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Friday, April 18, 2008

PM Raila Hits the Road Running

It was an eventful day for PM Raila on his first day in office after being sworn in. Mungiki’s call for ceasefire dwarfs all pronouncements and actions. But with that relief comes the million dollar question: is Mungiki playing smart to make hay when the sun is still up by striking the iron rod when still red hot?

Mungiki leadership went over their heads in claiming Raila as their leader whom they voted for. The first part of that declaration may be true as at now were it not for the white lie in the second part. Well, as the adage goes politics makes of strange bed fellows. While Raila’s detractors will promptly see an opportunist hellbent on outshining the THIEF-IN-CHIEF, Railamaniacs can only see a leader with the courage to confront a problem head on.

Whatever the case you cannot fail to see through the cleverly crafted scheme to be in good books and promptly cut a deal when an opportunity presents itself. Call is having the nose to smell a business aroma or being savvy or simply being calculative and sly. That leaves you asking, who is fooling who given Mungiki’s reverence to cultural purity which is at variance with Raila’s cultural roots, if you know what I mean.

Hostage to serial goofs
Depending on the shade of your political lens, Raila’s first day in office and the attendant actions can be seen as either TRIUMPH or TRAP. Yes triumph for breathing fresh air of leadership on a hitherto rudderless Kenya. And trap for falling for calculative deception clothed as loyalty. How sustainable either hypothesis materializes only time will tell and it will come pretty soon.

Pragmatism demands that we overdose the grand coalition with benefit of doubt before we start breathing fire on their necks. We have a unique opportunity to collectively retrace our steps as a nation. But then we have to tread into this venture guardedly given that our past is littered with serial episodes of dishonesty.

A brutal and honest examination of ourselves will reveal that the present political is what Kenyan voters had in mind during the 2002 elections. But then that is plenty of water under the bridge. True leadership is evident in what a leader does with what is available to rescue his subjects from a hole and not how comfortable he makes the conditions inside the hole.


Anonymous said...

The Mungiki`s have already been very well documented in the encyclopedia of anthropology,I quote

"Mungiki are listed in the encyclopedia of anthropology as direct descendants of Muturapithicus, a tobacco chewing, tree-dwelling species that roamed the forests of Mt. Kenya more than 20,000 years ago. The species is characterized by a sloping forehead, an overhanging brow, discoloured teeth, laboured intelligence and deep-seated hatred for anything female". end of quote.

It seems to me then that, Mungiki`s have some sort of root and Mau Mau must have been descedants. Mau Mau managed to send the Britons freeing for their lives and Kenya managed to talk to the King or Queen of Britain and kenya got Independence.

Does the other thugs who send the IDP freeing have some sort of roots? I mean all the Eldoret killers, Mt Elgon bandits and the IDP attackers elsewhere? Nobody should be treated guilty until found and proven guilty in a court of law, including our newly sworn ministers Ruto, Kosgey, Michuki, Ntimama, and don`t forget Moi,Shariff Nasir, Biwott and others, the list goes on an on and on.

People talk..I support Railas initiative 101%

Otherwise, there are a lot of Kenyans who will put their "foot in the mouth" and Raila is NOT going anywhere, he is our Prime Minister in charge of the Government. Full Stop.

Anonymous said...

2:57 PM DITO!!!

Kenyan said...

I dont think that Mungiki decided to call off their protests because off Raila. I must say that actually Mungiki caught wind of the planned major crackdown that was supposed to have hunted them down. Several police units had been recalled from upcountry and transfered Nyeri / Muranga etc, and so was GSU personell. Mungiki played a smart strategy of backing off, coz they would have been killed indiscriminately.
nways, back to the other stuff, lets see how Raila carries out his duties etc.

Anonymous said...

If you can not negotiate with a person who stole your cow how do you negotiate with a person who killed your brother and is threatening the same to you. RAO should wake up. He should have let the new special police squad deal with the vermin.

Anonymous said...

There is this Young man in Darfur,Sudan who was caught Red handed fucking his neighbours goat, after the owner heard a lot of "goat" noise coming from his goats den in the middle of the night, 2-3 pm in the morning.

So what happened, the owner of the goat, had a couple of choices, to make, either kill this young man instantly on the spot and proclaim his goat,wake everybody up in the neighbourhood and take his goat away, condemn the young man and go back to sleep or deal with the situation.

