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Friday, March 21, 2008

Raila Odinga's Hot Number

Tuesday, 18th March, 2008 was a great day for Kenya. The President signed into LAW the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill 2008. Like many Kenyans, I followed the proceedings keenly until I realized why they doze off. Speeches and legal lingo can bore even the most resilient.

I learned a lot though from Mwangi Kiunjuri, especially about the Frensh Reforusion. (Reminds me of a certain pucher who of late has gone off radar. Not that I miss her though). Parliament that day reminded me of opening day in my early school. Lots of hugs, kisses, animated prattle……... good old days. But beyond opening day and dozing in class, we have nothing else in common with my leaders. Oh! and the monos! I picked out a few wide-eyed monos in parliament. In my school we were not packed on benches like sardines. One bench sat two, a boy and a girl. Our classes were spacious and well ventilated. The contractor forgot to come back and fix doors and windows, leaving huge gaping spaces instead. At the risk of sending them deeper into slumber, I suggest that our parliamentarians borrow a leaf from our Tanzanian neighbours who make their laws atop comfortable swivel chairs. Or Rwanda where members use computers in parliament.

A girl is allowed to deviate from matters of great national importance to appreciate a well dressed Prime Minister Designate. I’m no fashionista but in my view, Raila Amolo Odinga looked hot! If you thought colour pink is all cotton candy, bubble gum and babies, think again. There is something alluring about pink. Maybe that’s because psychologically it is known to have a calming effect. In fashion land, a man who wears pink exudes confidence, yet is sensitive. By combining pink with a dark, well tailored suit (probably fedexed straight from Armani headquarters), Raila did his upcoming position justice. I’ve since forgiven him for wearing ugly socks to the beach a few weeks back. No comparisons here but if we made Michuki’s wife apologize for his torn socks, Ida deserves Kudos for Agwambo’s elegance. She may have saved the tax payer a state sponsored stylist for the PM.

I wish I could have equally rosy words for all other Members some of whom deserve a bed in the fashion casualty ward.

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Anonymous said...

shiko this is a very nice easter post for me, i agree though u should have posted pictures to support your story so that some of us could 'admire'!! i am also not a fashionista myself but that doesnt mean i dont know a good thing when i see it.

yes the beach socks(ushamba of the highest order!!).....those ones were a goof... he was not himself that day!! but dont forget he had still not gotten over the intensive shock administered by those pnu monkeys (karua)........ so on that premise we forgive him(gladly).

but surely when does the man ever look bad he looks fly in everything...formal wear, casual wear, eii!! the way did you see the blue jeans shirt he wore two weeks ago? just after the leisure lodge trip that one!!!! i have no words. i have seen countless men donning jeans shirts but none of them came close to how agwambo looked in that lovely piece.

dont even get me started on his african attire woi!!...bless his fashion sense!! i dont know if i can say that ida is the one behind his beautiful clothes (i have a feeling the man is just naturally smart) but if she is......then she truly is doing a wonderful job!!

i wonder though.....if kibaki wore the same clothes agwambo wears would he look just as great? i doubt it (and please am not being tribal).

aii...maybe its not the clothes shiko? maybe its just the man? hehehehe!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny, witty and entertaining - nice one Wanjiku!

Anonymous said...

now isn't your title abit off? does dressing neat translate to smartness?
cant believe guys are still idolising Raila, but if you do it get something intelligent abt him to write home.

BPONE said...

Shiko..when i saw the words "How smart". I thought you are going to talk about his "bongo"..i mean his Intelligence .... so you meant his dressing..i think he can dress anyhow provided he gives us the change he promissed us.... may be he should wear mourning clothes till we get a new constitution..that is not a bad idea we a mourning nation after all.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, smartness is good and is being associated with the people from the Lake. They call it "twech".

But what we want in this blog are matters affecting our beautiful nation Kenya.

We want a change: in education, justice, wealth distribution, corruption,tribalism etc.

Let's make this blog a forum for solution finding. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good post Shiko. By the way all you people complaining about shiko's use of the word "smart" in reference to Agwambo's attirre have lived in America way too long. Remember back in the day when you don your mzuri Sunday best and everyone who liked it told you that you looked smart? Yes that is where shiko comes from, and I agree Agwambo looked SMART. The problem of living too long in America is that people will always compliment your attire by saying you look HOT or you look SHARP. Smartness in America is maily used in reference to intellignece or things of that nature. And before I forget, back in the day in Kenya we also used to refer to intelligent people as being sharp. So words in these countries are switched to mean different things. Thanks shiko for keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

Great post shiko, I remember last week when I "alerted" Men & Women of taste about the now inafamous pink tie & shirt beneath that well cut dark suit, Ivy warned me of a pending backlash!!
Well I'm glad majority concurred that he was absolutely stunning. I think those protesting about your post are jealous men;)
Pole Ida for checking him out..yes I was inevitable!!

P.s Raila is a smart man fashionwise & brainwise. And for those perturbed by the post, its perfectly ok to have a relaxing of the cuff post the other side of politics has been very hot, give us a break!!

Taabu said...

It is Easter people and for a change we boot siasa. Ciku's post is agem and unless we want to conceive and deliver triplets from TOO much politics a change is as good as a rest, ama? Congrats Ciku for being you.

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Easy anonymous Diasporas. Easy.

Good news! You're allowed to deviate from matters of great national importance and spread some holiday cheer!

Taabu, mrembo, bpone remember Gwadu? Claims he's pregnant from all the politics. 6 months gone.

Anonymous said...

nice piece ,its a refreshing break from all the whining here at kumekucha.enyewe raila looked presidential if not pminerial(whatever that means)

benjamin said...

The man's got class.Those suits are absolutely great.Anyone know his tailor?

Anonymous said...

Mrembo wa ODM, Yes it is the wearer!!!! damn or you want me to say it is the wearer stupid!!! (Dont mind me) Know your body, which attire complements your body then shine on it, if your neignbour tries to copy your style...The only words i have is PATHETIC!!!! Pls dont try and make Kibs put on those one, pls dont try especially the jeans and the chinos,....Usijaribu tafadhali


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