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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mysterious Leaflets Warning About Power Sharing Sent To All MPs

The latest in the high drama linked to the introduction of the Prime Minister’s office unfolded in parliament this afternoon after all legislators received in their pigeon holes a leaflet warning them of the consequences of creating two centres of power.

The same leaflets also criticized ODM leader Raila Odinga for wanting to divide the civil service along tribal lines.

Interestingly Juja legislator George Thuo admitted that the leaflets originated from his office but said he had no idea where they had come from. He promised to investigate the matter.

House speaker Kenneth Marende directed that in future anything to be distributed to members should pass through the clerk of the national assembly before distribution.

Meanwhile the bill to create the office of the Prime Minister passed through its’ first reading. The second reading will happen tomorrow when parliament resumes seating at 2:30 pm.

Kenyans need to be on very high alert as it is clear that there are certain mysterious forces behind the scenes that are very unhappy about the passing of the bills associated with the Anan peace talks. Especially the one creating the office of the Prime Minister. This is rather strange as some of those against the passing of the bill have said in public that the office of Prime Minister is third in command. Why then should they worry so much about it? Why should its’ coming strike so much terror in some quarters?

Many confusing theories have been brought forward as to what may be going on behind the scenes and keen analysts have even linked it to desperate hardliners who seem to be in a panic after being taken by surprise by recent political developments in the country.

P.S. Local government minister Uhuru Kenyatta who has never used a matatu in his lifetime announced today that matatus will from tomorrow (Thursday) morning be banned from entering the CBD. This means that those working in the city will have to walk long distances to get to their offices, not to mention the fact that the annual long rains are due to begin at any time.

Interestingly Citi Hoppa mini buses will NOT be affected by the ban and will be allowed into the CBD as usual. Some commuters will be delighted at this news while matatu owners are bound to be livid, more so because most of them know who owns Citi Hoppa. Majority shareholders are George Thuo in partnership with a son of John “Standard Raid” Michuki.


Anonymous said...

The guy admitted that the so called document originated from his office,the best thing he can do is to resign.

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:00 I concur, George Thuo, the Chief Govt Whip should resign!

Anonymous said...

Mambo bado.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... what a freaking banana republic! It is on reading such cartoonish Tom & Jerry antics in Kenya that I am trully glad that am a citizen of these Great United States of America! Leaflets are distributed in parliament and no one has a clue where they are from? So if I wanted to distribute certain mail with anthrax or some other nasty chemical to certain august members, it wouldn't be that hard to do?

What a freaking joke!

Anonymous said...

these PNU goons simply dont get it or dont wanna get it.

this is not a game.

young children, mothers, kenyans have died because of stupidity.

secession is a real threat, its time to get off their behinds and work together towards a future for Kenya.

if this deals fails, there will be civil uprising and strife.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... let's try this again! Kenya, O Kenya...what a banana republic! An elcetion fauce, thousands dead and more displaced and maimed, and the same players are now sitting in a tent drinking tea and holding meetings ala ECK.

Over in the developed world aka New York, the governor is caught up in a high class call girl sting and quess what?

He admits his short comings and RESIGNS!!! What a concept no? It easy, you are given public trust to over see a public office. You mess becuase you are human. You take responsiblity and leave the office with integrity.

Kenya O Kenya...what a banana republic!

Anonymous said...

Those groups that are not part of the PNU plan should be wise and prepare.

The mafia is moving fast.The time for theorising is gone

Anonymous said...

With all their looted funds and ill gotten wealth they can't even pay their employees and suppliers.

Kenya: PNU in Sh82 Million Debt Row

The Nation (Nairobi)

13 March 2008

Muchemi Wachira

Party of National Unity employees are now expressing their frustration over failure by the coalition party to pay them their salaries amounting to Sh20 million.

The party also owes its creditors Sh62 million. The employees have not been paid their salaries since November last year.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now that is just ridiculous, cruel, selfish and arrogant.

Banning matatus from CBD! Who the hell does Uhuru think he is!!!

WTH; that's what you get for having princes running ministries!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The ODM goons will never be satisfied until they have Kikuyus under their boot, that is why they are insisting on splitting the civil service in two and Raila in effect having to run a parallel govt. However, i can tell you that is very, very unlikely to happen.
Indeed, maybe secession for Western Kenya tribes, the Luo, Luhya and Kalenjin, is the best solution so they can have their own govt. It is obvious they will never agree with Kikuyus.
Other tribes can choose which block, PNU(Kikuyu) or ODM(Kalenjin,luo,luhya - Kalulu) they want to live with.
The Kalulu block can have Eldoret or Kisumu as their capital and live in peace for ever after.

Anonymous said...

PNU is playing mischief, Karua's antics, Muthaura's/Mutua's comedy and now Thuo's choreographed acts...this was a well rehearsed play....Watch the space their is more to come....They will not give up part of the presidential power easily.....And can you see where all this antics are coming from? Apart from sycophant Mutua/Mutula and Wetangula......Central Kenya will not hold the rest of Kenya at ransom....Hapana tumekata
Anon 3:39 secession has never been a good idea, but i am thinking that if they continue with their ujinga, then that will be the only option for us...Hawawezi kuendelea kutudhulumu na tunyamaze....Ah tumechoka


Anonymous said...