He choose to deal with the situation.

Watch this..

Kenyans should not under rate Our Prime Minister Raila

If you can make some love and happiness with a goat, get going.

Kazi imeanza sasa Nyumbani ni Nyumbani.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to digress, but does anyone know what became of Martha ... she of "throwing non-existent weight around" and "let them go to court" fame?

Back to the matter at hand, Kibaki began his long walk into irrelevance when the PM was sworn in yesterday. Like or not Kibaki now represents our past. Prime Minister Raila defines our future.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:46 PM

again I do not agree with your sentiments- there is no where in the world where team work does not pay off- even in offices when you have no team work and group effort nothing works
Both Kibaki and Raila need each other to move KENYA forward AND I REPEAT none can do it alone- so lets remove this tribal hat from the closet and think straight- why was there a coalition government and what does it mean for kenyans??
both Kibaki and Raila to work together and address the grievances of the kenyan people- only together will they be able to move forward and anyone who thinks otherwise or imagines one is more powerful than the other is seriously mistaken- so when i see posts on kumekucha that Raila is delivering or is ready to I believe very strongly this is PNU supporters propaganda that when he makes one mistake you will see how they will flock here to insult ands abuse one being the Kwale kumekucha members!! why are all PNU quiet about KIBAKI?? and why the owner of KUMEKUcha Chris keeps posting on Raila alone?? I ask Chris?? what is his agenda on the Prime Minister???
we kenyans would like to see equal reporting on both KIBAKI and Raila!! what is KIBAKI DOING? can you enlighten us Chris?? I do recall you had a PNU source from the inside circles!! I believe it is only fair to report on Kibaki too and what he is doing up and about!! or else i feel you have a hidden agenda on the Prime Minster!!!

so next you will be posting here when he goes to the toilet or what???

Anonymous said...

anon 7:18 PM

I totally agree with your points!! kumekucha seems to be reporting on only Raila like putting him on a pedalstone and them waiting to bring him down hard when he makes any mistakes! where is the report on Kibaki?? and his first days at work with a coalition government???

Anonymous said...

yes yes!! Kumekucha has only been posting on Raila?? so what exactly happened to kibaki??
you didn't even report Rucy was missing at the Swearing in of the cabinet! yes Chris what is your agenda with Raila? you don't seem genuine - why not any report on Kibaki too?? I thought we have a coalition government? President and Prime Minister heading it??
so why are you posting one sided reports??

Anonymous said...

anon 7:18 PM

Interestingly enough i did notice that the posts on Kumekucha have turned just on Raila- bit not in a healthy way!! I do not understand why Kumekucha is praising Raila even when he hasn't really delivered on his work as yet?? looks like false propping up and like building up something??? I'm waiting to see where kumekucha goes from here!! why he has not had a post on Kibaki or even Mama Lucy who has indeed disappeared from the scene!!

Kumekucha we prefer equal representation isn't it why we agreed on the grand partnership?? do give us some news on Kibaki and what PNU members of parliament are up to?? we ordinary Kenyans are the watch dogs for our nation- and we need to have well rounded information at least from someone like you!!
thank you:)

Anonymous said...

I would like to see "Kibaki first day in a coalition government"
"Martha Karua- biting the durst"

"Uhuru- to answer to the mungiki question"

"what is going to happen to the Anglo Leasing saga"

Equity buys Bnk in Uganda- but isn't Equity=Transcenury owned by Mt. Kenya Mafia??? which owns ....... what are we missing here??

I mean Kumekucha- there is so much we want to hear and follow up on your last repost posted here last year and early this year please bring as to the updates- yes while still reporting on both Raila and Kibaki(equally) and do make sure you look at for the lazy cabinet ministers that we are playing too much money just to add tombo's!!

Anonymous said...

HOW DARE HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Central Bank Governor Njuguna Ndung’u and Kacc Deputy Director Fatuma Sichale at the hand-over ceremony of the Grand Regency KAMAU

According to sources familiar with the issue and documents in our possession, the hotel at the centre of Kenya’s biggest ever corruption scandal, Goldenberg, may have been secretly sold off to Libyan investors at a throw-away price of Sh1.6 billion against its market value said to be in the region of Sh7.5 billion.

