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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Beauty of Failing to Succeed

Token reprieve makes the heart exhale out of turmoil or so it appear for Kenyans. The Kibaki-Raila political deal has left most Kenyans more optimistic and partially happy. Waxing poetic, Kenyans have gone over the top with their lyrics about their potential as a nation. The destructive experiment may have just served its reversed role in making us appreciate what we hitherto took for granted.

We reason best by contrast otherwise you wont appreciate a tall person until you see dwarf. Similarly you look genius in the company of dimwits. Bloodbath at our doorsteps made Kenyans rediscover the humanity in them and shun the destructive.

We must go a step further to make Kenya have civilized politics. Our selfish politicians with their cheap brand of politics has been our collective bane. We must never allow them to ride on our backs under the shameful tag of ethnicity. Let our leaders earn their respect from us and let us hold them to account.

Kenya trail blazing
Kenyan's experience may be equated to a near death experience. We were staring abyss in the face with our backs to a smouldering dark blue sea. It is a grim picture imagining what the future held for us without the ceasefire. We trail blaze Africa is reclaiming our country back from the jaws of Armageddon. Kofi Annan will be in high demand following Africa's perennial political crises.

Martha Karua's political tantrums provided the turning point for Annan to face the principal protagonists. Mother nature definitely smiled at Kenya very broadly by inadvertently helping us derive beauty from the beast. PNU's iron lady definitely took her gate-keeping role overboard. Her disrespect for Annan and his team of eminent persons can only be attributed to raw power couched in utter contempt.

The respite arms us with the power and will to banish primitive politics to the pits of hell. We may not be totally out of the woods yet but we must stop our leaders from cheap political schemes that use us as their bargaining chips. We must collective declare NEVER AGAIN


Anonymous said...

Well said, the articles echoes what we have all been yearning to hear. It's a high time Kenyans used the experiences of the last two months as a basis for appreciating one another. Unity in diversity. The moment we start living as equals, that will be the moment when Kenya will realize its potential. We should say never, never shall the events of Dec 2007 and it's aftermath happen again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Taabu/Chris/Phil, Thanks for a short but good post. But I am intrigued to know what happenned at Serena that made Annan to suspend negotiation! What did Martha Karua do? Or what did she say that broke the camel's back (read Annan's patience and torlerance)? Did she save the situation unintensionally? And how? Why did Mutula Kilonzo say that Prof Ongeri was distrot? What happenned in there? Someone has the details. Please find it. Please use your good office and sources to bring us the details here. This is the only source of truth. Please dig depp for it.
Thanks. Keep the good work.

Anonymous said...

Suddenly people who have been seeing Raila as the Devil are now congratulating him and calling him a patriot. They are also praising Kibaki for his foresight, wisdom and courage. The likes of Kalonzo, Kiraitu, Wetangula, Kombo, Mutula have seen the light and are now preaching the virtues of power sharing and promising to do their best to make it work. What trash!! It reminds me of 1991 when Moi called a KANU delegated conference and everybody was calling akina Oginga and Hemstone names and vowing never to allow multiparty to take root in Kenya. When Kibaki stood up and said he wanted section 2A changed to allow multiparty, the same crowd shouted and praised Moi for his wisdom. This is called PSYCHOPHANCY. It is also called hero-worship where everything the boss says is hailed as the best even when he contradicts himself. I am waiting to hear Karua also praise Raila and Kibaki. Wapi msimamo? Why can't Karua, out of principle, resign because she was totally against power sharing?

By the way who is this "minister who was a member of the Annan team of reconciliation" who has been denied a visa to go to Switzerland but his/her PS and other juniors have been given the same?

Anonymous said...


"When Kibaki stood up and said he wanted section 2A changed to allow multiparty, the same crowd shouted and praised Moi for his wisdom."

sorry, I meant to type "Moi" but the fingers preferred "Kibaki"But i am sure the sharp minds still got the message.

FunnyWiseGuy said...

