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Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Happens Next After PNU Hardliners Render Annan Peace Mission Stillborn?

Breaking News: Troop Movements Worry Kisumu Residents

It can be authoritatively revealed that three members of president Kibaki’s part cabinet and his two close advisors have made it their business priority to ensure that the Annan led mediation to resolve the post-election crisis is still-born. Sadly, one of the cabinet ministers is the PNU Team lead negotiator of what is now known as the Kenyan National Dialogue and Reconciliation Team. These unpatriotic individuals represent the interests of powerful business cartels which supported Kibaki’s re-election campaign and those which dread the prospects of transferring government operations into the office of the yet to be created Prime Minister, even worse when the holder of this office is one Raila Odinga. What is interesting is that some of these hardliners including the cowboys in cartels whose interests they represent form up to two thirds of those who have received letters from the US State Department about imminent asset freeze and visa bans.

The Minister for Justice & Constitutional Affairs Martha Wangari Karua and her Transport and Finance colleagues, John Njoroge Michuki and Amos Kimunya respectively are the main stumbling blocks in the mediation efforts. Unlike other members of cabinet who have to seek appointments before seeing President Mwai Kibaki, these three individuals have unhindered 24-7 access to Kibaki and have variously advised the president to adopt uncompromising positions that end up undermining international attempts at mediation. To begin with, after ODM rejected their insistence on local mediation, they are said to detest use of the term ‘mediation’ and prefer ‘negotiation’. Secondly, they are directly responsible for the failure of President Kufuor’s mission earlier in the crisis to bring the two protagonists together. Other efforts they have successfully frustrated include that of retired African heads of state as well as that of Desmond Tutu. Kimunya is so confident that he has dismissed threats of donor aid freeze by assuring kibaki ‘over 90% of the Kenyan budget is financed internally and our Chinese friends will never let us down in our time of need’.

The other two individuals responsible for the deepening of Kenya’s worst quagmire in independent history are his long-time golfing buddy , Joe Wanjui as well as the State House based PS in charge of Strategy, Stanley Murage. The former is the ‘general’ who brought in Amos Kimunya into Kibaki’s inner circle and campaigned for his appointment as Daudi Mwiraria’s replacement at the Finance ministry. On his part, Murage has in recent weeks had ‘minor’ problems with respect to fighting his detractors at the hill, but that appears to be water under the bridge as the man has outmaneuvered his and still remains in his influential position at state house. These two individuals have repeatedly urged Kibaki to totally reject all international intervention aimed at resolving Kenya’s political crisis saying that there is a government in charge and it has everything under control. They opine international intervention is akin to admitting that PNU government lacks legitimacy and to an extent allowing foreigners take control of Kenya’s sovereignty. International pressure and the fact that government has not had total control in the country appears to have forced Kibaki to accept Annan’s mediation mission, but that now seems to be under serious threat from the hardliners.

After half-heartedly accepting Kofi Annan’s mediation mission, the PNU have adopted a strategy in which they intend to concede as little ground as possible to ODM in the on-going talks least of all agree to a transitional government under a grand coalition.

This probably explains why Martha Karua was quick to send a protest letter to Annan after he told Parliament that a "grand coalition" could oversee reforms in Kenya to pave the way for elections in two years. Karua’s letter went on to say "My team is alarmed at some serious inaccurate statement made by your excellency.” Forming a transitional government to prepare elections "has not been discussed or agreed upon" in the mediation talks, now in their third week and nearing the deadline fixed by Kofi Annan at the start of the talks.

In other words, political observers and diplomats are interpreting the protest letter by Martha Karua that PNU are not ready to make any concessions and still stand by their belief that Kibaki is the duly elected president of Kenya after having won presidential vote fairly and having been constitutionally sworn-in, and should therefore not have to share power with ODM under whatever circumstances. So what is next for this country?

While Annan sees a grand-coalition as the only workable political solution to Kenya’s crisis, PNU are trying to push the argument that the move is like introducing single-party dictatorship through the back door.

Meanwhile, interesting news from Kilaguni Lodge (unknown location my foot!) where the mediation team is based, say that ODM have demanded that the coalition be crafted in terms of parliamentary strength and that ODM should therefore have 55% of cabinet seats while the rest share 45%! Interestingly, Kibaki’s heir apparent and the hardliner’s choice to inherit Kibaki’s mantle KANU’s Uhuru Kenyatta has been quoted as saying he does not have any qualms with a grand coalition government arrangement.

Anyone with their ears to the ground in Nairobi must have heard that the mediation talks are doomed to fail and residents are being urged to stock-up now to avoid next week’s violence and inconveniences of street protests that will break-out following the announcement of the postponement (diplo- speak for failure) of the mediation talks.

What follows after this announcement will disappoint a lot of people…….

(to be continued as we monitor events and pray for this country)

Stop Press: Kenya Crisis Talks Adjourned To Monday


Anonymous said...

Are there people out there who still believe in this "mediation" thing? We all know nothing's gonna come of it. Someone posted a link in a previous post showing a news story in which Kalenjin warriors are arming themselves and preparing for war when the talks collapse, and we all know Mungiki have been prepared for months. This so called "postponement" of talks till Monday is a lot of BS. It's good that Annan's trying, but he needs to come out and publicly say what the stumbling block has been so the world knows without a doubt who's responsible for the lack of progress. I know as soon as Annan leaves the country, there will be bloodshed. Plenty of it. And unless something drastic happens before then, Kenya is in trouble.

deroo said...

Phil, befoe I start, I will answer you in a few hours, and like Martha Karua, I want you to remove PNU refused the John Kuffor document from your post. It was barmy, it was not agreed on and was a mischevious act.

Secondly, Kilanguni belongs to one Johnstone Kamau wa Ngengi's family. (unless they have sold it) it was among their first enterprises in the hotel industry and thirdly, Koffi is a respectable man who cannot be wheelbarrowed around.

If he has made a decision, then it must have been agreed upon.

