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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

High Price of Present Political Stalemate

Kenyan politics never runs short of twists and turns for the worse. Our politicians are at their best in spinning cheap political yarns that fail to cover their ethnocentric loyalties. The peace deal whose cause was brought upon us by a select few Kenyans claiming exclusive ownership to our country’s title deed has been reduced for what it was and intended to be, a piece of paper willing to kiss the embers of political fire.

Now the jostling and political semantics of clean, lean and real cabinet has taken the political stalemate to new heights with devastating casualties. First the so-called National Dialogue and Reconciliation Committee has her oxygen mask deflated. The political talk show is gasping for breath in fear to attacking the next agenda while the one preceding one is yet to unveiled.

The peace deal may have temporarily made Kenyans overlook the existence of an ILLEGITIMATE government formed after collectively raping our national rights. But the evil premise of DECEPTION and calculative politics continue unabated at our national peril. The vacuum cleverly created will cost us enormously when Kenyans come to know how deep the crowned thieves dipped their hands into our national till. Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg will be relegated to the footnotes of politically-engineered scams.

Making peace with war cries
Only in Kenya do you make peace using war cries clothed in propaganda. The clever Kenyan politician will shamelessly broadcast falsehoods against his opponent with the singular aim of politically extinguishing him. And the plot works best when tribesmen are roped in to serially repeat the lies till they start believing it themselves. PNU seem to have mastered this game too well. Their idea is to nip a potentially powerful opponent in the bud.

The circumcision kite failed to fly and Kenyans saw alarmist leaflets for what they really were. The fact that the genocide mud refused to stick is no good enough reason to stop pushing it further via innuendos. The problem is these people still take Kenyans to be the average villager they beat in local school on their way to Mangu and later to Makerere. As a consequence of their short term selfish interest, Kenya is now mentioned synonymously to Zimbabwe.

It is shameless engagement in reverse logic to sanitize Kibaki’s election theft with the counter that ODM rigged too. That only amounts to retrospective guilt. And the mudslinging competition takes a higher gear with Ruto checkmating Michuki. We are simply adding fuel to the fires lit by the scoundrels for politicians. We are permanently held hostage by the ruling class.

The heightened political temperatures only go a step further to prove that since last elections Kenya will never be the same again. Never unless you don’t mind what happens to your backside as you dig your head deep into the sand. We can blame our past for all we fancy but truth remains that the present hell visited the Kenyan shores on EXCLUSIVE invitation of one Kibaki, period.


Anonymous said...


well said

so what do we do now?

this buffoon either acting alone or with others, has blocked all access to any legal or peaceable means to meaningful change.

to get change we need some kind of reforms.

elections? nothing doing. blocked! (stolen)
constitution? nothing doing. blocked!
ECK? nothing doing. blocked!
judiciary? nothing doing. blocked!
mass/street protests? nothing. blocked! rungu and teargas in plenty
economic protest? nothing doing. disorganised, impoverished.
coffers looting? yes yes, how many mbirrions?
power sharing? nothing doing. blocked!
more cabinet ministries than MPs,? yes yes.
new elections? oh! you know people are suffering
resettle IDPs? ah yes? 31 mbirrions (i dont know how this exact mathematics worked out) adn then they go back to their shambas.

only one thing these guys understand. FORCE (massive mass action) targeting PNU economic interests.

fave said...

The current dictator does not care, Dictators are rarely removed by peaceful means.
I have been a pessimist and I remain so. There is no peace in Kenya until well all acknowledge that any Kenyan from Elwak to Shimoni from Lokitaung to Migori and Kehancha can be president.
So, please I unashamedly encourage all Kenyans to do an economic boycott. Focus on one corporation, bring it to it knees and then start with the next. A spread out economic boycott won't work.
So lets pick one to start with.
Only pain in their pocket books will make them change their minds

Anonymous said...

Taabu yesterday when i said mtado...i was alomost being E-roasted...but is this not the attitude that has been placed by many in this country after all.
Acts of impunity these ones started with the NARC Cabinet just before the elections and the president at that time was not exonerated.
He decided to thrash everything that people had agreed on....and deep down he was saying after all i am the president i can do what i want.....Mtado
Come Kivuitu and his commissioners, they bungled the election and as a guy said yesterday they still continue earning from our taxes knowing very well that they alone are the ones who brought this nation to its knees....Mtado
I remeber Mukele and Kiai begging Kivuitu to do one right thing for this nation....He didn't heed the call after all...Mtado and still the same man decided to go for a paid trip to the coast ati to reflect on the 2007 elections, remebring very well that he said he didn't know who won the elections.
Now there is a political stalemate, kenyans are waiting per chance that the inflation will go down, and the IDP camps will be closed and we go back to our normal lives the president doen't care.....Mtado

I am just wondering is their something that these men who don't want to surrender their posts know that we the citizens of this country dont....I remeber reading of rumours where by grroup of people were hired to trash documents in the ministry of finance, Does Richard Leakey and TI know something that we dont know, UHuru Muigai introduced a decongestaion programme of the city centre ...Now he is quiet...Afterall ...Mtado i am the minister here
He appoints councillors as he sees fit...mtado

I think it is high time that we take our rightful position in this country and demand our rights these politicians have taken us for a ride for a long time.....Kalonzo had the audacity of telling us that we dont have a minister for agriculture....So whose problem is that? We elected MPs and i mean we can do a good job of electing ministers if we are given the opportunity.

Anon 4:07, mass action seems to work well but do you know that rubber bullets are out of stock at the moment.....jaribu in a span of 20 minutes...we will have 20 dead bodies, did you see how they teargassed Maathai and her group including that shosho who i believe knows nothing about a lean cabinet......Economic interets for how long....Uhuru has made sure that Eastland guys pay fare to CITY HOPPA as it is the one that enters CBD na ujanja......We are at a crossraods and i am not sure what the way forward is?


Anonymous said...

Remember acts of impunity have never been addressed in any court of law.
A president who is a contestant himself decides to swear himself in...Ei and i have heard some bloggers say here that we couldn't afford to have a power vaccum so we better have a stolen presidency?


Taabu said...

Ivy breath in breath out. Close your eyes and count to ten. Wow, please losen your collar, it must be melting. Nonethless you are spot on, tutado? If only they knew West's song NOTHING LASTS FOREVER!

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