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Sunday, April 20, 2008

By-Elections: Why is the ECK Silent?

Revealed: Esther Passaris to Vie in Embakasi

It is emerging that scores of politicians are chasing the ODM party ticket for the forthcoming by elections, with some constituencies like Emuhaya, Embakasi, Ainamoi, Kamukunji attracting up to 50 aspirants. Other constituencies due for by-elections are Wajir North and Kilgoris. All signs are that the ODM hierarchy is taking the forthcoming by elections very seriously, an indication that the party has its eyes set on controlling the legislative agenda as well as positioning itself for the next general elections which could come earlier than the year 2012.

Curiously though, despite the National Assembly Speaker having issued gazette notices earlier this month declaring Emuhaya, Embakasi and Ainanoi seats vacant, the disgraced Electoral Commission of Kenya has not announced the time-table for the by-elections, something it is mandated to do within fourteen days of such gazettements. Similarly, the country remains in the dark about the other three constituencies which never got MPs following the disputed general elections in December. This is a great injustice to those citizens who lack representation in parliament.

Even as we wait for ECK to announce the by-elections timetable, for the next six months, the ECK itself will be placed under the microscope when the Independent Review Commission probing the 2007 elections will get down to investigating the disputed December 2007 election results including the role played by the ECK, political parties, the media, faith based organizations and the civil society. The ECK has already contracted a lawyer as it is due to appear as a witness(es) at the commission. But does this mean that unrepresented constituencies have to wait until the ECK is sorted out?

Currently only existing on paper, Kibaki’s PNU and Kalonzo’s ODM-K which were leading political parties only a few months ago have turned out were only created to be used as miserable campaign vehicles with no intentions of ever fulfilling their glossy party manifestos. On the other hand, the ODM has kept its secretariat active with permanent staff and the party Secretary General, Ayang Nyongo busy networking in local and overseas travels. In contrast, its rivals are now a pale shadow of ‘vibrant’ parties they once professed to be having witnessed bitter fall-outs and complete shut-down of their own campaign secretariats. Whatever happened to the once all powerful Maanzos, Ojiambos, Kituyis and Tujus?

In Embakasi constituency, long wrongly assumed to be hostile grounds to ODM candidates, this blogger can authoritatively reveal, the ODM front runner for the Embakasi seat is none other than Esther Muthoni Passaris - the founder of Adopt-A-Light. With her pentagon friends behind her, it looks likely that she will bag the ODM ticket.

After she was deliberately omitted under dubious grounds as an ODM nominated councilor by the then Local Government Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Passaris is now set to make a debut in parliamentary politics and not civic politics that she was unfairly denied in the first place. Uhuru Kenyatta and his well known godfathers will have to go back to the drawing board. Observers doubt if the PNU/ODM-K coalition can come up with a more acceptable candidate to face and beat Passaris in an isolated by-election with the ODM brigade behind her. Not only has Passaris been a frequent visitor at the Pentagon House, she hardly misses at any social function organized by ODM Captain Raila Odinga. Last Thursday, the flamboyant Passaris was present at the Prime Minister’s dinner at hotel Inter-Continental Nairobi in a function attended by who-is-who in Kenya’s political and business circles.

Last year ODM collected billions of shillings in nomination fees, donations and sponsorship. The party was charging Kshs. 100,000/- for its parliamentary ticket, plus 20,000/- in party membership cards. It was reported that Passaris was among donors who made hefty donations into the ODM campaign kitty and provided millions of shillings worth of advertising space to the party. Not bad for someone who was originally a Kibaki supporter. It looks like the ODM strategy in Embakasi is to divide the massive GEMA vote while consolidating the youth and women’s vote in this large constituency.


Taabu said...

With the death of Emabakassi King Mwenje it may be an open field. Pasarais may be a good corporate boss but as she will soon find out siasa is a dfferent kettle of fish. Hanging out with RAO is good PR but not if it meant to shortchange other contenders.

PNU was and is no party even now. You don't form a party less than 100 days to polls and expect it stay running. PNU's case is symptomatic of general Kenya's contempt for institutions.

ODM secretariat may be a bee-hive of activity and running becasue they are still yet to get the ULTIMATE PRICE. Don't rule out the power of incumbency. It can come calling furiously within short notice. The bottomline still remain Kenyans don't vote policies but their tribal chiefs literally or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

After having been the whore of PNU, Esther Passaris is becoming the whore of ODM. Question-mark is now: the whore of whom? She is close to K24 and the male prostitute of the Kenyan Media circus - Jeff Koinange. So maybe the reply the answer lies here in JK having realized that being a member of the most prominent Kikuyu family is not very favourable to his own political dreams and Esther is just trying the territory for him? The kenyan society is never ceizing to be interesting at least not when it comes to its most corruptive and corruped members willing to sell themselves.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:14Anonymous Anonymous said...

