did.”

Due to his straight shooting and liberal writing, Baraza received threats via email.

“My relatives and friends from Kenya and Europe called me and advised me to stop blogging because according to them, I was putting my life and the lives of my relatives at risk. My answer to them was that everything has a cost. If my life or that of a dear one was going to be taken because of me standing up for justice and democracy in Kenya, so be it.”

Several of his American friends also advised him to stop using his real name.

Unlike most bloggers, Baraza chose to reveal his identity on the blog because, “I have not committed any crime. I have nothing to hide. If anything, I am aspiring to contest in Nambale in 2012 so I can’t be hiding when I am a potential Member of Parliament.”

Other bloggers’ take on politics and censorship

Kenyan Entrepreneur.

The focuses on small internet businesses, and frequently writes about business and economics in Africa and Kenya in particular.

“I was accused of being a counter-propagandist site for the Kibaki government, but I didn't view it that way. I think people on both sides of this crisis were very passionate about the issues and the blogs gave them the space to express those passions in a very real and honest way. This is not propaganda. I was one of the few blogs that took a pro-Kibaki stance early on and I think people who were not used to hearing that side of the story may have taken offense at some of my viewpoints. However, those who were pro-Kibaki appreciated the balance that my blog provided and they gravitated towards it.”

What an African woman thinks was seen by many as a neutral entity, far removed from the sectarian madness that griped the blogosphere. “Political temperatures ran extremely high and there were definitely those who crossed the line,” she says. “I tried to position myself as pro-Kenya, which wasn't easy, I admit.”

Girl in the meadow:

A Nairobi lawyer simply known as Shiroh owned the blog. She was a staunch Government supporter during the post election crisis. As a practicing lawyer Shiroh says it would be impossible for a politician to sue for defamation. “I guess they can, if they can get the identity of the blogger. The thing is, how you would they establish who publishes the blog? This is something one can delete anytime.”

The Displaced Kenyan

Mwangi runs, he is based in Melbourne, Australia. His blog was created during the post election violence but he steered clear of politics.

“The blogsphere definitely spread some hate, the place where hate was simply unavoidable was Mashada and Kumekucha. I fully understand why Kobia (Mashada owner) had to shut the place down for a while, it all got a bit too much.”

“There was a beautiful outpouring of love and support from sites such as, Mama Mikes, Operation Save Brian, amongst others all came out of this tragedy. In addition to that, a lot of bloggers were willing to step up and talk about things like tribalism, class, wealth disparity and other issues that are really at the core of the crisis.”

The rancorous chatter is still going in most blogs, which is made possible by the illusion of an impenetrable alias. One question though: if blogging reveals a blogger’s honest opinion, what does that say about the quality of citizenry in Kenya and the Diaspora?

Straying husband taught a lesson by his wife and another woman


Taabu said...

You TOP the list and trail blaze while others follow, BUT DO YOU SAY?

Mkenya Damu said...

eeeeh yawa chris , are you sure you are a mkamba????

Anonymous said...


At least we have come out who we are - ODM damu. Bila ODM hakuna kumekucha. Sisi ndio wenyewe.

But Chris - i think we should also change with the changing times - We've been in this siasa beat for too long. Our aim has been met. Why dont we go on how to tackle poverty and social ills in Kenya as well as propagate one people, one nation. Ama tuseme lesotho.

Anonymous said...

Was Chris just too delighted to be in nairobi star?the monologue with the press went something like this...

Anonymous said...

anon 1:58

ha ha ha

ati one people one nation + lesotho sivyo?

Anonymous said...

mrembo , fave

".... that would only be addressed by correcting the unjust political, economic, social and legal system that criminalises the poor and allows the rich and the powerful get away with all types of crimes, including grand corruption ..."

kindly drop your hardliner stance. please please.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to our tanzanian brothers and sisters.

that is a great example of leadership. its not that he has been proved guilty or innocent, but the fact that he has been implicated and out of love for his country

and this for deal brokered in 2002

Taabu said...

