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Friday, February 29, 2008

Wiper Miracle Faces Uncertain Future

Orange family feud continues

The signing of an agreement on the contentious agenda three of the Kofi Annan peace initiative between Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki could not have come at a worse time for ODM-Kenya and its leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

To begin with, Kalonzo is currently facing mounting internal rebellion within his own party as party MPs are publicly accusing him of selfishness and highhandedness. Some ODM-K MPs are already warming up to Raila’s ODM in anticipation of cabinet posts. Even more significantly, in a move that could undermine Kalonzo's presidential ambitions, NARC Chairperson and Pentagon member Charity Ngilu is reportedly forming an alliance with wealthy businessman John Harun Mwau whose purpose is to curtail Kalonzo’s influence in Kambaland. The two MPs survived the Kalonzo wave during the last general elections and were elected on their own party tickets and their alliance is rumoured to be supported by the higher echelons of ODM.

As if these threats are not enough headache, Daniel Maanzo and Julia Ojiambo have filed a case in court challenging Kalonzo’s move to nominate third-parties to parliament when a deal was reached last year that nomination slots would be reserved for them.

Back to the Raila/Kibaki agreement, this new development that gives PM-designate Raila Odinga sweeping powers as Head of Government and supervisor of all government ministries, has effectively stripped Kalonzo of his Leader of Government Business title in parliament and also placed Raila at par with Kibaki and high above Kalonzo in terms of hierarchy. And to add insult to injury, unlike Kalonzo who can be sacked through 1pm news bulletin, Raila is his own boss who can only be relieved of his duties through a vote of no confidence in parliament. What will certainly make this a bitter pill for Kalonzo to swallow is that, the agreement compels Kibaki to seek Raila’s consent on any appointments or sackings

When Kalonzo and his party Chairman Samuel Poghisio were appointed to the cabinet last month, it was a move by a politically desperate Kibaki who at that time was badly in need of numbers to boost PNU’s parliamentary strength. At that time, very few people thought that Raila Odinga’s ODM could hold out its protests against the disputed elections this far, and that the international community would put sustained pressure on Kibaki for a coalition government.

In the not-so-distant past, Raila and Kalonzo were in a single ODM-K that was at that time tipped to take over government if they remained united. As fate would have it, there were serious disagreements concerning the mode of nomination for the party's presidential torch bearer, with a Kalonzo backed Maanzo refusing to resign as the registered Chairman in favour of secretariat officials. Kalonzo defected from LDP to LPK, while Raila took over ODM and two parted ways. It is quietly said in some circles that Kalonzo was paid huge sums of money to split the original ODM-K by insisting on a still-born presidential bid. ODM insiders have accused Kalonzo of looking the other way when during the elections, ballot boxes were being stuffed in favour of Kibaki and himself in the Ukambani area just to fix Raila.

Today, matters have turned full circle and if there has to be a Leader of Official Opposition in parliament, then it will most likely be ODM’s Kalonzo Musyoka. In other words, Raila's entry in government will be at the expense of ODM-K and its leader Kalonzo.

Since yesterday when Annan met Raila and Kibaki privately, political players have intensified lobbying and it is likely that both Kalonzo and Poghisio have their fingers tightly crossed that PNU’s Mwai Kibaki does not reshuffle his part cabinet and in the process appoint him to a lesser position or even worse, send him to the back benches.

Vice President Kalonzo has been quoted on several occasions expressing misgivings about rushing into a coalition arrangement before thinking it out. Kalonzo has also extensively travelled overseas in largely unsuccessful missions of attempting to get foreign governments recognise the the now moribund PNU president and his government.

It will be interesting to watch Kalonzo’s next move this weekend especially if he is scheduled to attend any public baraza or church service within his bedrock support region of lower Eastern province.


Kenyan Son said...

Surely Phil…… What do you think could have happened? When Judas betrayed Jesus, who did the other disciples (Mark, John, Luke etc) follow? Didn’t they follow Jesus?

Relate it.

Anonymous said...

We demand free expression of speech.
Chris, we understand that some fools are always posting nonsense but that is the nature of human beings, David kobias shut down mashada because of hate speech, now it is back, bigots are still there with hatespeec. Every market has its mwenda wazimu, it is human nature.
Let us exchange ideas here, Domo is not enough for us...we dont want to chat, we want to exchange long well thought out threads of reasoning, not tiny tidbits of domo chat!
We demand the removal of moderation!!

Anonymous said...

when historians narrate the happenings of the elections drama, Kalonzo will take the blame for all our brave men and women who took the fall. Kalonzo is this the miracle you were anticipating?

Anonymous said...

I have said this time and again, Kalonzo is a very tactless politician who has zero foresight. His greed and selfishness could very well have cost him his political future.

As a woman, I'm a great admirer of Charity Ngilu and I think she's a great role model for other female politician. She knows how to play hardball and has proved she can "roll with the boys". My earliest image of her is during saba saba in 97 when she was being teargassed and she would still stand her ground and hit those cops back using her purse. I do hope she becomes a major political force in Ukambani. Kambas deserve better representation than Kalonzo.


Taabu said...

Phil STOP being so hard on bro Steve. He is only a MIRAKO and ordinary mortals like you cannot see. He went to Tz an viola Kikwete was here and we have a deal. Kalonzo means good for Kenya.

Now don't name the UNBORN. The polotical field is fluid and any kite can fly. It is not over till it is over, ama? Politics is about numbers and politcians too are human with feelings. Kalonzo must have felt the urge to payback in kind. Whether the cheque bounced only time will tell.

Weekend njema folks and if you must celebrate, kunywa maziwa ama maji. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is a spoilt child who was spoon-fed by Moi and Mulu Mutisya and thought that the world would always be like that. Welcome to realpolitik, Kalonzo. Politics in Kenya is dirty. No permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests. Don't personalize issues political. You will be saddened to see Karua, Raila, Michuki and Ruto eating at one table and laughing heartily while you sulk with Poghisio on another. You used the name of God in vain in your campaigns and this is sacrilege. Something/somebody cheated you that your beautiful face is an asset in politics-wrong. Somebody cheated you that if opinion polls say you are the best today, then the whole world stops and the clock ceases to click on-wrong. You thought that your traditions and customs were superior to others and according to you anybody who did not share in your customs and traditions was unelectable-wrong.
You thought that being a VP would make you important and powerful-wrong. You are more of an errands boy than an heir-apparent. The use and dump phenomenon is soon going to be fulfilled in your life.
The new political dispensation does not need you so much. You climbed the ladder using other people's shoulders as you urinated on them. Now you are coming down and they have gone to wipe themselves clean. Hey, you will fall with a thud and there will be nobody to say Pole Mzee. Ngilu will have the last laugh. Aaah! it will be painful for you. Did you tell some people to teach her a lesson? you are the one who will learn it. You cannot now hold a rally in kambaland with confidence without fear of being booed. Why didn't you keep your promise with Maanzo and Ojiambo? Why did you bend so low as to meddle with Councillors' lists from kambaland? Mkamba akikasirika anakuwanga mbaya! You are on that seat alone. No kamba is proud that they have their man next to the throne. Even on this blog, your supporters like Vikii have gone quiet or gone anonymous. The word WIPER has a negative connotation to it, not the one you intended it to have.

You made a big mistake when you distanced yourself from Raila. It is payback time. What goes round comes round. Ooooh Kalonzo, Pole.

Anonymous said...


I hope he is sensible enough just to resign on his own.

Anonymous said...

Oh and you need to find a new means of moderation

kalamari said...

Kalonzo 'TRAITOR' Musyoka's nakedness has been exposed. His national appeal has all but fizzled. He has hugely embarrassed the Kambas and at this point, it is only his mother and maybe his wife who can love him. The fact is that the JUDAS ISCARIOT is warming the VP seat for some higher echelon PNU fat cat. As this arrangement is obviously Kibaki's face saving exit from politics, I do not see the powerful Kiambu Mafia Kitchen Cabinet allowing this jamaa to hang on to that seat. You see Kibaki might be sick, tired and depressed…what if he decides to check out to heaven/hell?

The way I see it, this MSALITI can serve Kenya best if he is given the auspicious and magnificent post of Sub-Chief of some obscure Mwingi Sub Location.

The other looser in all this is Lucy. At some point, she will have to share a State Dinner with Ida. Can you imagine the comparison? I think it's about time 'Wambui wa Kibaki' took over this first lady business.

