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Friday, April 18, 2008

Vision Microscope Exam


Teaching 41 Old "Somethings" New Tricks

Its vision time and its raining visions in Kenya. no need for an umbrella though; cheaper words that won't come to pass have never been spoken especially from the mouth of ruling elite-sample this for starters;

"build democratic institutions"

"government will draw inter-ethnic policy"

"make nairobi 24 hours city"

To the naked untrained eye we're back in campaign season again and no promise is good enough to make for the ears of gullible Kenyans. At the end of it all smile please,we'll be in the year 2030


According to PNUs vision 2030, over the next 22 years (presumably under the current incumbent President and Premier upto...?) starting 2008, nationwide development will be doled out in spoonfuls of 5 year periods,culminating in the year 2030 when our country will be a newly industrialized "middle income nation providing high quality life for all its citizens"

No need to be reminded we were once at par with Malaysia and Singapore "Asian Tigers"-that tired old record is scratched toa hio-however the similarity ends there in nostalgia. 45 years of going in all directions butthe right one means we're mark timing lost time since yesterday. Today will do just fine, though not if the current G.C.government like previous successive regimes will lack integrity and real hands on leadership.

No need for history lessons here but mention the name Singapore and think of Kuan Yew in duo, the name Malaysia think of Mahatir; mention Kenya and think of...well,will the vision 2030 duo of PM Odinga and President Kibaki do the trick? our history is still being written and time will tell

If its hard to beat a winning act following in the shoes of your predecessor, it must equally be hard to break new ground and build a brighter future where no precedence has been set before. Kenya has never had a sitting prime-minister and President at the same time in our history-recipie for success or disaster?

As far as visions are concerned,dreams and ideas are good and come flying a million a second but lethargy and lack of political will are bound to kill any dream no matter how much colour it has.Nonetheless even the almighty God's wisdom cannot deter our politicians who from both sides of the divide will continue to seek prayers for divine intervention, asking God that we wake up in Utopia when its not yet even Uhuru.

Now that the race for State House and the battle for Cabinet Porto-folios is over, the war against poverty, chronic unemployment, institutionalised corruption,unequitable resource distribution has been raging on all the while unabated. Its only when we stop in-fighting(read negative ethnicity) we see the forest from the trees and few are the plates of ugali set to increase on our tables this year if any at all-22 years is not far, wait your turn pumbavu wewe

The rescue operation has started and the heat is on- the common man's voice via sauti ya Kumekucha is the unofficial "opposition" and public watchdog

sasa tuendelee na style nzuri please


Anonymous said...

Hey Kumekucha?? chris just read the other blog and it seems citizen class action law-suit against the our government on Grand Regency Hotel is a very serious issue with bloggers and i'm sure kenyans at large if indeed it was sold to a Libyan investor?? I have yet to see your comments on that??
and whether the idea is a valid one??

seem like most of the individuals offering to pay for it are aboard because they used $ signs - anyway i'm glad that kenyans are waking up and ready to take up the government for selling government assets without transparency and in a fraudulent manner- we want to hear more on this issue! maybe we bloggers can come together and stop them!who knows wit the new kenya!!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans...please please ..! nawa omba. mungu..mungu atusaidie..

watu wamekufa.. watu wamefukuzwa nyumbani kwao, wazee na kina mama na watoto, wana njaa kwao nyumbani ...!

Na wazungu...wana kula vizuri...!

na watu wame-vaa masuti hata kuliko viongozi wa nchi za ulaya/ngambo, KIBAKI NA RAILA amboa wanasema wanatusaidia. Watumwa wa wazungu..........hata Museveni aliwambia hadhalani............Lakini hawana aibu.................hawa watu wame shiba....wamejaza matumbo yao lakini wakenya wana Njaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.UK na Canada,na USA. Are Neo-Colonialists.
Wanakenya sisi amboa tuna jamii zetu na kaka zetu na ndugu zetu na wenzetu, tunavaa masuti? na tunakula vizuri kama hawa wazungu? hiyo ndio kwa Sababu watu huamua kufa badala kuwa watumwa kama wenzetu wa Africa kusini.

Anonymous said...

