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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Magic Key And Why Taabu's Call Should Be Heeded

One of the things that I find the most fun in this mostly thankless task of running Kumekucha is when an intelligent and alert reader blows holes all over my well-thought out and supossedly rock-solid post. The intellectual challenge turns me on so. And I am also sure that therein lies one of the less obvious reasons for this blog's immense popularity and addictive nature.

For instance one or two of our readers here noticed yesterday that out of the many posts and even articles in the mainstream media on the Anan breakthrough, all failed to answer one nagging question; What was this magic key that Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete brought with him that succeeded where Anan had previously failed miserably?

While neither party will issue a press statement explaining that, we are aware of a few facts. We know for instance that President Kikwete who is the current EU chair carried a message with him from the Americans. It is fairly safe to assume that it was that message that made a difference. We also know (at least this blogger does) that Condi Rice openly threatened President Kibaki when she was last here to deliver a message from President Bush. The message was that Kibaki would be "personally held responsible if he refused to play ball.

That was the significant first step because it represented a major shift in Washington's position. The Americans fully supported Kibaki and there is evidence that senior officials linked to the Washington administration "knew" that Kibaki was going to win the elections long before the controversial December 27th polls (remember the Collin Bruce leaked memos?). Condi's threats in Nairobi clearly demonstrated to Kibaki that the one-night stand was not only over, but it never happened in the mind of the other partner.

Kikwete's message reinforced the earlier one by indicating that the planned military action was all set and ready to roll. There are whispers that the Tanzanians would have played a major role in it. In all likelihood it would have been done under AU auspices.

Chances are that it finally dawned on Kibaki that he had been cornered. It is no accident that the president was in the company of security heavyweights the day before the peace deal was signed. This included The Chief of general staff, Maj Gen Jeremeiah Kianga, police commissioner Hussein Ali, NSIS chief Michael Gichangi etc.

And as if to confirm everything, the message of cautious congratulation from the Americans shortly after the Anan peace deal was signed. Emphasized that the implementation was crucial. Almost as if to say, "we are still watching YOU closely."

The Kenyan political class is usually very fast to accuse the Western world for attempting to colonize us again. I will be blunt. Considering the way our politicians have behaved, I would gladly welcome the re-colonization of Kenya by the British (my first choice because they understand Kenya) or the Americans. Surely they would not be as bad as Anglo Leasing, political assassinations and all the other evils much worse than colonization ever was that Kenyans have been subjected to by her indigenous ruthless colonial masters.

Taabu's Proposal
Taabu's bold suggestion in his post yesterday to Kenyans to fo a good deed to a fellow Kenyans as the beginning of healing should be taken very seriously by every patriotic Kenyan. I would go further and suggest that Kikuyu's go out of their way to do a good deed to a Kalenjin and a Kalenjin go out of their way to do a good deed to a Kikuyu.

I hereby reproduce that all-important paragraph from Taabu's post of yesterday;

Making a difference

We have a unique opportunity to redefine Kenya. Such luck never knocks at anybody's door twice. As a Kenyan start now by doing whatever is within your powers to make a difference. Ask yourself each day what small thing you have done to any other Kenyan to his or her life better. I rest my case and over to you Kenyans.


Anonymous said...

I do not believe that the president of TZ had anything new to say that Condi and the others had not said to Kibs. One doen't need to send middlemen in this age of mobile communications. If Bush needed to issue threats, he could have done it directly.

Secondly, I do not think it is right to wish for re-colonisation just because you don't like Kibaki. The Americans and the British are just as corrupt. Please read about Tony's record, US' VP's record and so on, they are equally corrupt. In addition look at how the US delivers democracy to foreign countries... Iraq, Afganistan...

The Brits still think that what they did in Kenya was right. Please tell me you were not serious, please

Anonymous said...

Annan said on BBC that Kikwete explained to Kibaki that the Prime Ministerial system works.

Anonymous said...

"Kikwete's message reinforced the earlier one by indicating that the planned military action was all set and ready to roll. There are whispers that the Tanzanians would have played a major role in it. In all likelihood it would have been done under AU auspices."

Comedy sketch? Please Chris, stop igniting passions with that well crafted bait for an avalance of replies. I think it's time we laid myths aside and focussed on the real issues infront of us. Conspiracy theories will always persist on the net but the less said on them the better!