Ati Kimi nani, are you for real, who will choose to go with GEMA? Kaos have already refused....Nairobi/Coast and even NEP was not PNU so be careful on what you wish for?

Anonymous said...


According to the registrar of companies, Mr and Mrs Francis Thuo own the entire fleet of Citi Hoppa. Neither Michuki nor his son own a single share in the company. Anyone can just walk in the registrar's office and have a look at the records..SO SIMPLE!!! Michuki's son is busy running Windsor Golf Club and of course his favourite pet project called Alfajiri Restaurant in the posh Milimani area just next to Citizen/Royal Media Hq's.

Anonymous said...

Kimi who is supporting that the civil service be split in to two? wacha propaganda ODM is rooting for equity...Just as Musalia has said, "If you are not competent, do not try to interpret issues that you are not in a position to" Why are you people panicking you mean among the GEMA people there are no younger people who can handle the job of the head of civil service that you have to impose people like Muthaura who are in their twilight years....ODM wants to correct the messes of this govt where people who are past retirement age are still serving just becuase they are political correct..... How come it is GEMA that is having a problem with the whole idea ati mnasema public service will be divided just coz there is equity, muwache ujinga we have qualified personnel among the ogiek and illchamus community who can do a splendid job in the public service....We like minded kenyans are united in reclaiming our lost values, glory and stakes in the govt from the hands of a few greedy old men who are leaving their bonus years, and are supposed to be reading bedtime stories to their grandchildren.....No wonder the civil service is a farce...They made sure my old man retired at 55 years....It is an insult to those who have gracefully retired to hear Muthaura who is i think 60 somethin years still serving in the public service.....If you really want him that much form a GEMA Sacco and make him the CEO. It is not about kikuyu hata wewe umetochosa na kikuyu this, kikuyu that....Where is common sense when one needs it?
We are not saying that ODM is perfect, we gave Kibaki a golden opportunity to lead us out of the mire that we were in, what did he do he squanderred it.....That is why we gave him a red card!!!Let nobody try and convince me that he won fairly that is one commodity that i am not willing to buy even if it going at a throw awy price!!!


mrembowaodm said...

can matatu owners have some sort of mass action to protest against citi hoppas plying the city centre? if they want matatus out of the CBD let them get all of them out!!! ai......this country!! discrimination even in public service vehicles? can uhuru justify why citi hoppas will still be able to go into town and not other matatus? tsk.....ukabila!! and they still wonder why they were voted out enmasse!!

now, when did odm insist on splitting the civil service into two? coz i am sincerely not aware. so guys are still thinking of secession as an option? well, i just hope nairobi province, coast and north eastern hata eastern ya wakamba will opt to be part of the kalulu block!!

that way we can lesothonise the pnu block and they can establish their headquarters in othaya and show foreign tourists snow on a mountain-something they 'must never have seen before!!'hehehehe!!! coz thats why they come to see snow!!

that way everyone will live in peace forever.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:24....Are you kenyan? Anyone's name can be used to register a company, i can use my shosho's name and register the company, but the profits are earned by me!!!!!! Remember Chepkong (the driver) and who was that lady who registered ODM-Kenya? But who was in the limelight? So it can even be Alfred & Mrs...Rosebell Thuo but it is a well known fact that the adolescent George Thuo is the owner of City Hoppa.....Michuki's son can run the hotel or Alfajiri, kwani you expect him to be driver or a konda in city hoppa? We know the Odinga's family own EAS but do you see Raila in the daily running of whatever goes in Spectra?

Are the people of juja just unfortunate....Kabogo bad news, now thuo a well known KBS CEO who ensured that it went under..If he couldn't be trusted by running a bus company, how do you entrust him to lead a group of people?

Anonymous said...

Uhuru is consipiring with others in his class to ensure Wanjiku, Atieno and Nduta continue to suffer.
That Muthurwa thing is a huge joke and a whle load of mess. With hawkers occupying every single spot as they did in the CBD its as if those who do not won cars are the ones who were causing them to be there... So lets barnish them hawkers and pedestrians so our town is clean??
It's a huge nightmare for commuters not to mention the place has a gate big enough for only 1 person yet thousands have to squash through the tiny thing??
Can they not come up with a better system like a town service where you take asecond transport to another part of town?? How the hell do you walk from Muthurwa to Globe Cinema round about and u are running late....... its simply crazy...

Anonymous said...

Makes sense since it takes 1 hr to get to the CBD via ngara at rush hour.y'all need the exercise anyway

Anonymous said...

Should Uhuru have carried out a study and produced a plan showing what he is trying to do and its bens. I suppose the main aim of his roadside decree is orderly transportation system and decongestion of CBD.

There are several things Nairobi could do to create free flow of traffic. The first thing they should consider is to ban stopping and parking withing CBD, next thing is to educate drivers and pedestrians on road use and highway coourtesy and enforce traffic laws. These are only short term solutions.