Now, can you use you access to the ODM charade and tell them to ask people oin Naivasha and Nakuru to go back to their homes and work.

Tafadhali...Kenya needs people to achieve the WORKING NATION motto. I will answer your post after reading it quietly. It has so much.


deroo said...

Anon, please, this is a serious post and can you please stop yo-yoing us around. Kalenjin Warriors or not, they serve their own interests. I dont have a fight with them and neither will we succumb to them. Anon above. Keep it to the post.


Anonymous said...

A deal has been struck?? so what are you alarmist talking about??
I bet you all wish that it should not happen!! it has and there is a coalition government!!
so now what do you have to say! you guys pretend but I can see you never had the interest of a safe Kenya-
too bad

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Taabu said...

Only those with heart of stone see fire and admire the flames as it consumes it victims. No government would be willing to share power anywhere in the world. Only circumstances and PRESSURE make them do so.

Self delusion under misplaced role of gate keeping what never benefits you only succeeds in messaging egos. Creating a factual facade for an impression never made anybody envious of the cheap antics. It is the height is INSENSITIVE driven by plastic work ethics to urge people to return to an unsafe working environment. You don't have to be Lucifer to be devilish, do you?

Amphibians hibernate when they cannot stand change in weather and only pop on the surface to resume their incessant noises. Well, the cows will nonetheless continue with doing their thing at the watering hole.

PNU and Kibaki are the singular TRIGER to Kenyan's present crisis. True, honesty is one rare virtue but do you have to show your post molars to a grieving nation under the pretext of promoting one liner-slogans?

Deception and bravado comes in all shades but never won any battle leave alone war. Armageddon is here folks, no amount of cheap and polished dirt worshiping will do. Sorry but that is the nasty truth and the blame is squarely at Kibaki's feet. Enjoy the circular rides meanwhile and fill your fantacies.

Anonymous said...

Teams take a break?

PNU should stop taking Kenyans for a ride. These talks are as dead as Kibaki's version of truth and patriotism.

See what the government KBC is telling Kenyans. Why cant they say they are not really in the mediation?
Kenyans want a solution yesterday,not monday.
This Kibaki thinks time will bring a solution by osmosis when he swore untruths using the HOLY BIBLE.

National dialogue team takes a break.

Written By:Daniel Waitere , Posted: Thu, Feb 14, 2008

The national dialogue team chaired by former UN secretary General Koffi Annan has taken a break to allow parties to consult.

The team relocated from Nairobi on Tuesday to a private retreat to thrash out outstanding issues in resolving the current crisis.

On Tuesday, Koffi Annan briefed Members of Parliament at a speaker's Kamukunji where he announced that a political solution would entail political parties working together.

Sources said the team will meet next week on Monday to continue with the talks.

Early this week Annan expressed hope that a political settlement would be out by this week.

With the talks on the critical issue of the disputed presidential elections it has emerged that the negotiating teams from the two divides must seek authority from their respective political parties on certain crucial matter before appending their signatures.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Phil, Uhuru Kenyatta is the same former leader of opposition who absconded his constitutional role and crossed over to join the Government side in last years election campaigns-i am asking, when the man says he has no qualms with a grand coalition government, can he be trusted or will try and work from the inside like he did with ODM early last year before running away to join PNU later on?
i guess the running theme in Kenya at the moment is lack of trust this is a sore point which we have now exported to Koffi Annan even as PNU lambasts him for saying that he stated something whereas we all know he only merely proposed something
to think we're stuck with these dishonourables for another 5 years is something in itself

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep hope alive but I still refuse to give up. I remember saying a few days ago that whether the Annan talks succeed or fail, we're headed for some disquiet. I'm beginning to think that disquiet is too mild a word but I still cant bring myself to think of Armageddon in Kenya. I've therefore convinced myself to wait and hear what Kofi has to say tomorrow. Then wait some more for resumption of talks on Monday. Who knows the Lord might send some angels to the Karuas of the talks over the weekend. Anything can happen.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Hey don't listen to the alarmist on here- they are paid to do exactly that? you see what they are looking for is to alarm Kenyans using the Rumors Machine (Taabu) and the rest, so that when the ordinary Kenyan on ground received the Rumors- they start fighting each other!! haven't you asked yourself why they keep insisting on Koffi Annan failing and in other words telling Kenyans to arm themselves!! this are sick people on here= wanting to see more bloodshed- they are the devils in disguise

Anonymous said...


too bad you haven't gotten your wish for more bloodshed - even though you have send the army to western to shot and kill more innocent Kenyans-muta lipa!!

Anonymous said...

pss!! I thought Taabu was Martha Karua- but I was mistaken since karua is now somewhere in the camp negotiating - that Leaves the Mutua fool at state house- so that must be the (Taabu) posting here- looking for more kenyan bloodshed............

vipi said...

Yani PNU are the stumbling block in this thing and every one know it so. what to do.

Kenya is to strategic for these guys to mess about, coz international military forces will be on the ground ASP.

in eyes of the international community they now a stable kenya is good for the region or the rest are will disintegrate.

With CONDI.. coming I really pitty the hardliners in the PNU camp. They are making the situation worse by stalling this thing.

The major coup would be that BUSH make and impromtu stop once they have been forced to cede to power sharing agreement.

You jua the jamaa will want to be part of photo op of saving kenya from anarchy.

Anonymous said...

Armageddon Taabu,

It must be painful to sit and wait and wish for Armageddon that takes for ever to come. To you it is EITHER RAILA OR ARMAGEDDON. Poor fellow; neither will come to pass. You might as well Adopt-A-Light from Passaris and learn some work ethics from this newly adopted first lady of ODM.