@Anon 2.22 why are ERRORNEOUSLY accusing Fave and Mrembo ati they are hardliners? It is one thing to speak PRAGMATICALLY and quite another to entertain the devil as she cools your blood for dinner.

Anonymous said...

i just love the fact that kumekucha was on top!! and also the fact that other blogs could not help themselves but mention kumekucha....ati someone is asked about his blog then he starts talking about us, hehehehehehe!!

congratulations to all you muendelee hivyo hivyo.

Anonymous said...


they are hardliner on mungiki and other criminal (militia) gangs and they are probably justified in that, but its still a fact, they are hardliner, see their most recent blog on that issue

fave said...

anon@2:22 and 3:40 pm.
First and foremost how I wish you had a handle (name) so that I can address you properly.
Thanks for the KT article. I am a hardliner on mungiki and other criminal gangs and very rightly so. Despite a great danger to my own person, I, will continue to speak against the issue. I shall not let the nation be ruled by tobacco chewing rapists or any other nefarious group non-showering, young men. To mungiki I tell them, buy a toothbrush and use it!
It is one thing for people to fight for injustice. It is another thing for extortionist criminal gangs to claim to have a cause. I have previously gone to earth's ends to show you why mungiki is dangerous and why they should be done away with. I have asked you and all sane people on this blog one question; 'Is mungiki's basic claims to disenchantment different from any other Kenyan? You answer is no. Have other Kenyans gone to such barbaric and crazy lengths to intimidate and reap where they never sowed? offcourse apart from our politicians the answer is no. One thing I can assure you about most me and Mrembo (allow me to speak for her since she is quiet on this issue) is that we are not going to have a stand unless based on evidence or some logic.

I pulled this paragraph from the article you reefered me to. Tell me if this is not the real meaning of oxymoron... 'And addressing journalists after the closed-door meeting, Raila said the grand coalition government would address all the past human rights abuses to ensure that all the perpetrators are brought to book' Now, friend, lets talk about human rights abuse and mungiki. Seriously, we stop because we do not have the entire day to do so. Human rights and mungiki can not and should not ever be used in the same sentence.
I stand by my hardline position on Mungiki, they should be dealt with brutally, and swiftly, I have absolutely no empathy for them and their families. They have brought pain to people and most importantly they are biggest danger to people in Central Kenya and its environs. I am annoyed at RAO for even mentioning mungiki's or any criminal sect's name. As I said mungiki have picked all the bad habits of the russian mob and the cannibals of papua new guinea. Tell me one redeeming feature of mungiki.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Congrats Kumekucha for the beautiful 'achievement' :)If no one blew my horn, I would blow it loud and clear, too!

But I've always had issues with your claim that this blog represents the voice of the masses, or the voiceless, as you love to call them. There is only so many people you can represent from outside of Kenya. I'm yet to figure out how many of the voiceless masses can actually afford this luxury we take for granted-the internet. Really, then the majority of us are overseas?

Plus how come everyone confuses you to be an ODM mouthpiece? Justice must not only be done, it also must be seen to be done. Lala unono grandfather of whoever!

Anonymous said...

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Congrats Kumekucha for the beautiful 'achievement' :)If no one blew my horn, I would blow it loud and clear, too!

I beg to differ regarding the voiceless, we have internet cafe's all over Kenya and now days most people use them to chat with relatives abroad and read news, where have you been?? you seem to be those people aboraod who still beleive one has to have a computer in the house or office in order to gain access?? wrong!!!access to an internet cafe is even in small towns and villages- please do your homework- yes the voiceless chat on the internet from Kenya and they did do with high speed during the elections period and that is how some of us learned the news on ground and what was happening to our small home towns and who was slaughtering who in naivasha, nakuru and kisumu from the real people on ground who were affected and not politicians!!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Thanks for the education, Anon. I wouldn't normally respond, but hey, interesting times we are living in!I haven't done my homework-what % of Kenyans internet connectivity.

People who have no jobs and/or food but do get into internet cafes? My argument is not that people in Kenya have no access to the internet-I used cybercafes sana sana back home not too long ago myself. And yes, people have access to the internet from the comfort of their homes, and phones in Kenya.