The sources said the hotel may have changed hands or is in the process of being transferred to the Libyan company after Mr Pattni relinquished his rights over the property that has been under the statutory management of the Central Bank of Kenya since 1994.

However, when reached for comment yesterday, the CBK legal director, Mr Ken Abuga, denied reports of the sale.

“The truth of the matter is that the hotel is yet to be sold. As and when it is sold, details of the sale will be released to the public.”

But the Saturday Nation established that a group of lawyers was analysing documents relating to the surrender and alleged sale with a view to taking legal action against the CBK, the Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority (KACC), the Attorney General and Mr Pattni.

The group says it has documents that show the transaction even as they mention the lawyers involved in the deal who, ironically, are in private practice. The involvement ofprivate lawyers in the public transaction has raised eyebrows.

Ultimate disposal
At the centre of the controversy that Kituo cha Sheria executive director Ekuru Aukot calls “Goldenberg Two”, are concerns that the surrender and ultimate disposal of the hotel to the Libyans is irregular.
“Grand Regency is a public asset since Pattni allegedly stole the money that built it. It should thus revert to Kenyans,” says Dr Aukot.
The CBK had attached the hotel because it was built using funds stolen from the public coffers.

Indeed, during the handing over of the hotel to CBK last week, KACC director Aaron Ringera described the surrender as “the happiest day for the commission as we conclude this great recovery of an asset obtained fraudulently using public funds”.
KACC spokesperson Nicholas Simani yesterday promised to release a detailed statement highlighting the status of the hotel.
However, he said that the hotel was their biggest recovery of a public asset so far, placing its value at more than Sh3 billion.

“We handed over the hotel to the Central Bank after receiving from Mr Pattni,” Mr Simani said.
According to the Kituo Cha Sheria director, “it’s not clear to us about the recovery of this asset. The surrender of the hotel appears stage-managed. It is not clear at all”.

Other lawyers interviewed raised questions about the disposal of a public asset without regard to due process.

“The Procurement Act and the Privatisation Act provide that a public asset is disposed of through tendering. You cannot use single-sourcing to sell off a good that belongs to Kenyans,” said a former chairman of the Law Society of Kenya, in apparent reference to reports that CBK may have unilaterally sold the hotel to the Libyan firm. “Single-sourcing is fraudulent.”

According to the lawyer, the Attorney General, CBK and KACC had failed to explain their role in the transaction with Mr Pattni.

“Somebody somewhere is benefiting,” Dr Aukot said, noting that the Grand Regency now being sold for a “paltry” Sh1.6 billion was worth $230 million 15 years ago. “If you value it today it is worth Sh7.5 billion.”

“Kenyans may lose more money than happened during the Goldenberg scandal. Where has the Sh5 billion gone?” asked Dr Aukot. “This is Goldenberg Two.”

Documents made available to the Saturday Nation show an agreement between Mr Pattni and the CBK, in which the businessman seeks a government guarantee against further criminal cases relating to the Goldenberg scandal in which he is accused of making billions of shillings in a fake export compensation scheme.

Tourist hotel Prior to the surrender, the luxurious tourist hotel in the heart of Nairobi was charged to CBK to secure a Sh2.5 billion debt as obligation to businesses owned by Mr Pattni, arising from his role in Goldenberg.

The hotel was owned by Uhuru Highway Development Company in which Mr Pattni is the principal shareholder.

Mr Pattni was the subject of a Commission of Inquiry into the Goldenberg scandal which started in February 2003 and ended in September 2004.

The commission recommended that he, alongside other beneficiaries, be prosecuted and made to pay back the money they stole.
In one of the new documents prepared by a Nairobi law firm, Mr Pattni resolves to relinquish to CBK “all my proprietary rights and interest”.
He then asks the Government to consider “withdrawing all civil and criminal cases revolving around me, affecting my rights and to enable myself (sic) adopt a fresh chapter in my life consistent with my new calling as a servant of God”.
Mr Pattni cites “negative perceptions in the minds of members of the public about the source of funds employed to construct the hotel” as part of the reasons he is relinquishing the property to the CBK.
Yet the documents show some discrepancy in the transaction. In one of them Mr Pattni promises to dispose of all property rights in the hotel in a bid to free himself of “any encumbrances”.
In another, he writes about his desire to dispose of “all my property rights in the (hotel by selling (it) jointly with Central Bank of Kenya to a buyer free of any encumbrances at market value determined by two reputable valuers…”
The document says the asset is worth Sh1.6 billion.
Yet it is not the hand-over that appears to trouble legal experts.
The manner in which it was done and the subsequent sale is.

