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Thursday, April 03, 2008

What Language Is Used?

One commentator here today posed an interesting question that I would like to take up and ask Kenyans because it is important that we all know the answer to this question.

When the Safaricom IPO was being discussed in the corridors of power, what language was being used?

When John Michuki and now George Saitoti are being issued with instructions on how to shoot to kill and torture ordinary Kenyans (evidence is now rapidly emerging of military atrocities in the Mount Elgon region with killings and the kind of torture that makes the CIA look like kindergarten kids), what language is used?

When critical issues are being discussed amongst the most powerful in the Nairobi Stock exchange, what language is used?

When the most inner of the inner cabinet meet to discuss how to deal with “Raira” and those stone-throwing “Mjaruos”, what language pray you tell me is used?

When the issue of vetting ODM cabinet choices (and not PNU because they are all pure and holier than thou) first came up, what language was used? And as the reaction to this well timed demand is being monitored, what language is it being monitored in?

Are you in Nairobi… or Mombasa? Go now to the CBD and hang around listening to Kenyans talk. What is the most common tongue you will hear?

When Martha Karua misses her appointment at Serena Hotel and instead goes to State House instead to receive fresh instructions, what language does she communicate in and what language does she receive the most emotional parts of her instructions in?

What language does the President discuss the most sensitive issues arising from his regular NSIS briefings in?

When the inner cabinet is discussing strategy on how best to play for time and generally frustrate the ordinary folks and indeed the law concerning a grand coalition government, what language is used? When they discuss how the Safaricom IPO is more important than the IDPs, most of whom voted for them blindly in the last general elections (and most of whom speak the same language as they do) what language do they use?

What was the language of choice in the first Kenyan cabinet as ministers discussed amongst themselves waiting for the president Kenyatta to come in? This is what forced Daniel arap Moi, then the VP to take a crash course in this beautiful and well loved language. Luckily the late Tom Mboya who was in the same cabinet, had already learnt it and could even speak it fluently. And that’s because most of his constituents spoke the language.

What is the language of choice for the hardliners within the Kibaki administration?

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Anonymous said...

"Our fear is not that we are inadequate, our fear is that we are powerful beyond measure!.."

That's what this guy from the House of Mumbi once told me. but for Chris being so scared of mentioning the word "Kikuyu" just confirms the quote that I've given above to be very accurate!

I'm not a Kikuyu although just like Chris, my [very beautiful] wife is. What I like about Nyumba ya Mumbi that is not very common among other 'communities' (read tribes) is that they are quite proud of their culture and mostly language.

Sometimes I joke with my wifey that Kikuyus are like Chelsea Football Club.... no one likes them but they DON'T care!


Nbi Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Chris that language used kindly ask Forest Who? One emotional stable man and doesn't apply any unorthodox ways in passing judgement to other bloggers comments......Kumekucha there is something called fifth ammendment if you feel that responding to other bloggers comments is way beyond your league....Then shush!!!

Manchester united only plays in the premier league or champions league with the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and the like you will not find them in a lower division unless they are relagated....Which is going to be a pipe dream...Taabu, Shiko i also understand football...Duh So my guys if you feel you are intellectually superior than all of us combined...then spare yourself the agony of dealing with these daft people......But i bet that kind of advice was much needed in the PNU camp

Chris are you planning to employ the services of Dr. Njenga as Taabu insinuated yesterday, coz the way things are going we will need one....Ans also a language teacher but i will only go to that class with Forest Who? and the PNU team coz we sure do need one!!!


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha ivy!! have won!!

Anonymous said...

the language is Gibberish, everyone knows that!

Taabu said...

Ivy swali in lingua franca na sio THAT LANGUAGE which I can bet my lunch you don't subscribe to. Do you think your mother tongue (whatever that means?) belongs to the IVY LEAGUE of native languages? My dear you need the services of Dr. Njenga and I will see if an appointment at Avenue Health care is possible, ama ni mimi I need him?

Language? Mhhhm well if it goes beyong simple communication then I would rather MU is relegaed to the lower division. FYI Chelsea only enjoys a trace of MU through Kenyon, ex-MU CEO. You get the drift, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Taabu yeah it sure does...Definately it belongs to the IVY league of native laguages....Dr. Njenga if and only if you drag me by my ears and i bet i have long ears!!!Can i then have your lunch....Mrembo alreadys says i have won and i know she is a fair judge...Yawn i am hungry...Ebu sambaza the E-lunch


Anonymous said...

What language is used- good question indeed?
There was one case where a tenant moved into a new residential court. He drove by and spoke to the Watchie in that language( asking something we assume?) to which the soldier said- mzee sielewi... Instead of responding in the lugha ya taifa, the fellow got into his car and drove off....
So what language indeed??

Anonymous said...

Hata hiyo lugha ya taifa hawaijui,ni aibu kubwa kumsikia kiongozi wetu au viongozi wetu wakizungumza lugha ya taifa.Kiswahili hawakijui kabisaa,tena hii aibu ni ya wote isipokuwa wachache.Sisi twahitaji kiongozi kama PLO Lumumba nikimsikia yule jamaa akiongea kiswahili huwa najivunia na lugha hii yangu niliyozaliwa nayo.

Anonymous said...

woiye chris...pole ati people snatched your son from you and started speaking the language? hehehehehe!! hiyo ni kali!!

well, si u know that is the language ya mazishi, harusi, goat party, birthday, housewarming, campo, bible study, wamama wa mboga, shopkeeper, ofisini, you name it, ...that's the language and they make sure they speak it to everyone and if you dont gitch they ask you so contemptuously kwani hujui 'the language'? na umekaa nairobi hii miaka yote? now please enlighten me mean nairobi is only inhabited by people who speak the language? i didnt know. mi mwenyewe hata language yangu imenishinda za watu ntawezea wapi?

Chicity said...

The part about your newborn snagged from your hands was just traumatic! My belated apologies;-)

How about the presumption that every pretty, light/med. brown skinned person is one of them? That one always cracks me up!

Also, they are "munjaruos".

Chicity said...

Forgot to add: "Upon sighting the aforementioned attractive party, it's all smiles and greetings in "the language". Once the party gives that blank look and states that they are not Kikuyu and before she can say another word comes the all important question, "where are you from?". Thereafter all smiles ae replaced with a scowl ASAP. Hehehehehe!

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