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Monday, March 31, 2008

Lean Cabinet, Dream Team PS Naikuni Back

Poor Muthaura! The old man must be nursing the kicks of a thankless donkey after soiling his hands doing all the dirty sectarian work of hardliners only to be booted out so unceremoniously. While his unsolicited clarifications on hierarchy must have sounded sonorous to his ears, he never lived long enough to thumb his ‘I said so’ chest. Well, Naikuni deserves all the appointment as the new secretary to the cabinet. He has a record that speaks for itself and is no stranger to the government having served as part of Leakey’s dream team that never slept to have any trace of dreaming.

The lean cabinet of 25 must be what the political doctor ordered for ailing Kenya. PM Raila must now move with speed to earn the trust and confidence of his two deputies, Martha Karua and Musalia Mudavadi.With the cabinet formed, the power-sharing must begin in earnest to bear fruits in delivering services to Kenya and her people. The final meeting to mint this compromise cabinet between Kibaki and Raila must have been hot. But thank goodness they both saw the big picture and shoved aside the political baggage that is cronies. But above all else Kalonzo must be the BIGGEST winner in the resulting political pecking order.

Butchered political ego
Martha Karua’s elevation to DPM position open the floodgates and jostling for Kibaki succession. Kalonzo may sit pretty in the knowledge that he will have Iron Lady’s backing together with the GEMA block votes. But politics being no game where only interests remain permanent, the dynamics may prove that theory dead wrong. Karua may spring a surprise by raising the stakes when she goes for the presidency come 2012.

While the give and take must have definitely butchered Uhuru Kenyatta’s political ego, it may have just opened another round of political realignment with potentially new dynamics. Kanu must retrace her steps and will of necessity re-evaluate her stay within PNU. Whether Uhuru and Kanu fast-tracked their political sell-by dates only time will tell.

Meanwhile Raila has his job cut well out for him. Depending on his actions and intention, he will go down in Kenya’s history either as the messiah his supporters paraded him to be or the wreck his detractors wanted to paint him as. He has less than 1000 days to make of write his political appendix. Will he measure or bungle the opportunity up? Kazi ianze sasa na iendelee, take your pick. One love one country.


Anonymous said...

you got me! but its 1hr and 43 minutes to midnight here. nicely done.

Anonymous said...

We need news Kumekucha. Is this an April fool's prank??? I bet it is BUT if it is not please confirm these news or give us a line-up.


Sayra said...

Yes, what a super cabinet. That is what kenya and the rest of africa needs- a lean cabinet with people who perform and leaders who see the bigger picture and put aside their 'petty' political differences.

But in politics, its always a matter of use and dispose. After you have been used and are no longer usable ... the most natural thing to do is to dispose you. So the Muthauras and those like him shld not be surprised that they are now 2nd hand citizens.

As a matter of fact Raila has what he wanted so he will definately work to ensure he serves the interests of ODMers ... sorry i mean kenyans.

And we can now sit and relax, as our leaders show us the way. We are definitely one lucky people.

Anonymous said...



Chicity said...

So where is this superb list referred to in the post and comments? OR, Taabu: Is this one of your sarcasm laden posts?:-))))))

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Yes, a cabinet formed only in your wet dreams. Please, not everybody is an April fool.

Anonymous said...

Should i believe you,Taabu?. How i wish this was the case.

But with the leadership tha we have in kenya, this cabinet still remain a product of your fertile imagination.

Shout it loud and fellow bloggers let us join in the shouting. We might be loud enough for these deaf goverment to hear.

Happy fools day

Anonymous said...

Taabu yawa......Caught you!!!!!! Does that show you i may not be "hardworking" but i am not a fool either !!!


Anonymous said...

U got me!

Kheng.Fu said...

You had me

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Taabu your post from this end reads March, 31st. So no April Fools for me!

Anonymous said...

it was a pre-emptive April fools attack. apparently some fell for it.

Taabu said...

@Kimi Raikkonen you don't have to be predictably DIRTY to be heard. When you meantion the word fool I guess you should have self-directed it at yourself. In the vacuum separating your ears you appear to have this misconception that shouting is same as arguing. Well, engaging the brain and shunning the brawn would do you wonders. But again I cannot re-brand you off your trademark of bravado laden with all heat and no light, indulge.

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