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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Charge Everybody, Especially The Fat Cats

The mobs went house to house, looking for certain people. Grace Kakai, a police commander in Naivasha, said a large crowd of Kikuyus chased a group of Luos through a slum, trapped them in a house, blocked the doors and set the house afire. Police found 19 bodies huddled in one room, and Ms. Kakai said some of the children’s bodies were so badly burned that they could not be identified.

“All I can say is that they were school age,” she said.

In the past few days, many Kikuyus have organized into militias, saying they are now ready for revenge.

The human being is an amazing creation that adopts very quickly to take in even the most terrible tragedies and still survive. By the time this heinous crime took place in Naivasha, the Kenyan public had long been hardened. Still no newspaper in the country dared to carry this photograph.

But where was the international press to give it equal prominence as the burning of other Kenyan children and women in a church in Eldoret that had happened earlier?

There are clear signs that Internal security minister, George Saitoti is about to begin prosecuting perpetrators, inciters and financiers of atrocities of the unprecedented post-election violence that we witnessed last December. Sadly these prosecutions will be done the usual Kenyan way. Meaning that it will be highly selective. So that those behind the Naivasha killings will go scott free while those of the Eldoret church incident will NOT.

And worse still the perpetrators, inciters and financiers of the presidential vote rigging that triggered the whole thing will also NOT be touched. Indeed as you read this those guys are enjoying plum jobs paid for by you and me and the victims of the worst violence Kenya has ever seen including the ordinary folk many of whom have lost something; a job, a livelihood, a thriving business etc. These people include the likes of Samuel "did you see us beating anybody?" Kivuitu and his disgraced team of ECK commissioners who were appointed as part of an elaborate scheme to rubbish the will of the Kenyan people in the December 2007 elections. Kivuitu and his commissioners have refused to resign. Muta-do?

If George Saitoti wants his purge to gain support from the people of Kenya then he should start by prosecuting Samuel Kivuitu and his team of commissioners, they and the person(s) they were taking orders from were the most responsible for this heinous crime portrayed in the photograph we have carried here.

Their most disgusting and unacceptable vote rigging crime against the voiceless masses of Kenya MUST be punished.

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Anonymous said...

If Saitoti wants us to take him seriously...Let him go to court and charge himself first.....These people think it is only in Eldoret that lives were lost...Lives were lost everywhere!!! So wawache upuzi kwani ya kisumu, kach, narok, nairobi zilikuwa robots.....


Phil said...

Saitoti is inadvertently and regrettably opening a can of worms that will seriously backfire on himself and his own godfathers.

Government sanctioned historical injustices in Kenya far outweighs whatever crimes were purportedly committed during and after the 2007 general elections.

The saddest fact is that people who were in the past responsible for serious crimes against humanity like the Wagallah and Kisumu massacres are to this day roaming freely and enjoying stolen public wealth.

Instead of rushing into his new office with empty threats and nothing but an eye for gaining political mileage, Saitoti should hold his horses and await the recently proposed Truth Justice & Reconcilliation Commission.

One of the aims of the proposed TJRC is to bring to fore such cases so that these criminals can confess and ask for forgiveness from the victims - in this case the Kenyan public. The spirit of the recently signed peace agreement between PNU and ODM is not about REVENGE as Saitoti, Kiunjuri and their ilk want us to believe. In any case, if it were to go the way they want it, the first victims to land in Kamiti will most likely those people within government.

Saitoti also forgets he himself was directly involved and was the brainchild behind Kenya's biggest unresolved GOLDENBERG scandal and more recently in electoral fraud in his Kajiado North constituency - where incidentally he remains a persona non grata!

Recent political developments have seen Saitoti's presidential as well as Deputy PM's ambitions go up in smoke. I just hope that the imminent cabinet reshuffle will see political zombies like Saitoti sent to the back bench awaiting forced retirement in the 2010 general elections.

antonio said...

People in this blog are funny.
First kumekucha,tell me how does an election been rigged equal women and children been burnt in a church?

So let us not muddle issues,election fraud is one crime which should be tackled and murder is another crime which should be tackled.

They are not related at all.U cant say because kibaki rigged which was wrong then ruto was right to organize and fund kalejin militia.Just in the same way no one can say karume,michuki,kirubi,munga and all the rich kikuyuys who funded and organized mungiki to revenge in naivasha were right.In the same breadth the police were not right to kill innocent people in reaction to looters who were also doing the wrong thing..raila losing/been rigged out has wat relation to stealing?(image in my mind is the luo man with a fridge in his back looted from ukwala..)