Elsewhere, as another African opposition party chases a mirage, the BBC reports:

Zimbabwe launches ballot recount
Election officials in Zimbabwe have started recounting some of the votes cast in disputed polls held last month. The recount in 23 of 210 constituencies could overturn the parliamentary result which saw Zanu-PF lose its majority.

Results of the presidential poll, which the opposition MDC says it also won, have not been released. It is thought the recount may lead to a run-off vote. Meanwhile, a Chinese ship carrying arms to Zimbabwe has left a South African port after workers would not unload it.
Am I the only one here who thinks the WHO should investigate drinking water in Africa?

Anonymous said...

Chris - Am not sure what the above post is all about - all what i get from it, we should make KUMEKUCHA THE "OFFICIAL OPPOSITION" in parliament and in the blog world. Am converted to this fully.

Now that we lost the war on develoipment and good life to malaysia and singapore - the best we can do is catchup business - lets put our leaders to task on this one - otherwise if we dont do this we shall continue with the politics of " MASUTI NA MANGUO" for ever.

Mzee wa kijiji

Anonymous said...

anon 10:09 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kenyans...please please ..! nawa omba. mungu..mungu atusaidie..

Stop your nonsense and do not quote museveni to us ati advising our leaders when his army was killing our people left right ad center- keep that terrorist name out of kumemucha- you go talk to any Uganda on how Museveni(M7 as tey call him) has oppressed Ugandans and anyone who goes against him is always found dead or run out of Uganda- Kenya is a much better place than Uganda- Who is he to advise when behind the scenes he is eating Matoke with the same Musungu's- they must have refused to five him money that is why he come out publicly to denounce the that bastard!!!!
do not blam corrupt individuals on wazungu's dis they steal in the Golden Berg saga???? did the wazungu's still in the Anglo leasing?? are they the ones who forced Kenyatta to give his cronies all the Land and chase away the MAU MAU veterans to Rift Valley- did the Muzungu's help Moi to steal billions or force him to steal from kenyans????
so do not tell us to blame wazungu's for our own kenyans crocked ways!! that foolish- tell the thieves to return all they stole from the kenyan people and stop posting nonsense here!!

Anonymous said...


Way off topic..,
I tried to contact you the other day. Anyway, If you would like to post your comments somewhere else beside your blog, you can always post

If interested, the politics section is all yours.

If not, keep up with this blog. I barely miss your post :)


Anonymous said...


6:59 AM

why would Kumekucha post his topics on KENYAZONE?A and leave his blog members??? we are on this blog because of Chris??Jim it is like buying a house and letting your friends and neighbors live in it while you go and shack somewhere else in the cold suffering?? why the hell do that??
So I ask again why would Kumekucha live his lively blog to go post else where??? this does not make sense to me??? Jim explain??

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke,

Thank you for your excellent post!

Yes, I agree 100% that we need a brand new leadership and new ideas.
You know what disappoint me; it’s the return of those same old guards.
And like they say, “you can’t teach old dog new tricks”

In particular I am disappointed by the geezer in charge of National heritage and culture. Too old!
This is an area I think we need a visionary youthful figure who can inject a new life into our youths.

Forgive me if I am over the top, but I think it would be very cool to have an “American idol” or “X factor version” in Kenya.
Won’t you like to see our youths drop their machetes, bows and arrows and unleash their hidden potentials?
Excuse me, allow me to dream:)! I imagine seeing Kenyans, young and old queuing up to audition for “Kenya got talent” and “Kenyan Idol” and all those reality TV shows.
…oh yes, from the shores of Lake Victoria to the coasts of Indian oceans, from Arids of the north to the great savannahs of the south, I can hear great vocals and great stars being born.


Anonymous said...

By all means, he should not leave his blog. Im my opinion, I think this is probably the best Kenyan blog on the web

I’m not here to bring traffic on my site and thats why I do not run a single AD on my site. I’m just interested on building a Kenyan community.

However, if he is interested on running a forum, I would be more than happy to grant the “politics” section to him. I just think the world should see more of his contribution.


Anonymous said...