You talk of a watering hole where the frog is croaking and the cow is drinking water un-perturbed by the noise. For your information the watering hole represents Kenya where Raila has been croaking and Kibaki enjoying power and golf. If ever Armageddon comes as you wish, the cow will just turn the watering hole into a toilet and leave the frog to choke in the mess. Is this what you want? I don't think so. Let the lazy frog stop croaking and join the cow in cleaning and enlarging the hole so that there is enough water for everybody.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why bloggers here are against grand coalition when it has worked for many other countries which have been in the same situation as Kenya today-

3.Cote d'Ivoire
9.South Africa

So why are Bloggers ignoring this facts- and keep hammering away that coalition governments don't work? the above ones have worked! is Kenyan more special than those that have worked NO!! it takes determined Kenyans who are not blood thirsty to make it work!!

For those Kenyans who are against a coalition Government- becuase of their own personal greedy interests?- Tough Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for informing us on this !I had no idea that it has been successful in other countries and in fact actually quite a number of countries I can see=

So why are our educated bloggers on here not mentioning this fact?? is it because they are PNU sympathizer's and they have been asked to spread propaganda on ""KUMEKUCHA"" because it has 1 million readers on here and the message will get to the ordinary Kenyan on ground- that a coalition government can't work?? and since most of them might not have examples of where it has worked in other countries!! might reject or be unhappy?? and this is what PNU bloggers here would like to see happening (TAABU)- BEING ONE OF THEM!!!-

Sorry it won't happen- Kenyans are watching very closely- and they know Koffi Annan 's mediations will succeed.

Anonymous said...

Kenya constitution 'within year',

as Mutula kilonzo becomes the spokesman for Annan and the Kenya Government.

Pressure is on.PNU has nowhere to hide. Even the Nation has given UK and USA's serious stand on this
issue. Kenya will not burn because of a dew senile thieves.

Mutula is saving their evil faces by pre-emptying Annan, and we fully appreciate this.

Kenya's government and opposition party have agreed to write a new constitution within a year, a government negotiator has said.
The deal comes after talks in Nairobi aimed at bringing an end to the post-election violence which has left at least 1,000 people dead.

Mutula Kilonzo told Reuters news agency that the parties had "reached agreement on a wide-ranging sphere of issues".

Mr Kilonzo gave no further details on the content of the deal

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Vipi 9.24 Karua has already branded the envoys as junior officers just airing their personal views. Let's see what she thinks of her fellow power house Condoleeza when she arrives.

Anonymous said...

It is really pathetic if Raila is going to push for Passaris to be the mayor of Nairobi. There must be something we don't know between Raila and this "New First Lady of ODM" Passaris. Does it mean that all the ODM elected councillors in Nairobi are goons? Raila should stop being carried away by emotions or letting imaginary power get into his head. He must consult the people of Nairobi or let the elected concillors elect one of their own.

If you, Phil and Taabu, have been cheering Raila in this misadventure, please stop. Power should go only to elected offficials and not to mistresses and buddies. We want justice.

Viagra said...

Karua has Aids and it is affecting her psycho.

Anonymous said...

where the hell do you get this information from?

Anonymous said...

Condeleeza Rice should come....

If Karua meets her maker today,PNU and Kibaki would be over

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10.24, Please grow up. What will Raila benefit from Passaris? He is larger than that, he is the president. He needs no mistress!! Isn't Ida more woman than Passaris. Forget this, I don't like stooping too low as to make such statements but its the truth. Truth is some of our elected councilors are known to be greedy ODM or PNU it does not matter. We need a new face to deliver service in Nairobi. Passaris has run Adopt-A-Light and you can all see what she was up-to if it were not for interference from the current Starehe MP, who was the mayor then. What if she is given some power to carry out her work unhindered? What the pentagon might be interested in service delivery as outlined in their manifesto, how to achieve that is all up to them.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.55 LOL, If she was to meet her creator?? Does she have any?

blessed said...

We keep on hoping against hope. But let us me realistic. The man who claims to be in charge at state house has lost it.
He is not even able to control two women_ Lucy and Wambui. How the **** do you expect this old bugger to control anything. It reminds me of a book I read in germany about a King that died, but the powers that be got a look-alike and ruled by proxy.
You really dont have to be a rocket scientist to see that we have a scenario of a very sick old man "in charge" and a clique of power hungry, shameless, murderous people running the show behind the scenes.

Steve said...

Anon 8:22, 9:12 - it seems like you simply want things to go back to the way they were - business as usual - the status quo.

If a deal has been struck, why is Rice heading over? Surely not for a Safari. Chris and Taabu are spot on. They are ahead of the curve. You encourage us to disregard them at Kenya's peril. Just because things have quietened down on the surface does not mean all is well.

My opinion is that PNU is going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming to compromise. Do you realize how serious the situation must be for Rice to be dispatched here? Please get your head out of the sand.

Steve said...

Anon 9:20, what is 'alarmist' is your shouting. Please, no need to draw attention to yourself by using all caps.

BTW: MK's comments:

"We are still talking and we have not agreed conclusively,"

"No conclusive agreement has been reached."

Anonymous said...

Passaris likes being flirtatious, she is too flamboyant and I dont think she will be an honest mayor, though she did a good job with the lights even though it wasnt even her idea in the first place...

Steve said...

Looks like the PNUers have ramped up their propaganda in Kumekucha. PNU must be running out of options on the international scene.

Annan should encourage them to take a face-saving way out while it's still available. Rice is probably here to tell them in person that the next option is freezing of bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Steve said...

"""Anon 9:20, what is 'alarmist' is your shouting. Please, no need to draw attention to yourself by using all caps."""

BTW: MK's comments:

"We are still talking and we have not agreed conclusively,"

"No conclusive agreement has been reached."

Steve Sorry!! you seem to be refusing to acknowledge that there is indeed going to be a coalition Government- the fact is IT IS ALREADY IN PLACE" just a few brush up requirements-

there will be an announcement in Parliament on Monday - Proper place for the announcement to be done: keep dreaming of PNU controlling Kenya- Not a chance in hell!

Steve said...

Anon 12:08, yes and Rice is here for a Safari.

Steve said...

