Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stop These Scoundrels

Guest post By Sam Okello

Fellow Kenyans,

I'm increasingly disturbed by the drip drip of intrancingence that's coming from the men and women around President Mwai Kibaki. Recently Kenyans had a reason to smile and indeed the entire nation exploded in song and dance when Prime Minister-designate, the Hon. Raila Odinga and the President, signed an agreement that literally pulled kenya back from the edge of a precipice. Since then, we've watched with cautious admiration as the two bitter rivals adopted a body language that further put the nation at ease. Matter of fact, it made all of us realize that nothing was insurmountable if we put our mind to it.

But now we have the Muthaura statement. And the Karua statement. And the Kilonzo statement. What are we supposed to make of these utterences? Are these gentlemen and lady telling us that the ODM side signed the agreement without an unerstanding of what it entailed? Was Dr. Anan duped? Because of the unfortunate statements these officials have made, it's important that Kenyans rehearse the facts.

1. On December 27th, 2007, national elections were held and the Hon Raila Odinga won the contest. We're all aware that after the Hon Odinga's decisive win, the ECK corruptly called the election in favor of President Kibaki and promptly plunged the country into chaos...where our fellow kenyans paid the ultimate price.

2. In the ensuing chaos, the Hon. Odinga did everything to ensure that the nation stayed focused on a search for a lasting soltuon. Indeed, it was because of his relentless drive that the international community responded and sent in none other than Dr. Anan to help steer the negotiations that ended positively.

3. But before that positve end, we were all witnesses to the stalling tactics engaged by the PNU side. At every point in the negotiations, they found a way to stick a sword through the neck of the talks, including the adolescent and embarassing behaviour of the woman who is supposed to be the constitutional affairs minister! On the other hand, you also saw a determined ODM. You saw the future of a stable Kenya by the seriousness and professionalism with which the ODM brigade handled themselves. What they realized was that we have a nation to pass on to our children. We want to pass it on in a bettter state than we found it.

4. And finally, now that the attention of the international community is in search for the next fire to put out, the men and women around President Kibaki think they have room to reinterpret the agreement to suit their taste and naked lust for power. What these people don't realize is that while they've stuck in the first gear since independence and think that Kenyans can be manipulated, the good people of Kenya have moved on. We now boast professors, worldclass lawyers, runners and one of the most highly educated populace in Africa. We've metastasized into a modern nation with a driven media, a robust economy and the beginnings of a stable democracy. Becausde of what it took to get this far, we have no choice but to zealously protect our gains.

And so, my fellow countrymen, we must take care not to let people like Muthaura and Kilonzo and Saitoti and Uhuru and Michuki and Karua derail our determined march to a better Kenya. They may have succeded in subverting the will of the people by the blatant rigging they staged two months ago, but they must make no mistake. Kenyans will NEVER allow scoundrels like them to get away with a repeat of such deceit.

President Kibaki, let us honor the agreement as it was signed. There will be no way around it!

For love of country,

Sam Okello
President & CEO
Sahel Books Inc.
P.o. Box 6451
South Bend IN, 46660-6451
Phone: Toll Free: 1.877.297.2435

P.S. I will forever remember that it was Sam Okello who wrote an open letter to Mwai Kibaki urging him to resist the temptation to go ahead with rigging and save Kenyan lives. Kumekucha published that letter hours before the Kivuitu circus that plunged the country into bloodshed, started.



Anonymous said...

sam okello, these people got away with stolen elections.....they know they will get away with this nonsense if we allow them to....and you know what? they will!! let raila continue playing golf!!

i think we should also stop 'begging' kibaki to do the right thing the man would never know what the right thing to do was if it bit him in the face!! on the 29th and 30th of december....i saw many prominent patriots on the verge of getting on their knees, begging that mungiki president to concede defeat; lazarus sumbeiywo, bethwel kiplagat, mutahi ngunyi(the guy almost cried on national tv!!) dennis opande, gabriel mukele!! the whole shebang!!! they all came out to beg that idiot to..... 'save kenya'...... 'be a statesman'..... 'be the bigger man'.....but he didn't listen, oh no! not even when he knew his actions would plunge this country into chaos!

so my dear, my proposal is this....we either deal with kibaki like the mungiki thug he is.....or we just let him be!! all this begging is actually getting on my nerves!!

