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Monday, March 31, 2008

April First’s Here

Tomorrow is April fools day. Many people are going to be lied to, cheated and duped without having an inkling of what’s going on.
Some newspapers and other media outlets will go an extra mile to come up with ‘shocker’ stories, scintillating headlines and lead stories (that they will call April fools stories on 2nd of April!).

I remember, when I was in high school, some fourth form students played an Aprils fools trick on first formers that literally (nay!) broke my ribs. I laughed myself hoarse. (Form one students used to be called MONOS in some other schools but we used to call them RABBLES at Starehe).

The rabbles were woken up very early that Saturday April First by the form fours. They were told, categorically, that they were to take their mattresses to the school laundry for washing (oh, save me the…!).

In their naivety, they took up their mattresses and bounded towards the school laundry. It was a sight to behold! Mattresses of all colours and sizes could be seen gracing the ‘air’ of the school. Poor boys! They didn’t even realise that they were playing the ‘lead roles’ in the comedy that was being produced by the form four students!!

The laundry man (a Mr. Mugendi), on seeing the sea of humanity bounding towards the laundry building (with mattresses in the air), just shook his head not knowing what to think. He stood at the door and waited for the ‘gullible guys’. When they got to where he was, they set their mattresses down and waited to be told what to do ‘next’.

“We have brought the mattresses,” they said. Mr. Mugendi just looked at them and asked to know the whys and wherefores. On hearing the reason why they had brought their mattresses, he burst into a long, raucous and guttural laughter.

“My boys, it is April fools day. They have made fools of you. We don’t launder mattresses here. I don’t think you do that at your homes, either. Or do you?”

With egg on their faces, the rabbles took up their ‘belongings’ and trudged back to their dorms vowing in their hearts that they would pull someone’s leg come next April fools.

Be careful that no one pulls your leg tomorrow, won’t you?

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Anonymous said...

Please tell me it's April Fools that Zimbabweans are STIL WAITING FOR RESULTS!!!

Aiii! Mugabe not only went to the Kibaki school of electoral fraud, he surpassed the teacher and earned a Ph.D.

This is unreal - even for Africa!!!

Anonymous said...

Mugabe is applying the Kibaki style and then hopes to make a deal to share power with the opposition.

What a shame to Africa.

Anonymous said...

All fools' day

In Africa, every day is a fools' day.

The rotten heads of Mugabe, Kibaki, Karume (the Mungik-Gema-King)fool us from January to December.

kalamari said...


Reliable sources have informed me that a Mr. Samuel Kivuitu has been captured in Harare while attempting to disconnect the electric wires that provide electricity to the Zimbabwe Conference Center (vote counting center). When pressed to explain why he was climbing up and down the dangerous high voltage electric poles, he confessed that he wanted to cause a blackout so that the vote counting process could proceed efficiently and expeditiously.

THIS JUST IN !! Breaking news confirms that Kibaki's congratulatory message to Mugabe was recorded last week.

tnk said...

well here is the first i've seen

a little sick considering the prevailing situation but i guess there's some humor in it

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

tnk, that was funny.....loool.

but i think they sold themselves out with the 'salim agwambo' thing...for a moment there i wondered who the heck that was!!!

ai... and that exclusion list-too hilarious!!


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