In the long term Nairobi should build at least 4 free ways/ with minimum speed of 60kph. To sustain such freeways, a toll may be necessary. an additional freeway that rings the city (something a kin to by pass should be built). Additional things to consider include knocking down and rebuilding parts of CBD with flow of traffic in mind, passenger trains serving main business areas such as Karen- City Centre-Westlands- Airport.

If all these dont work, then introduce prohibitive tax on all vehicles entering CBD Monday to Saturday.

I noted that there are several calls for George Thuo to resign. Can the bloggers explain what post they want him to resign from. That of Chief whip for PNU? MP?

Fave said...

The Matatu issue does not make any bit sense. Just like a lot of stuff in Kenya does not.
In most countries that have a whiff of civility and common sense, ONLY public transport is allowed to the city center. Yet, in our fast-becoming-banana republic we do the opposite. Now if everyone bought a car is there enough space on the roads, or even parking. With leaders we have (The common garden variety of morons) we have a long way to go to achieve anything meaningful.
Cretins like UK instead of thinking about the common man are making arbitrary decisions. For anon at 10:32AM, great plans for civil works, but we can not run an election properly do you think we can do such massive civil work? Take your plan to another country, may be Japan, or even China (They build a new power station there everyweek!)
Not surprised however, it is a nation where the loser wins and orders people be shot.
arghh, the pain of being Kenyan! and that is just matatus, I do not want to think about other stuff! depressing, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

anon 10:32

i agree with you completely

a) roadside decree - wtf, are we going back to moi days
b) completely no planning, strategy and communication of process, its like bedroom policy
c) those asking for thuo to resign??? even if he did resign as MP, whip etc, how about ECK chairman???

as for human and vehicular traffic management in nairobi, good luck with that. it all goes back to (a) above i.e either michuki, uhuru or kibaki with their roadside decrees elevating us all from one state of chaos to another of even more anarchy in the meantime there are thousands of jobless megacity/urban planners.

Tom said...

PNU people. I think its time we handed over power to ODM chaps. They are blinded by their hatred, and cannot reason. I think PNU people, being more logical, are tired of this mindless arguing over every little thing and just want to get on with their lives.

On the other hand, can you imagine people with this kind of intellect ruling Kenya? We would end up like Congo or Somalia in no time. If in doubt, refer to Moi's (guess from which tribe) rule.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:23

do better than that by 1

retreat to a lesotho like enclave and govern yourselves, let us work with the other provinces

Anonymous said...

Tom, why insult a tribe? If i have a problem with Kibs i will not insult the kikuyu tribe.....At time it just calls for common sense if you have nothing sensible to write.....You dont have to....Shush (take 5th ammendment) but wait a minute what was i expecting the kuyo's think they are better than all the tribes combined..... The only people that congested the town were hawkers, if you want the town to be decongested develop the other urban centres and people will stop coming to Nairobi looking for jobs......The only problem we have in Nairobi is overpopulation.....Where is common sense when one needs it, you stay in Fedha, you shuka in Muthurwa, then you are supposed to walk to Globe Cinema and pick a matatu to thika Road and go to work, wee wacha and when guys complain you question their intellect, goodness wonders never cease...Imagine then on your way to Muthurwa it is at 7:00 pm, you are walking on landhies Road and a Njoroge is waiting to mug you....The only sensible thing was for him to introduce a particular time: Say from 8:00 am to 6:00pm dont allow matatus into the CBD, Make people reach the office refrshed, just imagine sitting next to someone who is sweaty after walking that distance, the shoes, trousers are dusty..and tired then you want him to work hard, give us break...Ati coz you want people to pass Muthurwa and buy stuff from hawkers....Hiyo ni mchezo. "PNU people being more logical"....I just cant help it but to LOL....Better half a loaf in peace and quietness rather than a full loaf in turmoil


Anonymous said...

Okay people were screaming for him to become Chief Whip. Ati " New Blood"........ Now see what he is doing already...
Only his city hoppa can ply the city. Another 5 years, mta do?Nothing. Next time Kenyans have to vote with reason not Euphoria. In 2005 there was a plan to kick out matatus from the CBD and only allow City Hoppa to operate. Chif whip then Norman Nyagah refused to allow that as it would hurt the matatu users.Now come in Thuo as whip and he gets the deal in two months. Kenyans ni shauri yenyu." Thuo must become whip, we want Thuo... fresh young blood...." Euphoria sa zote like teenage girls.Do guys ever stop to reason? An example is those ppl who killed other Kenyans for wakina Raila and Ruto. Now Ruto and Raila dine with Kibaki. So what was all the killing for? Are you getting a share of the contracts that Ruto will be getting? Euphoria is a bad thing. And worse when its men who are euphoric. Act like men and slow down and reason not jumping everywhere like teenage girls. " So and so must go....." " So and so must become this....". Pathetic bunch of men. And im a woman by the way,and one who loves siasa.But Kenyan men you need to stop this Euphoria like teenage girls in high school. This is the cause of our problems too. We elect corrupt idiots then cry later. Wacha watu waumie for 5 years. We need to learn lessons, and hard lessons.


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