7:47 AM

ok understood-but i guess i actually never visited kenyazone? till now but it says A kenyan family online??? that does not read serious politics to me- at first glance or thought one gets in mind immediately even before going through the post's that it is all about stories of A Kenyan family ?? and who wants to know???maybe if it were headlined "KENYAZONE" IT WOULD ATTRACT MORE PEOPLE ZONING IN!!TO CHECK THE LATEST ABOUT Kenya-and not about a Kenyan family??(family is a private matter in Africa!!we are not muzungu's who go to Dr. Phil or Oparah to air our dirty linen in public-Africans tend to protect families and family traditions e.t.c.

just a humble opinion Jim!!!

Anonymous said...

hey Jim
Just checked your blog, not bad- but sober more family oriented i think, so how is Colorado?? bado baridi?? hapa Canada it is blowing hot air- amazing whether- but i have an idea why not start a IDP help thread on your blog since it is titled a family in Kenya online??family is important to Kenyans- I'm not sure how you can do that but maybe let us assume to raise money to build a school in one of the affected areas- why do we bloggers just domo domo without any action to follow our domo's?? can't we do something substantial with this blogs- we all complain and abuse and rant about what is happening in Kenya and I have yet other than Ushindi blog seen any other blog come out with an idea on how to do a project courtesy of bloggers e.t.c?? just a thought ce tu!!

talking behind Key boards is cheap some action is needed!!to help in Kenya- can you imagine what only $5 can do to change a child's life in the IDP camps or the slums(Kibera, Korokosho e.t.c??

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up..! anon @ 8.03 AM

Have our leaders ever visited ITALY? i`m just curios.

Those whte people really protect their Country and family affairs.

Family affairs is private matter, if you doubt me, go ask any Italian.

Hapo umesema, look at the Indians, koreans, japanese, Dutch people "The welchs"
i mean Kings and queens of UK our suckers, etc..

the list goes on and on...

But anyways, everyone learns thr` mistakes.

If Kenyans have not learnet anything this time around, that the population is more important than money and "kujipiga kifua" i`m a Kalenjin, kikuyu, luhya,Luo and all that stupid tribal cheap thinking, we will never learn.

may be, i was thinking loud we belong to,

check this out; i quote..

"Mungiki are listed in the encyclopedia of anthropology as direct descendants of Muturapithicus, a tobacco chewing, tree-dwelling species that roamed the forests of Mt. Kenya more than 20,000 years ago. The species is characterized by a sloping forehead, an overhanging brow, discoloured teeth, laboured intelligence and deep-seated hatred for anything female"

What happened to Dr. Leakey and his Kenyapithicus thory?

Anonymous said...

I hope i'm not going way to off topic :)

Colorado is a nice place. I will surely miss Colorado once I deploy to Afghanistan in coming months.

Weather is quite good. I'm about to drive from Colorado Springs to Aspen for joy ride.

Anyway, if Kumekucha and its audience would like to post at, by all means, please do.


Anonymous said...

Jim, @9:21AM,
I am so disappointed in you! How dare you say that you are driving to Aspen for a joy ride! You poluting our universe for joy! Shame on you! The money you are spending on fuel for this joy ride thing please donate it to those poor Kenyans living in USA some of whom can't afford a galloon of fuel and have resorted to siphoning it from other peoples' cars! Okay pal.

Anonymous said...

I do donate sometimes to the needy whenever I can.

On the other hand, Sometimes is good to take your mind off from the working environment.

If you don't know, being in the military can be stressful.

You shouldn’t be disappoint in me :}. I'm off now


Anonymous said...