-PNU insyder

Anonymous said...

Some of your allegations don't add up:
1. How can you say Kikwete came to Kibaki with threats from America and then again you say that America knew that Kibaki would win the election? are you insinuating that America would have removed Kibaki even if he got the seat legitimately? If so, why?
2. What was the meeting between Kibaki and the army, police, NSIS bosses all about? Was he telling them about the the change of heart he had had? Or was he telling them to prepare for an all out war?
3. Why had Kikwete been quiet all the time, only to come in and at once seal the deal? Was it really him who made the difference or was it Annan?

It is important for us to know whether Kibaki had a change of heart after self-realization or if he was coaxed into it. If he was coaxed into it, then we still have a rough road ahead.

Shamila said...

Erm, I think you mean to say that Kikwete is the current Chair of the AFRICAN Union (AU) and not the EUROPEAN Union(EU).

Anne-marie said...

We all know Tanzania offered Kibaki asylum. My only wish is that he would have been carried away to Guantanamo Bay or somewhere and prosecuted for war crimes... That's the only language these Kenyan politicians will understand!!!

Phil said...

Well said Chris, it is not a surprise that many of these PANUA geezers dismissed my post one month ago for a grand coalition and a 50/50 cabinet position split between ODM/PNU. But that is now water under the bridge.

Before we go too much into celebrations, we must take time and ask; what will happen if for instance parliament refuses to pass necessary constitutional amendments to actualize the agreements? You see, it will not be Kibaki nor PNU who will be seen to have dishonoured an agreement, but the institution of parliament which votes by secret ballot. right? Although it is unlikely, but remains a possibility...going by the lobbying that is already underway in both the PNU and ODM camps.

Another thought; What will happen if the Karuas of this world decide to sneak-in 'Wako' amendments to an already agreed deal? Will our easily bribe-able MPs pass it into law?

Until Raila + his ODM cabinet are sworn-in I am not ruling anything out.

It saddens me Chris that I am taking all this with a pinch of salt. But history bears me witness on this. EG, The Bomas draft was raped twice as soon as it left the legally recognised constitutional conference, and we went on a rejected it at the referendum.

Next week, ODM will name its part cabinet. Where does this leave the likes of ODM-K (Kalonzo) and KADDU (Jirongo)?

How will the political class approach the forthcoming by-elections considering power has now shifted from State House to Parliament?? I think Kibaki and Raila are sizing up each other and it will soon be a mouth-watering political contest. So far Kibaki is trailing.

My take is that this is deal that was signed jana is just the beginning and we should prepare ourselves for some high-voltage political chess-games in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, three important issues must be sorted as a matter of priority. According to ODM; a comprehensive constitutional reform must be done within 12 months (ie by Feb 2009) and a general election within two years (ie. by Feb 2010). Somewhere in between, the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Committee has to be established. Unfortunately the constitutional review and the TJRC are being strongly resisted by the old-order and for obvious reasons.

If you ask me, I see a vicious Kibaki succession battle in the offing even as I type these lines. You see my friend, Kibaki is serving his last term which will not last to 2012. Uhuru, Karua, Kalonzo (Judas), Saitoti, Kombo, Kiraitu, Kirwa have all expressed a strong interest in inheriting Kibaki's mantle. (It is our turn mentality).

ODM has already identified a heir apparent....and a succession line-up is already in place... keep your eyes on this space..

Anonymous said...

kibaki had a change of heart? no way anon 2.55....and i think chris meant america 'knew' kibaki would win...meant they knew about the pre-planned rigging or even helped him who knows? (anti-terror buddies and all that!!)

secondly i may be off the mark but look at it like this anon....when we were burning kikwete never uttered a single word lest he be perceived to be taking sides....bush goes to tanzania..... condie comes to issue threats.....condie says there must be real power sharing....a week later kikwete comes to kenya(remember, in his AU suit not as president of our neighbour TZ) and voila!!!....a deal with an executive pm is signed!! now i dont know about you anon but kikwete seems to be just an emissary in this scenario coz he certainly didn't come of his own volition!!