Anonymous said...

Since Sam Okello has openly admitted he's very much pro ODM, it's quite difficult to conclude his articles are fair and balanced! Civil service should be apolitical by all means. They should be left out of this power sharing issues. Otherwise where do we stop? Soon we shall start splitting the teachers, doctors, police etc into two rival camps! Give ODM an inch and they will demand a mile! What nonsense!

Marianne Briner said...

I only hope that the nonsense of accusing me to either be behind any critics or even suggesting that I am covering behind comments regarding this article and/or other posts published here in Kumekucha by Sam Okello does not start again.

To erase any doubts beforehand: I refrain from commenting anything Sam or Hellen Okello publish - now and in the future.

Nor will I send any other comments and/or posts to this blog in the future. This is done in accordance and on request by Chris who is fearing another outpour of hate, not only against me but also against Kumekucha for allowing me to express my opinion. The maximum he was allowing was that I should send in any comment as 'anon' - something I declined to do since I have never been and will never be a coward to hide my identity.

Marianne Briner

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the term 'Equitable distribution of resources here'in my understanding is all but none of the resources: Human, fiscal, natural etc, so if human resources are resources as it were, then be it, Okello has reminded us of being one of the hoghly educated populace, why must one tribe provide the direcros, messangers to sweepers? are they the most highly qualified in the saem countyr with this his education rate? say yes and you are myopic, say No and you are Pro-ODM, After all who does not know which part is for the people, including you.
were it not for the same ODM and not PNU, they a ceasefire was called, were it not for the ODM supporters that now you hear of the TJRC, let us be optimistic and think globally sir. their is no time to think in a rear view.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:59.........Display your ignorance somewhere else....Sam Okello is not the mayor of Kisumu, there are two different people....The same as having one Michael Njoroge who is a lecturer and Michael Njoroge who is a thief...2 different people but sharing the same name..ala....And you are not giving ODM any inch, what nonsense you are just splitting into half what is rightfullyy theirs just because we ODM people have agreed for the sake of peace....At least we are mindful not forgetting that our people who were displaced, majority have settled back to their ancestral homes...But we are thinking of the other people who are still in camps.

By the way even if Sam Okello was the Kisumu mayor what is the problem, he is a political appointee...He was fronted by ODM or you want him to start praising the minister of local govt who is yet to tell us what his share was now that his PA received 0.5M
....Goodness the likes of Uhuru will even steal birthrights...Remember the story of Jacob in the Bible, come to think of it he has already stolen, he is not the first born son of Jomo!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Anon 2:22 what are you saying?

Mrembowaodm, you are right. Precisely why will we beg for something that is rightful ours....Kibaki, Executive Prime Minister take it or leave it....As one William Samoei Ruto the one and the only one after Raila Odinga who floored Moi hands down, that Moi has never talked again said.....You cannot stop something whose idea has come....Kibs should think, as in ODM already had a structure, he might just loose it akiendelea na mchezo hiyo ya paka na panya.....Waswahili hunena mtaka yote hukosa yote....Goodness si kiswahili ni ngumu


Anonymous said...