Still, be cautious my friends and fighters for democracy, Kibaki may have signed this thing with his left hand.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You ar all sick n soft btw ya ears n even sightless, wallowing in ya tribal bigotry if ya think Kalonzo has lost anything watch him 4 de next 4 yrs n see who will have the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. ODM fellas, let me ask you a question and please do not resort to your usual cheap insults. For once, I need you to explore this POSSIBILITY (all I am saying is that it is possible);

Did we all read the agreement? The agreement says that the Prime Minister will be "the leader of the party or coalition with majority MPs in parliament". It doesn't say the Prime minister has to be Raila Odinga. It doesnt say when the President will appoint that PM either. If Kibaki appoints the PM today, it will be Raila because ODM CURRENTLY has the majority. But dont rejoice yet;

Like Samuel Poghisho said, the PNU-ODMK coalition is a legal agreement (They signed a coalition agreement in presence of lawyers, it is supposed to be binding). They have very smart lawyers in their fold. If Mutula, Karua and Wetangula embark on a mission to sign agreements with Jirongo, Mwau and all the other Parliamentary Party leaders, that would be one big coalition, right?. Right now ODM has 102 members (clearly that is not a majority, even if they tried to sign a coalition agreement with Ngilu and UDM, their 106 MPs would still not constitute a majority). We have 5 by-elections in about a month. ODM is assured of two of the seats (Emuhaya and Ainamoi). PNU is assured of Embakasi. Kilgoris and Kamukunji can also easily go to PNU. What I am saying here is that if the PNU team does not sleep on the job, at the end of the by-elections, they can have a coalition of about 114 MPs. They can then elect a parliamentary leader of that coalition, say, Mwau, Jirongo, Gitobu Imanyara or even Saitoti. If that happens, Kibaki will be perfectly within the law if he appointed that leader the PM.

Still, there is the problem of getting a majority number of MPs to entrench the agreement in the constitution right now. What I am saying is, instead of demonising people like Kalonzo for exercising their democratic rights, the ODM should be busy building bridges and canvassing for support because, believe you me, they need it. There is a real likelihood of them being beaten in their own game.

This is political chess. Check-mate.

owino said...

anon 8:48

I think you should go back to class since as things are now, ODM is the party that has majority members so the coalition doesnt arise.

Anonymous said...

Let reconcilliation efforts move from politicians (leaders ???) to the affected victims.

This article carries much wait, and the sooner we see kibaki jointly moving with Raila to affected areas the better.

Touring affected areas will be less costly than what they spent during the election campaigns!

Holding fire on Kenya celebrations-By Wanyama wa Chebusiri
BBC, Eldoret

For the woman whose husband was burnt alive in a church in the worst of Kenya's post-election violence, it is a little premature to celebrate Thursday's peace deal signed by the country's warring leaders.
These land skirmishes are not about power or politics; it's not ODM and PNU - it's tribal

Displaced farmer

"It's become a habit of saying 'peace, peace, peace' - and then after peace we see flames of fire," the mother of four says in a displacement camp on the outskirts of Eldoret in the Rift Valley Province.

"After peace we see spears; we see arrows; we see bows; we see pangas [machetes]."

The church where her husband died was set ablaze by armed youths in the first few days after President Mwai Kibaki was hastily sworn in as president on 30 December after disputed elections.

Those sheltering inside were from Mr Kibaki's Kikuyu community.

Now some 20,000 Kikuyus, Kisis and Luyhas targeted in the area have taken refugee at the showground where white tents stretch out as far as the eye can see.

'Still suffering'

A man who fled his farm agrees that violence has opened up wounds that the power-sharing agreement in Nairobi will not immediately heal.

Some 600,000 people were displaced by the violence

A coalition is to be set up headed by President Kibaki of the Party of National Unity (PNU) with Raila Odinga - whose Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is the largest in parliament - set to take the newly created post of prime minister.

"The relationship won't help us," the farmer says.

"We'll still suffer more and more. Not unless people who fought with us talk to us and we come together with them and we forgive each other.

"You see these land skirmishes are not about power or politics; it's not ODM and PNU - it's tribal."

I don't imagine that I'm going to stay with a person who burned my house - it can't happen because he's still my enemy

Unemployed youth

In Eldoret town itself, where Kalenjins make up the majority of residents, the deal was greeted enthusiastically.

Many feel they will be able to put the clashes that rocked the town behind them.

But an unemployed youth at the show ground camp sees little hope of this.

"Kibaki and Raila have decided. For me I don't see that it is a deal.

"I don't imagine that I'm going to stay with a person who stole my cloth, who burned my house - it can't happen because he's still my enemy," he says, adding that he will not be returning to his home.


A recent school leaver wants assurances on the ground about the agreement.

I don't feel it's OK for me to be a refugee in my own country

Kikuyu widow

"For me to accept it, we need stern measures to be taken against the perpetrators so that these things will not recur in our country," he says.

"A lot of agony has taken place in our hearts.

"Families are dead and it is very late for us to say it's a power-sharing deal."

The church widow says she will not be returning to her farm any time soon and will see what happens with the coalition.

"I want to really to see [it work] as a Kenyan. I'll just take a step of faith and just watch them.

"I don't feel it's OK for me to be a refugee in my own country."

Anonymous said...

Vikii, are you anon@8:48AM still telling us how Kalonso is a genius? Just give up. If if political chess and the check mate, why is there an agreement that creates a powerful PM. You think the powers who put this forward did that to give PNU and Kibaki more power? We are moving forward, just accept that you are confronted with a reality you did not anticipate. Moving on!

Anonymous said...


I think ODM-K MPs should sit exactly where they have been. They did not join in the fight for Kenyans when there wasn't much to gain. They should not show up now stretching out their hands for the spoils.

Taabu said...

Political chess did you call it anon? Yes there is check mate in any game too. And FYI you drum the MOU mbele ya lawyers stuff please bring another point because that one have a bad history.

Phil na Kalamari ni kumbafu in not seeing miracles for what they are. Bro Steve Kalonzo is a political giraffe. Why blame him on not niminating Maanzo and Julia? Kwani cucu Julia contested againt Uncle to lose and seek nomination? Kumbaf nyinyi, wachana na ndugu Steve.

Anonymous said...

Owino, I think I should not leave you behind when I am going back to class. ODM does not have a MAJORITY in parliament. It has a PLURALITY. That is why they introduced the raddar "or coalition in case there is no party with a majority". I said the Kibaki side can still craft a coalition ( a legal one) and bring forth the argument that Raila is unfairly and unjustifiably PM since his party does not have a majority. May be it is time they asked themselves whether Orengo is getting too old. The likes of Ababu Namwamba are not people you can trust as legal gurus. They have a long way to go.

Before we go back to class, Owino, are you also convinced the ODM does not need the support of everyone in Parliament (including Kalonzo and his group) to have their agreement passed?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.48 and 8.59, your argument is flawed at best and totally non sensical at worst. The government will need a lot of money to bribe all those party leaders inorder for them to sign coalition agreements.

5th Estate said...

KM although comparatively young compared to many politicians is an old school GOK apparatchik, Follow his career and you will not be surprised about the move he pulled, his current GODFATHER demanded it. The chips were down and he had to come out of the closet, the heat was on and things were not going as planned, the "inner" circle read GEMA had bungled it, the "outer" circle -read foot soldiers had to come to the rescue. It was no longer biz as usual. Compare Kibakis MOU with Raila and Kalonzos MOU with leaders of his own ODM-K. They are mirror images. They both did a U-turn after they got what they wanted. Its from the same apparatchik textbook - only this time it will not work. Fool me once ........ Now that Kibaki has "salvaged" his presidency he is going to do a 100 % turn on Watengula et al. He does not really need them. Foot soldiers have done the heavy lifting and now its time to move on. At the signing ceremony Watengula still looked stunned as nobody had told him what was in store. You could read his thoughts - How will i represent Kenya in the foreign lands that I have been abusing with gusto due to directions from mzee. I hear he has threatened to vote with ODM if he is not offered something equivalent to Foreign Minister , to late poor foot soldier - no principles, no morals, no second thoughts. PURE RAW GREED he will get what he deserves namely the back bench. Aggreements can be reached, papers can be signed,laws can be enacted but Action and Results is what should be applouded, MIRACLES AND SIDESHOWS ASIDE only ACTION AND RESULTS will cut it this time.