phil, i dont know if karua and co will be sneaking any weird amendments....odm is so vigilant its actually scary!!... the thing is....those pnu people whether they want to or not have to agree.....

my problem is that whatever anybody says i just dont think this deal will work...there's too much bad blood between them, it cannot work!! it will just be a contemptuous show of might for the whole duration of the 'coalition'!! coz nobody can sack the other!!

somebody prove my pessimistic instincts wrong!! i think we shall have another election much sooner than anybody thinks......

right now i just think i will allow myself the luxury of indulging in this insane fantasy!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I am going to wait until later to celebrate because, that agreement has issues that are not clear. If Kibaki has agreed to share power, why is he still the head of govt and state? Something does not add up. I need for our ODM guys to scrutinise that document and re-assure us that there is indeed real power sharing. Secondly, the agreement does not talk of 50:50 cabinet positions, it talks of taking into account portfolio balance and reflect parliamentary strength. These PNU guys can sneak in what they termed as 'constituents numbers' representation to bring in a new dimension on sharing ministries. Lets wait for how our people interpret this.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans on the ground had already started reaching out to one another. We just hope the hate will cease.......
The younger generation is much better at this than the older, Watching Gibson Kamau Kuria on Louie Otieno last night was very saddenning.
Watu kama hawa wana turudisha nyuma...
You mentioned on another post you have not heard of celebrations in Kericho etc- They was celebration in KCO streets last night.
I hear Martha boycotted today's talks eti she is on a go slow? Or campaigning for RAO's deputy???

Anonymous said...

Please remove moderation

Atwara Molal said...


There is no chance of MPs not passing the laws. They will be faced by two options if they did; a GENERAL election or Lesotho option.

I believe Kibaki changed his mind after learning that ODM was seriously considering the Lesotho option and several countries were on the wings to do a Kosovo.

Anonymous said...

May i add...

The National speaker Marende noted that passing the necessary bills for the said ammendments that will allow for the new arrangement, will not be a problem.


So those planning to forestall the process will most likely NOT succeed.

And in Kofi Annans words during an interview last night with the Nation T.v, Kibaki did not seem to have a problem with Raila having more powers than him..for those in denial;)

Anonymous said...

I said it and i repeat again Kibs cannot afford to play with the lives of Kenyans, what he signed yesterday was not what he wanted, it is what kenyans wanted after humiliating us and making us a laughing stock in the whole wide world.....If he thinks he is gonna play with the minds of Kenyans who for the first time since the beginning of this year i have heard someone tell me happy new year today, atashangaa...There is something called people's power and we have it we will ship him to the history museum and we start forgetting him...

By the way who owns the big hotels in Kenya, si it is akina Michuki & Company...They had intrests in Kenya in that they are the ones loosing big time and big money tourists are not coming to kenya so it means that they are incurring losses...Has anyone ever heard Michuki & Company drumming support for chinese govt..No one he knows that Chinese are business men and not tourists and if they come to Kenya it is only a handful..Michuki rubbished Kuffour but never did he talk badly abt UK & US. (It is something called interest..What is in for me? Karua her she played with fire that rumours are that today she didn't go for the mediation talks...Akae no one will miss her...Kenya is bigger than her i hope she realizes that soon....Akicheza tutamnyorosha


Anonymous said...

Hey stop going backwards and move forward and if read between the lines from the main post the writer was saying let kenyans not blame - America or BRITAIN FOR IT OWN MISTAKES- yes there was colonization and we are not the only country in Africa to go through that !!!but after that we had leaders Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki who did not do Kenyans Proud- So lets move on and rebuild our country and this time lets try to do it right!!!
I hate whinnying people!!

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that the president of TZ had anything new to say that Condi and the others had not said to Kibs. One doen't need to send middlemen in this age of mobile communications.

Anonymous said...

if you listened closely Wako and Orengo are supposed to work together on the changes before they are presented in Parliament on Thursday -plus other people but Orengo and Wako were specifically Mentioned and I can't see Wako or Karua passing anything passed orengo and Nyanyong who is the other person from ODM?? do you??

Blogger Phil said...

Well said Chris, it is not a surprise that many of these PANUA geezers dismissed my post one month ago for a grand coalition and a 50/50 cabinet position split between ODM/PNU. But that is now water under the bridge.

