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Friday, March 14, 2008

5 Painful Things Kenyans Have To Live With

1. It is painful when we remember the manner in which the ECK commissioners were appointed by President Kibaki in the run up to the disputed 2007 presidential elections. In retrospect it is clear what was being done. Yet that same ECK remains in office as you read this and it's chairman has the audacity to tell the press that they will not resign because they did "not beat up anybody." Oh Pleeeease!!!!!

2. It is very painful that leaders we elect have 5 years to spit into our faces and generally do what they want and then after the 5 years are up they come back hat in hand and cash in hand to ask us to vote them back. And if we don't vote them, guess what, they will still be "duly elected." A case in point is one Uhuru Kenyatta who after being returned to parliament by his tribesmates is making the lives of those tribesmates very difficult as the Minister of Local government (guess what community the majority of hawkers come from?). When the party Uhuru belongs to was campaigning in late 2007, they allowed hawkers free access to the CBD and gave them the impression that if they voted PNU, they would remain in the streets happily ever after. Now that wamemalizana, it is business as usual and the hawkers have to get out of the CBD.

And then we know that everywhere else in the world cities are de-congested by allowing only public transport into the CBD. In Kenya only the very personal cars congesting the city in the first place are allowed in to de-congest traffic in the city. Is there any hope for this banana republic? Their time in office must be reduced to 4 years from the current 5. If elections usually disrupt our lives, let is also disrupt the lives and corruption cycles of our leaders every 4 years instead of 5. In fact 3 years will be better because Mayors currently serve terms of two and half years anyway.

3. It is painful that decisions are made with only the personal comfort of the rich and powerful in mind. When banning matatus from the CBD, did those powerful people ask themselves how wananchi will transport their sick to hospital? Alight at City Stadium, carry your sick person to Kenyatta hospital (on your back, I suppose). They could of course die on the way but so what, who told you to be poor? Kwani you don't know corruption and how to enrich yourself with public funds like the sensible wealthy Kenyans?

4. It is painful that the government thinks people cannot see the obvious. The Kenya army is committing atrocities in Mt Elgon (no journalists allowed here to report what is happening but Kudos John Alan Namu of KTN for your bravery). And after that the Kenya Army will sweep the whole Rift Valley to ensure that all militia (Kalenjin or otherwise) are wiped out so that they can continue with their unpopular moves (kazi inedelee).

5. It is painful that powerful people can influence CBK intervention to prop up the Kenya shilling against the reality in the marketplace so that they can transfer their fortunes out of the country at favorable exchange rates. What will happen after this personal operation is over? Who cares? Who told you not to have your own ill-gotten wealth to transfer? If you did not know, the recent clashes have forced rich people to think twice about their investments in Kenya. That means much fewer jobs, so even as Kenyans fight for equality, there will soon be nothing left to share. So they have won yet again against the people. So if you are currently jobless and you do not have a chance of being appointed to some plum job by either ODM or PNU, or are not sure of being elected into parliament in one of the by-elections coming, I suggest that you get realistic and forget your dreams. And if you voted along tribal lines in the just concluded elections, you are welcome to reap from that shamba you planted on December 27th 2007. Try and learn something so that next time utwachana na tribe ya mama.

If you can do that my dearest brothers and sisters, one day very soon we will get these bloodsucking political class hyenas out of office and Kenya shall be free.

It must happen in our lifetime folks, and if not we must be prepared to sacrifice for our children and grandchildren!

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Wanainchi, Below is a good piece as we ponder the elections! Let's be REAL... these are the facts!

A masterpiece!

When I lived in Kibera, I shared my modest crib with Onyango, Kimani, Kipngeno, Musyoka and Abdi.

Abdi and Kimani shared a bed because Abdi was new to the city. The only thing that separated our "bedrooms" was a "leso", an
old dirty bed sheet and a black polythene sheet that Mutisya had picked on his way from Industrial area.

We shared everything and we showered in shifts and on alternate Sundays. Life was hard but we were happy. Kimani pushed mkoko at Marigiti and in the evening he would come home with a mixture of almost everything that was sold at the market. From it, we made a stew.

Everyday it tasted distinctly different and authentic even though the ingredients remained the same, the quantity varied.
Sometimes the pilipili or dania will be in plenty hence the taste of the day. We listened to Kameme together and KBC salamu za hodi hodi together and shared ushindi bar soap for washing and geisha Kubwa for bathing. Played draught at weekends.