So lets not defend murderers..kila mtu abebe msalaba wake mwenyewe.As i said last week all those who commited all these wrongs,the foolish pawns(wakenya wakwaida) and the sly game players(the elite) all have blood on their hands and curses on their shoulders.

About ruto,its sad that he is young,savy,mediawise,sharp..all i would want from a 21st century leader but now and for the rest of his life rightly and wrongly he will carry that tag of the 'man behind the 2008 rift valley genocide'.just like ole 'lie low like an elephant'ntimama is the face of the early 90s tribal cleansing.

Anonymous said...

Antonio...I repeat again rumour mongering and udaku has never been taken seriously in any court of law...if you have evidence take it to the police they really need it more than Kumekucha!!! Leave Ruto alone tafadhali...Whatever else you say will be treated as hearsay or what we women call udaku....Ask yourself why were the murders committed before you divorce election fraud from the murders...Issue of land was fuelled by election theft

Taabu said...

The cart never pulls the horse and you can flog it all the much you wish but no inch will be moved. The basics of cause and effect people. You only divorce the violence from its root cause at the height of naivety. The can of worms has very unplesant contents and Saitoti is only making himself relevant for the impending political dipensation. Ruto is GOING NOWHERE and selective logic only soothes selfish egos, go ahead and message yours, won't you?

Anonymous said...

There is a turtured logic infecting some Kenyans like a virus. The logic says that theft of a vote or a cow or whatever equals murder. That is why educated and otherwise sane people can say with a straight face that rigging of an election in Nairobi justified wholesale massacre of some rural folks in the Rift Valley. When such logic finds root and expression in the thoughts and writings of the intelligentsia, then it becomes a short leap from massacre to genocide. Only depraved hearts can equate the crime of murder of innocent people to the crime of rigging an election.

Patterns of murders of Kikuyus by Kalenjins at every election cycle in the Rift Valley has become too routine to be tolerated by Kenyans if we are to build a civilized harmonious nation. That impunity must come to an end. It does not matter whether it is Saitoti or Raila who will bring these cold blooded killers to justice - all we want is to see them in the docks. If these murderers had been punished in 1992 or 1997, they would have understood that their inhuman acts have serious consequences.

Someone here said that since the Wagalla mussacres were never invetigated we should not ivestigate the current ones. Imagine that kind of logic being propagated so casually. Dear Kenyans, there comes a time when a nation says enough is enough and puts an end to its murderous past instead of rationalising it.

Whether committed by your tribesmen or mine, or ODM or PNU followers, murder is murder!!! If these murders are not punished, next time they will come for you who is defending them today. If Kenya is to move forward we must put an end to this type of impunity accorded murderers as well as our reckless disregard for human life in our conversations. And those who are quick to defend Eldoret politicians should at least tell us why Eldoret was the epicenter of murder and mayhem.

fave said...

Great article,
Lets use proper evidence to charge anyone. The idea of demonizing and rumour mongering to assassinate some individuals will not work.
So, all of you Ruto-haters out there please deliver some hard evidence that can be used. Rumour innuendo and trash talk are not evidence.
On other hand lets investigate police activity also. Finally, Saitoti is a full, why was he give the security portfolio after election? Because the ever brilliant John 'Snake' Michuki never wanted to be associated with police murders!
As Taabu put it, lets address the root cause of the violence, and Frankly as painful as it might seem, some water has already run under the bridge. The shit is already dried up no need to do more . Seriously

Roda said...

Truly, I was amazed, in fact ashamed watching Saitoti and Kiunjuri speak subjectively to punishing the atrocities meted on fellow Kenyans after the disputed election results that caused killings, hackings, burning etc. now baptized, post-election violence. These two general men surprisingly have this tribalism naturally embedded in their hearts, as if to say, that is a culture goal. They kept on painfully referring to Eldoret church burning and IDPs in RV. Can someone remind them that with equal measure, other victims in korogocho, kariadudu, kasabun, mathare, kibera, are human beings.

The souls that were burned to death at the Eldoret church and the ones that were shot to death in Kisumu and Kibera are all crying for justice. Those that were hacked to death in other regions, all these summed up, have defiled this land Kenya and justice must prevail in all.

The IDPs in all places in every corner of this country must all be treated with equal consolation.

I gather that Saitoti and Kiunjuri are a panicking lot, mistaking that those who will be in charge of fairness must behave like them. No. Not all Kenyans have such culture goals. Some Kenyans, you will be surprised, are out of this world. Give them a chance and watch this space

Roda said...