The currrent office bearers in the civil service were there as a result of bandit president kibaki and his cronies actions. They are all political appointees wether directly or not, what is wrong with ODM ensuring that at least one half is also appointed by them?
Its not like ODM is going to import Ugandans or Sudanes these ppl will be kenyans too and ODM are kenyans so stop the pointless urguments....Muthaura to begin with is a political appointee so how can he argue that other political appointees will be too stupid or are incapable of bieng fair.....Wether civil servants political affiliations are known or not should not be an issue as long as they deliver and they are kenyans who are qualified otherwise Muthaura should start by disqualifying himself......What idiotic reasoning. What arrogance? Goes to prove that PNUers are accustomed to abusing their positions so they want to paint everyone with the same brush without realising that it leads to anarchy. For the record NOT everyone is a thief and wants to loot. Just try and internalise that.

Anonymous said...

Since time immemorial as long as I can remember we were talk both at home and while attending church the importance of sharing......Since by accident we all happen to have fallen into this geographical zone, does it not make sense that we share equally all that we have??
The worst thing is that you contribute your money, but someone does not even want you to comment or say how you want it spent??
Have these people ever looked at this thing from any perspective at all? During taxation, KRA does not ask what tribe you are, VAT is charged equally to all irrespective of where you leave etc, so why the meanness when it comes to spending the collective tax?? Bcoz this tax pays people in the public service, we do not need to beg for equitable distribution of jobs or services from the gava we DEMAND it. It's our money and our right too bcoz we partially own it.
If others feel that they do not want to share, the best thing is let them take their portion and go to a far away country like the prodigal son au siyo??

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12:59


“A democracy which has permanently excluded some communities from power cannot last; we must have ethnic justice and fair distribution of resources.” -That's a quote from your PNU man, MURUNGI

Rabodo Stima said...

Old news!

Anonymous said...

The problem we have is not with the agreement signed but interpretation. The agreement did not mention about reducing the power of the president and Raila said in Kibera that the president will remain head state and government.

Though I am not an expert on constitutinal law, I think the power of the president as head of state and government remains intact despite the accord. This power can only be reduced by changing the particular section of the constitution it is derived.

My view is that signed document was not thoroughly scruitnised for loopholes. I think Wako as the government legal advisor would have done a better job.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello - if you want to contribute to this blog, do it as a private person and not using it as a platform to make publicity for your publishing company in mentioning its name and address. Even though the content of your post is of interest, in mentioning at the end all your professional details, reduces its value for the readers here since most of them will regard it as a desperate way of attracting attention for yourself, your publishing company and a cheap way to try to increase the sale of your books. If you have to say and contribute something which is of interest for Kenya, do it as Sam Okello and not as 'President and CEO' ......

Just an advise by a friend.

Anonymous said...

Quotes for PNU

" There is nothing permanent except change. "
- Heraclitus, circa 500 BCE

" Once we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes. "
- George Soros

" Believe nothing merely because you have been told it, or it has been traditional, or because you yourself have imagined it. Believe whatsoever you find to be conducive to the good, to benefit the welfare of others. "
- Buddha
" Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. "
- Aldous Huxley

" Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved through understanding. "
- Albert Einstein

" Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. "

" Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. "
- Ann Landers

" Be as close minded as you want about your views, but be openminded that ALL of other people's views are Right, for them. "

Quotes for ODM

" Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will. "

" One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interests. "

" All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident. "
- Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher, 1788-1860

" They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. "
- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

" Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience "

Anonymous said...

Precisely ...Anon 3:29


Anonymous said...

leave sam out of this.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.44, it's amazing how people digress from the main issue at hand to talk about inconsequential stuff. Why does it bother you that Sam puts his credentials here? That's petty bwana...hata nikiweka ati mimi ni the Prince of Persia kuna ubaya gani? Get!

Anonymous said...

I second u on that Annon 4:44 am.

Anonymous said...


I insist that what Muthaura said is the principle of the accord. What we know: The President is Kibaki. He will be the head of state and government. He will appoint the PM (presumably Raila), DPMs, VP, ministers and assistants. The only difference is that Raila will provide suggested ODM names for positions below PM.(Note that he cannot dictate which ministries ODM should get) Also, Kibaki will not be able to sack ODM ministers without Raila's approval. There is nothing about civil servants, etc. Again, the bill will not become law without Kibaki's assent. The puzzle that most commentators are not addressing is, if i appoint you and allocate work to you, am i sharing power or responsibilities (remember the PNU line?). Who has the 'power' in this scenario? Is it Raila or Kibaki? Definitely not both....coz if the answer is both, then we are looking at hard times ahead.....