After having been the whore of PNU, Esther Passaris is becoming the whore of ODM

I can only say to you only another whore recognizes another- so for you to call Esther Passaris a whore you must be one too male or female-
I distaste people who use words losely to label other human beings, it shows how lacking they are!! I wonder if that is your uncouth style in life?? handing labels to individuals whom you do not know personally???and i sure wonder what skeletons are in your closet, for some who uses the word whore and prostitute easily then i wouldn't be surprise what might be hidden in your closet too!! I bet the same words whore and prostitute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Embakassi seat was for MP Were !!people of embakassi voted for change and they did like their new MP -you should have seen the celebrations after he won!when he was assassinated the anger from the embakassi people was great- they felt cheated- I do not think they will change their vote!!they will honor MP were and give back his seat to the party he stood for!!

As for MP too- same thing no party other party will get that seat other than ODM- since the peoples in both this constituencies feel this were political assassinations and i highly doubt they will change their vote- so ODM will still get their two seats back.
now as for the other seats- it is the mood of the people that will reflect it- many people in the areas that are being contested feel that they were cheated and if you look at those areas and the mood in the country toward ECK i still feel ODM has a chance in many- remember the bi- elections are not in central province!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:09: you are for sure in the same trade. Why else do you defend your sister Esther. I still remember the photo here in Kumekucha where she was opening her legs to the public showing her private parts to everybody. If Anon 7:14 calls her a prostitute it's because Esther Passaris had put this label on herself when allowing to be photographed in such a provoking position. No decent woman would present herself in such a cheap way.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Taabu said...

With the death of Emabakassi King Mwenje it may be an open field. Pasarais may be a good corporate boss but as she will soon find out siasa is a dfferent kettle of fish.

Taabu? are alseep or dreaming?? when was Mwenje a factor in the Embakasi seat?? I thought it was MP were??

Mwenje was only a factor because most Kenyans believe he organized the assassination of MP Were with his PNU cronies(mungiki) don't make me throw up mentioning that thug on here- i hope he is enjoying hell!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 8:19

Respect is earned not given!!

yes i will represent all women when they are called whores or prostitutes!! a habit i see most Kenyan men use when a woman comes out to be a strong contender!! listen being respectful vs uncouth depends on who you are as an individual not copying what other people say and deciding it is fine to do so too!! that picture showed nothing- tell me what color of underpants she was wearing - because i can't even see that- and is that why you can call an individual a prostitute??? because of a picture?? how many of us have been taken pictures un aware showing flesh that we didn't display intentionally- so if your daughters or sisters or even mother are caught in a picture taken showing abit of thigh or boobs without their knowledge then you will label the whores and prostitutes???? then i sincerely wonder which world you come from!! it can't be Kenya and if it is with the attitude you portray on here towards women then you better pack up and go to mars planet- Kenyan women do not need a male chauvinist and disrespectful individual towards women!!and if you are a women writing such crap about other women then shame on you 100%!!

Anonymous said...

One thing i dont understand is why the above leaders should be called Judas? Whom did he betray. People should eat their humble pies and get out of this business of character assasination. Kalonzo on behalf of his people made the right decision - what he be today if he nevr made the decision yet ODM absconded from ODM-K? Why do you guys in this blog keep on tilting history when it does not favour your man? Uhuru is now a sellout because he did not support your cause, Passaris is a democrat because she is in ODM? Old men in PNU should retire, yet ODM has the oldest member in the current cabinet, and one of the least schooled in the cabinet. Lets put facts on the table the way they are. The contempt most of the bloggers hold other with is detestful. Guys should set a standard that they should be measured with. Kinyonga does not cease being a kinyonga because it has changed colours. If a credible LSK throws you out for you know why... how can you remove a speck in other peoples eyes, yet you are a cabinet minister. Guys - whomever you support build Kenya o your own way as others do - if you expect the 41 guys to built you as they do what they know best - you are in for a great shock. Feed you children, and educate your siblings as you payukah about this or that.

If you keep peace within you - then are a mathare case. Why dont you let lucy live her life.

Anonymous said...

ODM can not be compared with the Party of No Use.

ODM has a leadership which cares for the majority of Kenyans. PNU cares for Central Prov (6 powerful ministers) and Mungiki ONLY.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Phil,the record number of women both in 10th parliament and the grand government is a breath of fresh air and a wake up call to all incompetent male politicians. In their hands a more competent job be done and they should give our usually heavily male dominated political counterparts a run for their money.
If madame Passaris brings as much of her A-game to the parliament as she did in Adopt a light not only will she be a light in a hetherto dark place but she will lead the way by example of what new blood injected into an old dying system can do in terms of reviving hope in Kenyans.
Meanwhile ECK should be disbanded-i know this is not Kruegler's mission but it must happen as result of casualties inflicted as Agenda 3,4 and 5 are sorted out in the current initiatives spearheaded by imminent africans

Anonymous said...