Why are we bla bla bla Ruto this Ruto that. Why are we scared of this man? I believe taabu is scared that the young man has clout, is confident and knows what he is aiming at. Otherwise, why scare him that you will charge him. What evidence does someone has. If PNU fears that he may replace agwambo say so.

Kenya needs guys like Ruto to check on sycophants who by nature, like short cuts and deals, and can only excell in chaos and disorganization. Where orderlines and forthrightness will be the order of the day, some of us will slowly but surely disintegrate into oblivion.

Watch this space.

anaweza said...

It is really amazing how all the venom and terminology that was previously reserved only for Raila has now been transferred to Ruto.

Just as their rabid hatred of Raila made us take a closer look at him and reinforced our support, their rabid hatred of Ruto will do the same. After all, those who have been loudest in their hatred of Raila and Ruto are also those who have supported the previous regime just as loudly and refused to acknowledge its shortcomings. The previous regimes and the status quo they represent has not been good for all Kenyans, so those who support it are not working for the benefit of all Kenyans and would not be considered true friends of all Kenyans... the principal of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' is something haters of Raila and Ruto would do well to consider as they continue with their attacks.

What most of those hellbent on demonising both Raila and Ruto have failed to realise is that many Kenyans do not support them (and ODM) because they are Raila and Ruto, but because of what they represent - which is the end to a perception that Kenya can only be governed by a select group of people. Those of us who support them now, will hold them to the promises they made to institutionalise the changes we want for the country. If they fail to do this, then they too will be voted out and others asked to lead. Kenya has more than 30 million people. We have many potential leaders and no-one is truly indispensible.

Anonymous said...

Can you accept that a Mungiki buys land in Keroka or Bondo or Chemelil or Kakamega. Ati a Kenyan can buy land and settle anywhere.

Would a Kalenjin survive in his home in Muranga for a night?

Kenya has become a United States of Kenya overnight and it is the community who should decide which foereign Kenyan is allowed to settle or not.

A Muranga community should decide whether to sell land to a Luo. A Bondo community should decide whether to sell land to a Meru, etc. No one-sided deal we have at the moment.

Even in running a business, the local people must be involved to determine who is allowed to start running a Matatu on which road.

Only Nairobi should be open for all to buy property and run business at will.

Anonymous said...

Why all the obsession with Ruto?? It's crazy?? If they have evidence of any crime the guy committed, pls speak now or shut up forever... Tumechoka na upuzi hiyo ya Ruto Eishh bane this is too much now!!!!

kalamari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Poor Antonio what shallow, reasoning stealing an election is of such obvious grave concern that if you can't realise it then maybe your due for a lesson. The colonial masters 'rigged' themselves in power created laws that basically disenfranchised africans they then stole the land with the same laws, they criminalised being black, in certain instances like SA they even decided what education they could get famously known as bantu education.....Ask yourself why the mau mau used to behead ordinary white famers.....Now the stealing of an election equalled the owning of kenyans in other words kibz was turning kenyans into his slaves for he was telling us we have no right to decide anything important....give me liberty or give me death ....every human intrinsically understands that. that liberty is crucial for all humans thats why Kibz wanted to deny it to kenyans and thats why kenyans went crazy when they realised the plot. So my dear A RIGGED election is equal to killing the soul of a country, and any crazy reaction to it including killing is normal and expected, though not necessarily excusable.
If we will call dedan kimathi a hero we must call every one who removed a peice of the railway in kibich a hero, while whe are at it Ochuka should get a state reburial, these are the people who put their energy where their mouth was. We owe this guys big time, they fought a just war with the means that they had.
What you should be asking yourself is whay did people pounce on kuyos?
Mo1 rigged left right and centre yet this did not elicit a hatrade for kales in general. Why in this instance it was not just kibz but all kuyos? ponder the point......short answer there is something that the Kuyos in general did that put them in the line of fire, interogate yourselves and you will find its the genral disrespect of other communities that raised that madness.
Sir Alex

kalamari said...

This animosity towards Ruto is truly misplaced. In fact it is about time we recognize the benefits of the election related violence (not that Ruto had anything to do with it).

For instance, were it not for the stone throwing hoodlums of Kibera, the panga wielding ruffians of RV and the looters of Kisumu, the pre-election status quo would have continued unabated. As inhuman and painful as it sounds, were it not for the burning of women and children in churches and the relentless shooting of demonstrators by the police, Kibaki would be sitting pretty continuing to reign as the imperial president after a blatantly stolen election. ODM would have been permanently forsaken to the opposition benches. Kazi ingeendelea vizuri kabisa. Most Kenyans would continue to be second class citizens. The explicit arrogance of Kikuyus/GEMA would have increased one hundred fold. The tribalist and corrupt Kibaki regime would have received a new lease of life. HIYO NI UKWELI.