Anonymous said...


This sensorship is frustrating.......


Anonymous said...

It is good to hear from Sam Okello again from his little safe haven in the USA. Like a Pentacostal preacher, his sermons are always full of warnings of damnation. Unfortunately, he does not appear to believe in his sermons. By the way he advertises himself, it appears he is husling to sell books and --- who knows what else.

The last time we heard from Sam Okello, he was busy giving Kibaki's gorvenment five days to survive. He sounded like an end-of-the-world cult leader. When his doom wishes didn't come true he disappeared into his burrow.

Today, he is back in style dividing Kenya into two. According to "wise" Okello, the righteous half of Kenya is inhabited by ODM with their messianic Raila who has never done anything wrong but sacrifice for the eternal savation of Kenya. The other half is full of hydra-headed PNU followers. And somewhere above all others is a multi-horned Kibaki lording it over Kenya with the evil help of PNU followers. That is Okello's view of Kenya from his little cave.

Fortunately, the reality is much more different and complex. First, claiming that Raila worn the elections is just that, a claim. It is, however, refreshing to see Okello refer to Kibaki as president after denying endlessly that Kibaki worn the elections - when reality sinks, it sinks like a millstone.

Second, if Raila is to taste any power soon he will have to serve under Kibaki. Third, neither Raila nor Kibaki is holy; they are excellent African political powermongers. So, however desperate, please don't go looking for a messiah from either of them.

Finally, every village has its madman and or witch - they are there in ODM and in PNU. The moment you appreciate that, you will at least have some reason to expect Kenyans to listen to your pentacostal monologues from a far-away land!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...



see unless one can run the country without the other without calling elections then that is what it means by one being more powerful tan the other!!(that won't happen!!we already tried and that is why Koffi Annan was called in and hence this current structure of equal powers)
SO I DON'T SINCERELY SEE THE ARGUMENTS ON HERE??? on who has more power than the other ?? Raila or Kibaki?? none!!50/50 equal!! they can hold it together both or destroy it both!!and back to civil unrest!!! and if both don't want the latter then they will be forced to work together on equal basis!!TO SURVIVE!

kalamari said...

Not to worry Mr. Okello. Kenyans have been to the bush and if necessary will willfully go back �.to the bush. You see, all Kenyans have tasted blood and although they did not particularly like its taste, they will imbibe if pushed to the edge. We are no longer an innocent peace loving and gun fearing people. We still went to work and drank at the pub till late even when mungiki was at the height of chopping heads and limbs. I think we all now realize that war, though bloody and painful, is sometimes very necessary. Great countries have sacrificed their citizens in pursuit of greatness and Kenya is not an exception.

It took Kibaki and PNU 1,500 dead bodies to realize that the commandment "thou shalt not steal" in not an opinion. It took Kibaki threats of war delivered by Kikwete to realize that he must pave way for the duly elected people's president. I'm not calling for civil unrest but really, what type of language do idiots like Thuo understand? The manner by which the Kamiti-prisoners-in-waiting, i.e. PNU stalwarts are behaving does not recognize the volatile conditions Kenyans are living in today. In their quest to diminish the proposed premiership, these numskulls are slowly returning Kenyans to the hell of the past weeks.

Kibaki's plot seems to include giving Raila a taste of state largesse in the hope that he will soften on some demands. You can imagine the anxiety within the Odinga household when state security was temporarily withdrawn. They are trying to teach Raila that they can give him power but take it away at any time. The payukaring of Karua, Muthaura etc are simply attempts to solicit livid responses from Raila. They are testing the guy to see how far and to what extend they can frighten him to submission. They want to see what will make him get on the phone with Kofi. George Thuo's mungiki-like antics of delivering terror to parliament via government printed leaflets is simply confirmation of the type of tripe PNU has succumbed to.

