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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Exhausted Kenyans Need Their Country Back

Guest post by Sam Okello

Ladies and gentlemen,

It's beginning to look like the two-month exercise Kenyans engaged in under the watchful eye of the international community and the capable guidance of Dr. Kofi Annan was an exercise in futility. After the depressing electoral fraud and impunity the Kenyan people were subjected to by the coterie of selfish officials around President Kibaki, Kenyans witnessed death and destruction on a scale never seen since the days of the Mau Mau. The result was that we drew a collective breath, looked down an abyss and stepped back to let the Hon. Odinga and President Kbaki pull us back from a potentially devastating plunge.

Three months on, what we are witnessing is just why negotiating with people without any common sense is always a waste of time. The troubling thing is that we've set a precedence...a precedence where conceited, selfish leaders surrounded by tribal buffoons will in the future refuse to turn over power when they are beaten at the polls. So, though Kenyans have supported the tireless efforts of the Hon. Odinga and President kibaki to find an amicable way forward,we must realize that there comes a time when recognition must be made of the fact that Kenya has it's share of goons who don't give a damn whether the nation burns or not.

By deciding to negotiate with people like these goons, what we did was to essentially tell them that their stupid behavior has its reward. Is it any wonder that they now want to dictate who gets into the cabinet? And is it any wonder that they can't understand they lost the election? Let it be made clear to the ODM that Kenyans will not tolerate a move to sacrifice the Hon William Ruto. The PNU side must understand that Kenya exploded in violence because Samuel Kivuitu declared Mwai Kibaki president illegally, then the Chief Justice hurriedly and illegally swore him in in a ceremony even the heavens didn't bless. You want to know who committed a crime? It was Kivuitu, Kibaki, Michuki, Gicheru and all those who acted to kill and maim Kenyans after the election theft. I especially wonder why Grace Kahindi hasn't been charged with murder and use of excessive force on innocent Kenyans. Why is she free to laugh at our sense of decency?

The Hon. Odinga and those who support him have climbed down for the sake of peace and accepted to work with the thieves and architects of the mayhem visited on Kenyans. But now that those hardliners are hell bent on holding all of us hostage, aren't we justified to say enough is enough? At what point do we say we've given it our best shot, guys? It's my humble opinion that if the Kibaki side does not move quickly to move the nation forward, we have to act to save Kenya. We need a lean and sensible Cabinet, and men who love Kenya like the Hon. Ruto must be part of it. Period. We can't accept a situation where the likes of Michuki and Karua tell us who is clean? Just how clean can thieves be?

The time is now, President Kibaki, do what you promised to do or you'll soon realize that there are ideals and principles for which our freedom fighters and founding fathers gave their lives...and we are willing to follow in their footsteps if push comes to shove.

For Love of Country,

Sam Okello

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Anonymous said...

kibaki does not understand english.

he needs to be "told" specifically one by one, by annan ministry hii, peana huko, hii igine, we weka kando, ni yako, hii igine peana wakure yote etc

all this intellectual stuff (spirit of accord, sijui, portfolio balance, and what not) is just flying "clean" over his head. he is not nyitaring.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okelo, interesting question you asked there...just how clean can thieves be?it depends on who the thief is!some thieves are cleaner than others-"kwani umekula mbuzi ya nani"?remember that famous quote?clean thieves are those who the Kenyan courts of law endorse their false innocence with a BOUGHT stamp of acquital that makes them approvable once more as citizens free to roam the streets
Dirty thieves are KACA compatible in other words known as small fry that can be sacrificed and thrown away like disposable nappies e.g.the 500ksh/= bribe stealing policeman and justice in kenya has always been selective, meted out by a psuedo blind law that favours those who can afford to pay and have their mistakes cleaned up after them. Many stones in our nation's history remain to heavy to be turned and the skeletons of past victims of injustice have no ghost strength left in them to even turn over in their graves
all in all its good fun and games for the ruling political elite

Anonymous said...

Why can't Annan just announce that he will take over the presidency and Pm post as an interim officer until further notice?

4 months after the elections and kenyans don't have a GK yet. I was talking to my cousin in Nairobi on yahoo!messenger. So I asked her how she could chat while at work and she said that there it is ok to receive calls and chat. So I was explaining to her that in the US, it is unacceptable to handle persona business on your boss' time and people get fired for that. She replied that in kenya it is kawa or one would have to fire everyone.

So there lies the problem. Our cultural mentality is sick, sick. 4 months after elections with no GK and there is no sense of urgency! Time is infinate in kenya. What you can not do today, you can do later.

The 1st order of business for Kibaki and PNu was bring Raila and the rioters out of the streets and youtube and calm their asses down. And then it's all moss moss.