Anonymous said...

hey Kumekucha?? again you are not posting our threads??? I just send out one on Orengo and Wako??

Please let us exchange our ideas?? very frustrating when you keep on shutting us off and on?? can you decide once and for all whether you will allow freedom of Expressions on here??

Anonymous said...

Phil I saw the succession battle happening right after Kibaki ran to Kalonzo for help. I dont think any of his Mt Kenya mafia will let this fool inherit the presidency. He should be having a plan with Kianga to throw a wrench into PANUA survival or retire and go to Tsiekuru.

Anonymous said...


You don't have to read too much into what really happened behind the scenes. It may have been pressure from Bush, Brown, Sarkozy, Angela, Putin, etc. It may have been an excercise of magnanimity on the part of Kibaki. Again, it may have been that when the two guys sat to talk, Raila actually uttered the magic words...."Mr President...". We will never really know, but as you have done, we can only speculate.

What is important is that to the guys mashinani this was a big achievement for Kenya, that things can begin to return to normalcy. These guys are not interested in analysis of behind the scenes events. What happened, happened.

From the speeches made by Kibaki and Raila, it is possible that the deal may not go down well with some of their supporters. For example, there may be a feeling among some PNU supporters that Kibaki gave too much, too soon...and there could be a feeling among some ODM supporters that Raila may have accepted too little, too soon. I think these are the elements that hold the key as to whether the deal succeeds or not. The deal is not done until Kibaki and Raila achieve a satisfactory level of buy-in from their supporters by aggressively selling the idea. If this does not happen then we are back to square zero.

Just as an indication, parliament needs 133 or 65% votes to pass a constitutional amendment. PNU and ODM are evenly distributed in parliament. (Somebody has indicated succession battles are likely also to be a factor). Recent mayoral voting in Nairobi and Nakuru (ODM strongholds) tied 50-50. This could be replicated in parliament....unless Kibaki and Raila convince their supporters.


Anonymous said...


I don't think I have any fears that parliament will refuse to pass the PM bill. this is because 1. The force behind Kibaki's change of heart will see to it that the thing will be passed as per the Annan agreement that was signed in broad daylight an in the presence of many witnesses. 2. America and UK have hailed the agreement but they have added that they want to see the implementation carried out with equal commitment (i.e Big Brother is watching).3. Karua and Kilonzo are so embarassed that they will not want to be in another humiliating situation. 4. The politicians from both sides are also tired of huggling and bringing up time-wasting arguements. 5. Kenyans are watching and they know that 2012 is not far. anybody who will run against the grain will be shown the door (this is the last thing the MPs want to hear)
Incidentally, do you realize that the politics in Kenya will never be the same? It will be more issue-based than personality-based. Just to make you see what I mean, supposing Raila leaves the political scene, will the Luos really look for another Jaramogi to lead them? I highly doubt. They will just want to have a say in their local leadership management. Probably that is why Raila is fighting for majimbo-ameona mbele. If this is the direction politics will take in Kenya, all the better as this will also reduce tribalism and other ethnic prejudices.

Pssssss. I don't envy Raila. Whichever lineup he comes up with for the few cabinet posts he will get, there will be discontent in the camp. Ask Musyoka.

Anonymous said...

The message from kikwete must have been pretty scary for kibaki. Rumour is he was to hauled to the Hague if he didnt agree to the deal.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha; I for one understand why there is moderation. Some characters had turned this blog into a rubbish heap and brothel.

So yes; we earned the moderation penalty.

Anonymous said...

The truth will emerge in future. May be in 5 years once all the constitutional ammendments are in place and a new govt. is in office.

Then, Nation or Standard will feel brave enough to do an expose.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that there was some pressure on Kibaki of some sort.

Given his remarks early this week, he did not cede ground willingly.

Anonymous said...


Women are struggling to gain respect in different arenas and one prominent woman goes on to behave like a juvenile delinquent during such an important process!!!

She can keep sulking. As one Ivy above has said - KENYA IS BIGGER THAN KARUA.

Anonymous said...

MrembowaODM @4.12
Raila had a change of heart and now recognizes Kibaki as President of Kenya. What makes you think that Kibaki cannot in the same vein change his mind? My biggest problem is to know who between Kikwete and Annan pressed the right button that switched on the light in Kibaki's heart? Even me I have changed my mind on several things since Dec 30th. Even YOU have changed your mind, haven't you?