My argument is that the 'we' are very different from the voiceless-we have a voice. Really. And we get heard. here are not the ordinary Wanjiku, but the Unlimited ones, you and I the arguably 'non-existent' middle-class Kenyans. But then again, a fellow contributor laboured to convince me how he is a poor sugarcane farmer from Western Kenya but scrapes by in Kibera, the time zones betray won't her again from me on this line, goodnight!

Anonymous said...


i agreed that your stance is justified, but thanks for explaining it again all the same and i agree

and to answer your question

...Tell me one redeeming feature of mungiki..."

i say that they have initiated dialogue after RAO offered them a forum to air their grievances, something which i think they believe they had been denied hitherto.

and i dont think the para you quoted is an oxymoron at all but the rule of law when it comes to criminal acts which i agree should be dealt with by the law. the tables are now changing and we believe if ODM maintain their course/objectives then the credibility of the judicial system will be restored, but before we see the net results of the grand coalition flowing through institutions then loathe as i may be to say this, the same reason RAO could not go for redress through the judiciary process for flawed elections holds true for any other.

and fyi i agree totally with your sentiment on criminal acts of mungiki and any other militia that extort, intimidate and otherwise prey on wananchi.

Anonymous said...


kk is the voice for/of the voiceless, i.e when you and i and many others (except that njoroge'shire and kwale fellow) blog here we try to take into consideration all those others that for one reason or another cannot do so themselves.

fave said...

anon 6:19PM,
Please get a handle! You sound so reasonable. Your existing in an anonymous state, is a loss for me and all the blog. But, this sentence from you again disappoints me.

'say that they have initiated dialogue after RAO offered them a forum to air their grievances, something which i think they believe they had been denied hitherto.

Tell me what are mungiki's grievances? they are not allowed to circumcise women? Women are allowed to wear trousers?. They should be allowed to extort money from public transport?. Tell you know who needs a forum; women, somalis njemps, turkana, you and even I. But, not mungiki! You are too reasonable to support mungiki, they are criminal, child killers, them!.

I am not being elitist or anything, I think all people who have experienced mungiki terror support me. mungiki members deserve no special treatment. When some of us have fought for the rule of the law, they are busy extorting money.

Mungiki is a criminal gang, they have not cause, as I have said apart from me and Mrembo every one here is wrong on Mungiki. It is sad that only two people on this blog can see the danger of allowing pungent murderers dictate the pace of life in the nation.

Every one has avoided criticizing them. All I say is, give those men a shower, new underwear, a toothbrush and toothpaste (hopefully they have some teeth left) and tell them to get a life.

RAO can not discuss with mungiki, that is an insult. They can discuss with UK their patron!

fave said...

I am off to sleep. My position remains the same

Anonymous said...

Anonymous fave said...

anon 6:19PM,

Raila is no fool- the statement was for those who used the mungiki's for their own political gain to go deal with them, he will not put himself in a position for easy assassination!!like kenyans haven't forgotten MP WERE???not him!!did you see any central province member of parliament stand up to be counted or in the media denouncing the mungiki's?? what does that tell you??? Raila has his own intelligence -do not think he is a fool? once bitten twice shy!! mungiki will be the downfall for most of the central MP's i hear there is lots of grumbling among the PNU members to those who have been using the mungiki's to deal with the situation and it is growing louder since most of the mungiki financiers got cabinet posts!!wait and see it has just began!!!

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Congratulation Chris and Kumekuchans. Chris how about that face-lift to go with the good words about your beloved blog?

M-Pesa said...

Chris, nice job but still... the logo neeeds a decent facelift old son! How about calling Peter Marangi! "Change you can believe in!" Obama says! I'm sure it's hard to dispose the current one since it has been so faithful but hey, this is an era of CHANGE. A man gotta do what he's gotta do, just grin and bear it. Everytime I log on Kumekucha I try hard not to have my eyes assaulted by the said logo... I should sue!

Anonymous said...