Never again indeed! In the year 2002, we were the most hopeful of people. We had gone through decades of wanton corruption and State thuggery. We had been reduced to serve the leaders of the day and economic empowerment was a reality that resided in the realms of only those who were politically correct.
Kenya has been a nation of contrasts which unfortunately, isn’t by act of God, but by man’s own creation. For decades now, Kenya has had bugs and mites that have mutated to the monster that reared its head recently.
Never Again! Thousands have died in the hands of government through state executions. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced through Land Grabbing and corruption. Nepotism and tribalism have reduced us to a beggar-society.
Kenyatta planted the seed of tribalism, Moi cultivated it, and Kibaki has harvested it. Never Again!
Moi had become so criminal in office that we wanted him out by all means. Even Koigi grew dreadlocks because of him. Matiba has never been the same again. He was so slippery and shrewd that it took Raila to join him so as to disband his power house from within .We wanted him out so bad that we really didn’t stop and question the capabilities and the intentions of his successor. That was our mistake. Kibaki rode in by a landslide because we believed that Kenya was on the path to recovery. How wrong!
When Kiraitu, once an ardent crusader for democracy, told Moi to sit and watch how a country was being run, nobody knew that they intended to show Moi how public coffers were raided, how freedoms of speech were scuttled, how tribal a government needed to be. True, Moi filed Kalenjins in many positions of his government, notoriously at Teleposta. For Kibaki to sack them all only to replace with his tribesmen proved that we had learnt nothing.
Members of one tribe, the Kikuyu, hold positions in every government office forming an unbalanced ratio with other communities. Where a minister is from a different tribe, the ministry operatives must come from this one tribe. When I voted for Kibaki in 2002, I did not envision such a scenario and didn’t think that the man would run Kenya in such a primitive way.
Never Again Taabu, shall we allow individuals to operate this country like a ranch, and us like their cattle. We all own this country. All of Us! Equally. Our kids need to grow with hope and with love for their country, patriotism needs to be instilled in everyone’s heart. It is no wonder that many young Kenyan’s have opted to fly out in what many term as economic exile. Kenya has been a sad state, thanks to mindless politicians.
I believe that Raila is here for change and here to serve us all, that’s for the record. But should the man we all overwhelmingly vote for imagine that power is all about him and his friends, or should he imagine that Kenya is as big as Luo Nyanza and Rift Valley, then I say, WEMBE NI ULE ULE!!
Never Again, shall we entrust leaders with our lives. We all have to be part an parcel of our growth, and since God has provided us all with the rare opportunity to fix this once and for all, then we should all take the advantage and build this country together. We voted in ODM for change. Though we don’t have the presidency as such, this is our chance to help our ODM leaders, from the councilor to the Prime Minister, to govern well, and turn this country around. This is our chance to prove to our detractors that we were all about change and not just words. THAT THE SPIRIT OF KENYA LIES WITHIN THE PATRIOTISM OF ITS PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

**Breaking News**
Could this Cabinet Minister be Martha Karua?

The Swiss deny minister visa to travel to Geneva
Published on March 2, 2008, 12:00 am
By Sunday Standard Team

A Cabinet minister has been denied a visa to travel to Geneva, Switzerland, on official assignment.

The minister, who is a member of PNU and was to leave on Saturday night with a ministerial team, cancelled the trip on Thursday after being informed of the visa ban.

Sources said the minister’s visa application alongside that of a Permanent Secretary and a legal officer in the same ministry were submitted to the Swiss Embassy in Nairobi on Tuesday. While the other two were approved, the minister got a letter from the embassy, saying the visa had been denied.

The letter did not explain if the minister’s visa ban extends to other European Union countries, but the trend with such bans is that other countries and the US take the cue.

Once the letter was delivered, the minister instructed accounting officials in the ministry to cancel a Sh123,000 imprest, which had been filled out for travel expenses.

The minister and the team were to attend a three-day workshop, which starts in Geneva tomorrow.

african girl said...