Actually Anon 12:08, I am dreaming of Raila having executive powers. Get it? I am am ODMer. But I am not blind. There's mixed messages from PNU and lots of propaganda on here. Something is obviously brewing. Annan has probably had enough of PNU's intransigence.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear?? files are being shredded now? in the finance office and ministry of security? why do you think this is happening?? what are they hiding?? no wonder they are dealing to sign the coalition deal?? PNU is shredding files- ati it is being organized by former Members of Parliament from a certain tribe!!

Where are all the journalists?? are they asleep?? how come they haven't picked up this and clerks are singing their mouths off?? even the office cleaners will give you this information??

Kenyans wake up!! what are this people (PNU) Martha Karua's Cronies hiding??

Anonymous said...

I voted PNU, but I am disillusioned with the way in which they are conducting themselves. They need to actually wake up and start promoting their agendas - esp those that reflect the Kenyan will. And as for Kibaki, I still think he did a good job, but perhaps he has been too stubborn and he doesnt communicate with the wananchi as much. ODM would have been a great party, had it not been for some of their pentagon leaders. Raila is politically unsound to invest my vote in, because he doesnt even stay within the same political ideology. That flightiness shows that he is quick to change his tune, and quick to rush to new things without really working on a solid foundation. Ruto is a thug, plain and simple, he is as bad as those kiraitu's and kibaki friends forever club members so having someone like that flagging a people led party is like putting Bush in an anti-gun campaign - not a shot in hell. All the current crop of leaders on offer are incapable of leading this country. We need people who are committed to poverty alleviation, the reduction of economic inequality and the provision of adequate public services. We need some one like the President of Sierra Leone who says that it will not be business as usual in his government. And we need someone with an economic outlook like Lee Kuan Yew, who will focus on getting the country off the botton step and then step down and let a new generation take over

Anonymous said...

We keep blaming "handlers" both in the Moi era and now. Kibaki appoints his subordinates; Kibaki has the last word; the buck stops with Kibaki!!

Anonymous said...

Steve said..

Steve?? that is a dying horses last kick before it drops dead! By now you should be an expert on PNU's tactic- one can see right through them- but i thick most Kenyans have been watching closely and now we know how they play the games - on the blogs- in the nation newspaper and other news channels controlled by PNU-

Steve by know kenyans would have started fighting if they had believed all the rumours PNU is peddling every where-
The truth is coalition government is already in place? who gets what is what is still being negotiated- PNU has signed on a coalition government and believe me they will not have the control they seek in it- powers will be equal between the president & the prime minister!! trust me!

If Kabaki does not accept this! he will be done - Haiti style- his next stop will be Uganda- Museveni is busy making a bed for him

Steve said...

Anon, 12:39, thanks for your reasoned take. I am troubled about the timing of Rice's visit, though. May be just to lend credibility to the agreement? Quite possible, ama?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted PNU, but I am disillusioned with the way in which they are conducting themselves. They need to actually wake up and start promoting their agendas - esp those that reflect the Kenyan will. And as for Kibaki, I still think he did a good job, but perhaps he has been too stubborn and he doesnt communicate with the wananchi as much. ODM would have been a great party, had it not been for some of their pentagon leaders


Ndura Waruinge and Maina Njenga are still Mungiki Christian convert and PNU politician Ndura Waruinge and imprisoned mungiki chief Maina Njenga have not "properly deserted mungiki", we can now report. A leader of the gang in Central Nairobi, a Mathenge (Mnyama) was asked by a reporter why his dreaded gang had not beheaded the duo. His answer was curt, "They are alive because we know they have not moved, there are clear structures on how resignations of top leaders are handled, look they were once Muslims remember that conversion? Now they are Christians, maybe tomorrow they will be Hindu but the bottom line is that they are still all MUNGIKI MURDERER'S Masquerading AS PNU MP- EASIER ACCESS TO COMMIT CRIMES

The rogue mungiki funding lords in Kabaki's illegal administration have issued police and GSU uniforms to the mungiki goons with the express instruction to not arrest but kill opposition supporters. Since the police are curtailed by the relevant law not to use lethal force except where circumstances permit, peaceful demonstrators did not participate in any activities that necessitated the use of such lethal force. It is mungiki in police uniforms that are torturing and killing innocent civilians in acts of police genocide.

Anonymous said...

what i really wonder, even amongst pnu itself there is no collectiveness or one-ness.

mutula says in the reuters article that they have reached an agreement and that among the things they have agreed is to enact a new constitution in a year....martha in the same article says that they have not reached an agreement so which is which?

they annoy me these people

Anonymous said...

are pnu really shredding documents? if they are shredding they have planned to pack and go.....

heh!! ktn standard investigative journalists where are you?

Anonymous said...

Rices visit is making Martha Karua shit in her Pants- read her last statement to the reporters in the news when they arrived back from the camp? does she look that she is spitting fire like before she left for the retreat?? NO!! why the turn or change?? I think it has been made very clear to PNU- what I think their problem will be is within the PNU and affiliate parties now- the Ministerial slots have changed equation and now they have to appease Wakina KANU and ODM-K the miracle?? and the smaller parties that joined them - they can't give all the posts to original PNU members!!!!that is where there trouble lies- not the coalition government- that is done already!!

Anonymous said...

12.32 kenya politics has no ideology...everybody hops around like a grasshopper-even kibaki!!

the only person who has stayed in one party since independence is moi...the rest......

am sorry pnu lied to you and your tribal blindness is preventing you from seeing that odm is commited to 'poverty alleviation, the reduction of economic inequality and the provision of adequate public services', thats why they talk about ugatuzi.....

of course you can continue whining about kenyan politics and pnu's misdeeds....the rest of us still want equality, eradication of corruption and good governance so we shall continue in our fight.

Anonymous said...

If a coalition government has been agreed upon sure they will shred documents- you think they want to be caught with their pants hanging??

But I would really like to know what they are shredding in the ministry of Finance- they must have signed so many shady contracts.

but again that is stupid? this things can always be found- people make mistakes when they are in a rush to destroy evidence -don't you think??.............