Dr Aukot reads mischief in the manner in which the two parties, Mr Pattni and CBK, exchanged the asset.

“For Pattni to just release the hotel without telling Kenyans why and how he is giving it up raises many questions. The surrender is fake; it is stage-managed.”
The Kituo Cha Sheria executive director says the CBK and KACC (whose directors were at the hand-over ceremony) and Attorney General Amos Wako owe Kenyans an explanation on the surrender and subsequent sale.
“The hotel is a public asset, it belongs to Kenyans so we should be told the conditions in which it was surrendered and sold.”
About status
He reads “complicity” between KACC and CBK, the Attorney General in what he terms an irregular deal.
“Is KACC giving corruption a clean bill of health? Are State agencies complicity to corruption?”
He says the receivers, KACC and CBK, should have informed the public about the status of the hotel at the time of surrender by Mr Pattni. “Kenyans should have been told about the hotel’s turnover, its assets and liabilities.

The hotel belongs to Kenyans and they should be thus informed about its status before it changes hands,” said Dr Aukot.

Our efforts to get a comment from Mr Pattni failed. An aide who answered his phone and gave his name as Mr Joye promised to call us back but had not done so by the time we went to press.

THIS IS DAYLIGHT ROBBERY AND KENYANS MUST BE TOLD !! GRAND REGENCY BELONGS TO KENYANS THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT OF KENYA!! WASI CHEZE- WE WILL GO AND CAMP IN IT!! ANY KENYANS IF IT MEANS MILLIONS WILL GO AND STAY THERE UNTIL THE TRUTH IS OUT!! ALL THE IDP'S should be booked there now until the governments sorts out their land issues- so let us see which Libyan investor will carter to IDP's for free- !! this is shiate!! we can't let this happen!!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy!! not again!! when will this hooligans stop?? they need to be stopped now!! grand regency was handed back to the government of Kenya?? so how does a Libyan Investor own it????

who the fuck sold it to the Libyan Investor?? why wasn't it gazetted for sale?? Patni had no right selling it- he still had cases against him-

ok class suit is what is needed by the Kenyan people against the government for selling the grand Regency?? I have the money- give us a good lawyer and some people from each province of kenya to collect signatures quickly-
from now on we kenyans should be having class actions against our own government if it goes out selling our properties fraudulently
I'm serious- anyone else ready to go this route- Kumekucha already has 1million bloggers not sure if you are all kenyans- each donate $1 we can afford a few lawyers who can take on the government on Grand Regency hotel - and any other government properties they have sold to foriegn entities for personal gain- we can keep the cases in court make it impossible for the crocks to take over and force the government to return monies collected!!

Anonymous said...

anon 8:04 PM

good Idea- about class action by the citizens of Kenya against government selling off government properties fraudulently- for government officials personal gains!! count me in!!$1 is nothing if i can get back the hotel for Kenyans (look at all the suffering in Kenya now!! why should a few individuals make it by stealing from the poor?? no way!I'm in and i will give $100 for the class action case against the government maybe this is the language they will understand from the Kenyan citizens!!

Anonymous said...

hey me too!! my people are suffering away from their land camped in Nairobi with Relatives and others are stealing government properties?? let my relatives them go and stay at the Grand Regency for free if that is the case! no Libyan will take the Kenyan citizens property in a crocked deal!! tell them to get lost!!- what the hell- I'm in i will contribute $50 for the citizen case - we must stop that sale in court!

Anonymous said...

anon 8:04 PM
smart idea- the class action case on the Grand Regency- count me in ready to contribute $200- so who will be our point person and can someone post lawyers names on here?? so that we can all decide and agree?do not post here crocked lawyers- we need lawyers that will not be compromised!!
or will it be Chris of Kumekucha??

