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Monday, March 31, 2008

Is Peace Guaranteed The Way Our Leaders Are Behaving?

Kenyan politics (if you call it that) is crazy these days.

A few days ago I heard somebody saying that President Kibaki signed the peace accord ONLY to cool off things enough for the Safaricom IPO to happen. I never believed that porojo for a minute then. But now my position has changed and I am no longer too sure. One just needs to analyze carefully what is going on in the country.

But this issue of the IPO in relation to the still-to-be-named coalition government raises a very fundamental question which every Kenyan needs to ask themselves;

Is it safe to buy shares when Kenya’s future peace and stability is not guaranteed?

Surely the current behaviour of PNU and president Kibaki leaves a lot to be desired. It is becoming increasingly clear that they are bent on frustrating the law that they are so fond of talking about and insisting that it must be followed to the letter.

Today the media announced that the President had a cabinet meeting. Now how is that possible under the current law of the land? The Prime Minister was not there and neither was any ODMer. This is the clearest sign yet that as we enter this April fool’s day, the “prank” is on Kenyan people.

It is also probably instructive that the Safaricom IPO was launched a few days to April Fool’s day. And it is even more hilarious that as tensions build in the country over the fact that a full cabinet is yet to be named, going on to the fourth months after the polls, some Kenyans are lining up to purchase Safaricom shares. But alas it is their money.

Not that Raila Odinga is much better off. The kind of acrobatics he has done over the Safaricom IPO is crazy and leaves many questions hanging in the air. But even more worrying is the company that the prime minister designate keeps these days. I shall say more about this in my next post, later today when I have gathered all the information and evidence I need.

Then there is the fact that ODM want a cabinet of 34 and in the view of the party, this is a cabinet that is lean enough. The truth is that in comparison to PNU’s 44 it is smaller but only slightly so.

If this coalition government is going to be named at all then not more than 20 ministers should be in it. In fact we do not even need assistant ministers. To do what?

But much more worrying to me today as I write this post, is the ticking time bomb that everybody is ignoring. I am of course talking about the IDP’s. Those poor Kenyans who through no fault of their own are now sleeping in the rain with their children. Already some kids have died from the cold of ailments like pneumonia.

Eldoret Stadium is the largest camp and a young boy who sneaked out of the camp yesterday and went to what he used to call home to fetch his bicycle, came back with a scary tale. He said that their farm had been occupied and that people were cultivating and planting crops. Do you have any idea what this means? They of course warned him never to return.

That’s Kenya for you. When tensions over land are being heightened, President Kibaki is still playing political chess while Raila Odinga prefers musical chairs where his position over an important national matter keeps changing every day.

And amid all that people are lining up for Safaricom shares as others get emotional arguing whether it is a wise thing or not to buy the shares, and their fight is taking place right here on Kumekucha.

As my former boss used to say in sarcastic wonder and amazement when people don’t seem to know what they are doing; WOW….

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Taabu said...

Chris ni maendeleo tunataka. If Lucifer offers it we are hands stretched out. Life is short and given our diminished life expectancy (sorry the holopolloi) why not make hay when the sun still up? Morality and fidelity to so-called principles are not edible, ama?

Anonymous said...

Chris, put your money where your values are, eyes that look are many but the ones that see are few.
Kibs doesn't care abt the people that elected him so why should i care? that is the view of many!!!

It was so sad watching that boy yesterday and my heart went out to him and his family, i am just wondering what will happen if its start flooding!!!

People can you open your eyes beyond yourselves as some bloggers have turned to mind reading, other speak with authority as if they have become worthy spokesmen of the 2 principals....." Kenyans are suffering whereas the speculators are having a field day waiting for the day safcom shares will be selling at 15/=


kenyaone said...

we have a real problem here. I have visited all the IDP camps in North rift.

Take a case when a woman has watched her husband being hacked to death (there were many) and she saw and knows the perpetrators. How can the Government ask her to return home. 'her security is guaranteed' by whom may i ask? so she goes home and is 'accepted' but each day when she walks down the street she can see the youthn who did this leering at her from the corners (they raped her daughter as well). Are we honestly as kenyans and as a government to expect this woman to live a normal life? What if later she is overcome by emotion and decides to kill one of them. Is she the guilty of for thought

Taabu said...

Ivy I hear you loud and clear. My fear is the church hall is full but nobody is listening or they are pretending to. Poor Kenya?

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