Something close to this:
Martha Karua, who else? She got carried away with her tantrums after the stalemate about Agenda Three that when the eminent persons intervened and reminded her that this was the only way Kenya would heal, she turned on them. She accused Annan to his face about the scandal his son had been implicated with and told him that he was involved in an oil trade scandal in Iraq. She then turned to Mkapa and told him off about a diamonds deal few years back that almost generated into a scandal.
She was attacking the personalities of the negotiators. ODM just setback for a while, as they allowed Karua to prove to Annan and his team about who they were dealing with. After a good display of arrogance, Ruto jumped in to the aid of Annan and Mkapa and did a good job finishing off Karua. The Minister, who by now had become so ugly, walked out in a huff and Mutula had to try and save face by saying that what she said were her personal opinions and did not reflect the position of the government. But the damage had been done.
It became hard for PNU to continue with their arguments as it now became apparent that Karua represented the leaders Kenyans didn’t want. He theatrics diluted all accusations leveled at ODM and that was it.
Anna called off the meetings and after making calls to THE STATES, THE EU AND AU, it was now clear that the more the karua’s of Kenya were allowed to think and behave like she did, the more the lives of Kenyans were at stake. And it was Game over for PNU.

Anonymous said...


Negotiators are back to work on constitutional and land reforms.

african girl said...

Above comment answers annon 11.41 am

Anonymous said...

I doubt that martha karua can even get a visa to South Africa.The woman is an international irritant.

Though in this case it could be Wetangula.

Semi-modern said...

The minister banned from Geneva visit is Martha wa Mugunda Karua.

Kenyan Revelations said...

We broke the news of Karua's visa saga earlier today. Plus her son was denied re-entry into Australia where he attends university. Another was deported recently. She is being rounded up and believe us many more culprits will be squeezed until impunity ceases to be a way of life in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is Martha Karua,that has been confirmed.

I get the impression she has played her cards so wrong that she is near her political end.

arap chito said...

serves her right.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the international community for rallying behind Kenya's citizens.


Anonymous said...

If she was my mom and I was deported because of her...destroying my life and future...i'd take her out.

Let's look at this scenerio...her kids now have to attend a local institute of higher learning...who will have lunch with them? I mean I would poison the poor Son's of Wamugunda!!!!

Karua,advice...I hear Cambodia has great schools and Myanmar has a great polytechnic.Send your brats there.They might do you proud by insulting the president!!!! huahahahaha!!!!

Ninja said...

Karua has Aids and she needs sympathy no ridicule. Is it because she is a woman that all you men are yelling loudly? She has bravely tried to bring up Njoka's kids all on her own after the man ditched her. What do you expect of her?

karimi said...

Right now, i'd really pity the kids of this woman,but let's face it.Mtoto wa Nyoka ni nyoka...but that's on the light side, Mtoto wa Karua ni Shetani! This mad woman caused so many kenyans to die out of her arrogance and impunity and I'd care less if Karualings ate termites for dinner!

Calling earth!Banish her to planet NEXUS OR SOMETHING.Bure Kabisa!

whyohwhy said...

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Martha who?

MARTHAre needs a new headgirl and I hear Mrs. Wamugunda is on penance...and rumour has it she's out of a job.

Anonymous said...

Karua's conduct threatened to destroy the lives of 36 million pple and to crack an entire nation. It is only through bypassing her that we have been able to see light at the end of the tunnel.

As for her personal problems, she has enough resources to seek the necessary physical and psychological help without harming the Nation.

legallymad said...

Larry King:

Martha,why did the chicken cross the road?

Martha Karua:

NO! I want to say this, let me state categorically that the chicken did not cross the road.Infact, who are you to ask me why the chicken crossed the road? We shall not be cowered by your intimidation.The question of the chicken crossing the road is not constitutional and does not arise in this case.Why are you the first to cast suspicions about whether or not the chicken crossed the road while you are accused of wearing the same shirt and suspenders for 25 years of live interviews.We shall not be bullied by western hypocrisy. you are@#$%^*&^&$$#....

Anonymous said...

ninja @2.12pm


Ninja said...

Anon @2:30
As if you don't know that Mwenje is in ICU at Agha Khan hospital and may not live to see PM Raila! Karua has Aids, it is eating her head badly.

fave of BG said...

OK nice folks,
Do not kill me on this, but in the spirit of reconciliation, I have denounced my previous secessionist pronouncements,NOW, ODM nation, can you cut Martha some slack?
Let it ride, I would like to remind you of Achebe's now fabled masterpiece ,'things fall apart', that although Okwonkwo's adopted son Ikemefuna had to die, Okwonkwo did not have to kill him (although he did). Moral; Martha has to suffer the humiliation but let us not focus on her especially on kumekucha, every body is spitting on her, we do not need to do more spitting. Yes, I have used choice words to describe her here and everywhere. But,now I rest my case (can be revived if coalition fails) Yes, it is me, in a rare magnanimous mood

fave of BG said...