By the way has the public been told why the the two bankrupt stock trading firms were bailed out by the Nairobi Stock Exchange. The timing of the announcement was choosen carefully, but we noticed. Who are the principles of the two firms ? Has anybody been held responsible for the loss of taxpayers money. I can tell you the two principles were almost at the head of the million shillings a plate dinner. Taxpayers should not allow bankrolling of elections through the back door. This SCUM has to be exposed. THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD, yes to ACTION and RESULTS. That little hidden Kimunya golden private gravy agreement with Equity should also see the light of day as a matter of Urgency. No more skelletons in the closets. THE TIME OF RECKONING IS HERE and it should ba a clean plate only and only that will drive our country forward. Citizens cannot be suspect of thier Goverments actions. The public stood firm and some died to reach were we are today. And as politicians have repetedly said this is a new start. We demand transparency as the GOK should be acting on behalf of its citizens. DEMAND THAT THE CLOSETS BE OPENED, ITS YOUR RIGHT AND YOU DESERVE TO KNOW.

Olal said...

@anon 8.48, what you say cannot be too far from the truth. However, you must also appreciate that this is mostly a political and constitutiona arrangement. Taking Raila out by virtue of inter-party legal agreements presided over by Mutula is a recipe for war. Even Kikuyus, with or without Mungiki, now know there's no superior tribe in Kenya. We all can die and bleed red blood.

So kama ni mbaya ni mbaya. Further such a move would be seen as a move against the agreement thereby leading to a breakdown of the coalition. What I'm most worried about is what happens when the coalition fails, do we go back to the Kibaki administration, elections etc?

Wacha wasiwasi. And anyway, forming an alliance with Kalonzo is the type of sin that will see you in hell as an ingredient to the devils soup.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48


Anonymous said...

Anon 9.15 That is why I talked of a POSSIBILITY. That is an option a thuggish side determined to keep the other out can employ. It is unwanted, uncouth and unneccessary, but it is possible and within the law.

Mungiki, kikuyus, chaos and whatever else should however have no place. That is not the path we want to take as a nation. We have to develop a new culture, one guided by the rule of law. That is why we have a coalition in the first place;to reform the judiciary, eck and whatever else needs to be reformed. Will people still cause chaos even when their own party has a stake in the judiciary?

Anonymous said...

Phil is a liar. Why is he writing lies about Kalonzo. Kalonzo is VP. Miracles or not. He will be there as Kibaki's deputy.

Anonymous said...

@9.37. yes as Kibaki's messenger.

tnk said...

anon 8:48 poses a reasonable argument

there are some possible ambiguities that need to be thrashed out in the agreement.

you however deliberately misrepresent or quote out of context. the published text is

"leader of the largest party in the National Assembly, or of a coalition, if the largest party does not command a majority"

i.e coalition comes to play only if there is no clear single large party.

on a side note unfortunately reading btwn the lines suggest you see some MPs being bumped off i hope however that I'm mistaken in that assumption.

Anonymous said...


I am surprised that the ODM-K MPs, and Kalonzo supporters especially from outside Mwingi did not see this coming. I tried to forewarn them here just before the elections that Kalonzo is not trustworthy. Guys like Vikii dismissed my comments. I remember he even insinuated that guys in Mwingi North have no access to blogs.

I will state it again. Kalonzo has been my MP for as long as i can remember. (I have never voted for him).The guy does not keep close to him anybody he perceives as a potential threat...he would also promise you anything to get what he wants(Maanzo, Julia, councilors episode). I stated that no professional from Mwingi North is part of his inner circle...he surrounds himself with sycophants...'yes' men and women (give me one). To him power is the end (he enjoys wielding power) and according to him the VP post is enough for him and his illiterate cronies...the rest can go to hell (did i see him in a hummer?). He believes he should be the only cock that crows wherever he in Mwingi sackings for anybody in high profile job (i.e. potential threat...ask Mutemi Sau, and also the 07 PNU candidate) He is unforgiving... once you cross his path, you will always be his enemy. That is why once he parted ways with Raila, he would look for any method of hurting you understand why he had to join Kibaki.

Development record....has any of you guys visited Mwingi North recently? Then you know what am talking about...nothing to show for a quarter century the guy has been MP.

I think you also forget his mentors and their mindsets....mulu mutisya (illiterate tribal leader), moi (power and control), etc. If there is any one whose blood would have nbeen 'Kanu' (forget Kamotho), then it is Kalonzo Musyoka.

Mwinzi Musyoka

Anonymous said...

In the absence of Lucy and with a new Foreign Minister soon to be announced , the foreign trips will cease and he can revert to opening gardens and flower shows. Greater men have resigned when faced with such odds - Not Kalonzo, he will soldier on clinging and hopping the citizenry will forget his sins. Therein probably lies his miracle. The problem is the citizenry stopped believing ask the CHURCH.

tnk said...

anon 8:48

forgot, your check-mate was premature


Anonymous said...

So, that Raila has agreed to join Kibaki's government, just like he did with the Moi government, he is right. When other people form alliances, they are wrong. HYPOCRITES. All those speaking ills about kalonzo are COWARDS. Learn to accept that he is the vice-president.

Wait and see who benefits from appointments on the ODM side, like in 2001 LUOS.

Kalonzo is right. Learn to live with it. Kamba people were not foolish to vote for him. The Luo who voted for Raila before he joined Moi in 1997 are just as foolish. Shame on you hypocrites. Kazi ta Kibaki iendelee...Njoroge Stanley from the Royal County of Kikuyu, now in Denver

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo made an archaic move.


Kalonzo may have already started his journey out of parliament.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mira-koo is in a tail spin.

Mchezo said...

10:11AM Njoroge Stanley from the Royal County of Kikuyu, now in Denver>>

What are you doing in Denver, come back to Royal county and have mungiki re-circumcize you! Useless kabisa! People like you need to be deported back here to experience real life.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo's Miracle will work and is working. ODM should learn to live with the fact that ODM-K and PNU are in a legally bidning coalition that Raila jumped on yesterday like a hungry child. Derek once wrote here that it will be like the crossing of wildebeests from Masai Mara to Serengeti. Wait and see next week. Even cripples will run before walking or crawling

The document does not say 50-50 and does not talk about the VP's post. Aibu imewapata. Raila is begging so says Derek. Derek, if you are reading this, take a drink on my account. You are the main man. Njorogeston, the Earl of Kabeteshire in Kikuyustan, now in Denver

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, this two Men will listen to the voices of the people.
Kenyans are desperate for change in many issues.
Politics of division is harmful and does not benefit the common people.

Neighbours killing neighbours is absurd.

Kenyans should demand all the billions siphoned abroad to be brought back to develop the country.
We all need electricity, Running water, health, food security and education.

It does not make sense for people to work so hard and all their efforts put in the drain.

Ngilu for Minister of Health.

Free Health care.There is enough money in kenya for that.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.18 Kweli kabisa!!!!!!! Alfred Mutua must go.


Anonymous said...

Like Kalonoz said it will be a MIRACLE, yes it will Mr. V-P, the miracle is, "You will go down in history as the VP that had the shortest tenure." That indeed is a MIRACLE, over to you Mr. VP soon to be relegated to the back-benches.

Anonymous said...

Dear ODMers:

Please do not despise Kalonzo. Kalonzo will be the medicine that will cure Kenya of the cancer called Raila in 2012. Kalonzo will be the president of the Republic of Kenya with Uhuru as VP and Kombo as the PM. So get prepared psychologically so that you will not spontaneously destroy property or kill others when that regitimately happens in the watershed elections of 2012 that will usher Kenya into a golden era.

Anonymous said...

anon@10:36am, I think you meant to address Mungiki, Kibaki, Karua and let them know their time is up...we as Kenyans with the exclusion of our Central brethren have said NEVER AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

The world knew that Kibaki was senile and that the people around him were the ones who fired shorts in the speeches that he was reading all the times. When the mediation team failed, Annan had to engage kibaki himself because Annan knew the truth, and as old men kibaki was made to understand the repercussion of refusing the deal. This was very sad for the karua wamugunda team but they could do nothing. We must thank Annan and Kikwete for taking the task to the right field. We only pitty the Mr. Traitor Kalonzo Judas where he stands now. The PNU dont need no.s now and the PNU diehards will want positions so he better watches out his steps. Hoping against hope that Kibaki will not go behind tables to caucus the mps to vote out the draft ammendments in parliament next week, then says that the mps are the ones who have refused it. That said, the ODM team needs to work as a family and create confidence in the people of Kenya. This is their weapon for life in all upcoming elections. Let all Kenyans feel that they are in the ODM Govt headed by the Presidential elect RAO, who is also the PM.

5th Estate said...