Anonymous said...

The pain Matha Karua is feeling is unbearable,which is good.

Anonymous said...

Yes I trully believe that there was a military action looming if Kibaki did not play ball. The activities preceeding the signing tell it all. Picture this: On a Sunday b4 a deal is to be signed, the PNU team convene a press conference to trash he "alleged" deal. The very next day the same PNU team come to the mediation with a totally differrent list of demands from what was agree upon just a few days ago. The devil Karua takes it a notch further by throwing a tantrum and calling Dr. Annan unprintable names. Let with no choice Annan suspends the talks. A few hours later when Annan meets Kibaki, he gets the same hardline stance from Kibaki ati " no constitutional vaccum /everything must be done within the current constitution crap". President Kikwete arrives almost unannounced. Contrary to protocol (like being met at the airport by his host, traditional dancers and the like). Hold the Kikwete thaught for a moment and lets backtrack a little. Remember that Rwandese Presient Paul Kagame boldly and openly suggested military action in the Kenyan situation, a position that he has not retracted. Having said that, he instantly became an 'enemy' to the PNU brigade and they would not deal with him whatsoever. After Bush's Africa visit, the military action for Kenya is finalized an the AU/UN forces will operate from Rwanda. Word get to the PNU brigade and they panic although they thought it was all a bluff. What is their reaction? The distpatch Chief Traitor Kaloozer Musyoka to meet none other than their earstwhile nemesis Paul Kagame who does not mince his words. This man witnessed the worst genocide in the world and would not stomach anything close to that happening anywhere near him, let alone the fact that Rwanda is a land locked country which heavily depends on Kenya for their regular supplies. OK lets go back to Kikwete. He arrives almost unannounced and as usual Kibaki plays his games, but the situation is now serious. He meets his top military people an they tell him to his face that it is one thing to shoot people in Kibera and Mathare and also supervise Mingiki revenge attacks. But it is a different ball game even imagining going against the blue berets of the United Nations, and bearing in mind that kenya has been one of the most active participants in UN peace keeping missions. Kibaki was connered and he could not move. So withing hours of Karua throwing tantrums and Kibaki backing her, they go and sign an agreement almost exactly as it was put to them five weeks ago. In my opinion the signing of this deal is the first step of Kibaki's 'safe' exit and PNU is now almost destitute. How Kibaki wishes he knew this would happen, he would be quietely and peacefully enjoying retirement as one of Africa's respected former presidents. All that is out the window. Those of us who know how to read in between the lines and study body language knows that kibaki had a gun to his head while doing this. When Raila was making his speech just look behind him and see the long face of Wetangula, he who said that "no one can put a gun to our head and say either or" crap. Another tell-tale sign prior to all this: Remember the chief war criminal AKA John Njoroge Michuki? He of the " we did not invite any mediators" fame. As soon as word reached them of the impending military action and knowing that his shoot to kill orders will now turn against him, he decide to breath some fresh air by washing his hands out of the crisis. What does he do? All of a sudden he realizes that he is the roads minister and he is all over the new threatening contractors and issuing all kinds of directives about road. He wants to be seen as the only working minister when everyone knows that the governments is virtually at a standstill. While I had a sigh of relief like all kenyans, this whole scenario makes me laugh so hard. People have really been exposed as fools that they really are. On a more serious note, let me exprerss my sincere condolence to the families who lost their love ones. The loss was totally uncalled for. I could go on and on but my baby just woke up and is crying so gotta go

Anonymous said...

Chris, as much as people on here are readily dismissing Kikwete's mysterious role, I have to wonder how he was able to show up and in a day help broker a deal. I also have to express my disappointment that Mkapa and Lady Machel are receiving zero credit for the success of these talks. Were they not part of Annan's mediation team? None of the stories I've read have mentioned these two, not even in acknowledgement that they were present.

Now, what I wanna know is how exactly ODM and PNU plan to share out cabinet posts. I have a feeling there will be plenty of squabbling going on, especially for the ministry of finance. I think we're in for a lot of theatrics and squabbles because even for any policy to be implemented, it will take hard work. ODM and PNU are very different in principle and ideology. For them to come to a compromise on anything...