One more thing ostracizing AIDS victims is so last century. Stop it. Celebrating others mortality is a brazen act of short sightedness about our own mortality.

Anonymous said...

Ninja said...

Anon @2:30
As if you don't know that Mwenje is in ICU at Agha Khan hospital and may not live to see PM Raila! Karua has Aids, it is eating her head badly.

I had that she discovered she had aids for years ago on a trip to south Africa for a check-up- from sources close to her she went crazy- since she was eying her political career to 2020:):)for her dying is not an option- so for her innocent Kenyans dying was not a big deal !!! she wanted to be remembered in the Kenyan and beyond that the world history like PM Margret Thatcher of Britain this is what she kept telling people close to her!!and I guess she got her wish!!under her iron fist of rigging elections more than 1000 Kenyans died!!

Anonymous said...

I dont think any1 is osctrasing AIDS victims. For the simple reason that pple can live a full and fufilling life with proper management and medication.

Anonymous said...

Hey we are trying to understand Martha Karua's actions!! no body is blaming her for being "HIV' positive- we are just wondering whether it affected her brains in the process!! because her behavior was lacking!!when Kenyans were being killed every day!!

Anonymous fave of BG said...

One more thing ostracizing AIDS victims is so last century. Stop it. Celebrating others mortality is a brazen act of short sightedness about our own mortality.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you!!this Martha Karua women was behaving abnormally- for any kenyan to understand and if indeed AIDS has interfered with her brains- then I can understand her problem but i wont excuse her actions!!!
she should be institutionalized she is a danger to Kenyans!!

Anonymous said...

Hey we are trying to understand Martha Karua's actions!!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess my question is why on earth did she imagine any country will give her a VISA!! didn't she say on BBC AND CNN0 NTV E.T.C THAT SHE DIDN'T NEED A visa from any of those countries??? and sh didn't not deal with Junior officers???
and yet she goes looking for a Visa from this same countries that she abused!! THEN INDEED SOME THING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH HER BRIAN!!

I I watched her on live broadcasting - saying all this things i come to the conclusion that she had decided never to leave Kenya!!by uttering such abusive words to the other countries!!

fave of BG said...

Okay Folks,
At the moment you are shouting too much for me to make any sense. Plus, I do not want to be on the receiving end of your brickbats, I know the massacre that can follow. So, go on, Proceed with clinical diagnosis of Martha's actions.
I, however, will offer my diagnosis;
Most dictators did not have HIV. Martha's case is just a non infective human disease she has (sans HIV) it is called HUBRIS and thinking that the sun rises and sets in her butt. Nothing medical at all, trust me on that.

Anonymous said...

martha kafala really should have thought before she leapt.i really hope she is given a one way ticket to pluto.she is so irrelevant to anything positive right now.a real personification of the ugly tribalism that reared its head after the stolen presidency.goodbye martha kafala.cheeeeerio!now that you will have a lot of free time go and get some much needed plastic surgery in brazil or something....

Anonymous said...

So you can diagnose all you want but you can't wish it away!! she has the disease - but this days people take medication and live with it-and I find your comment naive that most dictators don't have HIV\?? do you mean that they are immune to the disease even if they have sex with an HIV positive individual???

fave of BG said...

Okay Folks,
At the moment you are shouting too much for me to make any sense. Plus, I do not want to be on the receiving end of your brickbats, I know the massacre that can follow. So, go on, Proceed with clinical diagnosis of Martha's actions.
I, however, will offer my diagnosis;
Most dictators did not have HIV. Martha's case is just a non infective human disease she has (sans HIV) it is called HUBRIS and thinking that the sun rises and sets in her butt. Nothing medical at all, trust me on that.

3:11 PM

Anonymous said...

A bad leader is a bad leader. Sick or healthy, male or female.

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua, Kalonzo, Alfie Mutua etc.

These are the characters who thought Kenyans would lay down in surrender after 3 days of street rioting.


Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Karua is a mess for sure but guys, whatever have her kids done to you? Leave the poor souls out of this. They must already be grappling with the possibility of attending some university in the heaven that is Kenya. Remember heaven is not in Australia?