Anonymous said...

mambo bado- this is the way to go Kneyans- seems that collectively we will be heard and we will win as ordinary kenyans citizens- now this hotel belongs to the government of kenya which in fact is the people of kenya!! so who the fuck allowed them to sale the hotel to Libyans for 1.6M?? does not make sense- I'm in ready to contribute $60 why should i let some greedy government crocks get rich on Kenyans peoples sweat ?? enough is enough
it is a pity we can't get Orengo to take the class action case- but there must be some young and up coming Lawyers not corrupt who can take this Kenyan citizen class action case " Kenyans citizens vs government of Kenya" ((((sale of Grand Regency Hotel fraudulently))))looks good!

kumekucha!! I hope you won't jump up to protect the PNU-Government involvement by shutting down your blog-site and start moderating because we are ready to proceed on a class action case on the government?? look how many people are jumping up ready to join in? I'm waiting for IVY and Taabu?? are you in or not??

Anonymous said...

anon 7:55 PM i agree with you if it was all staged and managed- I mean the handing over ceremony to the government by pattni the other day and if infact it has already been sold to the Libyans then it is indeed daylight robbery!!!!!!! I'm also in I swear I'm SO PISSED OFF!!! $150 FROM ME FOR THE CLASS CITIZEN CASE ACTION!!who do this people in the former government think they are?? we as Kenyans need to stop them!!we haven't even finished with Anglo leasing and here they are again looting!!Kenyans Blindly!!


Anonymous said...

NOT AGAIN**** COUNT ME IN the citizen of Kenya law suit $20- I ain't that rich- but i can contribute a bit:)

Anonymous said...

KUMEKUCHA?? CHRIS? what are your thoughts on this citizen class action?? just check the posts on here and if indeed all this people who posted are genuine and serious^^

between 8:04 and 8:34 the money raised for the class action law suit is $580 this is serious- I mean that is only from 6 individuals offers? and in only less than half hour??

I'm actually surprised and shocked- kenyans really mean business this time- no more looting of public assets!!

ok let me go talk to my darling and see how much we can donate to this good cause:) I will post tomorrow- but i have yet to see who is organizing all this??

Anonymous said...

Kenyans...please please ..! nawa omba. mungu..mungu atusaidie..

watu wamekufa.. watu wamefukuzwa nyumbani kwao, wazee na kina mama na watoto, wana njaa kwao nyumbani ...!

Na wazungu...wana kula vizuri...!

na watu wame-vaa masuti hata kuliko viongozi wa nchi za ulaya/ngambo, KIBAKI NA RAILA amboa wanasema wanatusaidia. Watumwa wa wazungu..........hata Museveni aliwambia hadhalani............Lakini hawana aibu.................hawa watu wame shiba....wamejaza matumbo yao lakini wakenya wana Nja.UK na Canada,na USA. Are Neo-Colonialists.
Wanakenya sisi amboa tuna jamii zetu na kaka zetu na ndugu zetu na wenzetu, tunavaa masuti? na tunakula vizuri kama hawa wazungu? hiyo ndio kwa Sababu watu huamua kufa badala kuwa watumwa kama wenzetu wa Africa kusini.

Anonymous said...

The Grand Regency was originally owned and built by Mohamed Aslam - Chairman of PanAfrican Bank. Aslam was in charge to 'secure' those outrageous 'commissions' asked by certain Members of the Moi Government (and just for you to digest: these commissions counted as follows: 15 % for Moi and 10 % each for the Ministries involved whereby Energy (Biwott) was involved in each and everything because electricity is needed no matter if it is a house, a factory, a dam, a plant etc. etc.) - so Aslam had to deal with sometimes upto 60 % of the total contract value. And he was also charging his fees ......... that's how and when the Grand Regency was built.

Aslam himself 'died' just one day before he agreed to give evidence on all this in front of the Gicheru-Commission in 1992. He died on a sudden heart attack - but everybody knew that he had been poisoned.

That's when Pattni and his Goldenberg Scam came into force and for being the 'servant' he was, he became the owner of the Grand Regency.

Abraham Kiptanui (Private Secretary and State House Comptroller) had been sent before to talk to the Aslam family who had taken refugee in London. He brought a cheque of several Million $ to them and they agreed to pass over the ownership of the Grand Regency to Pattni ........

This is not the complete story - but at least it gives you a glimpse of the complexity of this subject.

There is much more to add, also why and how Raila Odinga is involved in this (the same group which is now interesting to take over the Grand Regency is the same which contributed to his Election Campaign - according to the official ODM accounts).

Maybe having come to an agreement all of the sudden with Kibaki is not just coincident?

Anonymous said...