On a lighter note, can you imagine Raila reporting to Musyoka? This is the type of joke that will see numerous headless bodies clogging the streets of Kenyan towns.

Kenyan Punda said...

Once more, Sam Okello has reared his irrelevant head to "talk politics" with Kenyans. We are not easily duped!

Kenyans know that change comes by hard means. What Sam Okello has written here is nothing new, its just old news and just rehashing the same old. We cannot be able to believe what you say because he is openly partisan and beholden to ODM and personal interests.

A point of interest. Many Kenyans claim to be learned and not pyschophants. For long, Sam Okello, you have called H.E President Kibaki as merely Kibaki while calling Raila as The Honorable Eng. Raila Odinga, EGH. Nothing wrong with calling Raila as Hon. that is his title, in the same way, call Mwai Kibaki the HE, not any nonsense.

Again, your article is not worth replying to, it is old news. However, I do get a feeling that you just wanted to adverstise your business....Mr.CEO President.

Finally, Chris, make sure you post this one, I have not cursed out anyone or called out people bad names, just my 1st amendment rights...just the fact sir, just the facts.

Anonymous said...

So, you want the One-million plus Kenyan civil service tyo be sacked, then Kibaki and PNU told to nominate 500,000 and then ODM another 500,000. What a load of BS.

Please be rational in your thinking. The civil service has got nothing to do with ODM ppolitics. Soon, all policemen will be sacked and then the excess from either side be sacked, then the army, then parastatals and finally...all job places.

Then where will the cheap labour be placed?

In any case, the country is running smoothly at the moment without ODM induced tribalism. And we should stay without the theving tribes that pillaged Kenya for 24 years and those who are known plunderers of the economy.

Njoroge Stanley, of Kabate in Nevada (working very hard!)

Tom said...

PNU people. I think its time we handed over power to ODM chaps. They are blinded by their hatred, and cannot reason. I think PNU people, being more logical, are tired of this mindless arguing over every little thing and just want to get on with their lives.

Given the reactions to the credible evidence that Kibaki won the election (as opposed to ODM lies and kifua), I loved the following sentence from anon at 5:23 am, and look foward to the commission/inquiry on the elections:

" All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident. "
- Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher, 1788-1860

Tom said...

On the other hand, can you imagine people with this kind of intellect ruling Kenya? We would be like Congo or Somalia in no time. If in doubt, refer to Moi's (guess from which tribe) rule.

Taabu said...

Spot on Njoroge tell them. ODM-induced tribalism has seen the TOP civil service populated with all its cronies some of them already senile and 10+ years past retirement. ODM must be the most rotten crap ever invented and woe unto their selective thinking that makes you so mad as to stop washing dishes hard. Washindwe hawa na kazi yako hard iendelee.

deroo said...

Sam Okello, where art reason???

Three days became one week, then ten days then two months and now, a whole quarter of an year and none other than Emilio Mwai Kibaki is president. All failed my friend. It is as hard as cuting a Mugumo tree using a razor blade.

On your article, you are talikng what people have stopped talking about. Not in a bad way, but I think it is a belated one at this time.

Now, on the civil service jobs, the thing is that the man you dearly hate Kalonzo Musyoka is the leader of government business and Raila Odinga did the best thing he could have though of today by relinquishing the post. Then remeber that September when a bunch of loons flung hammers at Kalonzo in Mombasa. Poignant so to say!!!

As Njoroge say here, the country cannot stop moving because ODM have signedf a deal with Kibaki. ODM signed a deal which they themselves will take ages to get out of. Heard of 'Mchimba kaburi huingia mwenyewe'?