I first came into your blog a week or so ago. Rarely do I log on into any blog but somehow I stopped by Kumekucha and was compelled to leave a comment. Judging by the response I got from you lot, I can say Kumekuchans are no angels.


Anonymous said...

I rarely respond to your like. But, I remember you promising never to come back. We all sighed with relief at that promise.
Yet, you never went a way!. Please, be a gentleman and keep your promise.

Anyway no one promised you a hug on this blog. No one told you there were angels on this blog. it is a collection of angry, incisive, recalcitrant and jaundiced individuals. No angels for you here!

Anonymous said...


Big ups to Kumekucha, keep the fire burning, let no one distract you.

Anon 2:27...I agree... i guess Kwale was looking for a hug in the wrong place.


Anonymous said...

Anon 2.27... Angels or no angels I am not going nowhere. I like it here and I am staying put!
...quite like chris, Luke and Wanjiku.

Taabu said...

Kwale please seek medical help. You are suffering from acute EGORHEA-bleeding ego. You are stuck to telling us when you discovered KK but you are unfortunately not getting the desired attention hence your whinning. If you want angles, please make an appointment with Njue, he knows and values your ilk.

Please stop telling us your expectation here because nobody invited it and I guess your qualification only resides within the circumference of your skull. Good riddence bro but pole your mission failed, re-read the manuscript.

Anonymous said...

Fave sweetheart,

Thank you for acting as my spokesman...I agree with everything you've said right down to the full stops including your colourful description of the mungiki LOL.

I see no reason to argue with anyone here though (hence the reason i went quiet).....for me its just simple logic...they are criminals, the penal code defines the crimes they have been committing of which most are capital offences.....what RAO is negotiating with them, I dont know and I dont care...he is wrong!! I come from the 'spare the rod and spoil the child' school of thought, sasa hata RAO akifanya makosa I will not just let him go scot free coz I love him.....I love him too much to close my eyes and I will say when he's wrong, sue me!!

By the way, all you guys supporting this 'negotiation with the terror gang' I wonder what you would have thought if Kibaki and Michuki were the ones who had decided to 'negotiate'....I guess it would have been wrong then? I am sure you would all have been up in arms hapa Kumekucha mkiwatukana.

Seriously guys, your reaction is baffling!! Mungiki?!!! Mungiki?!! Beheading people and drinking their blood mungiki?!!

Anonymous said...

Kwale, we are not angels no one ever said we are.....but one thing I know, judging by what I have seen, may not be going anywhere soon, you are probably gonna resign yourself to sticking with this lot of little kenyan devils!!

Please enjoy yourself here, say anything you like, nobody's gonna stop you and please stop telling us you are going!

fave said...

Mrembo, glad to speak for you! You were quiet and I was obliged...
Now at least we share the same philosophy, about RAO I support him but if he makes a mistake, I will be brutal with him. There is absolutely no blind support for him or any politician. You raise a very important philosophical argument, 'What if it is Kibaki and Michuki negotiating with Mungiki, will all the support here be existing?

Mungiki drinking human blood as any student of biology will inform you is a serious public health issue. When animals eat tissue from animals of similar origin they are prone to transmissible spongiform encephalopathy. Remember mad cow disease? and Kuru? Well that is one more danger this bunch of deluded cannibals are exposing the nation to.
Giving killers a free ride? especially when they have no discernible cause is out of the question.

Hey Kwale and also as Anon 2:27am.
You promised to go away. Is your sticking around and whining your idea of going away?
You now say, you are not going away! and that you like Chris, Luke and Wanjiku. Mister, there is no divide and rule here. How come you like them now when you said, Kumekuchans are not angels? Make up your mind No one hates you here, we only hate your ideas.

It is mirthful for you to say you are going nowhere and you like it here. Make up your mind, Leave or stay and at wholeheartedly drink from the fountain of knowledge that Kumekucha is.

Anonymous said...

Huh, Taabu you haven't stopped...EGORHEA yeah, duh so what is the cure of that i guess Kwale will really need some help on that?

