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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Ignorance that breaks many a Marriage

Are You a Thankful Being? By Ritch

How Smart is Our Prime Minister? By Wanjiku Unlimited

Introducing Dawa Ya Kumekucha (D.K.) By Chris

“David, David! We are waiting for you and your wife in the sitting room. Don’t forget to come with the proof,” George, David’s father, said loudly outside his son’s bedroom.

Assembled in the sitting room were the elders of the clan, uncles, aunts and David’s mother. The day before, they had witnessed the colourful wedding of their son to Susan, a tall beautiful lady. This is the same one they were all gathered to ‘crown’ as their ‘new’ daughter. But first, “Had she passed the acid test?”

The people gathered in the sitting room were growing impatient. David’s mother broke the silence by mumbling something about David and his wife taking too long, and shuffled her feet towards her son’s bedroom to remind them of their critical obligation to the ‘clan’!
David, in response, asked to be given two minutes for they were still preparing themselves. “Mum, you know it has been a long night. We’ve hardly slept a wink.” Even in the heat of the moment, his mother understood, or so she thought, that that was a joke and laughed heartily, in spite of herself.

“Two minutes! We don’t have the whole day here. Your uncles and aunts have to travel back to their homes today. You know what I mean.”

Inside the room, David and his wife were confused.
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Have a happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Ritch, but I have to digress from your thread and ask: does anyone have a clue on the Coalition Government cabinet line-up? I would take even an intelligent guess, rumour or speculation. This Easter weekend is too long for me to wait for the announcement and I am literally paralysed until I have something about it. HELP!!!!

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