The civil service jobs cannot and should not be distributed equally on tribal lines as they stand. Never. If we have a million civil servants, then, we will be going back 100 years to start dishing the jobs on the strength of the Accord signed by Raila and Kibaki. That means, that the best way for it to happen will be 'Wewe jaluo, Nyanza, wewe Masai Kajiado, Wewe Mluhya Kakamega and what will remain of the small tribes in our country that cannot raise people to man police three stations in a district?

Today, it has also emrged that an unsigned document (THAT IS OBVIOUSLY THE STATE) was circulated clarifying that the president's powers under section 15 shall remain untouched.

And...Francis Muthaura is the secretary to the cabinet for your information. So...IT IS OFFICIAL.

NB: I have been insulted and called a dimwit for simply making a comment about the signed deal. I have recieved all barrage of sarcasm for saying what I think. Even called a SPY for declaring a support to a preferred candidate, which is a personal choice, and anyone can have his. Even if one is to be a SPY, how can one do so in an open forum on the Internet? AKILI WAPI??? So, does it mean that people who have their decisions to support ODM are equally dimwits for doing so? Or as Kimi Raikonen says, what crime is there in assuming monopoly of information. Know-it-all and everything!!!


deroo said...

Kindly read that...distributed to all MPs Thursday evening

"...On the other hand, Raila has expressed his misgiving saying there were certain individuals within Party of National Unity (PNU) who had developed an “arrogance syndrome”

"...Also on Thursday, an unsigned document was circulated to MPs which stated that the president was the leader of Government Business and in his absence, the vice president assumes the role as “stipulated in Section 15 of the Constitution.”

“This is the law and not a point of discussion,” stated the document.

So, in short, there is only one centre of power. That is what the law states....


Anonymous said...

When i read Njoroge's sentiments and one Kimi ....It is just the PNU propaganda ati the public service will be split in to 2....Hiyo ni kasheshe yao!!!come to think of it, as someone rightfully said y'day kwani the ones ODM will employ, will they be sudanese or ugandans si they will be the ogieks, illchamus who are also kenyans..what is the problem with that?

Taabu where have you been? your comments (the sarcasm) i guess i missed them....You are on the spot there.....Wale wanaofanya kazi iendelee? Na wale pia wanaofikiria kama Tom kushinda wengine pia waendelee kufikiria na strength...Si washwahili wanasema tusome na nguvu......Goodness si kiswahili ni ngumu.....Think about it!!!!You can top up marks the more you desire, but knowledge you can never buy that...You will still remain the dunder that you are...There are somethings that money can never just buy

Anonymous said...

Njoroge Stanley, of Kabate in Nevada (working very hard!)

11:53 AM

Pls Mr Njoroge I think you should let go of your emotions and try reason...its not painfull don't fear it...If ODM was a group of Aliens then your argument holds but this guys represent more than 100 constituencies filled with millions of TAX paying kenyans they must have a say in the Civil service like it or not. Rules are made for the people by the people and not the other way around. And can and will be changed by the people we can do with the civil service what we want anytime including sucking everyone and reapointing them all afresh and guess what? Kenya may actually be a better place for that. Your one of those retards who think that laws dropped of from the sky and must be blindly obeyed...let me educate you, laws are what people have AGREED to.....This is our country Ogeiks and all and we must ALL be allowed to participate in every facet of it. According to your low, beneath mediocre standards kenya in running well....According to some of us we are 20yrs behind and running at 5% potential that is the essetial difference between the ODMers and the PNUers. If kenya was running well how come Kibaki lost half his cabinet even after rigging some of those came from his tribal backyard.......
" Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. "

Kibwana said...