I dare say that had Raila stuck to his first instinct of not dealing with a thief and illegitimate president and PNU GK, he probably would have gotten a lot more done.

That is the mind set of any true revolutionary. You don't settle for anything less that your stated goals.

Anonymous said...

eh eh eh eh!! sam okello i must commend you for that incisively written mincing words here!!

it seems people dont realize what they are playing with-as u have rightly put it, common sense is sorely lacking in the pnu camp. people think that because they have had a little time to 'enjoy' statehouse, 'consolidate power' bought some weapons from china and deployed military personnel in the rift valley kenyans will now succumb to fear and toe their line- that is a lie from the devil! kenyans did not die in vain just so that the mp for othaya could play golf with raila odinga then screw him over two weeks later!!

pnu, please tell your mungiki president, kenyans have not forgotten he is a thief-if he doesn't want to listen to reason we can pack for him and send him to othaya where he belongs-after all he lost the general elections!! i agree enough is enough!! we have pitied him, signed a deal with him to save his face and he's still hard-headed-honestly people dont know a good thing when they see it!!

isn't it funny though that kibaki and michuki (confirmed election thieves and mungiki thugs) have the audacity and moral authority to vet who will be in the cabinet and who will not? they dont know anything about removing logs from their own eyes? there's nothing those thieving idiots can tell kenyans so they better shut-up, shape up or ship out-wapumbavu sana!!

all these dilly-dallying tactics and cabinet vetting nonsense may cost them more than they can imagine!!

and sam okello, thanks a lot for not including your address and position....u know it would have cheapened that post my brother :-)

Anonymous said...

How can a whole population of 33 million be at the mearcy of 2 people?

Who pays who?

Anonymous said...

who is this idiot refering to when he says govt coalition?


FOr whome does he speak on behalf of?

Anonymous said...

we all must have expected the dramatic turnaround by PNU....this is nothing new to us.The kind of innate ruthless animals are known. Ruto has sacrificed alot in calling for justice, peace and equality FOR ALL KENYANS.The fact that there is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever linking him to post election violence leaves the govt with limited choices.AND for the hundredth time-The violence in Rift valley was SPONTANEOUS!!!The fanged beasts slithering along state hse road must realize things are not as cozy as they look!The uneasy calm in the country can be undone in no time.we are trying to move forward buying safcom shares and making a fresh start,equal portfolios is not quite as difficult as PNU makes it look.

Anonymous said...

You have spoken my brother!!!!! Know one thing common sense is not common. The Karuas and Michuki who gives them a moral authority to judge one Samoei Ruto....Nani amewapa mamlaka? AS ODM says No Ruto no Govt unless they have concrete evidence or forever they hold their peace.

Anon 7:50 it is the mercy of one person, Kibaki who is not moved even by the plight of suffering kenyans, ODM already has its half it is Kibaki who is buying time....You can only push a man upto a certain level, we tend to get impatient and when we do that it is bad!!!! Trust me

Anon 9:31....Please dont be depressed about Mutua, he is not worth it...If possible just press mute on your TV or shut it down altogether....You will be annoyed and depressed for no good reason


Anonymous said...

PNU to vet ODM MPs ...It is indeed laughable.....LOL


Knoppix! said...

Nice piece this is.The demand that William Or ODM members be vetted for that matter is utter rubish.What business did PNU have sitting with Ruto among others at serena apparently negotiating for peace.If indeed they had a problem they should have raised queries about him being among the panelists.If there is any evidence that he planned the mayhem i would be the first to vouch for him to be arrested and tried by a court of law.But going around staking reckless claims to his name is just a waste of time.We all make mistakes but some people make too much mistakes and thats what PNU keeps doing.....mistakes mistakes and more.Now we kenyans are not known to be familiar with simple plus minus arithmetic and hence the problems we are having.My hope is people learn and think straight and save us the mess.By the way what language does Kibaki use when talking to Karua or Michuki?Anyone knowns tell me.It might be our main undoing afterall.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Nice piece Sam. Here's what Mwalimu Mati said yesterday. Out of the 17 current (if they may be called so) ministers appointed by Kibaki already, only 7 can be said to be clean. The good Mwalimu did not say who these 7 are but me thinks it's the newbies. Let's see how long they can remain 'clean'.

Knoppix I would think maybe Kibaki and Michuki speak Kikuyu. But on a serious note Karua's Gichugu dialect might be a bit difficult for Kibaki and indeed many other Kikuyus to understand.

vipi said...

These Panuas are just some serious jokers. they hv no fore sight coz next election they will be all kicked out.

they don think longterm coz once MK is gone they will be more irrelevant.

on the Ruto thing the are just make people gravitate more towards ODM

it interesting but we will see who is relevant in the coming future

Forest Gump said...