Mrembo i hear you well....Yeah i guess you are right assimilating kenyapithicus is like spoonfeeding a grownup man who can fend for himself. Yeah we do have young luhya, luo.kale , ogiek men who have no jobs but they don't go on a killing spree....Enyewe i have seen the light!!!
Fave toothpaste is too sophisticating for them salt & maji ya moto can do


Anonymous said...

Taabu, you really got a problem mate. A massive one. You seem to get all jittery even by the fly that flies by the noonday.
Don’t you have a wife or a girlfriend to lighten you up a bit son? Then again no-one may not want you.
Enough said.






Chris, the fact that it is very clear that Kumekucha is a domain for ODMers as Nairobi Star put it is not something that should be considered good for the blog. I think you should work towards having both PNU and ODM fanatics come square out their issues on the blog.

I do not believe being partisan is healthy for this blog. To secure the future of our beloved site, we should have all opinions and views thrown into the Kumekucha domain and have them outshine each other. I have seen some PNU supporters contribute with quite reasonable messages, but all they get as response is "Find another blog", "We don't recognize Mt. Kenya mafia in this blog", "This is not a Kikuyu blog",- while as a matter of fact their opinions create the contrast that fuels up debate in the blog.

Someone stated that it is the ODMers who keep the blog running but let me point ouy something, if everyone was an ODMer in this blog then there would be no hot debates like there are now and it would be boring all together. Let each and every opinion, from ODM, PNU as well as the horseless - to have a place in Kumekucha.

So Chris next time someone tells a blogger to "Find a Kikuyu blog" I will be waiting for you to straighten his thinking as soon as possible.

Bobie, Bristol said...

Vanity is a dangerous trait;

Gratuitous sanctimonious tosh and overblown-hoo-ha are largely what you seem to be good at. Our research suggests that your Blog has zero impact on Kenyans living in Kenya. It seems you are trying very hard to impress the Diaspora with no real envisaged purpose except to spread hate. Thus this will be your legacy. Sad but true

M-Pesa said...


Please don't be intimidated by TAABU the well known resident bully here in Kumekucha whose only talent is spewing hate messages against a section of our population. F.Y.I we have lots of "Full-time Paid up Members of ODM Propaganda Squad" who reside on the forum. If you don't fit in with their sick DOMO ideologies, they will try to step on your toes. Kaa ngumu kijeshi daddy! And that also goes to other liberals of diverse views! And to Chris, about the damn logo, I can work something out for you. Don't worry or panic about the cost, it will be absolutely free. You only have to ask, son.

Gud eve. guys.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha has never been an ODM blog...It has been 'anti status quo" I have never read a thread where Chris said he supports ODM, the thing is that it is ODM bloggers who have dominated it...So Forest who...Leave Chris out of this, if you feel that you can write an article that will elicit passion among the bloggers, sambaza it to him the same way Sam okello does and we can give our take or ignore it!!!! it is choices that people make..

Point of correction bobie, i am in Kenya, Nairobi to be precise as i blog.....Kumekucha made an impact in my life and they convinced me to vote and to vote wisely....So i am not sure what the research was based on.......happy but true....


fave said...

Forrest Gump,
I rarely agree with you. You however make a very valid point that this blogs needs everyone. And that unfortunately includes some people who belong to the lunatic fringe. Our agreement ends there however. I do not think anyone has actively chased a contributor off this blog. People who have been told to find another blog are either those who spew tribal hate , obvious propaganda or those who come on the blog to and start complaining (a la Kwale) that the blog does not suit them. Those characters are kindly shown the way. Most importantly they refuse to leave!

An honest appraisal of the writers on the blog from PKW to Chris or contributors like you and I will reveal a wide spectrum of ideas and points of view. Some sane and some very wacky.