In short we were more than brothers, and we remained so for 5 years until the elections were called. It was time to part ways.. We got new identities jaluo, mkamba, kaleo, sapere, walalo and Banye. Identifying ourselves with the rich politicians we shared a
language with was the thing, not the poor we had been with for years.

The wealthy man from my tribe won the election I headed to the same room I had shared for five years with people of my class,
albeit with some election posters to deco our crib. Mheshimiwa headed for Grand Regency to celebrate. That night we slept without food. After a while things came back to normal we were back to sharing everything with Abdi, Musyoka, Onyango etc. Whenever there was bereavement amongst us, we all attended. Just the poor people.

Mheshimiwa was busy at the beach. But when Mheshimiwa got bereaved I mourned for him for weeks, even though I won't be let to go past his gate. When he engaged in corruption, I defended him fiercely just because he spoke my Language, to cut short......I voted for mheshimiwa, he lives big but life for me, Onyango, Kimani, and Abdi is still the same. What if we had voted for one of us regardless of his tribe, could life be different??????? Identify with your own true tribe.

RICH or POOR are the real tribes of Kenya. However the latter are the Majority and are ruled by the minority. Poor people rise up and fight for your rights. Did you know the only common thing between you and your much cherished Mheshimiwa is the language? Nothing else NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

But the list of common things you share with Musyoka, Oyango, and Abdi is endless.

Think and educate others.

Anonymous said...

Hi chris,

I've travelled extensively around the world- through God's Grace- and guess what? There's nowhere else I would rather live than in KENYA! Everytime the plane lands at JKIA, I always feel relieved and happy to be back home. This is the land of my birth despite all the shortcomings.

CHRIS, you see, I miss so much about this great country when I'm abroad. The fresh nyama choma and kachumbari! Tusker baridi, walking down River Road while grabbing bargains from hawkers, the matatu madness, my relatives, my cucu and guka.... etc.

Kenya is a great Nation although not perfect. I went to school in Naivasha and Nakuru but can you beleive it that even today I still stop my car at "View Point" to have a glimpse of the Great Rift Valley?

Let's appreciate all that the good Lord has blessed us with and try to do our best for for the future of our kids. We should not form the habit of just blaming our leaders everytime since they are just a reflection of the society!

What are you doing to make Kenya a better country?


Anonymous said...

Come now Chris don't be such a SOUR GRAPES-everyone knows that matatus are bigger than small privately owned second-hand dubai imported cars with no log books-now that ma3s are no longer allowed in the CBD surely you and i should rejoice as we will have more time to freely admire the GOK owned tax payer funded gas guzzlers that will be zooming past us carrying mweshimas/mwe"she" mias as they drive circles around us for the next 5 YEARS-another thing-let them stay for 5 years, 4 is too short for KAZI KUENDELEA-how else will the next election and campaigns be funded if there's not enough time to amass obscene wealth at the kenyan tax payers expense? please Chris let sleeping dogs lie!
by the way don't forget that Uhuru Kenyatta is no stranger to opposition even though now he is in the government-therefore no matter how much opposition he recieves he is not going to change his mind about his plan for de-congesting the city centre-let us all shut up and put up without complaining like all good Kenyans do and have learnt to do for the last 45 years of independence-we don't want to rock the boat-in fact don't even get in the boat-in fact, what boat are you talking about in the first place?
The economy is already growing and will soon bellow at 7%-please admire it with me this time don't be stubborn like the last time

Wanjiku-Mombasa said...

As if the ECK being in office is not bad enough, they’re still spending our money to stay in one of the best hotels on the Kenyan coast!

The bloodsucking political hyenas are going Chris. If they can be taken out in one swoop, fine. But it seems it’s a gradual process which has already started. See what happened in the last General Elections. The tsunami swept almost half of them with it. A lot of them survived only through blatant rigging. Next elections, by which time the grim ripper will have reduced them further, and by which time we shall have judged the first timers, another tsunami.

Their time in office can be reduced. The greatest disruption to our lives in not elections but noisy mchongoano campaigns full of childish adverts and fake promises. Otherwise Kenyans vote in a very peaceful and orderly manner. If elections are moved from the Christmas holidays to 10th October of every year for example, and then tallied transparently and the rightful winner sworn in, I don’t see any disruption that would match having to stay with wrong leaders for a 5 year term. For those looking at cost, elections are no more expensive than the amount we’re losing through bad leadership. Loss of investment, loss of tourism, disruption of farming, disruption of transport ……..the list is endless.