Hello Kumekuchans,
I have read post above about making Nairobi a 24 hour city! It sounds a great idea but it smells premature! Why? Because of the source of this idea! Mutula Kilonzo is the Minister who said it. He is also the Secretary-General of that breakaway party... what is its name? ODM-K whose leader Kalooser Musyoka once said he wanted to make North-Eastern province a 24 Hour economic region!
The Idea is premature due to its source, the state of our security and economy! Before we talk about a 24-HR economy let us talk about providing shelter to our IDPs and other Kenyans. Let us provide safe drinking water to Nairobians let alone its environs! Let us talk about cheaper means of transport around Nairobi before we think of Kenya! Let us think of upgrading our delapidated infrastrure and slums before we think of 24 hr shopping! And let us empower our people economically. If we can't make the CBD a proper 8HR economy before hawkers take over how will we manage a 24 hr economy! Even if we were to have a 24 hr service provision yet our people live below poverty lines then who will shop there? Wazungus will not fly in to buy thinks in Westlands and then hop back to Europe!. DO you?
I consider myself a well travelled Kenyan by any standard. Having lived in the Country of the Rising Sun, US and Her Majesty's Country, note to mention several others i have spent a day, two or so in. I have seen this phenomena work in London,Abu Dhabi, Dubai, many cities in US and several towns in Nippon but the economy in these countries are not same as ours... ya pesa nane! We say think Globally act locally. Start by alleviating the adject poverty, then ignorance and finally Disease then we can talk about a 24 hr economy. But not till we liberate our systems! If Mungiki is still around due to ignorance and poverty how will we secure these businesses from these gang of thugs? The shops would be sitting ducks for Mungiki to attack!
Till we provide employment for our youth don't dream of much change in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Jim? what is a kenyan young man doing in the American Military when the one in kenya is lacking good officers??? was it because you wanted free education? and green card? wacha wewe! I would have been more impressed instead of showing on here ati driving here and there- you could at least suggested the best way to deal or encourage kenyan Youth!! it seems to me wewe Muzungu Kabisa and you are looking at kenya from Mars planet!!
But remember this African does still have organic food and if it were not for all those man made deseases injected in our people by the same muzungu's you seem to glorify at Driving down Colorado springs like that can impress us- how about driving down Rift Valley escarpment or right on the equator??? all those muzungus' you glorify and fight for in their wars pay to come and drive just to see the land marks and beauty?? I ain't liking the sound of you!!at all:) you are one of those lost kenyans like that CNN reporter that was sacked!! what was his name again?? can't even use my mouth to pronounce it- shameless he-goat that he is!!

Anonymous said...

I totally second you on that- it will be another Muranga and Nyandarua when mungiki hits the shopkeepers for protection fee's- and not only mungiki other gangs will spring up to fight for this lucrative business of blackmail- why not when the youth do not have jobs after attended schools and colleges they feel let down and when you have anger and hungry stomachs them crime is the next thing on the agenda- so Nairobi what?? not a good idea- educate, employ our young generation first- before wasting money in tat nairobi nonsense- I wouldn't bother to invest knowing down the road we have young people jobless and crime is the only way to survive-
build more industries outside Nairobi- and in other provinces to encourage people to stay- than them flocking into the city to look for jobs which are non existent and end up involved in criminal activities which they never planned to be in before they left their villages!!

Instead of Nairobi cosmopolitan -they should have looked at municipal, district and province business trade and cooperative minister- to pan out a plan how to build industries in each province with the government assistance- to create jobs
revive the dairy industries build latest model dairy plants
build beef packaging plants
coffee and tea- build complete packaging corporations for the small scale farmers so that the rich farmers are not the only ones that get rich by buying from them- maybe encourage the small scale farmers to grow organic coffee and tea(more$) maize meal factories build more in other provinces- so that farmers can get a better deal and have their own factory in their provinces to produce unga- why keep a monopoly?? based in nairobi??(I do not understand the logic)
Fisheries- build fish plants in Lake basin and the coast- create jobs- northern eastern and all those areas up coming mining companies- make sure the government owns a % with the international companies package for local employment and the list goes on and on!! By removing the center of production in nairobi industrial area and sending it back to the provinces- i believe this will reduce the congestion in the city which will then allow it to expand!! the city should be the trading center $ wall street!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11.03 Am and 11.10 Am.

You Human beings took all the words from my mouth.

But i`m going to say this, We are Africans and Kenyans in particular.

Who cares whether this "dog called jim is driving to Colorado" you are driving in Colorado springs or whatever,gosh good luck, Branson the owner of Virgin Atlantic is still accepting applications for travelling to space and it`s only costing $20000000.