Dear Taabu,

I do not want to be seen as raining on the PM Raila's parade. I believe that even his detractors should give him some space (not a rope) to prove (not to hang) himself. If he means well and succeeds it will benefit us all. If he fails then they will have a right to question his leadership credentials. But I worrry a lot about his style. He is no longer in the opposition; his is the PM in the government. Those close to him should advice him to be more deliberate in all he says or does.

A case in point is the Mungiki affair. You can be sure of one thing, Mungiki did not (repeat, did not) stop their lunacy in response to Raila's appeal for peace. Now, we wait for him to go hold a summit with Mungiki!! Yesterday, in an attempt to justify Raila-Mungiki embrace, Phil said here that even terrorists have votes. This is the same logic Moi/Uhuru used in reaching out to Mungiki in 2002. I guess Kenya is still going around in circles. I wish Raila good luck in his new pet project, but I still believe he jumped into this one too fast.

Another case that is gaining momentum is the Grand Regency. His name is likely to come up in this mess. Those buying this jewel for a song are the same people who financed the NARC 2002 compaign to the tune of $3 million through Raila. They further financed last year's ODM campaign. Their promissory note is now due. Add in the mix some PNU sharks who want to take home some steak (in billions form) in the confusion and the whole thing becomes explosive. This time the way he handles this one will determine whether or not he takes home a skunk for a pet.

Taabu, this is not a grand coalition of angels. In the six days since the cabinet was named there are already more than three major deals being cut in town which, if they succeed as designed, will shake the faith of both PNU and ODM supporters to the core, in equal measure.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above - i share fully your concerns. You have justtaken my words.

Anonymous said...

The 4th Kenyan President and 2nd Prime Minister should not talk with Mungiki.

Anonymous said...

no one has put it like this before anonymous 4.54......and you are absolutely right!! on all counts!!


Taabu said...

@Anon 2.13 I hear you LOUD and CLEAR. Your concern are VERY LEGITIMATE and as tehy say when you see hitherto politcial rivals embrace know something fishy is a FOOT. Terrorists may have votes but is it worth the lives they destroy? Phil may have said that is jest but it destroys any reputation built over many years.

The Mungiki and Grand Regency smells GRAND FRAUD and before RAO says Amollo he would be embracing a skunk for a pet. Class action NOW.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.33 am, are you still sleepy.

Don`t be a dork.

Kenyatta was the 1st Prime Minster of Kenya.

Hon. Prime Minster Raila is # 2

as we speak.

God bless long last we have a voice.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:45 AM

There is much more to add, also why and how Raila Odinga is involved in this (the same group which is now interesting to take over the Grand Regency is the same which contributed to his Election Campaign - according to the official ODM

this individual post such lies here shame on you- post the facts here on who contributed to odm account from Grand Regency? didn't Pattni have a party that stood in the elections??? sho us where he contributed to ODM???
I think you are confusing ODM and PNU- facts are Pattni did contribute to PNU and that is a fact and you can go and check today- fo you posting lies here just shows where you are coming from as a PNU SUPPORTER- GO TELL KIBAKI AND HIS CRONIES TO RETURN THE MONEY PAID TO THEM BY THE LIBYANS 1.6M to be exact and stop posting your nonsense propaganda on here about ODM and Raila being connected to a PNU scam!!shame on you and how dare you?? people like you are the same people who may have relatives who are looting the government coffers in broad day light and try to blame others- I dare you to post here a copy of the checque patni paid ODM for elections or else shut your beak and go spew your evil nonsense on the kikuyu kumekuchas thats where lies are acceptable to all kiuks that blog there or even Mashada- we do not need propaganda and lies here!!some shiate that people like peddling!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:13 AM

Get your facts right before you past rubbish here!!PNU=Pattni=grand regency=$1.6M Libya=which in turn = PNU crocks
so stop mixing stories up!you PNU propagandist send here to spew dirt on ODM- smell the roses PNU has been caught yet again with pants down stealing from the government cookie jar!!

Taabu said...

@Anon 5.53 PLEASE READ Mrembo's comments and see who is SLEEPY. It never hurts to read and disagree from an informed pedestal otherwise it anmounts to ALL HEAT and no LIGHT.

Anonymous said...

taabu pole,
What i was saying in short is that Raila talking to Mungiki is not a big deal.

We as Kenyans have to learn to move on. Life is Good.

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