The MP for Mt. Elgon (Kapondi) claims that his constituency is being used by the government to send a message to other militia groups - to show that it can actually deal with them. One would think that in the new spirit, other than 100% brute force being used in one area, lesser force would be used on every militia group countrywide. It’d still add up to the 100%.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! upper class Antonio, you can or have traveled around the world? oh and you do drive and have a car, wow!!, you can afford a tusker and nyama choma!! and I bet you live in a secure compound with barbed wire!!no wonder you miss Kenya.. Well my dear the other real Kenyans can not afford what you really miss about Kenya... You may yell all you want about how wonderful life is but the sad reality which the you and your ilk choose to sweep under the carpet is slowly getting very pissed off, theres only so much you can sweep under a carpet...its only a matter of time, just a matter of time

oh how I miss Kenya...

Luke, that's a really funny comment!!! I hope to sit next to you sniffing the wonderful aroma from Antonio's nyam chom and beer as I admire 7% economic growth...

Majangwa uko wapi?

Anonymous said...

Chris, God forbid that one should die on the way to get to the hospital....But enyewe Uhuru just needs a little bit of common sense...just a little bit....Sample this Embakasi constituency wher majority of the people there use Jogoo road. that is Fedha, Greeny, savannah, Donholm, tena, then come to buru, umoja, koma, kayole, Jacaranda, emba itself, tassia to name but a few...They only have one Tusker Mattress in Buru, and Nakumat in Emba...These jamaas do their shopping at Tusker on Accra road, so that they dont walk along distance, coz their mats were just picked outside the supermarket, umo guys will do their shopping at Tusker Hakati, or Uchumi ya railways....Do you think you can do your shopping of unga's and all the other stuff then this person expects you to carry them to Muthurwa, the corridor if you checked the front page of the Daily nation is so there definately not all are pedesterians some will want to steal....Does one Uhuru Muigai know what he is doing to these supermarkets? the other jamaas from Karen, langata you find them at the junction or westgate..No worries for them....Ati just coz you have to pass by and buy something from a hawker...Ei I am already tired walking maybe from Ambank House to Muthurwa then you still expect me to do shopping at Muthurwa...Unless you are one sick kenyan, then even if you go there the hawkers will hustle you, they will never let you buy something in peace.
Sample this si Gikomba is up and running, it is working well....If anybody wants to buy stuff si they take themselves there so what is the fuss all about..Let hawkers stay in Muthurwa alone, if i want anything i will take myself there...No one evn Uhuru has to force me to go there...Shame on him and his advisors.

On a lighter note, no offence to my brothers and sisters. A collegue said that Uhuru is just looking for job for his brothers (pickpockets and Muggers)...I repeat no offence there!

ECK must go whether by force or diplomatically they must go. COast gave us an idea, if yuo see Kivuitu and his commissioners ...heckle them and throw them out if we must in any public place whether they are eating, drinking or not...

The MPs least give them time...We will sort them out they are our employees....We will never again go the route that they took us never again.

For Mt. Elgon after watching John Allan on KTN y'day..i can only say bravo brother keep up the good work...Whatever is done in the dark even that one the good Lord sees and will punish them appropriately...Vengeance is His..Tumwachie He knows how to do deal with it.

I repeat again " Kenyans our redemptiom draws nigh" and no one, not Muthaura, Karua will stop it !!!


Anonymous said...

The GAP between the rich and the poor continues to WIDEN UNABATED!Politicians USE THEN continuously ABUSE the same hapless Kenyans WHO VOTE THEM IN ....Kibaki and his SLITHERING FANGED friends turned ruthlessly against the same persons who voted them into office in 2002!
The voting trend showed that Kenyans are FED UP with the lies of their MP's who pretend to fully understand problems affecting their communities yet they build MANSIONS WITH SWIMMING POOLS,TRIPS TO PARIS AND JAPAN,buying useless things like powerboats and yachts as BIRTHDAY PRESENTS.
The poor man's life is only romantic in books.....Kenyan politicians develop COLLECTIVE AMNESIA the minute they get their first PAYCHECK!
30 million Kenyans want CHANGE and a BETTER LIFE TODAY not next week or next month.RIGHT NOW!
we started on the wrong foot...and BEING FORCED TO LOITER ALONG MUTHURWA MARKET to catch a mat is not in their best interest.

Anonymous said...

One other painful thing is the way MUngiki do all sorts of evil and the government let the group to thrive.