Anonymous said...

Rice should join the mediating team.

Those who have been talking down at the international community will feel the pain.

Anonymous said...

All ODM supporters. Keep on cheering and publishing your propaganda and wishful thinking. Your base your assumptions that President Kibaki has no support. Think again. over 4.5 million Kenyans who voted for him. Another one million cast their vote for Kalonzo, Andy they too are Kenyans. ODM supporters are not more of Kenyans than their PNU counterparts.

ODMers if you think that US, UK and other European countries will force Kibaki to concede the Presidency, then keep waiting. Kenya's conflict has now taken a global perspective. As much as you got the support of the Westerners PNU also have options. Its common knowledge that ODM was heavily financed by the UK. So the British are entitled to support ODM. After all they lost so much under the Kibaki Presidency.

As for Armageddon if that is what Taabu and the ilk are wishing for, well and good. Kibaki is no fool. If you think you will unleash the kind of anarchy you did in Rift Valley, you are in for a big shock. Do not say you were not forewarned.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:28 wembeimeanza kuwasha ama...Na bado. Wakati utaona ndio utakubali otherwise panua somalia wameenda

Anonymous said...

anon@3:28 The last kicks of a dying PNU horse, keep burying your head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said..".
"Anonymous said."

All ODM supporters. Keep on cheering and publishing your propaganda and wishful thinking. Your base your assumptions that President Kibaki has no support. Think again. over 4.5 million Kenyans who voted for him. Another one million cast their vote for Kalonzo, Andy they too are Kenyans. ODM supporters are not more of Kenyans than their PNU counterparts.

ODMers if you think that US, UK and other European countries will force Kibaki to concede the Presidency, then keep waiting. Kenya's conflict has now taken a global perspective. As much as you got the support of the Westerners PNU also have options. Its common knowledge that ODM was heavily financed by the UK. So the British are entitled to support ODM. After all they lost so much under the Kibaki Presidency.

As for Armageddon if that is what Taabu and the ilk are wishing for, well and good. Kibaki is no fool. If you think you will unleash the kind of anarchy you did in Rift Valley, you are in for a big shock. Do not say you were not forewarned.

Please don't pretend to be un-educated !! Taabu's reference to Armageddon if you read his post clearly is from the MUNGIKI'S TO INNOCENT KENYANS PLUS THE POLICE WITH THE SHOT TO KILL ORDER FROM KIBAKI AND MARTHA KARUA HIS THIRD WIFE-
NOW LET ME PUT IT STRAIGHT TO YOU THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT KIBAKI WAS wishful thinking for is CHINA - i ask you did china endorse his presidency??though he signed big deals with them and traveled there regularly??

He is welcome to Somalia, Uganda,oops Zimbabwe too did Mugabe wish him well??

Britain, USA, EU, Australia Switzerland, Canada, Add all the rest!! Yes the super powers were invited to Kenya by the Kenyan people who own Kenya to assist them in removing an illegal crook who is trying to impose his rule on Kenyans- DOWN WITH KIBAKI THE ELECTION THIEF! YOU CAN SAY ALL YOU WANT- KENYANS HAVE SPOKEN !!WE WANT HIM GONE.

Anonymous said...

Annan we hope will give us a solution.As it is right now Kibera awaits with bated breath,the guys are getting bored they have rested enough....If the Annan talks fail...looks quite evident they will be back on the streets getting shot and maimed by Ali's men!The ever greedy- ever ready to steal and loot wolf packs at state hse IS NOT INTERESTED IN A COALITION!
none of this was part of their plan in the first place!The power hungry goons will not relent..Taabu is right...if PNU doesnt stop the nonsense will be right back to burning women and children in churches,sleeping with pangas,slashers,steel rods,crude weapons and walking with ID's.We have lost all our rights-including THE RIGHT TO LIFE!,the country is fragile,the PNU gluttons salivating within state house are determined TO KEEP WHAT THEY STOLE AT ALL COSTS-WHAT A SHAME!
if Annan fails..they will be a right to kill ..this country is going to explode and many more KENYANS including u and me may die.

Anonymous said...

WHY DID KIBAKI-KARUA-SAITOTI-MICHUKI-KILL??I thought they claim kenyans should use the Court of law??did they use the court of law when they killed more than 500 Kenyans without trails execution style??

Does the End Justify the Means?


acknowledges that incidents of crime especially violent crime associated
with the Mungiki have waned in the same period that these killings have occurred.
But reported executions of about 500 people that we know about cannot be an
acceptable way to fight crime. The Police cannot be the investigator, judge and
executioner in the country especially as we have a judiciary set up for this very
purpose. At this point, we have no way of knowing just how many of the dead
were actually criminals and how many were innocent people targeted either
deliberately or accidentally.

Statistical Summary
Source of Figures Number of Bodies
City Mortuary Police Register on shootings
(7th June -22nd October 2007)
Number of bodies counted and verified by
KNCHR (7th June -19th October 2007
Machakos Mortuary (Yatta) 8
Naivasha District Mortuary 11
Collected from Ngong/ Kiserian (Police
Collected from Ngong/ Kiserian
(provincial administration figures)
Bodies booked from Ngong /Kiserian (city
Petitions received at KNCHR of persons
who have disappeared since June 2007

Anonymous said...