I have never understood the logic of nominating people like Kombo who have been rejected by his own people. Its crazy that the head of state instead of listening to the will of the people through the ballot box goes against thier will as if thier opinion does not matter. GOK is full of rejects no wonder nothing gets done.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.36 Dream on. Kalonzo will not be president in 2012. Even his own people are now embarrassed.

His willingness to compromise his principles in the face of gross fraud have revealed his greed and lack of leadership qualities.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.25 - have you noticed just how quiet Alfie Mutua has been these past few days.

Key statements are being released by the presidential press unit.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:48
You are forgetting something very fundamental, that politics in Kenya is not static. It is fluid. the arrangement between PNU and ODM-K may be legally binding, but the MPs in these parties are not legally bound in here. Their obligation is to their constituents who elected them. It is no longer obvious that Kiema, Charles, Mwau and the Wavinya will vote with ODM-K, going by their recent altercation with Kalonzo. Secondly, the other 35 MPs from small parties have no legally binding agreement with PNU and they are not obligated to vote with PNU. The new coalition agreement between Raila and Kibaki will definitely make some PNU supporters from ODM strongholds to cross the floor and support ODM, now that PNU does not have the whole cake.
I can bet that due to the abrasive, aggressive and extrovert demeanour of Raila, he will outshine the laid back introvert Kibaki in publicity and possibly in popularity. Raila still has hopes of running for presidency next time, an option that is not applicable to Kibaki. Kibaki will be busy organizing an exit plan, but Raila will be busy planning for the next elections. Anyone with ambitions of going to parliament next time in the ODM zones MUST position himself in Raila's camp as soon as possible (I'm thinking of akina Mwakwere, Kombo, Eugene, Soita and those non-ODM Kisii MPs). Kibaki will not necessarily be thinking of ethnic balancing in his appointments, but to Raila it will be critical, infact, a must. Non-Kikuyu MPs will therefore feel more appreciated in Raila's camp than Kibaki's.
Finally, although ODM has lost 2 MPs thro' death and one thro translocation of Marende, the Speaker has not declared the positions vacant and therefore in law they are still counted as ODM seats.

ODM, whichever way you look at it, will still be the party to produce the PM.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Juia Ojiambo now feels after helping break the initial ODM-K.It's the worst case of being used.

I was a Kalonzo sympathiser... but after the way he treated that poor old lady, I am just absolutely disgusted by him.In addition he spent the whole of last year walking around with the Bible.


Kenyan Revelations said...

We hope Kenyans have learnt the bitter lessons from these past two long months.

Never again should a soul try to steal an election. The consequences must be too much to bear.

As for Kalonzo, well I just lost my appetite after watching him on the 9PM news try to exclaim. The man is a disgrace to Ukambani and that part of Kenya must look beyond the peasant from Tseikuru.

Anonymous said...

5th Esteate dont be a hypocrite. Was Joe Nyagah nopt appointed by Raila Odinga to be an MP after losing to a PNU candidate? Did Moi not appoint JJ Kamotho. Stop being cheap. Njorogeston

Anonymous said...

why are you all talking about kalonzo?

he is irrelevant!! an annoying mosquito buzzing around our ears that needs to be squished!!

what is all these nonsense with kibaki appointing any body? the post is clearly spelt out!! the parliamentary leader with the majority automatically becomes the premier!!

anonymous 8.48 i have to address your argument, i love your naivety!! ati kalonzo's agreement with kibaki was signed in the presence of lawyers and therefore must be legal....haha....kwani the narc mou was not signed in the presence of lawyers? for you the legality of a document is determined by the presence of lawyers!! hahaha

first and foremost there is no law in kenya that allows for the signing of documents for political arrangements!! all those are gentleman agreements...only for convenience...that is why nobody's going to sue kibaki for going against the 1997 ippg- in appointing his 'daylight robbery' commissioners it is not entrenched in any law!! and that is why you dont see anybody suing him for the narc mou either.

therefore tell your precious kalonzo to forget about that nonsense...of course if you guys believe that kibaki is a 'gentleman'...that's a story for another day!!

legal agreements are registered under kenyan law...where did kalonzo register his 'legal agreement?' hehehe!! under what act? please tell him politics is not kalongo!! we learnt that the hardway!! we shall not be fooled twice! ask gentleman kibaki what he taught us. why do you think odm is clamouring for that deal to be entrenched in the constitution? because sweetie we already know these things!! the constitution is the supreme law of the land that way nothing will ever supersede it.......tell miracle kalonzo that......and while at it....please tell him to burn those pieces of paper he calls his 'legal agreement'.

secondly....i would like to ask you...are you expecting this deal to be implemented 6 months from now? when pnu have bribed enough odm mps to form a large coalition themselves? coz according to you by-elections and what nots are what will determine this arrangement. please stop deluding yourself and wake up from your slumber!!

if this deal is not implemented by march 14th and his excellency the premier is not sworn in by then we shall pull out of that coalition and have elections in a month!! dont joke with us!!

Anonymous said...

anon 8.48, i forgot to that odm are in government which sane mp would want to jump ship lest he/she gets left behind.....pnu is going nowhere!!

tell your people to read the mood on the ground, the future is orange....and nothing else!!

Taabu said...

Mrembo you must be one very talented gal with radioactive eyes capable of reading moods. You enthusiasm and resolve is INFECTIOUS. I just pray that these p[oliticans don't disappoint and leave you high and dripping wet.

5th Estate said...

The lid of the dustbin of history has been removed ......lets see how long the likes of Njorogeston et al will live in denial tick tok tick tok. You have " PANUAD " and been " abused " and you havent seen the light ..... reminds me of those people who drank local brew and thought the lights were turned off kumbe they were blind. At least they turned blind while feeling good. You need therapy, washing dishes in Denver is definately not good for you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

taabu you know me, radioactive is my middle name.....

i admit politicians will always disappoint but you also know how pessimism is ingrained in me...nothing will shock me!!(pessimism=shock absorber)

anyway, let me 'categorically' state here for the lost ones.....the future is very bright and shockingly orange!! put on your shades...

does anyone seriously think pnu is going anywhere? even kibaki knows its dead as a dodo!! even if you repackage it how!! dead!!

Anonymous said...

Hope keeps people alive.

This agreement has given Kenyans hope.In fact if the issues of inequity,poverty,land and ethnic discrimination are properly addressed we could just be Citizens of the best country in Africa.

Anonymous said...

The Saturday Nation capture Kalonzo's dilemma succinctly

Stupid Judas said...

Well, The Saturday Nation said Kalonzo is politically dead:

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo's crazy plan of resettling IDPs in Ukambani without consulting the local people is a recipe for disaster. Read on ...

What has however brought about the sharp rift between the ODM-K MPs and their leader is a quiet agreement that Mr Musyoka is alleged to have reached with the PNU leadership on the resettlement of displaced persons, especially from the Rift Valley. The deal was hinted at by Mr Kilonzo during Monday's press conference.

Resettlement deal

"This is a big fear that is being discussed at all levels of life in Ukambani," says Mr Kilonzo.

"We know that Kalonzo negotiated for his V-P position on condition that he would help resettle displaced people in Ukambani, and we are strongly opposed to this. It is such a big issue that it does not warrant a decision by one person, but he chose to ignore us by sealing the deal alone," says Mr Kilonzo. Already land for the resettlement exercise had been identified, according to the chairman of the recently formed Ukambani Political Leaders Forum, Mr Davies Musau.

"Areas targeted for such resettlement are Kibwezi, Masinga, Kangundo and Machakos," said Mr Musau when addressing the forum leaders on Friday.

Mr Musau says the government had agreed to purchase the parcels of land on behalf of the displaced persons.

Soon after Mr Kilonzo and his team held the press conference, Mr Musyoka reportedly requested Mbooni MP Mutula Kilonzo and his Kibwezi counterpart Prof Phillip Kaloki to help cool tempers among the MPs.
But rebellion appears to have taken root.

Anonymous said...

They wanted a MIRACLE, they got it. This Kalonzo is not politcally astute fella

cheap errand boy said...

Siku ya mwizi ni arobaini. Let him preach in his village. He thought he was intelligent. Understandably, Kamba people are coming to know how stupid he is.

“Following the Kibaki-Raila deal, politics in Kenya will be different, only the best and the brightest will survive,” says Mr Musau.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Nation link.

No Kao wants to be called "wiper" anymore.

Anonymous said...

IDP's should be settled in Ukambani.