What the hell is this MUNGIKI beheading everybody?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

You spoke too soon, buddy.
It was live on ODM TV, sorry, KTN. The Matatu drivers have said they are very happy with the system after belatedly discovering that it suits their business. They are able to move faster to and from the city and therefore they are making more trips.
The hawkers are also doing roaring business as commuters pass right by their doorstep. The boda-boda people are also doing brisk business ferrying people into the city centre. So much for your spiteful condemnation of Uhuru. You do not realise that this outcome will raise Uhuru's stock with these so called hoi-polloi exponentially. Tuk-tuks will soon be in the mix and workers will be sorted out.
The Army should pound into mushy pulp those bloodthirsty Kalenjin and Pokot militia who think they have a God given right to take human life when they are unhappy. The days of impunity are over and i cannot understand how you can condemn the army. Those militia thought they had a monopoly of violence but this time, they will learn the hard way that there is a Government, just ask the Digo and the Somali before them who tried to be defiant.
I have absolutely no sympathy for those vampire militia in the RV and it is just fantastic what the army is doing. Heko kwa wanaume kamili!!
Raila is in the meantime receiving delegations of GEMA fat cats including Jimmy Kibaki who have come to cement the new spirit of cooperation. It looks like it is going to be a bright future indeed and i have to agree with Phil that Raila is likely to be Kibaki's heir. mmmh..Is the elusive Luo-Kikuyu alliance finally going to get off the ground? If it does, it is very good for peace, good for Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Chris, do you see the trends changing after all's said and done? Have people really learnt from this fiasco of an election? Its a "man eats man" society, even in the US, the only difference is disparity between the middle class, one that I would say is near to non-existent in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

I hope that when they are done bombarding Mt Elgon they will address the illicit distribution of land that caused the conflict.
That is what the locals on the ground want.

Anonymous said...

Now chris promised us a sweeping change thru kumekucha n alas hes still winning n complaining lyk evrybody else seems kumekucha is a toothless bitch!!!! chris maze shughulika na kazi yako coz u jst wastin ur tym boy!!!

Anonymous said...

Should I feel guilty coz I can afford a decent lifestyle while some of my country men starve? Actually, the more you travel the more you get to appreciate your country. What's worse than being exploited and looked down by whites in Europe and U.S? This is home buddy, love Kenya or leave! That simple. Actually I heard U.S is dishing out citizenships to johnny foreigners, who are then recruited in the army and shipped to Iraq to be blown off by mad Mullahs. As I said before, this is the land of my birth and there's nowhere else I would want to live.

Good eve,


Anonymous said...

I detest the manner in which the laws in Kenya are bent to allow people to benefit. I was utterly disgusted when I had the "duly elected" president in 2007 allow hawkers back in the streets. I just imagined the congestion, pick pocketing etc and was like do we have to go through this every 5 years. A friend of mine who studies in the US came for the december vacations and was so confused. When we come home from the U.S, U.K we normally wonder, what is wrong with our leaders. Do we deserve this crap? Now that they have used the people, they can bundle them out. Concerning matatus, yes they add to the madness in NBI but they are a neccessary evil. Long term plans to decongest the city must be thought out. When a government does something it must in the long run be for the peoples's benefit. Case in point, the US wanted to ban the business of sending unsolicited mails, the so called mail-order business (don't worry its not in Kenya), It's true these businesses are a nusisance, on any given day I receive almost 10 mails 9 of which are junk. But the govt could not do it as these companies employed people, whose livelihood could come tumbling down. People blame the US for many things and yes they do have many problems but I think the reason God has blessed them is the sense of care they show to their people...unlike Kenya.

Now interfering with the exchange rates is just unacceptable. I have been following the rates and last month it was at Sh 73/$ now its at Sh 63/$ ??? How? When this happens the goons in Kenya who want to tarnsfer their money get more dollars for their shillings, but us, Kenyans who are abroad when we want to trasnfer cash into Kenya, get pea nuts.

God rewards accordingly.


Phil said...

Kimi - for once agreeing with me. Well, in politics, no permanent enemies, right?

Chris. PAIN NO. 6

Kenya ID Card (or Kipande as the Kenyan cops call it).

This is but colonial registration system that has to be done away with immediately. Although the ID does not mention anyone's tribe, it betrays your ethnic origin through name(s) and home district/location/village.

Just after the elections when violence was at its peak, I personally experience many people throw away their IDs in pit latrines earlier this year because the ID mean either instant death or homelessness because it betrayed your ethnic origins. Along Kisumu highway, in Naivasha, nakuru, Kisii, Kericho and Eldoret, militia roadblocks used ID cards to tell who is friend and who is enemy.