Kenyans- lets go down memory lane incase you have forgotten!! I haven't

President Kibaki received the Inquiry Report in late August 2006. It has never been made public, as promised. Nevertheless, various media have described its contents and findings:

It uncovers a pattern of fraud and corruption in the customs, immigration and police services, and also within the Kenyan political elite.
It restates the findings of an Interpol investigation which concludes that it is impossible to verify the true identities of inter alia Artur Sargasyan and Artur Magaryan, because they are in possession of travel documents reported stolen in Russia and Europe; further their company (Brother Link International Company Limited) registration documents in Kenya appear to be forgeries or at best obtained in contravention of the law
Its most explosive recommendation is for the prosecution for tax evasion and corporate fraud of Winnie Wangui Mwai. It also recommends her immediate dismissal from her civil service job in the Ministry of Water.
It accuses the Armenians of drug smuggling and money laundering and calls for their immediate arrest should they return to Kenya. Specifically, it states that it believes that Sargasyan “was involved in organized crime and drug smuggling and … was seeking an outlet for his illegal business in Kenya.”. [1]
The Kiruki Commission does not attribute political responsibility for the Kibaki government’s apparent tolerance of the activities of the Armenian brothers. Nor does it report a finding on whether or not it was proper for the Minister for Internal Security to direct the Armenians’ deportation instead of prosecuting them for criminal offences.
It also fails to connect the Armenians with a series of cocaine shipments, worth close to 7 billion shillings, routed through Mombasa and other Kenyan ports.

In the fallout from the Armenian affair, the Director of the Kenya Police Criminal Investigation Department was suspended and subsequently retired. Also leaving the public service were the Deputy Managing Director of the Kenya Airports Authority, while it was announced that Winnie Wangui Mwai was relieved of her position at the Ministry of Water.

The Armenians now reside in Dubai, U.A.E. apparently evading international arrest warrants and the combined clutches of Interpol and the Kenya Police. Artur Magaryan claims to be writing his memoirs of his time in Kenya, which he claims will reveal bribe-taking and bribe-giving within the high echelons of Kenya’s political elite. No one has been prosecuted for any of the criminal acts identified by the Kiruki Commission. [2]

Regardless, of official statements to the contrary, Winnie Wangui Mwai has told the media that she remains in the public service. At a personal level she also confirms her intended marriage to Artur Magaryan, the more colourful of the two Armenian brothers. Considering her purported ilk, any such marriage to Artur Magaryan will be a politically significant event.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are saying kazi inaendelea..I pity you and as someone has rightly put it continue hiding your heads in the sand....Arrogance and chest thumping has never won anyone any thing...As you continue cheering Karua ati 'Karua show them'....Think men Think...We are a country at crossroads at the moment and the only hope Kenyans have is that Annan must succeed where men have failed.....Lastly to the likes of Wetangula and his cronies...Don't shit on the hand that feeds you!!!


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:01.....I too still remember and what do you expect from Kibaki?

Anonymous said...

As usual Kenyans love to pretend that is is well and they are peace loving pple while the truth is that they are really bitter, malicious, arrogant with evil thoughts.
Those who hate the word Armageddon you can coin a new one bcoz the truth is Annan's failure( though looming) will not result in every Kenyan giving Red roses to their next door neighbours.
Also it will not reults in the Kales sending truck loads to bring back the IDP's to Eldi and Kericho, neither will the Mungiki go to Luo villages and plead with those chased from Naivasha, Thika etc to go back!
If you think kazi inaendelea like Deroo then you are in deep slumber land. What is happening is an uneasy calm and once pple have no hope you can imagine what will happen.
Whether the words sound pretty or not, we have to face the bitter reality, no solution means a long road ahead for all of us.
Kibaki and his cronies must be too daft to realize that they cannot slaughter whole tribes just to remain in leadership and fire is normally fought with fire anyway..........

Anonymous said...

I second you on that? check Koffi Annan's news conference!! his wording on the negotiations-

Then Look at the ugly Martha Karua calling the British government irrelevant(Big Blander)you saw the swift reply from the British Government not recognizing Kibaki Government- watch and see what happens next- the world super powers did not take that abuse lightly-

I know PNU members are dying for Annan mediation to fell so that they can go on the rampage of killing more Kenyans- the recruitment of new police force from the NYS and sending troops to western and Rift valley is a strategy to intimidate Kenyans- but guess what !it is not working- no Kenyan has gone on the streets to demonstrate because they know- Koffi Annans mediation will work and a coalition government will be put in place whether PNU likes it or not!!

PNU does not own Kenya!! Kenyans Know that and they are not afraid of PNU members- I had many Kenyans they are not afraid- some other gossip of Mungiki revenge for their 50 something guys executed mercilessly is now doing the rounds in the Dark corridors!!


human rights was on the news saying no immunity for murderers and they will call witnesses - guess who are some of those witnesses??

sources say some high up Mungiki members who were given the orders to kill innocent Kenyans- Mungiki says it will save its own people!! it was given orders to kill!!
Twists and turns to be continued!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya’s Police Chief Can Be Investigated For Contravention Of Law And Disobedience Of Public Duty

The performance of the Kenyan Police Commissioner Major General Ali in matters of high public importance and his stance on political issues are determinant factors for the conclusion that his actions are in contravention of law and disobedience of public duty.

Major General Ali failed to eradicate corruption and inculcate efficiency in the Police especially at the Traffic Department. Ali disregarded any major steps, such as setting up an investigative team to investigate and eradicate corruption. The outcome was that due to lack of serious traffic law enforcement hundreds of Kenyans continued losing their lives in road carnage majority of which involved Public service vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. Even now it still remains evident how Matatus continue contravening laws with impunity under the noses of the Traffic Police.

Combating armed crime was a display by police officers of their capability and willingness to perform and offer their services to the public and was not an act of benevolence from the police chief. The fact being that it is part of the police chief’s job requirement to instil professionalism, impart a conducive working environment and ensure efficient performance of staff under his command in return of his services he gets an agreed salary.

The recent [pre-election] invasion of Nairobi city streets by hawkers and pickpockets brought about disorder, congestion, thuggery and anguish at the expense of peace loving and law abiding residents. It led to a situation of a public outcry with the Town Clerk admitting that the situation had reached a level which was beyond the council’s control and he blamed the police for failing to heed his request and intervene and enforce the law (the law empowers a police officer to enforce bye-laws). It is common knowledge that the hawkers were in fact potential voters being wooed by the Party of National Unity (PNU) and we also witnessed PNU members holding government positions coming out with all excuses for not being able to remove this nuisance. Some party supporters and members are even on record as having supported the hawkers actions of defying the law. One of the reasons given was that the Police did not have enough manpower to deal with the situation as they were busy with the election planning. In the recent [post-election] crisis the public have witnessed the extent of man-power and equipment the Police chief has at his disposal.