anon 8:57
you have given me the Sunday tickles:):) 6 powerful ministers plus mungiki?? what a hoot!!- never has it been coined so perfectly :) thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Luke !!thanks for your good post !!you took the words out of my mouth-new blood injection is what kenya cabinet needs to start the overhaul of the old die-hard generation- I would encourage more young men and women to go for this Bi- elections and with the mood of kenyans today- i bet most will get through over the old cronies even if they do not spend sums of monies:)

kenyans have shown that you can try to bribe them and yes they will take your money because some are poor and jobless- but they will not sale their soul=vote!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:33 I see you coming out defending Passaris claiming to talk for all women in Kenya. I don't think that all our women are selling themselves to the highest bidder like she does. Do you really want to tell us that you don't mind having your mother, sisters and daughters pictured like Passaris here in Kumekucha? And talking about women being strong contenders: what about Martha Karua, Charity Ngily? I remember how many times they have been called whores here on this very blog. Or do you now defend Passaris because she has become an ODM supporter bringing with her all the money she made in her more than shady past.

Anonymous said...

Now central has 6 powerful ministers. I thought this was a negotiated deal and there as no bitterness. Guys lets focus on the future. The problem with an african mind is its distractions, living in the past and contented with wishes. ELITES wake up. take africa forward. Dont glorify the past and live today for yesterday. Think ahead

Anonymous said...

Nice post Phil. Esther Passaris deserves the Embakasi seat in every sense of the word. This is a lady who has proven herself competent and tough as nails [and quite ingenious, I must say] in the management of Adopt-a-light. But most important I should say is her proven loyalty to ODM. This comes after she was robbed of Mayorship by the Mungiki leader Uhuru. She chose to stick with the party and even publicly voiced her support for Majiwa. I was disheartened the other day to see some MPs threatening to quit ODM after missing out on appointment( The likes of Frankling Bett and would you believe it Ababu Namwamba!). They should realize that they are merely individuals in a mass movement driven by the people. We should shun the side shows and instead focus on reforming our institutions and governance(constitutional review) and eventually a new election that will install ODM as legitimate government. In the meantime, go Passaris. Embakasi is fully behind you!

Anonymous said...

the photo of passaris there are at least three wrongs
a) inappropriate posture by passaris (deliberate or inadvertent)
b) angle and size of capture by the photographer (he or she could have clipped the offensive edges if they truly were about decency either while taking the photo or before distribution)
c) those re-posting the photo without clipping the offensive edges

the same can be said of the picture for martha karaua

and if a picture is taken of any male politician who has not zipped his or of a child that has worn a shirt inside out.

it all may be funny, disgusting, stupid, but its all in your mind. unless the person is asked to account their intention for that instance in time as captured.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

On ECK; because it lost much of its credibility.
As for the rest, great to see another great woman running almost capturing it. Wonder if they'll do the thing they ALLEGEDLY did for Bishop Wanjiru?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

ODM will not see the Embakasi seat again and you can take that to the Bank. Facts are, in the Dec 2007 election results for Embakasi:

Were(ODM) - 35345 votes
Waititu(DP) - 28833 "
Ndirangu(PNU) - 21153 "
Mwenje(Pro Kibaki)- 4557 "
Sumra(ODM friend)- 2512 "
Muthama(ODM-K) - 8157 "

Were & Sumra votes - 37857
Waititu, Ndirangu & Mwenje
votes - 51544
Add ODM-K votes - 59701

The truth is that the DP and pro PNU candidates who were also pro-Kibaki split those votes and if they had presented one candidate would have taken the seat by a wide margin.
How then do you arrive at the conclusion that ODM will take the seat again, and through Esther Passaris, of all people?
Here is some free advise; PNU/ODM-K are very unlikely to split the votes again. They have learnt, or at least PNU has, a tough lesson in not splitting votes because of greed. It can be very expensive. ODM's best chance, if any, of taking the seat is through fielding another young educated Luhya candidate, NOT Esther Passaris. She brings no value to ODM in Embakasi, except maybe her beauty.
Another option: Since Mungiki want to talk to Raila, they can also discuss Embakasi and come to an arrangement. Dandora in Embakasi is one of the Mungiki strongholds. Now, that would be really funny if not bizarre, but makes absolute political sense.
The same case of consolidated PNU-ODM-K numbers will obtain in Kamukunji. It is for PNU to lose the seat.
ODM has a real problem in Ainamoi and Kilgoris, a Maasai constituency with large numbers of Kipsigis. Given the recent grumblings from the Kipsigis ODM leadership, these seats may not go to either PNU or ODM, but to the new Kipsigis political party they are set to announce. ODM will then lose its house majority, then we shall see if the law will be followed and a new PM is appointed. Absurd? Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Yet to be convicted persons have a democratic right
ethnic chauvanists have a democratic right
whores have a democratic right
hiv/aids persons have a democratic right
BUT Embakasi is in need of a young, educated , corruption-free, visionary preferably female

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