Politicians like Moi survived 24 years on a divide&rule tactic. The provincial administration used this very ID cards for many years to 'perfect' Moi's dictatorship through negative ethnicity.

Now that there is a bill in parliament to deal with ethnic relations, the first thing MPs have to look at is replacing the ID card with some sort of social security number or PIN that can be used for identification purposes.

What do you guys think?

kalamari said...

Chris, for the longest time I have been of the opinion that the failures of Kenya are solely a result of poor leadership. I do not think so anymore. In fact my current thoughts are inline with your insistent pre-election campaign for fresh leaders. To feed your ego a little bit, you were actually very right; Kenya is actually in absolutely desperate need of new ideas.

We must sober up and accept that we, as common Kenyans, are 100% responsible for the 5 painful things we now have to contend with. Although one can say that a certain percentage of MPs and the president were forced down our throats by the ECK, the majority were truly 'duly' elected by the people. In short it is we who put these chaps in office. Our complaints of their excesses proves the fact that Kenyans are ultimately gullible idiots. Ha ha ha! In some constituencies, the fable of recarpeting roads and laying electricity poles by the roadside still work. Of course the best is the 20 Kshs. chagaa cash. We are the fools of fools when it comes to believing the stuff of legend. One bishop-MP told a congregation that if she gets to parliament, they will all go to heaven. We are so stupid that one entire community voted for a presidential candidate based on a religius miracle. Some voted for another presidential candidate based on an oracle from a lake. Chris, we really are dunderheads; can you imagine casting a vote for someone whose daughter is getting laid by an international mercenary who just shot up our international airport? Yaani, we Kenyans are forced to believe that we reemployed a jamaa who not only anglo-leased us but also pretty much threatened his very auditor into exile. We are 'nzo nzilly'.

So let us not cry. In fact let us cheer when the financially skinny first term legislators add on the pounds. When they become fat cats, let us queue to wash their tax free acquired mercedes and helicopters. Oh and when the elections come, let us slash our neighbors as our fat cats live it up in the leafy suburbs.

Think of it as a profit making business with little social responsibility. Engaging in such a business pretty much means taking advantage of your consumers and competitors. With that in mind, I think that it is in fact our foolishness as a Kenyan people that forces the political leaders to treat us with disdain. Oh yes. I have been to the parliament pub and have heard the cynical laughs over frosty beers (not really). You see 99.99% (excluding Kibaki) are a God fearing people of the highest of integrity. They say that it is our nincompoop behavior that literarily forces them to dig deep into the tax payer coffers.

Anonymous said...

I concur with somebody who wrote here before that Kenya has become a real 'banana republic', i.e. Raila drinks tea with the same people he was supposed to fight - the same Raila for whom thousands of Kenyans have died calling out his name and hundredthousands lost their homes for the same reason - the same Raila now invites Martha Marua to have dinner at his million-dollar-home in Karen - the same Raila who invites MP's to share a meal with him (again in his plush Karen home) - and now (to top it - or maybe not even yet since I expect more of this irresponsible behaviour to continue) to invite Jimmy Kibaki (who - rightly said - that they now belong all to the same family .....).
What a shame - but I am sure there will be even Kenyan who will support this - understanding and forgiving.

Anonymous said...

According to you guys, Kumekucha alias DOMOz, you are now supposed to be celebrating that your ODM got 50% of the govt. I thought the problem was Kibaki, Karua and all that is called PNU, Kikuyu, hardliners who support Kibaki etc. You guys are finally waking up to the reality. Thanks Kalamari for your candid comment!
Guys wake up, Go to parliament and be the fat cats, leave Antonio alone! If you think there are the real kenyans starving, go feed them or get them jobs.
In short, you guys mind your own business, especially Chris.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Enough of all the negativity. Why don't you guys take a time out and have a laugh?