So, my advice is be ready to defend you opinion, not by insulting anyone, but by logically and with some evidence selling your idea.
You will agree that among all blogs, Kumekucha has the least tribal insults (You have visited some of the PNU blogs and you know what I am talking about) and also the most sane debates.
So while this blog welcomes each and everyone, no one is forced to be here or anywhere else. unfortunately! birds of the same feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

bobie bristol,
its laughable that you claim Kumekucha is trying to impress the Diaspora and the blog has zero impact on kenyans living in Kenya.
Bobbie Bristol, is that why a Kenyan newspaper Nairobi Star interviewed Kumekucha because of the "zero impact"?
Is that also why Kumekucha amongst other well-known Kenyan blogs was recently sampled and quoted in the EAStandard 2-3 weeks ago?
Is that why as far back as mid 2006 there was also mention of Kumekucha in another one of the kenyan dailies apart from the two i have just mentioned?
sometimes its hard to defend the indefencible, but you are welcome to try.That no one in Bristol or Burmingham is not impressed with Kumekucha does not mean the same can be said about other kenyans living in different parts of the world including the motherland.anyway, what do i know, i am a pumbavu


"Kumekucha has never been an ODM blog"

Are we talking bout the same blog? I am not saying Chris has one day proclaimed Kumekucha for ODMers but I am saying bloggers have been trying to do this on his behalf and he should occassionally clear the air and make everyone feel a part of the blog.

"Leave Chris out of this"
Its his blog, look at you Ivy. So who I am I supposed to express my views about the blog to?

And finally Ivy, the handle is Forest Gump, pronounced 'gamp'. Its a Tom Hanks movie. So drop the 'who' part of my name.

"birds of the same feather flock together."

Yes, Kenyans flock together and they will flock together in this blog no matter which political party they support, even though ODMers force their way into the centre stage.

Anonymous said...

Forest Who? Has anyone ever refused PNUers the centre stage?

It is his blog, yes but he doesn't decide what i am gonna write.. You see chest thumping doesn't help ....Maybe it is just that the ODMers look out for their own....I am wondering why the other guys can't do that....You see if MANU are playing like tomorrow night, you cant stop me from cheering coz you are a barca fan just coz we are in the same room, if you can't stomach my kelele's go to another club and watch football or marshall support from others au sio?

Taabu wherever you are....tomorrow MAN U are winning watch the space...


M-Pesa said...

Ok ODM'ers,You have won the shouting match but lost the always!

Perception matters...

Emily said...


Please take M-pesa's suggestion on revamping the blog outlook.....let all those intending to see a face lift on this site send you their suggestions and designs then you get to choose the best....or alternatively you can publish what has been sent to you for all bloggers here to vote for the best...that way no one will ever blame you in future for a boring logo again.

Wanjiku-Unlimited and all you bloggers tired of seeing that damn logo there, the ball is in your court.....please send him all the the nice blog designs you would want to see on the new kumekucha....of course as a service to the motherland!!

Chris please dont worry about costs, these bloggers are good people!!

Taabu said...

Good one M-Pesa and you win for not saying anything. You know quiet people are assumed dump untill they open their mouths. The problem is when you imagine you have all it takes and the AUTO EROTIC feeling never escapes your head. I am no resident bully but just trying to whip your ilk into sanity. You calim to be liberal, well nice try SON.

Forest WHO you articulate your views so coherently so much so that it pains me to see you failing to smell the coffee. What is in a name bro? Have you joined Kimi in his juvenile LIP RIDDING aka vrrrrrrrrmmmmm Joginder Signh and now you come with GUMP? Mate you don't impress with cluster of letters for a tag but with the QUALITY of your take. Take your pick and indulge.

Taabu said...

There is only ONE UNITED and in less than 24 hours the floodgates to Moscow Final. Messi atado? Henry is out. It is not black. It is not white, just RED (DEVILS). Out to Nou Camp see you Thursday, goodnight.

PS1: BTW Luka walks ALONE (always) with Abramovich's eyes on Gerald come summer.
PS2: It is a double because Sato Grant (anaitwa Av (what?) si SEEING BLUES.

fave said...

I promise to laugh at you when MAN U fail.
It is a promise, I will laugh so hard that I will explode my jugular....

Taabu said...

You better book an apointment with your doctor because you will be SHOCKED. I know you are a GOOONER but then you can only wait for next season-this is gone and pary for #3. Poor Wenger? Meanwhile there is only ONE UNITED, FAVE pole!

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