Annon I don't think it's Aids that is eating into her brains. Karua has always been tough nails. Unless it started eating her brains since birth. Remember she once walked out on Moi in a public function? Those days when Moi was Moi? It is just that now she has had the platform to showcase her character to the world. When else would she have had the chance to come face to face with Annan? In the ministry of water?

Preserve your energy guys, she must be fighting a lot of her own demons of her own right now. And while she was attacking personalities, I wonder what choice words she would have had for Graca Machel if she was in the room that day?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.10; He he he he!!! Hah hah hah hah hah!!!

Thanks for reminding me!

Yah! Martha Karua did say she does not deal with junior officers.

Perhaps she will have better luck asking Bush for a visa!!!!! However, given his stern words to Kibaki...

arap chito said...

fave of bg, @2.43,listen up, yes, it's true she has AIDS and its true she has been denied a visa,but. nobody is ostracizing Aids victims.It's just that, one would have expected Karua to be more mindful of the AIDS victims like her who were suffering in IDP camps and the hospitals that were cut off by road and ARVs were lacking.

She should have been more considerate and used that alone, as a means to end the crisis sooner.Do you realise that it had to take her disrespect for this to end?
She is so abonimable, just because she could afford treatment and drugs ?How selfish can one get?this is an entire country we are talking about, and it doesn't matter who had AIDS in the negotiatiing panel, the outcome would affect us all anyway.

Call me judgemental, but this woman contracted the disese out of promiscuity,period.And i don't give a hoot if she is suffering the consequences right now.

If she died from AIDS it wouldn't make any more sad a story than the deaths WERE,KIMUTAI TOO, AND 1500 other Kenyans who were executed by the government she so arroogantly protected with impunity.

As for Mwenje, Pole sana,He was a vibrant piolitician and we shall miss some of his classics,like the brawl with Kajwang' in parliament.

Steve said...

Arap chito, one would have expected all politicians to be mindful of their actions and words regardless of the health (or lack of) of IDPs or anyone else.

I understand your anger but the aids thing is a separate issue. It's a personal matter for Karua and if it is material, it will become evident over time. In the meantime, in the interest of reconciliation, let's all stop the bashing. Annan and his eminent team came through. Is that not enough?

Fave of bg has a point and so has Wanjiku. No need to pull out the knives. We need to all move FORWARD and find ways to channel our frustrations, anger and energies in ensuring that structural changes are made in Kenya. The work has only just begun and will need goodwill and cooperation.

Anonymous said...

ya ya Martha.....sooner or later we all get what we deserve.
Visa ban was the first step and kenya can and should never ever be represented by greedy and power hungry careless people like this martha

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, give Martha a break. Instead of your vitriol, you should be thanking her for helping Annan and the international world to reach a quick decision, hold the two bulls by the horns and come up with the signing. Kibaki without Martha is a quiet, sober, urbane, humane, conciliatory and handsome man. I only hope the slaps specialist will not take over from where Martha has left.

I really sympathise with Martha. She was the darling of PNU hardliners (I heard Kivutha say earlier that Kenya has an asset in Martha and that we shall regret later), but now she is a pariah. Kiraitu is now saying how he has been buddies with Raila and how he even represented him in a court case. Nobody wants to be seen with Martha. Even the PS and the legal officer must be happy that they are going on the trip without her.
Please let's leave sickness of whatever nature out of this. Remember, nobody is God here on earth and it can also happen to you.

If Kibaki keeps Martha at arms length, even he will sleep soundly. Otherwise he will be judged by the company he keeps.

PS: People like akina Wetangula were not even hardline. They just knew which side of their bread was buttered. Have you seen how they have made a U-turn and now want even to be congragulated for negotiating the deal!!! Wonders never cease.

I love it the way ODM has behaved in this whole saga. They have come out the more sober, focussed, restrained and rational lot. Raila has not got the presidency that was rightfully his, but he will be the de facto president. Even the international community will be dealing with and through him. Already US had pledged 1.2billion for restoring infrastructure and resettling the displaced and those who lost their jobs. Aaah, hii Alhamisi ije haraka ili Raila aanze kazi!!!

Anonymous said...