You see, it is highly likely that without the Rwanda-like violence, some powerful foreign countries would not be perturbed by the democratic rape that Kibaki had just accomplished. You must be dreaming if you think Rice would step on Kenyan soil in the absence of pictures/videos of smoldering burnt bodies.

Whereas violence has no place in the politics of modern democracies, it works in banana republics like Kenya. Sad as it is, the value of human life is actually political.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, well said, a standing ovation for your second paragraph is in due order.

Antonio, get for real just for once.

kalamari said...

Anon @ 5.32AM. You touch on an issue that many have trivialized for decades. Why should the Kikuyus be allowed to buy land and settle anywhere in the country when in all honesty, they do not allow anyone from what they refer to as 'lower tribes' (kehes/jaluo) to settle in Central Province. Is anybody aware of any non-kikuyu African who owns any agricultural land in Central? I mean they will let you rent a flat here and there but when you venture into the kiosk business or plant a few coffee plants, they will start with carjacking you, then burglarizing you and eventually a good Samaritan will hire a lorry for your exit.

Like Martha Karua said, the law should serve man and not the other way around. If most Kenyans want to follow the example of Kikuyus of locking other communities from their neighborhoods, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

the comments above reinforce my thinking all along

secede and leave central to manage itself, let all other provinces continue to work in their perceived lazy but harmonic environment.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that, the freedom of owning and settling anywhere in Kenya should be enjoyed by all. Yes I do agree that its almost impossible to own a bussiness in central province. They will never come in to your shop. We had this farm in Nyandarua when I was young (By the way Iam non-kiku-by see them as my true bothers nevertheless).We had dairy cows and obviously plenty of milk to sell around the village. The funny side is that they could only buy our milk when it was not possible to get any from our kikuyu neighbours. Iam happy my dad always used to tell them hakuna maziwa-and our lovely pussy cat used to swim in the spare milk. The thing is Kikuyus need a cultural change-they might think everyone else is against them but its the truth. By the way I ended up believing that they needed prayers because they are that tribal! Kenyans need to see the good sides of Kikuyus too.

Daniel Waweru said...

Is anybody aware of any non-kikuyu African who owns any agricultural land in Central?

Simeon Nyachae. Simbi Roses.

Anonymous said...


If this reconciliation is to make sense to the mourning homes and agonizing villages, amnesty must be sought for all the incarcerated youth and women. They must be set free and let to reunite with their families. There is simply no justification why Saitoti should contemplate judging anybody when he himself is tainted and guilty. The police lack the moral authority to prosecute crime, they are criminals, worse than the arsonists. Martha Karua's courts cannot proffer charges against convicts because the CJ presided over an illegality by participating and presiding over a twilight swearing-in of bandits. A criminal like the CJ cannot prosecute and judge other alleged criminals. There ought to be no two standards to the law. It must apply ruthlessly and without prejudice to the law-breaker.

Anonymous said...


The villager who is nursing gunshot wounds, the family whose father was felled by a gunshot, the woman who was raped by goons, and the elder who was forcefully circumcised and infected with HIV must be included in the reconciliation. There must be recompense for the maimed, the imprisoned, the dead and the prime beneficiaries of the peace deal. If Kenyans had accepted the heist and said live and let live, the world was not going to bother. The truth be told. It is only after the world witnessed the bestial way in which goons were chasing and cornering harmless Kenyans that they were jerked to a catastrophe in the making. Only when the police were got on camera dousing homes and mowing down armless youth did the world wake up to a Kenya that was sinking to the abyss. Kofi Annan did not come to Kenya because he liked what the peoples' president Raila was saying. Certainly it is not what Disinformationsmeister Mutua was saying.

Anonymous said...

Just like in Ghana, land should be property of the local people. No one from a different region should buy it for good.

A leasehold (introduced by the british) should apply to land bought by outsiders. It should be 50 yrs and not more. The land should then return to the family of the original owner.

What we experience in Laikipia and Mt. Elgon could not happen, if the people had a chance to control the ancestoral land.

Anonymous said...

Not in my lifetime,nor your children's lifetime will there come a time when a non-Gema can freely own and carry out a successful business in Central. I honestly believe that they need to secede and manage their own affairs or a strong federal system of government needs to be implemented in Kenya. As the foreigners(Read-US, UK, EU) stipulated,"it will not be business as usual," let me reiterate and forcefully too to our brethen from the slopes, "it will never be business as usual in Kenya ever again."