During the vote tallying the Police commissioner in his position as the highest ranking law enforcement officer within physical proximity of KICC, had the responsibility of stepping in to investigate complaints pointing to commission of criminal offences which were incessantly being raised by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party members. This was an issue of national concern and his was the absolute authority and under the premises of the law there was no authority at the ECK that could have stopped him from carrying out his lawful duty by ordering the respective CID units under his command to carry out on the spot investigations to verify the complaints raised.

Major General Ali ignored his public duty and did not intervene and initiate immediate investigations. He assumed the role of a subordinate to ECK and continued lending security support unquestionably and in complete ignorance of what had transpired. This was a blatant disobedience of public duty.

In law any law enforcement officer who possesses the required powers conferred on him by law and has at his disposal man power and equipment is required to intervene and discharge his duties when, during the possession of all said facilities, a crime is being committed in his presence; or is required to investigate and apprehend offenders after commission of the crime.

When such an officer abdicates this duty he stands to be charged for abetting that particular crime.

Major General Ali’s evident display of favouritism to the PNU in discharge of his duties and his post election period actions (executed by those under his command) have exascerbated the political crisis deeper. Major General Ali’s actions remain questionable and in violation of various laws of the country one among which requires him to maintain political neutrality.

In such circumstances by way of justice and when the environment is conducive and neutral, an independent inquiry requires to be set up to investigate the conduct of Major General Ali and the apparent laws contravened in particular the Public Officer Ethics Act [ 8, 9a,10(1), 10(2), 16 (1) a &b, 22 a &b, 24 (1) a &b ] and also the Police Act , Penal code, Constitution of Kenya (including Freedom of speech Part V) and oath of office among others.

K. Khan
21st January 2008

Some of the sections of Law which the Police Chief contravened:-

The Public Officer Ethics Act 2003

8. A Public officer shall, to the best of his ability, carry out his duties and ensure that the services that he provides are provided efficiently and honestly.

9. A Public Officer shall_

carry out his duties in a way that maintains public confidence in the integrity of his

his office

10.(1) A Public Officer shall carry out his duties in accordance with the law

10.(2) In carrying out his duties, a public officer shall not violate the rights and freedoms of any person under PART V of the Constitution

16.(1) A public officer shall not, in or in connection with the performance of his duties as such-

act as an agent for, or so as to further the interest of, a political party; or

indicate support for or opposition to any political party or candidate in an election

22. A public officer shall practice and promote the principle that public officers should be-

selected on the basis of integrity, competence and suitability;or

elected in fair elections

24.(1) A public officer contravenes the Code of Conduct and Ethics if-

he causes anything to be done through another person that would, if

the public officer did it, be a contravention of the Code of Conduct and
Ethics; or

he allows or directs a person under his supervision or control to do

anything that is a contravention of the Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Criminal Procedure Code

62. A Police Officer may interpose for the purpose of preventing, and shall, to the best of his

ability, prevent the commission of a cognizable offence.
P.S. (cognizable offence is an offence which allows a police officer to make an arrest without a

Penal Code

5.(2) Every Police Officer shall promptly obey and execute all orders and warrants lawfully issued to him, collect and communicate intelligence affecting law and order and take steps necessary to prevent the commission of offences and public nuisance, to detect offenders and bring them to justice and to apprehend all persons whom he is legally authorised to apprehend and f
or whose apprehension sufficient ground exist.

Anonymous said...

Kenya Government & China Government
8.5 Billion!!

Kenyans- check this- story goes millions were paid to the people who owned the land the bypass is passing through!!all from let seeee!! One tribe and there is more- some names on the list of land ownership didn't not own the land but names were added to forged title deeds and money exchanged hands!!!

PNU- thieves thieves- We must have a coalition government- Kenyans want the truth out of this 8.5 billion bypass!!! it must table all the names and title deeds and all the people who received a cheque from the government must be interviewed face to face (NO GHOST FACES)!!!!!!!!!!


The progress is as follows; Nairobi Eastern Bypass and Nairobi Northern Bypass – contract signed in February and construction to start in May 2008. Construction to take 30 months after which there will be a defects liability period of 12 months. The contractor is China Road & Bridge Corporation and the contract price is KSH 8.5 billion.

The Nairobi Southern Bypass starts at junction with Mombasa Road near the former American Embassy and runs in a southwesterly direction to overpass Langata road, pass through the Ngong Sanctuary, overpass Ngong road, and pass through Dagoretti Forest, Thogoto location and Kikuyu town to end at Gitaru on the Nairobi-Nakuru road (A104). The Southern Bypass is about 30 Km long.

The corridor has been opened from Mombasa road to Ngong road to traffic. Land acquisition has been finalized for the section between Ngong road and Gitaru with land owners having received their compensation and signed vacation notices. Indeed vacation notice were expiring on 1s February 2008. As such the bypass corridor will be cleared, made motorable by gravelling and opened to traffic.

The Nairobi Southern Bypass is earmarked for concession and the progress is as follows:

Bids for the concession have been received and evaluation is at an advanced stage to be followed by contract negotiation and financial close

The concession will include the following:

Construction of an overpass, interchanges junction improvements and upgrading to 8 lanes on Uhuru highway
Upgrading of Nairobi Southern Bypass
Construction of Toll Plazas, road furniture like street lighting
Rehabilitation / maintenance of the agreed road sections that will form part of the concessioned road
Construction work is expected to commence during the second half of 2008 and term of the concession contract is 30 years.