Si kwa ubaya..... but the Kamba language and culture is very similar to that of GEMA.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if an IDP will leave thier fertile land in Uasin Gishu to settle in a desert.I believe they were talking about it because they wanted to pull a fast one and pull out of the negotiations. They knew Kales would target these camps. So the plan was to settle IDPs as they take ANNAN for a ride a few times around the block. When they were all settled they would tell ANNAN to go back to GENEVA and proceed with an all out war.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about Land Reform and no1 is talking aboutt he millions of hectares of land that Kenyatta owns.

History would indicate that he does not have any proof of having obtained most of the land through purchase.

Land Reform means that pple like Kenyatta who are holding millions of tracks of idle land which they did not purchase, should surrender the titles to the the speaker of parliament for redistribution possibly by a specially convened committee .

Kumekucha do your part in bringing out this issue.

Anonymous said...

Let me take this time to warn those who want to attack Sam Okello, we are watching you!!!

Vituko Kenya said...

"Crime climbs down by 13 percent".

According to a Standard Newspaper reporter - Crime climbed down after climbing up!!!
Local journalists need more training - grammar!!!

Define climb: #rise: increase in value or to a higher point; "prices climbed steeply"; "the value of our house rose sharply last year"

Abass said...

I have a question. The coalition is to have a MAXIMUM life of 2 years so, WHAT NEXT?

Anonymous said...

I also have question to KUMEKUCHA or whoever is knowledgable ..

what the hell does "supervising" the cabinet mean ??

That is what raila's job title says, what the hell is that ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, someone please answer those two questions: What happens after 2 years, and what exactly is Raila's job description? It seems like he might not have as many powers as people might expect. Someone who knows how to read the fine print, tafadhali fafanua.


Anonymous said...

We need not fear what comes next after 2 years.

Constitutional reforms will further weaken the executive and install majimboism.


Anonymous said...

WHAT NEXT?? nyamachoma, Tusker Baridi mixed with githeri and ugali followed by matumbo and omena!!! all mixed grilled elections!!!that is what next!!!

Anonymous said...

making sure Kibaki does not sleep on the chair while Anglo Leasing copycat is happening!!! he is he's own boss and can only be removed the same way as kibaki with a vote of no confidence!!! please get it right Kibaki and Raila will have equal powers- different jobs but equal- none is greater or higher than the other!!none can loud over the other!!

Anonymous said...

I also have question to KUMEKUCHA or whoever is knowledgable ..

what the hell does "supervising" the cabinet mean ??

That is what raila's job title says, what the hell is that ?

5:25 PM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you go back and watch Koffi Annan\s speech carefully then go and read the high points of partial discription of the position then go to the boma draft and read the prime=minister position!! remember Raila did not swear allegiance to the president but to the republic of Kenya - Kibaki ain't his boss - but they can sit and have a cup of tea like old friends and discuss issues like " who or which MP is annoying them and both stand up and sack them- so I think this two people if they were smart they can give all this Mp's a run for their money - meaning make them work triple hard for the people of Kenya:):

Yes, someone please answer those two questions: What happens after 2 years, and what exactly is Raila's job description? It seems like he might not have as many powers as people might expect. Someone who knows how to read the fine print, tafadhali fafanua.


5:41 PM

Anonymous said...

Very nice analysis on kibaki and his excellency the premier Raiila

Anonymous said...

Anon @8.08. The idea of PM being from PNU side is possible under the agreement. Good point.

I think though that it is not probable as the same agreement identifies the coalition to be between PNU and ODM. The agreement spells out that the coalition stands disolved if one party walks out and fresh elections be held, something that Kibaki wants to avoid at all costs, given he cannot predict the outcome of the election. I also think that if there are 5 bye elections, ODM will likely pick at least 3 out of 5 including the NE one. Most likely the jokers currently pretending to be ECK commissioners will have been sent packing and it will be a tall order to rig.

On KM. I think Kibaki needs him and most likely he will get a few more seats to silence the ODMK crowd. However I think the sky has started falling for him and most likely we are beginning to see the beginning of the end of his political career. If indeed he signed an agreement that is unpopular with the ordinary Kamba, KM could be the next VP to be voted out.

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Kalonzo is a born again clean hands Christian. Add to that the conduct of our church leaders during our recent dark days and you'll get a clear picture of what Christianity and churches have become. No wonder some of the flock turned into murderers.

Anonymous said...

You people, what is wropng with Kalonzo being VP. What wrong did he do? aree ODM goons not the ones who flung hammers at him in Mombasa? ODM are only bitter that Kalonzo cost Raila chance to be president. Learn to live with the fact that it is Kalonzo the VP. Njoroge Stanley of Kabeteshire, Royal Breed in Kenya, the most enterprising community in East Africa, the fighterrs of Kenya's independence.

Anonymous said...

wanjiku -msa

you are angry, why ?

Anonymous said...

Who says PNU has 114 mps? hm, that is only when you add the so called government friendly parties. PNU has 47 mps and remember the coalition is between ODM & PNU period. do your maths anon 8:48!

FunnyWiseGuy said...

Let’s face facts here; Kalonzo is fighting for political survival and relevance. Does anyone remember the two weeks after the results? The man was facing political oblivion and obscurity, event in the country was shaping up fast and it was clearly a two man show. It’s just unfortunate that Kalonzo forgets that history repeats itself, and that all those who have been appointed VPs for convenience have always flunked politically.
Annon 8.48 and anyone else who imagines that PNU might outmaneuver ODM in parliament are dead wrong.
All said and done, the real reason ODM got 50% power in government is, above all else, to restore peace and economic stability. Does anyone really know the gravity of the security concern Kenya was facing? American and European intelligence indicated that Kenya was on the brink of civil war unrivalled in the region. Like Charles Obbo of NMG correctly stated on TV recently, Sierra Leone displaced slightly under 1 million people in three years of one of Africa’s worst civil war cases.
We were able to displace 350,000 and kill 1500 in three weeks. Any good mathematician can calculate well and arrive at the conclusion that, in comparison to other wars in Africa, the Kenyan Civil war would have spiraled out of control and been catastrophic.
This has nothing to do with what Raila wants, but what the Kenyan populace deserves. The outcome of the talks represent more of what Kenyans wanted that that of Both Raila and Kibaki. Is it rocket science that what Kibaki agreed in less than 48hrs, is what his team had been disputing (with his blessings of course) all along?
Kivutha Kibwana impishly said on SHOW DOWN on NTV that if ODM truly won the elections, they would have been insisting on Kibaki’s resignation as opposed to negotiating for power. This is what makes PNU different from ODM. Confrontational politics. In the best interest of Kenyans, Kikuyus included, ODM decided to scale down their demands and meet half way with PNU, trying to balance both patriotism, and the wishes of their electorate. PNU took it for granted and thought that ODM were weakening out. After Martha Karua insulted the Eminent Persons, the Americans and the entire Eu, told Kibaki to his face about the reality, with factual intelligence reports and gave him the choice of being seen as a despot, or statesman. His was to choose. Raila on the other hand had proved his case beyond doubt, and Kibaki had no other option, knowing very well that the world of today has no place for hard headed despots.
By the way, when ODM knew that the civil war would be so devastating, they decided to scale down to an acceptable level to negotiate since, the intelligence available proved that the war would be so bad such that it would reach a point it would have diluted ODM’s cause, in addition to the fact that the country would be so tattered that rebuilding it and modernizing it would have been next to impossible within the ten years they would lawfully need to do so.
Moral of the story is that Kenya is more important than individuals, and this is a reality Kibaki has had to face the hard way.
Insiders tell me that Kibaki is known to bow to pressure and when left alone to decide, makes sober judgments and decisions based on integrity, something that his minders and cronies find as a weakness and ensured that they thought out everything for him including appointing Karua in the negotiating panel.
Nevertheless, we should all thank Karua for this outcome, as without her classic displays, Annan would not have been nudged to directly talk to the principals, inviting Kikwete and the International community to hold Kibaki by his balls.
Now that we have passed Agenda Three on the negotiating table, let’s now all focus on how to reconcile Kenya, redistribute resources and welcome UGATUZI in its full con text. And Kenya would walk tall and proud again, with all of us loving one another and equal in God’s eyes.

Anonymous said...

Without sounding boastful or blowing my own trumpet, I made some analysis on Kalonzo (Anon @ 8:16am) and was pleasantly surprised when I found that an article in the Saturday Nation newspaper (
category_id=2&newsid=118010) 24 hours later was an almost copy and paste version of my piece. Some of the similarities in my piece and those in the newspapers were as follows:

I said: Welcome to realpolitik, Kalonzo. Politics in Kenya is dirty. No permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests.
Nation said:It’s time for him to come face to face with the realities of politics,” said the outspoken MP.