I`m not going to say shame on you because someone already said that to you, but you are a DORK.
"capital letters"
Kenyans were killing each other daily and they are still doing it. And by the way Kenyan military is on record for peace keeping in Bosnia and elsewhere. So please don`t be so snarky enjoy your ride and keep getting screwed by the white man.

I don`t think you have anything to talk about your birth country. shut up.

All we need in Kenya is a man like PM RAO who can travel by road anywhere in Kenya and understand what people of Kenya are going thro` "suffering" No water,no electricity, no roads, and Kibaki is sitting there with the mzungus siphoning billions of Kshs to abroad to pay you.

You are not a smart ass "shimu" who are servants of the white people? You..! selling your blood.and shouting the loudest for nothing. get out here and good luck. The Talibans in Afgnistan are waiting for you...Kwenda kabisa.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.03 - you sound like JK - the he-goat CNN reporter who lost his job because he prefers white women to our Kenyan women. Not only now but already when he was young and got married to a white American 20 years older than himself. Don't tell us that you are intelligent because you travelled around the world. If you would have stayed in Kenya, you would have appreciated the country and its people and maybe would have become a better man. Just like JK - I say, shame on you.

Taabu said...

Folks spare Jim, he is one of those currently under medical observation usffering from PTSD-post trauma stress disorder. More than 32,000 marines are affected. His circumference of his world and success is only a meter, spare the poor guy still comparing his status with the village agemates he lelf behind.

Anonymous said...

Will people like Koigi Wamwere from the slums ever,ever get a chance to be Prime Minister or President of Kenya?

Look at this;

Late Jaramogi = Raila Amolo Odinga
Late Mudavadi = Musalia Mudavadi
Late Kenyatta = Uhuru
Present Kibaki = ???????
Gumo = I don`t know
Kalonzo = Ngilu,sorry..i don`t know

Is Kenyan politics a family affair?

I`m a Curious poor Graduate Kenyan.

Anonymous said...

Could Kibaki and Raila emulate Mwau and stop siphonig billions of dollars to Western Countries?

Read this;
i quote from the Standard Newspaper "The burly former police sharp shooter, the piercing eyes as usual lurking behind dark glasses, last month walked into Kenya Power and Lighting Corporation offices and deposited the last tranche of Sh100 million. That was just part of his contribution to single-handedly have homesteads, churches and public utilities in the poverty infested rural setting, electrified.

The businessman-cum-politician further told The Saturday Standard in an interview that he is paying fees for 263 college students in his constituency. "I have major plans for the constituency, which I will deliver," he says.

Mwau plans to run his constituency with the traditions of the corporate world, and has employed two people per location to supervise and implement Kilome development projects.

He has also donated 300 motorcycle taxis to youths to enable them do transport business. He says they cost him Sh27 million.

To execute the tasks under the rallying call Osa Vinya Mukamba (The Kamba, take power), Mwau has employed two people per constituency"

Ther should be more shrp shooters and Mwaus in kenya rather than mungikis and kalenjin warriors and mt.Elgon, taliban, kamle jesi and whatever assholes.

Greedy selfish idiots

Anonymous said...

Anon @11:03 - I totally agree. Let's start with the basics. Once we have security, employment FOR ALL, excellent education, health care, solid infrastructure, then we can talk about 24 hour shopping malls. Those cities you mentioned have those conveniences because they don't have to worry about some militia showing up at midnight to rob shoppers.

Don't listen to the haters. There's nothing wrong with being well traveled, and appreciating your experiences. It broadens your perspectives and it's lots of fun when you're not losing luggage;-). Talking about what you've learned doesn't amount to showing off or trying to impress anyone. And, the opportunity to see the world does not make you less Kenyan than those who haven't been outside Kenya. Besides, Kenya is not the only beautiful place in the world...there are several and there's nothing wrong with getting around to explore all there is.

Jim - enjoy your ride on the smooth, paved Interstate:-)). I hope it's as pretty as the drive down to Taos (using HWY 60). Your reasons for joining the military are personal. If you are content that's what matters, not what people think. Even if you're after a GC, so???? After all, only you and your family will deal with whatever challenges you face in the aftermath. Staying home today as proposed by some to worry about IDPs is not going to solve any problems, let's be practical. I'll check out your blog.