How about this one of the guy who was unfortunate enough to meet Kalenjin cops on the beat? The conversation went something like this:

COP 1: Gichana Unatoga wabi?
COP 2: Jina yago igo nani?
COP 1: Baba yago gani?
COP 2: Unataga nini na unagwenda wabi?
COP 1: Gan you Brotuce your IT?
GUY : I have not carried one.
COP 1: Basi if you gannot brotuce your IT wabi Gitambulisho?
COP 1: If you gannot brotuce Gitambulisho.....
COP 2: Wabi dribers lisenze
COP 1: If you gannot broduce the three Kovermen togumen.....
COP 2: Tunagwenda mbele!
GUY : But I am innocent!
COP 2: Innosen gitu gani?
COP 1: Haguna mutu innosen Genya and we gan charche you with
COP 2: Unataga gani? Mmmh? Smoking with fiolense?
COP 1: Looging at a female chender with breach of gontract?
COP 2: Looging at a kovermen puilting zuzbiciously with indend to gommit murter?
COP 1: Unataga gani?
COP 2: Unaweza gujitetea gweli?
COP 1: Gitu gani hii? ati fifty pop? hata haiwezi gununua jwing gum!
COP 1:Toa besa gichana!
GUY : Nibakishie bus fare.
COP 2: Ogay,you are a law apiting zitizen.
COP 1: Unataga tuguzindikishe?
COP 2: haya twende.
COP 1: Sasa unataga gutwanga kamocha?

Daniel Waweru said...

4. It is painful that the government thinks people cannot see the obvious. The Kenya army is committing atrocities in Mt Elgon (no journalists allowed here to report what is happening but Kudos John Alan Namu of KTN for your bravery). And after that the Kenya Army will sweep the whole Rift Valley to ensure that all militia (Kalenjin or otherwise) are wiped out so that they can continue with their unpopular moves (kazi inedelee).

Assertions without evidence, as usual. I've seen no reports of atrocities committed during the Mt. Elgon operations: the three confirmed deaths so far haven't been by atrocious means. In the meantime, the SDLF has racked up 13 hackings, shootings and burnings. The Army, reasonably enough, is allowing people to leave, even at the risk of letting members of the militia escape. It is difficult to see how you've arrived at the conclusion that government forces are committing atrocities; and just as difficult to avoid the conclusion that you're engaging in some sort of propaganda effort.

As for the other Rift Valley militias, which are even now murdering and expelling people, their disarmament and permanent suppression is a matter of urgency: no functioning state can, or ought to, permit ethnonationalist militias to roam over a fifth of its surface area. Reestablishing the state's monopoly of violence, as well as law and order, are more plausible motives for the (allegedly) imminent action against the RV militias than PNU's desire to carry out its campaaign policies.

Anonymous said...

Danny Waweru. The king of all militia must be disarmed first. In other words; MUNGIKI.

The govt. is killing our people today lakini kesho mtakiona. You see. It is such behavior that perpertuates violence. Do you know that Kibaki has never mouthed the word Mungiki in public?

Kenya-news said...

Another bad decision that only the minority win while the common man on the street suffers.

If I own my own car, then to hell who cares, business is as usual driving all the way to my work place.

It even going to be a better drive now that I don't have to worry about looking over my shoulder and constantly worried about the matatu nuisance.

If I own one of those matatus, hell too...who cares as a matter of fact this is a new opportunity to start charging more and make more money, save gasoline, be hired mark it private and drive the sick all the way to Kenyatta hospital.

But let us forget on thing here.

It yet another burden to the already overburdened kenyan mananchi.

Anonymous said...

Fvck Kenyan Politicians! It makes me sick each time i think of them. We should have voted wangari maathai in those many years ago

Daniel Waweru said...

Danny Waweru. The king of all militia must be disarmed first. In other words; MUNGIKI.

The govt. is killing our people today lakini kesho mtakiona. You see. It is such behavior that perpertuates violence. Do you know that Kibaki has never mouthed the word Mungiki in public?

I must assume that you haven't been in Kenya during the last three years or so, else you would have heard of the government's anti-Mungiki crackdown, which is continuing. Mungiki as 'king' of the militias is an absurdity: the various Kalenjin militias in the Rift Valley have killed over 4, 000 people since 1992: the SLDF has killed over 1000 people since 1992; there have been more than 600 deaths in central RVP since December; more than 2, 500 were murdered in the 'tribal clashes' between 1992 and 2002. No one else has quite as much Kenyan blood on their hands as they do.

As for the claim that the government is killing your people, it would be helpful if you specified just which people you had in mind. Given the figures above, and the fact that most of the deaths since December have been in RVP at the hands of the militias, and the fact that the SLDF kills indiscriminately (but especially Ogiek), your claim is frankly, not very likely. Your half-bullying, half-threatening self-pity would appear to be misplaced.

Anonymous said...

Kimi ...Kikuyu - luo alliance ...No way, once bitteen twice shy

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