I said: You made a big mistake when you distanced yourself from Raila. It is payback time. What goes round comes round. Ooooh Kalonzo, Pole.
Nation said: Following the Kibaki-Raila deal, politics in Kenya will be different, only the best and the brightest will survive,” says Mr Musau.

I said: You cannot now hold a rally in kambaland with confidence without fear of being booed.
Nation said: The organisers had hoped to attract thousands of people during the march, but the turnout was disappointing.

I said: Ngilu will have the last laugh. Aaah! it will be painful for you. Did you tell some people to teach her a lesson? you are the one who will learn it.
Nation said: According to Mr Musau the leaders, under the auspices of the Ukambani Political Forum, have already sent feelers to Kilome MP, John Harun Mwau and Kitui Central legislator, Charity Ngilu to take over the region’s leadership.“We have met Mwau and he has no problem with the move so has Mrs Ngilu,” says Mr Musau.

The moral of this: Lisemwalo lipo, na kama halipo, laja.

african girl said...

Annon 8:48
Where were your 114mps when the Speakership went to ODM? I thought ODM just won with 105mps??? From what I was taught in nursery 114 is more than 105.
Please clarify.Your intelligence just baffles and leaves so much to be desired.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is a criminal who forced Kiviuti to announce fake results. He should be sued by civil groups and charged. A more serious offence was done by Kibaki, who planned a rigged election, carried it out,accepted false results and let himself be sworn in as fast as possible.

These two people calling themselves president and vice-president are criminals who should be sued as quickly as possible. They are not role modells of a country struggling to wipe out grand corruption and cheating at all levels of life in Kenya. No wonder our society is termed Man-eat-man society (or simply "stupid capitalism").

Anonymous said...

oh funnywiseguy, it has been a great pleasure reading your post first thing in the morning......marvelous is what i can say!! marvelous!! you and i and all kenyans of goodwill should get together and enjoy kenyas victory!! God has spared kenya from going to civil war!! it is a wonderful thing!!

and thank you for so rightly pointing out how martha karua helped our cause...before she started throwing her tantrums odm had to fight for survival but when she did..... we just had to sit back easy, relax and!! 'check mate'!! lol...didn't she abuse kofi on monday? and on thursday a deal was being signed?!! hehehe! maybe she should have started sooner?!!.... and i still hear some of you saying karua is smart?!!! seriously if she's the smart one in your guys had no fighting chance at all!!...the only adjective karua qualifies for is arrogant! nothing more!!

pnu, please learn from this experience...negotiations are about diplomacy....dont throw in three hard headed rigid lawyers to pursue your cause....i bet you all laughed at the negotiation team put forth by odm? right?.... be honest? you thought your team was better coz it had three 'prominent lawyers?' hahaha.......that is what they call good strategy....good people!! good stategy!! lawyers and diplomacy.....not a very good mix.....'look for mudavadi and kosgei types' next time.....learn!!

yawa!! is anyone out there still confused as to why many kenyans chose to support this great party?...and is anyone still confused as to why i am odm's biggest supporter?

i dont mean to gloat but i just have to ask who is the 'irrelevant junior officer in the pecking order who has been throwing non-existent weight around' now? lol....tis just too funny!!i hear she didnt show up for the mediation talks yesterday.....was she in 'heaven'? ama she moved out of heaven to hide?!! ooooh...or did she resign?

hahahaha......................this is gonna be my best weekend yet!!

please enjoy yourselves this weekend....go to uhuru park see whether the grass has grown long(with all the cordoning-off that was there were city council allowed to cut the grass?) get a boatride to see whether the boats are still in good condition...kiss the ground if you can....get your photo taken by those pesky photographers, (i dont know why all these things seemed shady before?!!) lets meet

kenya is very sacred you know!! enjoy it!!

Anonymous said...

Ploliticians are opportunists,that is why ODM-K MPs are already warming up to ODM.

If they are wise they would stick to Ngilu she is now closer to power than Kalonzo

Abass said...

Anon 9:51. You are wrong. The agreement doesn't spell out that there shall be a general election in the event of the collapse of the coalition. It just says the coalition collapses, period. It doesn't say what should be done, surprisingly. Worse still and as I pointed out, this agreement gives the coalition a MAXIMUM life of 2 yrs, so WHAT NEXT after two years? Apparently, Raila's good intention as he pointed out in a BBC interview is to have a general election after those 2 yrs but good intentions are not enough. There is nothing whatsoever in the agreement that spells out what should happen after the maximum life of 2 yrs. Or what happens if ODM pulls out tomorrow?

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Funnywiseguy don't you just love Charles Onyango Obbo? He should be on TV more often. He drives his points home so easily. Very valid points for that matter. As for Kivutha, he's .... well, just Kivutha. As recently as last week he was still harping on about PNU having won elections. He failed to realize that even they (Punus) have since stopped believing that themselves. They have dropped that line. And as a former Lands Minister, he, along with others who have held that portfolio before (Kimunya?) should be ashamed of themselves. This mess is mostly about land.

Annon 10.38, I was angry in the morning when i was writing that piece because I had just read about a master traitor in the Daily Nation. What makes him think he can get away with signing away parts of Ukambani for his own personal gain? Is he not creating problems for future generations? The Bible does not put it in black and white don't sign away parts of Ukambani but it does give guidelines on such issues. Kalonzo atsi!!

But annon I'm not angry any more. It's a bright beautiful day and I'm now as happy as can be.

Anonymous said...

I have read the signed agreement in the government communication website. This version is slightly different from what was in the print media. Can someone help me understand which is the true version of the agreement

Anonymous said...

what is different 4:51?

Anonymous said...

4.51 what is the difference please point it out?.......heh!!i dont see!!

Anonymous said...

4.51?? they are the same....theres the agreement and then the act!! so what is not the same?

dont be a scaremonger!!

Anonymous said...

Raila will supervise the Education Ministry and reveal how the ministry fails West Kenya deliberately in the national exams.

Raila will supervise the the office of the president and prove that it is the most corrupt ministry.

Raila will supervise the finace ministry and show how bad Kenyans are washing dirty (drug) money, how Kenyans lose millions thro fake contracts (Anglo, etc).

Raila will stop employment of one community ONLY in the ministries and force the ministries to include all Kenyans. Raila will end tribalism in the ministries.

The tribal chief from Ukambani is only worth becoming a PC of Eastern. His chances of becoming a national figure is nill.

Anonymous said...


I bet the ODM machinery should not turn on Bro steve. They have deflated Kibaki politically, and the only person between them and real power is Kalonzo.

Politically speaking Kibaki is done. He should be working on a legacy now. The next battle fron will be Kalonzo, Raila, Ruto and Mudavadi axis. The is the battle of 2010 or 2012. I bet this blog has started on it earnestly. The guys to watch in Kenyas political lanscape is Raila, Kalonzo and Ruto ( asuming the hague does get hold of him). I also suspect, Raila might try getting closer to Kibaki as time goes inorder to get some endorsement from him, he is the only who shall be less a player in the complicated game of politics. All what i know in the next elections, a kikuyu will not vie but will play a secondary role. They may be the kingmaker in the next election. All the same - all these guys are Kenyans and they mean well. Kenya is big enough for everyone one. Enjoy maziwa and juice as you celebrate. Whoever you are be an agent of peace and love. Share a cup of juice with your opponent - together we shall deflate chaos and plant peace, equity and love. We are all in it together.

Anonymous said...

Karua still angry about peace deal, refuses to attend subsequent peace talks.

For the first time, the mediation teams returned to a table together, a day after a historic power sharing deal was signed.

The Party of National Unity (PNU) and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) negotiators agreed on key proposals to seek long-term solutions to the political crisis. But Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, Ms Martha Karua, the lead PNU negotiator was absent from the talks, Friday, for the first time.

But her Foreign Affairs counterpart, Mr Moses Wetangula, downplayed her absence, saying: "What is important is that we had a quorum. She is engaged elsewhere."

Anonymous said...

The difference is:
3. (l) There shall be a Prime Minister of the Government of Kenya and two Deputy Prime Ministers who shall be appointed by the President in accordance with this section-Not in the print media version

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers can only be removed if the National Assembly passes a motion of no confidence with a majority vote.- The govenrment communication is silent on this item

Anonymous said...

