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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Viva!! Okoiti Omtata

I know you are all eagerly awaiting the new cabinet lineup with great anticipation. Whether the list is fair or representative is an argument that will last us the next two weeks. Whether the new list is a win/loss for PNU/ODM or Raila/Kibaki is a fight that is just about to begin.

As we embark on further fracturing our country based on the impending cabinet list, please remember those who have paid the ultimate price. On a lighter note, please keep Omtata in mind. Whatever direction the country takes, it should be to appease none other than Omtata, a professional who joined the regular folk on the streets (unlike most of you who vegetated on the keyboard) without fear.

Folks, this is a man of unchained valor and incredible light body weight. A man who vehemently displayed great defiance even when walking on thin air.

Aluta Continua!!

Update by Kumekucha
I salute you Omtata, bado mapabano, the 2nd republic is not here yet.

But you my brother have proved that just one person can make a difference.

I take off my hat to you.

-Kumekucha on behalf of the voiceless masses of Kenya many of whom are still in IDP camps-


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Can someone explain to me why the one side of the agreement can hold both the positions of President and Vice president?

I thought the ODM should get the post of VP as long as PNU/ODM-K has the President?

The agreement was a 50/50 sharing between the two sides PNU/ODM-K and ODM.

Regards from one who has lived and worked 5 years in your beautiful country.

Odd Roar Nesje

Anonymous said...

I normally never offer predictions but this time i will try. I predict that Kibaki is going to keep the current ministerial positions as is and offer ODM the rest.

You can not expect the same folks who watched Kenya burn with out uttering a word of truth to suddenly change and champion human and democratic rights and principles. So characters like Saitoti are mind boggling.

Had Kibaki really wanted to stem the chaos, he would have ordered a recount and or re-vote that would have established the legitimate winner. Unlike G.W.Bush, Kibaki only has one term left. And this arrangement may just come back to bite Kikuyus in the ass come the next election cycle where they will not have a Kikuyu VP running - unless they decide to stick it to Musyoka who will surely have a tough time garnering votes in Mwingi let alone Eastern.

Anonymous said...

could someone explain why this blog is being moderated? tempers have cooled down. Let kenyans have a civil discussion, even mashada is not moderatinga, and it is bigger than kumekucha, why this foolishness?

Anonymous said...

The hustling over cabinet posts is to be expected.

To most Kenyans however, it is nothing more than BACKGROUND NOISE since our eyes or fixed on the ultimate prizes; constitutional and land reform.

Anonymous said...

kumekucha!! not to Alarm anyone but kenyans should be wary of kibaki visiting museveni in Uganda!! we all know what museveni is all about and those who follow uganda news museveni controls every apparatus in uganda- anybody that crosses him ends up dead if they don't get out of the country first enough and hide in exile-

my question is knowing how most kenyans feel for museveni??was this the right time for kibaki to vist uganda??
and 2 what was his agenda???

because after what happened early this year with museveni's army involvement in kenya- nobody trusts the relationship between kibaki and museveni!! lots of whispers happening on ground!! this days kenyans are very much on the alert and nobody is taking anything for granted anymore- kenyans are yet to feel safe- and kibaki going to uganda has just brought forward unease!!

kumekucha!! check this information out for us worried kenyans please

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Because the president n his deputy are just ceremonial .....i.e. just the head of state n chief commander of the armed forces.....where as the prime minister is the real power holder , running ,supervising n the leader of government business........if you ask me ODM benefited the most in the arrangement cos they have PRIME MINISTER N A DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER where as PNU/ODM-K/KANU/SAFINA only have a DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER for the grabs

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain what Margret Kamar is doing in Brussels as it was reported that she was attending some EU-conference there on official mission ......

What is her 'mission' anyway ??????? She is and always will be Nicholas Biwott's mole in this Government - let nobody try to deny this. She is his wife - besides the Jewish Mzungu and the Tanzanian one - Prof. Kamar is even wife No. 1 .........