Every time there is news on Telly or radio about what the Government plans to do or has done, the faces that pop up are always from central province! Ministers, PS, Parastatal heads, spokesmen (Police, Govt etc). Where have they come from all of a sudden? They all definitely don’t deserve these positions. Even an elementary school kid will wonder whether only Kikuyus went to school. It a shame and indeed foolish for these brothers and sisters of ours not to see this glitch and continue drumming their support for Mwizi Kibaki. The guy feels guilty all the time. Afadhali George Bush flounders during his off the cuff speeches. Kibaki does it when reading his own speeches…kuongoza inch kwa uhalifu and …sorry which word was this he could not pronounce in parliament? He gets nervous when Hon Prime Minister is around him.

Anonymous said...

Precisely........Anon 1:35....Big ups for you and Lucy Oriang of Daily Nation, have a drink on me....The likes of some bloggers here should know change is inevitable.....Change or you will be changed. No two ways on this one
Anon 1:35 no one has put it better...ati just coz some three farmers are being paid... the economy has grown.

As one blogger put it that PNU fellas think that Uni's were closed after them, so they can dupe others as they want....We are a different breed from my kina old man...Tumegutuka vibaya...Watch the space!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh by the way we pay taxes so we demand to know how the tax is being utilized, and common sense is that whoever pays more gets the bigger slice au sio, but in kenya it is different.....Enyewe our bros and sisters is it logic, you pay 100/= for 5 litres of milk and you are given 2, the other one pays 60/= and he is given 10 litres...enyewe mumetudhulumu then you guys expect to steal elections and you want us to applaud...Ai never seen anywwhere.....If it was North Eastern being given the bigger share we will not have questioned coz they deserve it they have been a marginalized province....For Kibs it is too much...May the good Lord grant us grace to leave with Kibaki and his people...Yes Lord much Grace


Anonymous said...

" Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved through understanding. "
- Albert Einstein
The whole PNU plan was premised on gaining control of some animal called the Kenyan Government and they thought with this they could ride roughshod on wanaainchi and get away with it for as long as it was done according to kenyan law, and kenya bieng a sovreign state nobody could hold them calpable.....First the most painfull thing about stealing from public coffers in kenya is that unlike in other African countries that have minerals and oil, one is actaully stealing the direct sweat of the people. In other african countries one can argue that the odinary ppl contributed nothing to the oil or diamond on the ground so the leaders can flog it an squander the money, not so for kenyans, we toil and get taxed for none existent servivces and when that is what gets stolen its so evil.
Now some idiot wants to tell us that we cannot decide what happens in public service.....What crap. So PNU basically forgot that government is by the people for the people. They have been busy with the law part of governance, "cleaning' the judiciary and having the most despicable kenyan as misinster for justice even going as far as having a one sided ECK....For them as long as one legaly steals then they have not actaully stollen. And kalooser happily joined them....They feared the obvious and that is after insulting kenyans nobody will elect them again. This is a clear sign of people who have no good intentions for the rest of kenyans.........and they are all preaching the same shit that there is nothing wrong with kenya, one even asked me what I wanted and what was wrong with kibaki...they thought they had as fooled what hubris. Ivy your must be lucky to have sane kyk friends u can call sane. the ones I know bleat like sheep in unision or otherwise supporting whatever bandit kibaki and his cronies do or say......prior to the election they were so excited some even mentioned colonising kenya for themelves, its not just kibs there is a whole bunch of kyks who actauly believe that they should be the ones ontop all the time.......even as we speak they are still scheming the safaricom IPO . . . .we have a problem in this country that will take a miracle to sort out.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex, could not agree with you more. Even the educated ones here in Stato, and when I mean educated, till the Phd level, when it comes to Kibaki and PNU, all reason gets thrown out the window. Certain principles just do not fly with our brethren from the slopes. I believe in the greater good, you sacrifice the few for the many. In a society where majority are poor, (Read - Kikuyu by proportionality) and by mere fact of the law of averages, you wonder why they still stand to the end for those that do not have their best and individual interest at heart, they need to stop having this gang mentality. I can guarantee you that majority of these folks cannot even afford a soda at the Windsor Hotel, and I am not being condescending......................Chris post hii hapa, na utoe moderation.

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