Anonymous said...


Simbi Roses is majority shareholders kikuyu

Anonymous said...

Nyachae has married a lady from the slopes....In our culture once you are married and dowry paid to you then you belong to your husband's home....The wife belongs in Nyaribari Chache but the irony is, she is married but still invests in her parent's home. As a husband your own mother walks naked whereas your mother in law is overdressed as if it snows in Kenya...Daniel Waweru i hope you get the analogy!!!!


Anonymous said...

If Ruto has committed crimes, let him carry his own cross without dragging the Kalenjins along with him. When he ate with Moi or stole public land along the Procession Way he did not share it with any Kalenjin. If there is some evidence against him, he should be locked away. Kenya is greater than one man. The Kalenjin can not carry stigma because of him. If he was a great leader he should have told people to stop killing neighbours in his constituency. I don't care for a man who preaches tribal hatred even if he is from my tribe.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:55, as a kalenjin be prepared to carry the stigma..coz there was no where on TV did you see Ruto carrying twigs or viboko...It was carried by the kalenjin warriors or young men/ the same way you will blame Uhuru until dusk but there was no where you saw him carrying a is said they were mungiki...not Uhuru...Just food for thought

Anonymous said...

If Kibaki, Rucy, Gicheru, Karua, Kiraitu,Murungaru, Uhuru, Karume committed crimes, let them carry their own cross.

Do you realize the list is longer? There are also good Kikuyus (who are obviously Gema enemies: Githongo, Maathai). If the above named culprits were good leaders, they could have stopped the rigging and even postponed the illegal swearing-in of the president.

Let the law apply equaly to Ruto just like the culprits from Mt Kenya, who are clearly the ROOT (Ruto) CAUSE.

Dont mistake ROOT with RUTO.

Nyachae Jr. said...

@Waweru 10:24AM,
Simbi Roses is owned by my father's second Kikuyu wife. So, for one like Simbi Roses, how many Kiosks are in Keroka, Keumbu, Kisumu, Eldoret and countless other places. Simply put, don't let us blame Kikuyus. Kenyans who shop and patronize their businesses are the stupid lot. We are ashamed of dad for ignoring us and investing in Central.

Anonymous said...

What happenned to the call for majimbo? This would be the ultimate cure for this cancer ailing us.We are all inherently tribal by nature. We tend to coglomerate towards our own kind. Call it comfort, call it tribalism but it's what is real.The moment we accept it the better. We only need to make the best of it by looking at the best attributes entrenched in each other's cultures'. Good luck guys!

Anonymous said...

We need to ask our selves a few questions, first why are there so many Kikuyu's outside central province, this may partly answer your questions about investing in central its virtually impossible even for Kikuyu's themselves as the place is over invested, with the kind of compe and population in central then its fool hardy for anyone from outside to think they can do well in central and the end product will as usual be the kikuyu's are selfish, why didn't we hear of this kind of talk during the Moi era? why now? why is every one out there so keen to blame the next kikuyu for their own sordid lives. Kikuyus live in large numbers in other areas outside central and they will gladly interact in business and social lives with every one. how come they are the largest tribe outside their own native lands? How come they do well in every other community they live in? how come they are the most intermarried tribe in Kenya? Just coz they are dominating by nature doesn't mean we should hate them. how many Kikuyu,s really benefited from Kibaki? there are thousands of squatters in central Kenya and perhaps the tribe has the biggest number of squatters in Kenya. And what %age of Kikuyu's are in the Rift Valley to an extend that we blame all the problems of the region on them? From your attacks on these guys it just figures that they must be very smart. They feel like the jews, you know - blame everything that you cant handle on the jews. I always say we must learn with the 24 years of Moimis rule, the problems of Kenya are not Kikuyu made, and that not more than two decades will pas without having a kikuyu preso, just do the sums of probability and you will see, these people make up 22% of the country, we simply cant box them in, whether we use foul words or bows and arrows, the Masai tried the same in the last few centuries without much success, eventually they just co existed, intermarrying and doing a great deal of trade. So please laying all our troubles on the Kikuyu will get us no where. At the end of the day whether the preso is Luo or a Somali the Kikuyus will always be around the mix and they will continue to dominate in business. So spread some love brothers and do like the Kissi brothers, they have learned to prosper within the Kikuyu's - look to Riruta and Dagoretti and you will learn.Even in Naivasha before the chaos, Luos were doing well amongst the Kikuyu's, just as Kikuyus were doing well in Kisumu. . One Luv

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