There is some encroachment on the Eastern Bypass corridor which is being addressed
The land acquisition for Southern Bypass in Kikuyu Division was outstanding but has now been finalized

The land acquisition for Southern Bypass in Kikuyu Division was outstanding but has now been finalized

The land acquisition for Southern Bypass in Kikuyu Division was outstanding but has now been finalized

The land acquisition for Southern Bypass in Kikuyu Division was outstanding but has now been finalized

The land acquisition for Southern Bypass in Kikuyu Division was outstanding but has now been finalized

The land acquisition for Southern Bypass in Kikuyu Division was outstanding but has now been finalized

The land acquisition for Southern Bypass in Kikuyu Division was outstanding but has now been finalized

Anonymous said...


which is desperate to protect its investment in neighboring Sudan, which ships the majority of its oil to Chinese markets. Most of Sudan’s oil fields are in the centre or south of the country and Kenya has recently suggested building a pipeline from these fields to the port town of Lamu,

I 'm ashamed of the Kenya government!! Right business as usual with China- which is against stopping the genocide in Durfur because of their oil investment!!
Kenya even offers them to build a pipeline to Lamu from Sudan!!!
Kibaki out out!! we Kenyans care for the suffering of the people of Sudan- you thieve and murderer!!!!

Fu Chengyu, chief executive of CNOOC Limited, announced last week that its subsidiary, CNOOC Africa Limited, would take on six production-sharing contracts (PSCs) in Kenya. These six PSCs cover Block 1, Block 9, Block 10A, L2, L3, and L4 in three basins of Lamu, Anza, Mandera, with a total area of 115,343 square kilometres. This marks the first time that CNOOC has explored in east Africa
. Kenya also received a grant worth US$8.7 million from the Chinese government to help fight malaria, while the Chinese will also provide much-needed investment in Kenya’s roads.
The deal with Kenya can be seen as an insurance policy for the Chinese government, which is desperate to protect its investment in neighbouring Sudan, which ships the majority of its oil to Chinese markets. Most of Sudan’s oil fields are in the centre or south of the country and Kenya has recently suggested building a pipeline from these fields to the port town of Lamu, which could protect Sudanese marketing routes in the event that the south decides to succeed under the terms of its six-year interim peace agreement with the Khartoum government.


Anonymous said...





it emerged last week that the state-owned National Oil Corporation of China - CNOOC - has quietly put out notices offering to farm out to third parties some of the oil exploration blocks granted to it by President Mwai Kibaki in April last year.

The EastAfrican has seen a brochure the Chinese company distributed at the London Africa and Mediterranean Scout Check meeting recently.

In an unprecedented act of generosity, the government of Kenya last April gave the Chinese exclusive rights over a total of six out of 11 available blocks, including the hotly contested Blocks 9 and 10A in the Mandera area.

Anonymous said...

IS The KENYA Oil Corporation owned by Kikuyu's???

Mr. Mwendia Nyaga - Managing Director

Mr. Patrick Nyoike - PS Ministry of Energy

Mr. Joseph Kinyua - PS Treasury

Mr. Paul G. Ngatia
Mr. Shadrack M. Seba

Mr. Salim Suleman

Mr. Peter K. Munga - Chairman

Ms Fatuma Hassan

Mr. Paul Muhia Ngugi

Mr. James Gacheru

Charles Wachira Kimani - Ag. Finance Manager

Anonymous said...

See REported Stories From Nation Newspaper- Kibaki supporters on the won't work

This professor should shut up!!
Who gave him a right to talk for Kenyans- there is no government in Kenya only Illegal crooks-known as Kibaki- KaruA AND THEIR CRONIES!
Foreign diplomatics who live in Kenya can not close their eyes to thuggery- and Kibaki's mercenaries called Mungiki- killings Kenyans!! they speak for Kenyans who don't have the power in high offices to fight crooks!! Down with Munene kibaki's hatch man!!

Prof Macharia Munene, the dean of History and International Relations at the United States International University in Nairobi

Diplomatic rows blow to economy, experts warn

Publication Date: 2/16/2008

The heightening diplomatic row between Kenya and some foreign countries is likely to deal a severe blow to the country’s economic growth, experts are now warning.

However, they say the foreign governments are over stepping their mandate.

The crisis occasioned by the disputed presidential election has attracted widespread concern with some donors suspending funding.

Prof Macharia Munene, the dean of History and International Relations at the United States International University in Nairobi said the warning by the UK was nothing new in the diplomatic circles as London has always been critical of President Kibaki’s Government.

He, however, noted that envoys should not be used by their countries to dictate how the country should solve the current political crisis.

Britain has maintained that it does not recognise the re-election of President Kibaki with its high commissioner Adam Wood saying the Kenyan Government did not reflect the democratic will of the people.

In his reaction, Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetangula said Mr Wood’s comments had shown “total disregard” for diplomatic etiquette and threatened to take unspecified action.

Karua’s reaction

The Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, Ms Martha Karua, has also lashed at the foreign governments arguing that Kenya was not a colony of any other country.

“The fact that some of the foreign countries have said they do not recognise the Kenyan government may adversely affect bilateral relations between us and them,” Dr Ben Sihanya, a lecturer at the University of Nairobi Law school said.

Dr Sihanya added that the “no business as usual” tag placed on Kenya was likely persist until a viable government is put in place.

Anonymous said...

Why do Kenyans always shift blame from presidents and instead try to blame those "surrounding him". I believe Kibaki is a mature and mentally alert adult. If anyone is trying to derail the negotiations from PNU side, then Kibaki must take the blame. I dont buy the idea of singling out Kimunya et al and leaving out Kibaki.

Secondly, the article appears to suggest that some people have been affected by the travel bans. Isnt this mere speculation. The only person we know for sure is Kabando wa Kabando. Of course we all know he is just a foot soldier, trying to shout loudest in the hope that he will get one of the remaining cabinet posts. The guys is just immature and should have known better.

Finally, I didnt understand why Mutula and Karua usurped the role of Kofi Annan by announcing what they thought had been agreed, when Annan had clearly indicated he would do so himself. What did PNU hope to achieve through such an insidiuous act.

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