Chris, The visitors of your blog have a problem of emotional instability. Their choice of words is to say the least, unorthodox. I have an article about mantaining healthy discussion in such a blog and if you're interested in posting it you can communicate by posting a comment.

By calling the president of the Republic a Mungiki-president, most likely fuelled by your tribal animosity, shows that you're intellectually immature and you should desist from poisoning the rest of the bloggers with hatred, because this will dismantle any progress that could have been achieved through the discussions in this blog.


You seem to have an insufficient amount of knowlegde on how the game of politics works out. I have limited time and resources to explain everything to you in detail, but I will tell you this:

No commmon citizen should "support" a politician so passionately like I saw you defend Ruto! My brother, politicians DO NOT care about the welfare of wananchi and you should'nt, also. You might think that Ruto and PNU politicians are enemies, but shock on you, they aren't!

They take tea and go for outings together. You should know that it is the best interest of politicians to keep faking bitter rivalry amongst themselves in order to solicit and mantain support from the masses.

If there is something that should never be listened to is a word coming from the mouth of a politician. They say what is favourable to their careers regardless of it being the truth, lies, you name it.

Trust me, any p.n.u politician calling for Ruto's exclusion is doing it because it will earn him/her political mileage. Maybe they think it will make them look like advocates of a just cause.

Guys, there are TWO groups of people in Kenya, the ruling class and the Ruled. The ruling class seems to have forged perfect unity and has successfully fooled the other class that they fight for them.

Please Sam, when I see anyone defending a politician as passionately as you've defended Ruto, whether you voted for that politician or not, feels like betrayal. You and I are brothers in the same ruled class.

Lets focus on how we can forge unity and enforce our interest among the Ruling.

Anonymous said...

Forest Who? Is he not.....A president that will stand and watch the ruled being massacred!!! Does he even deserve to be a president of a country?
A president that will watch the ruled being rained on and sleep in the cold.....Does he deserve to rule a village leave alone a country.

I dont remember reading anywhere where Sam Okello has defended Ruto passionately unless we are reading from different threads.....Chris where is Sam Okello's thread where he has defended Ruto passionately?

"Let me take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for being emotionally unstable and even the mere fact of displaying our intellectual immaturity!!! I sincerely apologise to you ...Sir Forest who? LOL


Anonymous said...

Bla blah blah pooh pooh Forest gump
When your caught with your finger in the jar all of a sudden its "politics" last I checked kuyos got their marks topped up, kuyos got plum jobs, kuyos, run KRA, you know the list.......Get a life,kuyos determined what part of kenya got devlopment so don't be cheatin that the kikuyu have not benefitted from the Kibaki reign.
And if you look back we wil not even mention the huge benefitt from kenyatta the sorce of all the land issues in kenya today. What are this issues of the common man pray tell... if we don't sort out our politics we are toast thats why the wanna do Ruto so bad. Political leadership is the way out
kenyans have tried everything else for the past 45yrs and IT DID NOT WORK!!!!!!!
Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

It seems that in the small world of ODM fanatic Sam Okello, ODM never stole a single vote! How laughable, welcome back to the real world Okesh! Ruto still has a case to answer at the high court and it's not surprising that he has been using all the delaying tactics in the world. Ruto should step aside and clear his name first..COMMONSENSE!


Nbi Kenya

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa si kwa ubaya, this "COMMON SENSE" should only apply to one William Ruto? If common sense is to apply then i am really not sure who will stand....COMMON SENSE...No one is perfect, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God....COMMON SENSE


Anonymous said...

Who is Ruto to apply delaying tactics in the judiciary? Unless he has some immense power that we do not know of!!!!! COMMON SENSE

Anonymous said...

forest gump.....hahahahahaha!! what would you have me call the thieving mp for othaya?

do u honestly expect me(in my right senses!!) to refer to that idiot (yes i said idiot!!sue me) as the president of the republic of kenya? and on whose authority are u coming here to implore people to call kibaki president?...are u lucy?

president of the republic of kenya indeed!! are we talking about the same man who STOLE (kenyan) elections, RAPED(kenya's) democracy and KILLED(kenyan) people left right center to hold on to power? are you sure he's the president of the republic of 'kenya'? for a while there i thought i was describing some blood drinking mungiki thug in kamiti!! i guess when i was briefly engaging in 'my emotionally unstable and intellectually immature activities' the words 'president of the republic' must have acquired a new meaning to signify a person who after losing elections, goes ahead to rape and kill his own people so as to remain in power-then you are right, he is!!

the man has been proven to have mungiki connections meeting with them, dressing them up in police gear, giving them free passage on highways with their machetes in full view and allowing them to 'revenge' deaths in rv. ati president?! go tell the birds your president of the republic of kenya tale....they might enjoy it. for your information, everybody else can call him whatever they want to me he is and will always just be a 'MUNGIKI PRESIDENT.'

and forest...? stuff your 'healthy discussion on blogs' article!!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch.....Mrembo that was painful!!!