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:07, am i a witch just coz my grandma was?
Will i not be employed though i am qualified just because someone in my lineage dictates that?
If Eldoret South people elected her, what is your problem? Tusongee mbele na tuwache ujinga...It is said one can choose friends but relatives you have no are stuck with them


Anonymous said...

KUMEKUCHA, please tell us more how the Central Province schools were favoured, whereas the Western Prov schools were failed in the fresh KNEC scandal.

I am told that there is a computer programme in the ministry of education with which you can use to reduce the marks of students whose names start say with "O":


With such a simple programme they can lower the marks of the said candidates by 20 marks in every subject, irrespective of which school the students were.

A similar programme was used to remove some voter names from Langata during the last general elections.

Why is it that one community has flocked the ministry of education? Why did Beth Mugo laugh when it came out that Nyanza students failed en masse in the year 2006? Kenyans, a National Minister overjoyed that a region has failed? What duties has such a minister?

Please bring a posting to reveal what is going on at the Education ministry and at KNEC.

Anonymous said...


its always th kyuks to blame for everything...even your own school failures. you pathetic losers.

Look at the trend and see that Nyanza schools started failing long before Kibaki ever got into stathouse

Wghat do you expect when parents are on the streets chanting No Raila No education? grow up and take responsibility for yourselves

Anonymous said...

Ivy - your siding with Margret Kamar is too obvious - although I agree that you cannot choose your relatives - I dare say that you can choose whom you marry and in the case of Margret Kamar she has chosen to marry a devil, a pure criminal, a man who has not only robbed Kenya but also killed many people - he is implicated officially by Scotland Yard to have killed Robert Ouko and others.

So stop taking her side otherwise I dare to say that also you have soime 'hidden bodies in your cellar' - otherwise you would not defend her for having 'chosen' such a criminal as husband.

Taabu said...

Margaret Kamar has all the right to marry DEVIL and we have no right over choice. We must not fight Biwott the devil via proxy. That is cowardice. And Ivy has all the right to her take.

Chaps here peddle plenty of rumours based on nothing but lies. Prof Kamr FYI has a PhD in Ecosystem management (forestry) from UoT/Canada. So please before you advertize you ignorance check the fact. Yes there is guilt by association but no law will punish it.

Anonymous said...

What worries me though is the fact that Prof. Kamar became MP on an ODM ticket - that fact is questionable in itself or at least it should give reason to some doubts about her real reasons. But I know that thinking and doubting is at the moment not very in fashion, especially when it comes to people close to Hon. Raila Odinga. But closing the eyes now is dangerous because one day it may be very hurtful to have been but not have been daring to acknowledge the reality although it was there all the time before.

Anonymous said...

What worries me since some time here in Kumekucha is the fact that most of the people sending comments prefer to do it as 'Anon' - which also includes myself since I was tired to read offensive and sometimes abusing reactions to something I had said.

Should we not have learned that freedom of speach is the right (or at least it should be the right) of educated and civilized people?

Should we not have realized that - finally - we have the possibility to express our opinion without having to fear to be arrested as it was the case under the Moi Regime?

Why do we therefore follow now in his footsteps 'nyayo' style and do the same, i.e. sending offending and abusing comments if one 'dares' to express his opinion which maybe is not representing our own 'feelings'.....

It's this fact that has forced Kumekucha and others to moderate comments.

So my question here:

Did we not learn anything from the past? Can we not act as educated and civilized people and discuss subjects of common interest without becoming offensive?

Just think about this - and maybe then you will agree that this could be our own personal small contribution to a better Kenya - a Kenya in which we all live in peace together and accept each other as equal.

Respecting each other and respecting that people can have a different opinion about the same things, but still can find a way to communicate and live together, should be not that difficult.

Just a thought ......


gikonyo macharia said...

I have been a victim of official impunity in Kenya orchestrated at the behest of a Cabinet Minister Mwakwere and his family. Now the cops have refused to record my statement. Police Refuse to Record Assault Complaint

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