Karua forgot that the rest of the world has a bigger sneer than hers.

mrembowaodm said...

lol....9.39... that is so funny!!....ask bush for her visa? haha...

i think it can be deduced that martha karua, was used and dumped by pnu just like everybody else in kibaki's circle....its his nature dont you know?!!

she stole elections for them, they sent her to do their dirty work in the mediation process and when things were not picking was time to cut loose the ties!! foolish do you have to be to trust kibaki?.....let her go lick her wounds in gichugu!!

people?! please let us desist from 'laughing' at her 'disease' its really mean and is such a cheap shot in any case its not the basis for her arrogance-the lady must have been born that way!!

however..... you are allowed to say anything else about her....she brought it on herself!! this massacre on her person is providing great entertainment for me.

fave of BG said...

@Anonymous 3:11 PM,
When I said most dictators did not have HIV, I meant that Martha's behaviour is not due to any disease other than her own Hubris and illusions of grandeur. We can not use HIV as an excuse, otherwise a lot of HIV positive people would causing chaos yet they do not .
I will be more explicit next time for your sake.

Anonymous said...


Karua is a sign of a cold leadership. Her AIDS should not be an issue here. The fact is that she is the MINISTER OF INJUSTICE of KENYA. She helped in rigging the election and advised Kibaki to get sworn in as fast as possible, so that ODM could only have the alternative of facing the COLD Law courts of Kenya. I wish her children to face INJUSTICE she has created in her country.

Thanks go to the CIVILIZED NATIONS of this world who are watching the greedy Mois, Kenyattas and Kibakis. THE REAL CULPRIT is still the Kenyan ruler. The next to be punnished is KIBAKI. EU and USA are watching closely. His tribalist politicies have ruined Kenya (Kikuyus make 99% in Education Ministry, 99.9% office of President, 97% Finance, 98% INJUSTICE ministry, 95%Defence, 90% Police, 80%Energy. This has to change immediately, otherwise Kenyans should demonstrate against KIBAKI.

Taabu said...

Ciku ati Martha blasted Graca that she is suffering midwinter crisis by cuddling a fossil for a hubby. That is reversed poetic justice if you ask me in light of Njoka, ama? But going TONGs at Annan and Mkapa was ill-adviced and Kilonzo could wash it even with POWERFOAM. The flipside adeal came out of the GOOF. Speak of angels comming out of hell!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the swiss gova banned because they thought she would take mungiki with her to behead Annan in Geneva. How ironical for Martha to attend a conference on human rights. What the hell does she know about human rights. She should be attending conventions in Zimbabwe

Anonymous said...

Kajwang better go get a check up...didn't he bite Mwenje during the fight?

Anonymous said...

How times have changed... hehe

Kiraitu: I will work with Raila
Published on March 2, 2008, 12:00 am
By Patrick Muriungi

Energy minister, Mr Kiraitu Murungi, says he is ready to work with ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga and members of his party in the Government.

The minister said he knew Raila since their days of political activism in the 1990s, describing the Lang’ata MP as a good man.

"I have known Raila for a long time. We share an eventful long history since when we struggled to liberate the country from the dictatorial single party rule in the 1990s. I even represented him in court," said Kiraitu.

He hailed the power-sharing deal between President Kibaki and Raila, saying it augured well for the restoration of peace and national unity, after the unprecedented post-election violence.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, Martha has called a press conference to acknowledge that she was to go to Switzerland yes, but she was not denied a visa. She showed a copy to the journalists. Asked why she didn't go, she said after the signing of the deal between Raila and Kibaki,it was no longer important for her to go and she gave her speech to the PS to read on her behalf. She was still adamant that Kenya is the only country she would cry to be denied a visa to enter and she does not miss any other country. Infact she said it is now winter in Switzerland and she had rather release her stress in Kenya (ahaaa! Martha has stress??). She said the bone of contention was when and how the agreement would be entrenched in the constitution and not the substance of the agreement (let her tell this to the dogs). She said she will work in any capacity that Kibaki will give her in the new arrangement although if asked, she would have her preference. She said she will not sue Standard and KTN which talked about the visa ban (because being denied a visa is not an embarrassment), but she will sue Nation which said she made derogatory statements to Annan and Mkapa (because this touches on her integrity). She was alone in the press conference (no Mungatana, no Wetangula, no Mutula) which she held in her office on a Sunday afternoon.
Poor lady is now on the defensive. Mimi namwonea huruma. Jamani tumwacheni apumzike

Anonymous said...

are you guys brought up like this abuse people and spread romours bila msingi

kwani wakenya mwalelewa aje???