Also, the deal expires in two years. Then what?


Anonymous said...

I agree with Chris. A significant variable was introduced into the equation to cause this seismic shift in Kibaki's position. I too believe that Kikwete's appearance didn't just happen because he cleared all the items on his to-do-list back in TZ and was looking for some excitement in Nairobi.

I suggest ALL ODM MPs be sequestered until a few hours before Thursday's opening, lest some new "love triangles conveniently explode". Seriously! Not putting anything past these folks. From their body language at the signing, they are deeply wounded and embarrassed.

It's a new day in Kenya and politics will never be the same. I agree with the anon above that it will become issue-based, not personality or tribe based. But, I see us getting there once we ALL have EQUAL access to opportunity and the country's resources. Then, no one will care what part of Kenya the contenders come from.

Anonymous said...

Go on preacher of doom. I have said it here before, Chris and some other bloggers are saddists. Can't you allow people to enjoy this moment before you starting with your so called facts we cannot get from the other media. Why don't you say all this out in the open. Maybe have Raila call a press conference for you and tell of all the truth we are never told, which you seem to be aware of always.

b real said...

quick review --
1.) long before the elections, u.s. officials promise kibaki their support if he helps topple the islamic courts in somalia & play an active role in the GWOT
2.) USAID/IRI/NDI/IFES all support/fund/train/assist the ECK
3.) right before ECK made the announcement, as the washington post reported

U.S. Ambassador Michael E. Ranneberger said that although there were "problems with the process," the United States would accept Kivuitu's announcement.

"Look at the U.S.," he said, just before Kivuitu announced the results. "The results are often disputed, and if there's a dispute, there are the courts. I'm optimistic that what happens today will not alter the course of Kenya.


4.) after the auto-coup, the state dept, alone in the world, immediately offers support to kibaki

”We obviously congratulate the president on his election," department spokesman Rob McInturff told AFP.

"Again we would call on the people of Kenya to accept the results of the election and to move forward with the democratic process," he said.


5.) while practically everyone else, domestic and international, calls for either a recount or rerun, the u.s. maintains the hardline that neither is possible and that the opposition must take their complaints to court. knowing that this is a ridiculous position, they soon change to that of power-sharing

for example, january 8 standard article reports

Asked about the options during negotiations and whether a presidential run off was expected, [Jendayi] Frazer responded that it was up to the two leaders to hammer out a compromise.

However, she noted that the law stipulated that once the ECK had announced results, any party contesting the outcome should seek remedy in the courts.


the next day, the paper reported another stmt from frazer

US Assistant Secretary of State in charge of Africa, Ms Jendayi Frazer, said she believes a re-run of the elections was not the way forward.
"I don’t support calls for a re-run of the elections as the way forward. It is not my responsibility to decide for Kenyans on the matter. It is up to political leaders," she said.
She said the way forward was for the politicians to accommodate each other in a power-sharing strategy.

She said the proposed power-sharing plan should also be constitutionalised.


and that was the program since, using proxies to make this happen. thus you had annan, kikwete, etc. decades ago, kitson made the point that covert actions were always more effective if you could get the target to believe the choices were their own.

meanwhile, so much for fair & free elections, the rule of law, citizen input, executive accountability and other superfluous principles of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Well put anon 7:36. I must say that I was really entertained reading your response. Give me your address, and I will babysit for free so that you can have more time to write such entertaining articles for this blog.My baby is crying too I must go.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has proven himself to be a Statesman. He has overseen the growth of Kenya over the last 5 years. He has allowed the freedom of expression, freedom of association that allowed Raila and ODM to build a solid support base 3 years before the elections. He refused to sign into law legistlation by members of parliament that would have forced journalists to disclose their sources. Ministries have been strengthened and empowered. Civil service works now on performance contracts and not political patronage.

That there were major problems with his administration is no question. That he is human, imperfect and lacking is no question. But he is the best thing that happened to Kenya. As a transition from iron fist rule of Moi, he opened the floor so anyone with a voice can be heard.