The difference is:
3. (l) There shall be a Prime Minister of the Government of Kenya and two Deputy Prime Ministers who shall be appointed by the President in accordance with this section-Not in the print media version

My apologies this item is covered in 4(b)
The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers can only be removed if the National Assembly passes a motion of no confidence with a majority vote.- The govenrment communication is silent on this item

4) The office of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister shall become vacant only if -
(a) the holder of the office, resigns or ceases to be a member of the National Assemb1y otherwise than by reason of the dissolution of Parliament; or

(b) the National Assembly passes a resolution Which is supported by a majority of
all the members of the National Assembly excluding the ex-officio members and of which not less than seven days notice has been given declaring that the National Assemb1y has no confidence in the Prime Minister Or Deputy Prime Minister, as the case may he; or

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

4.51 and 6.01 thank you.....i now know what you are talking about.....that is not the agreement that was signed!

that's the 'act' to be passed...aii.....i thought i was going crazy!!

i agree there are ambiguous contradictions between the agreement and the act..which need to be clarified before the bill is passed!! we need them spelt out clearly please...odm members?!! it....

my view is that they are not life threatening contradictions....i think we've got our backs covered pretty well, with this one!! however better to be safe than sorry!

i'm sure you have heard the rumour that orengo drafted the document do you think this monumental word could have escaped his attention? somebody with orengo's phone number please call him!!

however, i am tempted to think the word 'appointed' was thrown in by pnu to 'show' their might-
i mean it is so clear from both the agreement and the act that the parliamentary leader with the majority automatically becomes the premier....maybe the inclusion of the word 'appointed' is the ground that odm had to 'cede'?

i dont know, what do you think? seriously someone with orengo's and his excellency agwambo mobile contacts call and ask them whether they are comfortable with that phrase we say in odm circles its not over till its over!!

FunnyWiseGuy said...

Annon 6.23.

It doesn't matter what appears on Alfie's website. He can omit the whole matter all together.We've known Alfred Mutua and his ilk to be suffering from Pure Denial.

What matters is what Kenyans are told through the mainstream MEDIA, as that is how the villagers of Kenya receive their news.Should they try and pull a fast one through jibberish in the name of fine print,too bad for them.

Kambas are already regretting about Kalonzo, some even wishing they'd have joined Kalembe's jua kali party...atleast the dude is blunt and humble.
Alfred Mutua will be jobless soon, he's so nauseating and with Kalonzo Musyoka's shenanigans, one wonders, is their a Kamba sub-tribe made of pure softheads?I digress

Back to the issue of the governmnet website, i said here before, it doesn't matter how smart PNU will try and play, their game is done!Pure and Simple.With Martha Karua as their hardliner,do thehy really need enemies?

Let's please concentrate on how we are now able to prevent suspect IPOs and maybe we can finally know who Mobitelea is.Humph..what about the Chinese arms deal?Now that the Ministry of Defense is under ODM watch, we could just stpo Anglo-leasings from recurring.Githongo can come back home and institute cases against the corrupt Mt.Kenya Mafia sinse, Justice Ministry, like all others, will now not have to answer to Kibaki.Did I hear someone say that Karua is Minister?well, now that Raila is also boss, who says judges cannot now find new liberty to instil justice?

Like mrembowaodm says.."Check Mate" lol

Anonymous said...

Poor Kalonzo,with all due respect to the subject,I think he miscalculated.The only way to redeem himself is through humility,this is not just for him alone but all parties involved.We need humble leaders,Kenya have been lucking them for the last 45 years.Lets raise the flag and sing the national Anthem.Uhuru is now "hopefully".

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.05
Get a life, your theories are just a waste of time , whatever it is i can assure you as the sun will rise tomorrow that IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of all the PNU hawks I think it is necessary for Kimunya to leave the cabinet. He has entrenched such a system of tribalism in the Ministry of Finance.

He is the one who during the IPOs organised to give his friends who are also his tribesmen 60% stake while the remainins 40% was floated to the public.

He is worse than Michuki, Karume, Karua,Waruinge....he must go!

Anonymous said...




Powers of premier in proposed law

Publication Date: 3/2/2008 Daily Nation Newspaper

Following the power-sharing agreement, Attorney-General Amos Wako is in the limelight as Kenyans wait for the deal to be given a legal foundation.

Falling short of the Westminster model where the Prime Minister is the Head of Government, and appoints and fires ministers, the Kenyan model gives the premier authority to coordinate and supervise the execution of the functions and affairs of the Government of Kenya, but no powers to sack or hire without consultation with the President.


Anonymous said...

Ironic that Martha karua was denied visa by a Swedish Junior officer:):)
same foreign junior officers that Martha karua Redicled on BBC for not being important and she said I quote " I DON'T DEAL WITH JUNIOR OFFICERS"
what a blast - i can't stop grinning - i'm glad they did one up on her and more to come!! si she said kenya is heaven - this I agree with her fully but that didn't not giver her the right to abuse other countries saying she did not need to travel to any country!!

except Somalia, Uganda and Zimbabwe i guess,

karua is shit said...

How Jakaya Kikwete helped Annan deliver deal


INSIDE details of how the Kenyan political deal was finally clinched on Thursday can be revealed. And it emerged that the Tanzanian model of government, where the President and his prime minister amicably share state responsibilities, won over the hearts of the hardliners.

A confidential source familiar with the shuttle diplomacy that led to the signing of the power-sharing agreement between President Mwai Kibaki and his rival Raila Odinga said only after the Tanzanian example was fully explained did the government side agree to a deal.
President Jakaya Kikwete, the current chairman of the African Union, was on hand to do the explaining and cajoling, helping the Kofi Annan effort.

"Mr Kibaki was adamant on [not giving] power to his rival but Mr Kikwete embarked on a long lecture and thoroughly explained to him the Tanzanian model while giving his own experience," said our source.

"It is not an easy job being in power. It is not a luxurious experience to shoulder the burden alone," President Kikwete was reported to have told President Kibaki, in an effort to convince the Kenyan leader to nod to the creation of an office of prime minister as his principal assistant in government.

This was during the Wednesday private meeting between Presidents Kikwete and Kibaki without any of the government negotiators who were not invited.

Said the source: "This actually appeared the turning point and Mr Kibaki only made one request. He asked Mr Kikwete to make sure that the prime minister's office was not immediately entrenched in the constitution.

"Mr Kibaki appeared to have understood Mr Kikwete and actually from then on it was like a big step had been taken towards drawing the final document."

Only after this ice-breaking did Mr Kikwete agree to have Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka and the government negotiators, namely, Martha Karua, Sam Ongeri and Mutula Kilonzo.

Earlier on, President Kikwete held talks with Mr Odinga, the head of the opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), and his team of negotiators at Grand Regency Hotel. Present were Musalia Mudavadi, William Ruto, Sally Kosgei and James Orengo.

Mr Odinga's team, it has been said, pleaded with Mr Kikwete to force a deal through as they feared worse and uncontrollable violence could break out if his intervention was not fruitful.

"The ODM team reported that the government was arming the dreaded Mungiki militia to cause mayhem across the country," the source said.
Members of the government team had also their own worries and immediately sought President Kikwete's intervention as soon as he arrived on Tuesday.

An official in the entourage said that Kenya's Foreign Minister Moses
Mr Wetangula almost begged the Tanzanian leader at the airport to have former UN chief Kofi Annan rescind his earlier decision to suspend the talks and deal directly with Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga, who accuses Mr Kibaki of stealing the presidency from him in the December 2007 elections.

Mr Annan called off consultations with the two negotiating teams after Constitutional Affairs Minister Martha Karua, from the government side, accused Mr Annan and former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa of incompetence when they argued the case for an executive prime minister.

Mr Mkapa and former South African First Lady Graca Machel are helping Mr Annan. Mr Wetangula reported that the suspension had caught the government off-guard and was not good for its image. "The minister told Mr Kikwete to convince Mr Annan to rescind his decision and resume negotiations."

Mr Kikwete confirmed that development upon his return to Dar es Salaam on Thursday. "On arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport, this minister [Wetangula] came announcing that things had taken a different twist with Annan calling off the talks."

Mr Kikwete said from then on he knew the talks were taking an unfortunate turn than he had anticipated. "Mr Annan had, of course, called and wanted me to join him," President Kikwete said. "He said things were not comfortable but he abruptly ended the talks."

The Tanzanian leader said the major problem was how to create the prime minister's office and powers he should enjoy in government and whether these powers should be entrenched in the constitution.

Mr Kikwete said they embarked on the delicate mission to assure the two teams that it was possible to have both the President and prime minister working harmoniously.

"It is really like our case here with Mizengo Pinda [the Tanzanian prime minister]," he said. "The office-bearer here has the power to oversee, control, and supervise day-to-day functions of the government."

