Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blowing Hot and Cold at Same Time

Political developments in the last week have left Kenyan tongues manufacturing many conspiracy theories. Rising political temperatures has seen vigilant Kenyans swearing and condemning politicians for unwittingly mocking peace. All the emotions go along way to show that Kenyans are determined to reclaim and reshape their country to what they want it to be a prosperous African nation.

But trust Kenyan politicians to belittle their electorate in their quest to serve sectarian interests. And they co-opt many of us in these evil schemes. We shamelessly invent many wild theories clothed in bravado and brinkmanship to advance these cheap brickbats. Sometimes one is tempted to dismiss this as our fidelity to the tag of being overtly political hyper.

By simultaneously blowing hot and cold in equal measure, our leaders have refused to lead from the front and by example. Inconsistency even during crisis remains their forte. We may gloat all the much we wish in support or rebuke but the bottom line remains we are a nation painfully lacking in proactive and productive leadership.

Dining and whining
To our top politicians dinning and winning one day and whining loudest using the most vile and contemptuous language is fair game. It is incumbent upon every Kenyan to resist the temptation to sanitize rot under the banner of real politics. We have a country to share and rebuilt and we must not waste this golden opportunity snatched from the jaws of Lucifer to put Kenya on the pedestal to prosperity premised on equity and justice for all.

We don’t demand honesty and integrity by denying the same. Selective application of logic is our bane as a people. Those warning us of the dangers of partisanship in the civil service best epitomize fossilized cronyism themselves. To say Kenya will NEVER be the same again is not being an alarmist. Our hope to rebuilt Kenya needs a full dose injection of reality. Otherwise we are just being smart escapists living in collective denial.

We must only support the present constitutional order and amendments as a stop-gap to a constitutional overhaul that will produce sustainable institutions. Only then will we have our collective interests objectively covered and never to be subverted by individuals bent on feathering their nests at out collective expense.


Anonymous said...

Kibaki's inability/unwillingness to bring his supporters to heel is characteristic and a dangerous game.

Moi would have made it clear just what the govt. stand is by now.

Anonymous said...

Real politics means looking at reality in the face and kissing it even if it is as augly as a toad. That is what Raila is currently doing by dining the PNU mandarins without whining. He knows Koffi Annan can only deliver a piece of paper called agreement. The constitutional amendment and the accompanying ministerial limos for the ODM boys can only be delivered by PNU kingpins. In short, Raila knows who has the bread, the butter and the knife. He will do whatever it takes to get some acceptance from that crowd (and that includes singing daily that he is their in-law). Remember he tried the mass action, then the international community and now we are in mid-March without any real power to write home about. I don't begrudge him for trying the "close-your-eyes-and-kiss-the-toad" approach. Sometimes the approach works better than the hammers they were swinging at Kalonzo last year.

The only problem is that in the process it makes it look like business as usual. And that is what the ODM followers and the "mzungu" international community said they don't want. But don't count on Raila getting into trouble - he will molify the ODM followers with a parable or two, and the memory of the "mzungu" international community is short. So let those who worship Raila have some heart burns and realize that he is no better than any other Kenyan political scoundrel. If he could work with and sanitize Ruto, what else can't Raila do to achieve power?

My prayer is that whatever else these scoundrels do, they should not forget to resettle the displaced people and to facilitate a new constitution. After that a new election should be called we start a new. The much-hyped ODM revolution has already produced a mongrel.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:27, Moi would have yes, Kibaki can't coz he cannot just recall what it is that he signed....A productive employee is one who is enjoying some serene peace and tranquility at home and at work.... PUNU is known to divide and rule, i hope the people's president knows that and may he recall that these are the same people who threw mud at him from 2003 to early 2008....Karua's & Kiraitus are what Jesus referred to as brood of vipers the term he gave to the pharisees (teachers of law)..Panya inakuuma na inakupuliza without you realizing imekumaliza....Let him be a bit cautious they may just be warming up to him so as to alienate him from the people who overwhelmingly voted for him.
Mr. People's President tafadhali watch your back...I will be okay if i see you more with the Ruto's, Mudavadi, Balala and the other like minded kenyans....Otherwise bado mapambano...Kenya must be delivered from the jaws of the hyena

antonio said...

Finaly you see it without the kibaki-phobia and raila-mania or vice versa clouding your vision.
I just wish Kumekucha and his likes also move from am pro-X to we are Kenyans and all our leadership is a load of crap.
As someone said we have a flood of politicians(or is it noise makers?!) and a drought of leadership.
We need to consciously move from expecting guidance from raila and kibaki and their choirboys and girls to taking control of our destiny as Kenyans.
But from the crap and ethnic bullshit in this blog we are quite far from getting there.
Failure is not falling is staying down.time to ask whether this blog is staying down and not been its original forward thinker.
I started reading you because you were always objective and had the insider angle now you are just an ODM mouthpiece like standard and as much i respect your right to supporting a political party i think it has diluted your blog.
As for kenyans here,we are here now what can we do to move forward?those should be intellectual inclined and action oriented issues we should be addressing.
And spare me all the abuse..i am not ODM,ODM-K,PNU or XYZ for that matter..just a kenyan who thinks we can do better than this,ama?

Anonymous said...

Antoni ati Kibakiphobia...Where let me think...hate is a much stronger word, i think dislike will do. YES DISLIKE.....You earn phobia from the masses you don't impose.
Ai Anon 11:58, i thought tulimaliza abt Ruto jana....Open the case, investigate, and close then take it to the nearest police station...Not Kumekucha bloggers have better things to do other than speculation and rumour mongering...Ai you people leave the man alone. We are damn tired of that part of the script it just doesn't add and not making sense...Hate him or Love him but just leave him alone.....Mongrel or no mongrel..."You can never stop something whose idea has come" - Ruto's famous quote in 2207....Iko swali


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