We all know that Kibaki didn't instruct ECK to recognize him as the winner. He doesn't have the balls for that. His people did. And you couldn't very well expect him to ask ECK for evidence before being sworn in. And once sworn in, the ball was already rolling in the wrong direction. If he was ill intentioned, he would have detained Raila and ODM people, forced down the initial uproar through military and thus controlled any further well organized demonstrations. - Moi has done it before hasn't he?

But he didn't do any of those things. Kenyans paid with their lives and property and that is another of his failures. His negotiating team has other interests, and I believe Annan recognized that and that is why he brought the two leaders together. I believe that Raila too, is a statesman, and when you remove the people he is captive to, then he is willing to make a deal, not just for himself but for Kenya.

Kibaki didn't have to make that deal. He has the instruments of state, whatever pressure he was getting from outside could have destroyed Kenya a la Zimbabwe or Iraq. But he chose to do the deal. Knowing very well the wrath he is going to get from his supporters.

Bottom line, we are grateful to Koffi Annan, the international community and everyone who has pushed, shoved and helped the talks stay on track. We are grateful for ODM for standing their ground and representing the people that elected them.

But we must also be grateful to Kibaki for going against his immediate supporters wishing, his friends for tens of years, people who campaigned for his re-election, and making a decision in favor of Wanjiku who sells maize by the kimbo tin load along river road, or Achieng who sells omena by the kimbo tin load in Kibera, or Mweni who sells chacoal by the tin load in Machakos.........

We must emulate what Raila and Kibaki have done. As opinionated as we are, it is time for each one of us to be bigger than ourselves. Put our intellectual resources not on discussing politics, but discussing how to reach out and build the bridges we've burnt, or that have been burnt.

As Raila said, the document and signatures don't mean much. It is the goodwill of those signing it and agreeing it that matters. Let us all demonstrate that Goodwill.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kibaki has proven himself to be a Statesman. He has overseen

Anonymous said...

anon@9:52am, Let them console themselves, remember Kibaki took over and they wanted to prosecute Moi for all the atrocities committed whilst in office, there should be no amnesty for this idiot Kibaki when the time is right, but first things first, let's heal the nation and we will revisit that notion.

Anonymous said...

yes healing comes first- let see how we can build back the homes for all these misplaced people and if they don't want to go back then let the government look fr land to allocate to them !!they all deserve our love and support regardless of tribe!!remember we are Kenyans -though I find one tribe still rejecting this- yet all Kenyans are pouring their hearts out to support everyone!!shame shame!!

Ukambani has refused to take any displaced Kamba people- Central is saying the same?? I would have thought this people would change their attitude towards the Rift Valley people so as to encourage the co-habitation of their tribesmen but Alas!!they are still being abusive if one cares to read most of the blogs online- " they don't get it!!do they!!!???

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua is sick HIV treatment from South Africa!! that is why she has been behaving crazy!!pray for her!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

anonymous 7.09 i meant kibaki didnt change his mind willingly he was coaxed into it that much we all know....their past actions betray them...thats why i heard him say contemptuously 'tumekubaliana na raira huyu' (i thought raila was going to faint!!)

you are asking guys to speculate on who pushed the coaxing button..... well here was neither of them......

kikwete and annan are both representing the interests of the usa....let us not lie to each other......annan was the facilitator of the 'mediation' and when he facilitated nothing much was gained from the discussions the last we heard was karua calling him unprintable names....... after he suspended the talks..... (emmissary) kikwete, the good boy he is ran to give kibaki america's last word on the matter.....before (military deployment?!!) remember bush had just been there a few days ago....of course they talked...and then voila!!.....'tumekubaliana na raira huyu'!!??

well those who say kibaki was threatened may just be right!! i am not ruling out anything at this point but the one thing i know for sure.....america did it!!

and yes i did change my mind anon....i used to think i just hate kibaki and i loathe them!!

Anonymous said...

One very clever man said when two people come with a compromise that they don´t really like but can live with it then i´ts a good one,but when they come up whith one that they all like then i´ts a bad one so let´s wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering when you would get tired of all these I hate Kibaki posts.
It is over now. How it happened, I am 100% sure you don't know as you are neither Kibaki, Raila or the guys in the room.

Just relax and enjoy yourself.

You sound to me like someone who has nothing better to post..Kenyans are tired and I know you are too.

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