Have fun in Aspen!

Anonymous said...

And Jim,

Thanks for your service. I know it's a tough, thankless job.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Jim,

Thanks for your service. I know it's a tough, thankless job.

seems like you are boot licking- so what do you hope to get from jim?? and why are you thanking him for doing a job for muzungu's??? are you a Muzungu too? on here we are into how to make Kenya a better place for Kenyans not how marines fight in Iraq or whatever- please don't bore us!!! go praise them or Jim in America- ain't nothing to do with kenyans it will not put food on our IDP's or kibera and others slums dwellers plates!!!yawn!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.27 PM

After licking all the mzungus matako, he is guranteed of a retirement cheque of may be Kshs.25k a month. I honestly tell you, if circumstances remain the same i will be giving him "change" after my shoping. In Texas that`s wht`s happening and GB pres of USA happens to come from there.

He is already screwed up and can not stand up and address Kenyan`s issues. what a pity...!

He has no idea that Kenya is an African Country.

By the way, Colorado..please... excuse me, US, why not the Alps in Switz.

Anyways, back to Kenya, How can bloggers build up a coalition and support PM RAO. It`s necessary, he can not do it alone with all the sharks sorrounding him.

He has very good intentions for the ordinary Kenyans but has never, ever been given a chance by Past Rulers and Kibaki.

How many times was Raila Detained for speaking the truth in Kenya? For no reason at all.

please don`t start me on this...Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki and Tribalists Kenyans, Give Real Kenyans a break.

You guys, go to Colorado and drive on the Hwy`s...have a nice drive..

Nyumbani ni Nyumbani..

Anonymous said...

OK.OK..People let us pray for this young man in the US military to come back in one peace.

BUT i hear Gay and Lesbian`s is legal in the US Military.

I`m sure by the time he comes back from wherever deployed, ha..ha he won`t be having any ass.

We will be nursing him for the rest of his life.
And the retirement cheque he waiting hi...hi.. It`s American. Good Luck young Man.

Anonymous said...

Easy guys..

You guys don't know much about the military. One of the best thing ever happened to me is joining the military. Too bad you only hear about all the negatives.

Some of you are crazy. What is wrong by taking a joy ride?
I don't really know why some of you are mad


Anonymous said...

If i were a Kenyan for real and a "Mungiki" young jobless Kenyans, i would not leave in the slums.

I would go join the USA Military and get deployed to Iraq, Afhganistan and whereever..but not North Korea.

These Arabs need a helping hand if what bush believe is war.

But i don`t know why he visited TZ and skipped Kenya.

I think he was scared to death about "Mungiki" business.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:27 - so how much have you raised for the IDPs since you posted that comment??? Go jerk off in a corner. And I still support Jim and wish him well. Whatchugon do? Until Chris dictates what I can and can't post here I will comment on whatever I see fit! Again, whatchugon do, huh???

Anon @4:52PM - oh please. Since you're so pro-Kenyan/African more than I, why didn't you mention the mountains of Botswana where there are some good ski resorts? Or are the Swiss Alps now an African territory? Just because you learned in your high school Geography that the Swiss Alps are the best doesn't mean there are the only scenic Mountain regions in the world. There are many, but you wouldn't know. Please broaden your pea sized brain and learn more about the world.

Jim - have a blast in COLORADO!

Anonymous said...

too bad everybody goes by the name "anonymous".

Colorado is a nice place to be at. If you are skiing like i do, then Colorado should suit you good.

If anyone would like to know about the military, I do help through this topic


Anonymous said...

Hey jim @1o.05 AM

I really appreciate your initiatives. You are doing a great job for Bush.

By the way i hear the serge is at the edge of collapse in Iraq.

I think Mungiki`s can do a better job over there in Iraq. All they need is the US uniform and they will hit the Iraq land running.
I quarantee you.

If you are not a a position to take some responsibilty and tell you bosses to get the Mungiki involved in Iraq, please go do your assigned work in Iraq or wherever you`re deplyed and keep off African politics.

God luck anyways in Iraq.

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