Anonymous said...

ODM has nothing for leverage except threatening the poor and cold mass of miserable humanity huddled in camps in their zones.

unfortunately for them, like all blood thirsty vampires who have come before them, they will quickly realize that a lot can be achieved in 2 months in terms of self defence mechanism and that they do not have a monopoly over violence.

Their women can be raped too and their children strangled.

Anonymous said...


Please name for us any minister in the current cabinet who has legal issues hanging on the neck! Go on.....Why should Gen Ruto be included in the cabinet while still having grand corruption cases on his file which he wishes away? Ruto is a young over-night billionaire who can't even explain his immense ill-gotten wealth!


Nbi Kenya

Anonymous said...

I am definately not going to argue about whether or not Kibaki is a thief. All the local and international observers could not have conspired against him to pass the same verdict. It is so obvious and saying anything to the contrary is not worth the effort. Problem is that Kenyans were considering forgiving him and giving him another chance (to share power with the person who beat him at the elections) but it turns out he does not appreciate the gesture. If vetting it is, why dont they share share that 50-50 as well so that ODM vets government nominees and vice versa. I know the agreement does not say that but am sure when ODM agreed that each side select their teams they had no idea someone was going to take kenyans backwards again. I dont know when these PNU guys will get it, but this is not about Raila or ODM, it is about Kenya and Kenyans. Am becoming fatigued.


Anonymous said...

Oh so common sense was only supposed to apply to legal matters in court and not rumour mongering or allegations>>>>>The Qn i have asked and never gotten an answer is who controls the judiciary? I bet over my life if these guys had evidence that was going to impeach Ruto they would have hanged him by now? Why is he still walking scot free?
Imagine General Ruto will be in the cabinet....they are naming the cabinet on 6th April 2008....Watch the space!!!

Anonymous said...

Saitoti.....Oh goldenberg was wished away and he won

Kiraitu....The court was not big enough to prosecute him or KACC was still looking for the bigger fish....Watatafuta.........Some fell on the wayside....M-Pesa now that you have the evidence SOS KACC maybe that case will be closed sooner than we think and maybe just maybe General Ruto and others will return our stolen money


Anonymous said...

If you are filthy rich here in Kenya, you can use the sharpest lawyers on land who charge up to 100k per hour. You know the likes of Donald Kipkorir, Orengo, Waweru Gatonye, Pheroze, Gibson Kuria, Muite etc. These are legal 'bigg doggs!' who have every trick and loophole on their finger tips. Hell yeah, some are even known to make your criminal file "disappear" in thin air without trace. Pliz don't even try to compare African countries with western countries. Hapa Kenya anything is possible including announcing winners as losers in a general election. U hearrrrd??


Nbi Kenya

Taabu said...

Sometimes the tag you give yourself end up aptly discribing you. So we now have the services of genious Forest? What an iron to have the self-prefaced intellectual licking the bottom of a leaking politic course at full tongoue-speed aided with the ferocious gales of reverse logic. Well Bw forest on behald of bloggers here please spare us the burden of revering a thieving prezzo with his tainted claws ready to draw more Kenyan blood. At least bloggers here are only emotionally unstable, but you are mentally febble at the very least. Ushindwe pepo mbaya.

Anonymous said...

Taabu what language is that?

If we have lawyers who have every trick and loophole in their fingertips.....Then if we can't have a judge or a prosecutor who can't numb them...Then that office must be closed ...ASAP....Keraiko Tobiko and Company and Amos Wako can you start packing.....If these so called big lawyers can outsmart you, you have no business being in those offices....I hope they are listening.....Who is the Minister of Justice anyway


Mla Mali Yake said...

wonderful, no moderation. Finally Kenyans get uhuru, we have been crying for this. Thankx Chris, ijapokuwa wewe ni Punda sana for moderating this our beloved blog. Punda sana, but we love u anywways

Anonymous said...

As someone else said, they're all thieves and none of them can claim to be innocent. None of the big wig's are "clean". Kibz, RAO, Michuki, Ruto, Saitoti, Henry Kosgey,Uhuru, Kalooser all of them are tainted so if we need a clean cabinet, then they must first be out. There is no big or small sin as all are tainted. hata mimi na wewe!

Anonymous said...

nani amesema mi niko tainted? we wacha zako! speak for yourself!

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