Martha was doing her job playing politics the same way the orengos were doing

or you think Raila been the PM that will be the end of politics

ok lets say Mungatana attacks Raila with heavy questions in Parliament n Raila cant answer them will the his supporters (hate to mention tribes ) go to the street protesting against Raila




mrembowaodm said...

anonymous 1.24!! i agree with your post except for the part where you say:

'Kibaki without Martha is a.... sober, urbane, humane, conciliatory and handsome man'

where have you been living? kibaki concilliatory? sober? humane? and my goodness, handsome?!! i wont even start with you there!

please amend that line accordingly!! and let no one fool you kibaki is any of these things, that man knew what he was doing...martha was just a pawn...used, abused and think martha went there to say her own things without the 'blessings' and 'backing' of kibaki? way!!

i have a serious problem with guys that want to absolve kibaki from what he has done to our country...that man deserves nothing more than the hague....and he will get it!! wacha we sit on that seat properly.

fave of BG said...

Mrembo@3:45 AM and anon@6.34 AM
Ohh, I think I have a brain aneurysm from laughing so hard!, I have not laughed this hard in years! I must have ruptured some major blood vessel or even my spleen... too much
Mrembo@3:45 AM said
'however..... you are allowed to say anything else about her....she brought it on herself!! this massacre on her person is providing great entertainment for me'

anon@6.34 AM said:
Kajwang better go get a check up...didn't he bite Mwenje during the fight?,
You dark humored souls made my week. Freakish humor from you guys

deroo said...

Gossips consist in the dissemination of fragments of incomplete or ambiguous information (often of dubious veracity) about the private and usually transgressive or deeply intimate details of a person’s life, which circulate in small social network, usually consisting of personal acquaintances of the subjects of the gossip. Gossip in this sense reveals unverified, uncertain and/or questionable information, in an interrupted manner which invites speculation and continual updating as new information becomes available.

Martha Karua was not denied a visa to Switzerland. Martha Karua was granted a visa to travel to Switzerland on February 29 and she did not travel. Martha Karua has just circulated a copy of the visa after the Swiss government expressed its annoyance of a story appearing in the newspapers in Kenya.

Please, before you make all these posts about other people, kindly be informed that rumour-mills at times prove costly when you do not have facts. Whatever side of the political divide you might be in, please consider on thing that most of the things you think off might end up shaming you when proved wrong.

As a government minister, Karua was very right in defending the government position, just as was another ODM hardliner, including the principal protagonists and callers of mass action. That is why it took a record time to come to an unprecedented decision never seen in African before.

As for the Swiss denying anybody a visa for political reasons, they should themselves take a look at their own political system and the running of their country. Not different from what we have in Kenya at the moment.

Waongo washindwe!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya's political scene is changing with its history.

Politicians had better shape up to the demands and needs of the electorate or they will become obsolete.

Anonymous said...

Yes Deroo
Waongo washindwe,
How ironic, How ironic!

Anonymous said...

Sample this Martha Karua's kids in UoN, then they find none other than Prof. Wanyande.....Then the Prof asks, Who are you and who is your mother, then Prof knowing that this is the son of none other than Martha the arrogant lady decide to teach the boy a lesson just to prove it is not heaven.Seriously for those who have had the opportunity of going through JAB know it is the most frustrating thing and it is nothing compared to heaven.....


Anonymous said...

I fail to understand what has Martha Karua done that has made you people to use such hate words about her. Why cant you be honest with yourselfs and admit that this has only to do with her tribal background and position in society. Kama it has made you this mad, apart from writing about it, Y not confront her and deal with her once and for-all otherwise be prepared to live with it that she is there to stay no matter your hate feelings. Reflect on are your christian morals individually and you will see the light. Who amongst you is clean? Suppose its your mother who is being blasted here, can you join the bad wagon?
Its tyme to be real and mature up guys!!!!

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