In the negotiated deal, the new look Kenyan government would have the President, vice president, prime minister and two deputy prime ministers and then the ministers.

Mr Kikwete said the only difference between Tanzanian and Kenyan prime ministers' roles is that the former has the word "control" added while in Kenya they chose to only have one who would "co-ordinate and supervise" the functions and execution of government affairs.

He said he would be shocked if any of the Kenyan leaders reneged on any part of the agreement.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.38pm
How do you know that it is Karua that was denied visa to Sweden. An proof?

SolutionObjects said...

hey you colonial slave wannabe, Njorogestoneface! It's true, the agreement does not talk about 50/50 sharing of positions,it talks about sharing according to party strength in parliament. So go back to washing dishes and old womens shit in Denver,it's very enterprising of you. Just leave political discussions to other more intelligent people on kumekucha

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 2.03 pm. It is good to see that you and other euphoric ODMers are finally sobering up and coming down to earth. You all were in a state of suspended reality for a while. However, the truth did not go away while you imbibed the illusion of unbridled power.
To wit, Raila is NOT an executive Premier like the British Premier. He cannot hire and fire Ministers. He can only RECOMMEND and NOMINATE ODM MPs for appointment by the President. What Kibaki cannot do is appoint the ODM Ministers to just any portfolio he likes, he would have to consult and agree with Raila on that. Same procedure if Kibaki wants them fired. Kibaki can, however, fire PNU Ministers just as he could before, and he does not have to consult Raila about that. Raila cannot fire ANY Ministers, including ODM Ministers.
Also, Raila cannot make any unilateral decisions without the approval of the Cabinet, which he reports to. Kibaki can. So who has the bigger dick now, since it has been your single most compelling desire to demonstrate that Kibaki is now a eunuch?

To be sure, ODM and Raila have even bigger problems awaiting them than you realize.

Sample this comment by Musa Sirma:

″Former Eldama Ravine MP Musa Sirma urged Kenyans to remain cautious until the power-sharing proposal was enacted into law. Mr Sirma said one of the deputy prime minister posts should be given to Eldoret North MP William Ruto. Speaking in the Kalenjin dialect, Mr Sirma said Mr Ruto had done a lot for the party hence deserves the slot.″

How is this demand for the deputy PM from the ODM side going to be sorted out? Sirma is one of Ruto's closest sidekicks, so you can take that as Ruto speaking, if you understand Moi's political students and how they learned to manouvre at the old fox's feet.

Making the demand now even before parliament has sat to enact the legislation necessary for creation of the post is classic posturing to illustrate that Ruto means business.
It is certain that Mudavadi, in typical laid-back but naive style, had assumed that the position was his for the taking automatically by dint of party seniority. Now that Ruto is demanding it, and given that he brought more votes to ODM than even Raila, leave alone Mudavadi, what will be the outcome? So Raila thought his headaches were over, right? This so funny i have to stop and take a breath first!

Mudavadi's Western base will not take kindly to any perceived belittling of their son, and neither will Ruto's RV supporters. So what to do, Raila? Remember, Raila can only nominate the names of cabinet members to be appointed by Kibaki. He cannot appoint them himself, inspite of the ignorant rantings of some in the the media. That is the truth.

What is to stop Kibaki with playing havoc in ODM if, for instance, he is given both the names of Mudavadi and Ruto as nominees for cabinet positions, with the agreement to appoint Ruto deputy PM, but appoints Mudavadi instead? Will Mudavadi refuse? Will Ruto accept it? What will be the reaction of their supporters, starting with ODM MPs?
Is there a whiff of Moi in the shadows? What was the discussion with Annan all about?
As we have said before, more is coming, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


You are living in illusions. You have carefully twisted the substance of the agreement to suit your argument. Also you have conveniently left out the fact that if ODM feels short-changed, it will write a letter and that will bring the coalition to an automatic end...followed by dissolution of parliament and new elections. If new elections are held Kibaki will not be eligible for re-election. How is that for checks and balances?
I am a kalenjin and our agreement is that Mudavadi will get the deputy prime minister's job since he is the undisputed vice captain of Raila. Ruto is still young and will get a better post in 2012 as he gears for presidency in 2017. Sirma is a psychophant of Ruto and as all psychophants do, they lift their gods to the level of God(remember one who said Moi was the prince of peace?). If you say Ruto brought in more votes than Raila, then why is Sirma not lobbying for Ruto to be made Prime Minister? And who told you that Ruto brought in more votes? Have you forgotten that during the presidential nominations in ODM Raila got more votes from Rift Valley than Ruto? Finally, if Sirma is talking for Ruto, who is Kiema, Kilonzo and Wavinya talking for when they say Musyoka is shortchanging them? Don't just postulate stories according to what you want, at least base your postulations on facts.

Kanyarkwat Man

Anonymous said...

Alilala akijiwashawasha tupuni, ameamka vidole vikinuka uvundo.

Anonymous said...



Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kanyarkwat Man, How have i twisted the substance of the agreement to suit my argument? You do not show how except make baseless allegations.

How are ODM likely to be short-changed? The agreement is explicit that Raila will supervise and co-ordinate, whatever that means, period. Are you implying that if he is not allowed to hire and fire Ministers that will amount to being short-changed? Do you seriously believe Kibaki would have ceded such power to Raila? Even Raila knows that is highly unlikely.

You contradict yourself when you say that the Kalenjin agreed for Mudavadi to be one of the deputy PMs and at the same time none of the other MPs with Sirma at the time he made the demand corrected or opposed what he said. It is now Monday and nobody has come forward to deny Sirma's statement. Is it possible that you don't really know what is going on, and maybe you will be the last to know? The ODM is a tribal alliance, whether you like it or not. The fact of the matter is that Ruto brought more Kalenjin votes in the General election than Raila brought Luo votes. Check the ODM'S own figures.

What do the ODM Presidential nominations have to do with anything? They have no bearing on the current ODM power acquisition strategies. You are the only one, it seems, who doesn't know that.Also, what do ODM-K issues have to do with the matter at hand? Stop talking unhelpful irrelevances here.

A typical characteristic of ODM supporters is to manufacture facts such that you live in a state of perpetually suspended reality. My advise to you is to deal with reality as it is, not as you wish to be. You are less likely to get a heart attack that way.

Kipkoti said...

You are an idiot. Ruto can be VPM, Muda can be too. I sense that you are a wounded karua in disguise. Listen up, the Kalenjin don't need to go out and shout down Sirma. If you have been observant enough you might as well have known that the Kalenjin are not the showy type. They can conclude that you are foolish and still keep clapping for you. That is what they do with Sirma and Bet.

You may wish to know too that Ruto did not bring any votes to ODM except his own. Neither did Raila, for your information.

Sadly, we need to remind your ilk that Ruto joined the Raila bandwagon long after the Kalenjin were safely perched therein. He was still playing games with Mudavadi and Kalonzo praying for them to be supported by Raila. Only when he realized that he was alone did he duck in to support him.

Ruto is our son, we love him and we can die for him. Why? Because he corrected his mess and brought his whole self into the Raila campaign. So, take it from me. Ruto is the new minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration, na muta do? Mudavadi is the DPM and minister in charge of the most important portfolio in ODM, that charged with poverty eradication. ODM will have the ministry of finance, na muta do?

Simply put, not to contradict the governor of the great rift valley is not tantamount to a tacit approval. No, he was trapping fools to imagine that ODM was wrangling and then slow them down. But wait, the only party with a clear succession plan of up to twenty years ni ODM. And we are ready to dismember Panu, finish it kabisa and then the president, VP, PM, DPMs will all be ODM. Na muta do?

Anonymous said...


You seem to know more about the Kalenjins than the kalenjins themselves. I'm not used to repeating mtself and so I suggest we stop this arguement. But in closing, Ruto was in Eldoret yesterday in the presence of 17 MPs (Sirma included) and himself said that this is not the time of fighting over who will get what post but about how Kenya will rise up from the slough of despond it has been in.
If in your estimation ODM is a tribal party and it has STRONG membership in 6 out of 8 provinces than how do you rate PNU which has only 2 out of 8? Also, see how many cities and large towns have ODM mayors and compare with those of PNU. Hey, what does the word tribalism mean to you? How is ODM a tribal party and PNU a national one? You must be walking with your head down and legs up and therefore seeing things upside down!!
I'm not expecting a reply from you and if you have the cowardice to reply, I will have the courage NOT to respond. Look you.

Kanyarkwat Man

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